Is Nail Art Over?

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Is nail art over?


What!? NO WAY, MAN! It’s still going strong, and I hope it doesn’t go anywhere anytime soon.

Painted paws are a quintessential part of makeup and fashion, and not just on catwalks, but on sidewalks too. I LOVE nail art…even though I’m absolute and total crap when it comes to actually doing it on myself. I’m serious, the complexity of my paw painting capabilities involves barely being able to handle an accent nail on my index finger! (And I can barely do that these days.) Or sometimes nail stickers.

I think that if I had more time I could get better at it. I’ve always had decently steady hands, so I think I could handle some pretty meticulous designs.

*big sigh* One of these days…

Of course, I would love to have Tabs’s face on my claws. You know that, right? 🙂

Ooh! Or what about plaid nails? Or, even though I’m probably way too old for this, Hello Kitty nails, or nails that give a shout-out to famous artists like Matisse or Picasso? All of those sound cool.

What do you think? Is nail art over, or is it still going strong?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jessica says:

    My 9 year old daughter does her own nail art.

    For me, not so much. Not my thing, except for the occasional leopard print nail stickies. 🙂
    Jessica recently posted … Quick!

  2. Kelly B. says:

    I used to do a TON of nail art but I think as people get busier it gets harder to find the time to do it. I see way more nail sticks and press on nails than I used to!
    Kelly B. recently posted … How to Get Comfy at Work

  3. Kim says:

    Marmalade looks down with the nail art! You know I’m too lazy to even paint my paws but I’m a fan of subtle nail art, like in your pic. Or maybe like a “statement” toenail. Can we make that a thing? 🙂

    • Karen says:

      HAHA! That’s all you, girl. I fear that doing a statement toenail would make my toes look even more like fingers. LOL!

      P.S. Marmalade sends his regards.

  4. Ruchita says:

    I love nail art! Mad props to the ladies (and gents) who are proficient at it. I make a mess just painting my nails regular colors, so I’ll leave it to the experts and admire it from afar. 🙂

  5. I can barely be bothered to paint my nails halfway decent and failed miserably on my few attempts of doing a French Manicure, so I think it is safe to say that nail art is over for me.
    I admire others who do it though.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Precious stones – line n grow Tinted lash Enhancers

  6. Lauren says:

    Mama Karen, you’re never too old for Hello Kitty nails!! If I had more time, my nails would be bedazzled every day!

    • Karen says:

      Aww, I want to do matching Hello Kitty nails with Baby Girl! I think I can talk her into that even if she’s a tomboy?! Maybe?

      I hope you’re having a nice day today. It’s hot here in where I love — almost a 100 degrees. What are you up to this week?

      • Lauren says:

        Well, if she’s a tomboy, maybe you can paint sports stuff on her nails! I think she’ll be a mini Karen tho. I’m a little jealous of her already…she gets to snoop through your fabulous makeup cillection!!

        100 degrees is a killer…we just ended a 2 week stretch of that in Chicago. I’m just finalizing my move to London in 2 weeks, and having a good ol’ meltdown!

  7. Jennifer says:

    I don’t think nail art is over by a long shot. Of course, I’m a Huge Fan of nail art, so I’m probably not very objective.
    There’s a magazine devoted exclusively to nails now that’s going pretty strong, called “Nail It!”. And there still seem to be a ton of nail artists on instagram plus there’s a lot of indie polish and nail art businesses around. Can you tell I’m obsessed? I’m actually thinking about nails as my second act.

    Please, mama, tell us how you’re feeling and what kind of foods, if any, you’ve been craving and how Tabs reacted when you told him the news.
    Jennifer recently posted … 5 Things I’m Loving Lately + Amazing Laundry Detergent

    • Karen says:

      If you ever come to SF you need to go to Japantown and go to the Kinokuniya Bookstore. They have an incredible magazine section, with one sub-section devoted solely to nail art! The designs are crazy good. I think you’d also love the cat magazines in there too (my favorite).

      I totally think doing nails as a second act would be awesome! Would you be making your own indie line?

      Today I’m feeling really good, thank you for asking. I’m finally out of the first trimester and am feeling “normal” (ha! in quotes) again. My energy is starting to get back to normal and I don’t cry nearly as much, LOL. And I’m so happy to be eating regular food again. All throughout July and August I hated everything except for breakfast food.

      I told Tabs that he’s getting a kitten, LOL! So far he’s not impressed.

      • Jennifer says:

        That bookstore sounds fabulous! I haven’t been to California since I was a kid and I was trapped in L.A. with my parents and my godfather.

        I don’t know what the second act would look like–possibly an indie line although I wasn’t sharp enough science-wise to get past rocks for jocks aka geology in college. Possibly becoming a manicurist too after I get well and truly sick of the news business. Or it gets sick of me 🙂

        Your families must be so excited about baby girl!

  8. Erin says:

    While I don’t think it’s over, I don’t think it’s as hot as it was.
    Erin recently posted … La Promenade 2014 Rosé

  9. Rachel R. says:

    I think it’s still going strong. I love it.

  10. Kwmechelle says:

    I haven’t even read this post yet. I just had to answer the question because it’s so pivotal. And the answer is a resounding NO! As long as there are Skittles & Rainbows, there will always be nail art. The three go together like pb&j. You simply cannot have one without the other. Rainbow pedis & skittles manis are a match made in heaven. Now to actually read this post…..

  11. Elena says:

    Nail art is alive! Especially on Instagram. My friend has over 20k followers on her account and that’s all she does. She has awesome nails. It is actually crazy to see her follower count continue to go up!

    I bought some cool nail stickers/vinyls from sinful colors for Halloween. Kinda like nail art but cheating since you just stick it on. Lol. I also have some stuff to do stripes and stamping sets. I chip my nails so quickly though so I don’t invest too much time in my nail art. Man, there are some really cool techniques and designs out there though!

  12. Alexis says:

    I love nail art! I have so many cool things like studs, crystals, 40 different colors of striping tape, decals, silver, gold, and copper leafing, just to name a few. I do have a slight problem when OPI releases new collections. I don’t have to buy all the new polishes that they put out, but this year’s Starlight Holiday collection has so many colors that I have been waiting for them to make.I am going to be so broke when that collection is released.

  13. Lorraine says:

    I get tired of hearing the fashion police proclaim that nude nails are the THING and everything else is just dead. If that were true, then Jin Soon Katie Hughes, and Deborah Lippman wouldn’t be backstage at all the fashion week shows creating looks to match the mood and fabrics of each collection. Mainstream brands have jumped on the nail art for the masses bandwagon in a big way, evidenced by Essie’s nail art tutorials and OPI Color paints.

    Nail art can be simple, too. Vinyls, tape manis, negative space, half moon, color block, stripes. I will never be great at freehanding an elaborate scene on a tiny space, and probably never master watermarbles, stamping or gradients. But I can lay a tiny piece of tape down and paint over that and slap on the topcoat! It is fun when I am feeling inspired.

  14. Lorraine says:

    check this out for some inspiration from the runways for fall nail art.

  15. Bella says:

    Nail art must die. I’ve always found it hideous and tacky, and wonder what kinds of people have time for that. LOLOL!

  16. Sissi says:

    I still admire nail art of others on Pinterest and once in a while I do a special occasion nail art but mainly in tired of it and wear just one solid color.
    Sissi recently posted … Sleek MakeUP Review & GIVEAWAY!

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