Have You Hit Major Pan on Any Products Lately?

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MAC Blushbaby, Woodwinked and Soba

And not just when you catch an itty-bitty glimpse of silver. I’m talking MAJOR pan, like when there’s more metal at the bottom of that pan than powder, and you start worrying about running out completely.


I jump around between products, so it doesn’t happen too much, but sometimes (’cause I do love wearing the face paint!), it happens, and when it does, for a time it feels glorious! — like I conquered something BIG, a makeup Mt. Everest or something.

But that soon turns to sadness or panic, when I realize that, shoot, I’m gonna run out.

Here are some of the products I’ve hit major pan on, in no particular order, which is a testament to how much I love them.

  • MAC Woodwinked Eye Shadow — One of my old faithfuls. I wear Woodwinked on my lids a lot after sleepless nights. It’s one of my tried-and-true tools to fake looking awake.
  • Bobbi Brown Peach Color Corrector — OK, don’t ask me why I’m keeping two empty pans of this right now. Honestly, I don’t know. It’s just one of those weird makeup things, I guess. There’s still a tiny bit of product in there, and I can’t bear to let it go.
  • MAC Blushbaby Blush — Man, if MAC ever discontinued Blushbaby…I don’t even know what would happen. Sh*t would hit the fan! That’s all I’m sayin’. I’d be out there tracking down every last one like a mad woman. Out of my way, b*tches!
  • MAC Soba Eye Shadow — Soba, a golden brown with a sheen finish, is one of my shadow faves this time of year (I like it best when I don’t have a tan)…and other times when I’m too lazy to buff MAC Cork’s matte finish, haha. Soba’s subtle shimmer makes it easier to blend, which is why I wear it a lot. It looks amazing smudged on top of a basic black liner, by the way.

Have you hit major pan on any products lately? (I’m talking major pan. Not just a flash of silver.) 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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  1. Kim says:

    Ive never hit pan on eye shadow because i have way too much. But i have hit pan on nars o, benefit coralista and recently, benefit dallas. It does feel saitisfying! Like im not totally wasting money on products that i barely make a dent in.

  2. indian princess says:

    Hit pan and replaced…. twice ….on all that glitters and ricepaper shadows by mac.

  3. CrystalCandy says:

    Yes!! My MAC Brule, Shroom, Charcoal Brown, Naked Lunch and Sweet Satisfaction eyeshadows are almost empty. Also my MUFE Duo Mat powder foundation, but this is an easy one!
    CrystalCandy recently posted … Fond de teint Healthy Mix Serum de Bourjois

  4. Tiffany C. says:

    I’t hit major pan on NARS Laguna and Deep Throat and MAC Shroom and Wedge

  5. Alison M says:

    I only ever run out of face and brow products or mascara. With color I never hit pan. Because I own too much. Shameful, I know.
    Alison M recently posted … Makeup Geek Eyeshadow Review and Swatches

  6. Natalie says:

    I hit major pan on my benefit hello flawless powder. I love that stuff! I just posted about it yesterday.
    Natalie recently posted … Winter Got Your Skin All Dry? Never Fear, Fresh Brown Sugar Body Polish is here to Save the Day

  7. Minsooky says:

    Recently hit pan on my ELF Bronzer/Blush duo…I’ve had that for literally 2 years. Geez! I never hit pan on anything >_<
    Minsooky recently posted … Park Sora Inspired Makeup / 박소라 메이크업

  8. Petunia says:

    I never hit pan anymore. Not now that you are my enabler. Well, you and a few others.

  9. Trisha says:

    Yep. I hit the pan for my favorite foundation: Cover FX Pressed Mineral Foundation. And I’m sad about it.

  10. Leticia says:

    I have hit pan on MAC’s Tempting and Texture eyeshadows and the Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Dark.

  11. jessica says:

    The only product I have ever hit pan on is Rimmel Stay Matte powder. I loved that stuff for YEARS. Lost count of how many times I hit pan on and repurchased. There was also a nice neutral quad from L’Oreal, but that was mostly because I dropped it when it was new so I lost a little chunk of some of the shadows. I might have still hit pan on it anyway, because I loved that quad dearly. But now I’ve discovered all you beauty bloggers and I have too many different products to use them all up! haha

  12. Laurel says:

    I’ve hit major pan on my Brun eyeshadow I use for my brows! Also I’ve hit major pan on my Bobbi Brown corrector and concealer! I’m so trying to use them up because I ignored them when I found better concealers for under the eye and now I just need the room in my concealer drawer so I’m trying to get them out!

  13. Elizabeth says:

    That’s my worst nightmare coming true. Mac texture and Mineralize skin finish. I have a spare one for both of these just in case it happens again. …

  14. Bin du says:

    I find that I tend to finish products in clumps, I’ll finish a bunch within a short period of time but will go months before finishing something else. I’ve recently finished Benefit They’re Real mascara, milani multitasker powder (wasn’t too big a fan of this), clinique 7 day scrub cream, nars laguna bronzer and some eyeliners

  15. Jay says:

    I have only hit pan on a face powder once, back in college when it was the only one I had, and have used up one bottle of fndt in my entire life. I recently started a “project pan” in hopes of finishing up SOME of the stuff I have, but man it’s hard!

    This one fndt I bought, I figured would go fairly fast — I’ve been using it every day for 3 months and I have only used up like a quarter of an inch off of the bottle…. it’s going to take me well over a year to finish it up at this rate. and forget about hitting pan on blush or eyeshadow. I have too many. I could probably go for another 10 years without buying a single eyeshadow or blush product and my stash would not even feel it…

  16. Tennyoceres says:

    Rest in peace MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium Plus. My perfect summer coverage, and you were all I turned to during the summer.

    Rest in peace The Face Shop Clean Face Oil Free BB Cream. My T-zone problems weren’t completely solved when I used you but I did like the better-than-tinted-moisturizer coverage you gave me.

    Rest in peace Makeup For Ever Duo Mat Powder Foundation in unknown shade. I loved you so much during winter/pale face times I rubbed off your shade number.

    I haven’t hit the pan on eye shadows…yet.
    Tennyoceres recently posted … New York Jets

  17. Shannon says:

    I’ve hit major pan on Benefit’s Dandelion… I feel like I’ve subconsciously been using it less as the pan reveals more & more of itself, haha!

  18. Bella says:

    Nars Stolen Kisses and Risky Business lipglosses, Nars Proprime eyeshadow primer, Nars Larger than Life Volumizing Mascara. Eyeshadow and blush, never ever ever. I am so happy that my Chanel Les Beiges powder has a bit of a dent in the top, it’s no longer convex LOL. But since then I’ve bought about 4 other powders so pan will probably not be hit ever…

  19. hanna says:

    I love the wood winked eyeshadow.
    hanna recently posted … Review: Perlier Imperial Honey Body Butter

  20. Nope, no pan hitting for me lately! I rarely do, actually.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Revlon Lash Potion Mascara by Grow Luscious

  21. Iris says:

    I hit pan on a Venomous Cosmetics pressed eyeshadow sample in colour 2013, as it was crumbly. Too bad I accidentally dropped it on the floor and it shattered and was unusable.

  22. Phyrra says:

    I haven’t hit pan on anything recently.
    Phyrra recently posted … Give the Perfect Gift with PickURGift.com

  23. Whitney says:

    Yes! Rimmel’s Stay Matte powder. It’s the best drugstore powder on the market… and I blow through it like crazy!

  24. TrippyPixie says:

    Last week I hit pan on MAC’s Dollymix Blush. I’m pretty excited, since I rarely hit pan on anything and I really want to use this product up.

  25. BooBooNinja says:

    Cargo Tonga blush, MAC Nude On Board, a Physician’s Formula pressed powder, and a LORAC matte ivory eyeshadow. I’m proud of myself.

  26. FreshEyre says:

    LMAO – “Hit pan” – that’s a new one for me…
    Yes, unfortunately – Benefit’s Dandelion and also Shiseido Luminizing Satin Face Color in Medusa – but I’m a lucky camper, as neither have been discontinued and I can still buy to my heart’s content !
    Since I’ve become an obsessive beauty buyer/collector, though, I rarely use anything until it’s gone – it’s going to take me a decade to get through what I have in my makeup kit. I need an intervention ! <3

  27. Liz says:

    It’s funny you should post this. I actually just kit pan on 4 items within the last 2 weeks. Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit, Kevyn Aucoin shadow in a palette, a Bobbi Brown pressed powder, and a physician’s formula mineral glow pearls highlighter.

  28. Fatima says:

    hit pan on & replaced twice MAC Girlie eyeshadow. my go to color to look awake & fresh when i’m tired and groggy 🙂

  29. Erin says:

    My NARS Albatross! Using it a little less these days because I’m playing around with different highlighting products, but it was an every day product for me for at least a year.
    Erin recently posted … The budget-friendly Beau Bain bath bomb

  30. Chelsea says:

    Love the Tabs photo!

    I don’t think I’ve hit pan on anything lately! Can’t stay loyal to anything…

  31. Vineetha says:

    I just checked! there arnt many!
    MAC Ricepaper eyeshadow
    MAC Espresso eyeshadow
    MAC Sunbasque!
    Vineetha recently posted … NARS Guy Bourdin Promiscuous Lip Pencil Coffret Review, Swatches

  32. Janet Lawrence says:

    Girlfriend, you need to take those back to MAC and get your free lippy. 😉

  33. fancie says:

    Lmaooo @ the Blushbaby bit!! I’ve recently hit pan on the contour powder in my Sleek Kit. That’s the only powder I’ve hit pan on and probably will be for a long time lol. I’m really trying to use some stuff up! I’ve also used up a few other products. Hopefully I still have the empties so I can round them up and do a post!
    fancie recently posted … MAC Maleficent Collection Summer 2014

  34. Sandy says:

    MAC MSF Natural in Medium Dark…..and it was so weird because it had a waffle design underneath! I thought something was wrong with it because I was expecting to see metal when I hit pan and I thought I had alot more to go in the pan. Love the texture of this powder!

  35. shah'ada says:

    laguna lol. and brun.

  36. Sylvia says:

    Benefit Hoola Bronzer and Sugarbomb Blush, theBalm Bahama Mama Bronzer and Maybelline Dream Matte Powder are the only products in my collection that are currently showing major pan.

    Thanks for the idea of wearing Soba over a black eyeliner, I’ll be trying that out tomorrow!
    Sylvia recently posted … My Drugstore Favourites #3

  37. Daanielle says:

    Oh, man! Back before I started my makeup hoarding, I think I went through a pan of Cover Girl Tapestry Taupe eyeshadow every couple of months. The collection takes a lot longer to burn through these days, but I’m down to next to nothing on my Laura Geller Blush-n-Brighten in Como, Stila Kitten eyeshadow and just started to see metal on my Smashbox Soft Lighting luminizing powder. Luckily, pale skin means I don’t need much to show up on my skin.
    Daanielle recently posted … Nicole by OPI Gumdrops: Yummy Texture for Your Nails!

  38. Savannah says:

    I’ve hit pan on mac wedge, wood winked and naked lunch and pink swoon blush. I’ve hit pan on my powder foundation too but that’s a given. I own too many random colors to possibly hit pan on them lol.

  39. My Woodwinked and Soba need some love! I recently hit pan on The Body Shop Extra Virgin Minerals cream compact!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Q&A with Tresemmé’s Global Stylist Marcus Francis

  40. Tiare says:

    MAC Brule, Shroom, Naked Lunch e/s. MAC Warm Soul mineralize blush and…my Naked 1 Palette! GAH!! Sin, Naked, Toasted I have pretty much scraped out every dust of powder. Half Baked and Hustle is on its way out the door and I just hit a silver spot with Buck. Can you tell that it’s my go to palette?

  41. Jen says:

    I hit the pan and completely run out of Bobbi Brown’s Corrector in Light Bisque and Concealer Sand on a regular basis. Then it’s eyeshadows: right now I have MAC’s Brule, Orb, Soba, and limited edition Modelette with significant ‘pannage’. I’m going to cry when Modelette runs out. I just hit the pan with Bobbi Brown’s Antiqua bronzing blush which is super flattering on my warm/pale NC 20 skin tone.

  42. Kristy says:

    This is embarrassing, but I have only ever used up lip balm and powder foundation. I have waaay too much stuff and always have. What I always hit pan on is Too Faced powder foundation. It really is the best. The shade range is limited, but luckily I am medium/beige so pretty easy to match.

  43. Diane says:

    Benefit Dallas and Benefit Dandelion.

  44. Bana says:

    I’ve hit pan on my last backup of lancome teint idole ultra powder foundation which has been discontinued 🙁
    And the rest of it shattered in the pan
    But I’m still using it because I love it so much ♥
    Any recommendations on a good powder foundation?

  45. CynthiaCCC says:

    Just about all the shades in the Stila “Living the Life in Laguna” palette, and it was LE, waaaaahhh!! The medium shade in the Smashbox “Multi Flash” trio. I used up all of MAC “A Wish Come True” a year ago, but I just found it on ACW and ordered more.

  46. Lyndsay says:

    I hit the pan on the eyeshadows in palettes all the time, but I recently hit the pan on my favorite NARS Angelika blush. Time for another one!

  47. Erica says:

    I hit pan on my MUFE pro finish powder. I use it as a under eye setting powder. I also hit pan on my transition eyeshadows: MAC cork eyeshadow, UD Buck and Naked. Girrrlll, you taught me something today. Soba maybe the satin finish cousin of Cork….gotta try it. Thanks for the idea!

  48. rawan says:

    yesss .. sephora 8hr mattifying powder .. now that its almost finished im thinking to get mac minarlize skin finish instead

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