How Was Your Last Haircut?

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I mean it went really well. My friend Alis who cuts my hair took off about four inches and gave me choppy layers.

When she was done I felt like I’d lost 15 pounds, LOL!

Sigh… If it were only that easy (she said, reaching across her desk for another dark chocolate star cookie from Trader Joe’s…).

So my hair hasn’t been this short in three or four years. I’m happy with it for now, but you know how it goes… I’m already thinking about growing it out again to give myself something to do.

Hair goals.

Now that I think about it, I haven’t had a terrible haircut experience in a while (knocks on wood), thanks to Alis at Fox + Stone Salon. I used to bounce around between stylists all the time, because it was tough finding someone who knew how to discipline and control my wavy hair. Every time I went to a new stylist I’d get stressed out. I never knew if I’d leave the place with something passably decent or full-on wonktacular.

It only took, oh, 30 or so years to find someone who really understood my hair, and now we’re at the point where I know I can just sit in the chair and trust Alis to do whatever she wants, and I’ll be good to go.

How about you? How was your last haircut? Did it go well, or was it a bit of a nightmare? Inquiring minds want to know.

breakfastI’ve literally lost count of how many times I’ve watched this movie, but whenever I see it on Netflix I hit play. It’s as if forces from above take control of me and make me watch it…

Yet every single time I do see it I’m in awe of Holly Golightly’s fashion sense, and I think to myself, “Why can’t I look that cool?”

So I think I’m going to institute something new in my personal fashion life called the Holly Golightly Litmus Test where I ask, “Would Holly Golightly wear this?”

Starting with this Sam Edelman leopard coat

Sam Edelman Leopard Coat

Happy Friday from (once again) rainy Northern California! 🙂 I feel like somebody has taken my little patch of hillside and transported it to Portland without me knowing it.

Whatever you’re up to today, I hope your feet are warm and dry, because wet socks = misery.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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  1. lisa says:

    My last hair cut happened just the other day, and it was awesome! I too struggled for years to find a good stylist, but now a friend I met through work cuts my hair and does an amazing job. My hair is coarse and naturally VERY curly, and my friend really understands how to layer it so that it works with the curls and not against them.

    Your new do looks amazing Karen!

  2. Remi says:

    My last cut was right before Thanksgiving. I have a front angled bob, and my stylist and I experiment with color a lot. She even got my head featured on because of our adventures in color! This is the longest my hair has been in 5 years or so.. sometimes I miss the ease of my pixie short ‘do. (PS. I love your layers!)

  3. Kellyn says:

    I’m one of those rare people that actually gets a haircut every 4 weeks, LOL. Needless to say it went fine. I’ve had the same stylist for years and she knows my hair to a T!

  4. Jennifer says:

    I have a really, really wonderful hair guy named Jonathan. There are no more bad haircuts now that he is in my life.

    p.s. the shorter style really does look spectacular on you but the big question is, what does Tabs think?
    Jennifer recently posted … Postcards from Maine

  5. Heloisa says:

    Hi, Karen! I’ve been a MBB reader for some months now, but this is the first time I’m leaving a comment, and that’s because I was so amazed by your hairstyle and the volume – OMG, the volume! How do you do it? My hair is so thin and sleek it takes pounds of volumizing mousse, spray and the Got2B matte finish powder to get it bigger, and even so it’s not even close to what I would like. Maybe I should wash it less frequently.

    Actually, I had a haircut just a week ago. It’s pretty similar to yours! My color is a bit flat ’cause the overall color is my natural ashy blonde with some old highlights in the ends. 😉

  6. MonicaP says:

    If I could lose weight by cutting my hair – I’d be bald

    Ok, not really.

    My last cut was great! I have a slight reverse A line and had the stylist add a gloss for some shine.

    MonicaP recently posted … Faux leather midi skirt for the pear shaped gal

  7. Icequeen81 says:

    Very quick, he doesnt want to cut my hair he says my hairdresser, if he cut a lil bit more my hair will sponge, so he cut a minimal.

  8. My last haircut was much too long ago. 11 months, now that I come to think of it.
    I keep telling myself it is to grow out my natural hair color, but truth be told I have no one to babysit the Little Bean during that time.
    And don’t even get me started on when my last facial has been…
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair II

  9. Jennifer says:

    I just got my haircut a couple of days ago. I go to a Paul Mitchell training school. The cuts are usually okay, with a couple of great ones here and there. This recent one was a great one! I’ll be writing a post on my experience soon.

    That cut looks great on you!

  10. tirurit says:

    First of all, I really like your new hair cut! My last experience was very positive, and by the time I left the hairdressers’ I felt like a million bucks!

    And I could not not say that that coat is absolutely gorgeous!

  11. Debra says:

    Oh, the hair disasters I (along with Dear Daughter) have known!

    Good hairdressers are hard to find! The last one I went to in May at an Aveda salon was good but she’s gone. I am growing out her superb pixie cut so I do my own trims.

    Yes, I own my own professional shears and thinners. My dear friend & hairdresser from the 90s (long gone from haircutting and from America) said I had better ones than she had! She taught me how to work with my thick, wavy hair.

    Most of the time the hairdresser just complains about my hair and gives up while silently hacking it into a horror. It is then too late for me to exit the chair although my feet do start getting that “gotta run” feeling!

    Once my hair gets to chin length I will seek out the next stylist & chair at Aveda. I’ll let you know!

    Holly had Givenchy so it was hard for her to go wrong in the fashion department. But childhood poverty (and war) caused Audrey to work with less not more. It evidently worked well!

  12. Bella says:

    Karen you look stunning!!!! My last haircut was in February, and the stylist so underestimated the extent to which my very curly hair shrinks that she basically gave me a crop. I haven’t had a haircut since: when my hair dries, it’s shoulder length, and I’d like to keep it that way (or longer)….LOL

  13. Vanessa C says:

    My last haircut was a day after I came back from Jamaica in May 2014. It was pretty fried after endless hours of beach/pool/drunken 7 days of fun. I hadn’t seen my hairdresser in a few months and was excited to have her trim my hair. She gave me the WORST haircut ever on my layered bob. She literally cut 2 inches off the crown area and half an inch on the bottom 1/2 of my hair. Yes Karen, she gave me a mullet. LOL … A MULLET that I did not want nor ask for, and I didn’t notice the damage until I got home. I went back the next day, and she was no longer working there and the salon refused to fix my hair without my paying again… I haven’t had anyone else touch my hair, as I’m afraid of what will come. 7 months later, it’s grown about an inch (slow growth). I’ll let it grow another inch or so before I’ll head elsewhere. Any NYC recommendations anyone?

  14. fancie says:

    It actually went really well! I only got my ends trimmed but I’m always on pins and needless whenever I get them cut. I always end up feeling bald afterwards lol. Thankfully, I only lost about an inch or so. Which is great considering I hadn’t trimmed in over a year. Means my ends are in pretty good shape these days and that’s always appreciated 🙂
    fancie recently posted … L.A. Girl Tempt Glazed Lip Paint Review

  15. Majick says:

    I love your new style – really hot. I never really have a bad hair day. I love my stylist. Again, I’m like you in the respect that I sit in Jody’s chair and say, “have at it, what are you feeling this time?” THis time? OMG – BEST EVER. basically the same cut I usually get (long with long layers) but we added some super light blonde to the underneath and just a couple streaks on the top. THe rest is a beautiful caramel color.
    Last winter I was dark red and when that starts to fade I get this really nice red/blonde. For the most part my hair is a light brown with blonde highlights anyway but since I don’t bake in the sun anymore I give it a little help. LOL

  16. Lulle says:

    I’ve just had my hair cut this Tuesday! It went well, I just wanted a trim, and she did a good job framing my face.

    I’ve had HORRIBLE experiences before, especially once when I ended up with short boy-style hair – I wore a hat for 2 weeks. Thank God it was in the winter and my beanie looked cool.

    I run into a weird kind of problem with stylists (ALL the stylists I’ve met in the US), which is that they don’t want to cut my hair too much. I’m like “hey I wanna cut 2 inches!” and they’re like “oh 1 inch would be enough to get rid of your damaged tips”. ?? Several have told me that my hair quality is excellent (there was this guy who kept saying “oh your hair!!!” while styling, it was awkward…), probably because I have never done any harsh treatment or dyes and I rarely even style, so no heat damage either. Well my hair might feel healthy in a stylist’s hands but it’s hard to manage because it’s fine, wavy and extremely frizzy, and I’m prone to hair loss, so I just don’t want it too long! I often have to insist so they will cut more.
    Lulle recently posted … A French Beauty Gift Guide – Gifts under $50

  17. Agata says:

    I think this is one of your best haircuts yet! I haven’t had a new haircut in a long time, I just trim it regularly to get rid of damaged ends. Which of course has made me start thinking about cutting my hair shorter…but I am pretty sure I’d regret it!
    Agata recently posted … Holiday Makeup Look

  18. Emily says:

    I cheated on my hair stylist because, I wasn’t in area……well let’s just say, I’m paying for it now. I love your hair cut and that style is my goal. My front face layers are good but my back has to grow out…….Lesson learned.

  19. Syah says:

    It took me 23 years for me to find someone who understood my hair. And I am not letting go! Beth from Textura Salon in Vancouver is a hair goddess and I am thinking of letting mine grow to mermaid length proportions…this coming from a pixie cut girl. Beth taught me to love my hair and how to manage the wavy, coarse, thick mess of gorgeous on my head.

    I loved my latest haircut from Beth (pics in the blog post below) but I’ll be going in on Monday again so there’ll be another hair post soon up on my bloggity blog.

  20. Katherine M says:

    I’m with you, Karen – I love when I get a change like more layers, long bangs, or a different length, but I love the ease of long hair. Just a few weeks ago I went more of a collar bone length with some long layers and long front layers like the Victoria’s Secret Angels. I got about 5 inches off. I don’t get split ends but my hair gets to the point where it won’t cooperate and it starts to get dry at the ends. My stylist is great and always does a great job. I sometimes wonder how a very big change would go but don’t know if I could do it with how thick my hair is and the amount of styling it would need.

  21. My last hair cut was okayy.. Not bad neither excellent but yes I had a fair amount of terrible hit cuts as well.. I am still looking for a stylist who can understand my hair . but I guess that would be an imaginery thing 😛 ..

    I am keeping my hair long for sometime.. So no more hair disasters 😉
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Colorbar Just Smoky Kajal – Just Green Review, Swatch, EOTD

  22. Iris says:

    My last haircut was great. I went to my regular salon where I’d been going for the past 10 years. They’ve never disappointed me.

  23. I’m kinda broke and since I didn’t want to pay the usual 100 CHF for a haircut last time, I decided to have my hair cut by a student at the hair academy. He didn’t do a bad job, I was happy.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Rivoli, Swiss cosmeceutic skin care (part I)

  24. Fran says:

    I haven’t had my hair cut in a year or two because the last time I went in more was cut off than I wanted, and something about the stylist’s shears seemed to provoke split ends… I’ve been growing it out for the past five years, just to see how long it would grow, but it’s tail-bone length now, and I don’t want it any longer than lower hip length, so I need to find a stylist I can trust in the Philadelphia, PA, area in the next few months to cut it. I have to admit I’m really scared of what someone can do in a few seconds with a pair of scissors. Growing it out and keeping it healthy does take a little effort, I don’t want that thrown away! I think what I want is an Angelina Jolie-style circle cut, somewhere between bra-strap length waist length, because there’s a lot of styling versatility with that cut. I think that face-framing layers might drive me nuts when I need to pull it back out of the way for work. That shouldn’t be all that hard to do, especially since my hair is only slightly wavy, but stylists often seem to ignore a client’s wishes and cut off too much!

  25. Erin says:

    My last hair cut was terrible, the one before that was friggin fantastic, and the one before that was horrendous. I’m in need of a good cut. Badly. Color too.
    Erin recently posted … Review: NARS Single Eye Shadow In Lhasa

  26. Alison M says:

    Girl, I am WITH YOU on finding someone who gets my hair! My stylist Annie has nailed my last two cuts and I refuse to put off regular trims now. Cowlicks, natural curls, and triangle hair – no more!
    Alison M recently posted … Too Faced Cat Eyes Palette: Review, Swatches, and Look

  27. Chelsea says:

    One of my cousins is a hairdresser, so I usually get my hair done at her house. I love it becaymy hair always looks great, it’s low key, and I usually end up getting fed,LOL. I also get to see her kids, my little cousins, and pet their cats.

  28. Christie says:

    I’m embarrassed to say it has been years since my last haircut. I’ve been growing it out, and despite my best efforts and frequent trimming, my hair just absolutely hates me so hard.

    Yours is fabulous, I’m envious.

  29. Lisa says:

    I love your haircut! I haven’t found anyone I like here in Fresno, but am moving back to Washington DC, so I can go back to my haircutter there before too long.

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