How Often Do You Touch Up Your Makeup Throughout the Day?

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Doopdadoo… Even Wonder Woman does her makeup. Note the dark hair and thin brows…

How often do you touch up your makeup throughout the day?

Once? Twice? Three times a lady?


Over the course of an average day, I’d say three or four.

More if I’m at an event or a party where I know pics are being taken. Then I may touch up every couple hours, or whenever I see a camera emerge from someone’s purse.

It’s usually a quick check in the mirror and a fast fix here and there. Enough to make sure I’m not the one person in the shot with lipstick or gloss on her teeth. πŸ™‚

But when I’m just chillin’ at home in my stretchy pants, I don’t touch up often. Maybe just a glance when I go to the bathroom.

Sometimes, though, just for fun, even when I’m home alone, I’ll keep tweaking my makeup throughout the day…

There have been many days I started with a bit of smudged liner along my upper lash line and ended with full-on smokey panda eyes, haha!

How often do you touch up your makeup throughout the day? Inquiring minds want to know!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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  1. That photo! πŸ˜€

    Well Wonder Woman, I usually reapply powder once, sometimes twice. And I sometimes touch up my eye pencil as well, but not very often. My lips get a little touch up every few hours.
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  2. Ru says:

    I hate touching up makeup. I just don’t have time for it. Not when I’m busy working, not when I’m out and about. Long wearing products is a must for me. The only thing I touch up is lip products because they simply don’t last. I don’t carry anything else with me, not powder or anything. I’ll blot shine away and that’s about it.

  3. Ruchita says:

    I touch up my lipgloss a few times a day. During lunch, I’ll use one of those oil-absorbing sheets and freshen up my face with powder. I use eyeshadow primer and that helps keep my eyes looking fresh throughout the day.

    I have to be careful not to touch my face during the day b/c that seems to make my foundation fade more easily.

    I actually remove my makeup pretty soon after I get home from work. I know I’ll be too lazy later in the evening, so I make sure to do it earlier.

    TGIF indeed! Really looking forward to the weekend. Haven’t baked anything in a while, so I might break out the cupcake pans. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Oh, nice! What kind of cupcakes are you thinking about? I vote for carrot or lemon. If I was your neighbor, I’d be happy to offer my taste testing services. πŸ™‚

      • Ruchita says:

        I’m thinking of doing something with strawberries, b/c I just picked up a whole bunch from the farmers market.

        If some kind of transporter beam was invented, I would totally zap some treats your way. πŸ™‚

  4. Sunny says:

    You make a good Wonder Woman! I think I touch up about 3 times as well. I blot, powder a bit, and reapply my lipstick. I usually drink a lot of water so I make frequent restroom trips, and I always check to make sure nothing is shiny/smudgy!
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  5. Annabella says:

    I definitely need to blot several times a day as my face becomes oily no matter what oil free foundation I have on. I also make sure my eyeshadow hasn’t creased and all my eyeliner hasn’t ended up in the corner of my eye!
    Annabella recently posted … Annabella Asks: How often do you take a shower?

  6. Lilly says:

    Zero…Maybe that’s the secret why makeup always disappear on me by noon… But touching up just seems so high-maintenance for me.

  7. Katherine M says:

    I will typically only touch up lips, and that’s lip gloss/balm. If I have any kind of extra time, I would actually wash my face and reapply makeup in between events (say, going to my nephew’s baseball game in the morning/early afternoon, then going to a wedding in the evening). It allows me to play with some different looks for the day, too. Otherwise, I make sure I have good eye primer and face primer on, and use my UD All Nighter spray to keep it in place. My makeup will typically look fresh most of the day with this technique. The makeup that is cheaper/bad formula usually would need to be reapplied at some point throughout the day, especially if it’s hot out. Luckily, drugstore makeup has gotten a lot better so it’s few things I buy that don’t work well.

  8. Dominique says:

    LOL Karen πŸ™‚ I knew you were someone special but Wonder Woman ? OMG I didn’t know. Honestly I touch up once a day and sometimes I don’t even do it ( except for the lips ).

  9. Julia says:

    Lip balm every two hours or so (my lips get chapped very easily). Occasional oil-blotting in the summer.
    I am very lucky in that most things (even w/o primer) last fairly well on me. My eyeliner starts smudging around the 18 hour mark and everything else starts getting wonky soon after, but I’m usually well at home by then.
    The only exception would be if I’m wearing a vampy lip color, those need a lot of retouching!

  10. Kei says:

    I use Lancôme 24hr foundation so it doesn’t need touch ups often. But I do have to carry and apply Bare Minerals Mineral Veil or Rimmel Stay Matte cos NYC humidity does not love me(or my forehead!). I usually apply lip balm a few times a day too!

  11. Meredith says:

    I’m glad to know I’m not the only one tweaking makeup throughout a day at home alone! Out and about I may freshen up once or twice.

  12. gio says:

    I only reapply lipgloss a couple of times a day, and if needed, I use some oil blotting sheets. It’s only on special occasions that I’ll check out if the rest of my makeup needs some retouching too. I don’t have time for it on a normal day.
    gio recently posted … 6 Tips On How To Buy Makeup From Blog Sales

  13. Natasha says:

    I touch up my lipstick… but really I don’t have time to do much else during the day. Some days I’m lucky if I get to eat lunch!

    Fortunately, if I use a primer, my eyeshadow stays good all day and I love waterproof formulas for eyeliner and mascara. Just a quick dust of powder to set everything and I’m usually good for all day and into the evening.
    Natasha recently posted … Fitness Friday: Walking Fool

  14. Jana Ricketts says:

    Yeah I usually touch up 2 or 3 times…maybe more since I have oily skin πŸ™ So annoying..then after touching up a few times, it starts looking horrible. But I put on chapstick or lip gloss like every time I feel my lips dry. haha

  15. GKitty says:

    OMGosh, you’re KILLING me with the WW outfit! My fave super-hero, by far. πŸ™‚

    Hmm… touch-ups. I do battle with my shiny nose at least a couple of times every day. I’m a chronic lip-biter (horrible, I know), so try to reapply lipgloss or balm often (saving full-on lipstick for when I’m headed out the door). And, if I’m going out again at night but not putting on a whole new face, I’ll hit everything again–but especially my eyes, because they’re my “thang”. πŸ˜€

    • Karen says:

      Hi GKitty,

      She rocks! I’m still waiting for my awesome re-boot WW movie, sigh!

      What’s your lip balm of choice? Have you ever tried the Clarins Instant Light ones? They’re AMAZING.

  16. Denise S. says:

    I touch up my lipstick a few times a day. And check for eyeliner smudges. I’ll also blot any shiny oily areas on my face.Last but not least I might spray on a little more perfume as the day wears on. I have so much makeup and perfume need to use it up!! lol. Love the Wonder woman costume!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Denise,

      I feel you on the perfume! I can’t seem to stop collecting it though. LOL! What are you wearing these days? I’ve been rotating all week long between Estee Lauder’s Private Collection Tuberose Gardenia and Chanel No. 19. I needed a break from Dolce Light Blue and Bobbi Brown Beach (my two go-to summer scents).

      Happy Friday!

      • Denise S. says:

        I love Serge Lutens perfumes. My favorite for summer is Un Lys a beautiful floral and Tubereuse Criminelle a gorgeous tuberose scent. He makes the best perfumes complex and unique but a little pricey.

  17. Chelsea says:

    Almost never! I really ought to carry more products with me so I can touch up. I might touch up my lips during the day, but even that doesn’t always happen.

  18. Heidi says:

    I touch up my lips after eating or drinking, or if it feels like the lip product disappeared (where DOES it disappear to, anyway?), and I’ll usually carry around some blotting papers or a powder compact to touch up the t-zone if it gets too shiny. Otherwise, I just rely on primers to make things last as long as I need them to.

    • artemis says:

      It might evaporate, I think, especially when one is talking. Or if you press your lips or drink water. Eating is an obvious reason but it does go away even without that.

  19. Monica P says:

    Dear Wonder Woman (lol, I feel funny typing that!!)

    I touch up my makeup probably twice a day πŸ™‚

    Monica P recently posted … Pool side

  20. Jenn says:

    I touch up probably 3 to 4 times a day, lips especially. I like to since it gives me a break at work!

    I’ll sometimes start and finish a day with totally different lip colors! πŸ™‚

  21. Once i wear makeup in the morning, i rarely touch up unless it’s wearing lip gloss or lip stick after lunch haha

    YES TGIF!!!!!

  22. Rica says:

    Oh (wo)Man, I love you Karen! This photo is awesome!

    As for makeup touchups, I rarely do anything other than blotting my super oily face. I have been carrying a smaller purse, so I haven’t been that really been touching up my face as much as I should. Lip colours though I do touch up with a tinted lipbalm because that’s an easy thing to do πŸ™‚
    Rica recently posted … Benefit Cosmetics Stay Flawless 15 Hour Primer | Beauty News

  23. artemis says:

    πŸ™ I do it too often…like every hour :/ my skin gets oily so easily so my foundation fades so early from my nose, especially, and my very dark circles >.< no eyeliner lasts on my waterline…same goes for lipsticks cause i drink a lot of water and i wouldn't wear long wearing lip products because i have dry, chappy lips. I do wear powder on my face but if i wear a very mattifying foundation and a ton of powder i end up looking so fake as i have a weird flaky skin condition(small ones that you can't see if i'm make-up less but are amplified when i do wear it). I have to touch up eyeshadow from time to time too…

    so yeah, it's had…but i wouldn't go out without it(not as long as i still have a lot to cover) and i love colors…

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