Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog – August 17, 2007

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Friday means that it is time for your weekly dose of good ole’ fashioned advice from Is gel liner a mystery you can’t figure out? Completely clueless about the difference is between sugar and hard wax? Need to know the upcoming winning lottery numbers? While I can’t help you with that last one, I do try my best to answer all of your other burning beauty, skincare and makeup questions. OH – and I give out great tough love too, should you need to know if those jeans make your butt look big!

Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog,


I have acne and it totally sucks. What’s worse is that I can’t stop picking at my zits! It’s gross, but even when I try to stop I just can’t help myself. What should I do?


Pimply in Pennsylvania

Dear Pimply in Pennsylvania,

I so feel your pain. It’s really hard to keep your hands off your face, especially when there’s the temptation of big, juicy, pop-ready zits. Totally been there.

First of all you’ve got to remember that popping pimples and touching your face does not help you! Not only does it extend the time of the zit, you can permanently scar yourself. YIKES!

Here’s what helped me. First I made the decision to keep my hands off my face, because hands on face inevitably leads to pimple popping. When I was tempted I told myself out loud (or mentally, if others were present) that “This is not helping the situation, it’s making my skin worse and I HAVE TO STOP.”

Secondly I started tracking when I would be tempted to pick. In high school, my forehead was where I got the worst breakouts, and I would always pick at the zits just out of habit when I was stressed out while taking a test. I saw this pattern and tried really hard to break it. I actually cut my nails and started sitting on my free hand during tests so it wouldn’t wander out to the zits on my forehead. It was hard, but eventually I stopped doing it and it really helped my skin to heal.

These days I know that I’m always tempted to pick late at night, right after I brush and before I go to bed. I try really hard to avoid that situation by turning off the bathroom lights immediately – ya sure as hell can’t pick your zits in the dark. At least I can’t, because the visual is a big thing for me. Eww so gross, I know, but readers that say popping a pimple isn’t satisfying have got to be lying or in total denial.

Figure out when you are most likely to be tempted to pick and then do what you can to break the habit or avoid the temptation. Your skin will be spared from scars and will thank you for it. Good luck!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


Dear Makeup and Beauty Blog,

I noticed you have lots of pictures of me up on your blog. Why?


Christian Bale

Dear Christian Bale,

Yes, I do like to post random pictures of you on my blog, but that’s cause I run the show
here and I can do whatever I want!


In fact, here’s another one just for fun.

I am so very flattered by your offer to make out with me. Okay, so maybe you didn’t offer to make out with me in your letter but if you offered it would be – dare I say – truly awesome!

Unfortunately I’d have to turn you down, as my husband would probably not be happy with such a heavy exchange of spit between us.

Take care, and please keep lifting weights.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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