How Assertive Is Too Assertive for Cosmetics Sales Staff?

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How assertive is too assertive for cosmetics sales staff?
Evenin’, ladies. How was your day? Mine was filled with earth tones and nylon because I visited a carpeting store to learn about flooring.

Talk about excitement!


I was just petting Tabs and reading the news online when I came across this interesting article about aggressive sales people.

Now, I fully accept that with makeup comes a large degree of marketing. Beauty is big business, after all, and it comes with the territory.

But isn’t there a line between reasonable salesmanship and overbearing manipulation?

When store clerks and counter reps ask if they can help me, that’s a great question, but “Are you gonna do anything about those dark circles?” is not.

When it comes to makeup and beauty products, I don’t mind subtle attempts to garner my affections — pretty packaging and glossy photos, friendly sales staff, the music bumping behind the counter. As a matter of fact, those are some of my favorite things about makeup! 🙂

But I don’t want to be made to feel bad or, for that matter, hard sold anything, blech!

So I’m wondering — how far is too far when it comes to making a sale?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jenna says:

    I agree- any comment that points out one of your flaws is going too far. I see you have dry skin, you’re wearing the wrong foundation shade… even those things that may seem little can still be hurtful. It’s their job to give a customer what they want, not impose what they feel the customer needs on them.

  2. Izzy says:

    I believe stores like Ulta and Sephora have changed the way we shop for our cosmetics. We can roam the aisles on our own and test out whatever we like without a sales person to watch our every move. It’s a more relaxed environment.

  3. Solé says:

    This actually happened to me about five years ago at the Lancome counter at Macy’s. I was buying some face cream as a gift for my mom, and the salesgirl started in on me, recommending something for “those fine lines around your eyes.” I was 27 years old and very much aware that while I was still battling the occasional blemish now and then, there were no traces of wrinkles anywhere near my eyes or any other part of my face for that matter. She made me feel so crappy, I actually walked away without buying the cream for my mom.

    I never really gave the incident much thought until this post reminded me of it. In retrospect, I do tend to avoid the majority of makeup counters at department stores (with the exception of my local Nordies, where they are always nice), making most of my purchases at the MAC store or Sephora, where you usually don’t get a hard sale.

  4. dip says:

    ugh yeah its really intimidating to go makeup shopping sometimes…sometimes i just want to look around myself and not be harassed by the salespeople. like, “this shade would look great on you” is even too much for me sometimes because its hard for me to say no once they’ve sold me on a bunch of stuff haha.
    but the worst is when they straight up diss you, like YOU CLEARLY NEED A CONCEALER, or like, this product will TAKE CARE OF YOUR DULL SKIN or something, ha.
    the worst is one time i was at bobbi brown with my little sister. i wanted to buy her her first nice lipgloss for her birthday, and they straight up tried to sell me mascara, saying mine was clumpy! so rude.
    .-= dip’s last blog post… Drool-worthy and Airport Safe =-.

  5. Catherine says:

    Wow… luckily I usually get complimented for my skin or the sales ladies just downright ignore me but I never thought they could be so rude! I’m intimidated enough when they ask me if I need any help (lol…). I think most of us have enough insecurities without being called out in public. O_O;
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… Swap with Stella! =-.

  6. Amanda says:

    I’ve rarely had much to complain about when it comes to sales people other than the fact that, more often than not I want to be left alone! I’ve actually walked out of stores after telling a sales person I was “just looking” and they kept talking to me, trying to sell me products.
    If I ask a question then I obviously want to talk with someone, otherwise I’m too antisocial! Leave me alone! LOL

    Totally OT- I was in Sephora earlier today and is it just me or do all the sales ladies have some crazy eyeshadow going on lately?! Is this a new sales effort? They ALL had at least 3 shades of BRIGHT colors on, like neon pink, yellow and green all on one lid, and one was well into her 40’s! She should NOT have been wearing that, LOL. Has anyone else noticed this?

  7. Marisol says:

    It seems that whenever I go to a cosmetic store or department store counter, I get the following extreme treatment: either they won’t leave me alone asking me if I need help and sort of follow me around OR they completely ignore me to the point that when I need help I actually need to look for someone. I rarely find that healthy medium.
    .-= Marisol’s last blog post… A Lesson Learned The Hard Way =-.

  8. Astrid says:

    Once a lady in the tax free shop in some airport (somewhere in France or Greece maybe, I don’t remember) told me that this certain Clarins eye gel would take care of my horrible dark circles…I was so mad at her. I was actually already using it, and it clearly didn’t help lol.

    But I have dark circles because I have bad kidneys, and people always tell me that I look ill when I don’t wear concealer. Some people should just try to talk less…

  9. Gigi says:

    One time in Hong Kong, I was in a makeup department store. I walked towards the Stila counter cus I wanted to check out their summer collection, since I can’t get Stila where I live. And these two ladies literally POUNCE on me. I am about to reach out for the Charmed palette when one of the saleslady open it up, begins to describe the product in creepy detail, and swatching like a madwoman on her hand. The other lady comes from the other side, trying to get my attention and starts swatching the 24K glosses like mad, while listing the benefits of the product rapidly. This all happens within a span of 30 seconds. After they’re done their EXTREMELY hard sell, they stare at me expectantly. Normally I would’ve been interested in buying the Charmed palette, but after that I just tried to back away slowly and say “Hehe…no thanks…just looking…bye…”

    At least she didn’t tell me I had bad dark circles though.

  10. Anina says:

    I agree that it is the experience of buying make-up itself that usually tips the scales when i’m on the fence about buying something.

    Though I think it’s also key to be nice yourself (they have been standing for much of the day!) and to be specific (“i’m looking for this and not this…”)

    But still I definitely agree that the hard sell will make me shake my head, say thank you anyway, and walk away.
    .-= Anina’s last blog post… going natural =-.

  11. Beth says:

    I much prefer being able to wander around and choose what I want, without being “sold” to. Maybe they do it because some women dont have a lot of experience with makeup or know where to start. Not a problem I have…mine is that I don’t know when to stop!

    I had a bad experience at a Clinique counter when I was in my late teens, I was happily looking at various bits and pieces and wanted some concealer.

    The saleswoman looked at me and said “Oh, for the bags under your eyes..”

    I didn’t have bags under my eyes, I wanted it to cover any blemishes I got. I answered, “Well, NOW its for the bags under my eyes”

    Although I’m still a Clinique fan I’ve never been back to that counter.
    .-= Beth’s last blog post… Clinique Mini-Haul =-.

  12. Sonja says:

    Oh, I could talk for ages on this subject.

    I’ve had only (and everyone I know) bad experiences with sales ladies as far as I can remember. From the moment you enter into a store they follow you around (especially when you say that you don’t need any help) like you are going to steel something. And I usually know much more about their make up brands then they do. And sometimes they just treat you as down right stupid (a sales lady once tried to convince me that the light pink Glossimer from Chanel I tried on and then went to a counter to buy is just bright pink in the box just because of different lighting, and they she turned her story to ‘the tester could be really old’).

    And don’t even get me started how they never *n e v e r* give you any samples, just keep them for themselves . And if you are waiting in line to the counter they will make you wait longer if someone buys more make up (with more value than you) and charge theirs first!

    Now, I’ve traveled a lot, and have to say that I’ve never met anything like that in the world (I love the sales ladies in US, they always give me tons of samples and MAC in London, they are so helpful)

    Ugh, so happy this subject came up!

  13. Shirleen says:

    I hate whenever the sales ladies keep on following me even when I tell them I’m just browsing around. Sometimes they just don’t get the hint ‘please leave me alone!!!’.
    .-= Shirleen’s last blog post… Watch Out Fatty! Lack of sleep will make you fat! =-.

  14. Carolina says:

    From my experiences it seems like the less I know about what I want, the bigger I get as a target for these lovely saleshawks.

    My worst experiences are from airports and department stores. I was purchasing YSL’s Touche Éclat Concealer. They only had the no.1 so the sales lady told me it works on any kind of skintone since “in the beginning there were no other shades.”

    Well, atleast the bad experiences are constant reminders to trust your own judgement!

    I do however get pleasantly surprised when they bother to ask what pricerange, ingredients I prefer/want excluded or perhaps take ahead a selection of products which I might like. But sales is sales and that’s the reason I prefer reading blogs – thanks Karen for a superblog btw!

    Now this comment was not suppose to be this long but I just came to wonder how salesexperiences differ when the make-up salesperson is not a woman. Asking a guy to help me browse for makeup I’m always waiting for a reply similar to “You crazy girl!?” – thankfully they never said that =D

  15. Meghan says:

    I work at a mall, and my store is right next to a Macy’s and we get a lot of the cosmetic counter salespeople in my store. Needless to say their attitude when they are in my store greatly affects how I would feel when going into the cosmetics section. There is one woman at the Chanel counter who will never get my sales, because she is incredibly pushy and borderline rude whenever she comes in. On the other hand, there is a girl at the MAC counter who is so nice every time she comes in, and I would prefer to go to her when I visit the MAC counter.

    At any other store, I know my brands/products, so I don’t really need the salespeople to tell me much about anything. But I tend to avoid the moneysuck that is dept. store counters. So either way I guess it’s a moot point.
    .-= Meghan’s last blog post… An Ode to Liquid Liner Pens =-.

  16. mishel says:

    even though i’m a sales person myself, i don’t like the “down ur throat” approach. i’d rather ask if i can help them find anything and let them know i’m there. personally, i prefer roaming around and looking on my own and MAYBE asking a question about something later on. not hounded as soon as i walked through the door. when ppl address things like ‘bags under ur eyes’, that’s just a rude personality. don’t pay attention to them karen, ur gorgeous!

  17. Glosslizard says:

    I generally love chatting with SA’s and MA’s about makeup, and most of the personnel at the stores I go to are super-nice! They are all usually super-complimentary, probably realizing that offering something to “bring out your beautiful eyes” (for example) goes over better than offering to cover up some egregious fault!

    The ones I really hate are the reps for the lesser-known companies who will grab you, slather something on your hand while talking a mile a minute and then act like they’ve done you such a great service that now you OWE them a product purchase! I will walk all the way around the cosmetics department to avoid those people!

  18. Julia says:

    I used to have terrible acne starting in my teenage years all the way into my 20s. I didn’t wear much makeup because the sales ladies would make such disparaging comments about my skin that I would feel embarrassed about myself and walk away from the counter. They would always try to sell me multiple concealers, foudations, creams, and cleansers. My skin is much better now, and I’m much more confident about buying makeup. I still think it’s hard not to feel bullied at times when you’re at a makeup counter.

  19. Hazel says:

    This has never happened to me but I can imagine what this would feel like. That’s why I buy most of my makeup online 🙂

  20. BeckBeck says:

    I have never had an openly rude saleslady, at least in the sense of insulting me to get me to buy something. The only ones I’ve had that I thought of as “rude” were ones who just clearly didn’t want to be at work that day and thus were curt or unhelpful.

    I actually have the opposite problem – a couple of the counters I frequent have salesgirls that are TOO nice. I actually feel bad if I don’t buy stuff, because I know they’re commissioned, and they’re over-the-top helpful and I feel like I’m wasting their time if I don’t give them the sale. Sometimes I just want to compare products, or think about something before I buy it, and it’s tough when you know counter staff operates on a time is money principle.

  21. Citrine says:

    haha, this post remind me of one time I was wondering around in Walgreen looking for googies and a store girl (I can’t tell exactly how old she is but I guess she is around the same age as me, young adult or early 20s?) just walk to me and said “Are you here for the the stuff on your face?”

    Ok, I have some acne marks on my face that fade fairly quickly on their own and I never bother to cover them up because foundation all cake on me so I look a lot worse on. I never though they are a big deal anyway so when I heard her I just smile and said “No thanks.” in a I-don’t-even-care-why-should-you tone….Then she look a bit pissed and left.

    Anyway, I actually go barefaced to MAC/Sephora many times and those ladies never said anything…It’s strange that I am having better treatment at those places than in a drugstore though.
    .-= Citrine’s last blog post… Milani Radiant in Purple – Back to the 80s =-.

  22. Louise Gray says:

    I do realize that many of the cosmetic employees are “under the gun”, so to speak, to keep the sales numbers high. There are stores in which the numbers are reported to the employees at least four times during the day-if they are up-if they are down, etc. But as an employee in a cosmetic/perfume store, I do not earn commission on sales. I do not lie to people as far as what products will do for them. I also am very sensitive to what things cost and the customers’ needs. I do not high pressure people for anything because I will walk if someone tries to do a hard-sell on me. That includes Chanel. I think that most people, myself included, are looking for a little information and a little training or insight about particular products. By the way, there are some days that I might be wearing 3 different color eyeshadows, too, and I am 56.

  23. Dao says:

    I guess I don’t really have that kind of experience because I look like I can snap those skinny sales girls in half 🙂 However, once in a while someone would try to sell me something to exfoliate my face. As everyone said, I would not give my money to the rude ones. The ones I always come back are nice and knowledgeable. One of MAC MUA was really nice and did not pressure me into buying anything. I always chat with him to learn more about the products.
    .-= Dao’s last blog post… Firespot Rust FOTD =-.

  24. Marilyn says:

    I’m going to be brief, because I could go on and on about sales assistants.

    I hate it when they’re too pushy. Example: (real conversation!)
    Benefit SA: Can I help you find something?
    Me: No, I’m just looking.
    Benefit SA: Are you looking for a particular color?
    Me: No, I’m JUST LOOKING.
    Benefit SA: Oh. Ok.
    I walked away, but I later snuck over to the counter when she wasn’t looking because I JUST WANTED TO LOOK. Try out the colors, etc.

    2nd story (also true):
    Went to a MAC Pro store. SA asked how could she help. I said with great enthusiasm “I’m looking for a gloss”. I actually wanted to buy TONS of stuff, and would have bought just about any gloss she handed me. She didn’t ask me what kind of gloss or anything, but went straight to the gloss display, so I figured she knew a good one for my skintone and I didn’t need to elaborate.
    She picked the most boring color. It was nearly sheer with a bit of shimmer. She stood there looking impatient as I looked in the mirror, so I just said thanks and moved on.

    I have plenty of other stories of times I’ve been ignored by SA’s (probably because I look young), even though there were tons of SA’s floating around. I’m tired of SA’s and others making excuses for this kind of behavior. It is TOTALLY UNACCEPTABLE. I worked in customer service before and never would have treated customers as the SA’s did in either situation!
    I know one good SA at Sephora inside JC Penney’s, who is sensitive to cost and my budget, is flexible, is helpful, is communicative, etc. And she will have most of my business.
    .-= Marilyn’s last blog post… Check out my lovely new running shoes… =-.

  25. Steph B says:

    Ha! That exact thing happened to me the last time I was in Sephora. I’d had very minimal makeup on. I couldn’t believe it when the saleswoman asked “Have you thought about trying some undereye concealer? It’ll really help.” I told her no and kept browsing. She came back to try again and I just stared her down. Another saleswoman saw this exchange and stepped in politely asking if there was anything she could help me find. While I just wanted to browse on my own, I much preferred her approach and when I did have a question she is the one I went to.

  26. Amen! My list…
    1. Sales people who seem trained to identify (and point out) your most minor flaws
    2. Sales people who want to help me when I am still 10 feet from the counter
    3. Sales people who follow me all over the department (there was a blond who was renowned for snatching others’ customers – I had to get an escort in Neiman Marcus to protect me from her annoying advances)
    4. Sales people who continue to push after you have said no
    5. Last, but not least, sales people who push a “look,” even if it’s totally wrong for you
    .-= Charlestongirl’s last blog post… NÉOLIA Organic Skin and Hair Care Products =-.

  27. Alison says:

    I find that when I am just browsing the scary lady with the entirety of the brands products applied to her face, constantly asks me if I need help. However, when I am actually waiting at a counter to purchase something there isn’t an assistant to be found! I can never find someone who will allow me to browse and be there when I want to buy!

    But I would have to complain if I got ant of the comments you guys have endured, it’s just plain rude and promotes a negative image of the brand. It would make me think twice about purchasing from that particular brand again.

  28. Joy says:

    Exactly why I purchase virtually all my cosmetics and fragrance either at Sephora and Ulta or online. I loathe the hard sell and being hounded, so I forego the department stores almost entirely.

  29. Hafsa says:

    I hate when they try so hard to sell you a product, like when they gush about how great this color is, or how popular it is, or whatever. It’s like, I know what you’re doing, just be honest!

    I once went to the Bare Minerals counter at my local Nordies to buy some foundation, and I ended up buying lipstick, gloss, blush, and a brush all at once! And it wasn’t because she haggled me to do so, she just asked if I would like to try out a blush color, which turned out to be such a perfect match for me, and then she just added lip color to complete the look. Overall, she was a good salesperson: she wanted to sell me products, but wasn’t pushy, and actually used products that looked good on me, which made me want to buy the products. I wish all salespeople knew what they were doing, it would make shopping that much funner, but i’m sure my wallet would want them all to be mean and inexperienced 😉
    .-= Hafsa’s last blog post… Rainbow Sorbet Sunset =-.

  30. Kimberly says:

    I agree with buying at Sephora, I rarely venture into the dept. store makeup counters any more, being approached by the unrelenting sales people. I hate that they watch you like a hawk, & if you don’t purchase anything they give you these really cold stares, and if you go back into the store at a later date you’re tagged with the lady who never buys a thing.

  31. lexi says:

    To avoid this type of pressure shopping I stick to places where I am a regular, ie. Nordstrom MAC counter in my neighborhood or the new Sephora in that same mall. Since they know me – I get a warm, friendly ‘hi…how are you” and they let me look but are always ready when I have a question. When I’m looking at a counter where I am not a regular all I need is a simple “hello…looking for anything special?” I really get annoyed when they fire off the monthly specials in rapid fire but I do understand the business (i was once in retail in a former life) so let them say what they have to say and if I’m interested I probe a little more but if not – I brush them away with a nice but firm “no thanks…just looking…” Then they usually leave me alone.

    I have had very bad service at a Macy’s MAC counter – I just refuse to buy from them ever again!

  32. Rebecca says:

    I don’t have any horror stories about makeup salespeople so far, mostly I’ve had very good experiences. Sometimes it annoys me when I’m in a bigger store like Sephora and I end up being asked if I need any help about ten times, but I know that’s their job. My only (minor) gripe is when they keep pushing and pushing. I was at a boutique the other day and decided not to purchase the powder I had tried on, and the saleslady kept making more and more suggestions – “Well would you like to try our foundation? No? Well I know an eyeshadow that would like great on you! How about this one?” going on and on, when I really just wanted to get out of there!
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… Bare Escentuals BareMinerals Foundation – Best or Bust? =-.

  33. Wendy says:

    The sales people in Saks fifth Avenue are bonkers! They constantly hound you but on the other side I agree that sephora totally changed how I buy cosmetics and the internet also, sometimes I buy my stuff on ebay because the swatches are pretty accurate and that way I eliminate the sales people all together.

  34. C-Diff says:

    I get aggravated at Lush, particularly the ones I’ve visited in Canada for some reason. The SAs would march right up in my personal space and insist on telling me the life story of every bath bomb I picked up. When I reached for the smallest size bottle of American Cream I got an instant, “Awww, don’t get the SMALL one!” as soon as I touched it.

    Opposite: I was at a MAC counter many years ago on a Tuesday at 2pm with nobody else around and money burning a hole in my pocket, and I pretty much told the bored MA, “I want to buy something. What’s great?” She deadpanned, “Well, everybody likes clear gloss.” Didn’t bother with her again. Nowadays there are several MAs there who know who I am and are unfazed when I show up after work looking like a dirtball, and life is good.

  35. Michelle says:

    I think there is a fine line between being helpful and not too pushy. I don’t mind when a MUA asks if I need help or what am I looking for — because I don’t like it when they stand around and chat with each other and ignore customers. But I don’t like to be hounded LOL. Usually I have a specific idea of what I want — and if I want their input, I’ll ask. I have found most of the MAC MUA to be nice and helpful without being overly pushy. At my local Sephora, the MUA seem rude and not overly anxious to offer any customer service. If I don’t like the customer service, I don’t buy 🙂

  36. Sarah says:

    I am a teenager. Everyone seems to think that all teenagers are rowdy and are going to steel. I have money, and it’s just as valid as someone’s ten years older than me! Nobody ever offers to try a new product on me or show me colors.

  37. L says:

    ARGH, I hate that. I have clinical sleep problems, and so I’m pretty much constantly plagued with dark circles. I’ve tried every concealer on the planet, but there’s only so much makeup can do. Sometimes makeup salespeople will ask me if I use concealer/if I’d like some. It’s extremely annoying. Listen, honey, if I want some damn concealer, I will ask you about it.

    Like I said, if I had asked, that would be fine, but it’s unkind to talk to people that way unprompted. I really don’t need reminders from strangers that I can’t get a solid night’s sleep and it shows under my eyes.

    It’s strange; it’s not like clothing salespeople say, “These pants will slim your thunder thighs!” or “Wow! That dress makes you look like you DON’T have the body of a prepubescent boy!” How are facial flaws any different?

    Next time someone asks, I think I will respond in kind.

    Yes, I’d LOVE some concealer. Now, I know you’re the salesperson and I’m the customer here, but I like to be helpful when I can. I go to this great waxer for my bikini line, and I’m sure she’d do an AMAZING job with that mustache!

  38. Abbie Johnson says:

    99% of the time a little pushiness when they are trying to sell me is fine

    Its when they cant take a hint that I am busy doing other things that I simply ignore them and walk away

  39. Denise says:

    I don’t get push SA’s too often because I head them off at the “git-go” when they ask me if I need help or walk in my direction and I just want to look. I immediately say “Actually, I just want to look for myself and experiment a little, and I prefer not to be followed if that is ok with you?” They usually let me be an just eye me for awhile, which I dont mind as I just ignore them. Now, if they are rude and pushy and point out an “issue” with my face (which has only happened maybe two times), I simply say “boy, you dont want to sell me anything do you?” and then they either dont get it and I have to tell them they need to keep their opinion to theirself or I walk away and spend money at another counter. If they are high pressure and try to work me over hard with their “salesmanship” I start asking them in quick one sentence structure “what the active ingred’s are, how and why they work the way they do, the price, the size, when it was introduced, etc.” and they usually get a little rattled and it makes me laugh inside. The nice ones who are helpful with no pressure always get my sales cuz I just love talking to nice SA’s!!

  40. Stephie says:

    Now working in a job where I am that sales person I must say that I have a new appreciation for them. Thankfully I’ve never had a particularly rude experience but I’ve definitely had my share of unenthusiastic or non existent sales people. Sales people shouldn’t be rude and I am definitely not one of the rude ones. I hate it when I approach people and they automatically swear me off like the plague when really some of us are just trying to help you out. Rude salespeople seriously give the rest of us a bad rep.

    It’s funny but now more than ever when workers approach me with a good attitude I reciprocate it back by listening to what they say before I go my way or starting up a conversation with them. And as long as someone is genuine about it, I don’t mind when practically all the workers ask me if I am doing alright, at least once b/c I’d rather have them acknowlege me and know that I can approach any of them than be shunned upon arrival, and leaving b/c if I did have a question no one would help.

    It makes me real sad to read all the comments about really horrible experiences because shopping, even window shopping, is something that should make you feel good and excited. So I hereby swear if I ever have a grouchy co worker, to step in show you the brighter side of shopping 😛
    .-= Stephie’s last blog post… My Lips like Buttah! =-.

  41. Diana says:

    I’m 15,so when i walk into counter they expect me to be like a little girl,and follow me around,watch everything i do,etc.
    I just want to be left alone!
    Also what is it when the ladies have horrible makeup on,creased eyeshadow and clumpy mascara,and still point out your flaws?

  42. Sonia says:

    I work in a retail store where we are well known for great customer service, I run a makeup counter. I will admit that it was a little upseting reading all of these comments just because it confirmend everything I already knew, people really just want to be LEFT ALONE. There is nothing wrong with that except we are constantly reminded that “customer want us to sell them something”, “customers want out help”, “customers want you to call them” by our managers. There are surveys set up at our store and a high percentage of customers say that the SA’s are NOT being helped enough, that they want to be shown the new things, they want to be called for events and sales etc. I tend to be more on the shy side and when I see a customer I say hello and let them know that if they need anything they can feel free to ask me anything, because of this…I am barely holding on to my job today, because right around the corner are 7 more SA’s who are not willing to take “NO” for an answer and instead of the customer saying “no thanks, I’m already being helped” they wind up walking off with the rude and pushy sales person who makes over $2000 daily while you have the nice non pushy sales person not making any sales all day because they tried to give you some space. It is so hard to be the non pushy SA’s sometimes when you know every single sale will be taken from right under your feet until you get let go…and ofcourse in your place they will hire 2 more people who will be just as pushy and money hungry as the next. These people are the ones who get praised all day because they are assertive and great? and all because the customers wind up being cornered by these people and forced to buy from them. This is why it is so good to build a relationship, when I help my customers and have a great connection…I always give them my card so I can continue to help them since they know I will NEVER be pushy, but ofcourse it is their option to use it or continue to be harrassed by others.

  43. Kat says:

    Ugh, I feel bad for you Sonia! I would never be able to be pushy either. A commission job is tough.

    I hate pushy salespeople because I have a hard time saying no, but I hate when they ignore you too. I never now how to get their attention when I do need to buy something! I usually go to my local Macy’s whenever possible because then the people know me already, and I think that makes them less likely to push me but they don’t want to dismiss me either because I DO sometimes buy things.

    I love shopping at Sephora, but generally only if I know what I want, because there it seems to be impossibly to get the salespeople’s attention.

    Ha, I think a lot of the time I just wait for Karen to review things then I order them online, lol.

  44. Sara says:

    Never assume that the SA is on commission. If someone is new, seasonal, vendor. They aren’t always working for that sale. I work at ULTA and we are NOT on commiseration, we have sales goals but it if we meet it we don’t get any reward or any $ or spiff of any kind. If we don’t meet our sales goals we get yelled at later. Its a double edge sword

  45. knit_tgz says:

    I actually have been known to buy items just to reward good behaviour from a makeup artist or seller, because I loathe when they are pushy, rude (listing other person’s supposed cosmetic flaws is rude!) or simply don’t listen (if I say I want to try a subtle look, you can help me think out of the box and try something a little more daring, but you must NOT decide that I should really wear a runway neon look).

    So, if they are helpful but not pushy, listen to me and try to understand what I am looking for, I end up rewarding them by buying something (something I will use, but most times something that wasn’t essencial). If they are not polite or are pushy, I will just walk away without any purchase.
    .-= knit_tgz’s last blog post… Meme (imagens/pictures) =-.

  46. knit_tgz says:

    Sonia: the best MA I know is not-pushy. She says hello, asks if I need help. If I say I’m just browsing she lets me do so. If I ask for suggestions, she can be very helpful (if she has time, she will demonstrate me how to get an eye look), and she is willing to tell me what makeup items I already own can be used in that look (“You know, if you have X colour, you don’t need X1 too, you should only get Y because that one is really different”). She writes down the name and prices of items I like but cannot afford at the moment, and she even suggests items she does not sell because she knows they will be better for my sensitive skin. I always buy at least a lipgloss or a mascara to reward her.

    I sometimes want a suggestion, but I will ask for it if I want it. I actually prefer to be left alone when I say I want to be left alone. So, I reward the SA who actually listen to me. I wish people who are like me would reward SA like you, Sonia. Good luck at your job!
    .-= knit_tgz’s last blog post… Meme (imagens/pictures) =-.

  47. Sonia says:

    Awww… thank you! I do often have great customer, and ofcourse the loyal once that call me or email me to see if I am there before they come . And ofcourse I always love customers like you, I think the main problem are the pushy SA’s for sure! a pest for the customers and a pain in the butt for honest SA’s that really DO only want to help. It sounds like I am doing things okay…I guess we all just our customers to stick up for themselves and deny those who corner them into a wall and say “no thanks, I am being helped already”. I also meant to say something on my last comment…to all of you, please don’t ever feel intimidated when you walk into cosmetics ever…we are there for YOU and because of YOU. If you don’t want to be helped don’t be afraid to say so, if you feel offended by a SA complain! you could be helping another good person who really needs a job as well as another future customer who may get insulted in the near future. When all else fails…tell the SA’s harrasing you that you are just waiting for your sister, or that you have a return…that usually makes all the bad SA’s run away…LOL! J/K

  48. Emily says:

    I visited a Lancome counter at a local Macy’s just to look, I had never really looked into what Lancome had to offer before. I was a little upset that the pushy salespeople WOULD NOT leave me alone. No matter how many times I told them I was just looking. And I was going to buy eyeshadows [I did, they are pretty good btw.] and was considering color choices as I had a strict budget and they just wouldn’t let me look. I felt very pressured.

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