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This giveaway is closed, and the winner has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, RAE!!!), but check back next Saturday for another giveaway.


Good morning, buddy. πŸ™‚ How’s it goin’? What’s the 4-1-1? For me it’s birthing classes. Today El Hub and I have part two of our birthing classes, where I’m learning all kinds of interesting things about the whole labor process, like how to time contractions (apparently, there’s an app for that), how to breathe, and the overall timing of things, as in when to grab my overnight hospital “go bag,” yell “it’s time!” to El Hub and dash out the door.


Our delivery hospital is supposed to be the Kaiser in San Francisco, which is about 35 miles away, so fingers crossed that we won’t be delivering Baby Girl in the Mazda on Highway 101, LOL!

Anywho, the class is very interesting (I wore the Gwen Stefani Blush Palette). It’s helping me build my confidence, which is helping me stay calm. Ah…

Other than that, it’s still El NiΓ±o weather out here, so it’s drizzly and overcast…but at least it isn’t pouring down rain right now, yay! πŸ™‚

Good luck in the giveaway! Reader Nicole got herself a toner and some freebies after she won.


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  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:

    • Assuming you have one, what’s your favorite blue eyeshadow?
    • What do you think when you hear the word “luxury”?
    • When was the last time you went dancing?
    • The last book you literally (OK, figuratively) could not put down?
    • Something of which you’re proud?
    • What’s your favorite healthy snack?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, January 11, 2016 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). πŸ™‚

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  1. Lyse Davitt says:

    I didn’t actually “go” dancing but I did dance in my kitchen last night while making dinner. Passes the time when things are cooking.

  2. Melanie says:

    The last time I went dancing was in July D:

  3. The last book I couldn’t put down was “All the light we can not see” by Anthony Doerr. Disturbing, but captivating at the same time.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Alpha-H Micro Cleanse – Old habits die hard

  4. sheila says:

    Found this blog by accident looking for Nars tinted moisturizer!

  5. Nathalia says:

    For some reason I can never pull out blue eyeshadows :-/

  6. Mary W says:

    No blue eye shadows for me. I have warm toned skin and browns and golds look much better.

  7. buckycatt says:

    K & T – As part of my new year journaling I am keeping track of what lipstick I wear each day! I think if I wanted to I could wear a different color every day this year! Have an awesome week πŸ™‚

  8. Gina Pyle says:

    So far the last book I could not put down was Asylum by Madeline Roux. Quick and thrilling read!

  9. Deb says:

    I can’t seem to wear blue eyeshadows…they just don’t go with my coloring. I do like to look at the pretty colors though πŸ™‚

  10. Andy says:

    I haven’t gone dancing in a while but it’s about time I do that again. As for blue eyeshadow not a fan of light blues in the eyelids but dark blues are gorgeous.

  11. Lindsey says:

    I just started following your blog, and I love it! I would definitely make use of a Sephora gift card πŸ˜‰

  12. Jaime says:

    Fave blue has to be MAC Contrast! It makes an awesome liner!

  13. Laurie says:

    I went dancing last night, it was so fun !!

  14. Justine says:

    Fresh fruit is my favorite healthy snack.

  15. Aditi says:

    I ended up buying quite a few indie shadows last year and rarely reached for them (loose powders can be a pain to deal with). I finally started pressing them and putting them into palettes, which I’m totally proud of because not only do I use them more often, but the palettes take up less space than the myriad of little jars!

  16. Judy says:

    My favorite snack is what I call toddler toast. Toast with a small layer of peanut butter or almond butter and sliced bananas. So yummy!

  17. Sienna says:

    i don’t know the name of them off hand, but i have some clinique chubby sticks eye shadows in blues and silvers i love. for some reason, i prefer cream blues, powder blue eyeshadows don’t work for me.

  18. Karleena says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Why Not Me? by Mindy Kaling!

  19. Susan P. says:

    The Sephora near me is at the JCPenney store at the mall which is around the corner. I joke with my sister that whatever store is mentioned is right around the corner from me, because they are!

  20. Aviva says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Robert Galbraith (JK Rowling)’s third book! Incredible!

  21. Lauren G. D. says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down (literally!!) was Harry Potter. I know I’m late to the game but once I started the first one I could not stop!

  22. Annie says:

    A great satisfying and healthy snack is air popped popcorn with truffle salt ! Yummy!

  23. Stephanie says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Goldfinch, it’s been awhile since I’ve read a page turner.

    I’m already tired of this El Nino weather. I know we need it, but it’s SO depressing to get up to gray skies every morning.

    Hopefully you don’t go into labor on a weekday during the commute time! I can’t even imagine what the drive time to Kaiser in SF would be during the worst part of the commute.

  24. Katrina says:

    I love blue eyeliners but have never been able to pull of blue eyeshadows

  25. Lily says:

    “White Teeth” by Zadie Smith πŸ™‚

  26. Lynn N. says:

    I’m starting to really enjoy trying out new liquid lipstick colors/brands so winning a Sephora giftcard would be awesome!

  27. Heather L says:

    I want to go with a slight deviation from the blue eyeshadow question and talk about my absolute favorite blue eye liner: the Butter London Wink eye pencil in Holland Park, a gorgeous aqua blue, insanely creamy, dummy-proof and easy to apply eye pencil. Butter London makes my favorite eye pencils – the texture is such that I don’t experience drag, skipping or tugging like I do with a lot of other pencils. They go on in a nice, smooth, even line, which I love! If you love gorgeous aqua blue/greenish shades, check this one out!

  28. Juvy says:

    Its Saturday and I have to work….booooo
    Juvy recently posted … Zoya Whispers Transitional April Nail Polish

  29. Alicia Plotz says:

    I haven’t been dancing in forever. I’ve been begging my fiancΓ© and best friend to go but they put me off. I’m going to have to just go by myself!

  30. Alex says:

    Happy to hear everything is going well with baby! I’m super proud of myself this week as I am doing the “Daniel Fast” for the first time. No meat, bread or sweets and lots of time spent in prayer. At first I thought I was going to cave has hubby is not doing it with me but so far I have been strong with one more week to go!

  31. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I haven’t been dancing in a few years.

  32. Jen J says:

    Don’t go out dancing anymore. I do dance around the house with the kids. My youngest especially loves to dance!

  33. Joselyn Hernandez says:

    I really like the color blue, including blue eye shadow, but I’m not sure if I have a favorite πŸ˜›

  34. Maren says:

    There’s something I still really love about ants on the log. I know super childish, but I can’t resist celery and peanut butter!

  35. Nicole Anderson says:

    Ahhh luxury for me is LeVian diamonds,Caudalie and marchesa some of my favorite things xxoo

  36. Laurinha says:

    I’m proud of my kids!!

  37. Jamie says:

    Right now, my favorite blue eyeshadow is MAC Freshwater, I can’t believe they are discontinuing it. I need to go buy like 10 of them!

  38. LeeAnn says:

    For a book I couldn’t put down, I am going old school with The Count of Monte Cristo!

  39. Liana Smith says:

    I love cliff bars. I eat one every single day while reading makeup reviews, after I’ve put my kids for a snack. Lol

  40. Megan says:

    Luxury = something I couldn’t afford when I was in college. Which is basically everything.

  41. whome? says:

    I just love using Colourpop Baby T as a liner.. does that count? πŸ˜€

  42. jeanie says:

    favorite healthy snack as of late is greek yogurt! happy weekend everyone!

  43. Agata says:

    Does Skinny Pop count as a healthy snack? I love celery with hummus too!
    Agata recently posted … Laura Mercier Daring by Day Eye&Cheek Colour Palette Review

  44. BJW says:

    Favorite healthy snack? An apple and raw almonds.

  45. judyo says:

    reading “the submission,” a novel about the process of picking the winning entry for the 9/11 memorial. read at 3am this morning.

    thanks for this chance

  46. Debora Covasa says:

    Last book i read and couldnt let it down: Pride and Prejudice.

  47. Paulina Rios says:

    I went dancing last weekend (friend birthday)And Love it! Kisses!

  48. Tiffany says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Tiny Beautiful Things by Cheryl Strayed. Have you read it? I think you’d love it!

  49. Kat says:

    Last book i’ve read and couldnt put it down was heaven is for real. πŸ™‚
    Kat recently posted … My Picosure Experience at Belo Medical Group

  50. Denay says:

    I am proud of the way I teach my fifth graders.

  51. Paol Trenny says:

    My favorite healthy snack is lightly salted roasted almonds and dried freeze fruits.

  52. Lulubelle says:

    Gosh, I think the last book I couldn’t put down was World War Z by Max Brooks, and that was a while back!

  53. Jessica Sanchez says:

    Oh tell me about it , El NiΓ±o weather has me going crazy ! I’ll wake up wear some full coverage foundation and go all out with my eyes to come to realize that if I step outside it will all just be washed away ! Lol my favorite book of all time would have to be ” Deep Dark And Dangerous ” an all time favorite. Appreciate this chance to win.

  54. Kara says:

    My favorite healthy snack is cashews

  55. Amy says:

    The book “Ninja at First Sight” and now I’m eagerly awaiting “Happily Ever Ninja”.

  56. Maria says:

    I loved your post about Gwen Stefani’s new lipstick. I can’t wait to purchase several of them!

  57. Amy Z. says:

    Lately my favorite healthy snack has been Greek yogurt with diced fruit.

  58. Rose S says:

    Urban Decay Chaos is an amazing blue, I can spot it from miles away. Seriously.

  59. Nicole says:

    I’m proud of my career.

  60. Claudia Campbell says:

    The nail polish colors are beautiful.

  61. No need to think long about that favorite blue eyeshadow! It’s MAC Deep Truth! πŸ™‚
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Make-up look | Bobbi Brown Glow Collection

  62. Susan T. says:

    My favorite healthy snacks are wasabi peas, dried seaweed sheets and Salad Pretz. The last book I couldn’t put down was Leah Remini’s Troublemaker which I listened to in audio. I couldn’t believe what I was reading! No offense to Scientologists but it was terrifying! I seriously had nightmares that they were going to abduct me and make me clean toilets with a toothbrush! Lol!

  63. Loris Ayoub says:

    Hello Karen…I haven’t danced in so long…oh I miss those days

  64. Lily Heng says:

    Ooh soo many delicious healthy snacks! Baby carrots with lemon juice and a dash of sea salt, greek yogurt with some granola and fruit or nuts, celery with peanut or almond butter and raisins (aka ants on a log), veggies with hummus etc… Mmm I’m hungry just thinking of this!!

  65. Wanda Atkinson says:

    My favourite blue eyeshadow is Julep’s Orbital eyeshadow in borealis. I love the way it shimmers and changes colours depending on the way you look at it.

  66. Jordi says:

    My favorite healthy snack is dried fruit. It’s the only way to get tasty foods out of season! Trader Joe’s has a great selection.

  67. Rosemary says:

    Halo oranges-peel and eat-are my fav healthy snack.

  68. Amie f says:

    I love dark blue/navy eye shadows.

  69. Cathy says:

    I loved Me Before You by Jojo Moyes. I couldn’t put it down and even after I had finished the book, I kept wanting to re-read parts of it.

  70. Laura says:

    I’ve never gone out dancing in my life, unless you count the prom and/or weddings.

  71. susan smoaks says:

    i snack healthy with an apple or banana and peanut butter powder, it’s really good.

  72. Alice says:

    My favorite healthy snack would probably be, toasted seaweed with almond slivers and anchovies! πŸ˜€ (It’s a Japanese thing.)

  73. Christina says:

    Strawberries are my favorite healthy snack!

  74. My favorite healthy snack is veggies and my homemade hummus!

  75. Nataya says:

    I wish for your best luck in delivery, Karen. I just cleaned my navy blue eyeshadow (from drugstore) out.

  76. Maryse says:

    My favorite healthy snack is hummus with baby carrots. Simple and delicious!!!

  77. Icequeen81 says:

    My favorite healthy snack nuts or fruit, easier raisings

    I like blue Eyeliners but haven’t find a nice dark blue, I do have a blue-green of Milani called aqua that one is cool but look for a nice navy one

  78. Cherie says:

    I do love avocado slices, especially on toast πŸ™‚

  79. Caitie says:

    The closest I get to blue eye shadow is Midna from Shiro Cosmetics. Technically it’s a grey, but with loads of blue shimmer throughout. I never wear grey shadows either, but somehow it works (so pretty for a smokey eye)! I just checked though + it looks to have been discontinued, which just makes me sad.
    Caitie recently posted … Sample Stash #19: EO Ageless Skincare (+ Birthday Giveaway #1)

  80. Erin says:

    Assuming you have one, what’s your favorite blue eyeshadow?

    Hmmm, I don’t know if I have one. There are some I love from UD and Chanel but I don’t own them!

    What do you think when you hear the word β€œluxury”?

    Depends on the context, like with makeup and skincare, I want it. Bedding, want it. Like 50% of the time I think excessive or too expensive for regular folks.

    When was the last time you went dancing?

    Many years ago, probably 2003 or 2004.

    The last book you literally (OK, figuratively) could not put down?

    The Midnight Queen

    Something of which you’re proud?

    The eulogy I wrote today for my friends funeral.

    What’s your favorite healthy snack?

    Most of my snacks are healthy. I love fruit, nuts, jerky, protein bars, and kale chips!
    Erin recently posted … Etat Libre D’Orange Like This

  81. Jennifer says:

    Good luck with your birthing classes!!! I only got to the first one because my son decided to make an early appearance. He’s been pretty much running late ever since.

  82. Suzanne C says:

    The only blue eyeshadow I can pull off is a nice navy, which I usually wear with a gray smokey eye. Any other blue and I feel a bit Liz Taylor in Cleopatra.

    I’ve read a lot of good books lately (The Nightengale, y’all!!!), but the last stay-up-all-night book was Erik Larson’s Dead Wake, about the sinking of the Luisitania. Because I am both bookworm and history nerd.

  83. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    I’m so excited about the Gwen Stefani UD blush palette!!!
    Right now, the healthy snack I can’t stop eating is Skinny Pop popcorn…

  84. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    I am a proud psychiatric resident and I feel blessed to get the chance to help other people !
    Thank you !

  85. Virginia says:

    There is an app for everything now. I hope your classes go well.
    The last book I flew through was Girl on the Train.

  86. Emily C says:

    I’m proud to be a property owner!

  87. Sarah W says:

    I think my favorite blue eyeshadow is MUFE’s Peacock blue!

  88. Tatiana says:

    The last books I could not put down were “The Rosie Project” and “The Rosie Effect” by Graeme Simsion. Funny, touching and an easy read. Frustrating in part because I recognized bits of my daughter in the main character who was logical and methodical to a fault.

  89. Cag says:

    I’m proud of getting through this past week. It’s been one week since my heart was broken and 5 days since I resigned from my job.

  90. Carol says:

    My favorite blue eyeshadow that already have is Outremer from Nars. Love!!!

  91. Belle says:

    My favorite blue eyeshadow is one that I actually don’t own (yet). It’s the Kat Von D metal crush eyeshadow in metallic cobalt, it’s so blue and I love it! I’ve resisted buying it because I have brown eyes and I don’t know how well blue would work out.

  92. Lisa Brown says:

    Q) What do you think when you hear the word β€œluxury”? A) Something or things, I can’t even begin to afford.

  93. Dora says:

    Happy Saturday ladies. I missed my zumba class this morning because I’m at work. I bought the Gwen Stefani UD eyeshadow palette and I absolutely love it. Excited to hear she is coming out with a blush palette.

  94. Isabella says:

    Love all the great book suggestions in the comments!
    I have a hard time putting down anything by Jo Nesbo.

  95. Julie says:

    Luxury to me is overindulgence on things you know you shouldn’t have, but still want!

  96. Mandy says:

    Have fun at the birthing classes!! And when I hear the word luxury for some reason I think of time! I guess back to work from the holidays just feeling stressed again! And I think to me luxury is really to have time to myself, time to do things I want, time to see my beloved ones and that’s real luxury to me πŸ™‚

  97. Rebecca says:

    I love the blue shadows in UD’s electric palette!!

  98. Kimm says:

    Hello!! Yay El NiΓ±o! Down here is so cal we haven’t gotten as much rain as you but I am just loving it. My student, on the other hand, went absolutely nutso on Tuesday and Wednesday when it was crazy down pouring. I have very little energy w this pregnancy so I was just done w them by the end of the day. And, out of all the things I could have slipped on out there, one of my students discarded their yummy avocado right in front of my door and I totally slipped! πŸ™ Going for a massage in an hour so that should help!
    I got the Gwen eye shadow pallet this week. I was debating this forever. I was underwhelmed when I swatched it in the stores but I got it used and am happy I did. Happy I didn’t pay full price though. The colors are good for my light skin. Don’t think it will be a fav of mine but it’s ok! Better than I anticipated. Have a great weekend and don’t slip on avocado! Lol

  99. Jordan Easterwood says:

    Freedom Rising by Anne Maccafery was the last book I couldn’t put down. I am now on a mission to read all of her books!πŸ‘πŸΌ

  100. Janetta says:

    The last time o went dancing was at the company holiday party. It really was a party!

  101. Tonya Simmons says:

    I don’t wear blue eyeshadow but I have started to try winged eyeliner.

  102. Kecia S. says:

    My favorite MAC makeup artist once did a smoky blue eye look on me that I LOVED! She used Deep Truth & another blue that I can’t remember (this was many years ago). Blue eyeshadow done properly really makes my brown eyes POP!

  103. nouf says:

    What do you think when you hear the word β€œluxury”?
    Chanel bags ^ ^ the first thing that pop in my mind when I hear the word “luxury”.

  104. LaTanya says:

    When I hear luxury, I think expensive and good quality

  105. Anastassia says:

    Luxury for me is holidays at a hotel with spa treatments

  106. marta says:

    I love fruit or carrots as healthy snack!

  107. Hilary says:

    Lately my fave healthy snacks are popcorn (Trader Joes olive oil popcorn!) or raisins.

  108. Melissa says:

    Hi I’m just SO SO Happy for You, The Hubby & Tabs!!!Your gonna be the most Adorable and Amazing Mommy around to that Precious Lil Angel Baby!! Shoot You are already to Tabs!! I image You & This precious Little Magical Baby Girl growing up with The most Awesome Mommy going makeup shopping! And You two dressing alike with The Lil Mini You!! One day having her own blog to help change people’s lives like You do!! 😁 Having her own Tabs!! I’m getting emotional here.. So what are You most excited about being a Mommy? This is just so cool!! I love You so much!! I look forward to seeing You n your beautiful face in my emails!! God bless You & Your beautiful family and precious Lil Angel Baby inYour Tummy!! You really have made a huge difference in my life honey!! Your my favorite!! I just found this Smashbox Artificial Light Illuminating Lotion n fell in love and its disconnected!! Why does it seem that all of my fav beauty items get discontinued? SMH.. At lease Your limy my to be so beautiful that You don’t even need to wear any makeup!! 😘 We’ll have a blessed weekend sweetheart!! πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’•πŸ’“πŸ’• Lots of Love sent to You All!!

  109. Angie says:

    My favorite healthy snacks are almonds and fresh strawberries!

  110. Lynn T. says:

    I have not been able to find the right blue shadow! i’ve been looking for years…gave up for some time but i’m looking again
    I’m very picky so it has to be the right shade …dark navy. Do you have a favorite blue or know a good dark blue?

  111. Danielle says:

    To me, luxury is Givenchy.

  112. Lizzie says:

    My favorite blue eyeshadow is from bare minerals and the shade is called Azure. It’s the perfect teal!

  113. Heather G says:

    My favorite healthy snack is Eton Mess but I use Trader Joe’s Fat Free Vanilla Meringues, Fat Free Cool Whip and Strawberries!! #WinningWithCheating lol

  114. Maria says:

    I’m yet to find a blue eyeshadow that doesn’t look terrible on me. I reread Jane Austen’s Emma recently and couldn’t put it down…funny since I hated it in high school.

  115. Krystle says:

    I just finished reading taming of the queen

  116. Krissi L says:

    I’m always dancing πŸ˜€ I take 2 dance classes 3 times a week at school

  117. Aury says:

    I’ve seen you mention that you’ve been into minimal makeup lately. I have been too! Would you mind making a minimal makeup routine video? I could use some tips to look my best with minimal effort, lol. (Is bold lip color too much? Should I stick with gloss?)

  118. Terri says:

    My favorite healthy snack is almonds.

  119. Brandee says:

    Favorite healthy snack- hummus and celery sticks; Hope I win so I can buy that new nars skin tint-looks great!!!

  120. Ann says:

    If I do wear blue eyeshadow, which isn’t often,it needs to be a dark blue. My favorite healthy snack is turkey pepperoni and some cheddar cheese. Last book I couldn’t put down was “Chanel Bonfire.” Highly recommend it! Good luck Karen, and Mazel Tov!

  121. Brooke says:

    I haven’t been out dancing publicly in many years, but I do dance with my 1.5 year old – mostly to Bubble Guppies or Sesame Street. πŸ™‚

  122. Rachel says:

    My favorite snack is popcorn, because it can be healthy, but it can also be not so healthy!

  123. Lorraine says:

    Blood Memory by Martha Graham. Super proud of my amazing, smart funny teenagers. Never a dull moment in my house!

  124. I think we have some witching hour bordering on colic happening with baby Erik. Woof. From 8pm-1am or so, nothing makes him happy or sleep for more than 10 minutes at a time. Kind of freaked out about when Sean goes back to work and I’m back on toddler duty as well if this continues. Just keep telling myself it’s only a few months of insanity.

  125. wina says:

    funyuns are actually pretty healthy

  126. Cyndi says:

    I haven’t gone out dancing in a very long time. But my 3 year old daughter and I have impromptu dance parties all the time!! πŸ™‚

  127. Nika says:

    I’m currently at 16 weeks and so excited to find out my baby’s gender!! Hoping for a smooth delivery for you, Karen!

  128. Dawn says:

    Blue eye shadow is so not my thing. >.< I love turquoise but it just doesn't work with my coloring.

  129. Kirsten says:

    he last book you literally (OK, figuratively) could not put down?

    The second book in the Captive Prince series, called Prince’s Gambit. Can’t wait for the third one next month.

  130. Lisa says:

    Karen, i’m so excited for you and El Hubs! thanks for sharing your journey with us. πŸ™‚

    also, i just tried the oribe dry texturizing spray that you raved about a while ago… it’s so amazing. i’m going to look for a cheaper dupe, but suspect i’ll just cave and pony up the dough. totally worth it.

  131. Rachel says:

    I don’t wear a lot of blue eyeshadow, but when I do, it’s almost always UD’s Dashiki, which unfortunately is discontinued! πŸ™

  132. RM says:

    i think i need a vivid warm pink lipstick for spring.

  133. Julie says:

    I’ve never managed to find a blue eyeshadow that I like, but I’ve been digging blue eyeliners! YSL has a liquid one (Bleu Patine) that is amazingggg!
    Julie recently posted … Christian Louboutin Velvet Matte Lip Colour: Rouge Louboutin

  134. Lisa Foster says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. It really draws you in.

  135. Oliver says:

    I’m proud of the community service work I have being doing to help local homeless LGBT youth

  136. Rachel R. says:

    Happy Caturday to you! Thirty-five miles is a long way from the hospital. Is SF traffic ever not horrible? Yikes!

    My favorite blue eyeshadows are from Make Up For Ever Artist Shadows: ME224 Navy Blue, S226 Abyssal Blue, S228 Petrol Blue, and ME-232 Turquoise Blue. I also really love NARS Dual-Intensity in Giove, and Urban Decay Chaos, Gonzo, Deep End, and Arctic.

    This will come as no surprise, but I’m most proud of my kids.

  137. laura says:

    Last night was the most recent time I’ve been dancing…in the kitchen with my 8 year old daughter πŸ™‚

  138. Amoure Jones says:

    Happy Saturday Karen,

    My favorite blue shadow is most certainly Milani’s Blue My Mind. It’s a gorgeous blue and it looks amazing on every skin tone. I know people say that about a lot of products, but this rings true for this one for sure.

    Have a great weekend.

  139. Mandala says:

    When I hear the word “luxury”, I think of pampering treats.

  140. Quimerula says:

    Luxury… anything inside an orange Hermes box.

  141. Jessie C. says:

    Roasted kale is my favorite healthy snack.

  142. Jennifer says:

    The last book I read that I couldn’t put down was, Brooklyn. I wanted to read it before I watched the movie and it was great.

  143. Tracy Robertson says:

    I love to read! The last book I couldn’t put down was called “Ugly Girls”. These girls were wild! I highly recommend it.

  144. maria says:

    I love Sephora. I am crazy about nailpolish!

  145. Taina says:

    This is completely random but, if I ever got the chance to visit another country, I would love to visit France. It seems like such a beautiful place with amazing landscapes and architecture. Personally, I think France has a very interesting history. In addition, the people there seem pretty nice too. 😊

  146. zVintageFashionizta says:

    My favorite healthy snack is Snickers rockin’ nut road candy bar, Mmmmmm almonds, caramel & marshmallow wrapped in dark chocolate! What do you mean it’s not a healthy snack? Well it makes my heart happy & if my heart is happy that makes me healthy…. that’s my story and I’m sticking to it!

  147. mrsshukra says:

    luxury = expensive

  148. Fran says:

    I love blue eyeshadow! Well, not all shades of blue look good on me, but bright and deep true blues and blue-violets do look really good on me. Make Up For Ever ME216 Electric Blue is probably my *most* favorite, but I also love MUFE I212 Periwinkle, and I220 Sapphire and D222 Night Blue. Then, of course, there’s Urban Decay Dive Bar, and NARS Dual-Intensity Giove, and Bobbi Brown Lapis Metallic Eye Shadow. And Laura Mercier Sapphire Caviar Stick Eye Color. And the blues in the Olivia Palermo x Ciate London Smouldering Eye Shadow Palette. I love blue! This is kind of ironic in that, when I was a teen, the only eyeshadow color that teens wore was a kind of light turquoise/robin’s egg blue shade that looks quite awful on me — so I never wore eyeshadow back then!

  149. Maria says:

    Ooooh my favorite blue eyeshadow has to be Burberry stone blue! I love that kind of pale blue !

  150. Meghan P says:

    When I think of luxury, I think of a nice hotel with good amenities! Like a relaxing spa and a good restaurant!

  151. Rae says:

    Have you tried pumpkin seed bark yet? I’m not sure if it counts as healthy per say, but it’s somewhat amazing.

  152. Tania G says:

    I actually did some dancing with my little guy this afternoon. He loves to dance. There were lots of giggles.

  153. Sylvia Whippo says:

    The only blue shadow I have is the deep blue in the Stila In the Light palette, but I do lipid it.

  154. Denise S says:

    I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. It’s been way too long.

  155. Karen says:

    My favorite healthy snack has to be nuts and fruit. It satisfies the salty and the sweet for me.

  156. Vanessa says:

    Last good book i could not put down was “Girl on the Train”. Its a really good thriller!

  157. Christiana says:

    Mac Aquadesiac is my fave blue eye shadow– I keep t wearable by using MAC saddle in the crease and keeping the blush and lips natural

  158. Tessafdl says:

    Looking forward to the rest of the Urban Decay/Gwen Stefani collection. Would you know by any chance when it goes on sale through Sephora? Need to maintain my VIB Rouge status lol

  159. JackieC says:

    My favorite healthy snack are carrot sticks! They give me crunch an sweetness all at once.

  160. MK says:

    I never wear blue eyeshadow, but occasionally I’ll use a dark blue eyeliner to add a little something to my eye look. I have an inexpensive navy kohl liner from Rimmel that I love!

  161. Eileen says:

    I love Colourpop’s Fast Lane liner, a deep blue-green shade.

  162. Judy Y says:

    The last time I danced was last night, going to my usual ballet class! Technically speaking, I dance around the house all day! As for the blue eyeshadow, I love blue on everything except for makeup! The only blueish thing I use in my eyes is a dark navy eyeliner from urban decay!

  163. Laura S says:

    I cannot do blue eyeshadow very easily, but I am on a quest to find a great purple that does not make my under eye area look bruised.

  164. gabi says:

    The last book I could not put down was George Orwell’s Animal Farm. I finished reading it one day.
    Have a nice weekend! Xoxo

  165. Rina says:

    I tend to use my blue shadows as liners. I like navy or deep teal.

  166. BB says:

    I still like Parrot eyeshadow from MAC. Deep Truth is an old fave too.

  167. Bertha says:

    My favorite healthy snack is air-popped popcorn!

  168. marie says:

    I love my urban decay eyeliner

  169. Sandy says:

    My favorite snack is sunflower or pumpkin seeds. Has to be something crunchy! Karen I have your MAC Parisean Skies eyeshadow but I haven’t busted it out in awhile. Really like MAC Contrast eyeshadow, it’s beautiful. I’m a neutral girl though and I’m am really enjoying my UD Naked2 Palette I got for Christmas. My favorite gift!

  170. Chelsea says:

    I went dancing last week! I’ve only been to the club really a few times in my life, but my friend Luna’s wife is a DJ and her playlist was amazeballs.

  171. Jamie says:

    Definitely not a healthy snack but I had dim sum today and it was delicious!

  172. Lori P says:

    I’ve been having a lot of fun with all the new spring launches High End AND Drugstore

  173. Lisa Fisher says:

    My favorite snack is skinny pop. Yum!!!

  174. Cori Westphal says:

    My fave healthy snack is tuna salad on cucumber slices! Yum!

    coriwestphal at gmail dot com

  175. Mackenzie says:

    My favorite healthy snack is frozen grapes!

  176. Andrea says:

    I really hope I can win this time :)!

  177. Danielle says:

    I just read Mindy Kaling’s new book, “Why Not Me.” She is so funny and comes across really genuine in the book. I loved it! πŸ™‚

  178. Illy Junus says:

    I never own any blue shadow, i am afraid to wear it. And my healthy snack is kale chips

  179. Jill says:

    Yay weekend! And giveaway! Double yay! πŸ™‚

  180. Jennifer Pham says:

    Favorite healthy snack = dark chocolate for the antioxidants. In moderation!

  181. Jenine R. says:

    Whenever I hear the word “luxury” mostly in terms of makeup, I think of the quality and the ingredients that was used to create the product.
    Jenine R. recently posted … MOTD: Back to School Makeup Look | Drugstore

  182. Bronte Wesson says:

    The last book I could not put down was The Night Circus! I’m a sucker for romances and it was a gorgeously written love story between two magicians. Definitely would recommend if you want a good, decently sized novel to read.

  183. Inspersia says:

    My favourite healthy snack is a handful of almonds. Tasty, provides protein and kills hunger.

  184. Allison says:

    Would love to stock up on DivaCurl products with the gift card!

  185. Bonnie says:

    I love that first row of nail polishes in the picture! Reminds me of spring… and makes me wish that winter could fast forward a few months!

  186. Liz says:

    When I think of luxury, I think of five star travel.

  187. Nicole M says:

    Hi Karen! Have you read The Tidying Up book? I am reading now and hoping it is as “life changing” as the title suggests. One of my 2016 resolutions is to read more, so I am starting there.

  188. Makyla says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was my Bible! Hope you and El Hubs had a great birthing class! Take care, Karen!

  189. Veronica says:

    I love your blog! My favorite healthy snack is plain popcorn.

  190. Melly says:

    The last time I went dancing is at least a decade ago. I sprained my ankle and haven’t done it since, lol!

  191. Shelley says:

    I have never found a blue eyeshadow I like. In fact, if a palette has a blue eyeshadow it rules the whole thing out for me. I think blue looks odd with my green eyes.

  192. Allison says:

    My favorite healthy snack is a green smoothie!

  193. Stephanie says:

    My favorite healthy snack is carrots and hummus – I could eat this every day. I also love roasted almonds and cranberries.

  194. Rebecca says:

    My favorite blue eye shadow is blue berry swirl in the Too Faced Semi Sweet Palette!

  195. Amanda says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite blue eye shadow. Do you, Karen?

  196. McWoo says:

    When I think of luxury, I think about first class tickets on an international flight. Particularly, Eva Air Hello Kitty airplane. πŸ˜‰

  197. Mel B says:

    Favorite healthy snack: plain 2% Greek yogurt (preferably Fage), blueberries, vanilla granola, and a drizzle of honey. Yum!

  198. Jane says:

    Fav Healthy Snack: Greek yogurt panna cotta! so rich but so healthy! I love tricking my stomach!

  199. Good luck Karen on your delivery! πŸ™‚ I do not have children but it seems like it’s such a joy to expand your family. Tabs will be proud πŸ˜€

  200. Jen. says:

    I just read the new Marie Kondo book in two sittings. I’ve been in my new place for five months now and I need some inspiration to finish organizing/ decorating/ etc!

  201. Lauren says:

    You know my love for the Gwen Stefani pallette also, so I’ll go with the blue shade in there, even though I haven’t used the blue!

    Although luxury really doesn’t mean expensive, I tend to think something “luxery” is a bit pricier than the norm that you’ve saved up for. Name brand.

    Last time I went OUT dancing?! 2004!!! I “dance” when I put makeup on though…I just don’t involve my arms. πŸ˜‰

    I’m so embarrassed…I can not put down the “Shopaholic” books by Sophie Kinsella

    I’m proud of my nursing degree. It was Hella tough.

    Healthy snack?? Does licorice count? How about chocolate dipped in peanut butter?

    I think if your Gwen Stefani pallette calms you, you should put it in your hospital bag!! Play around to reduce any stress!

  202. Teresa Luong says:

    I’m 19 and have been into makeup since just last year. I’m proud of the fact that I finally found something I enjoy and even though my family is rude and dismissive about makeup, I still keep going! Your blog has been so wonderful and helpful and I wish you the best!

  203. Courtney Dias says:

    My most proud possessions are of both my children and my lipstick collection. Even though I only have about 20 lipsticks and still adding to my collection I always know that if I’m sad my kids will put a smile on my face while wearing a great looking lipstick because you know what they say putting lipstick on will always add color to your day.

  204. Sandy P says:

    No, no, no to blue eye shadow. Too many disaster looks with it in my 20’s. My favorite healthy food is vanilla yogurt with a little bit of Steve’s Paleo Crunch (Apple krunch flavor) thrown in. Yum! Dancing?? Hmm, last year a spinal fusion and now looking at a MRI high around my left ribs for a compression fracture. Told hubby he better be nice to me or I’ll tell the doctor he beat me up!! The doctor is a good friend of ours so hubby just laughed. And yeah, no dancing in my future but I would love that gift card!

  205. Adri says:

    I have developed an overnight obsession with red lipsticks, after wearing none my whole life. This new year will be so exciting! I think I’ll begin with a NARS velvet matte lip pencil in Red Square.

  206. Marissa says:

    Great to have everything ready for getting to the hospital to have that baby girl… I seriously hope you don’t have the baby while y’all are driving there wouldn’t make for anything fun and that’s for sure… Though in the case of that happening it would make a great story some day … You can look up either way!!!
    I checked out the Gwen plattet you wore to the class. I couldn’t decide if I liked it enough to buy it but I keep hearing good things… And if you like it, it must be good (:

  207. Robin says:

    Good luck with your delivery! I had twins this year. Pregnancy is hard. Having newborn(s) is hard, but it so worth it! Be sure to take tons of pictures in the hospital. You will be shocked how they change in just a day that young! I didn’t want photos in the delivery room, but my husband took a couple of me holding them, and I’m glad he did.

  208. Carrie says:

    All the best to you on your upcoming bundle of joy. I’m three weeks postpartum myself and so in love with my little girl! I think I’ve worn makeup twice since she’s been here so seeing all the makeup goodies on your blog is making me go cray…your looks are always beautiful Karen!! 😊

  209. Tracy L says:

    Eyeing Kat Von D’s Liquid Lipsticks in Double Dare and Bauhaus 8)

  210. Clemence says:

    I love almonds!

  211. Mel says:

    My favourite healthy snack: quinoa chips! I cannot get enough of them.

  212. Winnie says:

    A Marriage of Opposites by Alice Hoffman, it was a beautiful, romantic novel <3

  213. Stephanie says:

    When I think of luxury, I think of anything with memory foam. They’re like clouds of wonder and happiness. I’m just saying, you’ve never lived until you’ve acquired a memory foam bath mat.

  214. Alyson Stolba says:

    Hi Karen! Always love reading your beauty blog. You are one of my go to resources when I want to try out a new item. You have a great sense of humor and your opinions are so honest! Thank you for sharing your love of makeup!

  215. laura bernard says:

    Love chips and salsa!

  216. lauren says:

    The last time I was dancing was ar my brother in laws wedding this summer

  217. Lindsay says:

    the last book i got reeeally into & couldn’t put down was carry on. so good!

  218. Becky says:

    Ok, so it’s not *that* healthy, but dates stuffed with almond butter. OM NOM NOM. Less processed than most snacks I guess… And DELICIOUS!

  219. Pamela Haddad says:

    How exciting for you guys! Yes, please don’t have the baby in the car!

  220. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    pick me!

  221. Andrea says:

    Hope you are doing well Karen πŸ™‚

  222. Sharmaine says:

    The last time I went dancing was this past summer! I took some ballet classes in the local community college. It was lots of fun, but it also reminded me I REALLY need to work out.

  223. Brittany says:

    The most recent book that I have a hard time putting down is “Of Mice and Men” by John Steinbeck. I usually find myself intimidated by “classic” literature but “Of Mice and Men” isn’t a difficult read. I thought the same thing of “Jane Austen” when it was assigned in 8th grade but when I reread it later in high school I found it easier to read and didn’t have a problem with the pacing like I previously had. I think I’m either picking easier books that don’t require being read twice or I’m becoming smarter, it could be either.

    Karen, thanks again for this opportunity.

  224. Andrea says:

    I’m proud of making my own soy candles for the first time today!

  225. Melissa says:

    I so wish I could apply to be an intern…too bad my photography isn’t the best. But my favorite snack, healthy or not, is fruit! Lately I’ve been living for frozen mango.

  226. Amy Z. says:

    Wishing you and your baby well, Karen! πŸ™‚

  227. Ash says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was River of Stars by Guy Kay

  228. Alana R. says:

    My favorite healthy snack is oatmeal and granola! (not really a snack but oh well)

  229. michelle says:

    My fave blue shadow is UD Evidence. It’s such a pretty shimmery navy. Even with my olive skin I can use it on my outer v, or as a liner shade and I don’t look garish. This may sound weird but when I think of luxury I think “thick”. Like thick towels, carpets,even stationery. Thick and substantial.

  230. Undamaris says:

    “Celestial Harmonies” by Peter Esterhazy.

  231. Wayne says:

    Best wishes on the baby!

  232. Kayla G says:

    My favorite healthy snack is any kind of vegetable! I love keeping jars of cut up veggies like radishes, carrots and peppers in the fridge to grab and munch on.

  233. Maren says:

    Fave blue eyeshadow: I love Nyx Gel Eyeliner & Smudger in Samantha. It makes my night! Last book I couldn’t put down: Dark Places by Gillian whatever. (Flynn? I don’t feel like looking it up.) I can’t usually get into murder mysteries, but this was beyond thrilling, well-written, & everything. Happy cats & babies to you, Karen!
    Maren recently posted … Depress 14 (Depressing Shit to Avoid series)

  234. Lesley says:

    Oooh! I can’t do blue eyeshadow! Mossy green, or purple perhaps, but not blue.

  235. Sara munIz says:

    My daughter is turning 3yrs old next month! Oh how time flies πŸ’•πŸ’•

  236. Cindy says:

    Went dancing in August. Haven’t been in years, really not my thing anymore. A friend who was in the area wanted to go so I went. I’d rather stick with going to concerts!

  237. Daniela says:

    The last book I could not put down was Troublemaker by Leah Remini.
    Highly recommend it!!! πŸ‘

  238. MelodyJ says:

    My favorite healthy snack is yogurt with pistachios.

  239. Kait says:

    After seeing your demo video I am def buying the nars matte skin tint!

  240. indayluvs says:

    When I hear luxury I think of that one car commercial (Jaguar, I think?) with the British “villans” racing about with their posh accents in their fancy sport cars and private jets!

  241. Gina M says:

    I am proud that I stuck with my exercise routine everyday this past week! Woop woop!

    Thanks for the chance to win!

    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  242. Deanna says:

    I’ve never been dancing. I’m pretty terrible at it.

  243. Myra says:

    My favorite healthy snack are blueberries and tangerines! So yummy!

  244. Aurelie Red says:

    My favorite healthy snack is an orange with nuts and almonds β™₯

  245. CL says:

    My first thought on hearing or seeing the word “luxury” is “expensive.” My second thought would be “much better than average quality,” but that is not always the case for items described as “luxury” items.

  246. Anissa says:

    The last book i could literally (not figuratively) not put down where the books cinder and scarlet from Marissa Meyer. It was impossible to stop reading them. I took it to the bathroom with me, I practically locked myself in my room and finished them both in like 3 days. It was an amazing ride!

  247. chelsea amanda says:

    I really want jeffree star’s lip glosses! I need the unicorn blood, but i’m not sure if they’re sold out.

  248. Lisa says:

    I just have not found a blue eyeshadow I like, but I love navy eyeliners.

  249. BlackAsphodel says:

    My new favorite healthy snack is kale chips.

  250. Coline T. says:

    My fave blue shadow is “Nightfall” by Shiseido πŸ™‚

  251. Julie Murphy says:

    I like to eat bananas

  252. Byanka johnson says:

    I’m proud of my three children. Good luck with your baby!

  253. Jacob LaFountaine says:

    Best healthy snack is the good old banana. Cheap and filling

  254. Sandie says:

    Does swatching count as pulling out? If so I swatched the Kat VOn D Mi Vida Loca palette a few days ago!

  255. Birgit L. says:

    I usually don’t watch kids movies, but “Paddington” is one of the sweetest I’ve seen in recent years and can totally recommend to adults too.

  256. adriana says:

    My fav healthy snack is mangos.

  257. Sen says:

    Loving Mario Badescu glycolic acid cleaner and toner. My skin is polished and my dark marks are fading.

  258. Sanam says:

    The last time I went dancing was with my friend for her 30th birthday (about two and a half years ago!). It was at a salsa club and I had no idea how to dance the salsa!

  259. Adi says:

    Favorite blue shadow is Contrast from MAC. Not too out there yet still a beautiful blue.

  260. IF I win, I’m gonna get the Nars Velvet Matte Skin Tint. And maybe NARS Tarvos.
    TravelingBlush recently posted … Review and Swatches: Too Faced Melted Kisses and Sweet Cheeks

  261. Shar Thomas says:

    Enjoying your blog and these give aways. You were the first person I found on YouTube to review the NARS velvet matte tinted moisturizer. Now I cannot wait for them to come out. Thanks and keep the posts/videos coming.

  262. Tori says:

    Blueberries are a great snack!

  263. Icequeen81 says:

    I trought I left a comment but i dont see it,

    I think my healthy snacks are fruit or nuts , or maaybe seasam bars.

    If you see my comment twice is because I dont see the other

  264. Erin Ellis says:

    I’m loving this El Nino weather. Such a nice change from the drought! Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.
    ErinLoves2Run at gmail dot com

  265. Erica says:

    My favorite blue eyeshadow is Laura Mercier’s shadow stick in Sapphire. The most recent book I read that I liked was Before I Go To Sleep by SJ Watson. It’s about a woman who loses her memory every time she sleeps and each day she must try to remember how she lost her memory.

  266. Anna T. says:

    I’m a children’s librarian, so I try to read more children’s books. For this reason, the last one I couldn’t put down was Mr. Lemoncello’s Library by Chris Grabenstein.

    If I’m being completely honest, Harry Potter (every single one in the series) made me stay up way into the morning because it was that good. It was super hard to put down the books!!

  267. Pink Tea Rose says:

    I don’t wear eye shadow because I’m not sure if it would be a good idea. I wear glasses.

  268. Nicole says:

    The last book that I couldn’t put down was A Feast for Crows, one of the books of the A Song of Ice and Fire series.

  269. Maureen Hogg says:

    Strawberries are my favorite snack.

  270. Ondina says:

    I’m going on a surprise trip to Hawaii in 2 weeks! Can’t wait!

  271. Daria says:

    I’m this weird person who hates dancing πŸ™‚

  272. Isu says:

    Heyy!! Im a student and i have exams next month. And i read your blog when i need time out from that. Lol. The book im currently reading is Dan Brown’s The Lost Symbol. And i would get too faced chcolate bon bons if i win. πŸ˜€

  273. AmyBS says:

    The last book I could not put down was the Little Stranger by Sarah Waters. I read her newest The Paying Guests, and loved it, so I am working my way backwards through her other titles.

  274. Wendy says:

    Baby stuff! If you are nursing try the ibaby feed timer app. You just have to tap the button in the middle of the night when you’re groggy. Set your phone to wake you for nursing too then you can fall asleep harder and not worry about waking up for the feeding.

  275. Hannah says:

    I went dancing last night with my husband and my parents!! A great Saturday night πŸ™‚

  276. Karimah says:

    Recently, I’ve been snacking on cashews (unsalted) and bananas. Odd combination, but I love it. Congrats on your baby!

  277. Swati says:

    I love my Urban Decay Peace eyeshadow. Such a vibrant, beautiful blue!

  278. Michelle L says:

    Luxury to me is splurging on things like a week at an luxury hotel.

  279. Helen Adami says:

    Since I’m a makeup lover like yourself, when I hear the word luxury I think of luxury makeup. Chanel, Tom Ford, etc. Ahhh just beautifully perfect and classic cosmetics. Thank you so much for the opportunity. Love you YouTube channel and excited to follow your blog.

  280. Amy Hall says:

    actual outing to dance? 15 years ago, lol

  281. Kim Henrichs says:

    My favorite healthy snack is almonds and Craisins mixed!

  282. Aimen Abbasi says:

    Urban Decay jinx! It came in a palette and I just love it! Prettiest, best QUALITY blue EVER!

  283. Poppy says:

    I’m proud of my mom and sisterπŸ’—

  284. Sara says:

    Since You’ve Been Gone. It was a light read and fun so I just blasted through that in one siting.

  285. arijana birston says:

    i love sephora. i love their selection of make up and i love that you get a free birthday gift every birthday and that you get a sample with every purchase

  286. Mandy A says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy! Delivery day will be a day you will never forget πŸ™‚ labor isn’t the best, but once you have that sweet baby in your arms, it’s so worth it! My daughter turns 10 next week, which is so hard to believe. It sounds cliche to say it will fly, so take in every second, but it’s absolutely true!

    As a family, we just finished the Harry Potter series! We read a chapter every night for the past year together. We have loved it! For Christmas, we surprised our daughter with a trip to Universal to see everything Harry Potter there πŸ™‚ we leave in a couple
    Of weeks and I can’t wait!

  287. Emily Woods says:

    I just danced at a wedding held on Jan 2! Lots of 90s hits were thrown in there, and I had had a few glasses of Prosecco, so it was a blast!

  288. Sakura says:

    The word “luxury” makes me think of a gorgeous spa in a hotel. I love spas!

  289. Preena says:

    I love the blue eyeshadow in the Lorac Pro palette.
    I automatically think of “Chanel” when i hear the word luxury πŸ™‚

  290. Emily says:

    I am definitely most proud of my two children.

  291. Andrea says:

    Enjoy birthing class! I’ve gone through two, and loved my experience of having children and more of becoming a family. Best of luck to you bothβ™‘

  292. Ami says:

    If I were to win the giveaway I think that I would finally splurge on a naked palette from Urban Decay, it’s my most wanted beauty item. πŸ˜€ It’s awesome that you are doing a give away btw!

  293. Trillina Palemi says:

    Fresh fruit is my favorite healthy snack

  294. Lisa says:

    I’m a life-long learner – I’m proud of that! πŸ™‚

  295. Lisa says:

    I am proud of my wonderful children!

  296. Jolika says:

    Hello there. Thanks for the suggested topics now I know what I can leave as a comment. My favorite blue eye shadow is royal blue. Judge me but when I hear the word ‘luxury’ I think of rich. The last time I went dancing was 2 weeks ago. On the book I don’t remember, sorry. I’m proud of JoStylez, that’s my thing and in an essence ME. My favorite healthy snack is veggie straw. Woah. I answered them, this was surprisingly hard yet easy. Well then please to meet.

  297. Princess says:

    My favorite healthy snack has to be fresh fruit with a little yogurt on the side.

  298. I cannot put down #GIRLBOSS–I love how Sophia tells it like it is, goes after her passions, and continues to remain real in the ups and downs of her business. Inspiring!
    Sarah Halstead recently posted … CES 2016 to Feature Beauty and Baby Tech

  299. Denisa Ivascu says:

    My favorite healthy snack is pistachio.

  300. Margaret H says:

    The last time I went dancing was at the Williams Lake Stampede three years ago

  301. Sarah Sq. says:

    The first thing that popped into my head when I read the word “luxury” was anything Chanel.

  302. Maddie says:

    All the Sephora nail polishes in your picture look so pretty. If I won, I might get the rad UD Gwen Stefani eyeshadow palette.

  303. Michelle says:

    The last time I went dancing was at a friend’s wedding. I enjoy dancing but hate the idea of going to a club thats super crowded.

  304. heather wesley says:

    I’m extremely proud of my 4 children!

  305. Monica says:

    My favorite healthy snack is a peanut butter, dark chocolate, & banana smoothie . . . if that even counts as a snack. Either way it’s super yummy!

  306. Erin says:

    I am reading ‘All The Light We Cannot See’ right now and it is so so good. Have fun at class!

  307. Kim Tanti says:

    It`s going to be a great year. I am in remission from breast cancer and my son is getting married.

  308. Krystyn Lowe says:

    “All The Lght We Cannot See” and “The Nightingale” are two books I’ve was recently that were really good!

  309. Ms. Elise says:

    My favorite healthy snack is definitely carrots or apples. Applesauce is a good substitute for apples when I have some and I’m feeling lazy though.

  310. Al says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Karen! πŸ™‚

  311. Julia says:

    I just finished the book Nightingale and it was so good!

  312. Sophia says:

    Something I’m proud of…my 7 year old son! He never fails to amaze me.

  313. Audrey says:

    Not sure if it’s really healthy but I love pita chips and hummus☺️

  314. Tricia Hope says:

    I love homemade humus as a healthy snack.

  315. Edis Zukić says:

    Well now I am reading Dreamcatcher from Stephen King, good book but before it I reed Harry Potter and that was the great book, didn’t want to go to sleep or eat until I read one more page which turned to a couple of chapters. To bad some things end .

  316. Bearby says:

    The word luxury makes me think about first class flight and 5-star hotels!

  317. Megan Denholm says:

    My favourite healthy snack at the moment is grilled zucchini with parmesan baked on top, and protein shake!

  318. Katelyn says:

    I have 2 blue eyeshadows, but unfortunately ive never been able to make either look good on my skin tone!!

  319. dani says:

    I am proud I survived grad school. Not the education part, but the fact I did it during tremendous personal tragedy with an adviser who told me I was “a failure, a quitter, and a loser” ever day for the last two years. I am walking away with a degree, but also walking away stronger and more capable than I have ever been.

  320. Nlm8 says:

    Not sure how healthy this snack is but Wegmans makes almond-stuffed olives that are out of this world. Could eat those everyday for the rest of my life!

  321. Monica says:

    I have not been dancing in probably a couple years! I’m not the most graceful lol!

  322. Katie says:

    I don’t have a blue liner but I just spotted a cobalt one from Flower Beauty that looked so cool!

  323. Allison says:

    …I just picked up a guilty pleasure sort of book called “Hard and Fast.” I can’t help it, I love this kind of stuff! I think I’m gonna curl up with some coffee and read some more of it later…

  324. Carla says:

    I just finished rereading The Kingkiller Chronicles books by Patrick Rothfuss and I’m super impatient for the third one to come out!

  325. Lauren says:

    No blue eyeshadow but I am loving the urban decay’s liquid eyeliner in Radium!It’s so metallic

  326. Mel says:

    The last book I literally couldn’t put down was the all souls trilogy by Deborah harkness ! Blew twilight and 50 shades out of the water!!!!!! Never read a better trilogy πŸ˜€

  327. Alexandra Macaulay says:

    My favorite blue Eyeshadow would have to be Plumage by mac. I love how dark the color is and it makes for a great dramatic eye, while still being soft enough to let your eyes pop.
    When I hear the word luxury I think of things that are high quality, and lavish. I also think expensive is usually associated with luxury, unfortunately haha. You can Also think of anything as being luxurious. To some people a toothbrush would be considered a luxury, while to me its a basic need, its all relative.
    This is a hard question, I have actually finished two novels, one being a book I read in college, and another being one I endured on my own time. I would have to say Gone Girl, or The Virgin Suicides are ones I read in the shortest amount of time as I couldn’t put them down, at really any point.
    I am actually a dancer so I went dancing today. I have been doing Ballet for 10 years and its become apart of me.
    I could give you an entire list of my favorite healthy snacks (Im not joking), but nothing ever beats the energizing smoothie bowls. I think people fear making them because they think it takes two much time, but I promise I make them in 6 minutes. My recipe (anyones recipe to be honest) basically requires you to have a blender and a bowel and any type of fruit you desire. I throw a bunch of frozen and fresh fruit in the blender with coconut water and BAM! You now have a smoothie bowl. Some of my favorite optional topping include: cocoa nibs, chia seeds, hemp seeds, almond butter, banana, gogi berries, and passion fruit!

    Thanks for helping me procrastinate doing homework with your videos, as well as helping me find the best beauty gems!

  328. brittany says:

    i’m loving sephora lately!!

  329. Rayshawn says:

    Life is so good.

  330. Toni says:

    i saw your video about the nars velvet matte skin tint and now i’m really excited to try it!

  331. Earth Cruz says:

    i just die over kale chips. Or raw macaroons

  332. Karla says:

    Luxury = Tom Ford!

  333. Deretta says:

    Would love to try the Nars Velvet Skin!

  334. em says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Mo’ Meta Blues: The World According to Questlove

  335. lisa says:

    when i hear the word “luxury”, i think of timeless and classic

  336. Susan Christy says:

    My favorite Healthy Snack – a banana!

  337. Amy S says:

    My skin is feeling dull so I’m on the hunt for a good hydrating primer. Any suggestions?

  338. alice says:

    I can’t put down The Martian. It is so good I’m in that weird place where you don’t want to read more because it means you’ll finish the book sooner, but you can’t stop reading it because it is soooo gooood.
    healthy snack? I put frozen cherries or blueberries and some greek yogurt into a container. Then, later, when I get hungry, I’ve got a good snack.

  339. Maryna says:

    Ilove for snack greek jogurt with fresh fruits and nuts!!!

  340. Natalie says:

    My favorite healthy snack of all time is fuji apples. I like them because they are sweet!

  341. Sarah says:

    The last book I could not put down was Carry On by Rainbow Rowell!

  342. Frank says:

    I couldn’t put down Metro 2033. The story and the world building was just so good!

  343. Sara says:

    Hey Karen! Been meaning to ask you, have you bought any maternity sleepwear? I have a few pajama pants I can still wear but thinking I might have to go get some maternity pairs. Was wondering if you had any you liked!

  344. Cathy says:

    When I hear luxury I think EXPENSIVE!! And truthfully, probably not worth the money and I am not paying for quality- just packaging and a brand name.

  345. Elizabeth says:

    I actually have SEVERAL blue eyeshadows from MUFE that I absolutely adore and wear all the time!

  346. Tuhina Dayal says:

    I think Louis Vuitton, Waldorf Astoria, Chanel, Prada… When I hear luxury

  347. Allysa says:

    Hey Karen! Hopefully you, the baby, and El Hub are doing well!

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Confessions of a Sociopath by M.E. Thomas. I’m currently away at university, so reading for pleasure is something I’d given up after getting my first 1,000 page textbook. But one of my girlfriends gave me it for my birthday, and I really could not get enough of it. Literally, I could NOT put it down – I think I finished it in a matter of hours. The author was a law professor at St. Mary’s, and she talks about her childhood and her tendencies to manipulate people. It’s absolutely fascinating to see how her mind works. A close second was Gone Girl. Such plot twists. I don’t think I’ve ever been so surprised by a book since that. Like, I think I audibly gasped at a few parts.

  348. Margarita says:

    Idk how healthy it is given how big of a portion I eat, but I like to snack on dried fruits and nuts.

  349. Maricar says:

    My favorite healthy snack? I love popcorn, but it’s only in the healthy category when I get plain, or one of the “skinny” versions like kale, sea salt, etc, but my true downfall are the Chicago-style mixes! πŸ˜‹

  350. Rita A says:

    My fave healthy snack is apple slices with a dollop of Almond Butter

  351. Gina B. says:

    Hi Karen,
    Sorry this is so late getting in, but I’ve had some kind of weekend…. two flats and had to have my car towed. Not fun…. When I think of luxury – I think of a luxury hotel, with huge towels, and high thread count sheets!!! And of course Chanel!! Just simply all things decadent!!!!

  352. genesis says:

    Luxury: face massage 😁😁😁😁😁

  353. Marisela Bennett says:

    Is been a long time since I been dancing almost a year! and I miss it I’m Mexican-American and well dancing is a passion I grew up dancing. I think life just gets busy with kids responsibilities and such. I thin I just need to move back to my hometown Las Vegas baby! and get my dance on once again.

  354. Heather R says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was Mindy Kaling’s first one. I have the 2nd one but haven’t started it yet.

  355. Glenda says:

    Oh, I feel bad that the first time I pick to comment is in this kind of post, even though I’ve been reading you for yeeeears. But oh well… πŸ˜›
    The last book I read without stopping was “The Children Act” by Ian McEwan (and it’s not even his best), my favorite healthy snack is probably trail mix, and I have to mention how I die every time I see a pic of Tabs. I miss having a cat so bad!

  356. Elizabeth says:

    I love sephora πŸ™‚
    A luxury is something DONT need to live. Having a new dyson and a dishwasher are huge luxuries to me. I mean there are degrees of luxe but I’m so thankful for being able afford these πŸ™‚

  357. Deb says:

    The word luxury still makes me think of the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous show with Robyn Leech. Remember that?

  358. Alexandru Rusu says:

    When was the last time you went dancing?
    The last time was this friday in the club.

  359. Amanda Kim says:

    I’ve been reading your blog and have been finding it very helpful! I especially love all the honest reviews on lip products! I find them extremely helpful! please keep it up!

  360. Sally says:

    Favorite healthy snack: Almonds

  361. ivy says:

    Can’t dance lol. Proud of graduating as a nursing student this coming may! (Scared for whats to come too.) What luxury means to me: burberry, YSL, chanel, dior just to name the few that first come to mind. And random side note: I have wanted a cat forever but am afraid I may not have the time to care for it to the best of my ability. I live off of funny cat videos and Tabs! Found your blog my freshman year of college and here I am as a senior in college!

  362. Stephanie says:

    The last time I danced was at my wedding in September. New hubster had to drag this girl off the dance floor!!! πŸ™‚
    Love, love, love the blog xo

  363. Joanna says:

    The last book I really enjoyed reading was the shadows by j. R. Ward πŸ‘

  364. Lindsay says:

    Hey girl! The last book I could NOT put down was Dita Von Teese’s new book, “The Ultimate Guide to Eccentric Glamour”. It was really cool to read her insight into beauty and femininity. Another one recently (totally unrelated to the first) was Marie Kondo’s “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying”.

  365. karen petrychko says:

    I dance in my kitchen most every day. I even put up a sign ” Dance like no one is watching!”

  366. Kristen says:

    My favorite healthy snack would probably be grapes and cheese cubes!

  367. TANNYA says:

    Last time that I went dancing was on my birthday in August and we went to a swing dancing dance!

  368. Cat says:

    When I think of luxury I think of really ornate packaging with colors like gold, silver and red more than anything else.

  369. Vanessa says:

    I miss going out dancing! I should plan a girls night out soon!

  370. vio.j says:

    Proud of my two beautiful daughters

  371. Ashley says:

    Right now I’m reading War and Peace! I wanted to start it before I watched the new miniseries on Lifetime this month. It was kind of hard to get into it at first but now I try to squeeze in more time to read it.

  372. Aelyn says:

    Does dancing to “Ring-A-Round The Rosies” count, if it wasn’t done at home? =P

  373. Fay. H. says:

    I’m back at school now. 20 pages of textbook feels like 200 pages!

  374. Maria says:

    Would love to try out the new MUFE Ultra HD Foundation and concealer!

  375. brenda disimone says:

    Today at sephora i bought the clarisonic detoxifying clay mask and i love it !

  376. Melissa L says:

    My favorite healthy snack are raw almonds, yum!

  377. chari perez says:

    The last time i dance was yesterday!!!!!
    I love dancing, thanks!

  378. Donna W. says:

    the last book I couldn’t put down was the Hunger Games Trilogy.

  379. Karen G. says:

    Pastels & Spring…can’t wait to see the latest at Sephora!

  380. Rebecca T says:

    The last time I was dancing was with my hubby on our wedding day a couple months ago! πŸ™‚

  381. Tara says:

    I haven’t worn blue eyeshadow in years, but when I did Mac’s Deep Truth was definitely a favorite.

  382. Reina says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was “Girl on the Train”!

  383. Sanya Sahela says:

    The last book that I COULD NOT put down was The Longest Ride by Nicholas Sparks. The movie was amazing, but the book was even better! I totally recommend it!!

  384. Kat says:

    I’m currently on a nail polish kick..currently my nails are silver and I am having an internal debate what color it should be after this xx

  385. Nikolina says:

    My favorite healthy snack is any kind of nuts… ):

  386. Rhoda K says:

    When I hear “luxury” I think “expensive”

  387. Khushboo says:

    I’m proud of my ‘dad’ & in future his lil one will make him proud !❀️

  388. I am proud of my job and the work we do. I work for the Clinton Health Foundation in South Africa, and I honestly believe we do great work.

  389. Celine T. says:

    Hey Karen, thank for the chance to win πŸ˜‰
    My favorite healthy snacks are dried fruits, they are sweet and tasty and I feel they are way more filling than a chocolate bar.

  390. Hi Karen, thanks for the prompts! I am proud of my job and the work we do. I work for the Clinton Health Foundation in South Africa.
    Prettiful Blog recently posted … Ordering from Sephora Online from South Africa

  391. Kathy T says:

    I got sick this weekend. πŸ™

  392. Aenea says:

    Hunger games was the last book(s) that really got me hooked

  393. dede says:

    I canΒ΄t believe that i named my cat Senpai. Now He is ignoring me :)))

  394. Debbie says:

    Great new colors.

  395. Diane says:

    I’m proud of having lost 32 pounds this past year, despite not being able to work out for 3 months due to getting rear ended. Only 12 more pounds to go to reach my goal!

  396. Bridget says:

    I’ve had a hard time putting down every book by Rainbow Rowell lately. I just finished Carry On and now I’m almost done with Attachments.

  397. Tendai says:

    I missed out on any sort of childbirth or breastfeeding classes because I went into premature labor at 27 weeks 6 days. I didn’t even get a baby shower! Although I don’t think I’d really enjoy getting my belly measured with string or any other party games where my fluffy girth is guestimated! Congratulations on your pregnancy.

  398. Chelsea says:

    The last book you literally (OK, figuratively) could not put down? The Girl on the Train! I could not stop reading until I got to the end.

  399. Carm says:

    I am currently reading The Crimson Petal and the White which is great (you know, once it got going). The last book that I absolutely couldn’t put down was called The Chronology of Water, so so good. Thanks for the giveaways Karen, I could really use some skin care. Just started acid peels and need some nourishing serum for post-peel recovery.

  400. Alyssa Lee says:

    Last book I put down was A Thyroid Diet.

  401. Kevin K says:

    My favorite snack is yogurt.

  402. Julene says:

    One of my favourite healthy snacks is a “KIND” bar. Get them at my local health food store and there are as many flavours as grains of sand on a beach! Lol

  403. Libby LaBrosse says:

    The last time I went dancing was at my cousins wedding… In 2014! I’m a pretty awkward dancer.

  404. Gail says:

    I don’t read alot – wish i had time – but Girl on the Train – could not put it down – ruined by week in Key West – HA HA

  405. Astrild says:

    I don’t like the way that blue eyeshadows look on me. I definitely fell more confortable in greens. Sometimes I wear dark blue eyeliner, but I’m not a fan.

  406. Kait says:

    My favorite healthy snack: homemade kale chips!

  407. bin du says:

    my favourite healthy snack is hummus with raw vegetables. So easy to make at home and really filling as well!

  408. veronica lee says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was β€œThe Kite Runner”.

  409. Brian says:

    The latest blue eyeshadow I have fallen in love with is MAC Nehru.

  410. Nadiya says:

    My FAVE blue eye shadows are Urban Decay’s Minx and Mark’s Night Owl! They’re both super velvety. The only way that I could describe Minx is that it is a “spirited” glittery blue-green shade that shows blue on my skin. Midnight Owl is truly a midnight blue and it’s a great shade for the outer corners and crease.

  411. Andrea says:

    When I hear the word “luxury” I think high-end, expensive, and probably something I can’t afford. hahahaha

  412. Jade Goncalves says:

    When was the last time you went dancing?
    It was in May in a friend’s birthday.

  413. Sarah says:

    My favorite blue eyeshadow is Laura Mercier caviar eye stick in Sapphire.

  414. Stephanie A. says:

    So…is it cool or is it incredibly tacky for my comment to simply be I WANTS some new makeups but shouldn’t necessarily buy for myself right now as I’m still digging out from holiday expenses???? A giftcard would be golden!

    I do also want to say it’s awesome that you do these every week!

  415. Ann says:

    My favorite healthy snack is fruit…pineapple, apples, blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, blackberries..I could go on.

  416. Amara Morgan says:

    The last book I literally could not put down was *blushes* Fifty Shades of Grey but to be fair I was speed reading it to watch the premiere with a friend sooooo…
    As always thank you for the giveaway and the informative reviews! Good luck on birthing classes!

  417. I haven’t worn make up in 35 years and if I won this gift card I would start wearing it again

  418. Shannon Cowher says:

    Found this contest by accident. Can you say Woohoo! πŸ™‚

  419. Audrey B says:

    I could not put down The Good Girl by Mary Kubica. Loved it!

  420. Bonnie Clyne says:

    Hi Karen and Tabs and BG. My favorite healthy snack is sliced apples with Trader Joe’s creamy peanut butter…..mmmm. Or watermelon—I can eat that all day.

  421. Vanessa says:

    Last dance at an official dance was a wedding the weekend after new year’s. πŸ˜€

  422. Jennifae says:

    My favorite healthy snack? I want to say Turon (caramelized plantain and jack fruit spring roll). It’s kind of healthy, right? What do you mean brown sugar isn’t healthy? Okay, fine… just a banana then! LOL!
    Jennifae recently posted … Win MAC RiRi Woo Lipstick!

  423. Josie says:

    Happy New Year and Happy Valentine’s day! Hope you have a wonderful day!

  424. BooBooNinja says:

    David Bowie
    πŸ™ πŸ™ :*(

  425. Cristina says:

    Happy Monday Karen!

  426. Cristina says:

    Monday blues be gone, want to win this, thanks Karen.

  427. C says:

    Looking forward to my birthday this month! This will be fantastic!

  428. aarone mawdsley says:

    i like to eat kale

  429. laika says:

    Favourite healthy snack – kale crisps! πŸ™‚ Also toasted seaweed snacks.

  430. Cristina says:

    Hi Karen, my fave snack of all time probably would be ensaymada, lol, for healthy alternative, definitely a fruit bowl or smoothie. Yum.

  431. Shannon says:

    My favorite healthy snack is diced apples in plain yogurt topped with cinnamon. Sooooo good!!

  432. Analy Rodriguez says:

    My favorite healthy snack would be a couple of almonds or cucumber with lemon and a pinch of salt.

  433. steve weber says:

    When was the last time you went dancing? – in my dreams last night

  434. Yesenya says:

    Favorite healthy snack : oranges!

  435. Sarah Doran says:

    After the day I have been having, I came over to read about all the pretty things that make life sparkle on your blog.
    My favorite healthy snack at the moment is oven baked chickpeas with curry spices. Mmmmm.. They’re crunchy and just delicious!

  436. Melanie says:

    The last time I couldn’t put the book I was reading down was most likely Harry Potter (the last book). Embarrassed to say that was a long time ago, which is why one of my 2016 resolutions is to read more πŸ™‚

  437. Trude says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was the latest in the Lunar Chronicles, Winter. So good! I can’t recommend the series enough. My fave since Outlander. πŸ™‚

  438. Andrea Darst says:

    I’m going to mention your “internship” to my daughter…she doesn’t have a lot of writing experience, but she’s an amazing makeup artist and loves trying new products and takes incredible pictures.

  439. annalisa says:

    I think my favorite blue eyeshadow is Urban Decay Peace <3

  440. Ada says:

    I’ve got David Bowie songs on a continous loop in my head.

  441. Amber says:

    Favorite healthy snack would be rice cakes topped with peanut butter and dried apples.

  442. Vidya says:

    My favorite healthy snack is cucumber with hummus!

  443. Jennifer says:

    I can’t remember the last time I went dancing. Probably it was a fundraiser for a local hospital six or seven years ago.
    Or, maybe it was when my son got a Wii a few years back and we all played Dance, Dance Revolution. I beat the boys. πŸ™‚
    Jennifer recently posted … Easy Garlic Lime Chicken Recipe

  444. Katherine says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was All the Light We Cannot See. Interesting story set during WWII, told from 2 perspectives. Very suspenseful – I highly recommend it.

  445. Lynda says:

    right now i’m reading the new book by mindy kaling. “all the light we cannot see” is also very good!

  446. natasha lamoreux says:

    My favorite healthy snack is hummus and cucumbers.

  447. Aarti says:

    Not an eyeshadow, but I love MAC’s fluidline in siahi!

  448. Efrain says:

    The last time I dance was on Christmas’ Eve with my cousins.

  449. Annalee says:

    Avocado with salt is so delicious!

  450. Anna says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down was “I’ll Give You The Sun”

  451. RedWeatherTiger says:

    Last book I couldn’t put down was Carly Simon’s memoir, Boys in the Trees. Very dishy. Loved it.

  452. Lisa C says:

    I’m ready for spring to get here. I get along so much better with the sun!

  453. Toan tran says:

    I love eating tropical fruits!

  454. Andrea Tejeda says:

    Last book I could not put down was Welcome To Night Vale by Jeffrey Cranor and Joseph Fink.

  455. Victoria says:

    I love to dance – I’ve done ballet and modern for a few years – but I haven’t in a while since I moved to go to grad school! Bummer…but makeup makes me feel better!

  456. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    Since you brought up birthing classes, which I didn’t attend because my husband worked out of town, and timing your contractions took me back to being pregnant with my first baby girl. I was due any day and woke up one morning as usual and got in the shower to get ready for work and kept feeling what I thought was Braxton hicks contractions but did time them. They were never consistent, as in I would have one then 20 minutes later have another then 8 minutes later, then 23 min, etc until before I knew it I was hurting so badly I couldn’t even time them. We went on to hospital and I was 10 cm and they wouldn’t give me anything for pain or an epideral because I was basically having her and had her naturally I did. I vowed then if I ever had another baby that was NOT going to happen again. With baby girl number 2 we left for the hospital the first twinge I had and had an epididural and it was amazing!!!! Ladies that haven’t had natural child birth are extremely smart ladies. But whichever you choose I know you will do well. Sorry for such a lengthy comment. I’d love to have $50 for Sephora. Thanks Karen.

  457. Trinh Q. says:

    When I hear the word “luxury” means to mean living satisfying in a pleasure and comfortable way.

  458. Alicee says:

    My favorite healthy snack is a banana with organic crunchy peanut butter.

  459. Maria says:

    Congrats on your bundle of joy. I recommend following Kathleen Lights and Mannymua on a YouTube they use bright colored eyeshadows and are simple to understand. My favorite beauty bloggers by far. MAYBELLINE’S burgundy blush matte lipstick has my heart.

  460. Tosha H says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down, I’d say The Master and Margarita, it was really fascinating~

  461. Kimmy Ripley says:

    I don’t have a favorite blue eye shadow but I do love Urban Decay’s silver eye shadows. I wear them daily.

  462. Melissa Greco says:

    The last book I couldn’t put down, I’d say Superlucky secrets by Di coke

  463. Hayley S says:

    Sephora has always been one of my favorite stores – I love learning how to use the different brushes and I’d like to learn how to create some of the highlighting techniques

  464. shannon fowler says:

    my favorite healthy snack is cottage cheese. I’m not a huge meat eater so it gives me some protein. it also is really easy to make sweet or savory.

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