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It’s shapin’ up to be a lazy Sunday up in here, one filled with cheese crunchies and high-intensity relaxation. I should probably go grocery shopping (one can only survive on crunchies for so long), but going out in the rain is not high on my list of things I really want to do right now. I’d rather stay home, chat with you and read. Truth be told that sounds GREAT!


I might bust out my makeup brushes and try this really simple look from the CFDA Vogue Fashion Show earlier this week. Isn’t it pretty? Perfect for a lazy day.

Pat McGrath’s team did the makeup and used things from the new Dolce & Gabbana Ethereal Beauty Holiday Collection.

It’s just about as complicated as I could handle right now.

That reminds me, are you doing anything fancy for Halloween? Do you have a costume in mind?

Tell me about it (or anything else) in this week’s open thread. I’d like the company.

Makeup and Beauty Blog Open ThreadIf you’re new to the open thread, here it is in a nutshell:

It’s like coffee talk. We get together and chit chat in the comments at the bottom of this post. Any topics, from makeup, music, books, food — you name it.

Stop by whenever you can this afternoon or tonight. Unless the rain stops (and I seriously doubt that’s gonna happen), I’m not goin’ anywhere.

See you soon! 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. marisol says:

    Are those cheesy snacks from Trader Joe’s? Those are so yummy! Girl, I just bought a popcorn machine and have been a popcorn poppin’ fool lately.
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    • Karen says:

      I really, REALLY love popcorn. I’ve never thought of buying a machine to devote to popping it though! Does it make a difference in the flavor?

      And yes, those are the TJ’s Baked Cheese Crunchies.

      Whatcha been up to? Did you Tuttimelon at all this weekend?

      • marisol says:

        I use to make my popcorn on the stove top w/ a bit o olive oil and at times it would burn or some kernels wouldn’t pop. I bought this machine for $18 on Amazon and it pops every kernel and no oil needed. I am going to experiment with different seasonings. Very low cal snack…

        Did not tuttimelon this weekend but may go during the week. My office downtown is two blocks from one.
        marisol recently posted … This is me

  2. Nina says:

    we are taking my bestie’s eldest boy trick or treating. i dont think ill go in costume though! 😀

    lazy day in this household. other than target and maybe dinner, were staying in. it doesnt help that our weather is very summer-like! 🙂

    i got this really cute military inspired green jacket @ target for 19.99 – most probably the highlight of my week LOL!!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      You’re so lucky! I would love summer weather right now. It’s been pouring non-stop all day.

      Your jacket sounds cute, btw. I love getting steals/deals on clothes.

      • Nina says:

        i try to buy my clothes as cheap as i can because women’s clothing styles change so fast!

        our weather is bipolar: it threatens to rain but chickens out at the last moment.

        were not going out – maybe next weekend. i have some ribs in the oven for dinner. 🙂

        • Karen says:

          GURL, you’re preaching to the choir. You know I’m all about Marshall’s!

          I don’t know what we’re doing for dinner… I’m thinking about ordering Thai food because I’m too lazy to cook. What I’m really craving though is a Chipotle veggie burrito. I’m addicted to those things.

          • Nina says:

            ohhh i do love chipotle… maybe i can get some tomorrow for lunch and bring one for my sister (im visiting her at lunch) …

            we have an old standby thai food place here that we order from A LOT! thats one of the things we will miss when we move!

            i need to hit tjmaxx & marshalls soon – christmas gift shopping plus ive heard some rumors about NARS making an appearance there again! 🙂

          • Karen says:

            I just discovered Chipotle and am totally obsessed with it. Their menu drives me CRAZY though! I don’t know if it’s just the one near my house, but the way they set up the menu is really confusing; plus there’s a couple of random style things that drive me crazy… like how they say “chocolate organic milk” as opposed to “organic chocolate milk.”

            LOL… okay, so I’m a total weirdo.

          • Nina says:

            no youre not bec the menu is kinda weird!

            my fave there are the bowls. oohh yummy! 😀

            now you got me craving! 😛

          • Karen says:

            Okay, good to know I’m not the only one who’s bugged by it. I mean the food is excellent and all, but they’re obviously not spending a lot of money on signage or copywriters. They had a special Halloween flyer on the counter last time I was there that was totally off! Weird sentence structure, a few wrong words… I mean, c’mon, Chipotle. You’re a national chain!

            I have yet to try anything other than the veggie burrito (black beans, rice, grilled peppers, tomato salsa, corn salsa, guacamole), but the bowls look tasty too.

            OMG, I’m so hungry right now…

          • Nina says:

            eat something soon! 😀

            we just had dinner – my ribs turned out well (the hubs is the meat chef in this house) … i just made a rub of brown sugar, garlic powder, salt and pepper and cooked it at 275degrees for 45 minutes then finished it at 350degrees for the last 15. yum!

            i think anything you can make into a burrito, you can make into a wrap! chipotle’s beans is one of the few ill eat (not a fan) and i stay away from the cilantro rice (not a fan) … but all in all – yummmyyyy!!!

          • Karen says:

            Yum… I haven’t had ribs in a while and yours sound delish.

            I like to eat mine with rice, LOL!

            I ended up eating a spinach salad and some Trader Joe’s bow-tie pasta for dinner, nom.

          • Nina says:

            we did have it with rice! i had mine w/ some lemon and soy sauce as a dipping sauce. the hubs had his w/ the salt lick bbq sauce! 😀

  3. Hey karen, right now I’m eating dinner alone at rue 57. Sometimes a girl needs a break to just be alone. I might go see Hereafter, that new Clint Eastwood film or I might just go home. A for halloween, I’m going to be snooki. I kist bought orange bodypaint yest to complete the look. Lol

  4. Tiffany says:

    Happy Sunday! Today I went to the taste of Atlanta festival. Now I’m just relaxing, reading Marie Claire and half-watching Constantine on tv.

    I think I’m gonna keep it low key for Halloween this year. I’ll hang out with my momma since it’s her birthday.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Tiffany,

      Happy Sunday to you too! I love any festival that celebrates food. Did you eat anything yummy?

      And how cool that your mom’s bday is on Halloween. I’m jealous, LOL!

      • Tiffany says:

        Yeah it was a lot of fun! I had a yummy Kobe slider and sun-dried tomato pasta that were my fave things!

        Btw I looove that makeup look above. So simple and pretty!

        Do you have any plans for Halloween? I still remember a Halloween look you did with purple smoky eyes and wavy hair as being my fave look of yours ever!

        • Karen says:

          Hi Tiffany,

          Oh yeah, that crazy look with the lashes from 2008! That was fun… but man, it took FOREVER to take off all that eye makeup. 🙂 Right now I don’t have any plans. El Hub and I were thinking about taking a last-minute trip to Disneyland, but it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen. We’ll probably go to dinner or something. Will you be taking your mom out?

          BTW, now I’m craving sun-dried tomato pasta.

          • Tiffany says:

            Yeah I think we will go to lunch or brunch and do a little shopping! I wish there were kids in my neighborhood so I could hand out candy, but we never get any trick or treaters 🙁

          • Karen says:

            Neither do we. 🙁 Five kids came to our door last year, and that was it. It’s really different now… here it seems like kids mostly go trick-or-treating at the mall.

            Have you started doing your holiday shopping yet? I had planned to do it all this month, but so far I haven’t done squat.

          • Tiffany says:

            Ugh no I haven’t started holiday shopping yet. But I have some ideas in mind so that’s good!

          • Karen says:

            That’s good! I think I’m going to be doing most of my shopping online. That way I can shop in the wee hours of the morning and not have to deal with parking, LOL!

    • Nina says:

      i half watched constantine last night too! 🙂

  5. Katrina says:

    I must be the strangest person in existence, but I can’t *stand* the smell of those crunchy cheese things. My hubby isn’t even allowed to eat them if he still wants kissing privileges!

    I’ve been freezing all day. I’m so not ready for a long, grey winter. New England is beautiful in the fall, but fall passes oh so very quickly.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Katrina,

      I can see how one could be grossed out by ’em. The scent is VERY strong.

      Oh, and I’m not ready for the winter at all. 🙁 Are you a snow person, at least?

  6. it’s a bit gloomy in vancouver, today. i can’t complain though, because we’ve had a pretty long respite from rain. normally, it would’ve been raining nearly everyday at this point, but the weather was beautiful for so long! crisp fall air, but with sunshine. it was absolutely perfect :).

    i had to rush to finish a halloween look done and photographed, though. the sun was running away from me :(.
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Inspiration Sunday – Rachel McAdams for InStyle

  7. noemii says:

    midterms are oooooverrrrr. now i have to find a way to pay a crap load o’ money that i apparently owe the school . they didn’t think it was important in the beginning of the semester, but now it is when we are half way through. hmph. financial aid how i loathe thee..
    i’m thinking about going to the pharmacy to look for those new wet n wild palettes and then watch Metropolis at our theatre. Apparently there is 25 minutes of newly discovered footage which i’m curious to see. They showed the Shining on campus outside yesterday but i was working 🙁 plus it was effing cold so it’s not too bad 🙂
    That model’s makeup is so pretty. Pat McGrath has some serious skillz. I’m so jealous you got to go to Italy! it must have been wonderful..

  8. Heidi says:

    Okay, the rain here in Northern California has only just started for the season and I’m already OVER it! I had to go somewhere this morning as I had made a commitment to help some people with something, so I had to go out and drive in a torrential downpour. FUN!

    Anyway, now I’m just chilling at home, cuddling with Missy and snacking on Gingersnaps and Chai Tea.

    I’m not one to dress up on Halloween, but I’m doing something that day with some kids, so I’m wearing a sweatshirt with a black cat and a jack o lantern on it. I’ll get creative with black and orange nails and makeup. We don’t usually get many trick or treaters here so I guess there will be lots of York Peppermint Patties left for me! Bummer! ; )

    • Karen says:

      Hi Heidi,

      Me TOO! Granted our winters aren’t as bad as other places, but still… rain totally cramps my style, LOL!

      How’s Missy doing? Is she still acting crazy?

      • Heidi says:

        She’s calmed down a bit. She sleeps right through the sounds of the furnace now. She’s still not happy about the rain and of course assumes that there’s something I can do about it that I’m not doing.

  9. Rachael says:

    I am so excited for next weekend! I love Halloween so much! I get to go to work ALL next week in costume. But I work at a bar, so it’s pretty different than say a 9 to 5 job. My DJ name is Phoenix, cause Rachael sounds like a crappy wedding DJ, so I decided to go as Phoenix from X-Men. Short red dress, gold accessories (belt, gauntlets, thigh highs, and phoenix symbol). Super excited.

    It’s been a lazy day here, still pretty warm for October in Ohio. Hope it stays this way, at least for the weekend, then it can go back to chilly.
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    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachael,

      I love Halloween too! It’s one of my fave holidays. 🙂

      I didn’t know you were a DJ. How long have you been spinning? And what kind of music do you usually play?

      • Rachael says:

        For a couple of weeks now. I work our ladies nights, so it’s the popular hip hop and dance music. But sometimes there are no ladies at ladies night so I can play the classic to modern/alternative rock. I do pretty much anything but country, because I never listen to it. I know some people love it, I on the other hand, not so much.
        Rachael recently posted … Time for Cuteness

  10. steph b says:

    Have you tried the baked corn puffs from Trader Joe’s? Sorta like cheese doodles but lighter and they just dissolve as you chew them. I can’t get them because I can’t just eat a few at a time.

    Went to the science expo on the Mall yesterday and it was so much fun to see everyone getting their geek on. Today I went to see Red — very entertaining. Now, I’m just browsing the Sephora site to see what I should stock up on. I’m thinking the squeeze tube version of the Korres lip butters but am blanking on what else.

    • Karen says:

      I’ve seen those but haven’t tried ’em yet. I have a feeling, though, that I could easily tear through a bag in one sitting.

      Have you put any more stuff in your Sephora cart? How about a bottle of Bliss Lid + Lash Wash? Or one of those Sephora cuticle oil brush pens?

      • steph b says:

        It is crazy that I’m drawing such a blank because I know there have been at least a dozen times over the last month that I’ve stopped my self from buying something because I was going to wait for the sale. I’m going to go wander around the store one night after work this week. Maybe one of the holiday scented shower gels or a black Front of the Line Pro since I luuuurve my brown — thanks so much for recommending this great liner. Maybe I’ll try and find a creamy lipgloss or finally try one of the so, so, so pretty packaged Guerlain lipsticks.

        • Karen says:

          You’re welcome! It seriously is the best liquid liner out there.

          Hmm, how about Korres Raspberry Liquid Lipstick? Or Rene Furterer Dry Shampoo? Or Pacifica Body Butter? Or this set of three mini perfumes from Tocca?

          Eau de Parfum Viaggio

          (I totally caved on this set, btw.)

          • steph b says:

            I love how thin a line I can get with it – you don’t really see the liner, just thicker lash bed. I can do that and have a great no-makeup look. I haven’t quite mastered a winged look yet but I practice before I wash my face at night.

            I’ll check out the Korres lipstick — they have some great , moisturizing lip formulas that’ll come in handy with the change in seasons. Good call on the Pacifica — the pikake totally transports me back to Hawaii.

          • Karen says:

            I totally do that too. It looks so fab with curled lashes and a few coats of mascara — so clean, so simple, so easy.

            Regarding the winged look, one thing that really helped me was to take pictures of myself. Maybe grab your camera phone and take a shot before you wash your makeup off. That way you’ll be able to see if you tend to draw one line longer than the other, or one at a higher angle, etc.

  11. syl says:

    Hi everybody.
    I just drank some chai tea also and I’m waiting for my bread pudding to come out of the oven. I am enjoying the weather, but maybe I just want any excuse to drink hot chocolate and stay in my warm bed longer.
    I have a question for you Karen or anybody else; I used my 187 mac brush on my illamasqua blush and now the white bristles are stained. I used it once and then I washed the brush two days later (three times) and there’s still a faint red-orange tinge.
    Any ideas how to get the stain out? I’m still scared to use my 168 brush a lot for the same reason.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Syl,

      What are you using to wash your brush? You might want to try a gentle clarifying shampoo. I use Aussie shampoos on my brushes… for some reason they work great at getting the gunk out and the soap rinses out fast.

      Chai tea and bread pudding sounds delicious!

      • syl says:

        I will try the Aussie shampoo, thank you. For washing my brushes, I use a mix of baby shampoo, and dish soap, if that helps.
        Thanks again!

        • Karen says:

          Hi Syl,

          Sure! You might have to try washing it a few times. The same thing happened to my 187 brush… it just takes a couple of good washings to get all the color out. 🙂

    • Nina says:

      i use an artist’s brush cleaner called Pink Soap that i get from Michaels. it works well on stubborn foundation / blush stains. 🙂

  12. hey Karen 🙂 This is definitely a sleepy sunday for me. I went to ULTA and walked around for a bit, but nothing really caught my eye. I’ve been studying since I woke up this morning, and now I’m thinking I want Japanese food for dinner…hmmm maybe a salmon platter. yumm

    I’m probably not dressing up for Halloween, but I did do a fun Halloween FOTD on Friday. I’m still sorting through the pictures for that one (I must’ve taken about 50). Sometimes it’s nice to go crazy w/ makeup and just wear it around the house lol

    Hope you’re having a nice Sunday evening!
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  13. Laura says:

    Stressed! I put off my hw for far too long..

    Ugh..now I gotta figure out how I’m gonna build 3 sculptures in 5 weeks and finish off some paintings and etc..

    I see many sleepless nights ahead of me 🙁

    • Karen says:

      Hi Laura,

      Sounds like you’ve got a lot going on in the next few weeks. Maybe you need to do some good old fashioned beauty bribery to keep you going. Like, reward yourself with a little something after you finish each sculpture. It doesn’t have to be fancy either… even a drugstore lipgloss can do the trick nicely!

      • Laura says:

        Hopefully that will motivate me!

        I could use a new eyelash curler and I’ve always wondered about the shu one! And maybe a Lippmann polish or something..hmmmmm

  14. angel says:

    Hey Karen,
    It’s Monday morning for me, so just relaxing before I have to clean up after the weekend laziness. We were going to carve pumpkins tonight but we went to the store and there weren’t any pumpkins left, lol. I’m getting excited for Tartan tale, I love the bags!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Angel,

      Bummer about the pumpkins being MIA from the store! Hopefully you’ll be able to carve some soon.

      The Tartan Tale bags are super cute, huh? They look so Gwen Stefani to me.

      What else did you do this weekend?

      • angel says:

        Well they have to ship the pumpkins here for us, we’re stationed in Okinawa so if we want any fall fun we have to manufacture it, there’s always next year. We took our son to a Halloween party, and he had no fear. He was high fiving the grim reaper, sticking his hand in the fear factor boxes…..I have no idea where he gets that from. I’m scared of my own shadow.

        The bags do look sort of Stefani’ish don’t they? For me it’s Catholic school flashback, but it’s been so long now that it’s a fond memory instead of wanting to burn my skirts and itchy wool sweaters, lol.

        • Karen says:

          Hi Angel,

          That’s a good way of looking at it. At least now you know you’ve got to jump on those pumpkins, QUICK!

          How cool that your son is outgoing and unafraid. How old is he? When I was a kid I was like you ’round Halloween. I have many memories of running away from haunted houses with lights and scary noises, haha!

  15. Amber says:

    Yum, I haven’t had cheese crunchies in forever!

    Halloween is our wedding anniversary and we are spending the weekend in Santa Fe. We’re going for a really fancy brunch and then to Ten Thousand Waves spa for the day. The next day is my birthday…not sure what we will do, maybe some hiking.

    Phew, I am tired. Today was my most productive day in months. Made soup for tonight’s dinner, went antiquing, to Sephora, to Target, iced my cheesecake (made it yesterday), and I just made two kinds of cupcakes. Tomorrow night I’ll frost them!
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  16. Mai-Huong says:

    Whew, I feel kind of burnt out! So much for a relaxing weekend, haha. I’m lying in bed willing myself to do work, but it’s obviously not very effective.

    I’ve currently got my hair wrapped up in fabric in the hopes that my straight hair can somehow look a bit like the end result here: http://forums.longhaircommunity.com/vbjournal.php?do=article&articleid=82

    Too pretty! Fingers are crossed that I’ve found a way to get some nice curls sans heat 🙂

    • Karen says:

      Hi Mai-Huong,

      How pretty! You have to let me know how it works out!

      Did you put some styling product before you wrapped your hair? That might help to hold the curl even more.

  17. mkdallas says:

    I spent a useless & enjoyable hour at Ulta & Walgreen’s today, prowling the cheap makeup. I actually enjoy finding low cost makeup treasures as much as I do buying the high-end stuff. Today’s cheap thrills included 2 Carmex tinted lippies (brand new product…good one, too) in Peach & Pink tints (only available at Walgreen’s) and NYX Doll Eyes Mascara. I have a 12-year-old and in an effort to jumpstart her love of reading, I will read the new books I buy for her and then get her all hyped up about how good they are. I’m 2/3 of the way through the final “Hunger Games” book and the whole trilogy is the bomb! Thoroughly enjoyable. Hope you, Tabs & the Hub are enjoying the weekend.

    • steph b says:

      Thanks for mentioning the tinted Carmex are only at Walgreens — I’ve been stalking CVS and Rite Aid looking for them.

    • Karen says:

      Hi MKDallas,

      Looks like I’m heading to Walgreens soon. Do the new tints come in a jar, or a tube?

      YESSS! Another Hunger Games convert! Did you know they’re making it into a movie? There’s been talk about Katniss being played by the girl who is the vampire in Let Me In. I wonder who they’re getting for Peeta and Gale…

      Anyway, enjoy the last third of the book, but I gotta warn you: you might feel emotionally exhausted when you get to the end.

      • mkdallas says:

        They come in a slim tube and the tints are pretty pigmented, in a good way. I found them in Walgreens in the aisle where the Chapstick is found, not in the makeup section.

        Yes, I’ve heard that Chloe Moretz is up for the role of Katniss and I think she would be great in the role, as she played a majorly tough kid in the movie “Kick Ass”, too. One weird thing about the books; for some reason, I’ve been unable to conjure up a visual for with Gale or Peeta, other than one is blonde & the other brunette, lol. As far as casting those roles, the only thought I had was the blond kid from the Miley Cyrus movie, Lucas Till. He has the sort of sweet-but-strong demeanor I imagine Peeta to have.

        • Karen says:

          Okay, I’ll be sure to look there. Hopefully my store will have them out.

          I had to google Lucas Till… yeah, I can see him as Peeta. How was the Miley Cyrus movie, btw? Not gonna lie, I do love cheesy teen film.

          I think if Joseph Gordon-Levitt was still a kid he’d make a good Gale.

          • mkdallas says:

            I’m embarrassed to say I enjoyed the Miley movie. It was surprisingly sweet and sincere. Lucas Till was really great; not a super-experienced actor, but lots of talent (and exceptionally cute, lol).

          • Karen says:

            Sounds like it’s my kind of movie. I’ll have to rent it when El Hub isn’t around, LOL. 😀

  18. Tracy says:

    Hey Karen! Happy Sunday!
    It’s getting colder here in my part of Canada–seeing some snowflakes mixed with rain today.
    I’m about to watch Shaun of The Dead on TV-love that movie. Nothing like zombies to get you in the Halloween mood I say.
    I think I’ll be going as the Queen of Hearts–but the Disney cartoon one, not the movie. I even have a flamingo croquet mallet. 🙂
    What are you doing for Halloween?
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    • Karen says:

      Hi Tracy,

      So true, so true about zombies. Have you ever read The Zombie Survival Guide: Complete Protection From the Living Dead? It’s hilarious!

      Also… there’s a new zombie show on AMC (the same network that does Mad Men) called The Walking Dead. I can’t wait! 🙂

      Okay, did I ever mention I have a thing for zombies?

      Anywho, no plans so far on Halloween. El Hub and I were thinking about going to Disneyland, but it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen. Your costume sounds cute, btw! Will you be going to a party?

      • steph b says:

        Since you have a thing for zombies, have you seen any of the literary mashups like Pride and Prejudice and Zombies? They are hilarious twists on some classics.

        • Karen says:

          I’ve been meaning to pick Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, LOL! Is it really that entertaining? I sure love the covers! 🙂

          • steph b says:

            It really is funny how thoroughly they weaved the zombie theme into the book while still sorta maintaining the integrity of the original plot and characters.

          • Karen says:

            I tried reading the original one years ago but couldn’t get through it; I blame it on being traumatized by way too much 18th century British literature classes in a short amount of time. Maybe this way I’ll actually make it through the entire book, haha!

            YAY ZOMBIES!

          • steph b says:

            I couldn’t get into Austen in high school when it was required reading, but I really enjoy her work now. There is an attention to character that you don’t see as much of today. But, a few zombies never hurt.

          • Karen says:

            I watched the movie with Keira Knightly a few years ago and enjoyed the story, which is why I tried reading the book. I’ll have to give both the original version and the zombie-fied one a stab soon.

            I gotta say — who ever thought to put zombies up into the mix needs to get some sort of genius award.

          • steph b says:

            I haven’t seen the Keira Knightly version but adored the BBC mini-series with Colin Firth. I agree with you on the genius count — zombies make just about anything better.

          • Karen says:

            Yeah, Zombies are liked the shredded cheese of the monster world. Add a handful into the mix and POOF! Things immediately improve.

            Lemme guess… Colin Firth played Mr. Darcy?

        • Tracy says:

          I love Pride and Prejudice and Zombies! And the Survival Guide too! Looks like we could start a I Heart Zombies Club here! That show on AMC sounds fantastic! I’ll keep an eye out for it!
          No party-but I work at a High School–a Performing and Visual Arts School, so Halloween is a big deal!
          Disneyland on Halloween must be loads of fun! Too bad that you can’t do it. Some day I’ll have to do that!
          Tracy recently posted … elf Studio Essential Makeup Collection at Costco!

          • Karen says:

            Speaking of zombies, I just finished watching 28 Days Later.

            Has anybody heard of zombies not being able to climb stairs? I’m starting to think that’s pure crap, because they got around pretty darn well in 28 Days.

            Your work sounds really cool! Is it like the school in Fame?

        • Laura says:

          have that book!

          I LOVE LOVE LOVE zombies!

          Specifically George Romero’s zombies! 🙂

  19. Heidi says:

    Hey, Karen…. I haven’t seen you mention Project Runway in awhile. Are you happy with the final 3? Who’s your pick to win?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Heidi,

      How heartbreaking was that last episode? I actually got teary when Michael C. broke down. 🙁

      As for the final three, I’m happy with Mondo and Andy, but with Gretchen — not so much. I just don’t understand why the judges love her clothes. They don’t do anything for me.

      Who are you pulling for? I’m team Mondo all the way (all the way across the sky).

      • Heidi says:

        Yeah, I haven’t liked one thing Gretchen has done, including the two outfits she won for…. Team Mondo for me, too. No question. Great designer, great PERSON. Just like how I felt about Seth Aaron last season. He seemed like such a decent person and stayed out of all the drama, just like Mondo has tried to do this season.

        Michael clearly has major family/identity issues he needs to work out. Really emotional.

  20. Shannon says:

    I went to a Zombie party last night! It was pretty fantastic. My friend got liquid latex and blood scabby stuff and costume makeup. I’m not into zombies at all, but as soon as I started throwing that stuff on my face, I was all about it. I had some nice bruises, sunken eyes, putrid zombie bites… fun stuff. Who would’ve thought, huh?

    I have no idea what I’m doing for real halloween, though. I want a costume that’s cheap or free, but still amazingly unique and clever (totally realistic. I know.), but I’m not coming up with ANY ideas. sigh!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Shannon,

      NICE! How did your makeup hold up? Did it stay on all night?

      Unfortunately I’m totally at a loss for good, cheap Halloween costumes. If you own a Bump It you might be able to do Snooki from Jersey Shore, LOL!

      • Shannon says:

        Ha! The makeup didn’t hold up very well at all… the greasiness of the facepaint-makeup-whatever-it-was didn’t really lend itself to an all-night ordeal. However, zombies don’t really care if their faces are melting off. Luckily.

  21. snoopysteph says:

    Hi Karen! I just got home from a 6 year old’s birthday party at one of those inflatable bouncy house places and I’m wiped out! My son makes me & my husband join him in all the bouncing & sliding fun & it’s a surprising workout for 30-something bodies. I’m gonna sleep well tonight.

    A friend of mine drove into Chicago from Iowa on Friday & stayed the night at a hotel near O’Hare airport so she could catch a Saturday morning flight. I met up with her & over dinner she was telling me what a great deal she got on her plane ticket & how she’s thrilled that the airline doesn’t charge to check bags. I asked what airline she was flying and she said Southwest…which does not fly out of O’Hare. They fly out of Midway, which is on the complete opposite side of the city! Good thing I pointed that out to her Friday night instead of her having to find out herself Saturday morning while looking for a non-existent Southwest terminal at O’Hare. I wound up picking her up from her hotel & dropping her off at Midway on Saturday morning so she didn’t have to park her car in the long term lot there (Midway is on the south side of Chicago in not a great ‘hood to be leaving your car unattended for a week). So…that was my “good deed” of the week. Can you imagine thinking you’re supposed to be flying out of SFO but the airline is actually at SJC & you have less than 2 hours to catch your flight? Eek!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Steph,

      Thank goodness you were there to give her the 411. I would’ve been freaking out if that happened to me!

      Don’t laugh, but I’ve never gone into one of those bouncy house things, but I’ve always wanted to. 🙂

      What else did you do this weekend?

      • snoopysteph says:

        Besides taking my friend to the airport & going to the bday party tonight, all I did this weekend was chill out & do laundry! I haven’t done mine since I got back from Cancun at the end of September so I literally did 10 loads yesterday. Eek. Now it’s time to switch out the summer wardrobe with the winter wardrobe & so all my clean clothes are piled up on a chair in my bedroom. Someone needs to invent more hours in a day, or create 3 day weekends!

        I have a makeup question! Recently I bought MAC Studio Fix Fluid and I really love it…but want to know if there’s any way I can “water it down” so to speak. I love the coverage it gives but feels a little heavy & tight on my face. I apply it sparsely with a foundation brush & only apply it where I need to even out my skintone (nose, under eyes, a small dab on my chin & center of my forehead). I’m not used to using liquid foundation to begin with (I’ve been using the powder version of Studio Fix for a couple of years now) but I like the coverage I’m getting from liquid. I just wish it didn’t feel so heavy.

        • Karen says:

          AMEN on there needing to be more hours in the day!

          Hmm, how about mixing it with your favorite moisturizer?

          • snoopysteph says:

            Good call on adding moisturizer! I was also contemplating applying it with a damp brush too but wasn’t sure if I’m supposed to use something like Fix instead of plain water. I guess I will just play around and see what happens!

          • Karen says:

            I was going to suggest wetting a 187 brush w/Fix next! 🙂

            I tried water with a random Maybelline liquid foundation a few years ago, and by mid-day the it started looking patchy and broken up. You might want to try it anyway just to see if it works. 🙂

          • snoopysteph says:

            Thanks, Karen – have a great week! Mine is shaping up to be a doozy. 🙂

          • Karen says:

            You have a fab week too. 🙂

        • Fieran says:

          Hi Snoopysteph,

          I use Studio Fix Liquid but I don’t have very good skin so it gives me good coverage. To prevent the tight, cakey feeling, I usually spritz some Fix+ onto a makeup sponge and dab on the foundation to remove excess. Then I brush on translucent powder to set the foundation. It works pretty well for me.

          Good luck!

          • snoopysteph says:

            Awesome, thanks for the tip! I need to pick up a new bottle of Fix, asap. This morning I tried mixing the foundation with a dab of Tarte Illuminating Serum & it did the trick – no cakey or tightness today, hooray!

  22. DonnaN says:

    I had the most EXHAUSTING weekend…….I shopped til I dropped. Saturday was BEAUTY day in that I hit TWO different malls!! I bought MAC, Chanel and Bobbi Brown, plus a new polish at Sephora. I also got some new sunglasses, some tea from Teavana and some nutty goodies from Harry & David. I then picked up some stuff at the new Target (hair conditioner, cotton balls, Scope, Dove shea butter soap and mascara).

    Sunday was Wally-mart, Brunch with my hubby, back to the mall for socks at Macy’s and to Sephora to see if they would give me a F&F in the store for an item that is NOT available online (they did). I am now the proud owner of Coach’s POPPY fragrance, which with my F&F and gift card, only cost me TWO BUCKS……SCORE!!! We then went to Panera Bread for dinner, as I was craving grilled cheese and tomato soup again (my 5th time this week to eat this either out or at home—-it’s my OFFICIAL pregnancy craving!!)

    BTW, I have an official MAKEUP questions—I am looking for a winter tinted moisturizer, since my skin gets drier in the winter. I usually use MAC’s Moisture Tint, but was wondering if you could recommed anything else for me to consider?

    Thanks alot!!

    Came home, climbed in bed and read a bit before falling asleep.

    Who knew shopping could be so exhausting ?!?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Donna,

      Whew! It sounds like you had a fun weekend. Now you’ve got me crazing tomato soup and grilled cheese. 🙂

      Re: moisturizing tinted mositurizer — have you ever tried Dior’s? It’s expensive and comes in a limited shade selection, but it’s really moisturizing. Chanel and Tarte make really good ones too that are very hydrating.

      • DonnaN says:

        I’ll have to test those out to see….I tried the Bobbi Brown Tinted Moisturizing Balm this weekend and it was way too “sticky” for my taste, so I saved myself 50bucks!


  23. Tally says:

    Karen –

    Please do the D and G look!!! I have been trying to do it well for a few days now and it never comes out looking quite right. Maybe I just need Pat McGrath haha.

    Thanks!!! :)!! Love your blog!

  24. Tally says:

    Also – do you have a cream shadow that comes in this D and G color you could recommend? I know you love Benefit’s Creaseless Creams but they don’t really have a taupey shade like this. Maybe something from Bobbi Brown? Thank you so much for your help! I hope the rain has gone away by now!!

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