Don’t Stop Believing

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Why is your friendly neighborhood beauty addict so happy in this picture?



A. Because she got her roots highlighted (they had been completely unacceptable and just totally wrong for the past month).

B. Because she’s wearing her new favorite lip gloss, Coach 01 Gardenia, which also happens to fit into her favorite Coach wristlet.



C. Because she heard three of her favorite Journey songs today! — one in the privacy of her own home (Lights), and two IN FRICKIN’ PUBLIC (Oh Sherry in a restaurant and Don’t Stop Believing in a coffee shop).

You can’t deny your love for Journey!

D. All of the above.

What made you smile today?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Crystal says:

    Karen!!! I know that smile because is have it too! I just got my hair highlighted two days ago and i feel like a new woman, its amazing πŸ™‚ Love this post, you look stunning darling !

  2. Crystal says:

    I meant to say **”I have it too” but i think you knew that πŸ˜‰

  3. Karen says:

    Thanks Crystal! It’s a whole new world once you get your roots, done, yah? I felt instantly lighter and brighter. What kind of highlights did ya get?

  4. Jaclyn says:

    wow… love your hair Karen. It’s soo lovely

  5. Karen,

    I’m LOVING the look!

    You look simply divine with the new shiny hair.

    Good on you girl for pampering yourself!

    miss Gisele B.

  6. Holly says:

    Wow Karen your hair looks amazing, I so so wish i could get mine to have as much volume, its so glam!
    I had an AMAZING friday, I won my first case!! And it was a particularly sweet win because the claimant told the most horrible lies about our client and we managed to prove every one a lie!
    so as a reward in heading to Mac AND Chanel ha!

  7. Emilee says:

    Beautiful, dahling! πŸ™‚

    That Coach lipgloss looks great, too! Looks like another trip to Coach! πŸ˜€

  8. Kelly says:

    Hey, that’s my favorite Coach wristlet too (assuming it’s got little strap buckles on the side not pictured) only mine is in brown. It’s the perfect size for a gloss, cell phone, driver’s license, cash, and some credit cards.

    My ‘winter’ purse this year has been a beautiful deep red leather with the signature print embossed into the leather with stitching detail around the embossing. I’m getting tired of the weight of it, but I have much love for all things red. =)

  9. Karen says:

    H Jaclyn,

    Thank you! I was long overdue for a root touchup. I’m usually not this lax about it but I’ve just been kinda busy. You know how it goes, I’m sure. But I’m happy that I can finally go outside without having to wear a hat to cover up my roots, LOL!

  10. Karen says:

    Thanks Miss Gisele! Hope your weekend is off to a great start, hon!

  11. Karen says:

    HOLLY!!!! Oh my gosh, congrats! That’s so awesome. Yes, you definitely earned a trip to both MAC and Chanel! LOL, let me know if you need more celebratory MAC recs, girl!

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Emilee,

    The Coach lipgloss is pretty great. I like that it isn’t sticky and it doesn’t dry out my lips like Lipglass does! Plus that packaging is soooo cute with the C’s!

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Kelly,

    Yup, we’ve got the same wristlet! It is small enough to fit the essentials but not too bulky! Plus, you can put it in your bigger purse and then take it out when you’ve got a date or are going on nite out with the girls.

    Your red winter purse sounds really pretty. I have a soft spot for Coach bags too (I totally agree with you – they can get heavy and that gets old really quick) and am looking forward to the spring stuff!

    Anyway, I hope your Saturday is off to a lovely start!

  14. Holly says:

    Haha thanks πŸ™‚ It was the best feeling ever because the claimant was such a witch!!

    I had a very good day! In Mac I bought: a 209 brush, soba eyeshadow, Breezy blush, Fuchsia fix tinted lip conditioner and a moisturelush eye cream! I also have my eye on one of the creme colour bases but they didnt have the colour i wanted unfortunately.

    I also did something very naughty, I bought a classic Burbery trench coat :s it is beautiful but my poor poor bank account is not going to appreciate it quite as much I fear!

    Hope everybody else is having a good saturday!

  15. Glosslizard says:

    Hi Karen!

    OMG, look at you! So gorgeous with your fabulous smile and flowing mane of hair! You look like you should be on the cover of a romance novel! πŸ™‚

    Ha! All I had to do was see the title of the blog to have the piano riff start going thru my head! “Just a small-town girl livin’ in a lonely world….” LOL!

    Oh, Holly!

    Congratulations! That is really phenomenal! Keep it up and DO treat yourself! Then, if you have a moment to spare, share what you get so we can celebrate vicariously! πŸ˜€

  16. Holly says:

    Hi Glosslizard,
    thanks so much, I honestly nearly kissed the judge it felt personal towards the end just because I knew my client had not done any of the things alleged and the claimant was such a horrible horrible person!
    If you look above ive listed everything i bought, Im now officially in love with Mac, you get so much more for the money than Chanel! However Chanel is still my first love!

  17. Karen says:

    Oh, Holly, that trench is awesome. Seriously, it’ll pay itself off quickly because it’s one of those clasic pieces that will last you forever. I’ve never tried one on before but I’m guessing the fit and cut is amazing.I bought a bcbg black suit a few years ago and even though it killed me to pay for it at the time I’ve used it so much in the past few years.You just can’t go wrong with well designed, classic pieces!

  18. Holly says:

    It is the most amazing fit, in fact its probably the only coat I have ever tried on which isn’t too big on my shoulders!
    It really is the sort of thing I will wear forever!
    I think im more excited about my Mac stuff though haha!
    The eye cream looks amazing!

  19. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard!

    Happy Saturday! Aren’t you so glad it’s sunny? I’m off to Fisherman’s Warf for a day of some much-needed galavanting. πŸ™‚

  20. Karen says:

    Holly, that Moisturelush eye cream is phenomenal. Seriously, one of the best skin care products I’ve used in years. I’d die if they ever discontinued it.

  21. Holly says:

    Oh wow im excited to try it out properly now! The sales girl who helped me was really knowledgable and said the Moisturelush was really good but it has only just come out in the UK so I just thought i would give it a try! A friend of mine has just bought the face cream too and she says its really good on her dry skin, I think it may be too oily for mine though as my T zone tends to get a little shiny as it is.

  22. LaurenIvy says:

    Oh my God you look SO pretty in that picture!

    I’m happy ’cause today is Saturday and I actually have somewhat of a handle on my homework! Also it’s a nice day outside, and I woke up on time, which made me happy πŸ™‚

  23. You look absolutely gorgeous and glowing!

  24. Amanda says:

    Karen-you hair looks fantastic!!! so does the lip gloss-so Coach makes lip gloss, huh? who knew?

    Kinda boring Saturday so far-had to run one of my dogs into the vet, now it’s time for chores. BUT, my sephora order arrived, with my SHU yellow elation!!! and me blue 650 (navy). LOVE.

  25. Glosslizard says:

    Hi Karen!

    Oh, Fisherman’s Wharf sounds so perfect today!!! Have fun!

  26. Glosslizard says:

    Hi Holly!

    Oh, now I have major trench envy! I loves me some trench coats! I was eyeing the Burberry trenches at Nordstrom this winter, but couldn’t quite justify it. You, however, clearly need one for your burgeoning career wardrobe! πŸ™‚

    I like MAC, but Chanel is still something really special!

    BTW, have you tried the Sublimage eye? I’m really interested in a comparison between Moisturelush and Sublimage eye creams!

  27. Holly says:

    Hi Glosslizard,
    I am so in love with my trench, I used that very justification for buying it! I couldnt possibly be a good lawyer without a decent trench :p!!

    I think my new Mac things will actually compliment my existing Chanel pretty well, I dont see myself ever moving away from the Chanel foundation, powder, bronzer etc because i love the quality and how it never makes me break out, but the colour range of Mac’s blushes and eyeshadows is so much wider than Chanel so it has fitted in well!

    I have tried the sublimage eye for a couple of weeks in testers and it did make my skin feel lovely but it is so so incredibly expensive that I would never buy it. To be honest though I am only 21 so I can’t really say that complete anti ageing systems are high on my list of priorities, give me 30 years and i will probably be spending fortunes on whatever weird and wonderful anti ageing ingredients they have come up with by then!

    As for the Moisturelush I have only just put it on for the first time now but it feels great! Its really thick and rich but has a really light sort of sheen to it which the sales girl (who was fantastic and so knowledgable on the products) tells me gives a glow under the foundation.

    To be honest I think they do completely different jobs, the sublimage will almost certainly be far better at preventing lines and wrinkles and the ingerdients in it will be much better quality but I do think the Moisturelush is more moisturising and does have the sheen to enhance your foundation around the eyes which the sublimage wont do.

    I have also been using the Chanel Beaute Initial eye serum for a couple of months now (all samples I wont be buying it full size!) but I found it to be a little sticky and not sufficiently moisturising and I can tell already that I am going to like the moisturelush more – and its like 13 pounds ($26) cheaper!

    I would deffinately reconmend giving the Moisturelush a try, I think its going to end up being a skincare staple for me already!

  28. Thushaa says:

    The gloss looks yummy πŸ™‚

  29. Mrs. Lynne says:

    Look at you Miss Fly Pinay! πŸ˜‰ Your hair is getting long. I love it. It think it’s at a perfect length right now.

    I’m smiling because the boys are enjoying themselves. Gotta love that πŸ™‚ Have a great weekend love!

  30. Karen says:

    Hi Holly,

    I have combo oily/dry/breakout-prone skin, and I’ve found that Moisturelush doesn’t make the oiliness any worse. It’s such a really great face cream; it’s magical, like unicorns, ha!

  31. Karen says:

    Hi LaurenIvy,

    Thank you, my dear! I hope you got all your homework done and that you’re having a great weekend so far. Do you get to do anything fun today? πŸ™‚

  32. Karen says:

    Thanks Live Fabulously πŸ™‚

  33. Karen says:

    Hi Amanda,

    Woo hoo, Sephora haul time! How are you liking the Yellow Elation? What are you combo-ing it with? πŸ™‚

    How was the vet’s office? Is your dog okay? I hope so!

    Oh, and Coach has had a beauty line out since fall! There are lipglosses, lipsticks, a shimmer powder and fragrance:

  34. Karen says:

    Hi Thushaa,

    The Coach lipgloss is great. It’s pretty, isn’t sticky (love that), and doesn’t dry out my lips at all.

    How’s life been on your end? School going okay?

  35. Karen says:

    Hi Mrs. Lynne,

    I grew out my hair for my wedding and then chopped it all shortly afterwards. Now I want it long again, ha! Hey, at least it gives me something to do. πŸ™‚

    Your lil’ ones sound so cute. Were they watching Cars again?!? Been meaning to ask you, how is it being the only gal amongst a family of boys? Is it fun being alpha female?

  36. LaurenIvy says:

    I actually did do fun stuff:

    -got my nails done with my girls
    -walked my friend’s doggy around the park
    -watched Grey’s Anatomy Season 3

    All in all, a nice, chill, day. Plus, my “Sunny Auburn” highlights looked great in the sunlight! πŸ™‚

  37. Karen says:

    Auburn highlights always look so pretty when the sun reflects off of them and you can really see the differences in color! Don’t let the sun fade those gorgeous highlights, though. Do you have any hair products with SPF?

    I have still yet to watch Grey’s Anatomy (I know, I’m lame). My friends tell me that it’s a GREAT show though. I think I’ll have to order season one from Netflix soon.

    I’m glad you got to do fun stuff…every girl needs a Saturday like that now and then!

  38. Mrs. Lynne says:

    I used to have super short spikey hair before. Halle Berry status. I loved it because it was so easy to take care of and if I was running late in the morn, all I had to do was shove my head under the sink and run some gel and that was it. I’m always on the fence of going back. I really want to, but then it has the drawbacks of needing to get cut more often because my hair just can’t do inbetween stages. It’s horrific!

    It’s nice being the only gal in the clan, but I do hope to have a girl one day. We were hoping baby was going to be a girl, and when we found out we were having another boy, Hubbo said, “well, that means you get to stay the Princess for a little longer”, hah. I was like, “I’m still the Princess even if we have a girl!” And he says, “no way babe. I’ll have a new Princess in my life. You’ll just have to be the Queen.” I’m thinking… Queen? That means I’m old, lol. But I do need a makeup buddy. So I’m crossing my fingers for a girl, hah. Do you have any preference for when you have le tots?

  39. Holly says:

    Hi Karen,
    Wow moisturelush is magical!! Im half way through a tub of Chanel Hydramax moisture cream at the moment which i love but its so expensive that when i run out of that I may try the moisurelush.

    Im loving the eye cream already I have actually really noticed it de-puffing my eyes this morning even after a late night and an early morning!

  40. Ping. says:

    oh my.. you look gorgeous babe. lucky husband hahaha and i guess its all of above.

  41. Thushaa says:

    Karen, life is going amazing. Started a new semester of school, so a fresh beginning.

    I forgot to mention your hair looks HOT!
    I am officially on a mission to find the Coach lipgloss in Canada. =D

  42. Karen says:

    Wow, Mrs. Lynne, I can *totally see* you rocking the Halle Berry hair. You have the spunk and the beautiful features to pull it off, that’s fo sho! I’ve always wondered how it would be to have hair like that, but have never had the guts to go full on short. I’ve had friends tell me the same things that you talk about – it’s harder because you have to get your hair cut more often, the growing out stage is awful. Who knew short hair could be so high maintenance?

    I’m with you on the princess/queen thing! I think you should hold onto Princess title until the kids get old enough to start dating. Once other young people with hormones get up in the mix then you can assert your Queen status and lay the smack down (“I’m not raising any grand babies! The Queen has spoken!”).

    I always wanted to have boys. But girls do have cool matching accessories these days, especially lil’ hats and purses, awww! But really, all I really want is a want healthy hapa baby that DOESN’T look like Rob Schneider (seriously, the man scares me).

    I will cross my fingers for you, too, so that you’ll have a lil’ cutie pie girl next. πŸ™‚

  43. Karen says:

    Hiya Holly,

    Hoooray, I’m glad you’re liking the eye cream. I’m gonna convert everyone to Moisturelush, they just don’t know it yet, LOL.

    Oh, another great thing I’ve noticed is that when I apply makeup over it everything goes on smoother! Try it under your favorite eye base. πŸ™‚

  44. Lea says:

    Lovely hair Karen! I miss my long hair, but I can’t say I’m not enjoying my bob.

    Lol on Rob Schneider, yes that man is creepy. Oh dear cross fingers for us!

  45. monique r. says:

    oh sherry is steve perry SOLO. not journey!

  46. Mrs. Lynne says:

    I’m actually thinking of going short again but not that short. Maybe shoulder length with spunky “I-should-be-in-highschool” layers, haha.

    Hubbo always jokes around like, (telling the boys) “you can have the girls over anytime AND SHUT THE DOOR!” I’m like, “yah, after I do a background and criminal check and I’ve had ‘The Discussion’ with the girl first! Plus, there’s like a 5-year probation before that process starts.” Muuahahhhah. My mind wanders too much. I’m going to go insane when those days come.

    Healthy and happy babies are always good. So are ones that don’t cry bloody FREAKIN’ murder, lol. But I only want one girl (I know how I grew up and I’m not ready for that). I need a makeup/shopping buddy. But must teach her not to be high maintenance with all that.

    Oh no. Not Rob Schneider! Did you know he’s part filipino? He’s a Manong! Lol. No really girl. You’ll have good looking babes. And Mestizo babes, yah?

  47. laura says:

    Hi karen!
    you look lovely and soo glowy. what are you wearing on your cheeks?

  48. Carla says:

    Hate these (wash me out) colors but you’re always stunnin’ with and without.
    Happy valentine just for you cos you really worth it (;
    by the way cute boots and I’ve given my voice to Betsey Johnson she rocks.

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