Comment to Win Two Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Washes

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  • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.

Heya, ladies. 🙂 Let’s start the week with a giveaway courtesy of the folks at Daily Makeover and Olay, WOOT-WOOT!


It’s a chance to win two of Olay’s newest anti-aging products. Dig this: they’re both for yer bod.

Anti-aging body products? To this I say, “Hell, yah!”

Back when I was in my teens and 20s (shortly after the dawn of time), I didn’t think much about anti-aging, but I do now. Everything’s changed (particularly on my hands, neck and feet!).

There may be no stopping the march of time, but that doesn’t mean I can’t try to slow it down.

Researchers in a recent University of Göttingen study in Germany found that people with well-maintained body skin were perceived to be up to 10 years younger than their actual age.

Since anti-aging skin care technology can benefit facial AND body skin, Olay’s worked to deliver some of those benefits in their new line of body care products.

Which leads us to today’s giveaway. 🙂

The prize

One lucky lady will win two bottles of Olay’s new Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash (one each of the Deep Penetrating Moisture formula, and Exfoliate and Replenish) and be asked to give their opinion after trying them for two weeks (just shoot an email to me).

Olay targeted seven areas with the new stuff, designing the products to improve skin elasticity, to relieve dryness, to moisturize, brighten dull skin, even skin tone, smooth rough skin and minimize the appearance of fine lines.

I started using both of ’em this weekend, and I’ll follow up with you in two weeks for more detail, but first impressions first…

  • Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash Deep Penetrating Moisture ($6): I think I can feel the jojoba butter in this working already. The skin on my hands, legs and feet feels softer, a little smoother and moisturized, but not greasy residue at all. I also like the light floral scent. It kinda reminds me of jasmine.
  • Olay Total Effects 7-in-1 Advanced Anti-Aging Body Wash Exfoliate and Replenish ($6): The exfoliating Micro-Derm beads in this rich body wash feel gentle, not like rough exfoliating beads that rub me raw.

How to enter…

Entering is easy. Just leave a comment at the bottom of this post. In it, tell me one of your favorite Olay products and why you heart it.

A few months ago I discovered Olay’s In-Shower Body Lotion. It’s genius how it works in the shower! After rinsing and toweling off, I can moisturize my entire body in less than two minutes flat. 🙂


  1. Enter by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post, and don’t forget to use a valid email address so I can reach you if you win.

I’ll pick the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59 a.m. PST on Tuesday, January 26.


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • The giveaway is now closed, and the winner is being contacted. Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.


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  1. CC says:

    I like Olay Regenerist Serum because it’s absorbed super fast, leaving my skin feeling silky smooth – no greasy residue.

  2. Tavia says:

    Wow this was a long article for the front page. It’s a lot to scroll to get to the next post, so maybe you don’t have to post the whole article. It’s just a suggestion I hope you don’t mind.
    .-= Tavia’s last blog post… Make Up For Ever Bronze Makeup Collection for Spring 2010 =-.

  3. diane says:

    Mmm, I’d like me some of those!
    .-= diane’s last blog post… Fell in love with Valentino pre fall 2010 =-.

  4. Stephanie says:

    My first Olay product was Olay Complete’s All Day Moisture Lotion for sensitive skin. It doesn’t cause irritation and has a bit of sun protection (SPF 15) that doesn’t feel too thick on my skin. (:

  5. Laura says:

    I’m a huge fan of the entire olay regenerist line…although I’m a bit too young to use anti-aging products, I find that they’re the only moisturizers heavy enough for my severely heater-dried skin from the dorms!

  6. Nina says:

    I loved using the Olay Beauty Fluid because my mom & dad religiously used it!

  7. Joanne P says:

    i get really dry skin in winter and the Olay Body Quench Body Lotion really helps moisturize and gets rid of all the dry patches.

  8. Nadine says:

    I also love Olay’s In-Shower Body Moisturizer!

  9. NINA says:

    My first ever moisturizer was my mom’s Oil of Olay (used to be called that back then). She taught me how to moisturize when I was around ten. Since then, Olay has always been special to me. 🙂

  10. G` says:

    Oil of Olay that my Mom used to use – Many years ago – haven’t really tried anything lately.

  11. Janelle says:

    I still use Oil of Olay daily moisturizer. It was the first one I used as a girl and still love it.

  12. Halifax says:

    I like Olay moisturizers, tried Regenerist, Complete and Total Effects 🙂

  13. Saku says:

    My new fav is the Definity night cream it made my skin glow.

  14. Cassie says:

    I adore several of Olay’s skin products, in fact my mother introduced me to their face moisturizers as my first skin lotion as a teenager. Now, my favorite Olay product is “Olay Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea butter”! This body wash is amazing because
    a) it smells good with a light fragrance
    b) it lathers up like a dream, which is always important to me!
    c)it is moisturizing enough to use it as a shaving cream, so it has multiple uses- which saves $$$!
    d) it keeps my skin moisturized afterwards without being greasy or leaving any residue.
    I have seen these anti-aging body washes before and have been curious to try them out! If they are anything like my other experiences with Olay, then it could become a new addition in my shower!

  15. Beth says:

    I love the beauty fluid and the Total Effects!!!!

  16. Mary Beth says:

    I love the regenerist moisturizer. It’s a miracle worker. I don’t have wrinkles, but I felt like a fresh person afterward.


  17. Amanda says:

    I got the in shower body lotion for Christmas and I love it. I use it in the mornings in the shower, and my skin still feels moisturized in the evening. I will definitely be buying it again!

  18. Melissa says:

    I love the Regenerist eye serum, it really works!

  19. Annette says:

    I love Olay Daily Facials, because they do an excellent job of removing make-up and are quick and easy to use.

  20. Kristi says:

    Time to bring the anti-aging below the neck!

  21. Shannon says:

    Love the contests!

    My favorite Olay Product is the makeup remover wipes. They leave my skin soft aaaand clean. This pair would be excellent if it worked because I am trying to have a preemptive strike against aging at 23. lol.

  22. Hannah says:

    I love love love Olay Body Quench Body Lotion. It always makes my skin so soft.

  23. Debbie says:

    Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion for Sensitive Skin – It’s the only moisturizer that doesn’t break me out AND keeps my skin from drying out!

  24. cecille says:

    PIck me! I’d lvoe to try Olay!!!

  25. Suji says:

    Come to think of it, I use a lot of Olay products! I use their dual action cleanser & pore scrub, shea butter body wash, beauty fluid face moisturizer and spf face moisturizer as well. love them!

  26. Lulee says:

    i like olay quenh body lotion. it smells so good!

  27. Aisha says:

    I LOVE Olay face lotion,its SPF 15 and its my must-have. :]

  28. mai says:

    I love olay pro, it hydrates very well and my skin feels so much smoother after using it for a while.

  29. Emily Bowman says:

    Ok, so this is going to sound like I totally copied it from the blog post, but I swear I recently discovered the Olay Quench In-Shower Body Lotion and it is the answer to my prayers! I am really lazy by nature and I just can’t devote the ~10 minutes to moisturize out of the shower, leaving me with alligator skin. I would love to try the Anti-Aging Lotion… Father Time is giving me a beating!

  30. Celine says:

    At only 24, I’m obsessed with Olay products. I love the body wash (the one with shea butter), the in shower body lotion (thanks to you), and I use their eye cream with concealer every single day. The eye cream has worked wonders and I no longer have the perpetual dark circles that plagued me for 10 years! Also the concealer works well in covering up the purple under my eyes, so I no longer look like an Italian mobster. They’ve been in business for about 90 years, so they are most definitely doing something right!
    .-= Celine’s last blog post… maravi: Why is my shoulder hurty? =-.

  31. Elisia says:

    I use the olay regenerist serum. I’m 24 and after my baby my skin that used to glow got really dull. This serum makes me glow again. I will use it forever.

  32. Aly says:

    I love the Olay moisturizer night cream for sensitive skin and the shea butter body wash!

  33. Kizzy says:

    Would love to be that lucky lady! 😉

  34. Perri says:

    I’d have to pick the Olay plus lotion ribbons body wash. It is so creamy and smells great! Makes for a relaxing shower.

  35. I love the Olay Microdermabrasion Set–it makes my skin so soft and tackles those pesky sun spots to boot! I also love the ProX line–especialy the SPF 30 day moisturizer!
    .-= Cindy (Prime Beauty)’s last blog post… Lancome O My Rose Spring 2010 Collection =-.

  36. Stacey says:

    I love the Olay moisturizer with SPF for Combo/Oily skin because it doesn’t make my oily skin look greasy and moisturizes very well!

  37. kristen says:

    The in-shower body lotion is amazing. I like all of their body washes, actually. I’ve also been wanting to try Regenerist because all of the awesome things I’ve heard about it!

  38. Grace says:

    I love the Olay body washes… I have eczema and the Olay products are one of the few that actually leave me feeling moisturized. THey have never dried me out!

  39. Teresa says:

    I love Olay’s Quench body lotion! It’s the only lotion that makes my winter skin happy and moisturized without constantly reapplying!

  40. kristen says:

    I love Olay’s Night Time Regenerist Cream that comes in a purple tub. Although I’m only 18, this stuff moisturizes my face like nothing else. I love it.
    .-= kristen’s last blog post… Osama Bin Laden Likes "Glee" =-.

  41. Lydia says:

    I am in love with their Regenerist Serum because it makes me skin feel oh-so-good and smooth! Even my guy comments on how silky it feels whenever I put it on.

  42. Jenna says:

    Olay Complete All Day Moisture Lotion is a staple in my bag. It’s lightweight, but keeps the dry spots at bay. 🙂

  43. Jane says:

    Wow! I can’t just pick one. It is such a wonderful line with products that help skin so much.

  44. Diane says:

    one of my favorite olay products is the day moisturizer with spf for sensitive skin because it moisturizes well, and makes my skin feel kind of soft afterwards =)

  45. Jennifer says:

    I love Olay’s sensitive skin daily moisturizer, it is the only thing that works for me!
    .-= Jennifer’s last blog post… Champagne Cupcakes for New Years Eve =-.

  46. Mandy says:

    I love Olay and I use their skincare exclusively. Would love to win these 2.

  47. Frances says:

    Oil of Olay used to have the best body wash – it was revitalising or something like that and I was so sad that it was discontinued (and i am usually not one to use drug store brands) so I am hoping I will like these.

  48. Nicole says:

    I like Olay Regenerist Micro-Sculpting cream because it smells great and makes my skin so soft.

  49. Kypris says:

    I haven’t used many Olay products, but I like their facial moisturizers because they are light and non-greasy, yet moisturizing. Most products seem to break me out, but these ones work fine AND are affordable.

  50. Andrea says:

    Their makeup remover towelettes are great at removing even waterproof makeup and they don’t leave my skin feeling sticky afterwards, but clean and slightly hydrated.

  51. Katie Schmidt says:

    I love to use the Olay Quench Body Lotion. I always feel so refreshed and smooth afterward!

  52. marivel says:

    olay complete moisturizer. just started using night of olay & like it so far 🙂

  53. Jessica Lynn says:

    I use Olay Total Effects moisturizer every night, and have for years. It makes my skin soft and not sticky, and it smells great too! I have also used the Regenerist night cream, which I also loved.

  54. Sandy says:

    Olay always comes out with new products, and most of them are pretty good!

  55. Paula says:

    My fave Olay product would probably be the makeup remover towelettes. I was first introduced to Oil of Olay original face moisturizer many moons ago by my mom. I’d love to try their body washes and in-shower body lotion.

  56. brittany says:

    Olay definity is by far my favorite face lotion ever! So light and delicious (for my face, not my mouth!)

  57. RLW says:

    My 2 all time Olay favorites…
    1. Regenerist Serum (both face & eye) They sink in and feel like heaven!
    2. Olay Body Quench, makes my skin soft & moisturized and I love the soft shimmer!
    Thanks for the giveaway Karen, have a beautiful week!

  58. Shannon Steele says:

    olay anti wrinkle in the GREEN bottle. It’s a moisturizer with a bit of sparkle.

  59. Katie says:

    I still love the simple Olay face lotion that my mom first bought for me years ago!

  60. Jane says:

    Love oil of olay moisturiser. One of my favs.

  61. SS says:

    I love Olay In Shower Body lotion! I dont like using my thick body butter on my hands, then using my hands AGAIN to put on face lotion. I don’t want that stuff on my face! I love this stuff because it makes showering so much easier. PLus, my skin feels really moistuized and, like, juicy!

  62. May says:

    I’ve never really done anything to stop aging, since I’m not even considered a young adult yet, but I do use sunscreen like it’s G-D!

  63. Tuhina says:

    I love Oil of Olay’s Ribbons body wash. I have dry skin, and these clean my skin without over drying it.

  64. Olay’s body lotion! I use it when I travel.
    .-= Deconstruction’s last blog post… Spa Review: Lia Schorr =-.

  65. Lisa S. says:

    Regenerist eye serum, baby!

  66. Heather says:

    I’ll try anything to help my dry Chicago winter skin! 🙂

  67. tousledkitten says:

    I haven’t been able to try any Olay products yet so I can’t tell you a favourite. Looking through other people’s comments though. 😀

  68. Elaine R says:

    I’ve been using Olay Anti Wrinkles Nutrient lotion-love this lotion for my face.

  69. Jean says:

    I’ve been using the Regenerist Micro-Sculpting Cream for my night face moisturizer for over a year now and not looking to switch to a different one anytime soon. =)

  70. Sylvia says:

    I love the Olay Regenerist line. Their Night Recovery Cream is a lifesaver – definitely hat I’d take with me if I was stranded on a desert island!

  71. Shiny says:

    I like their body washes, pretty moisturizing!

  72. Lauren says:

    I love the In-Shower body lotion too! Its so convenient when I’m in a hurry, and it really helps my skin stay moisturized. My apartment has hard water and it can be rough on my skin!

  73. Rebecca says:

    I love the Night of Olay moisturizer. It keeps my skin moisturized and glowy even during the cold dry winter.
    .-= Rebecca’s last blog post… First haul of the decade, Pardon me, & major sale alert! =-.

  74. Tiffany says:

    Olay’s micro-sculpting cream is one of my favorite products EVER. So far I have convinced 2 friends to start using it also. It’s got a great texture, great smell, and makes my skin soft and moisturized! LOVE!

  75. Gracie says:

    I like the deep cleaning foaming cleanser, it foams up really nice and has witch hazel in it.

  76. vnssa906 says:

    my fav would have to be Olay Daily Facials cleansing cloths. I heart it because it takes off all my makeup, even my waterproof mascara, when i’m too lazy to wash my face. my boyfriend even loves them! i stole some from me to take a long with him to a paintball tournament because we were out of wet wipes. he loved them! so bought him a pack to take along with him everytime 🙂

  77. Sara says:

    i love the olay complete moisturizer for combo/oily skin. it moisturizes while absorbing excess oil. it’s not quite tough enough for these winter months, though.
    .-= Sara’s last blog post… How much is your face worth? (Not as much as A.Rod.) =-.

  78. Dominique says:

    I’m so happy I can write this without having to think long about it! My favorite Oil of Olay product (and just a favorite all together) is the Total Effects 7-in-1 Anti Aging Salicylic Acid Acne Cleanser. I have had VERY acne prone skin since I hit puberty (I am 25 now), and this keeps the breakouts at bay. I can really tell a difference when I neglect to use it.
    .-= Dominique’s last blog post… Krasey Beauty is having a giveaway! =-.

  79. Karen F says:

    I’m enjoying Olay Quench body lotion (Ultra Moisture with shea butter and vitamins E & B3). It really does keep skin moisturized for 24 hours…just as it claims!

  80. Jenn says:

    Olay Pro-x Wrinkle Smoothing Cream . My mom says after using this stuff, her fine lines appear smoother and less apparent. I use it under my eyes, and I must say it works! It appears to lock in moisture, and the skin around my eyes feel tighter too!

  81. Genesis says:

    I loveee Olay’s Quench Body Lotion… its my absolute fave! It’s not too thick or greasy, and it smells delish!

  82. Elle says:

    I love plain ole Oil of Olay. It’s inexpensive, moisturizing and doesn’t leave my face slippery. I’ve been using this for decades!

  83. Josay says:

    My favorite product is Quench Therapy by Olay. Perfect for my dry dry skin and the price is very good for a little budget.

  84. Devi says:

    I have been using Oil of Olay since I was 14. I think my first moisturizer was from Olay. My favorite product right now is the Ultra Moisture Body Wash with Shea Butter. I have really dry skin and this is so creamy yet doesn’t leave a soapy film on my skin. These new cleansers sound great!

  85. Michelle says:

    I love the Olay Quench body lotion!

  86. Jenn says:

    I love their facial cleanser for sensitive skin. It’s fragrance free, and is quite gentle. I use it twice a day, and at night I remove makeup with it by using a clean washcloth. On top of all that, it’s less than $4!

  87. Angelique says:

    Daily Regenerating Cleanser, love it and use it in the shower every morning. It gently exfoliates and leaves my skin glowing!
    Now, as for this giveaway…darling I NEED it….I’m 41 and my man is 26…..I can give back the ultimate results of using these lol!!!

  88. Cynthia says:

    I like using the the basic daily moisturizer for sensitive skin, it has Zinc oxide it, though I don’t recall the exact name ’cause I just used my bottle up.

  89. Christy Ordonez says:

    Any Olay lotion/cream. I started using them way back in late elementary school/early middle school years, as they were what my mother had in the bathroom. I always felt so grown-up using them. Although I have drifted off to other brands as I got older, I will always have a bottle of the Olay night cream around. Very well priced, nice consistency.

  90. Lydia says:

    The old school body wash! I don’t even remember what its called but its always in my shower 🙂

  91. Annie says:

    I like my Oil of Olay daily moisturizer with spf 15…. it’s the only lotion i’ve found that doesn’t break out my very sensitive skin! (plus it has sun protection!)

  92. ezzie says:

    i absolutely ADORE my OLAY active hydrating beauty fluid! my mom first got it to try it out, and she didn’t really like it so she gave it to me, and i absolutely love this stuff as a nighttime moisturizer(:
    and it’s not greasy at all even for my oily-ish skin, and in the morning i wake up with skin feeling like a baby’s bottom ^-^

  93. Colleen says:

    Olay Regenerist Serum is my fave. I can skip primer when I use it and my skin stays soft all day, without getting oily. It rocks!

  94. Sarah says:

    I’m a fan of Oil of Olay’s lipstick, I rock Gold Token
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… 2010 SAG Award Winners =-.

  95. claudia says:

    i always use the olay complete moisturizing lotion (although only at night, since my face gets so greasy otherwise during the day!), followed by the olay toner…mmmm, tingly~

  96. jenni says:

    i lovee the olay ribbons bodywash. it smells wonderful, it actually moisturizes and its affordable!

  97. I like Olay Total Effects 7 in 1 because it is a great moisturizer for the day. It keeps my skin supple, evens out my skintone, and reduces the appearance of wrinkles.

  98. Paula Caudill says:

    I love the Olay cleanzing cloths…they do a great job!

  99. keri b says:

    i love many olay products but one of my all time favs is the Olay Definity Color Recapture…its got SPF 15 and illuminates my skin with is very cool gel like texture. You can wear it alone as a tinted moisturizer (my choice) or under foundation as a moisturizer witha kick of color…plus i am so fair its tough to find a product that doesnt look to dark on my and the fair/light is the perfect summer color for me!!

  100. sarah says:

    i haven’t actually gotten around to trying many olay products.. but there are definitely some up on my wishlist, haha. definitely looking into a body exfoliator, i think it would be totally fab!
    .-= sarah’s last blog post… Mod =-.

  101. Darci says:

    Hey there, I love Olay I have used it since my mom has used it there isn’t one of their products I don’t like, I love the Shea butter body wash. leaves my skin soooo soft. Its not to expensive either. I just can’t say enough about Olay but I will stop there cuz i could go on and on. Have a great week!!:)


  102. Connie says:

    LOVE the olay nutrients daily spf lotion. It smells heavenly!

  103. Diana says:

    I use Olay Total Effects and I love how it makes my skin soft to touch. I love Olay products.

  104. Linda says:

    I just switched from Clean and Clear Astringent to Olay’s toner and it’s amazing! It feels different because my Clean and Clear sometimes feels very acidic and drying on my skin. And my mom always put me on Olay products when I was younger.

  105. katie says:

    I like the oil of olay eye gel (it’s clear and comes in a little tub and I can’t remember the exact name of it). It works great if you have sensitive skin.

  106. christie c. says:

    I like Olay quench body lotion because my skin gets really dry in the winter (or anytime) and this is really moisturizing!!!

  107. Valerie says:

    I still use Oil of Olay deep moisturizer at night. My mom turned me onto it a long time ago and I still love it. 😀
    .-= Valerie’s last blog post… Progress =-.

  108. Jennifer says:

    I love their gel eye cream. Not sure about the name but it’s very hydrating and does not irritate my eyes at all.

  109. Lucy says:

    Please enter me in the giveaway. I don’t use any Olay products. I’m interested in these two products. My skin is very dry now because of the forced air heat. It’s very drying and I have it pushed up since I’m always cold. I’ve gotten away from moisturizing my body. I need this product. Thank you.

  110. Mary says:

    Karen, Olay Definity Highly Defined Anti-Aging Illuminating Eye Treatment ($26) is my desert-island product. I have allergy-eyes and this treatmet disguises them well. XXOO

  111. AndreaMarie says:

    Olay regenerist serum. It is the ONLY moisturizer I can use that doesn’t break me out!!!

  112. Angela says:

    I love Olay daily moisturizer. Easy to absorb and not oily. Please enter me into the giveaway.
    .-= Angela’s last blog post… Review: Bison Hot Bath Salt (Rose Champagne) =-.

  113. jane says:

    i like the olay total effects (7 in 1). I like the consistency because it isn’t runny like other moisturizers. Also it has sunscreen in it.

  114. Apple says:

    Olay Regenerist serum is the best – it’s effective for my fine lines. 😐

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