Dastardly Dilemmas: You Can Only Have One Bath or Shower Product for the Rest of Your Life. What Is It?

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El Hub would probably (absolutely, definitely) say that most of the 20-some-odd bath and body products in our shower are unnecessary, but I have to politely disagree. That man may be able to survive on a single bar of soap, but I can’t. I NEED EVERY DAMN THING IN THERE.


You don’t even know. Without the proper care and attention, my hair goes wild! I’m talking star of its own show on Animal Planet. I’d have hairy hobbit toes, too. And without the right scented bath products? Huh uh. I don’t want to smell like overripe peaches.

So, yeah, this is a tough one for me… Do I pick the razor, (’cause sister is hairy), or hair conditioner, or soap, or one of the other things in my shower?

If this were the end times, like if things were really, REALLY bad, I’d go with a good cleanser, like Neutrogena Ultra Gentle Daily Cleanser, and use it on my face, body and hair. I’d stockpile bottles of that stuff.

Then, and this is totally fair game because I didn’t say anything about DIY or kitchen products, I’d condition my crazy mane with olive or coconut oil.

This is assuming, of course, that I’d be able to find some (post-apocalyptic Karen would be crafty), and then I’d trim my rogue body hair with a sharp knife or a pair of tweezers, which I could also use as an anti-zombie weapon in a pinch.

If this were some other kind of situation, like if an eccentric billionaire said to me, “Karen, I’ll give you $10 million if you only use one bath or shower product for the rest of your life,” then I’d still go with soap…but I’d spend some of my millions on waxing and deep conditioning treatments at the salon. 🙂

Dastardly dilemmas: You can only have one bath or shower product for the rest of your life. What is it?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day!


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  1. What?! Karen, no, that is just cruel! 🙁

    Okay, okay, let me see… I guess I’ll keep my shampoo then. The thought of having to walk around with dirty hair gives me the creeps.
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  2. Natalie says:

    I’d keep a stock of reetha (soap nut) powder, as you can do pretty much anything with it. Or maybe just a soap nut tree would be good. I’d need some hemp oil too, with those things I think I’d be good.

  3. Laarni says:

    Silly girl!!! But to answer the question, probably i’d pick the ever classic safeguard! LOL!!!!!1111!!
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  4. kim says:

    Dr. bronners soap!! can I cheat a little and add burt’s bees exfoliating face wipes? they aren’t in my shower…

  5. Chelsea says:

    This is hell! I’d probably choose a hydrating/non-stripping shampoo.

  6. Divya says:

    Probably one of the Shea Butter soaps from Loccitane! My skin loves it and I use it 5/7 days so I see myself using only that forever! 😀
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  7. Alison M says:

    I think…. I’d keep the razor. It would be the Schick Hydro Silk (five blades for silky smooth awesomeness). Then I’d do the baking soda/honey shampoo and coconut oil for body wash and conditioner. We are two hairy homegirls. No way I’m skipping the shave.
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  8. Fancie says:

    Aww man this is a tough one! I guess I’ll stick with one of my Philosophy shower gels since they can double as a shampoo lol
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  9. Nik says:

    Yeah, not fair! I was thinking how lucky my man is with his 1 bar of soap yesterday. I choose shampoo though! If we have to pick only 1 so do men, that means no shave cream or razors for them either! We slather ourselves in SPF and anti aging products as well and men don’t have to worry about age showing on their faces. They got it easy, I’m envious of that! I think I have 20 products (bath, skincare and make up) I just can’t live without! XD

  10. Lena L says:

    Hmmm, a toughie!
    I’d have to go with Johnons baby Head to toe wash or Dove bar. Maybe I could do it for 10 mil. 😉
    Love the fresh face of yours!
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  11. Lulle says:

    Dr Bronner’s castile soap! Ok it’s not in my shower right now but can I still pick it? Since you can use it on hair and body and I don’t think it would dry out anything too much.
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  12. maryann says:

    I would have a hard time picking just one product per category (shampoo, conditioner etc.)

  13. Domestic Goblin says:

    Dove soap – simple yet versatile.

  14. Majick says:

    I would have to pick Dove soap or DHC Mild Soap. DOve is cheaper but I think the olive oil and honey of the DHC bar would be better in the long run.
    UGH – my head almost exploded with this one. LMAO!

  15. Agata says:

    This is too hard to answer. But maybe I’d go with a Philosophy shower gel? They smell divine and although I have never tried them on my hair, I know you can use them as a shampoo as well.
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  16. Shannon says:

    oh, cruelty!! Well… I’d probably go with something like dish soap, actually, if I could have things like oils (for moisturization) and salt/sugar/baking soda (abrasives/exfoliators) as well. Dish soap gets things *clean* and doesn’t leave any residues behind. But those oils would be pretty necessary afterwards!! (Could I have avocado oil, please? 😉 I already use it almost exclusively to cleanse & moisturize my face!)

  17. Rachel P. says:

    I would just pick a Dr. Bronner’s soap in whatever scent (lavender, probably). I’d use that for body wash and shampoo for eternity, then pick my own witch hazel leaves to crush and use as a facial astringent, and I’d also harvest my own aloe and press oils to use as moisturizers and conditioners. I think the soap is my most important shower thing- I can feel clean and maintained without much else. For hair control, in the apocalypse, I wouldn’t care at all and I’d let myself get completely hairy (would help in the cold winter months too). If it was the eccentric billionaire situation, there’s no law against waxing in these 1-product-shower stipulations :))

  18. Chynna says:

    I actually experimented with this when I went on a two-week vacation. I brought along 16-oz bottle of WEN and used it to wash and condition my hair, wash my face, wash my body, and shave. It worked really well for all of those. I had great hair and no breakouts.

  19. Celia says:

    Easy! Not really because if I don’t have tons of shower options by way of pretty smelling things I get really cranky, BUT I’ve been using Philosophy Purity Made Simple for, like, 10 years or so. Love it, love it, love it, can use it on my hair and my face and my skin, and when I accidentally leave it out of my travel bag and find myself an unreasonable distance from the closest sephora I get really antsy and angry that there are no comparable drug store products for my face.

  20. Beverly Johnson says:

    Cream Honey Bath/Shower by Perlier…

  21. Sjess says:

    This hairy monkey uses a Braun Silkepil, outside the shower, so I can use my one thing on my hair, yay! I choose Uniq One cleansing balm, as it is totally the bomb on my hair and would probably work as a body wash as well 🙂

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