Eyeliner: With or Without Wings?

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A big ol’ wing! Here I’m wearing the MAC Maleficent collection

Hmm… That’s a good question.

Well, I usually like my liner with a little baby wing, but sometimes for more dramatic looks I’ll “go there” and do those crazy bat wings that look like they could take off into outer space, like in a Red Bull commercial. “Eyeliner gives you wings!”


Most of the time, though, I like a teeny kitten flick. One, because I feel like if I’m not doing big ol’ false lashes and BAM! eyes and BAM! lips, it won’t overtake my face. And two, because it’s technically easier for me, because with big liner you’re dealing with, you know, more product and longer lines, and you gotta get the wings correct, and there’s always something that goes wrong (for me at least). Something always goes wrong. So I like a tiny little kitty flick.

Eyeliner: with or without wings?

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And I usually prefer it in black, and I’ll vary what I have on my lower lash line. Sometimes it’s black, sometimes it’s MAC Powersurge, sometimes it’s a beige eyeliner on the water line to open up the eyes.

It depends on how I’m feeling that day.

So I guess in terms of my overall eyeliner philosophy, you could say, “It takes all kinds.” I go through phases, where sometimes I’ll be loving on a particular formula, like gel or kohl or…

Eyeliner: With or Without Wings?

Oh, hai, eyeliner!

Right meow my thing is a black kohl liner smudged tightly along the upper lash line and inner water line, and you gotta really get it down around the base/roots. Either the kohl liner drawn out to a little wing, or with a gel liner on top, and then with black powder eyeshadow smudged along the edges of that liner to keep it from looking too crisp. Lately I’ve been loving the idea of softer, sort of hazy liner.

How about you? Do you usually take your liner with or without wings, and what’s your overall eyeliner philosophy?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,





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  1. Sunny says:

    With, with, WITH!!! 99% of the time I wear my eyeliner with a wing, pretty much except for when I’m doing a smokey eye. I am getting better about not wearing any eyeliner tho. This used to weird me out a little!

    I am all for gel liner. I use a black gel liner on my upper lash line and waterline, as well as dotting along my lower lash line. I then smudge the part on my lower lash line out with an eyeshadow, but I never use black there because I feel the effect is a little too dramatic.
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  2. Allison C says:

    Love your glam with wings look, Karen! Although I prefer with wings, sometimes on my old eyes, they are hard to draw on, meaning my loose-ish skin doesn’t want to cooperate. But I appreciate the winged look on others!
    Allison C recently posted … Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Spring 2015

  3. Celia says:

    Baby wing, all the way! I feel like once you get the hang of it, you feel weird without one. Case in point, I’m annoyed with my lack of wing today 🙂

  4. jea says:

    Would love to see a tutorial!!

  5. Team Wing!
    Liquid eyeliner for the most part, but I stray and use gel liner or even smudged pencil some days.
    And a baby wing, most days.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Inspired by… Dior Kingdom of Colors Spring 2015

  6. Maddie says:

    You look stunning either way, Karen, but wings (even teensy kitten flicks) don’t work on my hooded eyelids, no matter what I try. I loved the winged liner look on others, though.

    • Kathy says:

      Ditto! Really wish a wing worked for me but no go 🙁

      • Kristi C. (@lov2read68) says:

        Another one with hooded eyes. I love the look of winged liner – kitten flick or full on wing – but like Maddie & Kathy, I have yet to find a method of winged liner that looks good on my eyes. Thank goodness for tightlining to give some added definition along my lash line!

  7. Kelly says:

    If I could do HUGE wings every day I would be all over them but they just don’t work with hooded lids, wah! So without for me. 🙂
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  8. I just wish I could do eyeliner period! I feel as a beauty bloggers I should know how but the struggle is so real! LOL!

  9. Rachel R. says:

    Definitely with wings. I usually do a kitten or cat eye. I love all kinds of colored eyeliners, but I use black most often. I love a nice creamy pencil or gel liner best, but I do occasionally use liquid. More rarely, I use a felt tip liner.

  10. Elizabeth says:

    Love that necklace! Where did you get it?

  11. Agata says:

    With wings, most of the time. If only I could get both of them to look the same…Any pro tips?
    Agata recently posted … Do You Prefer Neutral or Colored Eyeshadow Palettes?

  12. Erin says:

    I only said without because I suck at doing it! Having deep set eyes and not a lot of lid space, it’s challenging at best!
    Erin recently posted … Organic Chicken & Wild Rice Soup

  13. Debra says:

    Looking good, Déesse de Chats.

    For me winged a bit on the bottom lash line.

  14. gio says:

    I love the winged look, but it’s an art I haven’t mastered yet. Most days, I’m still struggling with drawing a straight line. lol.
    gio recently posted … Can A DNA Test Prevent Skin Ageing?

  15. Chelsea says:

    Depends on the day!

  16. Vanessa says:

    Without wings, but I do extend slightly beyond the corner if my eye — usually continuing the curve of my eye.

    Smudgy or diffused are my favorite look, but it actually takes a bit to get it just right. I’m usually taking shortcuts and let it be more precise / harsh.

    Oh yeah, I also usually do just top lashes.

  17. kwmechelle says:

    Wings- all day, e’vry day! I prefer a baby wing and that’s usually what I go for. There are times, though, when the baby wing goes horribly wrong and turns into a bat wing. 🙂

  18. Kirsten says:

    Those big wings on top look gorgeous on you! But maybe just for special occasions to emphasize the BOOM! factor. They’re probably a pain to apply.

    I can’t say I’ve ever tried them on myself, so I’m more of a pencil and smudge girl.

  19. If I apply eyeliner I usually only do a little baby wing. I looooove dramatic cat eyeliner and strong winged looks on others but they just don’t suit me.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | DKNY MYNY eau de parfum

  20. Fran says:

    I think wings look absolutely fantastic… on other people. On my hooded (mature) eyes, they don’t really work, so my eyeliner philosophy for myself is: tightline the upper lash line with a dark gel liner (dark grey, blue, purple, or brown — usually not black, I’m kind of fair), then line upper and lower lash lines with eye pencils in colors similar to the eyeshadow I’m wearing (lighter on the inner lid, a little darker on the outer 1/3 of the lid), and set/smudge with the shadow(s). This strategy intensifies color at the lashline but leaves things so that you can still actually see my eye shadow — if I do the usual lining strategy, all you see is liner until I blink.

  21. Fancie says:

    With all the way! It’s kinda my thing lol. Winged liner is edgy, classic and feminine all at once. I love it!
    Fancie recently posted … Maybelline Rebellious Raspberry Color Elixir Review

  22. Liza says:

    OMG Girl you look soooo glam in that pic! So gorgeous! I keep trying to perfect my wing but i think i just need to invest in a better eyeliner. The felt tip ones are my favorite but so far i’ve had bad luck with getting them to not get patchy when i wing it out! Considering the Tom Ford one…. its supposed to be so amazing but good god the money….. $$$$. Do you have any good easy eyeliner (preferably felt tip) that you would recommend? Also have considered the new tartist one just because it come with that cool brush but idk……

  23. Its wingy-wingy eye liner for me any time.. I dont know but somehow this little wing draws automatically on my lids 😉 .. i like to play dratic ones as well which reaches quite clost to my brow bone but I love the idea of wings.. 😉
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … Sleek Makeup Rio Rio I-Divine Eye Shadow Palette Review, Swatch, EOTD

  24. With wings, always!! But when I don’t have time, I just do a quick swipe close to the lash line.
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Deep Green Smoky Eye Makeup Tutorial (VIDEO)

  25. Hayley says:

    Always with……too bad I’m really bad at it 🙁

  26. Kirsten says:

    I prefer to do eyeliner without a wing (not even a baby one) for 2 reasons: 1. It just seems like too much work for an everyday makeup look, and 2. I’m very new to makeup (only been wearing it for the last few months), and I’m a little intimidated by it

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