Which Would Be Harder To Give Up — Makeup or Nail Polish?

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Ah, the burning questions that keep me up at night…


After much tossing and turning, I’ve decided that it would definitely be harder to give up makeup.

I mean, I am absolutely, positively nuts about having my toenails polished. In fact, I don’t think I’ve left the house with unpainted toes since high school (’cause when my long toes are naked, I look like I have monkey feet!), so that would not be an easy habit to break…but giving up concealer, brow filler and gloss would be even tougher.

What about you? Which would be harder to give up — makeup or nail polish?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. The LA Lady says:

    Makeup… hands down. Life without lipgloss is not something I want to think about 🙂
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  2. Erin says:

    I would agree. Foundation and mascara feel more like necessities while colorful nails are more of a treat. I started wearing mascara on a daily basis in middle school and never stopped.
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  3. fancie says:

    I’m really starting to get addicted to nail polish lol. I find myself picking them up much more often. But I don’t think I could give up makeup. It’s just too fun && exciting lol
    fancie recently posted … NARS Guy Bourdin Holiday Gift Collection

  4. Lupi says:

    Six months ago, nail polish would definitely have won over makeup, now I’m not so sure anymore…
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  5. meredith says:

    As much as I love makeup I’ll have to go with nail polish. Because I see my own hands all day but my own face only when I make a point to look in a mirror.

  6. bin_du says:

    I’d have to say nail polish! 6 months ago that wouldn’t have been the case but I find myself wearing bare faced-minimal makeup more and more frequently. Nail polish on the other hand? Its become almost ritualistic to change my mani once or twice a week

  7. hanna says:

    Nail polish, for everyday I barely wear any makeup.

  8. breyerchic04 says:

    I don’t do my fingernails ever, so it’d be toenails only, and I’d rather only wear closed toed shoes than have NO lipstick, mascara, or concealer.

  9. It would be makeup for me too. I like my painted nails better still i can do with naked nail but not lips and eyes. Kohl, liner, lipcolors all are a must have for me!! 🙂
    poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Prizes Arrived: INGLOT Goodies

  10. Mandy says:

    No makeups?!?! Noooooo! I don’t even wear makeup everyday, but i can go without nailpolish for weeks (although it hurts) but i love makeup soooo much, i couldn’t and wouldn’t want to give it up O_o

  11. Sylvia says:

    Makeup would be much, much, much, much (get it now?) harder to give up. As much as I love nailpolish, my addiction with makeup is strong. Especially lipstick, I love a good lipstick.

  12. Sunny says:

    I choose makeup! While my nails are on the mend thanks to Dior Huile Abricot, for years they were a sad, peeling mess, and I got used to not wearing nail polish much because of that. I personally don’t want to expose my unpainted toenails, but fortunately I live in a climate that really doesn’t get too warm too often, so my toenails are hidden the grand majority of the time as well. Now my brow pencil? That is something I cannot live without!

  13. Danielle says:

    I think about this a lot haha. I would have to stay makeup.. but it’s so tough!
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  14. Chris25 says:

    If I were a robot, my head would explode upon being asked this question. 😛
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  15. Caitlin says:

    Can I give up half of my makeup and half of my nail polish instead?!?!?

  16. Joanna says:

    With out a doubt Makeup!

  17. Mimi Kitten says:

    Definitely makeup! It’s too fun! I hardly care about nail polish at all, woops.

  18. Jay says:

    Makeup, hands down. I don’t mind walking out without nail polish despite loving how it looks on my hands — but i could never walk out without at least some powder!

  19. Iris says:

    I don’t wear nail polish anymore (chips far too easily in my line of work), so I’ll have to say makeup would be the hardest to give up. 🙂

  20. Maheshika Rathnayake says:

    Hello Karen,

    Make up of course! life would be so dull and boring with out the colour and texture make up gives to my life. Plus I’m a nail biter( trying to quit) so I’m not that into nail polish.


  21. Maheshika Rathnayake says:

    Make up hands down!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  22. Sasha says:

    Definitely makeup! I absolutely couldn’t live without it! 😀

  23. StrayCat says:

    Gosh…that’s a hard one! I can go completely without everything EXCEPT I must do my brows, apply mascara and have a pedicure. I often have varnish free finger nails, but NEVER have my toes unpolished. I feel nekkid witouth my toes done. But if I had to choose I would say that brows and mascara are more important. But seriously, you don’t want to see my feet without a pedicure. HA!

  24. Barbara says:

    Definitely impossible to give up makeup. I have no eyelashes without mascara and you don’t want to see me without undereye concealer!

  25. Jen. says:

    It would be worse to give up makeup, even though nail polish is way more fun. I mean, I feel like I HAVE to wear makeup every day so I can be presentable. Nail polish is more fun for me but not required. Alas…

  26. TrippyPixie says:

    Makeup! I’m actually not a fan of nail polish, for some reason.

  27. Chelsea says:

    Definitely makeup! My fingernails are almost never painted, and while I do love painting my toenails in the summer, I’d live without that before giving up filling in my eyebrows!

  28. Lakitha says:

    No doubt about it, I would experience major withdrawal symptoms if I had to give up wearing makeup. I would be on the nearest psychiatric unit experiencing withdrawal symptoms. I COULD NOT SURVIVE WITHOUT A BEAT FACE ON A DAILY BASIS.

  29. I do not live without make, plus black eyeliner and lipstick are almost accomplices of my beauty kk

    Also more I love enamels with makeup without doubt
    winxmake Thatiane Gomes recently posted … Quel Amour! Feminino – Eau de Toilette 100ml – Resenha/Review

  30. Rachel P says:

    I could easily give up nail polish, but I would be really reluctant to ever give up makeup! Not that I feel I “need” it (although I would cringe to leave home without at least a little concealer on the worst spots). But makeup is one of my key forms of self expression and artistry. That would be a big sacrifice to make! I love nail polish but it’s really no contest. Also, as a consideration, my bare nails are healthier-looking than my bare facial skin. So I’m happy to show them off plain jane.

  31. Maria Therese says:

    I would give up Nail polish over makeup any day! I-m a hairdesser and I haven’t found a nail polish that stays on my fingers for more than one day. (except the gel ones you get at a salon..)

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