Does It Bug You When Other Peeps Use Your Beauty Products?

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Borrowing beauty products

I don’t mind when El Hub uses the Philosophy Unconditional Love body wash in the shower, but some of my beauty products are off limits, even to him. I’m super picky about my hair stuff, for example, and most of my shampoos, conditioners and styling products are used to treat specific issues like dryness, color protection or curl control — issues I know El Hub doesn’t have to deal with when it comes to his mane.


I don’t mind when a friend or loved one “borrows” a dollop of one of my shampoos, a spritz of a volumizing hairspray or a dab of department store lotion, but not my Bumble & Bumble Curl Conscious, LOL! Please, I beg you, not that. 🙂

Do you mind when your significant other, roommates or family members borrow your beauty products, or are you cool with sharing your body washes, lotions, shampoos, etc.?

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  1. Christina says:

    Most of the time, I’m okay with a guest or friend using my makeup or even hair products. But the time someone used (an ungodly amount of) my favorite bodywash while we were on vacation?

    I wasn’t very nice for awhile after that.

    Karen, did a recent occurrence spark this question…? 😉
    .-= Christina’s last blog post… New MJ Music Confirmed =-.

  2. Meream says:

    I don’t make if they only want to try. But if they start using it every day, I’d mind. It’s more about money issues, I guess. Some products are expensive. 😀

  3. cloudburst says:

    As long as they ask me first, it’s okay. However, one thing I do hate is when friends or clients test my products with their fingers! Not sanitary!

  4. Stephie says:

    Alright, that picture and caption of Tabs has to officially be on my favorites list. Ha. 😛

    Although the only person I really worry about using my stuff is my sister I must say that it’s not the beauty stuff that she “borrows” from me that bothers me, but everything else. She cleaned her room the other day and left a PILE of clothes and accessories of mine, on my bed when she was done…

  5. Miss Dee says:

    I totally freak out if someone touches my beauty stuff!!! I’m soooo obsessive with it, and I hate to see anything out of it’s place!
    .-= Miss Dee’s last blog post… Pequé! compré! =-.

  6. Janet says:

    Dude. Someone used my loofah last week (and left trace evidence! There was bright blue Old Spice body wash ALL over it). SO not cool, ugh!

  7. Tiffany says:

    My hubby uses my stuff all the time – hair products, body wash, hand creme, etc. I don’t mind that he uses them, but I hate that he bugs me about how many products I buy! You can’t bug me about buying too many products AND then use them all – not fair!

  8. Lucky says:

    I don’t really mind as long as the person asks and puts it back where and how I had it! I have two younger sisters and a mom so if I complained every time they used my stuff I wouldn’t have time to do anything else, LOL.
    .-= Lucky’s last blog post… Pardon the Interruption =-.

  9. cecilee =) says:

    i have definitely have this problem. i’m always scared what when my friends use my mascara or something that might dry out, that they won’t close it tightly lol

  10. Alison says:

    I don’t really like other people using my beauty products and I also don’t like people borrowing my clothes. I’m lucky I have a brother and not a sister!

  11. claudia says:

    Lucky took the words right out of my mouth!!

    But, since I don’t live with them anymore, I don’t really have to worry about it. My boyfriend did use my very last Biore strip a few weeks ago and I was irritated–especially since he doesn’t even need them and he doesn’t get anything out of his pores, so it’s pretty much him just WASTING a strip!

  12. Jasmine says:

    Well … I kinda-sorta know my mother’s been snitching my best tube of mascara without telling me and applying it every morning, then putting it back. I guess it’s kind of fobby because she thinks that since it has to be thrown in a couple of months it wouldn’t hurt for her to use. I don’t like it but I can’t fault her, ya know?

    I get really ticked off if they waste my good stuff, or use copious amounts for no good reason. Like when my sister overdoses on the salicylic acid she uses my rich, creamy moisturizer and breaks out instead, and repeats the cycle!

    However, if they’re using ‘temporarily discarded’ stuff, it can be really good. My dad’s skin was aging in reverse, turning buttery smooth and glowy and bright and radiant because he was using my Q10 Nivea body lotion all over his face after shaving. That was a happy accident! 😉

  13. Redhead says:

    Jasmine, if you don’t like it, pull the big switcheroo! Try your best to find a cheap mascara that looks like the one your mom is using, and put it where she normally steals it. Stash the real tube in your purse, or somewhere she won’t find it, and you’ll have your mascara all to yourself again! That’s right, bat those lashes at your cleverness 😀 Or better yet, just give her the soiled mascara she keeps stealing and get yourself a new tube. It’ll be payback when she gets a bacterial infection for using someone else’s mascara.
    I don’t mind it when somebody uses my Bath and Body Works lotion or body washes, but I do mind when somebody uses my Garnier deep conditioner or regular conditioners. It’s relatively expensive and I have LOTS of hair to condition! I also get super peeved when a friend sees my reapplying mascara/liner in the bathroom at school and ask to use it. Doesn’t ANYBODY know the potential for a bacterial infection? I once let my best friend use my mascara only after she cleaned her eyes down with one of my makeup wipes. Then, her (very RUDE friend) said “Ooh, I need some mascara!” and took it from my hands even after I told her she had to have clean eyes to use my eye makeup!

  14. liis177 says:

    OMg! hOW FUNNY Is this blog? I was just yelling at my BF last night in the shower bc apparently he has been using my Bedhead $18 per bottle Superstar Sulfate free Shampoo. I WAS LIKE WTF!! Stop using my expensive ass shampoo when your Suave is sitting right next to it. GRRR! He said “It smells good”. But then I explained to him that it costs an arm and a leg per bottle and if he had color or bleached hair I’d gladly share the price of the bottle. LOL!! He was like “Oh”.
    .-= liis177’s last blog post… Nordstrom Anniversary Sale…Come one Come All…F the recession! =-.

  15. Michelle says:

    It depends on what it is and who used it. I don’t mind sharing body washes & shampoo/conditioner. But I do not like anyone using my loofah or razor. Also, i’m not too big on letting people use my makeup, it’s too risky (infections!). Oh, and expensive body butters are off limits too.

  16. Karen B says:

    I’m okay with bodywash and shampoo and stuff like that but not make-up. Maybe some blush or other powder stuff but certainly nothing creamy or liquid. Mascara is OFF-LIMITS as I have to be careful with my contacts. Same with my fluidline, or I apply it on them (so I can use a freshly cleaned brush, scoop out the amount needed from the pot on my hand, etc.).

  17. Indian Girl says:

    Except for my hair brush I don’t mind sharing anything else ! I love letting my friends use all my products. Most often if I like it better on them, I usually just give it to them, to keep. My friends do the same :)It makes me feel good and I am really bad at saying no.
    .-= Indian Girl’s last blog post… Hiya =-.

  18. shivotra says:

    My friend wanted to try out my diorshow mascara, I just gave it to her. I never share makeup, esp eye makeup – but I do share lipstuff and foundation with my mom. but she is the only one I’d share stuff with…no one else.

  19. gio says:

    I don’t mind other people using my beauty products if they ask first. But I don’t like to share stuff like mascara or liquid liners for sanitary reasons.
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Know Your Ingredients: Argan Oil =-.

  20. wehkwas says:

    In tenth grade, I would have friends come over to my house for lunch hour and my friend Brooke always wore these thickly lined cat eyes everyday and she liked using my only Rimmel Kohl jet black eyeliner on every visit because she liked how much the pencil applied after one swipe. I didn’t know how to tell her to stop so I eventually ended up hiding it and telling her I misplaced it.

  21. Kate & Zena says:

    I’m insanely picky about who touches my Aveeno lotion and my make-up products. I don’t care so much about my shampoos and conditioners. I never share any of my make-up products either due to my skin issues.

    I’ve got hyper-sensitive skin and if my lotion is empty when I need it badly (i.e. I have hives), I get super duper p***ed off. Luckily, my family knows about my condition and leave the stuff well alone or they ask before touching! I will hunt you down if I have an empty bottle of Aveeno! I never have a empty bottle and no back-ups. The moment my bottle is 3/4 empty I go out and buy another one. I fear not having any Aveeno if my skin flares up!!!

  22. Citrine says:

    I don’t mind if it’s a really good friend but I don’t really have that much good friends lying around so…

    Anyway, I remember a had a roommate who asked if she can borrow my shampoo a bit when she just moved in and forgot to grab her shampoo, Of course as a human being, I had no problem with that…

    Later I realized that she has been using mine and never bother to get her own(the bottle was going down way too fast within a month) , so I sort of put the shampoo back in to my personal tray (instead of the public area…) and then she started to have her own…I mean, the shampoo wasn’t super expensive, but I have no obligation to pay for her personal grooming…

    As for makeup..eyeshadow is OK for best friends when we are playing around but if on of my lip gloss is touched, I will just let her have the tube…I can’t stand shared lip products. (I am too lazy to use Mascara anyway…and my fried don’t think mascara is fun to play with so she never asks.)
    .-= Citrine’s last blog post… Color Coded: Fuschia Fever Fix =-.

  23. Yarisse says:

    I never ever let anyone else use my own beauty products. I just hate the idea that someone else used it.

  24. Rhian says:

    It depends really. I only let a couple of really close friends use my makeup, and they know how to use it and be sanitary about it. I don’t mind people borrowing shower gels or shampoo/conditioner when they stay the night as I don’t really buy expensive ones.My mum also has access to everything, so long as she asks or lets me know after or w/e. I won’t let just anyone use my stuff, but there are a few people who have free access to my stuff. My brother also prefers to use my stuff (LOL), like my body sprays (don’t ask why he likes smelling like a girl) and random stuff when he’s out of shampoo/moisturiser.

  25. Lindsay says:

    I don’t mind when people use my shampoo and conditioner or cleansers…as long as it’s a reasonable amount, but I hate when people ask to use my mascara. Shu Uemura is pretty expensive, and I don’t want to get some nasty infection! Eye shadow is fine for me too. The one thing that is off limits is my Frederic Fekkai Summer Hair because they only make it once a year, and I want to save as much as I can since I use it year-round and can’t stock up on it until summertime comes around.

    One thing I really hate is when somoene uses my razor! I just think that is SO GROSS!

  26. Nadrah says:

    I don’t really have anyone to share bath products with as I don’t have any sisters…but I hate sharing makeup products with my friends! I’m very particular about using clean brushes and hands when doing makeup and I know a lot of people aren’t like that! I have a friend who wets her eyeshadow right in the pan, so her palette is hard and crusted over… eww!! I wouldn’t want her to do that to mine! This same friend once borrowed one of my favourite nailpolishes, painted all her fingers in 2 coats then told me she hated it and took it all off. I was so mad!
    The only person I don’t mind sharing with is my mom. She doesn’t have the same habits as I do(like she uses sponges instead of brushes, which i hate) but I don’t mind her using my lipstick or lotions because I’ve been borrowing hers since I was really little lol!

  27. Kitty says:

    I’m fine with anyone using any of my stuff, except for makeup. If I am doing a look for them, it’s cool, but otherwise, no go! It’s weird, because my parents smoked like chimneys around me ever since I was little, but I especially hate smokers using my lip products.

  28. giselle says:

    i am soo selfish when it comes to my personal belongings! but if someone tries something and likes it i’ll just buy it for them. i’d rather buy somebody something than have to share it with them! lol :X

  29. Aisha says:

    hehe, awesome post! I don’t like sharing lip products because I’ve never had a cold sore in my life and never plan on it!! I generally don’t really like sharing makeup and I clean stuff after my friends use it–like brushes, products, etc.

    One time my dad was visiting and I could tell by the smell in the bathroom that he used my Bumble and Bumble seaweed shampoo and I thought that was really cute for some reason. 🙂

  30. Sexy Sadie says:

    It is ok, as long they have asked.

  31. Anna says:

    I am all about sharing with my mom because ofcourse she barely uses makeup and eyeliner is a once in a month usage thing and she loves how it applies. I borrow my mom’s lipsticks when she has the perfect shade and she borrows mine when I have the perfect shade. In fact, I ask her to try different shades.

    What I do hate is everyone other than my mom trying to use my stuff like blush and bronzer. It’s expensive and if you want it go buy it.

  32. Thuy N. says:

    I don’t mind when my friends use my makeup – in fact,I encourage it because I have so much that it would be impossible for me to use it all! Also, they don’t wear makeup regularly so I constantly try to get them to use it.

    The thing that annoys me is when my sister uses my things. If i get a new product that she likes, she’ll use it constantly and eventually she’ll ask me if she can have it. And when I say no, she gets mad and says it looks better on her than it does on me! This annoys the heck out of me! Plus, she’s always using my expensive perfumes because she’s too cheap to buy some of her own!

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