Desperately Seeking Shoes! A DSW Neon/Nude Shoe Adventure

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desperately seeking shoes

So. Jury duty. Moments before anarchy erupted in the jury selection room, the judge, perhaps sensing a rebellion on his/her hands, excused everyone and sent us home.


Tempers quickly cooled… My fellow mutineers and I set down the folding chairs we were about to start throwing at one another and filed out of the room in a calm and orderly fashion.

Disaster averted. For now. But it was yet another reminder of the precariousness of our so-called civilization. If/when the zombie apocalypse occurs, we are so screwed.

Anywho! 🙂 After my brush with disaster, I felt like I needed something to restore my faith in humanity, so naturally I stopped at DSW on my way home.

I thought I might get myself a pair of neon shoes to start year 37 on a bright note, but after trying on this pair of Guess Alcott pumps in Yellow ($59), now I’m not so sure…

Guess Yellow Shoes

They’re just so bright! And, I don’t know, maybe a little too much shoe for me.

Oh! — do you remember those BCBG Platforms I’d been lusting after? Well, they were there at the store today on sale for $59.

Thing is, they only had this mint shade, and not the neon lime green one that originally caught my eye…

bcbg mint

I still tried ’em on and thought they were pretty comfortable for the height, but definitely not comfort shoes. The heel felt stable, and nothing pinched or felt too tight, but I’m still trying to stick to my rule of only getting shoes I can comfortably walk in, so I set them down and turned the corner…

…and bumped right into these super cute hot pink neon/nude pumps by Steve Madden ($59)!

steve madden p carli
Steve Madden Carli Pump, $59

Cute! But far from practical. The leather felt tough and tight, and I almost toppled over when I tried a Miss J catwalk turn.

The nude part reminded me of the shoes Reese Witherspoon wears in This Means War. Through most of the movie, Reese wears nude pumps or sandals that really seemed to make her look taller.

Since I’m always looking for ways to enhance my vertical stature, I thought the trick might also work for me, so I started scanning the aisles for cute nude sandals and pumps…

Badgley Mischka dayna shoe
Badgley Mishcka Dana shoes, on sale for $112 (originally $160)

I loved the gold tough girl accents, but the zipper in the back made ’em difficult to just slip on and off.

mia shadow tosca shoe
Mea Shadow Tosca Shoe, on sale for $65 (originally $110)

Liked everything about this shoe except the hole in the front…which made them look a little weird on my feet.

mia shadow tosca shoe

kelly katie destiny shoe
Kelly & Katie Destiny Shoe, $49

bcbg emonee shoe
BCBG Emonee in tan/coral, $79

bcbg emonee shoe buff black
BCBG Emonee in buff/black, $79

mrkt riley
MRKT Riley Shoe, $79

I kept seeing shoes from MRKT, a designer I’m unfamiliar with, all over the store. Have you worn ’em before? They seem well constructed and stable…

mrkt holly hippie
MRKT Holly Hippie, $69

The Holly Hippie was so, so comfortable, but I felt like they made my feet look clunky.

mrkt holly hippie

enzo angiolini sully
Enzo Angiolini Sully shoe, $64

I loved the color and stitch detailing inside the Sully shoe, but the leather felt very tight to me.

Not a great sign.

audrey brooke alibi
Audrey Brooke Alibi shoe, $69.

Another designer I’m unfamiliar with, but I liked the look and construction of many of the Audrey Brooke shoes I saw today.

audrey brooke caress shoe
Audrey Brooke Caress shoe, $59

audrey brooke capri cork
Audrey Brooke Capri Cork, $69

charles by charles david legit shoe
Charles by Charles David Legit shoe, $59

And I loved the colorful wedge on this Charles by Charles David Legit shoe, but I guess I didn’t love it enough to close the deal.

Saw some cute pairs today, but nothing that screamed, “Hey, shorty! It’s your birthday!” Or at least, it’s close enough to your birthday to treat yourself with a new pair of shoes. 🙂

Oh, well. The quest continues…

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jenn Staz says:

    Ahh you have some great choices in here! I just watched This Means War last night. It was so great – and I don’t think it got too many good reviews? And yes, I noticed her shoes throughout the movie, too 😉
    Jenn Staz recently posted … Instant results from the award-winning Glycolactic Radiance Renewal REN mask

  2. Bing says:

    I think the Mia booties and the BCBG sandals are cute. You just made me want to drive up to Novato tomorrow. Btw, did you carry your camera to jury duty???

  3. Chris25 says:

    I wish I could have found a way to send you a homemade birthday cake. I made one for my friend:

    All of this talk about shoes is giving me “the itch”. LOL.

  4. Jenna says:

    great gams!

  5. Ooh, those Enzo Angiolinis! Tight leather is never a good thing (well, at least not when it comes to heels), but I love their look – shimmery champagne, a high-gloss finish, and a bit of a platform for us vertically-challenged folk? Yes, please! 😛
    Rae // theNotice recently posted … Summer lovin’ (or, Rae’s bronzer beau of 2012.) | Lise Watier Summer Sunset Bronzing Powder review, photos, swatches

  6. Hot! Love those mint ones–and the hot pink Steve Maddens! I would SO rock those–but first I need a major wardrobe overhaul so I’m not stuck wearing hot as sh*t stilettos with torn jeans and a tshirt 😛 Note to self: need to STOP buying pretty makeup…at least until I can acquire a few key new wardrobe pieces
    Becca @ The Beauty Sample recently posted … The Sample: Burberry Lip Mist Natural Sheer Lipstick in No.213 Field Rose Review

  7. Advah says:

    Tuesday morning, work, 9am – SHOE PORN. Thank you..!

  8. Uh you’re horrible, Karen! Tempting me with ALL THESE GORGEOUS SHOES!!! I’m a big fan of nude wedges/sandals. I still love the Nine West pair that I have, but I could always haul more…
    Sunny @ Mostly Sunny recently posted … Have I Mentioned My Purple Obsession? Zoya Neeka & Anja Swatches

  9. Vonvon says:

    I think the first 2, mint and yellow ones are so pretty!
    Vonvon recently posted … Magazine Freebies: Nails Of The Day – nails inc x InStyle Power Pink, Bluebell & Peach Sorbet

  10. It can be so tricky to find a good pair of heels. As lovely and bold as some may look, at times none shout out ‘buy me’ — I know that feeling. I hope that you find something soon 🙂
    Though, I personally love wedges so that caught my eye 🙂

  11. Nina says:

    I tried on the Audrey Brooke Caress the last time I went in but there was something weird about the fit on my tootsies.

    I ended up grabbing 3 pairs of shoes from Nordstrom instead! A pair of wedges and 2 pairs (the same style, diff colors) of thong sandals just for mucking about during the weekend. I think I paid less than $200 for all three!

  12. Ruchita says:

    DSW – one of my favorite stores! I’m also trying to stick to buying shoes that I are comfortable for walking. I really like the brand Sofft. I got a pair of cute sandals last year with about a 3-inch heel, but they’re comfortable. The straps don’t pinch and the footbed is nice and cushioned.

  13. BeckBeck says:

    Wow, your DSW kicks my DSW’s butt. I stopped going to mine regularly because I never found much of anything – where I live, Marshalls seems to be the place to go for shoe bargains.

  14. E. says:

    Actually, I think that the Steve Madden’s (nude/neon pink) are practical! And if I had to choose… definitely the Badgley Mishcka’s!

    Oh, how I love DSW – fun post!

  15. Nina R. says:

    That Audrey Brooke Capri Cork looks like a Jimmy Choo from a couple of summers ago – I’m going to look for it at DSWs near me – love it!

  16. Katherine G says:

    All of the shoes are really cute! I’m partial to the yellow ones, but that is because yellow is my favorite color. I own a pair of neon orange 5 inch heel sandals that have gold studs. They are classic in shape but not in the color! I love them because they go great with jeans or punch up a little neutral dress. I got them at Nordstrom Rack a few years ago. I say go for the yellow ones and a pair of cute neutral shoes! You’ve given me the itch to shoe shop as well now 🙂

  17. Nicoleee says:

    I have MRKT shoes and they’re fannntastic, I’m not good with wearing heels alot, but I can wear them all day walking around and my feet don’t hurt

  18. Tekoa says:

    Awww…too bad the shoe search didn’t end in success. But at least you tried some on and rejected the ones that weren’t perfect.

  19. Linnea says:

    Karen! I’m so happy you share the exact same shoe shopping strategy that I do:
    1. Drop into shoe store unexpectedly.
    2. Figure that you need to buy shoe A, reasoning:
    – i. you don’t have a pair like that..
    – ii. you need a new pair because old shoe A is getting old..
    – iii. treat myself time!
    3. Start looking for shoe A. Find maybe two or three options, dismiss all of them.
    4. Get completely distracted from shoe A by a gorgeous pair.
    5. Try on. Cannot walk. Put back, but stare longingly at them as they are gorgeous.
    6. Get distracted yet again by random non related shoe – hate hole in toe, put back.
    7. Completely get sidetracked and start looking for an item completely unrelated to shoe A. Fine a bunch of comfortable gorgeous examples, but none look good on your feet.
    8. Give up, go home, and keep stalking the 5 pairs of shoes that you really really want online.
    9. Fine that 1 pair of stalked list is in store. Go see, find this new shoe A, and repeat process, maybe ending up buying one of the completely unrelated items this time.

    .. now I understand why the boy thinks I’m absolutely bonkers when I’m shopping for shoes. 🙁

  20. Melody says:

    Oooo I dig all the Audrey Brooke sandals, especially the Capri Cork. I just snagged a pair of Guess sandals at DSW recently and I don’t recall seeing Audrey Brooke. Maybe the inventory is different in Texas. It was an interesting experience though because I went in thinking, “Why am I stopping here. I never find anything at this store,” but I ended up staying for 2+ hours haha.

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