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Lancome Color Design Sensation Effects Smooth Hold Lipstick

Could your lips use some extra lurving? Does your pucker long to meet its matte?


Today’s giveaway features a pair of dangerous lippie liaisons. These two Lancome Color Design Sensation Smooth Hold Lipsticks were designed with full coverage and long-lasting color in mind.


(Winner randomly selected)

Two (2) Lancome Color Design Sensation Smooth Hold Lipsticks — one in Red Haute (a matte red) and the other in Lucky Kiss (a matte pinkish brown). Prize valued at $44 (one winner).

Lancome Color Design Sensation Effects Smooth Hold Lipstick

Lancome Color Design Sensation Effects Smooth Hold Lipstick


To enter the Lancome Color Design Smooth Hold Lipstick giveaway, answer the following question in the comments:

“What’s your very first lipstick memory?”

My answer: At 14, when I finally got the go-ahead from my parents to start wearing makeup. One day, my mom took me shopping to get the basics, which included a single tube of lipstick. Oh, how I cherished that thing! It was a shimmery raspberry pink, and I loved wearing it as a lip stain. I’d dab it on my lower lip and then mush both lips together to disperse the color. It always made me feel so grown up to take it out for touchups in the girl’s bathroom.


Please, one entry per person, and don’t forget to leave a valid email address in the comment form so I can reach you if you’ve won.

The giveaway is open to US and international readers.

I’ll choose the winner at random from the entries received by 11:59 p.m. PST on Tuesday, June 1, 2010.

Best of luck, and enjoy the rest of your day! πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


  • The giveaway is now closed; congrats Beatrice! Before you go, check the home page for ongoing giveaways.


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  1. Kristy says:

    Favorite lipstick memory….? Well, the first lipstick I got was a shiseido one in salmon rose πŸ™‚

  2. Jamie says:

    my very 1st lipstick was a love my lipstick( like Love My Nails) brand lipstick in a frosty pink. I wore it to my 8th grade prom. My mom made it work, honey! She also bought my a Maybelline eyeshadow palette that had 12 colors in it that kept for years…sigh:)
    .-= Jamie’s last blog post… e.l.f. order Haul… =-.

  3. footnotegirl says:

    My first lipstick memory is sitting next to my older sister at her little vanity table (with three brothers, we had no room/time for makeup in the bathroom). She was about 18, so I must have been no older than 4 or 5. She was putting on makeup for a date and I remember watching the contortions she made with her mouth, stretching her lower lip out over her teeth, using the tip of the lipstick to fill in her cupid’s bow and then rubbing her lips together. When she was done, she turned and put some on me.

  4. cady says:

    my first lipstick memory is getting one for my bat mitzvah, at the MAC counter of course, when i was in the 7th grade πŸ™‚

  5. sarah k says:

    I remember when I was around 6 or 7, my mom received a free gift w/ purchase from Clinique… she had a very deep maroon lipstick that she never wanted to try out. I would hide the lipstick in my little kiddie purse, and put it on in the bathroom (more like SMEAR it on…) and smile. I think I have a photo w/ the lipstick on my lips, and teeth of course.. =P

    Now I’m glad to say that I’ve learned the proper application of lippies πŸ™‚

    Enjoy the rest of your Memorial Day weekendddd!

  6. Karen,
    My lipsticks memories go waaaay back to the days when the Avon Lady actually did come to your house. They had little tiny samples of the lipstick they would leave and my mom would let me have them. I wish they still did that!

    The next memory would have to be Maybelline (I think) lip potion when I was in high school. These were in rollerball packaging and were colorless but came in different flavors.

    So yeah, I’m old.
    .-= Cindy (Prime Beauty)’s last blog post… Beauty Weekend Roundup Γ’β‚¬β€œ 5/29/10 =-.

  7. Kammi says:

    My very first lipstick memory was when I was 3 year old and I was using my mom’s red lipstick and dressing up as a woman w/ my mom’s high heels, a hat (i don’t know where the hat came from) and my mom’s sunglasses. lol. Somebody took a picture of me. I wanted to be an adult already. Hehe.

  8. Meg says:

    My very first lipstick memory is…Being in a school play when I was about 9, a getting a full face of horrible stage makeup, including bright red lips and stripey blush. Disgusting. My first good lipstick memory was my school ball last year, where I got my makeup done at mac and got a gorgeous frosty pink lipstick that I still love <3

  9. Jean says:

    I never wore lipstick until my 9th grade year of high school. That’s when I joined Drama. So, so many of my high school memories revolve around drama club, and the theater in general. Well, anyway, my first real memory of wearing lipstick: It was my first show ever, and I had to go shopping for stage makeup. Now, stage makeup is very specific. You want to look like you, only you want your features to be more emphasized (Unless, of course, you’re playing a particular character that requires special makeup. Then you want to add onto your basic stage makeup routine). Anyway, I was shopping for stage makeup, and I think I bought at least seven tubes of lipstick that day. My lips are already naturally pigmented, so it was difficult finding a color that really worked on me. Finally, after going through many Rimmels, NYCs, and so on, I found a Covergirl lipstick that was my perfect my-lips-but-better shade. Covergirl Trushine lipstick in 415. They’ve since discontinued this line, which I find to be quite sad. They’ve reincarnated the shade, though, in their lipstains, so thankfully I can still hold onto this big part of my high school career.
    .-= Jean’s last blog post… Zoya Swatchapalooza! =-.

  10. Molly says:

    I was four, and it was (totally ashamed) Revlon Softsilver Rose. It was my Grandma’s, and she still wears it. It is the EPITOME of old-lady lipstick- Barbie pink and frosty… but as bad of a reputation I give it, I felt like a fairy princess, wrapped in mis-matched silk scarves and wearing green eyeshadow up to, and over, my eyebrows. I would give anything to feel as pretty as I felt then!

  11. Kia says:

    my comment didn’t show up, so i guess i will repost (:

    my favourite lipstick memory was when i was 4, dressing up as a princess for Halloween.

    I remember my mom putting this deep red lipstick on my lips as well as on my cheeks, as a cheek stain.

    those were the days (:

  12. Amy says:

    Karen, my favourite lipstick memory was when I got my first lipstick πŸ™‚

    I remember going to MAC, choosing a beautiful pink colour (Hue) and holding it tight while going back home …

  13. Cindy says:

    My first lipstick memory is from back when I first saw “Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist” I absolutely adored Kat Dennings look, so I went on the hunt for a red lipstick that wasn’t too bright since I had never worn red before! I found the perfect match in Rimmel London’s moisture renew lipstick in Toffee, and after that I only wore that with winged eyeliner πŸ˜›

  14. Catherine says:

    My very first lipstick memory is probably from when I was around 1 or 2. I snuck into my parents’ bedroom and got ahold of my mom’s lipstick and drew a red ring all around my lips. πŸ˜€
    .-= Catherine’s last blog post… MAC To The Beach Marine Life High-Light Powder Pt. 2 =-.

  15. Julia says:

    My first lipstick memory also involves Avon. I went to a friend’s sleepover, and her mom had little games for us to play. One of them involved using Avon samples to see who could put their makeup on the fastest. Of course, we made a mess of the lipstick and eyeshadow, but it was so much fun!

  16. Alix says:

    The very first lipstick I bought was Cover Girl’s It’s Your Mauve (which I swear is still on sale, if you look for it!).

    Some people remember times of their life based on their clothes or shoes: I remember makeup. There’s a pic of my grandmother and me from (let’s just say many) years ago and every time I see it I think, oh yeah, Physician’s Formula in Mauvette, that was such a great color! Grandma wasn’t much for lipstick, but she did love her Max Factor PanCake!

    Thanks for the trip down memory lane! πŸ™‚

  17. Christina says:

    My mom had this great stash of lipsticks that she never wore, so I’d just take them out when I was 4th grade or something and try them on. She always knew when I messed with them…though it wasn’t until later that I figured out she just saw how chapped my lips were after putting on and taking off like 40 lipsticks ahahaha

  18. Courtney L says:

    My first lipstick memory would have to be taking my mom’s when she wasn’t home and putting it on- it always made me feel so old! πŸ™‚

  19. charlotte says:

    My first lipstick memory was a bright red tube of lipstick from a small drugstore in my neighborhood. I was around 10, and the lipsticks was intended for my sister. I liked to dab a bit on my lower and upper lip, and smear the color over my lips. I still apply lipstick that way, hehe.

  20. Katrina S. says:

    My first lipstick memory was from my mom’s make up case when I was little. When I was bored, I would take the brightest possible colour I could find and smear it on my lips – I loved bright red then, and I still do today πŸ™‚

  21. Nina says:

    It was frosted pink, Avon and all over my face and arms! I was three. πŸ˜‰

  22. Rachel says:

    Being a child of the 80s, for sure it’s shimmery pink lipstick. It had to be a drugstore brand, but I don’t know which brand it was. Oh…memories.

  23. Sophie says:

    My first memory of lipstick was when i was around 7. I’d got to pick a magazine from the paper shop, it was a girly cartoon magazine with a free lipstick. I think i only picked it for the lipstick which was silver and packed with chunks of glitter, i loved it and wore it as much as possible, trying to sneak out of the house with it smeared on my lips for school. I kept it until i was about 9 or 10.

  24. Amanda says:

    When I turned 16, my mom took me to the clinique counter and I got to choose a lipstick and an eye shadow for my birthday. I chose tenderheart and wore that baby until there there was no more in the tube. I even “borrowed” mom’s lip brush to get all the way down to the bottom of the tube and thought I was doing a great job at getting every little last bit out!

  25. Agnes says:

    My first lipstick memory mustve been when i was super young! I dont even remember the exact age, but lets say 4-5. I remember it was my birthday and my favourite favourite birthday present was this little makeup kit. (the ones you play around with, think cheap plastic etc etc) haha but it had this one purple lipstick that i used to put on just for fun. Weirdest thing is, i’ve never wore purple lipstick/gloss after that.. but looking at your previous posts, i really think i need to give it a try!! πŸ˜€
    .-= Agnes’s last blog post… Coastal Scents 26 Shadow and Blush Combo Palette Swatches & Review =-.

  26. Emma says:

    My first lipstick memory was my mom’s old Dior tube in coral pink πŸ™‚ I was around 8 when I started noticing my mom put makeup, and wanted to try it. So I snuck it out of her makeup case, and tried it on, only to find that it tasted bad πŸ˜€

    I still love that color (but am too afraid to try putting on lipstick–lipgloss FTW!) and will likely look for them in the near future πŸ™‚

  27. knownever says:

    My first lipstick memory is the black lipstick I bought as a young teen in a total weirdo/goth phase.
    .-= knownever’s last blog post… JesseÒ€ℒs Girl Liquid Crystal Gross =-.

  28. Patrícia Martins says:

    My first lipstick memory – my mom´s lipsticks all over when I was a child!

  29. Caitlin McHugh says:

    When I was 5 I ate my moms fuschia pink lipstick. I thought it smelled like Cherries and my teeth were hot pink for days. Yummmmm. I still love yummy lip makeup.

  30. Anna says:

    I have never owned my own lipstick, but I have gone through my mom’s drawers to pull out all her deeper hued lipsticks and smeared them all over in a very unorganized fashion and scared her half to death. =)

  31. CC says:

    Rooting through my mother’s Lancome lipsticks and choosing my favorite: a super bright red shade…I don’t remember the name of it, but it was fierce!

  32. Jasmine says:

    My first memory is my mom giving me a tiny little, bright red lipstick. It must’ve been a samples size and I remember loving it! I used it maybe three times total, because I cherished it too much to actually use. It made me feel very grown up and whenever my mom was getting ready, I would just sit with my lipstick and feel so mature. Even though I must have been seven or eight!

  33. Jennifer says:

    Not exactly lipstick, but I remember when I was in the 5th grade, and Bonne Bell lipsmackers were super popular. I remember having a strawberry-kiwi (I think?) flavour and going shopping for a new one, but with more colour! Little did I know, that none of them actually had any colour on the lips XD

  34. Ashley says:

    My first lipstick was the worst! I “borrowed” one of my mum’s lipstick when I was really young & put the poppy red color all over my lips. It was really uneven & when my mom found me she called me a clown! She wasn’t mad but I have an irrational fear of clowns & I cried because I thought I looked like one!

  35. Maria says:

    The age i don’t remember but I do remember sneaking into my mom’s well stocked makeup bags whenever she left the house. I’d write all over my face with the deepest red I could find. Then rush into the shower if i heard her coming in. I doubt she ever found out : )

  36. DallasBrownEyes says:

    My first lipstick was a deep rose color. Can’t remember which brand. The first brand name I remember buying was Starlit Pink by Estee Lauder. It was supposed to be an all-day color, but I’ve never had any luck with lipstick lasting very long.

    Thanks for the contest! Lancome makes great lip colors.

  37. Jessica says:

    My first lipstick memory is from grade 6. A girl found a BLUE lipstick and brought it in and all the girls in the class shared it. It was unflattering AND un-sanitary.

  38. maguire says:

    i loved doing my mom’s makeup when i was a little kid. i’d always use the brightest lipstick!

  39. Lizz M. says:

    My first and most vivid lipstick memory was when I was about 10. I had this bright berry, almost red lipstick from some kiddy makeup-kit. I wore it once for a family photo and my dad freaked out. (I have some pictures of that though, ha)
    When I went to stay with my aunt and uncle in Canada for a few weeks that same year, I took the forbidden lipstick along, hoping i’d sneak a few chances to wear it and impress all my cousins with how cool I looked. While my aunt and uncle kept mum about my bright, bold look, my cousins weren’t so nice. Mind you I come from a middle-eastern upbringing, so when my cousins saw me they spazzed and thought thier parents weren’t gonna let them hang out with me anymore. In fact they got upset with me and made me wash it all off. Everyone was visibly relieved after that and I learned my lesson.
    Now as an adult I wear a red lip often. I like to think it’s as a result of this momentous little lipstick moment in my past. The red lip is now like a trademark of my look.

  40. Styrch says:

    My first lipstick memory was of digging through my mother’s Clinique gift with purchases. Somehow, she always ended up with Crystal Mauve. Would you know it – when I was 13 she took me to the Clinique counter for a consultation and they put me in Crystal Mauve. I was a little dissapointed- I wanted something new. Oh well.

  41. Miriam says:

    My mom isn’t into makeup but she does wear lipsticks and lipglosses. When I was little I stole away into the bathroom with one of her reddest lipsticks. Lets just say it didn’t turn out very pretty. πŸ™‚

  42. Pansy says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was about 8. I went into my mother’s makeup box when she wasn’t home and started applying all over my lips… then I heard the garage open so I quickly wiped it off. What an anti-climatic story….

  43. April says:

    My very first (and favorite) lipstick memory… I think I was probably 10 or so and I had a plastic Caboodles train case because my older cousin had one (and of course you wanna be like your older sister or cousin & look up to them). My mom would give me lipsticks that she didn’t like because she either couldn’t pull off those certain shades or just didn’t like them. I remember loving to play around with the red shade, one that was a lot like the Lancome matte red that’s being offered here, because my auntie would wear red lipstick a lot of the time.

  44. Carin says:

    I wasn’t allowed to wear makeup in jr high, so I smuggled a super cheap looking red lipstick onto the bus in the mornings and would apply it while bouncing along towards school. Needless to say, not the best way to ensure an even application! Oh well, you can get away with a lot when you’re young…

  45. Neela says:

    My mother got this awful pink Avon lipstick from one of her friends trying to get her to wear makeup. She gave it to me instead, with a snakeskin lipstick holder! It was not a flattering colour but i still wore it in school..

    Then I got some lavender lip pencil and used that in school.. yeah, I looked great.

  46. Kathleen says:

    I put on lipstick and when my aunt saw me she asked “are you wearing lipstick?” and I said “no, my lips are just chapped” and she said “I wish MY lips looked like that when they got chapped” She totally busted my 9-year-old butt!

  47. Sofia says:

    I think I must have been around 5. It was the Carnival and my mom had used a bright red lipstick cause I was dressed as the little red riding hood:) …still love red lipstick!!

  48. ehem. When I was 5, I found my mom’s lipstick stash, and took it upon myself to paint her bed with them. I must have known I was doing something bad, because I then covered it up with a towel, and told her not to look under it. The lipsticks were promptly taken away from me, and I was given a long lecture on the proper use of lippies πŸ™‚
    .-= makeup morsels’s last blog post… Bienfait Revamped =-.

  49. Yao says:

    My first lipstick memory was playing around with one of my mother’s Estee Lauder GWP lipsticks. I must have been about 11 or 12, and I thought that the color made me look much, much older than I’d wanted to be. I still feel that way about the GWP lipsticks now. Heh.

  50. AmyVA says:

    Ahhhh – this brings back memories!! In 7th grade, I got a similar go-ahead from the parents (actually it was probably more like a rather wise decision on their part to shut up and start choosing their battles strategically) to begin the cosmetics game. I think I made a bee-dive into Revlon Silver City Pink:

    Amazing this is still around today, considering I started wearing it in about 1986!! WOW!

  51. Eliane says:

    When I was little I looooooooved watching tv shows about beauty. I remember Lise Watier had one! So I would watch that and then I would go in my mom’s makeup to put some on. I don’t think the shape of my lips mattered then because it was all over my face haha! Thank god I kept on watching the shows and I learned to do it properly!!!
    Thanks for the great giveaway, I really love your blog πŸ™‚

  52. Maria says:

    I’ve never actually really worn lipstick successfully, so I’m hoping to be able to try these out so I can have a positive experience! They look gorgeous πŸ™‚

  53. Corinne says:

    My first memory of lipstick was when i was about 5 or 6 putting on my mom’s bright red lipstick while she wasn’t home, and feeling all grown up πŸ™‚

  54. Zoe says:

    When I was like 6 or 7, my mom would let me put on her purple-ish chanel lipstick to church πŸ™‚ haha I have a picture of me wearing it and it matches my purple dress that I’m wearing in the picture haha

  55. Sarah says:

    What an awesome giveaway! Thanks!

    My first lipstick memory is of playing with my mom’s lipsticks. She didn’t have many, but the ones she had, I found and got into and smeared all around. I distinctly remember that strong “lipstick” smell they had…whether because they were actually outdated at the time, or because that’s how lipstick smelled twenty-five years ago, I’m not sure, but I’ll never forget it!
    .-= Sarah’s last blog post… meditation for music appreciation sunday =-.

  56. Rebekka says:

    My very fist lipstick memory…
    We played vampire dress-up – black cape, teased “coffin bed hair” and all! – and of course I had to have red lips, duh. I was about 7 or 8 I think. Too bad my mother was waaay into pinks and not red, so I chose a dark fuchsia one. Not very vampiric but I thought I was pretty cool then. 8)

  57. Dusi says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was around 7 or 8. I was watching my mom get ready to go out. She looked so beautiful and I wanted to look like her. So, the next day, I closed my bedroom door and tried on one of her lipsticks. I wiped it off so my mom wouldn’t know but she found out any way. Lol.

  58. mary says:

    My first lipstick memory was when a family friend gave my mom a tube of Estee Lauder lipstick and my little brother ended up ruining it by smearing it all over his lips and face….it was a nice lavender pink colour too!

  59. Nina says:

    My first lipstick memory was not putting it on my lips but writing with it on the vanity mirror πŸ™‚ when I was around 5 years old, we had a neighbor whom I really liked to be with and whenever I went to see her I always went in her bedroom, grabbed a lipstick of hers and wrote on the mirror “you will have two kids, one girl and one boy and I will hate your boy forever.” and she always liked these little threats because she really wanted to be a mother πŸ™‚ and yeah, she had the kids, first a boy and then a tiny, genius girl πŸ™‚

  60. sgs says:

    My earliest lipstick memory is that of my tow sisters and I digging into my mother’s VERY OFFLIMITS cosmetics drawer ….and the huge fussing we got as a result. I do remember loving how the dark red looked on my lips …it was worth it!

  61. Amber says:

    My sister and I were allowed to start wearing makeup at 13. For my 13th birthday, my parents gave me a pink Caboodles with a few makeup products in it, like a couple eyeliners, a lipstick, maybe a blush. The lipstick was a sheer, baby pink one. I can almost picture it and I want to say everything was Cover Girl, but I can’t remember the brand for sure. I can remember the smell exactly, though!
    .-= Amber’s last blog post… When cheap is good =-.

  62. Scifi says:

    Using my sisters’ purple dollar store lipstick. o_0

    It was a pretty color, though.

  63. Aly says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I would always look into my mom’s makeup drawer and pull out a lipstick that had nice packaging πŸ˜› I also loved the smell of them and always put some on (messily).

  64. Ana Belén says:

    My very first lipstick memory was when I stole a grandmather lipstick to make-up my favorite doll.
    The result was terrible!!

  65. Lynn says:

    My mom actually never let me wear any type of cosmetics until my senior year of high school – ha!

    So one day, when I was about 16, I went through her makeup bag and found a gorgeous deep red lipstick. I dabbed a little on, admired my beautiful red lips in the mirror, then tried to wash it off before my mom started wondering why I was in her bathroom for so long. I could NOT get the color off! No matter how much soap and water I used, no matter how hard I rubbed and scrubbed, my lips were still red! I finally decided there was no use trying anymore. I tried to avoid my mom, but of course she noticed. She looked at me and asked, “Are you wearing my lipstick?”
    “Who, me?” I replied innocently. “Oh, this?” I pointed to my red lips. “Oh, well, I just had a cherry popsicle, that’s all.”

  66. stalkthepostman says:

    OMG….great question! My first lipstick memory is quite hazy, as I was 3 and it was Christmas time. My mom was pregnant with my sister and my grandparents were in town. I was dressed up in this ridiculous red and white candy-cane striped nightgown with a matching (puffy) hat. My mom threw some red lipstick on me, and painted my fingernails to match and I have these hilarious pictures of me posing by the fireplace, baring my teeth and pushing my lips out to show off my “glamourous” ensemble πŸ™‚

  67. Nadine says:

    My first lipstick was a drugstore brand, very sheer pink. Loved it, felt so adult!

  68. Jennifer T. says:

    When I was in junior high, my aunt took me to a Target to buy anything item that I wanted, which ended up being a lipstick, of course. It was a lipstick by Maybelline. The color was a petal pink with glitter. Even though my mom disapproved about me wearing lipstick, my aunt still bought the lipstick for me. I wore it whenever my mom was not around. Also, I would show it off to some of the girls in my classes since they were not allowed to wear lipstick. I felt such like a grown-up when these girls were around!

  69. Patty says:

    Whenever I would go snooping in my mom’s makeup, I would smell her lipsticks because I was too afraid to actually put anything on. I guess she used L’Oreal lipsticks, because I smelled one recently and thought, “This is what lipstick is supposed to smell like.” A lot of people hate that waxy smell, but it brings back memories for me.

  70. Kessa Thea says:

    My first ever lipstick memory was when I was 4 years old. I went to my mom’s dresser and found her stash and tried her lipstick on my lips, my eyelids and cheeks. LOL! Instead of scolding me my mom blurted out a hearty laugh.

    Talking about being naive!

    My email address:

    Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway.
    .-= Kessa Thea’s last blog post… Only Beautiful Hair From the New Best-Ever Sunsilk Completes My Fashion Statement =-.

  71. Sharon says:

    It would have to be a bright red one I wore when I was in a play. I slathered on that red lipstick like there was no tomorrow!

  72. michelle says:

    i remember l’oreal was giving away a free lipstick at our local movie theatre, THE place to be on a friday night for a 15 year old. mine was a dark berry colour and it smell like fruit. i think i still have it. i know, it’s gross.

  73. Sarah says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was around 6-7 and my mother loved to wear this coral shade of lipstick by estee lauder. Whenever she would be getting ready to go out i would stand next to her at her gorgeous, vintage dressing table/ vanity (which she finally gave to me!) and hand her that tube of coral lipstick. Im still in love with the gold ridged lipstick packaging. That shade of lipstick didnt really look great on her but she loved coral lipstick and still does even to this day. I think thats where my love for coral was born. Both of us are still yet to find a really great shade of coral lipstick that looks good on us. Its been like our life long mother/daughter mission.

  74. Ashley says:

    i cant remember that far back (just 2/3 years ago). i dont know. never been a lipstick wearer. i want to get better at it b/c i am beginning to like to layer it under a pretty gloss.

  75. Madelynn says:

    When I was younger, my mom had a hair accessory and lipstick drawer. Why those two went together, I don’t know. :] I always opened it up when she was outside gardening, just to take out and look at the colors. I never touched them, though! …Until I saw the musical Evita, where Madonna wore the most beautiful red lipstick that was a touch pink. I went up to my mom’s drawer, searched for a (somewhat) match, and went for it. I did as best as I could, smiled, and started singing “Don’t Cry For Me, Argentina” into the downstairs mirror.

  76. My first lipstick memory was when I was about 5 or 6 years old. My auntie, my sister and I always played dress up. My aunt would dress me and my sister and she would be the makeup artist. When I think back on it, I remember the really red colored lipstick. It was fun πŸ™‚
    .-= Mellow Yellow’s last blog post… Alexander McQueen Spring 2010 =-.

  77. Annie says:

    my first memory of lipstick was of stealing my mothers. i used it as warrior paint and ran around my house screaming, and i broke the lipstick by mistake by pressing too hard. she wasn’t best pleased.

  78. Kstrong says:

    I can’t really remember my first shade or precise memory. But, for some reason, I recall putting on my mom’s lipstick and leaving lip imprints on paper and signing my name. Sealed with a kiss!

  79. mint says:

    My first lipstick was when I was 13, I remember doing grosery shopping with my mum when we went past a place that was doing a sale on it’s lipsticks. so of course I stopped for a look and the colours were gorgeous. I couldn’t resist to ask my mum if I could buy one. and since they were so cheap, I ended up taking 3 home! πŸ™‚ woot.
    .-= mint’s last blog post… Dolly Wink False Lashes by Tsubasa Masuwaka =-.

  80. Kate & Zena says:

    My first lipstick memory is when my grandma came to visit in Texas. She always put a little lipstick on my cheeks and lips. My mom always allowed my grandma to put a little makeup when I came to visit or she came to visit.

  81. eckness says:

    My first lipstick experience was for a piano recital when I was 7. My mom put her red lipstick on me for the occassion. I remember not liking it because it tasted funny =P. Random tidbit: My current fav lippie is a Lola Lip Sheer in Eloise. it’s a beautiful nude pink/rose with gold sheen =))

  82. Caroline says:

    When I was 13 my mom gave me a Clinique sunset bronze lipstick.

  83. cecilee =) says:

    fiddling with my mom’s makeup when i was like 8 haha. i chose all the wrong colours xD
    .-= cecilee =)’s last blog post… Jumping into Summer with Maybelline Eye Studio in Irresistible Ivy! =-.

  84. Saku says:

    It wasn’t a good one. But it was when I first worn it. I “borrow” one of my mom’s lipstick, it was a warm reddish color. I was playing dress up and wanted to do my face nest. I put a little on then ran to the bathroom to look. Omg it was so bad and too bright. I look like a clown lol. And there was a time I took one of her lipsticks and drew on the door with it, she was mad.

  85. Katie says:

    Wow! I really like your blog and this giveaway!! I just discovered it a couple days ago and I’m loving it.

    My favorite lipstick memory is going through my mom’s old lipsticks on year around Christmas time. A lot of her favorite shades were run out and some were discontinued so I found similar ones and completed her collection. She really appreciated it!

  86. Kanita says:

    Love the paler lipstick! But I always need a red too!

    But on to the answer…my very first lipstick memory is when I was about 4 years old and got a hold of my mothers old makeup palettes. I remember putting the red lipstick all over my mouth with my fingers haha

  87. Jessie says:

    I think it was a Maybelline Watershine in bubblegum pink. It was a big event as my mom, my sister and I each got 1 lipstick (my sister and I never wore makeup before)

  88. Mandy says:

    I didn’t really wear much of any makeup until my freshman year of high school when I got into show choir. We had a mandatory list of makeup that we had to buy so that was my first real bright lipstick. I don’t remember what brand, but it was a nice red that complimented our dresses.

  89. Diana R. says:

    My first lipstick was from Avon, a light pink.

  90. Kat says:

    Oh boy…my grandmother let me try her lipstick once. She wore the most insane shade of hot pink! I remember thinking I looked awesome, of course!

  91. Julie says:

    I got this lipstick that came for free with my clinique acne products purchase! it was kind of a dark color, I was so scared to try it!

  92. Rae says:

    Both my mother and grandmother wear just lipstick (no powder, liner, etc) so growing up, it would always be Mother with her tube of [anything scent-free and plum-coloured,] and my grandmother with a tube of a rich red (usually Revlon or Lancome, both loves that she’s passed on to me!)

    Strangely enough, I never had a desire to try on Mother’s lipstick when I was little… how much we’ve changed since then πŸ˜‰
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… How-to: curling with a flatiron =-.

  93. Sandy says:

    My first lipstick memory was sneaking into my mom’s supply in the bathroom and trying them all on when she wasn’t looking. I remember my first lipstick as a lovely Dior lipstick called Mohair that I just loved and used right down till I was digging the rest out of the tube.

  94. emily says:

    I got a maybelline lipstick when i was 13. Because it was so natural looking my parents let me get it πŸ™‚

  95. Kate says:

    Lipstick memory? Taking a huge chomp out of one of my mom’s estee lauder sticks. I was about three or four. The tube smelled so good, so I took a big ol bite!

    redrover189 at gmail dot com

  96. Alexandra says:

    My first lipstick memory was at my grandmother’s house when I was really little. She had a bright red lipstick in the bathroom, and I thought I could look all fancy by putting it on. Unfortunately, I was far too short to see the mirror so I ended up smudging it all over my face.

    Thanks for the contest!

  97. Eve says:

    My first lipstick memory was my using my mom’s lipstick when I was in middle school because she didnt like the color!

  98. Anjali says:

    First lipstick memory was when I wore a bright reddish/pink lipstick to a cousin’s wedding. It totally didn’t suit me (I’ve seen pictures many times since) but I felt so grown up…it was not only my first lipstick experience, but also my first makeup experience! I kind of went around my mother to wear it, and she definitely was not happy considering how young I was (maybe 10 or 11?) but I felt awesome that day, missing teeth and all πŸ™‚

  99. day says:

    my first lipstick memory was when i was in middle school. i had dumped out my mom’s cosmetic bag from the ’80s and applied covergirl “really red”. it even had that old lipstick smell, mmm:)

  100. Rosie says:

    my lipstick memory involves my grandma Nina… her lipsticks were always pointy. i don’t know how she did it but it was flat on one side, flat on the other, and straight across the top, kind of like a standard screwdriver. i guess she either applied on both lips at once or turned the lipstick so it would be even??? dont know but when she died at 94 she had a purse full of pointy lipsticks! lol

  101. Bethany says:

    oh my….
    I’m not sure about the first time I *wore* it, but I do remember using bright pink lipstick like a crayon and making this great mural on the wall during nap time! my parents always said I would be an artist after that ; )

  102. Katrina says:

    My first favorite lipstick was in high school. The color was platinum and it was from Garden Botanika, it was a lipstsick pencil. It was a frosty-ish plum and I loved it. I wore it almost everyday and even for prom.

  103. Julbra says:

    I think it probably involved those really crappy lipsticks me or my friend used to get in those dollar store makeup kits. My sister and I loved to play around with that stuff, one time she slathered it all over her face to make it look like she had bigger lips, lol it was not cute
    .-= Julbra’s last blog post… My Holy Grail Products–a Poll from Temptalia =-.

  104. Julienne says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was three, at a ballet recital for “Pinocchio”. My mom saw all my classmates had red circles on their cheeks, so she whipped out her red lipstick, which she always had on hand, and drew some on mine. – We all looked so cute! πŸ™‚

  105. Genesis C says:

    Hi Karen,
    One of my first memories was playing “dress up” with my older cousin Jenny (who I still call “Pupi”). We used to wear my aunts clothes all the time and do each others make up. We always use to use my aunt’s favorite Chanel lipstick (#24) even though she would always tell us not to! =X It’s still one of my favorites till this day.

  106. LSJ92 says:

    I think I was 5 or 6 years old. It was Helloween and mom put some golden-brownish lipstick on my lips. I remember looking wired with it on and the funny taste

  107. Kerry says:

    Well, I was a teenager in the 90’s, so my first lipstick was a horrid pale pinky brown that (I now know) doesn’t suit my skin colour AT ALL!

  108. Emby says:

    when i was 3 years old, i was a flower girl on my mom’s friend wedding.. i called it lestick…lol

  109. Elaine says:

    First lipstick memory – i mushed my lips together, drew a big fat burgundy circle nowhere near my lips, then promptly looked in the mirror and screamed

  110. Jennifer says:

    Ahh, I was in high school and suddenly wanted to try red lips (I had always been more of the lip gloss type, never owned a lipstick). I got MAC’s Viva Glam, the original, and was so intrigued by the lipstick-y smell and all that. Unfortunately, I didn’t understand the concept of different lipstick finishes and when I applied it, VG was ultra matte and ultra dry–a far cry from my tube of lip gloss. It was enough to steer me away from lipsticks till I was in college. Now I would pick lipstick over gloss without a second thought, I couldn’t live without it!!

  111. ssumeraa says:

    My first lipstick was a Clinique lipstick, it was a very pretty mauve-nude lipstick….I think the name was Blushing Nude if I remember correctly….ahhh how I loved that lipstick, I went through two tubes of that one πŸ™‚
    .-= ssumeraa’s last blog post… ssumeraa: @temptalia hehe, happy birthday today then πŸ™‚ =-.

  112. onigiri says:

    The first lip stick I got was a N.Y.C. in a shimmery blue color! It was really pretty but the color was way too awkward to wear them on a normal day for a little girl who didn’t wear makeup at all. I felt very daring whenever I tried putting it. I kept that lip stick for at least 10 years for some odd reasons.

  113. Diana says:

    My year 10 high school formal, so I must have been…15? We were an Anglican girls’ school, visible makeup at school was not permitted, so it was the first time I’d seen most of my classmates “done up”. My mother never wore much makeup besides lipstick, but for the formal she took me to get mine done at a salon. I ended up in a shimmery-bronze Estee Lauder lipstick, the scent is unmistakable and still sticks in my memory.

  114. Katie says:

    stealing my mums lipstick and applying it in the bathroom with the door locked! it was a red revlon one!

  115. Hannah says:

    My first lipstick memory is when I was very young, I loved going through my mom’s make-up bag and looking at all eyebrow pencils and lip liners and mascaras and little pots of powder, and she had some Avon sample sticks of lipstick and she gave them to me to play with. I loved them so much and always took them with me in my play-purse. I felt very grown up and chic ha ha (:

  116. Abby says:

    im extremely fair unlike my mum, so when i stole her lipstick – a deep warm red to wear out with my friends i must have resembled a street walker or a vampire. nevertheless i caught a fair few eyes – and sniggers

  117. Liliana says:

    one of my very first lipstick memories is when i was about 13 and i went thru a “chola” phase. i had this dark dark plum/blackberry lipstick that I would wear on the sneak so my mom wouldnt get mad. it was wayyyy to dark for my NC40 skin and made my teeth look yellow. lol never again!

  118. Mary O. says:

    My first lipstick memory was at a dance recital when I was 5…the only lipstick my mom would let me have from her collection was metallic coral. I put it on myself. It did not end well xD

  119. Hannah says:

    My first makeup memories are being given the freebee extras from my mom’s makeup purchases and testing out the lipstick all the time!

  120. Gina G says:

    My first lipstick memory was a Tinkerbell makeup kit my Dad gave me when I was four years old. It was bright pink and smelled like strawberries! The kit also had compact with powder and peel off nail polish. I think it started my makeup obsession haha!

  121. Tiffany says:

    I don’t really remember this incident but my mother always reminds me! I was about 2 at the time and we were going through customs at Pearson Airport. I took my mother’s red lipstick and drew all over my face with it! My mom rushed me to the bathroom once the officer let us through. *sigh*

    I blame that lipstick for turning me into a makeup junkie.

  122. Francesca says:

    I remember using my older sister’s lipstick when I was about seven, just to see what it was like because she used it all the time, (:
    .-= Francesca’s last blog post… he may be gone, but we’ll remember him always. =-.

  123. Lindsey says:

    I remember I was going to perform at my first ballet performance as a little girl and my Mom put on some blush and lip stick. I then proceeded to pucker up as I had seen many cartoon characters do on TV (maybe I was thinking Ursula from “Little Mermaid”?) and my Mom would just look at me oddly. She would tell me to relax my lips but I thought I always knew better. πŸ˜›

  124. Alex says:

    My favorite lipstick memory was when I was only seven and my younger brother was four, and I made him play dress up with me. When I was applying lipstick, he started licking his lips and the lipstick got all over his teeth. I then told him that lipstick was made out of fish scales and all I remember is that he ran out of my room into the kitchen and spent an hour crying and trying to wash his mouth with dish soap. How I miss the good ol’ days!

  125. Jody says:

    My first lipstick memory is when I had a piano recital and I got to wear that play lipstick to the recital.

  126. Katy says:

    my first lipstick memory was when my mom let me wear her bright red lipstick on halloween even though i was a gypsy(:

  127. Alana says:

    My first lipstick experience didn’t come about until I was 23! I always wore lipgloss because I could never find a color that I thought flattered me. So, my first lipstick was Plink from MAC that I got special to wear for my wedding πŸ™‚ I am now IN LOVE with lipsticks and trying to make up for all that lost time….

  128. Jenna says:

    my first lipstick memory is from only about a year ago, when NYX had a giant 50% off everything sale for their anniversary. I had never owned lipstick until that point, and suddenly I had many black label and round NYX lipsticks I just loved to bits! I’m sure I’d come in contact with lipstick previously, in fact I know I have, but I have no earlier memories than that!

  129. Lydia says:

    My first lipstick memory is when my mom bought a new bed set that was white and my little sister rubbed red lipstick all over it lol

  130. Marie says:

    My first lipstick experience was choosing colors for my mom at CVS in elementary school. We picked up two L’Oreal lipsticks…. one that was double-ended, and another that ended up being this repulsive mud-brown color (it didn’t look that bad on the outside, I promise)! They were very drying and accentuated liplines… I was so put off by the memory that I wouldn’t wear lipstick until I hit my first year of college.

  131. TheUndercoverGypsy says:

    My earliest lipstick memory is raiding my grandmother’s vanity while visiting her as a child. I’d always loved all things high heeled, those mysterious bullets of color, the old fashioned pretty boxes of powder and the cut glass bottles of perfumes. So, it was no surprise when I stumbled onto a pretty case of Yardley lipstick of my grandmother’s. It was a rich red (unsurprisingly) that I wasted no time applying and walked around the whole day sporting a vibrant slash of red and leaving a variety of smudges. Happy times πŸ™‚

  132. Rachel says:

    haha oh gosh i remember….i was on my own in a nordstrom (bad idea) and ventured over to a counter. i honestly got a color that complletely matched my lips. you couldn’t even tell i was wearing any! but i got to say that i was wearing lipstick, which is what counted at the time πŸ™‚

  133. Haley says:

    It’s kind of ironic but my first memory of lipsticks actually has to do with Lancome lipsticks. My mom would always get the gift sets with the lipsticks included from Lancome, and I remember that I always used to steal them from her drawers and put them on in the bathroom. The colours were way too mature for me, but I had fun pretending to be a grown-up!

  134. blue says:

    my first lipstick memory would be when i was 7 and had to wear one for a piano/singing recital. i remember hating the waxy feel/taste and wondering how anyone could stand wearing them. now, almost 20 years later i can’t get enough of lipstick! πŸ˜€
    .-= blue’s last blog post… Vacation purchases, Part 4 =-.

  135. Jessica B says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was I think eight years old and I dressed up as an old lady for Halloween and my mom helped make my face look old and wrinkly and she put this bright red lipstick on me. I told her her I hated it but I keep going to the bathroom to look at it because I actually loved it.

  136. jenn says:

    my grandma applying lipstick on me with a lip brush on my 3rd birthday. After that, I too shared her love of makeup.

  137. Ruiying says:

    Haha, well, my first time with a lipstick was when my grandma gave me some for new years, and I felt so grown up, plus this lipstick was uber cool. It was green or blue, but when you applied it, and waited for a moment it turned hot pinkish πŸ™‚ I loved it!

  138. Darian says:

    Those lipsticks look amazing!

    When I was was really young, I used to dance jazz, tap, and ballet. For dance recitals, we’d all have to wear bright red lipstick. It was always Wet n Wild lined with L’Oreal! That WnW lipstick was seriously bright. I still love red lipstick, but now it’s more of a glamorous look and less clown.

  139. Parenty says:

    My first lipstick experience was actually just last summer! I had just recently started watching gurus on youtube, and was dying to pull off a nude lip. So after seeing many videos, I settled on creme d’nude. I went to a mac store the next day (on a Sunday) and forgot they closed early, so when I got there they were just about to close. I quickly asked for the lipstick and purchased it without trying it on, figuring that since it looked good on all the gurus, it would look good on me too. Big mistake – my lips were way too pigmented for it and it looked absolutely terrible on me πŸ™

  140. Halifax says:

    I always wanted to try the reddest shade of lipstick my mom had. One day I did and I didn’t like it, haha

  141. Slick says:

    Trying on my mom’s lipstick when i was 7!

  142. Stephanie says:

    When I was 7 years old, I took my Mom’s tube of classic Chanel Coco Pink and put it on my lips and cheeks. I felt so glamorous! My mom walked into my room and freaked out and then started laughing at how funny I looked!

  143. Ashley says:

    my first lipstick memory is a bright red really waxy smelling lipstick i got in a makeup kit when i was around 5 or 6. i still have the tube.
    .-= Ashley’s last blog post… twashley: slumba party/cardioke success w/ @judyfunnny !!!!!!! =-.

  144. Stephanie Cohen says:

    My first lipstick memory was when i was little and my grandma would pull out this pretty bright pink lipstick from her purse and it made me feel so beautiful.

  145. Nikole says:

    Hmmmm, Mine is probably when my older sisters used to put makeup on me when i was little, like five or so. I still love people doing my make up for me lol

  146. Megan says:

    ooh! that red lipstick looks HOT! My first memory of lipstick is probably when I was 4 or 5 years old, clandestinely playing with my mom’s lipstick and making a mess of a clown face when I tried it on. πŸ™‚ Thanks for doing this giveaway!
    .-= Megan’s last blog post… Time never waits =-.

  147. Rachael says:

    My first memory of lipstick is one of my moments as a ballerina. It was a bright red that my mom didn’t want anymore but it would show up on stage.
    .-= Rachael’s last blog post… License to Thrill: I Wanna be a Bond Girl =-.

  148. Dini says:

    When I was about 2 my parents entered me into this Fancy Dress/Performance competition at the local mall. My mom basically took her darkest red lipstick and slathered it all over my lips. She also blended it into my cheeks for blush – multitasking even then! I only know this because there are these infamous pictures of 2 year old me in a grass skirt, tube top and lei with ridiculous amounts of make-up all over the place in my house because my Dad thinks it super cute.

  149. Argeleen says:

    Thank god I found ur blog I love it! First time here πŸ™‚
    my first memory was when I bought my first lipstick I bought a hotpink one hehe

  150. Laura says:

    I remember my mother always wore the same burgundy lipstick every day for her entire life, including while she was in labor with my youngest sister! Whenever she would leave me home alone, I would parade around with it on my lips! I’ve looked for it at the drugstore since , but never found an exact dupe.

  151. Anna says:

    my first lipstick memory is organizing my grandma’s lipsticks. Sometimes I still do when im at her house!

  152. chibu74 says:

    my first l/s memory is wayyyyy back when I was 9 yrs old. I had participated in a group dance and my teacher did makeup for me. i was sooooooooooo excited to have l/s on….i tried to keep that l/s intact for 3-4 days….i really laugh at myself remembering that day, i was so obsessed with that l/s

    thanks for the giveaway!!

  153. Niza says:

    I probably had my first lipstick moment when i was 4 on my birthday, after constantly begging my mom to let me be a pretty princess and try on one of her gazillion lipsticks. i remember it was something between hot pink and magenta – my mom was very adventurous. it was either a mac or maybelline, but i totally fell in love with it and wear it everytime there’s a party.

  154. Maisie says:

    My very first lipstick memory is from about 7 years ago. I was 6, and the crappy Mary Kate & Ashley makeup line was all the rage at my school. We wore white eyeshadow (the more sparkly, the better!) and glitter all over our faces! No one really wore lipstick, but I was daring and bought probably the worst lipstick ever invented, and I thought I was really cool. It was a light blue-based pink with tons of gold shimmer in it, and it smelled awful. I just remember layering that cheap makeup all over my mouth and all my friends wanting to use it to, because it was just that cool. When you see a picture of me when I was 6 or 7, you will see that it completely clashed with my skin tone, me having warm-undertones. I was going through drawers the other day because my family is moving, and I found the lipstick. I almost put it on for old times sake, but the smell almost made me faint when I opened the tube.

  155. Carol L says:

    My mother did not allow me to wear lipstick so I would save up money and secretly buy lipstick at the mall. First foray into lipppies was a MAC lipstick. What was popular then was the matte lip that was either a brown red or matte red with the brown lipliner. So needless to say, you can imagine the look that I had with those lipsticks.

  156. happybadfish says:

    Taste. My grandma would have a zillion of the little mini sample lipsticks. They were so cute. My sister and I would sneak into her room at her house and put them on. I always was grossed out by the taste. Then we would be totally innocent. My mom would ask us if we were playing in the makeup, and of course we would say no!

  157. Lauren says:

    44 lip gloss and Revlon Frosted Brownie lipstick!

  158. Hilary says:

    I will never live down this story. I was maybe 4 or 5 and so my sister was 2 or 3. We were with my grandmother shopping at Saks in Palm Beach. I discovered that the inside of the display window worked perfectly as a mirror. So, there I am in the window facing Worth Ave. simply applying my bright red lipstick (in a way only a 4 year old can!) My sister asked to have some and I, of course, told her no and she in turn began screaming bloody murder as she ran from one end of the store to the other in search of my mother. I, ever the more mature sister, ignored her and continued to apply my lipstick in front of the rather large crowd that had now gathered on the street outside the display window.
    To this day, every time I put on lipstick in front of anyone in my family, they feel the need to bring up this story.

  159. Anna says:

    My first lipstick memory is when I was around 8 years old. I was visiting my relatives in the Bay Area, CA for the first time since they moved from my family’s neighboring apartment in Hong Kong. My older cousin dressed me up as Jasmine from the Disney movie and applied a bright red lipstick on me. In hindsight, the makeup was too bold and colorful to be inspired my Jasmine, but I had a wonderful time!

  160. Erica k says:

    my first memory is being at my aunts house and sitting at her giant vanity and playing with her makeup… i did this every time i went to her house, i probably looked ridiculous every time but i absolutely enjoyed it
    .-= Erica k's last blog post… ericaWINS: off to the taste =-.

  161. Jennifer says:

    Even though I’m a total lipstick “ho” now, I used to have only one signature color from Clinique and I wore it for years and years-even to my wedding! I can’t remember the name, but it was a beautiful bright pink-corally color. Now I could wear a different color from my collection every day and not repeat a color!

  162. Thaís Montes says:

    First, sorry with my English. It´s not my native language.
    So… Like almost every girls who left comments, my first memory of lipstick was of stealing my mothers.
    I used to “steal” all her red lipsticks, especially one of her channel’s lipstick.
    She still remembers that, every time we talk about make up.

  163. Natalie says:

    i think my first tube of lipstick is still under the sink where i hid it when i was younger so my mom wouldnt find out. I bought it from the avon lady and didnt want my mom to know.

  164. Sara says:

    i know a lot of people hate the smell of l’oreal lipsticks, but i love them because my mom used to wear a red one when i was young. i remember her kissing me and smelling her lipstick πŸ™‚

  165. Lily says:

    very first lipstick memory was when I was probably 4 or 5, I wanted to do these glamour shots because I thought they were so cool. I remember the photoshoot people putting lipstick on me but for some reason I never wanted to smile, and now I have photos of me in frilly dresses and hats all with frowns!!!
    .-= Lily’s last blog post… Man vs. Food, and a late FOTD =-.

  166. Camille says:

    My mom sold Mary Kay when I was little, and used to do my makeup like Jem and the Rockers. She got me a little pot of pink lipstick and I would put it on everyday after school. It was awesome!

  167. Maggie says:

    My very first lipstick memory is when I was little I was always going through my mom’s makeup bag and taking out all of the lipsticks just to twist them up and look at the color. I always compared the color in the actual lipstick to the little sticker label at the bottom. The lipsticks were the most interesting things in her little bag of wonders.
    .-= Maggie’s last blog post… Let’s Rejoice! It’s a Mini CVS Haul =-.

  168. Sara says:

    My first memory of lipstick is when I was 5. I took dance classes, and we got to get all dolled up for the big performance at the end of the year. All I really remember is that it was very red and drying… πŸ˜›

  169. Melodyy says:

    I love the whole trying on mom’s lipstick ordeal.
    My favorite memory was when my sister and I played dressup and we wanted to look all grown up so we decided to reach for our mom’s red lipstick that she wore when she went out to fancy dinners and slabbed it all over our lips.
    When she found us we had lipstick all over our teeth and she took a picture.

  170. Diana S. says:

    My first experience with lipstick was with those tiny litle Avon lipstick samples that they would include free with your order!lol I remember my mom would order something then give me those little lipsticks and I would put some on me, and some on my Barbies because the tubes were that small!Aaah, memories!

  171. Georgia says:

    My first lipstick was a Lancome GWP castoff, I think it was called Cafe Latte? It was a slightly brown lipstick and I thought I was the bomb. I overapplied all the time and felt ridiculously proud. I think I might still have it actually 0.0

  172. nisouri Sananikone says:

    My mommy always wore lipstick but I never cared too much about it, my first lipstick I ever bought was from the MAC hello kitty collection and I’ve loved it ever since <3

  173. Ruth says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was 12 and my mum ordered Avon from a neighbor. She was kind enough to give me some tiny sample lipsticks, with my mum and dad giving her the O.K. !!!!!! I played forever with those little samples.

  174. Elysha says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was 6 or 7 years old. Before school, I dug through my mom’s make-up bag and put a couple old blue 80’s eyeshadows, blush and really outdated hot pink lipstick into a plastic baggie.

    When my best friend got on the bus, I pulled out my findings and asked if she wanted to put it on….she looked at me hesitantly and said we should do it when we got to school because the bus was really bumpy. We sat in the wooded area next to the school and she told me to do it first. I had never even played with a chapstick at this point and it looked horrible…after I did it, I told her that it was her turn. She told me we had to use a q-tip to take it off the stick because she was scared of germs…..after it was applied to her, it LOOKED HORRIBLE! We walked back to the school yard proudly, feeling all grown up. Our teacher told us to go wash it off immediately.

    My friend’s mom was really mad at me.

  175. Jenny says:

    i wore my momma’s red lipstick and looked like a kid version of joker. πŸ™

  176. Angela says:

    When I was 13 my mom took me to the store because I was finally allowed to wear makeup. We lived in Arizona at the time and the lip liner with no lipstick look was all the rage. I remember wanting to wear that so bad, but she was adamant about me not wearing it and bought me a neutral pink lipstick and liner, along with some powder and other stuff from covergirl and revlon. It looked good, but I hardly ever used it b/c none of the other girls wore it at the time!

  177. Lori F says:

    My first lipstick memory is of my mom letting me have the little, tiny Avon lipstick samples they used to give out. I adored those and have been a lipstick addict ever since!

  178. Holly G says:

    There is no telling what kind of lipstick I first wore, but it was for dance recitals and dance competitions when I was very young. I also remember having an important (or so I thought) role in our 4th-grade play and having to wear makeup. When the show was over and I went back to class, my classmates were astonished and told me how pretty they thought I looked in my makeup… which of course left a huge impression on me! πŸ˜‰

  179. Karen B says:

    My first lipstick memory is from a school production. We got to wear the brightest lipstick ever (I think we were like 9 or so). We felt so grown op even though looking back at the pictures I cringe at the unflattering shade of red… hahahah
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… Hidden Potential: The Long Tee =-.

  180. Lisa S. says:

    My first lipstick memory was also the little Avon sample lipsticks, my mom let me have a bunch and I would cake them on and play dress up. My next memory wasn’t a lipstick but a banana flavored roller ball lipgloss, (I think it was about 1978) that I wore in 5th grade. Oh how grown-up I thought I was!

  181. Ika says:

    karen, this is my right email. i typed the wrong letter. please correct it. thanks..ika

    Done, girl! -Karen

    my first lipstick when i was 1st grade. i went shopping with my mother and the lipstick is so colorful and smell good. i don’t remember what brand because i just like the smell like melon. i used carry that lipstick in my purse he..he.. ^_*

  182. Raven says:

    My first lipstick was from MAC. I love the shade. Bright-ish pink. πŸ™‚ I bought it last december ’cause I turned 13. That’s the first lipstick I bought for myself. I can still remember that I didnt eat during recess and lunch time in our school just to buy that awesome lipstick. HAHA. I think i also bought that lipstick so I can give revenge to my former enemy at school. I want her to see that I’m prettier than her and I thought lipstick was the answer. =)) hahahaha.

  183. Shah'ada says:

    stealing my mama’s bright red lancome lippie when I was 4 or 5 lol. I got in troubbbbble!

  184. Jessica says:

    My first lipstick memory is going to middle school and putting it on in the bathroom, since I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick at that age yet.

  185. Marian says:

    It was the swinging 60s and I saved my allowance to buy my very first tube of lipstick. It was Yardley of course. All of the cool people wore Yardley. The color was Mulberry and it was smooth and glossy and it started a lifetime of cosmetics lust.

  186. Sara says:

    First Grade – 10 years old. One red lipstick I had taken from my mom’s cupboard in our bathroom. I smeared it on in the girl’s bathroom of the elementary school, and sprayed myself with enough perfume – also my mom’s – to gag a person (don’t remember what kind, but do remember that it was a heavy oriental). My teacher sent me to the bathroom to wash off the lipstick and as much of the perfume as possible about two seconds after I walked into the classroom. I had to have made the eyes of anyone within 20 feet of me water. But I was proud of it.

    While I do wear red lipstick now, I stay away from most of the oriental frangrances….

  187. Solangel says:

    I don’t remember my very first that well…I recall it being “blue” and giving off a horrible pink stain all day!

  188. Kristy says:

    My first lipstick memory was taking my Mom’s red tube of lipstick that was a couple inches big. I loved that stuff!

  189. Angie says:

    When I was four, I would BEG my mom to let me wear her red lipstick to preschool because my best friend, Courtney, always wore her mom’s bright red lipstick. She finally just gave me the tube because she never wore it herself. Today, I still have that old tube of Estee Lauder’s Parallel Red. πŸ™‚

  190. elizabeth says:

    First makeup memory: when I was little, 3 or 4, I got into my mom’s makeup and covered my face with lipstick. She was obviously not pleased. I don’t recall her wearing much makeup after that.

  191. Karen says:

    My first memory is when my mom would enter me in informal beauty pageants and would put on a terrible shade of pinky red lipstick on my lips and cheeks too! It tasted like plastic and I only used lipgloss until i got out of high school.

  192. Kat says:

    I was SO young, maybe like 4 or 5? My mom gave me a lot of makeup that she didn’t really use and of course they were these dark reds and almost-purples… needless to say I LOVED them.

  193. Steffi says:

    Ò€œWhatÒ€ℒs your very first lipstick memory?Ò€
    Well I have always been more of a lipgloss girl πŸ˜‰ But still when I bought lipsticks I always bought those that tasted like fruits cause I totally loved that πŸ˜€

  194. Amber says:

    My first lipstick was from Afterthoughts. It was a purple-ish color. I was in the 6th grade and you couldn’t tell me I wasn’t hot stuff.

  195. Laura says:

    My first lipstick memory would be when I was pretty young (in the single digits lol) and my mom always bought avon. She had a pretty black box with red and pink lipsticks drawn on oh and lips too! And I would just stare and stare at the box. And inside was a quite few lipsticks. Don’t remember the colors probably a lot of reds. But anyways I was always fond of that box of lipsticks. πŸ™‚

  196. Jenn says:

    My first lipstick memory was probably from watching Pepper Ann. There was this one girl who kept reapplying her lipstick, so I went and took my mother’s red Estee Lauder lipstick and reapplied like every 10 minutes– that is, until my mother caught me and took it back.

  197. Winnie says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was about 4 and my sister and I stole our mother’s lipstick and drew faces on our stomaches and made them “talk” was a good time πŸ˜€

  198. laetitiae says:

    My first lipstick experience was when I was in high school and my older sister gave one to me. It was a Rimmel lipstick called Heather Shimmer. A plum, brown shimmer. Well, yes, a difficult colour, but I use to love it so much…When it was almost finished I remember I use to dig for it in the pan with a brush …good old days :))
    .-= laetitiae’s last blog post… Top 5 Best Mascaras =-.

  199. Amy says:

    I believe I was Grade 8 or 9 when I bought my first lipstick. It was.. Maybelline or L’Oreal – I forgot! But it’s a red color. A little dark/brown red.. don’t know how to describe it, but it was kind of a dark color… not “young-looking” or “cute” at all! hahaha!! don’t know why i bought it. Good memory though!

  200. ST says:

    My first lipstick memory was wearing a purple lipstick. I was obsessed with purple at the time. And at the mall, there were a makeup sale by Esprit, where they cleared out all the Red Earth products for $1 or $2 bucks. The lipstick even had shimmers in it. I thought it looked kinda good. Until later, I look at pictures of myself, and wow.

  201. Tracey says:

    i was waiting in line to talk to my 1st grade teacher and for some reason i thought it was okay to play with her lipstick lying on her desk, so i played around with it, but then it was getting close to my turn to talk to the teacher, i hurried to put the cap on… and i totally crushed the lipstick.. . .. …

    so bad..

    haha thanks for this giveaway!

  202. Alison S says:

    Hmm…my first lipstick memory was when I stole this garish red lipstick from my sister. When I applied it, I thought I looked so mature and grown-up…but it just really made me look like a clown!

  203. LauraJane says:

    I remember when I was much younger, my older cousin came to visit, and when she left, she forgot to take her new Clinique lippie. My mom told her she had left it and offered to mail it to her, but she insisted that I could keep it, if I wanted. I worshipped her for it- it was this glorious chocolatey rose color that I’ve been trying to find all my life since that moment.

  204. beth says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was in the 6th grade, flipping through Teen magazine and they told me that Jane’s Browned Down Red was THE most versatile lipstick – goes with everyones skintone. lol. def not a good look on a sixth grader though!
    .-= beth’s last blog post… poizenisxkandee: To truly love something, you must first give it a chance to fail. If it survives, it’s going to be stronger than ever. =-.

  205. Maria says:

    I stole (I know.. bad me…) a tube of bright cherry lipstick from my Mom when I was in sixth grade, and wore it for days. I still remember the looks of shock from my teachers… Maybe they were WTF looks?

  206. hunnybunny says:

    i was 6 or 7 i was browsing throught the drugstore with my mom and saw the wet and wild products. i chose a shimmery lavendar l/s. i didnt wear it much but i loooved it

  207. Rica says:

    Now I don’t remember the details, i.e. when and where. But I know the first time I played with lipsticks is the time I went over my mom’s purse. I remember the lipstick has the classic (i.e. yuck) scent, and it’s probably Estee Lauder. I’ve always been watching my mom applying lipsticks, so I tried it. And needless to say, it was messy but fun. Now I know how to apply it my way, and I got more lipsticks than my mom does =D!
    .-= Rica’s last blog post… Favourite products at the moment: May 2010 =-.

  208. Christina says:

    I’m sure it has something to do with Covergirl. =)

  209. Babylonia says:

    I was 12 and my mothers friend gave me a red Elizabeth Arden lipstick, and since then I been obsessed with red lipstick!

  210. Agate says:

    When I was little, any time my parents had a fancy dinner party or event, mom would doll me up in pretty dresses, put extra pretty hair clips in, and put on a coral lipstick from shiseido, and smudged a little of the same on my cheeks as blush. It always made me feel extremely pretty and grown up when she would share her makeup with me.

  211. Yuyu says:

    When I was around 8–I stole my mom’s free Clinique lipstick sampler, it was a mature, raisiny bronze, if I recall correctly, and smeared it all over my eyes as eyeshadow. I didn’t know how to remove it properly so the color stayed on my eyelids for a couple of days afterwards–needless to say, all my classmates thought I had come down with the worst eye infection/allergies ever.

  212. Lisa Maria says:

    my favourite lipstick memory would be when I was about 5 or 6. My mom had this box full of lipsticks in every imaginable shade. I loved playing around with them and put them all over my face. I used them as my eyeshadow, blusher and lipstick πŸ™‚

  213. Eunice says:

    when i was around 7 and found my mom’s reddish brown lipstick πŸ™‚ it was so much fun up till my mom found me all smeared in lipstick ^_^

  214. Hillary says:

    My first lipstick memory was of me raiding my mothers makeup when I was like 3. I applied bright red lipstick, and I was not good at it at all!! I ended up with it smeared all over my face, and I looked like a clown! My parents got a real kick out of it though, they took a couple of pictures of me. I ran across those pics not that long ago, and I have to say, I was a cutie!! Ive gotten a lot better at putting on make up since then, thank goodness!! lol

  215. Clara says:

    I was a curious kid, as most children are. One day, when I was about 5, I decided to explore my mother’s makeup drawer. I found a real treasure trove of “stuff.” This included her loose face powder (I loved the puff), and her lipstick. I wanted to see if the lipstick worked as well as my crayons, so I proceeded to “write” with it on a big sheet of paper. I discovered that I could use it almost like finger paint: I’d put a bit of color on, then smear it across the paper with my fingers. I had a grand time doing this before my mother, thinking me too quiet, came to check on me. I remember that, surprisingly, she smiled, then removed the “crayon” from my hand and handed me my box of crayons. I remember that experience very clearly, and I so admire my mom for seeing the beauty in what I was doing, rather than the fact that I’d probably ruined her lipstick. Thanks so much for this wonderful giveaway!

  216. Lauren says:

    I think my first lipstick was from a line from JCPenney that is long gone. It was a nude brown color with a cream finish. I actually didn’t end up buying it for myself, and kicked myself for it later, but it turns out that the sampler my mom bought included that lipstick, which I kept. πŸ™‚

  217. jane says:

    i think mine is from middle school when i discovered my mom’s old lipstick collection. i loved putting on all the colors from her collection. πŸ™‚

  218. Heather says:

    My first encounter with lipstick involved sneaking through my mom’s make-up drawer and finding some Olay and other drugstore lipsticks. The colors were strange and out there – bright red, orange, hot pink, and some mint sheers – but I loved trying on every one of them. Now my mom uses the lipsticks I buy πŸ™‚

  219. Bonnie says:

    When I was in early elementary school, my mom received a gift of a set of lipsticks, which I used to color a Garfield comic book. πŸ˜›

  220. Caitríona says:

    My first experience of lipstick was for ballet shows. We had to have full makeup under the stage lights so I got to pile on the berry rose-coloured lipstick. I felt so grown-up…loved it!

  221. Petra says:

    I’m pretty sure I used to put on my moms lipstick, but only at home and in secrecy, because she wouldn’t approve. πŸ™‚
    But my first real memory of using a lipstick was when I bought my first tube of a Maybelline one, which was a dark brown, named Mochachino I think. I think I only wore it on my way home, got some looks from men which made me feel uncomfortable (I was maybe in 7th grade?), and don’t think I ever wore it again. but I did hold on to it for a long long time, for memories sake.
    Wow, wearing brown as a kid, on my pale skin, such a bad idea. But the colour was pretty, just not on me. πŸ™‚

  222. suzanne says:

    I commandeered one of my mothers clinique samples (I still do this) and, liking the smell, ate it (I no longer do this). Having smeared chocolate colored lipstick all over myself, I freaked out at the visible proof of my guilt, and proceeded to try and smear the lipstick off myself with towels, tea towels, table cloths, anything I could reach. My mum walked in on me and I promptly burst into tears. She wasn’t mad, but very relieved that what I’d smeared everywhere was lipstick and not, well, crap.

    I still like the smell of clinique lipstick.
    .-= suzanne’s last blog post… Porridge. The OTHER wonder product. =-.

  223. Love the colors πŸ™‚ Love to win πŸ˜‰
    .-= misswhitemilkyway’s last blog post… Favorites Mei 2010 =-.

  224. Amanda says:

    I have two younger sisters, and when we were kids my mother was very strict with makeup! She did not approve… but when she would get her mother to babysit us, my grandma would have tea with the three of us and she would teach us how to put on her lipsticks! Such a great memory of her.

  225. sanja says:

    my first lipstick memory was a coral lipstick I bought from sephora ..i still have it and still love the colour

  226. Sandy says:

    When I was a kid my mother was an Avon lady. She had a product bag (more like a suitcase!) that she took door to door, filled with full sized products for women to look at and lots of sample lipsticks to leave behind. Back then the samples were in white tubes about 1″ high. She used to take me with her on calls and I was always fascinated by those mini lipsticks — I swear, back then it seemed that she carried every color of the rainbow! I think that’s what fueled my lipstick acquisition habit, because I may declare a moritorium on other beauty products but I just can’t resist a shiny new tube of the latest color that I always hope will change my life, lol.

  227. Amy says:

    I think my first lip product memory goes back to when I was 7-8 and dad bought me a lip smacker. It was a cherry flavoured one and I think i used that every day for the rest of the school year. After finishing it, I still kept the tube cos I loved the flavour and couldn’t bear to throw it away.
    I don’t think i got into real lipstick till I was 12.

  228. marjen says:

    my first lipstick memory was at my friend’s house, we were both seven years old and she had gotten a red lipstick in one of these make up-“playboxes”. she said “you shall not play with lipstick!” which made me angry enough to leave the room because I wanted to try that lipstick!! enetered the room an hour later and by then my friend had painted her whole face, arms and stomach with the red lipstick. so much for not playing with lipsticks… πŸ˜‰

  229. noemii says:

    When I was around ten or twelve (probably even younger!) I received my first makeup ever from a woman i considered to be my American grandma. I knew her since i was a fetus. She was the most elegant woman I have ever, ever met and perhaps will ever meet. When you saw her, and saw pictures of when she was younger, you’d think she walked straight out of a 30’s or 40’s film. She was beautiful! She’d go to the salon and get her nails done almost every week in the same Chanel nail polish shade and wore her blush and lipstick and her white hair in a neat little bun wearing Chanel No 5 perfume. Sometimes she would even wear lipstick in bed, simply watching Seinfield. She was quite elderly, but she looked stunning, so put together when she applied it. Even with her shaking hands her lipstick would be flawless. She never changed the color of her nail polish or her lipstick in all the years i knew her up until the last time i ever saw her when I was around thirteen or fourteen. I’m twenty years old now.
    She gave me an Estee Lauder makeup kit that had everything- a mirror, lip liner, brushes, eyeliner, eyeshadow and lipstick among other things. I gave almost everything to my mom except a few things including one lipstick tube that i still have i think (it’s empty). I still remember it vividly- It was a light, slightly mauvey pink nude lipstick that i absolutely Adored along with the matching nail polish. It wasn’t anything daring like a red shade but i loved it ! if only i could find something like it now !

  230. Maria says:

    These look uberly awesome =)

  231. juju says:

    I bought my very first lipstick when I was around 15. At the time I rarely wore any make up, but it was for a costume. And you know, red lipstick is a must if you want to be Snow-white πŸ˜€ Truth is, I wished I wadn’t wore it. It was rather horrible. The lipstick kept smearing and I had to clean it up and reapply it every half hour. I never wore it again, but I still have it. It’s a very nice colour:)

  232. MEl says:

    i remember mum had a tube of coraly pink lipstick (she doesn’t own much makeup either so that was the only lipstick I was aware she had) when I was about 7.
    I would beg her to put it on my younger sister and I and we would go kissing our hands to get the lipstick mark on our hand or go kiss a piece of paper to leave a cute mark there.
    I think mum still have that tube of lipstick as a keep sake πŸ™‚

  233. Scientific Housewife says:

    My first lipstick memory was getting lipstick put on when I was little for a graduation of some sort and I remember going back, seeing the photos and going “Mom, I was 5! What am I doing wearing lipstick!” Haha

  234. Antonia says:

    my first memory is my moms cliniques lipstick

  235. Ginger says:

    I have many lipstick memories… first lipstick was a free one from a gift (Clinique), but my greatest memory was when I finally finished a whole tube of lipstick!! Took me a year, but I never wanted to give up my Lancome Le Rouge Absolu in Pink Diamond. After all, diamonds and lipstick are a girl’s best friend. πŸ˜‰

  236. Deirdre says:

    Mine is the memory of my mum getting dressed up to go out for dinner with my dad, she would put on her lipstick and then put a bit on me and then spritz some of her perfume on me too! My brother used to pretend that the perfume smelled bad when it was on me!hehe

    On a side note, Lancome lipsticks are the best! I used to be a gloss fan but then I got Lancome Colour Fever shine, and then my mum got a free girt from Lancome with L’Absolu Rouge in it(which I promply stole) and now I am a lipstick addict!

  237. CynthiaCC says:

    It was 1985, freshman year of high school, and everyone was wearing this super-shimmery light peach lipstick called “Shimmering Shell” (the perfect accompaniment to Aqua Net bangs). I overheard a couple of popular girls talking about it in English class, and I simply had to have it. It was only a drugstore lipstick, so my mom consented on a routine trip to Thrifty. I never seemed to have just the right clothes in high school (except that white Guess jean jacket…love! oh, how I wish I had kept that…), but having just the right lipstick was close.

    I also remember being six and having one of those giant watermelon Lip Smackers on a pink string that you wore around your neck. I loved that thing. But that’s not technically lipstick, is it?

  238. Lowelli says:

    Oddly enough, up until about…this summer, I always felt that lipsticks were for older women. Perhaps because my only exposure to lipstick was my moms outdated (and most likely expired) lipsticks that she stored under her bathroom sink *cringe*. So I always stuck to clear glosses and maybe a red gloss on New Years. But if we’re talking strictly lipSTICK, then I would have to say my very first lipstick that I actually wore (when I wasn’t playing dress up as a child) was a few months ago. A very bright orangy/coral lipstick that is now probably my favourite. Although I don’t wear it too much because its so bright, I feel amazing when I do. πŸ™‚

  239. Ilene says:

    My grandma always wears red lipstick. She told me know matter where you are or what you are doing you should always have lipstick on because you never know who you are going to meet.

  240. Corrine says:

    Red, red, red. My older sisters always were wearing this color and I couldn’t wait to snag it for myself! So I did! And then it never came off. Can’t quite get rid of that red hue when you aren’t supposed to be wearing it!

  241. Nika says:

    I was always a lip gloss/lip balm kinda girl and the first lipstick I ever got was a gift from my sister. It was Bobbi Brown’s Lip Color in Sandwash Pink. I don’t know why matte wasn’t appealing to me back then so I would usually top it off with a little gloss πŸ™‚

  242. Avianna says:

    I remember snooping through my grandmother’s dresser full (!) of makeup and finding this tube of shimmery bright coral lipstick — I coveted it so badly! I never did get up the courage to pinch it, and in any case my mom started me in dancing fairly soon after that and I became VERY acquainted with what a full face of makeup is like, including bright fire-engine red lipstick.

  243. Marybelle says:

    memories awww

    My very first lipstick was gifted by my sis and i remember it was a very pale light pink. Just by the thought of it i can feel my lips being really moisturized. I loved it , it was not sticky and it tasted like vanilla ice cream.

    Thanks sis

  244. Indi says:

    I went through my mom’s lipsticks, but my favorite memory is when she bought me my own when I was about 10. I wanted a lipstick of my own for my dance performances. I remember it was a vivid coral/watermelon color from Maybelline. I really am not sure what I was thinking when I picked the color but I still have it somewhere as a relic.

  245. laura says:

    like most little girls my first lipstick experience was rummaging through my mum’s (off-limits) makeup bag about age 5, trying on an ueber-red shade really messily, then denying I’d used it when my mum caught me with it all over my face! she didn’t believe me naturally!

  246. Van says:

    My very first lipstick memory is the lil lipstick samples from Avon, remember those? I had to have been 10 and my mom had a few of them in a drawer and I started to play with them and asked her if they were for me since they were only tiny and I thought they were for kids not adults. I couldn’t have them cos they were dark colors and not for kids but she bought me some very light shimmery pink lipstick when I was in Junior HIgh to wear which was nice πŸ™‚ Once I was in 8th grade I started to wear dark brown lipstick I ordered from Avon through a friend’s mom, I would only wear it at school then take it off once I got home so my mom wouldn’t see me wearing such dark lipstick πŸ˜›

  247. Lydia W says:

    Erm… I would’ve been about 7, and experimenting with my best friend and neighbor with one of those ‘party makeup’ kits best left to halloween. We both ended up wearing a face full of yellow-gold glitter for the rest of the week πŸ™‚

  248. Martina says:

    the first lipstick i got was one from estee lauder, it was a light pink, almost a lipgloss but it’s very pretty and i re-buyed it three times… i still have one!

  249. Tanja says:

    It took a while for me to actually get into lipsticks. The first lipstick i ever bought was Darling by GOSH. I bought it years ago, when i first saw GOSH in the stores. I wanted to try it cause i thought it looked like a nice nude colour. However it didnt really work on me. I know its now alot of people’s favorite. I actually heard about GOSH’s Darling on blogs and on Youtube before i found out that it was actually the one i had. I kept hearing people talk about it so i thought i might check it out. When i found it and swatched it, i thought ‘ oh that looks like that one lipstick from GOSH i bought ages ago’. When i came home i found out that mine was indeed Darling. It seems like they’ve changed the colour a bit tho. Mines more pink than the one i swatched in the store. I’ve found myself swatching it a couple times after that whenever im out shopping and i still haven’t decided whether or not i should get it. Keep thinking its kinda stupid to buy a lipstick that i already have even tho it looks different lol.

    Greets from Belgium!


  250. Poey says:

    my first lipstick memory was the time i snuck into my mom’s room and played with her clinique lipstick.. only to forget to twist it down before closing the cap! I ended up smushing it and ruining her lipstick… thank god she didn’t get angry!

  251. Tiffany says:

    My first lipstick memory was my mom letting me wear a sheer pink lipstick from Mary Kay at 14. I was so excited!

  252. Jian says:

    When I was a wee young lass, I used secretly admire my mother’s lipsticks that she kept in the bathroom cabinet. I’d lock myself in the bathroom, and then pop the caps of the lipsticks, twist them and then line them all up and stare at them. Especially the Chanel one, it was such a pretty red colour, with a blue sparkly hue to it.., Ahhhhhhhhh,,,
    .-= Jian’s last blog post… Review: Chanel Mat Lumiere Luminous Matte Powder Makeup SPF 10 =-.

  253. Kaylee D says:

    My first lipstick memory was during my finger painting stage as a kid. In school, we used paint sticks instead of our fingers, so I thought my mother’s absolute favorite tube of lipstick was one of these paint sticks and I (thinking I was being cute) painted her a picture with it. Turns out, the bottle was discontinued shortly before I painted with it, and boy was she mad! She framed the painting and it’s still hanging on the hallway wall πŸ™‚

  254. seton says:

    shopping with my BFF looking for the perfect red lipstick

  255. Laura says:

    I remember getting into my mom’s Mary Kay Kit and putting on all her lipsticks. Among other makeup. lol

  256. Jessica says:

    Ah, my first lipstick…was actually my mom’s! It was also a MAC one and that’s how my love affair with MAC began. I felt so grown up because no one wore that color, most of my friends would wear tinted lipgloss.

  257. Courtney says:

    My first lipstick memory was around age 14 or 15, when I was beginning high school. I always had a fascination with makeup, even though my mom didn’t wear it very much. I had a good friend who wore makeup and she would share with me the makeup techniques which her mother had taught her. Anyway, I started “sneaking” wearing makeup to school, mainly lipstick that I bought at the drugstore. I would stash it in my pocket and put it on once I got there. I accidentally left some in my pocket one day and my mom came across it when she was doing laundry. I thought I was going to get in serious trouble, but she was much more concerned with potentially ruining a load of clothes with melted lipstick than she was that I was wearing it!

  258. Suji says:

    My first lipstick memory… I was a freshman in high school and played a small part in the school play. We had tons of stage makeup on πŸ™‚

  259. HC says:

    My aunt LOVED red nail polish and red lipstick. One day, she decided to paint my nails red. The moment I started freaking out was when she took the polish off her nails and her nails were YELLOW. I cried to my mom when I got home and my mama took off the red polish with nail polish remover. Hello savior! But before leaving my aunt’s house, she put on a bright red lipstick on me. I was afraid my lips would turn yellow too. To this day, I don’t own a tube of red lipstick and we can thank my crazed aunt who LOVES red.
    .-= HC’s last blog post… Chanel takes you to Bondi Beach =-.

  260. lexi says:

    My very first boyfriend in the 9th grade would say, “you wear very expensive lipstick because it’s really hard to get that crap off of me!”

    Yes, I wore Lancome red lipstick – I forgot the color but Lancome was the makeup of my youth.

  261. Ditte K. says:

    My first memory of lipstick was when my dad had a millionaire girlfriend. She was the first woman I met regularly who wore lipstick (I was 14). And bright red at that. Very pretty.

  262. amy says:

    Well, not sure if it’s a lipstick but mine would be the chapsticks/lipglosses that are flavored with a little bit on tint!
    .-= amy’s last blog post… Current Inspiration: John Muir =-.

  263. Jamee says:

    When I was a freshman in high school (many moons ago) I thought the frosty pink look was IT. I would go to Drug Emporium weekly and buy a tube of Bonne Bell (I forget the shade name). I would also buy (here’s the kicker) frosty white eye shadow to dab on my lips afterwards to get the extra frosty look. But that was my little secret. One day a girl in Algebra class asked me if she could borrow my lipstick. “Heck no”, I thought, “Nobody will ever learn my little secret of extra frosty pink lips”!!!

  264. Betty says:

    I was 7 or 8 and I’ve loved watching my mom put on her makeup. I love how she was adding color to her face, it just made her look so pretty! so one day, I was looking through her makeup drawer n found a bright red lipstick that i absolutely adored!! so I would just smear it all over my lips cuz of course i didn’t know how to do it correctly. But i loved how i looked in the end =)

  265. Sarah says:

    My first lipstick memory is being give a fake plastic sample tube of lipstick from a display case in a department store. I was so excited! I ran to the bathroom and tried to put it on and nothing happened! I freaked out, in a tiny five-year-old way. Someone explained to me that it was “just for show, just for pretend” and I promptly gave it back. I wanted REAL lipstick, not pretend lipstick!

    And I’ve been making up for it ever since. πŸ˜€

  266. Heather says:

    My first lipstick memory is from when my mom was an Avon rep. She had a sampler of all of the lipstick colors. I was about 7, so I wasn’t allowed to wear lipstick unless it was for dress-up as the Spice Girls πŸ™‚

  267. Lisa says:

    My mom used to take us with her to Clinique, and let us all pick out little things to buy to get the GWPs. I loved those – it was like a little treasure trove of makeup goodies to a 10-year-old πŸ™‚

  268. mcclain says:

    i’ve been dancing since i was very young so my older sister would do my makeup for my recitals πŸ™‚ we had to wear red lipstick, so i remember her putting it on me and feeling so glamorous for a 4 year old πŸ˜›

  269. mkdallas says:

    My first lipstick memory is of my grandmother’s bright-red lipstick, housed in a faux-gold heavy case, perched on a faux-gold circular tray on her vanity table. It had a very distinctive “old-lady lipstick” smell to it that I hate to this day, lol. I always enjoyed watching her apply it, though!

  270. Jenn says:

    My first lipstick memory is visiting my grandmother, all the beautifully decorated lipstick tubes lined up along her bathroom mirror.

  271. Tahnee says:

    Ok, i don’t know if this will count, but i remember being about 11 or 12 and my mom was going to Merle Norman to get a makeover. Well I was interested in the makeup too and I found a maroon-ish color lip liner that I liked. Anyways, she got it for me and I would put that on with some lipgloss. I thought I was so cool! πŸ™‚

  272. Stephanie S. says:

    I got my first lipstick when I was 12 years old. It was a cheap brand, and it cost about $2. It was also a very crazy orangey-yellow color that I would never wear today! But that was then… oh, the memories πŸ™‚

  273. teresa says:

    my first lipstick memory was sneaking into my moms bathroom and trying on her clinique lipsticks. However I thought they smelled weird (?? even though clinique is unscented!) But i haven’t been a big make up fan untill i turned 19 and tried my first MAC lipstick and then became addicted!

  274. j e n says:

    Getting my very 1st Chanel lipstick!!

  275. kathemc says:

    A tube of hot pink (SHOCKING PINK) lipstick, handed off to me for ‘dress up’ — I remember feeling very glamorous, and wearing it every chance I could get.

  276. Sheena says:

    I’m sure I played with lipstick as a little girl, I sure remember my little sister playing dress-up with makeup and my mom’s high heels…but I think the most clear memory of me and lipstick is when I first started Indian dance. My mom would do my sister’s and my makeup, and I was sooo excited about wearing eyeliner and blush and oh, this gorgeous gorgeous burgundy lipstick. I think it was a Cover Girl color or maybe Max Factor…haha, I also remember thinking that even though I loved the color and that I could wear “grown up” makeup, ewww the lipstick smelled like play-doh =P

  277. Mary says:

    Karen, I remember my father and I going to Marshall Field’s department store in Chicago where he consulted with a woman at the cosmetic counter to find a “true red” lipstick for my mother, an artist. XXOO

  278. sharon mason says:

    first memories of lipstick: i was 15 grade 9 in a biology class supposedly dissecting a frog . my girlfriend was allowed to wear makeup i wasn’t so had to sneak it. during biology class i was busy putting on bonnie bell lipstick and face powder . the teacher came by to see how the dissecting was going and remarked that i had the best looking frog he’d ever seen. wasn’t sure if he meant me or the frog?

  279. Katie says:

    Being 12 and going to my first dance. I’m pretty sure lipstick was the only makeup I was really wearing, but I felt very cool : )

  280. Katy M says:

    My mom let me start wearing nude glosses when I turned thirteen. I was so excited, but couldn’t contain myself! I tried to sneak a “fire engine red” tube of Revlon lipstick to school to put it on once I arrived. I adored Marilyn Monroe at that time and was wearing a white sundress. Well, you can only imagine my horror when I waltzed into the ladie’s room and found the lid to the tube had come off in my purse and gotten everwhere! I started to try to clean it up and it got all over my dress!

    That lipstick was everywhere BUT on my lips! πŸ™‚

    Mom obviously found out!
    .-= Katy M’s last blog post… Upcoming June 2010 Get Started Meetings in the San Diego Area! =-.

  281. Basak says:

    Hi Karen. It is hard to believe; I have not worn much makeup until I graduated from college. My first lipstick memory is when I was looking for a red lipstick for my college graduation. The SA at Clinique applied this bright blue-red on me and put clear gloss on. It was love at first sight πŸ™‚

  282. izzy says:

    I was never allowed to wear makeup until they had a makeup collection for children. It was the one with the peel-off nail polish! The color was a horrendous Barbie pink only cool tones could pull off (I’m totally warm tone), but I smeared that all over my lips thinking I was prettier. haha.

  283. Ana V says:

    I remember by mom putting on lipstick to go to church every Sunday and one day I asked her if i could put some on too. She dabbed a bit of lipstick on my lips. It made me feel so special! I must have been 6 years old!

  284. Cinthia says:

    My first lipstick memory is from when I was five years old; I used to love Strawberry Shortcake, and couldn´t get enough of its merchandise (dolls, notebooks, etc). One day my mother brought home a Strawberry Shortcake lipstick: I was ecstatic! Looking back, it was almost a lip balm in stick form (the color was a very faint pink), and probably it was fake, but whenever I would wear it, I’d feel like the life of the party!

  285. Amy says:

    Getting Bonne Belle strawberry lipgloss in the giant tube and having my first boyfriend kiss me. He loved the flavor too, of course.

  286. shailja says:

    My mom didn’t wear much make up but she did own some.Once my dad travelled to the UK and bought Givenchy lipsticks in a beautiful pink shade. Even though I was 9 I completely ignored the candy he bought me in favor of admiring the lipsticks. Once when my mom was busy I snuck to her make up case and tried on the lipsticks, and thus my fascination with make up began πŸ™‚

  287. INO says:

    OMG i remember it like yesterday, i was six and my friend Anna had her aunt visit her..While we were playing i went to use the bathroom and there was her aunt applying lipstick.BUT not the regular way, she was using a brush, and retractable one !! i was sooooo fascinated that the whole thing in my mind looks like a vision , she is standing above me smiling surrounded by light applying her red was like i was watching an artist at work .I think that’s how i got hooked in makeup.

  288. Sobriquet says:

    My first memory of lipstick was watching my mom apply it with a lip brush out of a gold-tone tube, being fascinated by the pink–the color of our neighbor’s roses–loving the smell of it (!!!), being about 4 years old and thinking when I finally got to wear lipstick, it would be THE COOLEST THING ON EARTH! And it is. πŸ™‚

  289. Jennifer says:

    My first experience would have to have been dancing growing up. Everytime we would have a performance I would have to wear “stage makeup” which included BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK. At that age (11/12) I didn’t care to check my teeth for lipstick. I have way too many pictures of me smiling with lipstick all over my front teeth

  290. TL says:

    I was in kindergarden and we had to participate in a lame song-and-dance performance on stage. My mom put bright red lipstick on me. I’ve always had dry lips, so you could see plenty of lines & wrinkles through the lipstick. Yuck! I didn’t look very pretty that day for the performance. I think my mom also put some brihgt blush on me – just two pink globs on my cheeks. Not attractive.

  291. Imogen says:

    I remember in primary school getting a tinted lip balm for Christmas, I felt so grown-up! I used to take it to school with me and re-apply at every opportunity!

  292. Judy says:

    What a great question! My first lipstick memory is sneaking into my mom’s makeup drawer when I was 4 to use her bright red lipstick – I still have a picture of that and I look like a clown!

  293. Angel says:

    MAC Russian Red! This was the first pricey lipstick I ever bought when I was in high school. I remember reading that it was Madonna’s favorite and I had to have it. This was waaaay before MAC was readily available in the states (yes, I’m dating myself) and it was very difficult to find. No internet back then πŸ™‚ On a trip to Toronto, I hunted down a MAC store and laid down my cash for that lovely black tube of matte crimson. Holy Grail lippie for me. I’ve bought many, many tubes and it’s still a winner for me all these years later.

  294. brittany says:

    clinique guava stain (or was it guava kiss?) from my mom’s stash in 8th grade!

  295. KarlyranÑ says:

    At 45 years old, forgive me that I cant remember the name of it lol. But mine was the little glass bottle with a roll on ball of clear…NO color for me! =0(
    My memories are from my Late Grandma and Late Momma, with their beautiful red lipstick that never seemed to dissapear!
    To this day my passion is in finding that red lipstick =0)

  296. alexandra says:

    When i was 6, my dance class had to performe for all the parents. We all had to wear SILVER lipstick.
    I remember i felt so mature and spacey!

  297. Luciana Lima says:

    I used to snitch a bright fuschia lipgloss from my mom. I think I was around 7 or 8 years old.

  298. Joanne says:

    I was in 7th or 8th grade, and I took/borrowed/stole a skinny tube of lipstick from my mom’s collection. I don’t remember the brand of it now, but it was an orange (coral?) shade, but very sheer. I remember swiping it on with a light hand because I didn’t want it to be so obvious that I was wearing lipstick, but then this one guy in class did notice and commented on it..hahaha

  299. Kat says:

    I don’t remember what age it was, but when I started doing piano recitals (probably 9 or 10) my Mom made me wear lipstick. I hated the scent of it and I would constantly pucker my lips whenever I had anything on them–a habit that I finally grew out of at around 16 LOL. My piano teacher (the Noxema one) was not amused.
    .-= Kat’s last blog post… Rescue Beauty Lounge – Plie =-.

  300. Kelly says:

    My earliest memories with lipstick is playing with my eldest sister’s makeup! She kept her box of makeup where I could get to them. My other sister and I would try to put makeup on each other. I remember opening all the lipsticks and smelling them, then trying it on. I must have looked silly with red smudges all over my mouth! I was probably between 5 and 9 years old.

  301. Mel says:

    What I remember is my mom bought me those small lipstick, kinda like samples size, and I kept looking at them and rarely using them since they were small and I didn’t want to run out of them too quickly lol

  302. styleezta says:

    I was 14 during the “CHOLA” days! If you’ve ever lived in Southern Cali during the early 90’s you would understand. ANYHOO, along with my baggie jeans and oversized shirts I decided that dark mauve lipstick with matching lip liner was the BEST look ever. I look at my pics of those days and I CRINGE!! LOL
    .-= styleezta’s last blog post… Trendy Tuesday’s =-.

  303. Christy says:

    14 or 15, medium purple. I have no idea why it was purchased, and only wore it a few times. Only one photo exists that proves I’d wear such a thing, whew!

  304. kat says:

    This was in the 90’s (Oh the glorious 90’s!), Spice Girls were the thing, and SILVER LIPSTICK was it. It was so cool, it was too cool. I sneaked inside Save On’s feigning bathroom usage and bought a dollar Wet n Wild tube of silver lipstick. Let me tell you, I wore that thing to a stub.

    Now I think….wtf was I thinking?! Silver?!!!!!!!!!!

  305. Nancy says:

    i don’t really recall one of my own, as my father raised my sister and i, and you can imagine the rest. lol BUT, i’ve come into my own over the last couple of years in terms of makeup, and have two young daughters of my own. i took my oldest, who is 9, to my MAC counter during a mom & me day to get help in picking out her own lipgloss. i let her work with the artist on her own, but did help in narrowing down the choices by saying if she wanted to wear it out or to school, it should be natural and not too glittery. it was an experience i’ll treasure forever…

  306. Chrissy says:

    My first lipstick memory would be playing with the lipsticks in the cheapie face palette my momma bought for me to play with when I was a wee little thing. Bright pink lipstick went soooooo gooood with pastel blue eyeshadow! :0)

  307. Agnes says:

    One day my sister left to go shopping and asked me to pick a colour, I was around 9 I think and loved pink so of course I told her ‘pink’. Later that day she brought me my first lipstick, a beautiful shade of light pink. I hardly used it because I treated that lipstick as my biggest treasure, and I still have it in my collection even though it’s almost 10 years old. Sometimes I just like to look at that gorgeous shade πŸ™‚
    .-= Agnes’s last blog post… Mini haul and Essie VS Hema, who wins? =-.

  308. Diane says:

    one of my earlier lipstick memories was when my mom gave me one of her loreal lipsticks to use and it i remember that it looked very dramatic when i first applied it on my lips.

  309. Brenna G says:

    love these lipsticks

  310. Estella Iris says:

    When I was rly little, like 4 or 5, my mom gave me a tube of red lipstick that she didn’t want from a GWP. Then, she changed her mind and took it back because she was afraid I’ll eat that stuff or smear it everything or w/e πŸ˜€ But I already wore it once and theres abit left on the lip brush (also from the GWP) I used. I totally cherished tht little bit of lipstick and saved it for “special occasions.”

  311. Wendy says:

    my first lipstick experience was when i was in high school my older sister used to cast off the clinique freebies off to me. honey blush was my go-to color until i discovered there other lipsticks available in this world. haha

  312. Mabia Barros says:

    My first lipstick memory is me about eight, nine years old, when my mom bought a brownish red lipstick from Avon and asked me if I liked. I asked if I could try it and she let me! I remember that I always wanted to, but she only gave me lipbalms. I saw myself in the mirror and thought: I am powerful. I still love this color of lipstick, but now I’m inclined to the really red ones… huaihuia

  313. Trish says:

    I believe it was for a dance competition at my school, and so I got all dressed up and donned with lipstick when I was 13 or so!

  314. vnssa906 says:

    i remember the first time i wore lipstick, it was for my 8th grade prom. all thru middle school, i was more a tomboy, so i never really cared about looking “pretty”… but for prom, this boy i was crushing on asked to accompany me, so my older sister insisited i were somthing on my lips besides chapstick! i wore a beautiful pink/fushia tone color lipstick and came home with none on my lips… i shared my 1st kiss with him πŸ™‚

  315. Anisha says:

    When I was probably 5 or 6 and we were getting ready for a special occasion, my mom would put some of her dark red almost maroon lipstick onto my sister and I. I always felt so grown up and glamorous on these days.

  316. Jane says:

    My fav first pink lipstick which I treasures more than anything else. And then I dropped it in the drain and saw my hear break πŸ™

  317. Hohe says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was 8 or 9 years old. My mom had two hot pink lipsticks that she never wore and she would let me wear it around the house, but never outside.

  318. Trude says:

    Oooo those lipsticks look lovely! I remember playing with my mom’s millions of sample lipsticks from Estee Lauder when I was really young, before I was allowed to wear it. She still wears Youth Dew. πŸ™‚
    .-= Trude’s last blog post… Finally Friday! =-.

  319. Beatrice says:

    when i was about 10 me and my best friend were obsessed with makeup and we’d sneak into my mom’s bathroom and go through all her old makeup, especially the lipstick! lol i remember being obsessed with this shimery light brown color (meanwhile i’m pale as a gohst lol) thinking back on wearing that color makes me cringe even to this day but the memories with my then best friend will last me a lifetime, and that’s all that matters right?

  320. Cheryl says:

    I remember i was wearing MAC’s Scanty (my so favorite shade but sadly discontinued πŸ™ ) when I received my first kiss. it was the beginning of a beautiful relationship πŸ™‚ I still have nice memories when I come across the shade or decide to wear it.

  321. Julia C. says:

    My first lipstick memory is when my mom took me to the local mall and bought me Clinique Black Honey! I thought it was the greatest! Haven’t worn that in years, wonder what it would look like on now?

  322. Kianna says:

    My very first lipstick memory was when I was around 5. I would take my grandma’s red lipstick and put it on. When ever I heard her coming up the stairs i would be pretending to blow my nose. But, one time she caught me. I thought i was going to be in so much trouble but, instead she looked at me and said in filipino “My little one is growing up”. looool. πŸ˜›

  323. adelinky says:

    It was high tea by MAC. Still one of my belovedss!!
    .-= adelinky’s last blog post… Mary-Lou Manizer. Cute Name! =-.

  324. Amy says:

    When I was 7, I managed to find out where my mum hid her makeup and took one of her lippies and smeared it all over my lips. It was a bright coral pink colour and when she found out, she made me take it off and she moved all her makeup contents to another hiding location that I couldn’t find (I wasn’t looking hard enough or it got put up somewhere very high).

  325. Yuki says:

    I was 6, watching my favorite cousin write her name in her mom’s favorite lipstick. It was this beautiful mauve shade that complements many Asian-yellow skin tones. I’m pretty sure it was from an expensive brand too, but my auntie spanked my cousin pretty hard when the lipstick broke in half!
    .-= Yuki’s last blog post… EOTD: Calypso =-.

  326. Crissy says:

    Wearing Urban Decay glitter lipstick (Uzi) in middle school! Then I moved on to MAC Red (in h.s.)

  327. diana says:

    my first memory of lipstick was when i was around ten years old and i went into my parents room one morning before going to school i grabbed one of my mom’s red lipsticks from her vanity and put it in my pocket so i could put it on when i got to school. well i put on red lipstick and let my friends put some on too thinking ooh look how grown up we all looked but my teacher didn’t think so, i got in trouble and got a note sent home telling my mom to please not let me wear lipstick to school, I was in so much trouble but it was worth it πŸ™‚

  328. Victoria says:

    When I was little, my mom was as much of a Lancome junkie as she is now, and I used to always steal the free lipsticks that would come as a gift with purchase

  329. Nikki says:

    For my first lipstick memory it begins with my Grandmother. My Grandma used the brilliant bright red lipstick and she always had the most fascinating tubes! My favorite one made me think of a shell and then the metal itself was a gold color. It seemed like a fancy and expensive object. As I sat watching her in the mirror I finally garnered the courage to ask her about it and she let me try it on. Of course the color did not match my complexion (my Grandmother is a thousand times lighter than me) but I was super excited to show it off regardless.

  330. Kimberly says:

    My very first memory of lipstick was when I was right around 6 or 7, I got a hold of my Grandmother’s favorite tube of bright pink lipstick, & accidentally broke it. She mended, & I didn’t get my hands back on lipstick again until I was a teenager.

  331. Sherry says:

    My first lipstick color that I remember is Revlon’s Wine With Everything. I can’t remember how I came across that color since my mom never wore it, but I rocked that color in my junior and senior year of high school.

  332. Sandy says:

    My first lipstick memory is when I was five, and my mom finally gave in to my begging and put some of her frosty peach lipstick on me. I was in 7th heaven.

  333. Patricde says:

    Mine happened at the early age of 3. I got ahold of my Mother’s single tube of lipstick, a bright persimmon shade of pinky red, and smeared it all over our 1960’s style turquoise sofa and the walls after coating my own lips. My family is still talking about that one!

  334. Angela says:

    I remember wearing my mom’s bright red lipstick in middle school. I don’t even remember what the brand is but I just remember it was my mom’s favorite color.
    .-= Angela’s last blog post… Monday Beauty Scoops: It’s Time For Some Summer Fun =-.

  335. Geri says:

    My mom is a big on lipstick because this is the only make up she puts on her face. My first lipstick memory happened when I was, hmmmmm, I guess 7 or 8. As a child, I always find solace in going through my mom’s stuff. She has this very nice black and violet purse filled with lipsticks. The one that really caught my attention was this cherry/burgundy red lipstick shade from wet n wild. I remember trying it on and wiping it off immediately for the fear of being caught. From them, I would sneak in her drawer and take out some of her lippies and try them all on. Up to now, a perfect bday gift for my mother, who will be turning 70 on June 3, btw, is still a nice red colored lipstick.

  336. Elizabeth McIntyre says:

    the first time i ever wore lipstick, it was my mom’s old MAC tube of Russian Red lipstick. I thought i looked so beautiful and sophisticated wearing the same shade that made my mom look so gorgeous πŸ™‚

  337. sienna says:

    ultima lipstick- natural coconut. is this brand even still around?

  338. Gracie says:

    My first lipstick memory was when I was in the first grade and I was getting ready for my first tap dance recital. The standard for dance makeup is bright blue eyeshadow, shockingly strong pink blush and of course red lipstick. They smeared it all over me, and I didn’t exactly have the best relationship with makeup for those dancing years. Now I’m not really a lipstick person, I prefer gloss, but those Lancome lipsticks you’re giving away look gorgeous!

  339. Priscilla Chu says:

    My first memory of lipstick is my mother’s MAC lipliner in a deep magenta. I put it on all over, slathered it all over more likely, my lips. My mother came in and started laughing at me.
    Hahahha childhood memories

  340. Rachel says:

    i have actually never worn lipstick except for when im playing in my makeup. but my first memories of lipstick were from my mom.

  341. maria says:

    my very first time trying on lipstick was when i was 8 years old i notice my older sisters wearing makeup in the bathroom and was like oooooo pretty lol and back then it was all about the lip liners haha but i picked up my sisters red lipstick and tried it on, from there on i fell in love not just with lipstick but with makeup in general.

  342. Jane says:

    I remember buying lipstick when I was a sophomore in high school. I was so proud of myself b/c I bought it with my “own” money earned from doing extra chores. I don’t remember the color, but one of my favorite colors in high school was Revlon’s “Toast of New York.”

  343. nia says:

    my first lipstick experience is not exactly lipstick.

    i remembered when i was young, i thought i had a eureka moment when i found a nude color lipstick. you see that time the nude lips was all the rage, but all my mom had was red colored lipstick. anyhow, i end up not liking the colour and consistency, but still kept it. until one day mom saw the lipstick and told me that it was not a lipstick and asked me to throw it away. well i did, and mom was right, it was not a lipstick, it was a concealer! so instead of a eureka moment, it was a big d’oh moment!

    neaevia dot yahoo at com

  344. helena says:

    i had really strict asian parents that didn’t let me wear any makeup or nail polish until i went to college. to rebel, when i was in 7th grade, i used to buy the darkest brown wet n’ wild lipstick and secretly wear it at school everyday.

  345. Eryn* says:

    my very first memory was my first HS dance, I went to the makeup counter super excited and left looking like I was wearing funeral makeup. It was awful, the lipstick color was a super dark purple almost black which made my already pale skin look even more lifeless LOL.

  346. Lupita Lugo says:

    I always loved watching my mom doing her make up, so she used to buy lip balms for me to keep me from taking her stuff… So I remember being like 8 years old and grabbing the reddest red she had, putting it on and kissing my dad all over his face! After my little mischief I went and cleaned my face… So my dad was resting in the living room and 20 minutes after a family friend came to our house, but my father totally forgot to wash his face, so it was really funny watching the face of this old guy staring at my dad and then back to my mom!

  347. Amber says:

    The vanilla-scented MAC lipstick still hovers in my mind

    reach me at

  348. Ling says:

    My first memory of lipstick is sneaking into my mom’s make up bag and putting on her red lipstick.

  349. claudia says:

    Very first memory is playing with those cute little lipstick samples they give out at makeup counters; I hoarded those things so jealously, and even kept them in their own special box by color.

  350. layla says:

    my very first lipstick memory was when i was 4, my best friend from preschool and i were playing dress-up. she (sophie) had managed to get hold of a very bright pink lipstick which we slathered all our lips πŸ™‚ think the first lipstick i even owned was 10 years later when the movie Moulin Rouge came out and I won the shade made by No. 7 in a radio contest! πŸ™‚

  351. lovekitzy says:

    my first lipstick memory was when i bought my first one at rite aid back in highschool. it was a n.y.c. lipstick and i bought it because it was cheap, only $1! the color looked pretty, but not so much on the lips. i kept it for memory sake and threw it out when i moved to a new house.
    .-= lovekitzy’s last blog post… LIFE: BCBG HANDBAGS & STEVE MADDEN SALE =-.

  352. Mari says:

    My first lipstick was a bright red one that came inside a nut-shaped plastic case. I don’t recall the name, but it was made to resemble a fruit used by Brazilian indians to paint their faces. At that time, things here just didn’t have brands, but those lipsticks were very moisturizing and every single girl was using them! Oh, little did I know back then that I’d become such a lipstick fanatic! And still loving reds!

  353. virgoforever says:

    I remember being about 12 sitting at my grandmother’s table going through my mom’s makeup bag. I saw this bright red lipstick she had, from Fashion Fair, and it caught my eye!!! She walked right after I had finished applying it and said “awww hell naw, don’t you let me catch you with red lipstick on again, and stay out of my makeup!!!” I thought I was cute, but apparently red is not a color for young girls so from then on I have not worn a hot red color since!!!!!!

  354. Lucy says:

    Please include me in the giveaway. My first memory of lipstick was my Mother’s red lips. She used Coty brand and when she went into Center City Philadelphia she would buy Charles of the Ritz brand. This was much more expensive. I always loved watching my Mother apply her makeup. She only used face powder and lipstick. She always reapplied her lipstick through out the day. I also shared a Yardley lipstick with all of the girls in my gym class. It was a white lipstick. I love lipstick and have a big collection. Thank you.

  355. michele E. DiCola says:

    My grandmother always took my sister and shopping at John Wanamaker in uptown Philadelphia at the Estee Lauder makeup counter. I picked out a very sheer pink. It was so beautiful, I applied at least 100 times a day looking in the mirrior at the same time.
    I have been searching for a similar color ever since. It just had that right zing.
    Beauty Addict

  356. michele E. DiCola says:
    oops I forgot

  357. karlenma says:

    i was 5 when i first played with my grandma’s lipstick. i believe the brand was revlon. πŸ™‚

  358. quimerula says:

    My mother, putting her lipstick before going out. I was very little (about 3), and I was amazed.

  359. RLW says:

    7th grade, going to Walgreens and buying Wet N’ Wild frosty pink; I was in heaven!

  360. Vero says:

    I remember my mum buying a Gisele Denis red lipstick, I loved it!

  361. Julie-Kim says:

    I don’t really remember but it was probably an old one from my mother in a weird plummy deep red on an 8 year old girl. Yuck !

  362. Shelley says:

    My first lipstick was either one from Aveda or a pink shimmery one from Clinique. My best friend and I both used to wear the Clinique one when we were about 12…I think it might have been called Pink Shimmer and I think at one point it might have melted.

  363. Lauren says:

    My first lipstick memory was the time where I used to sneak into my mom’s drawers and put on her lancome red lipstick and her diamond dangling earrings at the age of 10. I never wore them out, but they were playtime for me!

  364. Melessa says:

    ahhaha thank you, i havent thought of this in forever, the earliest memory i can think of is my cousin and me going to jewel osco and getting cheapo wet n wilds.
    she has dark brunette hair and i have a dirty blonde color, so she picked a waaay to dark brown shade and i got freaking silver, LOL!! what were we thinking!?!?!?? i think we thought it looked good too lol, luckily we were just at my house!

  365. andreea says:

    My first lipstick was a Miss sporty.I still remember it’s smell:)it was delicious:)
    Great giveaway!

  366. JamieJamez says:

    My first lipstick is pretty pathetic but I thought I was the bomb diggity! My aunt sells avon and has for about going on 20 years and I remember my mom buying makeup and my aunt having these samples of lipsticks and passing them off to me and my sisters. We would then be all excited coz we were allow to play with it. They were just 1/8 in size of a regular size lipstick and the cutest thing ever. For those who have no idea what I am talking about checking the pic in link.

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