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Heya, ladies. I had a lot of fun chatting with y’all in last week’s Open Thread, and I’d really like to do it again.


I’m just about to have lunch so this’ll be fun. Like last time, you can talk about anything you want — ask (or answer) beauty (or non-beauty) questions, talk about your week, post links to cool sites/videos, describe your pet’s penchant for destroying your makeup brushes in painstaking detail (I’m listening!) or whatever else is on your mind.

To help break the ice, here are two questions I’ve been asked a lot lately:

Where’d I get my necklace?

You might’ve noticed I lurve this double-stranded gold necklace A LOT. I wish I could say it’s from a cool indy designer on Etsy, hand made for me, but, uh, it’s not. πŸ™‚ I picked it up on clearance three years ago in the costume jewelry section at Macy’s. Unfortunately, I don’t remember the designer’s name — I actually think it might’ve been the Macy’s house brand.

What cameras do you use?

From left: Canon PowerShot SD950 IS, Canon Rebel XTi

I alternate between three, and all of them are Canons — a Rebel XTi, PowerShot SD950 IS Digital Elph (Titanium body) and the G11. I like ’em all for different reasons. The main reason they’re all Canons is because they’re what I was introduced to a few years ago. El Hub used to work at a newspaper where everyone on staff shot with Canons, so when I started getting interested in photography it just so happened that he knew more about them than other brands, but I hear that Nikons are great too.

Canon Rebel XTi: Of my three cameras, the XTi handles color the best. Despite the fact that it’s only 10 megapixels, which today is a little on the light side, it produces richer, more realistic colors than either the PowerShot or the G11 and captures nuances the point-n-shoot cameras usually miss.

My favorite lens to use with it is lovingly referred to as the “nifty fifty,” the Canon EF 50 mm f/1.8 lens (about $100). It’s fast and lightning responsive, and I can do lots of cool bokeh effects with it, which are those shots where the background has a blur.

If it weren’t so damn bulky, I’d probably use it more. It’s a big PIA to lug around, and when it’s around my neck the strap starts to hurt my shoulders and neck.

I’ve had my eye on a newer version lately, called the Canon T2i. It’s 18MP (up from 10), but more importantly it can shoot HD video, too, so you can use it with specialized lenses like the nifty fifty to shoot artistic video.

Canon Powershot SD950 IS: This will sound super cheesy, but sometimes I feel like this camera’s an extension of my eye. I’ve never felt more at one with a piece of equipment before, and I know it like the back of my hand. It’s compact and lightweight enough to take everywhere, and once I understood the features I was able to take a wide range of different pictures with it — macros, panoramas, etc.

TIP: To take better macro (closeup) pictures with one of Canon’s PowerShot cameras, give their special macro modes a try. The little flower icon on the dial puts the camera into a mode that allows it to focus on objects placed right up next to the lens.

It’s the most user-friendly and versatile of the three cameras with one minor caveat on picture quality; I don’t think it handles color or detail quite as well as the other two cameras (the XTi with the 50mm 1.8 lens). Honestly, though, the difference is subtle. I’ve shot some of my favorite photos with the PowerShot, and I can’t recommend it enough.

Canon G11: I just picked this up two months ago, so we’re still in the getting-to-know-you phase, but so far I like it. It’s about halfway between a bulky DSLR and a nimble point-and-shoot, with the ability to manually focus and adjust settings like aperture, which are things you can’t do with the smaller cameras.

Canon G11

I wanted something lighter than the XTi that could shoot in AV (aperture priority) mode and create nicely blurred backgrounds. I also like that I can attach my Speedlite hot shoe flash to it, too, which is nice! Only complaints are the price and that it’s not as fast as I’d like it to be.

Have you ever tried?

Oh, one more thing — have you ever tried Boots Botanics Quick Fix Cleansing Wipes ($7) or Pacifica’s Malibu Lemon Blossom Body Wash ($18) and Body Butter ($18)? I used the body wash and butter last night and loved them! They smell just like the beach (in a good way). πŸ™‚

Let’s get this party started!

Oh, and please feel free to respond to each other’s comments, too. Talk to you soon.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. yiota says:

    ahh i love open threads! πŸ˜€ im trying to think of questions now..
    you recommended in my other post the Cream Color Base in Pearl by MAC.. what’s the difference between that and a paint pot? Im leaning a bit more towards the paint pot though..

    hmm.. im really liking the packaging of the new MAC collection coming out for summer.. i think its called To the beach. It sucks that i wont be able to buy any of it since im going to be gone all summer in europe!! ahhh loll
    I’ll repost if i think of anything else..

  2. your blog is one of my favorites. i love the quality of the pics, and how friendly and sweet you seem. I’m actually going to pick up one of the cameras you mentioned here. I also recently got into your youtubes and love them. I have a youtube channel if you’d like to check it out too. Here’s the link I haven’t updated it in months, but hey. Also, here’s my question. If you were going far far away to space and you could only take 3 beauty products, which ones would they be?

    • Karen says:

      Hi BeautyLogic,

      Thanks for sharing your Youtube channel! I just subscribed. πŸ™‚

      Regarding the three products to take into space, hmm…

      I’d take Time Balm Concealer, the NARS Orgasm/Laguna Duo and a tube of MAC Nymphette Lipglass. You?

  3. marisol says:

    Happy Sunday Karen! I have two questions for all – one beauty & one non beauty.

    When you exfoliate your face,what technique do you find works best? I find that i still have some dry spots on my skin after exfoliating and I am thinking that maybe I am doing it wrong.

    What iPhone apps do you use and recommend? I am always curious about this for all who have iphone…hahaha

    Also a restaurant recommendation for you – if you and & El Hub are ever near 24th Street & Valencia in the mission, you HAVE to try Papalote Mexican Grill. I think I had the best carne asada burrito there yesterday. They have a second location on Fulton & Masonic but I haven’t tried it. I heard about that place because their burrito won againt Bobby Flay’s Throwdown.
    .-= marisol’s last blog post… Liberty of London haul =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Marisol,

      For the past few months I’ve been exfoliating with the Clarisonic Mia. I’ve been holding off on doing a full review (I’m thinking it will go up next month) because I wanted to do long-term testing on it since it’s quite pricey, but the gist of it is it’s a fantastic exfoliator. If you have a Sephora gift card or a bday coming up you might want to give your friends/family a hint!

      I’m kind of lame when it comes to iPhone apps — my favorite ones are the yelp app (comes in so handy when I’m trying to find a place to eat) and the Cat-o-Matic (the one that makes kitty sounds… drives Tabs NUTS!). How ’bout you?

      Oh, and thanks for the restaurant rec! I’m always looking for an excuse to drive into the city. πŸ™‚

      • marisol says:

        I’ll look forward to your review.

        I have a lot of apps. About 6 pages worth of them. I do like Yelp and use it quite a bit. I like Flixster which ties to Rotten Tomatoes so you can read reviews and see showtimes for movies. I also like Last.FM & Pandora for music; Camera Bag & Shake it Photo for pictures; & Words With Friends and DoodleJump for games.
        .-= marisol’s last blog post… Liberty of London haul =-.

      • Karen says:


  4. Sonja says:

    Hi Karen!!

    Yes, loved the last weeks open thread! I love your cameras- I have Cannon Eos Rebel XS which I rarely ever see because my dad takes it on all his travels, so I’m stuck with IXUS, which, despite having only 6mpx (come on, Iphone app has more!) is my favorite camera ever- I’ve shot amazing photos with it in incredible conditions thanks to that blessed image stabilizer! I should probably invest in a new digital camera- but I always end up spending ALL my money on travels- just today I spend all my savings on a trip to Amsterdam in June.

    Other that that, I’ve had such an exciting week! I finally did a drastic hair cut- I got rid of my middle-of-the-back hair and now have a straight bit longer bob with bangs! I’m loving it, and feel a 500 pounds of weight have been lifted of my shoulders!

    Oh, and it’s my name day today. I’ve always wondered, how do you say name day in English?
    I’ve always loved name days more than birthdays (which, oh the horrors is on Easter Monday which just happiness to be the day of my high school reunion dinner party-brrrr.)

    And do give Tabs a hug from me!


    • Karen says:

      Hi Sonja,

      In some ways I think the whole megapixel thing has gotten out of hand. I’ve taken some of my favorite pics with my 10 mpx Rebel! There’s just so much else that goes on (the sensor, the type of glass on the lens, etc) to have it all ride on the number of mpx, you know? AND yes, thank ye gods for image stabilization. πŸ˜€

      Your hair sounds super cute, btw! Doesn’t it feel good to get all that weight off?

      Oh, and I’ve never heard of name day before. What’s it like? How do you celebrate?

      • Sonja says:

        That’s exactly what I say- I’m not going to make billboards nor am I taking deep space photos, so all those super mega giga pixels are worth nothing if you don’t have a good angle, or your photo is blurry or the light isn’t right! That’s why I love old cameras and my 6mpix- it literally has scars and bruises how many times I’ve dropped it and it still delivers a good photo. I’m especially allergic to all the 12 mpix in cell phones- come on, what kind of lens can you have in that itty bitty phone! (I can’t say anything bad about Iphone, since, well, I love my iphone=)

        Yep- when all things fail, Wikipedia saves-
        It’s a big thing here when some saint is the protector of some village/city (for example- my tiny island village has St George, my city has St Dujam – I don’t think there’s a English version of that saint, since he was pretty local) but nobody remembers my name day- it’s not that common ( and I doubt that there’s was a St Sonja, since my name is a variation of Sophia).

        Oh, and talking about sophia- I got my first MAC lipstick- Sophisto! I love the colour, and those babies are sooooft! Though, not that moisturizing.

      • Karen says:

        I totally know what you mean to having an emotional attachment to a camera. I have an old, beat up PowerShot that I took with me to Europe in 2005 — El Hub wanted to sell it for the longest time, but I couldn’t bear to part with it!

        Name Day sounds very cool, btw! I wish I could have one! It would have to celebrate the actress Karen Black though, ha ha! That’s who I’m named after…

        Anywho, bummer to hear that your lippie doesn’t moisturize well. I usually have pretty good luck with the lustre formulas. Maybe prep your lips with a rich balm before you apply it? That might help!

  5. firefly says:

    Hi Karen! Do you have any suggestions for wedges? I have a semi-formal event coming up, so some suggestions for shoes would be nice. I need a bit of added height but I can’t walk in really high heels!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Firefly,

      Wedges are great, but they can be deceptive. Yes, you get added arch support from the wedge, but if the wedge itself is skinny, it’s quite easy to fall on your a$$ (been there, done that!).

      I find that the easiest high shoes to wear are ones with a thicker heel, a covered platform and a strap that goes around the ankle. Thicker heels are more stable (even more stable than wedges, IMHO) and the platform adds height without adding heel height. The ankle strap will keep you in the shoe so ya won’t fall out!

      What does your outfit look like?

  6. Hi Karen! I have a beauty question for you and everyone else! What are your thoughts on the YSL Touche Eclat?

    I’ve been using Laura’s Secret Brightener Pen and have always liked it. But I know people rave about the YSL Touche Eclat?

    Anyone have any opinions on it? (Other than that it’s pricey…) πŸ™‚

    .-= Mrs. Schwartz’s last blog post… In Progress: Mesh One-Piece Bathing Suite – Sexy Little Knits by Ashley Paige =-.

    • Sonja says:

      I have it and although I love how it works (really brightens the eyes, I have no.2) i feel it’s a bit too drying and heavy for me. I use it on top of my concealer (or, in most time after I dab a bit of liquid foundation), just a drop to bring the light.

      But I have to mention that I stopped using it a couple years ago since it gave me an allergy (I have allergy prone skin), but now it’s ok- no allergies for now.

      Hope that helps!

    • Karen says:

      Ooh gurl, YSL cannot handle my dark circles; it’s way too sheer. I have to use the full coverage stuff (The Balm’s Time Balm).

      If yours aren’t too bad it might work for you, though. I know lots of women love it — it just happens to do nothing for me.

  7. pinksoysauce says:

    Hi Karen! I’ve been researching digital cameras lately since it’s time for a new one so thanks for explaining about those. I’ve been vacillating between the Canon PowerShot and a few Sonys and so it’s great that you wrote about the PowerShot!

    I have a question about the blog – which host do you use? I’m working on a website, which will hopefully incorporate a blog section, for my school business club and thought WordPress would be the most user-friendly, but am still figuring things out. I was wondering if you had any other suggestions. Thanks!

    • Karen says:

      Hi pinkysoysauce,

      The blog itself uses WordPress, which I love, and to actually host it I use a company called I was with Godaddy for the first few years, and they were great for a long while, especially for the low price, but the blog’s grown a lot since then, and the Godaddy account got to where it just working very well anymore. But there’s a BIG difference in price. You get a lot with a Godaddy account for $10/month, but companies like Servint can cost hundreds of $/month.

      What I love most about WordPress are the free plugins. SO many cool plugins for things like polls and other features that are available free. Keep me posted on which system you go with. Have fun with it!

  8. shivotra says:

    i’m so glad you are doing open threads. i use my dads Sony’s DSC -H9. It is great, but I want to buy something from Nikon. I have only ever had Sony cameras and had really bad luck with them – either I have lost them or broken them. So i want to try something new.
    .-= shivotra’s last blog post… The Body Shop Lip + Cheek Stain – 03 Coral Shimmer =-.

    • Karen says:

      I know a lot folks who love Nikons. My mom has one. Can’t remember which one, but she likes it. Do you have a particular one in mind? A point/shoot or a DSLR? My only thing is I wish DSLR lenses weren’t so expensive. You really do get a lot of bang for your buck with the good point-n-shoots.

      What have you been up to today? I still haven’t had lunch and I’m starved! πŸ™‚

  9. Lauren says:

    I don’t have any questions, but I did just want you to know how much I love your blog. You’re so informative and the reviews are so great, plus you have an adorable cat and you don’t come off as pretentious like so many other beauty bloggers. Just wanted to give you your props, girl!

    • Karen says:

      Aw, thanks, Lauren! πŸ™‚ That makes my day. It’s easy to be nice with people like you around. I swear I’ve met some of the nicest, most genuinely sweet people through this blog. You have a great day and a good week! Tabs says “mrrroww!” (translates loosely to “we’ll talk again soon”)

  10. Kypris says:

    Hi Karen! I use a Canon camera too – one of the A series with both P&S settings and manual settings. It’s small enough to carry around when traveling, but also affords me the option of experimenting with settings for the time in my life when I can afford a fancy camera!

    I have a question about red lipstick – what kind of ‘shape’ does one want to have? I mean, I use a neutral lip liner beneath it, but I don’t know how far out on the edges of the lip one should have the lipstick go, for example. Is this a weird question? I feel like different shapes will give different looks. And also how do you keep the lipstick from getting smudged/smeared everywhere… eek!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kypris,

      I usually just go all the way to the edge of the natural lip line with the lipstick. Like, if I use a neutral lip liner, I’ll trace the lipstick on top of it.

      Since red (and other brights) are so high maintenance, the best way I’ve found to keep everything in place is to use a liner beneath (gives it something to “stick” to) and to just be extra careful that day. Take a compact with you in your purse and be sure to do a check every hour or so!

  11. Tiffany says:

    Le sigh, I want a dslr camera sooo badly, but can’t afford one. Hopefully one day. I think photography would be the perfect hobby for me!

    I have some pacifica stuff in their Hawaiian ruby guava scent, but haven’t tried the lemon. Also I got some new stuff from Victorias Secret in their lemon paradise scent and it smells SO good – like lemon vanilla cupcakes πŸ™‚

    my question for everyone deals with my #1 beauty problem. My issue is that lipgloss always ends up like “collecting” where my lips meet and looking so gross. Does anyone else have this problem? Any ideas for preventing this problem? Any help is much appreciated πŸ™‚

    • Toni says:

      Oh, I like the sound of lemon vanilla cupcakes! I can’t wear most fragrances, but I can usually tolerate food scented stuff. I’ll have to check that out at Victoria’s Secret.

      I have that problem with lipgloss too – more so with MAC dazzleglasses (haven’t tried other MAC glosses). I’d love to see if anyone else experiences this and some solutions too.

      • Tiffany says:

        You should def check it out! I usually don’t like lemon scents at all (I don’t wanna smell like pledge), but this one is really nice. All their secret garden scents are 6 for 30 bucks right now, too.

        I’m glad to know it’s not just me! MAC lipglass actually is the worst on me, of all the brands I have. I think the problem might relate to stickiness. So I have all these lipglasses that I never wear πŸ™

        • Kylie says:

          When I apply lipgloss, I stick my finger in my mouth and pull it out and any of the lipgloss that was on that inner lip region ends up on my finger and I just wash it off. This also works well with lipstick that might otherwise end up on your teeth!

        • Toni says:

          Tiffany, that’s great to know about the 6 for $30. I also wonder if MAC is the worst because of the stickiness like you said.

    • Karen says:

      Photography is fun, but it can become an expensive hobby. You could always do something like the G11, which offers similar control to a full DSLR, but doesn’t require the purchase of additional lenses (keeps the cost way down!).

      Awww man, why didja have to mention lemon vanilla cupcakes? Now I’m super hungry!

      As for the gloss, I do Kylie’s trick with the finger or I blot by kissing the back of my hand.

      • Tiffany says:

        Ooh I’ll have to look into something like the G11. Sounds good for a beginner! And thanks for the lipgloss tricks, I’ll give it a try!

        • Karen says:

          I think you’d really like it. It has a lot of DSLR-esque features, so you can do lots of fun effects, but it’s not sooo overwhelming, ya know?

          How’s your Sunday going? I just got back from a late lunch and grocery shopping at Trader (Traitor!) Joe’s.

          • Tiffany says:

            Sounds spiffy – I’ll have to read about it, and maybe it will end up on my birthday wish list πŸ™‚

            My Sunday wasn’t quite as relaxing as I would have liked, lol. I ran errands this morning and then re-organized my closet for most of the day. Then I made some pasta and meat sauce for dinner – it was yummy and easy! I am soooo dreading work tommorrow πŸ™

          • Karen says:

            Seriously, I need another day off to just sit on the couch and do NOTHING! Sometimes it feels like there’s never enough time, ya know?

            I’ve been meaning to ask you about your Clarisonic! Are you still liking it?

          • Tiffany says:

            There is NEVER enough weekend time! I am liking it… But I had some recent breakouts, but now I think it’s because I ran out of my l’oreal wipes that I use to remove my makeup before cleansing, so I tried some clean and clear ones and I think they made me break out πŸ™

            What cleanser do you use with your clarisonic? I got philosophy PMS, but I wonder if there’s something better out there…

          • Karen says:

            I jump back and forth between PMS (ha ha!) and a Chanel one that I’ve had for a while (trying to finish it). It’s one of those holy grail staples for me, but I know it doesn’t work for everybody…

          • Tiffany says:

            It’s the only good form of pms, right? Lol! I’ve been using that or a neutrogena anti-redness one and my skin looks better and more glowy after using the neutrogena one.

          • Karen says:

            Oooh then ditch the PMS (ha ha) and use the Neutrogena one then! It’s much cheaper, right? One thing I hate about PMS is that it’s so damn expensive, grr!

      • Toni says:

        That’s a great idea about trying something like the G11. My husband just about freaked out when I told him how much the Canon Xsi cost, as well as the extra lens that I wanted to get! Thanks again for the camera information!

  12. Amber says:

    I have the SD700 IS as my point & shoot. It goes everywhere with me — it really is an amazing little machine! My DSLR is a Nikon D300.

    That Pacifica packaging is adorable. The brand that always makes me feel like I am on an island far away is Alba! Their salt scrub is fantastic after a hard workout.
    .-= Amber’s last blog post… WhatÒ€ℒs your type? =-.

  13. Karen says:

    Hi everyone!

    I’d love to hear what beauty products you’ve been loving/not-so-loving on lately! πŸ™‚

    • Anna says:

      Beauty products I’m loving:
      Essie Van D’Go nail polish (milky peach)
      Tarina Tarantino Dollskin Cheek in Feather (subtle peachy glow)
      MAC Philosophy Unconditional Love body lotion (mmm!)
      Too Faced Natural Eye Kit

      Did not love:
      Urban Decay Alice in Wonderland palette (glitter really irritated my eyes)

      • Karen says:

        I might have to break down and pick up one of those Tarina Tarantino Blushes. How are you liking the texture?

        • Anna says:

          Karen, I’m so impressed by the texture of the blushes. The shimmery ones feel like butter. I didn’t like the matte pink ones, only because they looked a little garish on my C4 skin. I like using a fluffy angled brush to apply Feather to warm up my face. You should definitely check out Feather and Parisol (peachy pink)!

        • Karen says:

          I swatched the blushes a few weeks ago, but I couldn’t make a decision at the time. When I hit up Sephora (hopefully later on this week), I’ll take another look at them! πŸ™‚

    • Toni says:

      Loving: Korres Jasmine Lip Butter, MAC Sense of Style Technakohl, MAC Mylar eye shadow.

      Not loving: Revlon Photoready foundation, my current stash of concealers, and my super shimmery eye shadows.

      • Karen says:

        There’s been so much hype surrounding that Revlon foundation! What didn’t you like about it?

        • Toni says:

          Karen, I am not sure I can totally put my finger on it. The color might be a little too light (I received it in a swap) and sometimes it doesn’t seem to blend well, especially over a couple of dry areas. It’s not horrible, but I am not sure if I’d purchase it again.

        • Karen says:

          Ooh, I have some dry patches, so this one might be problematic for me too. Thank you for giving me the skinny on it!

    • Nina says:

      Loving the MUFE HD Blushes like A LOT!!!

      Also lovin MAC lippie in Crosswires.

      Not so lovin hmmmm …. id say not much because I purged a lot of my not so lovin stuff over the new year and gave it away/chucked it out. Thats one of my resolutions – to streamline and not accumulate too much stuff that I wont use but dont want to throw away.

      • Karen says:

        Glad to hear you’re loving the HD Blushes! How are you applying them? With a finger or with a brush?

        • Nina says:

          Tried both methods – im liking using the finger more because thats how I apply Benetint and PosieTint – so its easier.

          But I like the effect that stippling with a duo fiber brush gives it – its like an “oh im shy blush” type of look…

        • Karen says:

          I end up using fingers too! Most of the time it’s ’cause I’m lazy and don’t want to look for a brush. πŸ™‚

          Plus, I like how fingers warm up the product a little, which I think makes it really easy to blend!

          • Nina says:

            I agree about the warming the product …. you are right!

            I might get myself one or two more of the HD blushes – they are that addictive. Im considering it my prize for finally finishing up my bottle of Benetint and almost finishing up the Posie Tint! That took a while – those products last foreverrrrrrr!!!!

          • Karen says:

            They totally do! Do you have Moonbeam or Highbeam? Highbeam + Benetint = LOVE!

            Urgh, I think I might have to start collecting those HD Blushes!

          • NINA says:

            I have Moonbeam and Highbeam and a backup of Posie Tint …. I love them THAT much!!!

            I think im going to buy as much of the HD blushes as I can … they are sooooo lovely and the staying power on my cheeks is pure awesomeness!!!

          • Karen says:

            One of these days you’ve gotta try Highbeam wiht Benetint. The combo is pure awesomeness.

            Yeaaaah, I think I need to pull the trigger on all of the HD blushes that’ve been sitting in my Sephora cart, LOL!

          • NINA says:

            I will try the HB + BT combo, I promise.

            You must mean the HD blushes that are sitting on MY Sephora cart too???? LOL …

          • Karen says:

            LOLOL! Urgh, I put five of ’em in there the other day. They are just waiting for me to pull the trigger!

    • SDpfeiffy says:

      I’m so late to this open thread… πŸ™ I work as a desktop support specialist at the land grant university in South Dakota πŸ˜›

      • Karen says:

        No worries, babe! It’s pretty much an all day (and all night) party, so feel free to keep throwing in questions and participating!

        Do you like your job?

    • mela says:

      what i’m loving right now:

      nars sheer foundation in deauville
      stila lip enamels
      lime crime lipsticks
      stila stay all day liner
      urban decay stardust shadows
      urban decay razor powder

      what i’m not loving:

      mac crush metal pigments! i can’t figure out a good way to use them! i tried a fluffy pigment brush, a flat brush, and fix+ on my brush ARGH!

      i don’t dislike too much though – i’m pretty particular about my purchases πŸ™‚
      .-= mela’s last blog post… adoreartistry: hayley singing gaga…loves her! RT @yelyahwilliams – feel a bit crazy posting this… but you asked for it! =-.

    • Kelsey says:

      I got Sephora gift card for my birthday a month ago, and I used it to (finally!) buy the double mineral compact foundation that I’d been lemming for a long time. I love it! My skin is very sensitive and acne prone, so almost all powders irritate me or break me out. Not this one though! It looks really nice on, too. πŸ™‚

  14. Karen says:

    I’m also curious about what you do! Are you in school, working, a stay-at-home mom? Inquiring minds want to know!!

    • Toni says:

      I am a stay at home mom. I have a master’s degree in speech pathology and used to work in a rehab hospital on the neuro team for head injuries and young stroke patients. I started staying home full-time when my daughter was 2 years old (she’s almost 14). I love being a stay at home mom!

      • Karen says:

        That’s cool, Toni! πŸ™‚ Do you and your daughter bond over makeup?

        One of my best makeup memories is of my mom taking me to the Clinique counter when I was 14!

        • Toni says:

          We don’t bond over makeup right now. She is such a tomboy at this point, but she does like to wear a little bit of makeup to church or if she’s going to the movies with friends. She thinks my makeup obsession is a little crazy! LOL!

        • Karen says:

          Ooh, she’ll be loving your obsession in a few years when it’s time for prom! πŸ˜€

    • Nina says:

      I handle Logistics for a hydrocarbon exploration firm. I always say that its the perfect job for an OCD person like me – mostly its making sure people/equipment/information/reports/data get to where they should get to at the time/date they need to be there. And back.

      Lotsa busy work but I actually enjoy it! πŸ™‚

    • Kypris says:

      School! I’m moving to Toronto for grad school in the fall… finally get to live on my own!

      • yiota says:

        Im a full time student! πŸ™ loll

      • Karen says:

        Congrats on getting into grad school! What are you going to be studying?

        • Kypris says:

          I’m studying medical physics… I’m very excited! Unfortunately the pay isn’t high, so my makeup supply will have to stay small for a while. I have to say, despite being glad to finish my undergrad studies… I’m glad to be going back to school. I really enjoy studying subjects I’m interested in, and doing research too! Gotta say, though, I’ll miss the perks of working (I’ve had a couple of small jobs that paid higher than what I’ll be making as a grad student) … living comfortably is always nice ;).

        • Karen says:

          How exciting! I think any time you get to spend learning something that interests you is *always* time well spent. πŸ™‚

          How long is the program, and what kind of work do you think you’ll do when you’re done?

    • Kelsey says:

      Right now I’m working as a substitute teacher, although my real field is special education (I’m just subbing while I look for a full time job in that area). I love working with kids! πŸ™‚

  15. Hey doll, thanks for subscribing, currently i work for the media in nyc, and I’m pregnant. Very excited, very scared too. I was up all morning moving apartments today and now i’m at work so you can imagine that I am exhausted out of mind. But alright back to beauty, .here are some beauty products that I love: macadamia oil, ysl touche eclat #4 is what i use to contour my nose, nars laguna is one of my fave bronzers, but cover fx bronzers rock my world too. I’m going to get the time balm concealer based on your rec. Here’s another question, what got you started in blogging?

    • Nina says:

      Oh … congratulations soon to be mama! πŸ˜‰

      Rest up and chillax!!!

    • Karen says:

      Congrats! That’s great news. πŸ™‚ When are you due?

      BTW, have you ever tried using Laguna as an eyeshadow? Sometimes I like to pop it in the crease, and then do a teal or green on the lid.

  16. candace says:

    hi Karen and readers!!
    I love you site, Karen! It makes me feel glamorous that I “know” an insider to the makeup and beauty world. My question is this: I have really sensitive skin and it did not react well to the first time I waxed my face last week. I got it done in a salon, but the bumps that appeared as a result have decided to stick around. Does anyone have any suggestion about how to make these suckers go away so I can get my amazing skin back and NEVER EVER wax again? I’ve been using cortizone cream, mud masks, moisturizers and sunscreen to be on the safe side. Thanks!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Candace,

      I’m so sorry that happened to you! It’s never happened to me before, so I did some googling and found this article on the Bliss website that explains why those bumps can pop up after waxing:

      “Breakouts occur post-waxing because the hair follicle becomes vulnerable and inflamed due to hair removal. The breakout is your bodyÒ€ℒs healing response to the follicle being disturbed.”

      They recommend a product called Change Your Spots that they say helps take down the bumps by clearing the follicle and calming the inflammation. I haven’t tried it before… can anybody weigh in on it?

      Here’s a link to the full story:

    • marisol says:

      I get my brows waxed professionally and used to get these horrible bumps after getting it done that I almost decided to stop. But I found to products that work well – Benefit Boo Boo Zap & Clinique Acne Spot Gel. I apply it right after getting waxed and maybe 3 more times within the next 24 hours. It’s amazing what a difference it makes.
      .-= marisol’s last blog post… Liberty of London haul =-.

    • Suzanne says:

      As a long-time psoriasis sufferer with CRAZY-sensitive skin I swear by Mario Baedscu’s azulene calming mask. It’s got blue chamomile in it and pulls all the red out of your face. Also I’d hold off scrubbing for a while. Anything cooling – chamomiles, cucumbers (I’d avoid mint) would probably help right now.

      Not sure if Badescu is available in the US, but if it isn’t, its all over eBay πŸ˜‰
      .-= Suzanne’s last blog post… 10.0.06 made baby jesus cry =-.

    • happybadfish says:

      Take an ASA tablet or do a ASA mask.

  17. Nina says:

    Woohoo made it to an Open Thread!!! We just got back from a walk – its glorious outside.

    I am a Nikon girl – I have both a D80 ( that I love and see no reason for an upgrade just yet) and a Nikon Coolpix that I keep in my purse.

    How is your Sunday goin so far, Karen?

    • Karen says:

      I’ve always wondered about the Nikon Coolpix. Ashton always makes it look so, um, cool, in the commercials!

      My Sunday is going great, thanks for asking! I wouldn’t mind another full day of weekend veg time, though. πŸ™‚

      I just got back from lunch… El Hub and I were starving so we headed out to this place called Hamilton Landing in Novato, which has lots of restaurants and shops. We ended up eating lunch at this place called Toast (mmm, chicken and apple salad!) and then doing some grocery shopping.

      How’s your Sunday? Anything new to report?

  18. Toni says:


    Thanks for the info on the cameras! I have been looking into getting a dSLR from Canon, specifically the Canon Xsi. I have a friend who did professional photography and liked Nikons, but she had heard great things about Canon.

    I do have a question for you and your readers – does anyone know of a good toner for sensitive/rosacea prone skin? Also, does anyone know of any creams/lotions/serums or makeup tricks to help with crepey eyelids?


    • Nina says:

      Ive been using the Clinique All About Eyes Rich eye cream for almost a year now and I can say that it helps with the puffiness. Not too sure if it will do the same thing for crepey eyelids but they did release a new All About Eyes Serum that might be worth a shot.

      As for make up – id say avoid eyeshadows that are too sparkly and shimmery as the sparkles/shimmers tend to “settle” in the lines of the eye….


      • Toni says:

        Nina, thanks so much for the info on the Clinique All About Eyes cream and the new serum. I will definitely have to check it out. I had heard that about shimmer shadows too. I have been trying to use my shimmery shadows less. I certainly don’t want to emphasize those fine lines!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Toni,

      I don’t have rosacea, but I do have sensitive skin. When it’s red and acting up I reach for Avene Thermal Spring Water Toner. It seems to really help calm it down and reduce the redness.

      A while back MBB reader Bethany asked for a few rosacea skin/makeup sources. Hopefully you’ll find something in here helpful:

      Also, The National Rosacea Society recommends doing a spot trial first before using new makeup:

      Because some people with rosacea have sensitive facial skin, they must take special care to use only products that are nonirritating to their individual condition,” cautioned Dr. Michelle Pelle, assistant professor of dermatology at the University of California – San Diego. “Usually the only way to determine what is irritating is to try it on a peripheral area such as the neck and see if a reaction occurs. If you have any reaction, avoid the product or consider consulting a dermatologist regarding the ingredients.”

      • Toni says:

        Karen, thanks so much for the information and links for the rosacea. I get so sensitive to most things lately, so I do try to be careful, but sometimes I want to try something different and sometimes it works out well and sometimes I get bad results. I can’t wait to check out the links and look as some products and ingredient lists.

  19. j.j. says:

    It’s been a fabulous spring weekend. Spent the day planting an herb garden (8 kinds), jalapeno peppers, fern bulbs, and gladiolas. I think the dog is more that relieved to resume her couch potato status after spending the day monitoring my progress in the yard. Now just have the Baylor/Duke game on tv – Sic ’em Bears (my alma mater).

    Right now, I’m loving the Nars Orgasm skin illuminator. With some bronzer and laura mercier brightening powder, my skin looks amazing.

    Hope everyone had a great weekend!

  20. Oh and right now I am loving my Sonia Kashuk powder brush and synthetic fiber crease brush
    Not so loving the nail polish color Rebel Debutante by Color Club. Neon green- not for me sorry!

    Oh, this is kind of random, but what editing system do you use to make you cool-little-blog-title-things (for lack of a better phrase) at the top of each post?
    .-= Polish Earthgirl’s last blog post… Interested? =-.

  21. Thank you for the feedback re: the YSL Touche Eclat! πŸ™‚

    Right now, I am loving the Shu Cream Eye Shadows (in beige and pearl brown). Those things do not crease for anything! And I have oily lids! πŸ˜€

    I am also loving the Bobbi Skin Foundation SPF 15 (shade 4.5 for me!)!

    It’s so natural looking and buildable coverage (for spotty spots)!

    I’m not so loving MAC’ Lady Gaga Viva Glam… I LOVE the color! Love it on everyone else. Just not sure that I love it on me… :-/


    Thank you Karen!
    .-= Mrs. Schwartz’s last blog post… In Progress: Mesh One-Piece Bathing Suite – Sexy Little Knits by Ashley Paige =-.

  22. iceempress says:

    hey karen!

    im curious how you learned to surf. i have always wanted to learn. i know how to ‘swim’ – if paddling like a dog counts – but i have a fear of open water. what tips can you give a beginner like me?

    right now im searching for good mascara. ive been using loreal’s voluminous but the last one i bought has me looking like a racoon. any recommendations for a girl on a budget? thanks!

    p.s. your Tabs photoshoots rock!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Iceempress,

      When I started surfing I was a mediocre swimmer and deathly afraid of open water. I wanted to learn how to surf so I could get over both of those fears… and it totally worked! Seriously, if I can do it, so can you. πŸ™‚

      My friend Cindy and I took a week-long surfing course at a San Diego surf school called Surf Diva:

      It was a LOT of fun, and they were great instructors!

      Do you live near an ocean? Or within driving distance? If you do, ask around about the local surf schools!

      So tell me, what are you looking for in your mascara? Volume, length, curl hold? And what’s your price range?

      • iceempress says:

        thanks karen! you’ve inspired me! i do live near the beach but the waves are pretty intimidating – huntington beach. surf divas sounds like a lot of fun. go girl power!

        my budget for mascara is 15 dollars max. im gravitating towards lashblast right now. i am blessed with long lashes but hardly any volume. those falsies are so tempting but i might poke my eye out putting those on. i notice you hardly ever wear falsies.

        this open thread rocks. thank you for having such patience to answer all of our questions. here is sending you good vibes for the week ahead!

  23. one more question, do you use a green screen for your videos?

    • Karen says:

      I do. It’s an actual green photography tarp that I have hanging on the wall in my office, and then I use a couple of different pieces of software to remove the backgrounds and reinsert new ones. I can’t lie though. It’s not exactly the easiest process in the world, but the results are pretty cool.

  24. Doreen says:

    Hi Karen! You know, I’m really glad that you posted pictures and told us about your cameras, since I was about to ask you the exact same questions. I’m definitely considering splurging on an expensive, professional-looking Nikon or Canon in the future, so this is pretty helpful for me!

    BTW, how do you think UD Eden compares with Too Faced Shadow Insurance? I’ve been debating which one to get!

  25. julie says:

    I love this open thread but unfortunately I’m usually out of the house during this time! Karen, once again, thanks for your wonderful blog and hopefully one of these days I’ll be able to participate!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Julie,

      You can still participate. πŸ™‚ The Open Thread is kinda like a drop in party — it goes on all day and trickles into the next day. So if you’ve got a question for me (or the other MBB readers) feel free to throw it out there!

  26. SDpfeiffy says:

    OK, once again, way too late for the open thread πŸ™ need to set a reminder for myself! I sent you an email a while back about foundation for an upcoming wedding… wonder if you have any thoughts? I’m a mac girl, usually around NC30/C40

    • Karen says:

      The open thread pretty much goes on all day! You’re not too late at all. πŸ™‚

      One of my favorite foundations for pictures is Laura Mercier’s Oil-Free! I use it in my FOTDs… it can look heavy for every day wear, but in pics it’s phenomenal!

  27. Em C says:

    I love this blog, just saying!! My question is coming from the perspective of a college student, which is what I am πŸ™‚ I have to get up early every day for class woohoo and was just wondering how I could mantain my make-up all day through all the dry skin/breakouts/oil throughout the entire day.
    That was kind of a broad question, but I’m open to any advice because I’ve noticed lately that I will put my mineral foundation on in the morning and by the end of the day, all my scars and breakouts are showing-eek! I don’t like re-applying alot throughout the day because I feel like it clogs my pores.
    Any advice?! πŸ™‚

  28. Katrina S. says:

    Oooh, I love your cameras! I’m a bit of my photographer myself and I really want a DSLR but I can’t afford it right now. Boo. Maybe one day….
    I’ve been loving your hair lately, and you always have such great curls… I always wanted that tousled, wavy look and I can never get it. I have some mousse and some styling products, but no curling iron. Any advice on how to style my hair?

  29. Alex (shineypink) says:

    I have bought more beauty products since I started reading your blog than I ever have. I’ve been reading for about 6-9 months. I use to buy 1 or 2 beauty products a year. Now I have to get to the MAC counter or to Target for something you posted. Thanks for reminding me make up is fun!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alex,

      I’m glad to hear you’re enjoying the site! πŸ™‚ What MAC things have you tried and liked? I hope Nymphette Lipglass is on the list! πŸ™‚

      • Alex (shineypink) says:

        Yes nyphette was one of them! Sorry for the late comment. I bought a package of mayhem & ombre blush in azalea blossom. I have a couple of lipsticks too. I have to go out of town to get to a MAC counter so it keeps me from overloading.

  30. mill says:

    ah i thought your necklace was house of harlow! its gorgeous.

    • Karen says:

      Thanks! How I wish I could remember who made it! So many people ask about it…

      If I ever find a look-a-like I’ll be sure to post it. πŸ™‚

  31. joey says:

    i am using G11 too and like aperture shoot!!!! with the size it’s allow me to bring it everywhere!
    .-= joey’s last blog post… Get naked! =-.

  32. Alison says:

    Hey Karen!

    I have never been much of a MAC fan, probably because I had never really had a chance to try much MAC stuff. (I’ve never really lived near a MAC store.) But after hearing you -and other people- but mostly you- rave about it, I decided I had to try it!

    In the past month, I have taken trips to London and NYC, and I hit a couple of MAC stores while I was there. I got things that I remembered you mentioning on MBB and that I wanted to try. I got:
    -Penultimate eyeliner
    -Stacked! pigments (#1-pinks and purples) from the Spring Color Forecast
    -Ever Hip lipstick from Give Me Liberty of London
    – and of course, your beloved Shell Pearl beauty powder!

    I love them all so much! I am a total MAC convert now! I’m going to have to start ordering it online, I guess, because the closest MAC store is about a 2 hour drive away from me. So anyway, thanks for the awesome recs- you were right on the money! (Which is something that I will definitely have less of now! Haha!)

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alison,

      YAY! I’m so glad to hear you’re liking the line. MAC has so many great things, and most of it’s reasonably priced for department store makeup.

      What’s next on your list?

      • Alison says:

        Hmm… I’m not sure. Those Trip eye palettes are calling to me, but I’d also like to try a couple of brushes. Also, how do you feel about Fluidline?

  33. Karen says:

    Hi gals,

    Iceempress wants a few good drugstore mascara recs! Do y’all have any for her?

  34. heyy karen yay for open threads again! I took the plunge this year and bought a Canon XSi. I love it so much that whenever I take it out with me I’m overprotective x 10 billion lol. I also have an old Sony Cybershot that’s 5 megapixels, which has decent image quality considering it’s so old. I usually take that out with me since it’s nice and slim. Macy’s always has good jewelry sales after Christmas, I love your necklace. Anyways, I hope you’re having a nice day, and just wanted to let you know that your blog really cheers me up! I’ve been reading for two years now, although I didn’t start commenting until about a year ago. You’re so down to earth and funny that reading this makes me really happy, plus you inspired me to start my own blog which is now almost 4 months old πŸ˜€
    .-= Makeupmorsels’s last blog post… Battle of The Eye Waker-Uppers =-.

  35. beautyprints says:

    I love pacifica! Espicelly the hawaiian ruby guava! it smells like summer and baby powder…Ok that sounds disgusting but it is really good i swear! NExt time you are in sephora you have to smell it. I have never tried their body products only the perfume (which is like 22 bucks? i mean hello steal!) but i want to try the body butter in the blood orange scent because i love citrus scents!

    by the way, i just started a blog friday so please check it out if you can!

  36. Rowan says:

    Hey Karen!
    I love these open threads they’re so much fun ^_^
    You might have gone over this before and if so I’m really sorry but I have been plagued by this question for ages and would like to finally put my mind to rest.
    I have NC20-NC25 skin (dirty blond hair and gray eyes) and have wanted creme cup lipstick for probably a year now. I am in high school so I don’t want something that looks too unnatural and the last thing I want is looking like a washed up porn star. Most lipstick swatches only show the color on the lips up close, where everything looks good. I have yet to find an image of creme cup on the whole face so that I can see how it looks overall.
    Do you think that creme cup would be a good lipstick for me? If you have any posts that could help me out, that would be great
    Thanks so, so much!!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rowan,

      It’s going to depend on the pigmentation of your lips. If you have pigmented lips like me, the color may look a little “washed-up porn star”. You can always get around this by using a darker pink pencil (MAC Dervish or Pink Treat would probably work) to line your lips first to add some color and depth — just be sure to feather the edges of the line so it doesn’t look too harsh.

      You could also do a light lip stain by gently patting the lipstick on your lips to apply a very thin layer of color. Top that with some clear gloss and you’d be good to go.

      Oh, and if you plan on buying your lipstick online, try to purchase it from a place with a good return policy, like Nordstrom. That way if you try it and don’t like it, you can always return it.

  37. mela says:

    hey karen!

    girl, you know i love your blog! hands down my favorite beauty blog out there – i totally trust your opinions and i love your fun writing tone!

    i just posted on mine about a bestey johnson fashion show i did a few weeks ago using urban decay products:

    and here are some hero pictures for you! the second one hero talks about how much she loves urban decay 24/7 in yeyo – i always find her stealing it from my kit!

    .-= mela’s last blog post… adoreartistry: hayley singing gaga…loves her! RT @yelyahwilliams – feel a bit crazy posting this… but you asked for it! =-.

  38. Kelsey says:

    Hi Karen! I have two questions for you.

    1) As a girl on a beauty budget, I’m thinking of buying the L’Oreal True Match foundation. Before I plop down $11 though I wanted to know if you’ve ever tried it, and If so, what do you think of it?

    2) I love your photos of Tabs! He makes me think of a grown-up version of my kitten, Tommy (see photo here). I’m curious, what food do you feed him? His fur looks so soft and shiny. πŸ™‚

    • mela says:

      hey kelsey,

      i’m a professional MUA and i use l’oreal true match a lot because i like its price tag, its *huge* range of colors and its lightness of application and opacity. the only thing i don’t love about it is that it doesn’t wear as long as some of the higher end foundations – MUFE, armani etc. but if you’re not shooting professionally, its fine for every day use πŸ™‚

      here’s a photoshoot of me wearing true match in porcelain

      you can also see more photos of me wearing true match on

      hope this helps!
      .-= mela’s last blog post… a match made in heaven: betsey johnson and urban decay! =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kelsey,

      I haven’t tried L’Oreal True Match yet. I find it really hard to buy foundation at the drugstore… if they had testers out so people could actually try stuff, it would make things 1000% easier.

      I checked Makeup Alley to see what others have said about it, and it looks like people are 50/50 on it:

      You have to start an account to view the reviews, but it’s free, and you won’t regret it! MUA is a really good source for reading reviews from a large pool of beauty lovers.

      I’ll add a question to the Open Thread… hopefully somebody can give you some thoughts on it!

      Oh, and Tommy is a cutie pie! I want to snuggle him. πŸ™‚ Tabs eats a few different types of food: he like Science Diet, Iams and Friskies Signature Blend dry food. He also “demands” that I feed him Fancy Feast wet food (anything with gravy). I think he got lucky in the fur department — when he adopted me, it was already silky and shiny (and he was a stray!).

      Is Tommy an only kitty? Or does he have brothers or sisters?

  39. Rachael says:

    Hi Karen!
    I love your site (and your cat)! I’m the go-to person for make up with my friends and family. My mom wanted some new shadows and a lipstick to use for my brother’s wedding that’s coming up in a few months, so we spent an hour or so in Target’s beauty section. She’s now obsessed with Sonia Kashuk’s brushes. I finally got her to throw away that stupid foam circle that came with her powder.

    My problem has become that I get to do my own make up for a photo shoot for the magazine that my boyfriend writes for, and I love the high end make up that’s been used on me before. But being that I’m a full time student I can’t afford those. As a fellow Target fanatic, I was hoping you could give me some “dupes” for those brands the artists have used on me in the past.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Rachael,

      Sure! Write down your colors and I’ll see what I (and the other girls of MBB can whip up) can do.

      • Rachael says:

        I have super pale skin, with cool undertones that is super sensitive and prone to redness. And because of that, I never wear foundation in “real” life.

        I do have: Smashbox’s Color Correcting Primer and NARS Orgasm.

        On past shoots, I’ve had Make Up Forever HD Invisible Cover Foundation in 110 Pink Porcelain. I think NARS Laguna bronzer had been used. And I know that Urban Decay liners have been used and the 24/7 are amazing! As for shadows, I just need some that are strong enough to show up on film and print (on newspaper) well. For my lashes, I can rock the falsies without any problem.

        Hope you ladies can help me!

  40. Karen says:

    Heya girls,

    Has anybody tried L’Oreal True Match Foundation? MBB reader Kelsey is thinking about buying it and wants to know what the pros/cons are!

    I haven’t tried it yet… if only drugstores had testers, gahh!

    • I don’t own it, but my friend swears by it. A couple weeks ago I had this annoying pimple that refused to budge, so I borrowed it to use as coverup. It worked really well, but you have to be careful not to overapply. The staying power and coverage is great.
      .-= Makeupmorsels’s last blog post… Battle of The Eye Waker-Uppers =-.

      • Doreen says:

        I really like True Match–I have the liquid foundation in both N3 and W3 (I’m around NC25-30), and I love the moisture, medium coverage, and healthy color that I get from it (I have dry sensitive skin). Usually I mix it with moisturizer for a light, dewy look, but I’ve rocked it by itself in hotter days–someone actually complimented my skin IN THE SUN, when the light actually makes flaws more obvious.

        About the shades: N3 and W3 match my NC25-30 skin pretty well, but N3 is more peachy-gold on me, so I save it for more sallow-looking days.

        Pros: Moisturizing, medium coverage, good blend-ability, gentle/non-irritating, drugstore availability/price, nice range of shades (easy to choose!), SPF 17, slight shimmer, pretty good staying power

        Cons: Doesn’t control oil, can look cakey if you’re not careful

        Hope this helps!

  41. veronica says:

    Woo, open thread! I’ll keep it brief since you’ve already had so many replies. I went to Alice in Wonderland this weekend, and it was… OK. Not amazing, not a huge bummer, just OK. Though to get in the mood, I definitely rocked Queen from the UD Alice palette.

    Cameras! I’m stoked, my brand-spanking new Canon S90 is coming tomorrow from the Amazon elves:

    My last camera was the Canon G7 (the granddaddy of your G11), so I’m looking forward to getting something new.

    Hope you had a good weekend! I tried to get some reading done, but Mr. Littlejeans got all up in my shizz:
    .-= veronica’s last blog post… How relevant is computer engineer Barbie? =-.

    • Karen says:

      The S90 looks like a lot of fun (a big fat YAY for responsiveness and that f2.0 lens!). You’ll have to let me know if you like it. πŸ™‚

      Mr. Littlejeans is adorable. I want to kiss his ears!

  42. jane says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’ve been just quietly reading for a bit and not commenting.. I still love reading your blog though.

    I have a make up question. So someone gave me MAC’s Filament as a gift a while ago. It’s a lustre finish. I don’t know how to wear it. I feel like it’s too sheer to wear on its own and glitter ends up all over my face. I was wondering if you had any better ideas on how to get some use out of my sadly unused Filament. Thanks in advance. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Jane,

      Glad you popped by to say hello! πŸ™‚

      From what I recall MAC Lustres don’t have a lot of pigment — they’re basically pressed glitter shadows with a wee touch of color. You can always doing a single wash of it over a nude base, like Painterly Paint Pot, for a fast daytime look. Do this before you apply the rest of your makeup; that way, you can clean up the undereye area first if any glitter fallout happens. Curl your lashes and add some mascara for a wide-eyed look.

      You could also try wetting your brush first with a little bit of MAC Fix+. Using a wet brush head will intensify the color and give you a bit more control over the glitter.

  43. Hello to All,
    Hey Lady,Can you tell me who makes the best liner?
    .-= The Crochet Queenn’s last blog post… Chocolate Brown Scarf With Colorful Recycled Sari Ribbon,Ready to Ship =-.

    • Karen says:


      Urban Decay 24/7 Glide-On Eye-Pencil
      MAC Technakohl Liners

      Gel liner:
      MAC Fluidline

      Liquid Liner:
      LORAC Front of the Line Pro liner

  44. Katie says:

    I use a Canon Rebel XT, I really love it.
    .-= Katie’s last blog post… Black Rebel Motorcycle Club =-.

  45. candace says:

    Thanks so much for the advice beauty buddies and Karen! I really appreciate it!!

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