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Win a $50 MAC eGIFT CARD from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Birthday beignets, po’ boys and art gallery cats! — ’twas an interesting (and fun) week.

I hope yours went well, too. Things here in Novato, California are still chugging along. It’s a little overcast this morning, but I’m pretty sure the misty morning fog will burn off by the afternoon. Then it’ll be hot, hot, hot.


Your nephew, King Tabby, is sitting right behind me on the couch. He says “mrow!” by the way. 🙂

I get the strong feeling that he’s hoping we’re going to go outside soon for a walk, because while I was out stuffing my gullet with beignets, he was stuck here with his petsitter in the house. Now I’m sure he’s raring to go (you know how seriously he takes securing the perimeter).

In other news, what’s the plan for this weekend? Is it sunny there?


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  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Other than yours if you’re married, what’s the most amazing wedding you’ve ever attended?
    • Do you know how to skip?
    • What’s a lipstick, gloss or balm you’ve been loving lately?
    • What was your favorite field trip when you were a kid?
    • When was the last time you felt like you “knocked it out of the park”?
    • When you hear the word “suave,” does anyone particular come to mind?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, June 15, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Hi Karen, glad you’re back happy from your birthday adventures!

    The most amazing wedding I attended was my friend’s wedding last year in South Carolina. It was an outdoor ceremony, with a rustic yet elegant feel. Everything was absolutely perfect!
    Agata recently posted … Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol. 8: What’s your current morning and evening skincare routine?

  2. Miki says:

    I’ve been really loving the Viseart Paris Nude palette recently!
    Miki recently posted … Orange Lipstick

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m obsessed with Tom Ford’s summer lip sheers! Skinnydip and Rose Soleil are gorgeous!

  4. Alyson says:

    I’ve been loving the heck out of ABH Poison liquid matte lipstick lately. It’s just something so sexy and mysterious about dark lips for me right now.

  5. Icequeen81 says:

    Suave is soft in Spanish. I glad the class passed my signature, and just one Didnt, Make u feel good as teacher.

  6. Melissa says:

    Going to the zoo was one of my favorite field trips! 🙂

  7. Fancie says:

    I have been obsessed with purple lipsticks lately. Namely Kat Von D and Sephora’s. They’re so creamy and comfortable to wear. And they last all day. I can’t stop wearing em
    Fancie recently posted … Let’s Talk Purple!

  8. Janey says:

    Love love loving the UD Sheer Revolution lipsticks right now. Lady Flower has been my current go-to.

  9. Kalene says:

    yes! skipping is the best!! currently loving mac waterproof foundation.

  10. Michele says:

    Right now I’m really loving the Yaz Bukey x Shu Uemura Daring Violet lipstick. I punched it up a bit today (and took it out of matte territory) and topped it with MAC Morning Glory lustreglass. I’m a color girl, so also loving some of the recent color releases – the By Terry palette, the Nicki Hilton x Smashbox London set,and the NYX Avant Pop! palettes in Surreal My Heart and Art Throb.

  11. Camille says:

    Currently obsessed with Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer!! It has changed my life!

  12. Jennifer says:

    My favorite lipstick is the one I haven’t found yet. I’ve been on an eternal search for just the right color. Every single one I’ve tried has missed the mark. I know it’s out there, waiting to be found so I can buy it in multiples!

  13. Nataya says:

    X-treme Last and Shine lipstick from Manhattan, like what it says. Easy to apply and stays on my lips longer than others. Love it

  14. Chelsea says:

    What’s a lipstick, gloss or balm you’ve been loving lately? I’ve been loving the NYX matte lip cream. Perfect for summer! Hope you had an amazing birthday!

  15. All I think of when I hear suave is Riiiicooooo Suuuaaavvveee… every time.

  16. Kellyn says:

    A lip product I’ve been loving lately is Touch of Spice by Maybelline! It’s a 90s neutral that makes my lips look very pouty and luscious 🙂

  17. Rose says:

    I have been loving using my Wet n’ Wild meglast lipstick in sugar plum fairy as a stain for the perfect summery berry color!

  18. Kaileigh Haslerig says:

    1st of I love ur blog and YouTube videos! But my most interesting field trip was to the Labrea Tar Pitts in LA. It was so interesting about the dinosaurs and all that but yea!! And I’ve been really wanting to try 1 of the new Fix+ scents maybe rose or cucumber!!

  19. Ana says:

    I’ve been loving the mac lip conditioner for nights before I go to bed! Smells so yummy!

  20. buckycatt says:

    Tabs & Karen – Our family (parents, brothers, female in-laws & nephews) are renting a beachhouse at the Jersey Shore in July. I am starting my packing list & it literally feels like Sophie’s Choice deciding which lip products to bring! How do you choose when you travel?

  21. Eunice says:

    Heyy!! I can “skip to my lou my darling” all day long! Then later or the next morning I regret it because my legs are super sore lol!

  22. Melissa says:

    Happy birthday!
    I was feeling so rubbish this morning during a run until Get Up Offa That Thing came on and I decided to do some skipping… looked completely whack-a-doo but it made me laugh and cheered me up!

  23. Laurinha says:

    Have a nice weekend Karen!

  24. Elizabeth says:

    My favorite wedding (other than mine) took place a year ago. It was very simple, but there was so much love. The couple are amazing people and extremely giving. Instead of spending money on their own wedding, they donated all that money to a charity.

  25. My bestie’s wedding last month was pretty amazing! HUGE party, best one I’ve been to in YEARS!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Beauty meets fashion | Irresistible Me hair accessories (with video)

  26. Carolyn says:

    Welcome back! I loved reading about your adventures in the Big Easy. All those jazz cats and beignets! And I loved the homes! The closest I’ve ever been to New Orleans is at Disneyland (and I swear I want that Haunted Mansion house!) Anyway, welcome home and hope you have a lovely B-day!

    •Do you know how to skip? Yes I do! 🙂
    •What’s a lipstick, gloss or balm you’ve been loving lately? I love the Clinique GWP I received a couple of months ago. The lipistick is something like Rasperry Glace and I top it with Hissyfit lip gloss.
    •What was your favorite field trip when you were a kid? – Disneyland

  27. Sophie says:

    Happy Birthday!
    I’ve been loving the MAC extra dimension shadows lately- I’m guilty of purchasing 3 in the past month: I have “A Natural Flirt” (great as a highlight on fair skintones) “Smoky Mauve” and my personal favourite, “Sweet Heat”.

  28. Michelle says:

    When I think of “sauve,” I think of a Latino man with sexy hair. But that could be I think of the name Enriquo Suave lol

  29. Nicole says:

    I’m currently addicted to TokyoMilk Dark Femme Fatale Collection Lip Elixir in Salted Caramel No. 36. It smells so yummy!

  30. Rhoda K says:

    My friend’s wedding in Ireland was pretty amazing! 😀

  31. Kristina says:

    There are people who don’t know how to skip? This is shocking.

  32. Emma says:

    I did some amazing shopping today, after a long and hard week. Now I’m dancing in my room in my new clothes and confirming that shopping indeed is one of the best therapies!

  33. Naomi E says:

    Hey Karen, a very happy belated birthday to you! Lately I’ve been wearing MAC’s Relentlessly Red lipstick like it’s going out of style. I do know how to skip and my friend Rachel’s wedding a few years back was a total blast.

  34. Terri says:

    Happy belated birthday, Karen! I hope you, El Hub, and Tabs are doing well.

  35. Maria Therese says:

    Can you please send me some hot weather? I need some summer, we have been stuck at around 10 Celsius for so long now and lots of rain..

  36. Ambritt says:

    I just recently bought a lippie stix from Colourpop and its called “wet” I love it because its a really unique taupe gunmetal color. It goes on smooth and makes me feel fun!

  37. Sarah Sq. says:

    My birthday is Thursday, so I’m crossing my fingers and toes for this one 🙂

  38. Maria Malaveci says:

    Favorite Lipstick is Hot by Cover Girl! Love the red lip!


  39. Summer says:

    Is it a bad sign that whenever I hear the word ‘suave’ I automatically start singing Rico……..Suave

  40. maria says:

    I want some new Mac!!!

  41. Courtney Janak says:

    I think Johnny Depp is suave…

  42. Cassie says:

    My fave lippie is probably colourpop’s lumiere. Perfect mlbb shade for me!

    The best wedding I’ve ever attended was my bestie’s wedding in Ancaster (perfect storybook wedding!)

  43. Kim says:

    The best wedding I went to was years ago. It was at a whaling museum in MA. The bride got SO drunk, at one point she was standing at the bow of a whale ship waving a bottle of beer in her hand yelling “I hate all y’all” It was freakin amazing! lol

    Welcome back, enjoy your weekend!

  44. Ileana says:

    A lip products that I’ve been loving lately are Mac lipsticks in Hug me and Viva glam II. They are the perfect nudes for my olive skin.

  45. Lisa Brown says:

    I have been liked Ben Nye’s lip glosses lately.

  46. Mary María says:

    Suave is ‘soft’ in spanish… And I’m thinking about the shampoo brand 😛

  47. Carla S says:

    I love the Loreal infallible lipgloss in the lightest shade of pink they have.

  48. Malaika says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid was the Fifth Grade trip to the Aquarium. I was lucky enough to take my nieces and nephews a few years ago to share that experience with them. They loved it.

  49. Marta says:

    I am loving MAC pink plaid lately!

  50. Riann says:

    I would love to try some new MAC products – thanks!

  51. Rachel says:

    I’ve been loving revlon lipgloss in berry allure. It’s lasts a long time because it leaves a slight stain, which I like.

  52. Laura says:

    I’m loving Mac’s matte royal right now.

  53. Cherie says:

    Nice and hot today with slight breeze in Austin. My favorite balm right now is the hemp balm from the body shop. Keeps lips nice and moist and great before I apply lipstick.

  54. Lauren says:

    Welcome home! I’m about to catch a flight from Chicago to london…so scared!

  55. y. says:

    I have a wedding of a really good friend on tuesday! Ive been addicted to lip combo of clinique chubby stick mega melon with smashbox afterglow gloss on top. Peachy nude perfection;)

  56. Olivia says:

    When I hear the word suave I think of my hairspray lol

  57. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I’m loving Noya’s lip balm in vanilla.

  58. BJW says:

    Maybe the most interesting wedding I’ve attended was held in a minor league baseball stadium. The couple was married at home plate, with the bridesmaids and groomsmen lined up along the third base and first base lines, respectively. The “crowd” sat in the stands behind home plate. This was at the Staten Island Yankees park, which has the Manhattan skyline behind the outfield wall.

  59. judyo says:

    i keep going back to mac’s HIGH STRUNG—
    thanks for this chance

  60. Meg says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid was in 8th grade when we went to Washington, D.C. It was the first time my friends and I got to go away without our parents, so it was a blast lol
    Meg recently posted … Wet n’ Wild Silverlake Collection Embrace Obscurity Palette

  61. Brwnfruit says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid was to Mammoth caves in Kentucky, one of our teachers threw buckets of water on a mud hill to create a mudslide! It was so much fun!!!

  62. Noirojos says:

    I’ve been seriously digging Kat Von D’s Lolita lately!

  63. Lala says:

    I do know how to skip and I really love it. I still skip, as it’s easy and awesome exercise. When I was younger, it took me forever to learn how to ‘Double Dutch’ but when I finally got it, I had a blast with it. I even had a “Skip-It” and I was obsessed with checking the counter to see how many skips I had done. Ahh to be a kid again. Thanks for the trip down memory lane 😉 xo

  64. Ashley says:

    Lately I’ve been loving Mac Lovelorn lipstick!

  65. Jessie C. says:

    I know how to skip.

  66. Deanna says:

    Favorite field trip: OMSI.

  67. Aina Y says:

    Happy Caturday!

  68. Regina Girardi says:

    I buy recently TOO FACED MELTED liquified long wear lipstik in fuchsia and love the color and the smell, but i love to try some MAC lipstik.

  69. Megs says:

    I’ve played the violin at over 80 weddings, so they all kind of run together:) But, my parents told me about one they went to that had a Viennese hour with a dessert buffet that wrapped around the room. Man I wish I had been in town for that one!

    Currently loving: Juice Beauty lip gloss in Fig. It smells like a grapefruit creamsicle!

  70. ANALIA says:

    Hi !, June 25th is my 50th birthday!!. WOW finally arrived!!! Now my key is “need” and “love” makeup (and not vice versa… lol). A little secret ? I have never try any MAC. Love love your blog.

  71. Latanya says:

    yes, I know how to skip

  72. Andrea Amy says:

    I remember once going to play mini golf on a school field trip. that was fun.

  73. Amy says:

    The field trip I took to Cave of the Mounds was probably the best!

  74. Susan T. says:

    My best friend got married in the Turks and Caicos where her parents live so that was pretty awesome! The actual wedding was on the beach and when we were taking the photos a little stingray swam up around her feet. We took it as a good sign from the universe!

  75. Tonya says:

    My Favorite field trip as a kid was with church, going to summer camp:) Singing he has the whole world in his hands and cant get to heaven in brother pikes car, cause brother pikes car dont go that far lol,Great memory ahhh,things were so simple.

  76. Chelsea says:

    I went to a Harry Potter themed wedding that was insanely fun. All the guests were wearing costumes, Harry Potter themed food…

  77. Marisela Bennett says:

    Love that you do this for your followers such a nice thing to do. Thanks for the chance! Have a great weekend~

  78. nicolthepickle says:

    When I hear suave my little brother comes to mind. He’s super popular cool, and good at talking.

  79. Aurelie Red says:

    I received today my order on iHerb, with my Hurrah balm, and it smells soooo good, I love it ! (almond!)

  80. jenn says:

    Happy Birthday!!

    My five year old loves to skip. Kids are so awesomely care free 🙂

  81. Poppy says:

    My current favorite lip balm is Smith’s Rosebud Salve.❤️ LOVE!! I also really enjoy Vaseline Rosy Lips Lip Therapy 🙂

  82. Honi says:

    I do know how to skip but i never learned how to do that double dutch skipping thing, i practiced for ages but never managed to get it down! Lately I’ve been loving my YSL Rouge Volupte shine lipstick/gloss, so easy to just slag on and the packaging is so pretty!

  83. Cathy says:

    I’m loving Cliniques chubby lip colors- I have a ton of them and the sheers are awesome too. Go Hawks!!

  84. dorit says:

    I lovelovelove watch royal weddings on tv. There was a group of girls when I was still living at my university dorm who would gather in the common room to watch the Felipe/Letizia wedding and in the same year Frederik/Mette-Marit. We had lots of drinks and snacks and so much fun! And then I’ve been to some pretty awesome weddings of my friends – the best ones really are the ones when you stumble to your room on your bare feet because you couldn’t dance in your high heels any longer when it’s getting light again. Right?
    dorit recently posted … Beauty shopping in Frankfurt (and other tourist-y info)

  85. Mary W says:

    The most amazing wedding I have attended was a Jewish over the top three day celebration in Naples, Florida. It was fun, exciting, beautiful, fantastic and loving all at the same time.

  86. Deidre LeDoux says:

    I used to live going to the zoo with the other kids. We had so much more fun as a large group than when we went with just our family. Thanks for the chance.

  87. Cyndi says:

    Haven’t found my go to lip gloss/stick yet… but I’ve been experimenting with many different ones.

  88. Lien says:

    Max Factor Colour Elixir Lipstick in Burnt Caramel is my favorite right now!

  89. Michaela says:

    Hi Karen glad to know you had fun in New Orleans. Did you know there was a Nancy Drew video game that takes place in NOLA & I pulled it out of my video archives & started playing it again when you took your bday trip. What a coincidence! Anyway when I hear the word “suave” I think of two things- the shampoo & Gerardo former Menudo member’s song. The video was a trip!

  90. Liz M says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid was going to the mountain to collect different kind of rocks. I was a rock nerd and loved hiking around trying to find them!

  91. nat ogu says:

    ive been loving jack black lip balm lately

  92. AP says:

    I am not married; however, I am engaged to be married. The most amazing wedding I’ve ever attended was my first cousin’s wedding – oh, I’d say, approximately 8 years ago. Besides the fact that it was a beautiful wedding, we had the BEST time! We danced the night away!!

  93. Amber says:

    I’ve been obsessed with bronzers recently and am working through all that Too Faced has to offer.

  94. Michelle B. says:

    I have been wearing CORAL BLISS from MAC. Lovely summer color!!!

  95. Jenn says:

    I’d love to get some new things for my wedding that is less than 2 months away.

  96. Sarah W says:

    MAC Huggable in Bare Hug!

  97. Amoure Jones says:

    Happy Saturday Karen and Mr. Tabs (mrow back at you sir )

    My week went pretty well and my weekend is all about relaxing and resting. Glad to see you had a lovely birthday weekend in NOLA, I’ve heard some lovely things from my father after he visited there a few years ago.
    Quite sunny out here in Az and a hot 93 degrees to go w/ that sun so I’m going to stay shaded as much as possible.

    Now I’m aging myself here a bit but when I hear the words “suave” I instantly think of that song and the singer Rico Suave (lol). Also the lipstick that I’ve been really feeling is Kinda Sexy – MAC. It’s a gorgeous color and perfect for this season.

    Have a wonderful rest of the weekend. <3

  98. Katrina says:

    Since I got my birthday gift from Sephora I’ve only been wearing that on my lips – Nars Satin Lip Pencil in Rikugien, it’s perfect for everything!

  99. Heather ツ (@aitch77) says:

    My favorite lip balm is Nivea’s Kiss of Milk & Honey – it’s getting harder and harder to find though :'(

  100. Kelvene says:

    Im not married yet and honestly i dont know if i ever will but the best wedding was my sister’s who spared no expense and i was the maid of honor 🙂
    Im loving my LA lip glazes. i know they on the cheaper side but i love them so much lol

  101. Lulubelle says:

    I don’t know if this counts as a field trip, but when I was in the 8th grade my school had a spring break trip to Canada (all the way from Mobile, AL). Only a 13 year old would think 10 days on a bus is fun, but it was. I still remember falling in love with French bread on that trip:-)

  102. Lauren Wieland says:

    My husband and I got married in a little chapel in Niagara Falls, New York on New Year’s Eve. I wanted to get my makeup done at MAC but they were all booked up, so I got it done at Sephora. The girl did a wonderful job, so it all worked out!

  103. Nannie Starrison says:

    I’m from Thailand and it’s been very hot too! My newly-bought air plant died right out (even though it’s said to be tough). But that unfortunate incident aside, my weekend so far is sleeping and napping and catching up on Arrow season 2. And trying to read for my research. It’s hard to do everything in this weather! Btw, love your blog.

  104. Michelle L says:

    My favorite field trip was going to camp….it was my first time away from home.

  105. Lisa says:

    Just skipped this morning with my daughter. We do not consider ourselves suave.

  106. Elvan says:

    I’ve really been loving NARS Afghan Red!!

  107. Samantha says:

    So glad you had a good trip to NOLA- my mother in law is there now! Right now my favorite lipstick is creme cup from Mac. It’s the prettiest pink!

  108. charlotte says:

    Suave was a popular adjective in 80s romance novels!

  109. Pauline says:

    Love that this is an international opportunity. Everyone loves Mac!!

  110. Sandie says:

    I have been trying so hard not to get any of the new Mac Matte lipstick…but I think I am going to cave soon! My favorite lipstick atm is Hourglass-Grace. I have almost finished it! And now i am determined to finish it! Hope you are having a great weekend!

  111. Lizzie says:

    I’m currently obsessed with spirit by Mac. It’s a beautiful neutral color with a satin finish

  112. Maddie says:

    I’ve been loving Fresh Sugar Advanced Therapy Lip Treatment, truly the most emollient, soothing lip balm I’ve ever used.

  113. Just enjoying the great weather we’re having! Waited so long.

  114. Noon says:

    When I was a kid I think any field trip was my favorite because mom always packed me a special lunch.
    Noon recently posted … they say those in glass coffins shouldn’t throw stones…

  115. Susan P. says:

    I took Kit out for a walk on his harness and leash yesterday and he wasn’t walking much. He loves to be outside and look for lizards and frogs but a duck was following us around and distracted him.

  116. Brian says:

    I have been loving the MAC Huggables.

  117. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    The most amazing wedding I attended was at a restored huge farmhouse in Michigan. Words cannot describe how beautiful everything was. No detail left unturned…

  118. Courtney says:

    Well I used to know how to skip. I hope I still can… Officially need to test this! I hope you’ve had a wonderful trip, birthday, and weekend!

  119. Sara says:

    Skipping is so much fun!

  120. Lisa M. says:

    I am really liking MAC lipstick in Brave.

  121. RM says:

    i got married in new orleans!

  122. Mary W says:

    I’m glad you had a nice birthday trip. I’m currently wearing the elf matte lip color in tea rose. It is a good mlbb shade for me and glides on well.

  123. Agnieszka says:

    What lipstick colours work best with green eyes?

  124. Amy alice thomas says:

    I’ve been loving the Clinique melon pop recently!

  125. Patricia Caradonna says:

    I will be celebrating my 25th wedding anniversary on June 26th to my wonderful husband Michael. We renewed our vows five years ago and we had so much fun!

  126. Meghan B says:

    Oh dang, can I talk about my wedding a bit anyway? Haha my husband and I eloped a month ago in Las Vegas! Just the two of us 🙂 It was amazing!

  127. Rachel says:

    I’ve been wearing MAC See Sheer nearly every day for two weeks. I had forgotten how much I loved it, but it really does go with everything!

  128. Cindy says:

    Lately I’ve been trying out those Clinique Pop lipsticks and I like them. My “go-to” red lipsticks though are NARS Dragon Girl, MAC Ruby Woo, and Kat Von D Underage Red (I wear red a LOT). 🙂

  129. Jocelyn says:

    two words: Rico Suave!

  130. Christiana Mercier says:

    San Diego is always sunny!! So lucky to live here

  131. Coline T. says:

    I have been loving using my “Wet n’Wild” megalast lipstick, really nice! 🙂

  132. Nadia E. says:

    Thanks for including us international readers! 🙂

  133. Betty says:

    Happy belated birthday! My birthday is coming up this week, and I’m seriously considering biting the bullet and getting the Becca shimmering skin perfector as a gift to myself. I’ve read so many reviews about it over the past few days, and I’m obsessing over it a little! I feel like it would be the perfect summer highlighter though.

  134. gabi says:

    Lol at the last question. “Suave” means soft in portuguese (and maybe in spanish?) but it’s already stuck in my mind as the shampoo so whenever I read the word in english spoken blogs/websites it’s the first thing that comes to mind.

  135. chickie brewer says:

    When my sister was little I enjoyed teaching her how to skip… For some reason she didn’t catch on quickly.. ( Hopefully she doesn’t read this;)

  136. Sienna says:

    Whenever I see “suave” I always think of the discount haircare brand.

  137. Tracy Robertson says:

    You mentioned overcast. I live in San Mateo, not too far from you and I wish it was overcast more often, especially when it’s warm. The other day it was actually warm, overcast and rained. I loved it so much, I find a cloudy sky cooling and relaxing.

  138. Jessica says:

    I’ve been using YSL baby doll Kiss & Blush in Rose Epicurien and I love it 🙂

  139. Megan says:

    I received a sample of Lancome Shine Lover with my most recent Sephora order and I’ve been wearing it every day. Beautiful sheer color perfect for summertime!

  140. Amy Z. says:

    Happy Birthday!!

  141. Emily L. says:

    I am definitely in love with Nyx’s butter lip balms! I always have at least 1 in my purse when I go out.

  142. Janice says:

    Heading out to Disney for my bday in a couple of weeks… can’t wait:-)

  143. Sylvia says:

    I hope you all are having a good day. We have lots of rain here in Illinois. I remember going to the zoo every year with my dad for my birthday, not really a field trip but loved none the less.

  144. kelli says:

    my favorite field trip as a kid was a week long stay at a camp in 5th grade. it was great to be independent and not have to worry about my over concerned parents. i got to experience a lot.

  145. courtney b says:

    love your blog! its so creative and I read it everday! I have yet to win one of your giveaways though, so crossing my fingers! coxoxxoxo

  146. Natacha says:

    I haven’t blogged in a month due to finals. I really need to get back on that track again.
    Natacha recently posted … they caught my eye in may.

  147. Makyla says:

    Hey Karen! I have absolutely loved receiving email notifications about the next installment of your New Orleans adventures! So fun to read about! So glad you had a fun trip! I’ve really been enjoying the NYX butter lipstick in Little Susie lightly patted on my lips, and although I haven’t be wearing makeup much lately, I always love a bright or nude gloss, like NYX Cupcake, Buxom Creamsicle, or Buxom White Russian! Thanks so much again for offering another awesome giveaway!

  148. Elena says:

    I’ve been wearing a lot of Kat Von D’s lolita liquid lipstick lately. I like the liquid better than the actual lipstick version. I also have been using a lot of Lorac’s Alter Ego Lipgloss in Secret Agent. It’s a nice nude that I will top over Lolita and a few other shades.

    I just counted all my lip products and I have far too many…lol.

  149. Maria says:

    Rico…Sauve lol

  150. Rachel R. says:

    I’ve been loving ABH Liquid Lipstick in Party Pink and Kat von D Everlasting Liquid Lipstick in A Go-Go. I love me some neons.

  151. Lydia B. says:

    I do know how to skip. I think we all need to incorporate more of this back into our lives. It’s fun, it gets you places quicker, and I’m sure it could be considered part of your daily exercise!

  152. Suzanne C says:

    So glad you had a great b-day trip! My 40th is just 7 months away… gulp!! When I hear the word ‘suave’, I think of that idiot Gerardo and ‘Rico Suave’. That song just sounded slimey.

  153. Hilary says:

    I love bright lips but I’m trying to work my way up to a red lip. I just got NARS lip pencil in cruella for my Sephora bday gift and I’m not sure I can pull it off!

  154. Lisa Foster says:

    Lipstick I’m loving right now is Mac Lovelorn.

  155. Sarah says:

    The word “suave” makes me think of soap for some reason! lol
    Thanks for the giveaway!

  156. BlackAsphodel says:

    When you hear the word “suave,” does anyone particular come to mind? Only imaginary characters from my favorite books.

  157. monica says:

    In business school we visited the commissary of Jollibee, the Philippine equivalent of McDonald’s. Fast food magic heaven!

  158. Cindy says:

    When we were in junior high we went to some camp grounds for the day. I got the worst sunburn, but had my “walkman” and a new “tape”. How I thought I had it all!!

  159. Lori P says:

    Yep, I know how to skip and still do occasionally even though I’m 47. Yes, I do get looks sometimes but I don’t care.

  160. daniell says:

    I have been wearing Too Faced Lip Injection Extreme. It works

  161. Jenn says:

    Yes, I know how to skip!

  162. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    I know it is supposed to be “other than yours” weddings, but since today is my anniversary, I feel entitled. My wife and I waited 17 years to get legally married, (same sex couple!) so last year on Friday the 13th of June, we finally did the deed. It was small, very personal and well worth the wait. After all those years, we still felt like newlyweds, and truly still do today. I hope everyone is as happy with their wedding and more importantly their married life as we are, no matter how long we had to wait to get there. 🙂

  163. illy junus says:

    yes, i know how to skip and my lipstick choice is urban decay naked lipstick

  164. Lisa says:

    Loved the New Orleans posts….hope to visit the city one day!

  165. Tania G says:

    I’ve been loving Chanel’s coco shines as well as YSL’s sheer candy lip balms.

  166. Chelsea Amanda says:

    My favorite field trip was the outer banks in the fifth grade. Before our grade went that year every previous fifth grade trip was to DC. But they changed it. Eighth graders were supposed to go on the outer banks trip. When eighth grade rolled around we didn’t go to D.C. Not sure what we did for a field trip that year. But yeah the outer banks was my favorite. With the lighthouses and beaches!! (:

  167. Maritess Lee says:

    Lately I’ve been loving Mac Cremesheen Glass in Star Quality.

  168. Shauna says:

    Anytime, I hear the word ‘suave’ I get transported back to the early 90s and think of Gerardo’s “Rico Suave”. Riiiiiiiico… Suuuuuave… I also think of affordable hair and bath and body products because ” you could pay more buy why”.

  169. Amy V says:

    When I hear the word suave, that Gerardo Mejía-Rico Suave song from the 90s, comes to my mind. hahaha (Oh and that suave means soft)

  170. Melanie Borhi says:

    I’ve been loving burts bees lipgloss alot lately makes my lips feel some TLC.

  171. Carolyn Evans says:

    I just picked up the Fresh Sugar Addiction Mini Lip Collection from Sephora and I’m totally loving it! Fresh is so fresh! Digging it!

  172. Kait says:

    I have never been to a wedding!

  173. Coco says:

    I’m loving Lipstick Queen Frog Prince!! It really is a gorgeous shade. And I love that some stain lasts on my lips, too. Happy Belated Bday!

  174. Berry says:

    I can skip. I haven’t done it for a long while but I figure it’s like riding a bike and once you know how, you never really forget.

  175. gail annacarto says:

    Happy Birthday

  176. Afiqah says:

    My current favourite lipstick is makeup revolution salvation lip lacquer. Well, I’ve been loving their eye shadows but not the I lipstick but this is a wonder 🙂

  177. Cathy B says:

    When I think of “suave” I think of “rico suave” lol! Something my friend and I use to call guys that thought they were slick

  178. Stephanie says:

    How would you spend $50 at MAC?

  179. Stephanie says:

    I haven’t had a po’boy in years. Love Louisiana food…

  180. Jennifer says:

    I finally got to spend some quality time floating around in our pool today. Yay for summer!!

  181. Lexi says:

    Really want to try some of the new Peter Thomas Roth products. Have you tried them?

  182. Erica says:

    My favorite foundation right now is the Hourglass Illusion Hyaluronic Skin Tint but I’m wondering how the Immaculate one actually compares to it.

  183. amy says:

    I love my Scottish Straight longhair cat Silver to bits… he will love to play to Tabs!!!

  184. Karenine says:

    As a kid, I loved going to Liberty Science Center! As an adult, I’d still like to go visit again… 🙂 Always a kid at heart!

  185. Rebecca M says:

    Hello fello makeup lovers, anyone recommend a long lasting taupe eyeshadow? Thnx

  186. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    Woot!! <3

  187. Ellen Farkas says:

    I really like MAC’s new matte lipstick in Persistence. It is a complex color on me that incorporates red, peach, gold and a little plum. Perfect for my fair skin and hazel eyes. Unfortunately, the matte formulation makkes the color very dark, much too dark for my complexion. Adding gloss to lighten it just changed the color. Emailed MAC customer service and they recommend Cherish or Spirit as lighter alternative. Any suggestions. Haven’t gotten to a counter in ages, this gift would be the perfect incentive to go!!!

  188. Diana P says:

    I was feeling really down today and whenever I feel blue I check out what Karen and Tabs are up to since they always lift my spirits.

    I also stumbled on this awesome post on the Huffington post titled “20 reasons a cat is the best investment you’ll ever make”. Google it, if you love cats it will make you’re day!

  189. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been loving MAC Vegas Volt lately. I love the color, I just wish the formula wasn’t quite so drying.

    I just got through painting my nails Essie The More the Merrier, I love the color. It’s so summery.

  190. susan says:

    I love skipping! I definitely know how.

  191. Vanessa says:

    I’ve fallen back in with Burt’s Bees Tinted lipbalm — Rose. It goes in cycles… 🙂

  192. Ana says:

    Um, I love skipping. I certainly don’t skip as much as I used to, but for a while I liked it a lot more than running. It just felt more efficient, you know?

  193. Jessica says:

    I have fallen back in love with, tinted moisturizer and BB creams! Specially the Sunday Riley Tinted Primer and the Clarins BB Cream- I used to think I needed more coverage but I have been taking care of my skin and loving the lighter coverage !!

  194. Maria says:

    I really need some new makeup!

  195. angel says:

    Poppy lip stain by Cynthia Rowley has been my favorite lately

  196. Jen says:

    “Suave” makes me think of shampoo, and Daniel Craig! I *heart* Daniel Craig. My movie star crush. 🙂

  197. amy pugmire says:

    My favorite field trip when I was a kid was going to the zoo. I had so much fun!

  198. Julia says:

    I have really been loving my Eos lip balms , I currently have 3 which I rotate thru!

  199. Karla R. says:

    When I hear the word suave it reminds me of the brand and hair.

  200. Karen Y. says:

    I really like the MAC Huggable lipsticks, and have 6 of them. I really wanted “I’m Game,” but they were sold out…

  201. Rachel says:

    I made an impulse buy a couple weeks ago of the e.l.f. Essential Lip Balm Tint in Grapefruit and I am LOVING it. It was only two dollars, but it has a lovely tint and is super moisturizing. Also, it looks great patted over a stain.

  202. Wayne says:

    Nice weather, sweet foster cat went to his forever home, sick cats got better. Pretty good week.

  203. Angela R says:

    I can’t skip to save my life!! Never could and probably never will!! LOL!!!

  204. Justine says:

    I recently learned how to hula hoop!

  205. Tiffany says:

    I want a viseart palette! The lemming just won’t go away!

  206. Devis says:

    Currently loving Maybelline’s Touch of Spice 🙂

  207. DESPINA says:

    I really loved the pictures you shared from your trip! I wish you the best for your birthday!
    I am obsessed with MAC’s Freshen Up from the Wash & Dry Collection! I wish it went permanent

  208. Maggie says:

    Other than yours if you’re married, what’s the most amazing wedding you’ve ever attended?

    My best friend’s venue was in a winery. The winery had its own little vacation house for the wedding party to get ready. It was gorgeous–vineyards spread out beyond as far as the eye can see and the winery also had a large duck pond with a dock extending out into it. The dock was the makeshift dance floor and it was absolutely GORGEOUS.

  209. Destany says:

    Aquaphor is my fave lip balm

  210. Germaine Sikat says:

    Hi Karen,

    I’ve been loving the Agave Lip Mask by Bite Beauty!! Also, MAC’s Pro Long Waterproof Brow gel is my everyday saviour. <3

  211. Lucy Nguyen says:

    My current lipstick favorite is PRO LONGWEAR LIPCREME

  212. Isabella says:

    The royal weddings! We had one last night here in Sweden. Hard to pick a favorite, they’re all amazing

  213. BB says:

    I loved your NOLA pictures!

  214. feee says:

    I am currently obsessed with korres wild rose lip butter. It turns out they don’t all have the same texture!

  215. Marisa says:

    I’ve been obsessed with Revlon HD lipstick in Hydrangea. The fragrance, shimmer, texture, & pigmentation are all outstanding!

  216. eyshon salahuddin says:

    Just returned from seeing Jurassic World. Now I’m watching Jurassic Park with my six year old and he wont stop talking.

  217. Barbara B says:

    Best field trip as a kid-Boblo Island! Our class took a boat from Detroit to Boblo Island which was an amusement park. The boat ride itself was fun because we got to dance on it. Sadly this place no longer exists!

  218. Jen C says:

    The lip product I’ve been loving recently is the Bourjois Aqua Laque! Love the color Red My Lips, super pigmented and glossy!

  219. messhukra says:

    I have not been to a lot of weddings!

  220. Kristen says:

    I really love the matte lipstick Victoriana, from MAC’s Toledo collection. I almost passed it up when the collection came out, but now it’s one of my favorite lipsticks.

  221. Sara muniz says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid was to the tortilla factory lol I remember riding the bus And the bus driver ran over a skunk. Everyone thought it was the grossest thing lol.

  222. Anastasia T. says:

    My favorite lip balm is NUXE Reve de Miel Lip Balm. Amazing!!!!!!!!!!

  223. Aviva says:

    My sisters wedding definitely was the best I’ve ever been to

  224. Trisha says:

    It’s hot hot hot here in Arizona. I recently bought yes to coconuts lip oil in a squeezy applicator (cause regular tube lip balms melt into a huge mess in the car) it is wonderful.

  225. Kristi says:

    Hey Karen!!

    Although I’m sure I’m being extremely basic, I have been LOVING my Kat Von D Shade and Light contour palette as well as the Shade and Light Eye palette. I use them (especially contour palette) almost every single day!

  226. Emily says:

    I’ve been loving Bobbi Brown’s Uber Nude. It’s a great brown nude!

  227. debbie says:

    Its winter here in new zealand but some days have been as warm as 21 degrees. Im welcoming the lovely weather. Still being able to potter in the garden during the day at this time of year is so amazing. Thanks for the chance 🙂

  228. Rachel says:

    My favorite lip right now is MAC Soar pencil with Brave lipstick – I love it!

  229. Rachel says:

    My favorite lip right now is MAC Soar pencil with Brave lipstick – I love it!

    Rachel recently posted … What jewelry are you rocking for summer?

  230. Judy Thomas says:

    When I hear the word suave I think of George Clooney 🙂

  231. Fifi Lee says:

    I’ve been OBSESSED with Too Faced Melted lipsticks lately in Melted Chihuahua! It’s such a gorgeous colour I can’t wait to get all the other colours!

  232. pola says:

    I am in love with the estee lauder pure colour envy in 320 defiant coral.
    It is simply AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!

  233. Julie Murphy says:

    yes I know how to skip

  234. Samia Tabassum says:

    I really love their matte lipsticks.

  235. artemis says:

    Hello, Karen. Lately, I’ve been loving Catrice’s Ultimate Colour lipstick in 020 Maroon 😀 it’s a rose-brown, a darker nude.

  236. Rae Lynn says:

    While MAC is definitely my favorite line, I am a glossy lip kind of girl. So, I typically layer a lipstick and a gloss, not necessarily in that order. I have a current addiction to “Sexy Mother Pucker” from Soap and Glory, which is a plumping gloss. That gloss has to go on bare lips, so it gives the lipsticks I layer over it a sheer feel. My favorite MAC lipstick? Tough question! In summer, I like Plum Dandy, Precious Pink and Real Redhead. In Winter, Shitaki and Icon. I miss Fetish terribly. Why do they always discontinue colors that work on redheads? Maybe because we are such a small part of the population, hence not enough sales to warrant keeping the color around. Thanks for asking…

  237. Nanette says:

    I would have loved to attend this wedding celebration that my brother did a photoshoot for. He noticed this guy at the gym and this restaurant. They got to talking and turns out thst he is working two jobs to save up for his wedding but still not enough. My brother offered to take pics at no cost. I love my brother’s big heart!

  238. Laura says:

    My fave lip product lately has been the Tarte LipSurgence Lip Tint in Joy. So pretty and good staying power!

  239. Aenea says:

    My favorite trip was to the planetarium.

  240. Maria says:

    I’m glad you had a nice vacation in New Orleans. I’ve never been there, but I know I would love the beignets!

  241. Vanna says:

    It’s currently winter in Australia so I’ve been obsessed with wine and plum shades on my lips – Tom Ford does a mean plum lip!!!

  242. Lola says:

    Ohmigoodness! The Lorac Alter Ego lip gloss in Goddess has been my jam lately. It is that perfect purple, pink, creamy, no shimmer, gloss! I have even been wearing it without any lipstick or liner underneath.
    Awesome giveaway! I like how you have been switching it up with MAC and the Sephora =)

  243. Kalli Melia says:

    My favourite lip product right now is lip stain markers like the NYC lip stain in Endless Spice, it lasts for a couple of hours without feeling heavy. I’m really into the lighter textures for summer.

  244. Karen says:

    My favorite field trip when I was younger was one that my art teacher took the class on to Letchworth State Park in upstate NY where I grew up. It has waterfalls and deep gorges and we went there to sketch the scenery….beautiful!

  245. Fran says:

    My current favorite fun new lip color is the new Urban Decay gloss in the color ‘Big Bang’. It’s a bright pink/red with a ton of shimmer that’s not gritty or sticky at all.

  246. Linda Sutton says:

    I assume that this is the entry form since I couldn’t find one.

    Thank you.

  247. Al says:

    Hearing the word “suave” makes me think of hairspray…

  248. Sandy says:

    Skipping would be epic fail #59988 give or take a few!! Nope can’t skip.

  249. lynette r says:

    i have been addicted to those mauve based neutrals and indie brands. lately it is all about lasplash, colouredraine, dose colors, mbacosmetics, and stila patina, anastasia beverly hills, jeffree starr cosmetics etc. love all of them. matte lip stains are the best.

  250. Shelley says:

    I am having a love affair with one of Tom Ford’s limited edition summer lipsticks (although I think it’s going permanent) — Rose Soleil. I wish it had a little bit more staying power but with a sheer that’s kind of what you get.

  251. Jody D says:

    summer is for Burt’s Bees lip protection for me!

  252. Emiliya Petkova says:

    The word ‘suave’ reminds me of the song “Suavemente” by Nayer,Pitbull and Mohombi 😀

  253. Elizabeth says:

    I think the most amazing weddings are the ones that have a photo booth!

  254. Kiyanna says:

    Hey Karen,

    •What’s a lipstick, gloss or balm you’ve been loving lately? I can’t get enough of Mac Ruby Woo with Nightmoth or Current lip liner. What can I say I just love red lips.

  255. BB says:

    Well, it doesn’t really get sunny where I live until about July, and even then it’s debatable. I love to run a lot in the mornings. (That was random).

  256. Tiffany Owens says:

    Sooooo Ii did my makeup the other day and as I went to a few stores (more window shopping than anything lol), a young lady stopped me and asked if I worked for MAC because my face was flawless (cue Beyonce)…….SCOREEEEE!!!!

  257. Sarah says:

    I have been loving Marc Jacobs lip lacquers lately.

  258. Aury says:

    I’ve been loving bright pink lip glosses lately. I’ve been wearing one by Buxom, I believe called Strut It. I’m also on the hunt for a good tinted lip balm for the summer.

  259. Carolyn N. says:

    I’d like to visit NOLA some day! Glad you had a good time!

  260. em says:

    i love skipping. we used to smash double dutch.

  261. Trillina Palemi says:

    I want some new Mac!

  262. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I have been wanting the Urban Decay “Naked” Eyeshadow Pallet for so long… finally broke down and bought it — LOVE IT

  263. John Thuku says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid is when I went to the Coca-Cola soda factory. I learned so much when I was there on how they produce coca-cola, why they leave space at the top of the bottle and how the machines work over there. After they finished explaining all these, we were told we could drink as many free sodas as we want but not to take back any to school. I drank so much that I almost had trouble walking back to the bus. It was the best field trip that I had in school. Thank you for the wonderful giveaway.

  264. Kecia S. says:

    I definitely know how to skip, skip, skip to my lou! I think once a week everybody should skip to get from one place to another. How funny would that be?

  265. Jess says:

    I live on the east coast and it has been hot and humid the past couple of days. So much that I don’t feel the need to go out. I feel like we skipped spring and jumped right into summer.

  266. Bea says:

    Loving bright lips lately like maybelline vivids line!

  267. Ashley says:

    I’ve been loving MAC’s Chili lately. It makes me feel put together and it’s my go to lipstick for a night out.

  268. Anastassia says:

    I don’t know to skip.I love estee lauder’s lipstick in fuschia.Very creamy and stays for ever.

  269. Rachel says:

    I have wanted to try the MAC Wash and Dry Lipstick in Tumble Dry!

  270. Gabrielle says:

    I am the Queen of Skipping. As for lipsticks, I’ve been crazy for Stainiac from theBalm lately.

  271. Sophie Ruthven says:

    Yes I can skip

  272. Hollie says:

    Are those Kitty Van you wore in you post?? I bought my 17 yr old daughter a pair!! Too cute!! I can skip pretty good if I can say so, but my brother couldn’t and prob still can’t.. When he was in 1st grade his teacher gave him a 3, which is an E in skipping. She also wrote in the comment box of the report card that he needed to practice skipping at home. Skipping is a very important factor of his large motor skills. If he could not skip he’d be in danger of repeating the 1st grade!!! So he can read, write, add and subtract, he plays Tball but might stay back for not being able to skip properly!! I wouldn’t of wanted to be that teacher when she requested a parent/ teacher conference! Btw he did pass 1st grade. Sorry for such a long comment but the skipping brought me back in time. Thanks for the chance to win this giveaway!!!

  273. Rachel Selima says:

    Oh, my goodness, I would love to win this!

  274. Anastasia says:

    Another Anastasia here! Entering because my 16yo daughter (former BIGTIME tomboy) is starting to want to wear makeup and I would love to treat her to a MAC spree!

  275. Kat says:

    I love to skip with the nephew!

  276. Samantha says:

    My favorite field trip as a kid was going to the park at the end of the school year! Didn’t matter what park. I just loved the park, man.

  277. Tricia Hope says:

    I loved to skip and jump to rhymes like All in Together Girls.My fav lip color is Covergirl 522

  278. Mayra says:

    I’m so in love with this !

  279. Liz says:

    I’m engaged but not married yet. 🙂

  280. I have attended so many beautiful & lavish weddings, that it’s too hard for me to choose just one or embellish on one! I would love to win the Mac gift card….so many fabulous products I still would love to try! I love Mac products so much & can’t go without them!!

  281. Ann says:

    I’ve been loving plain old Aquaphor as a lip balm recently.

  282. marie says:

    MAC is the only company with dark raisin, browns, and darker color lipsticks…that last. so beautiful colors and long lasting!

  283. BooBooNinja says:

    I met a cat yesterday that I first thought was a stuffed animal. Seriously.

  284. Judy Caro says:

    Would really like some new makeup since I staryed to wear it again.

  285. Sue McKibben says:

    My favorite lipstick lately is Tom Ford’s Indian Rose. It just goes with everything!

  286. Amber says:

    My favorite lipstick/gloss combo right now is Colour Pop Julep and Revlon Strawberry a topaz on top. Perfect for summer!

  287. Gisele Soomer says:

    I have never tried Mac cosmetics but would like to try.

  288. Jade says:

    I discovered Etude House in Thailand. I bought their Lash Perm Waterproof mascara. I have straight and short lashes. This mascara volumizes, curls, and lengthens my lashes like no other and it doesn’t budge at all. Yay!

  289. Christine says:

    I am obsessed with Larenim pressed powder mineral foundation.

  290. Sandy says:

    I’ve been loving Clinique Color Pop lip pops lately.

  291. Valentina franco says:

    I love all Mac products

  292. Bertha says:

    My favorite gloss lately is the Clarins Instant Light Natural Lip Perfector!

  293. Sheli says:

    Thank you!

  294. Erin Ortiz says:

    In elementary school we got to take an overnight field trip to Sea World and sleep in the manatee exhibit. We got the whole park to ourselves and manatees are my favorite to this day 🙂

  295. Efrain says:

    Well it isn’t a person but when I hear sueva I think in the song Suavemente.

  296. Analy Rodriguez says:

    I have been loving the EOS lip balm in Lemon Drop!

  297. Abigail says:

    I discovered your blog today by googling tips for traveling with skincare, and I stumbled across your great post from 2011. Thank you for the advice!
    P.S. I can definitely skip! And I’m loving Wet n Wild Lipstick in Blushing Bali.

  298. christine says:

    I have been loving the japanese lip balm that they sell at sephora!

  299. Tanika says:

    I absolutely love Kat Von D L.U.V.

  300. Ezhil says:

    Like to try mac expensive pink eyeshadow

  301. Neha Adatia says:

    I love sephora’s cream lip stain in mandarin muse. Looks amazing on darker skin tones! People should def give this a try I get a lot of compliments when I’m wearing it

  302. Kay says:

    Summer=wedding season! Would love some fresh makeup for the ones I attend 🙂

  303. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I do know how to skip, but hadn’t in a long time. Just skipped around the house to confirm.

  304. Lesley says:

    Clinique’s Black Honey Almost Lipstick is my current fave. And who could ever be more suave than Cary Grant?

  305. I knocked it out of the park with a program I ran at work on Friday. It was a ton of work and the President of my workplace keeps giving me and my colleague complements about it.

  306. Leah says:

    As uncoordinated as I am, I am still, somehow, able to skip like a pro!

  307. Valerie C. says:

    I grew up in CT and we had a field trip to the Peabody Museum at Yale. It was amazing! Everything looked magical to me 🙂

  308. hadeel says:

    I never really owned any MAC lipsticks, but I reaaaally like deep reds or plum-red-type of shade. Like NYX’s Monte Carlo.

  309. Carla says:

    I’ve been loving the Burt’s Bees lip balm in mango.

  310. Joelly says:

    Happy Birthday! I just got my makeup done at Sephora and I love it!

  311. Cultfigure says:

    Rico Suave for the win!

  312. michelle maffia says:

    would love MAC giftcard. Recently purchased their Wash n Dry collection…amazing!!!

  313. Jill says:

    current fave lipstick is MAC Vegas Volt.

  314. Kate K says:

    I attended a destination wedding in Jamaica. That was pretty cool 🙂

  315. MellyR says:

    I have been liking the Pro Longwear Lipglass in the color Patience, Please that lasts longer than most lip glosses which is perfect when you are enjoying the moment instead of worrying about how your lip gloss looks.

  316. CL says:

    The epitome of the word “suave” was Cary Grant. George Clooney comes close, sometimes.

  317. Kelly Ryder says:

    I’ve never won anything but thank you for the chance!

  318. Squitia says:

    I tried the MAC foundation and loved it…. Trying to be MAC firece for my baby shower.

  319. CHerzl says:

    My new lip obsession is the Stila liquid lipstick in Venezia. Super long-wearing & perfect summer coral-red.

  320. Jennifer M-K says:

    What was your favorite field trip when you were a kid?
    Call me a nerd but I loved Liberty Science Center when I was little 🙂

    In High School, though, our senior class trip was to Disney…so I guess that wins 😛

  321. Shelby says:

    I’m loving the new Lipstick Queen Cupid’s Bow lip pencils. They have some pretty good staying power (4-6 hours without eating or drinking) and the colors are beautiful!

  322. Lisa C says:

    I’ve been loving my Guerlain Illusion lipstick lately from the crazy paris collection.

  323. Carrie says:

    I’m really loving Relentlessly Red lipstick from MAC lately!

  324. brenda disimone says:

    right now i am wearing sally hansen miracle gel and it last pretty long

  325. Kayla W says:

    The most amazing wedding I ever attended was my brother’s! At the end of the night the DJ let us karaoke and my brother and I gave a stunning rendition of “Paul Revere” by the Beastie Boys. And lately I have been obsessed with MAC Whirl lipstick!

  326. Kiki says:

    Burts bee lip balm is still the best

  327. Tricia says:

    I have been enjoying MAC Steam Heat.

  328. Lou says:

    My birthday was Friday. It’s been a great weekend. My randoms: I love makeup and cats. (Probably not together, but hey.) I love your blog; it’s helped me make some decisions on products to try vs. products to skip. Thanks!

  329. Chloe Mango says:

    i will always love mac russian red

  330. Carolyn says:

    I just turned 45 this month and I am embarrassed to say that I dont know how to put on eye shadow yet. On my 40th birthday one of my close co-workers took me to get my first makeup make over by a professional and it was the best time I had.

  331. sherrie lindner says:

    Here in MN..It was a beautiful day. Unforunately I had to work..But I now have the next 3 days off..woo hoo! I plan on taking a little trip up to my favorite sister-in-laws house for rest, relaxation, and food..she is he best cook I know!!! and of course a couple of bottles of wine will be

  332. Lorraine says:

    Suave= Ricardo Montalban, of course! Claro que si!

  333. Candice Croix says:

    I do know how to skip, but it’s 100,000 times more difficult as an adult. Children make it look so easy…it’s tough work launching myself in the air with one foot!

  334. nikolina says:

    I don’t believe in the Abominable Snowman nor the Loch Ness monster, but I do believe in Aliens though…

  335. Jana says:

    I’ve actually only been to 2 weddings which were both a lot of fun! I can’t wait for my close friends to start getting married!

  336. Maris says:

    When you hear the word “suave,” does anyone particular come to mind?
    One of my college professors. He is Cuban,Italian & Puerto Rican. With the greenest eyes ive ever seen. He just had a way of pulling you in with every word he spoke. Gorgeous!

  337. Tonya says:

    Lately I’ve been loving colourpop lippie stixs!

  338. Brittany says:

    All three of my cousins had amazing weddings. The ceremonies were beautiful and the receptions were great. I was a bridesmaid for my one cousin and it was my first time getting my hair and makeup professionally done (I did my own for two proms and did a bang up job thankfully!) and when I looked into the mirror…wow! I know for this occasion you apply more makeup in order to photograph well, but it definitely took a bit of adjusting. Once I did I really loved it and didn’t want to remove it (don’t worry I did!)!

  339. Lulle says:

    Other than yours if you’re married, what’s the most amazing wedding you’ve ever attended?
    One of my high-school BFF wedding, I was still dancing at 5am (actually got a tendinitis in both ankles for dancing all night in heels :/)
    Lulle recently posted … #FrenchFriday: Cinq Mondes Flower Cleansing Balm

  340. Amber says:

    I am Wishing that i could win this for my birthday next month on July 22.

  341. Nathalia says:

    I’ve been loving MAC Diva and Fashion Revival, but I can.not.wait. for the Whirl lipstick launch (I live in Turkey, so that’s only gonna happen here on August *insert crying emoji*)

  342. Deepika says:

    When I hear the word suave, it reminds me of my favorite suave coconut shampoo and conditioner! 😀
    Deepika recently posted … Garnier Fructis Triple Nutrition Oil In Cream Review

  343. Pat Sang. says:

    Hi Karen!,
    Of course I do know how to skip!, I skipped classes all the time! hahahahaha

    Hope you have a great day!

  344. Stephanie B. says:

    I have been obsessed with my Colourpop Lippies! Especially in the shade Julep – perfect for Spring & Summer! I really want to get my hands on the LE Fix + in Coconut ♡♡

  345. Ashley Greene says:

    I like short, small weddings. I don’t like the pomp, circumstance and length of most ceremonies/celebrations I just like when people K.I.S.S. and are blunt, clear, concise and straight to the point.

  346. renu says:

    Been loving the Clinique and Burt’s Bees balms.

  347. AmyBS says:

    •When you hear the word “suave,” does anyone particular come to mind?

    I immediately start singing “Ricoooo…. Suave”

  348. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I’ve been wearing Ruby Woo by Mac lately

  349. MythKitty says:

    With the onset of warmer temperatures, I’ve found myself reaching for Buxom’s Lips Tarnish in Wardrobe Malfunction quite frequently this past month. (And I was fortunate enough to find a backup of it on Amazon last week!)

  350. Susan says:

    Anastasia Beverly Hills Liquid lip in milkshake and Kat Von D Liquid lip in a-go-go are purrrrrrfect:)

  351. Tuhina Dayal says:

    I just finished reading The Martian. Couldn’t put it down.

  352. Cody U says:

    I never knew how to skip in kindergarten. I was evaluated on my motor skills or something, and I just couldn’t do it. I also couldn’t do that fancy step move where you criss cross your steps and run with high knees while criss crossing your steps.

    I can skip now, and I do it often in the sunshine. 🙂

    the other one…Still workin on it. -cody

  353. Molly Simbeck says:

    •Do you know how to skip? Yes, sometimes I take the day off and lie in bed all day 🙂

    •What’s a lipstick, gloss or balm you’ve been loving lately? MAC Runway Hit, MAC Men Love Mystery (from your recommendation), amd NARS Cruella. I’m also loving the Pixi balms when I want something quick and hydrating! I am dying to get my hands on MAC Velvet Teddy. Got to try out a friend’s this weekend and loved it.

    •What was your favorite field trip when you were a kid? We went to a fish hatchery, and my now 91-year-old grandmother went as a chaperone. It made me feel so special to have her there. We actually got to fish during the second half of the trip, and a friend of mine got her hook stuck in my grandmother’s hair. We laughed and laughed and laughed. Such a sweet memory.

  354. Sugarka Soha says:

    The most amazing wedding I attended was my future sister in laws just this weekend 🙂 Up until next year of course, when we will have our own with my fiance <3

  355. Wyndi says:

    Thank you MAC for making me feel pretty!!

  356. Lynda says:

    i love skipping stones! 😉

  357. Brittani B says:

    Lately, you’ll catch me wearing either – MAC Whirl or MAC Men love Mystery. My current favs!

  358. Billie says:

    I have a foundation obsession and you help fuel it lol

  359. Lauren says:

    Colourpop Cookie and Wet n Wild balm stain in coral of the story…not together though…

  360. The most interesting wedding I’ve been to was a traditional Sri Lankan wedding in London – it was so lovely and ornate, and totally different from anything I’d ever experienced!

  361. Bee says:

    Hey KAren…. we are booking NOLA for our 4th july weekend and I’m eyeing all your NOLA posts for reference….

    what is something not touristy that I deffo must visit?
    I hope I get to wear some new MAC goodies when I go there 😉
    Bee recently posted … #PIPTURNS5 BLOGGIE BIRTHDAY GIVEAWAY!!!!

  362. angie says:

    current fav :
    kat von d everlasting liquid lipstick in LOLITA! such a pretty shade!
    also can’t wait for the release of MAC liquid lipstick, is it on July?

  363. Mindy Goldsmith says:

    Love being a mom but my make up supply has dropped. Even with two jobs and college I feel like I need to do more. Any other moms have this problem

  364. Krista says:

    Skipping! Yay!

  365. Trude says:

    I just got back from my trip to Norway Saturday night, so I’m looking forward to catching up on your posts and your trip to Nawlins! 🙂

  366. janarra says:

    I hope i win something!

  367. Amairany says:

    The lipstick I been wearing lately it has been ruby woo from Mac. This color mean a lot to me, I was acting wearing it when my husband had asked me to be his girlfriend(02/10/15), to marry him(05/10/2015) and our weeding day(06/10/2015). Also I because I’m in love with the color.

  368. Dinorah says:

    Hello my name is Dinorah & I wanted to tell a little bit about me. I’m a teen mother of a beautiful little girl. I was blessed so early in life with things I should have went through as an adult. I am now 19. I always see young girls with makeup on. Myself never had the chance to wear makeup. On my birthday or anniversary with my husband, my sisters do my makeup, best day of my life. I don’t know how to put makeup on or even what they are for but I do know that I want to learn. The moment I see myself in the mirror on my birthday or my anniversary I feel so beautiful & ALIVE! please pick me to win the gift card. If not I hope whomever wins enjoys it thank you, Dinorah.

  369. kris says:

    now i have the “rico suave” song in my head!

  370. Ana says:

    This may shock you but I’ve never shopped at MAC before =/ would love to, though!

  371. Jordan says:

    Lately, I’ve been loving Nars Supervixen over pinks and corals.

  372. Annalee says:

    love it!!!!

  373. Angela P. says:

    Hello! When I hear the word suave, the shampoo brand comes to mind. I can’t help it. I must say I have recently tried their new more “upscale” salon-like brand, because it has stuff like Argan oil in it and I’m a sucker for a deal (it’s still pretty cheap, but more than a buck) and it’s pretty good. Anyways… so I think of economy shampoo or a like a cheesy guy who thinks he’s some kind of modern Casanova but isn’t.

  374. lena says:

    I’ve been loving First Aid Beauty’s Lip Therapy!

  375. Anne-Marie says:

    I’ve been using baby lips in cherry me a lot lately. I love the scent and the subtle red colour.

  376. Nikki says:

    Aww… First of all, thank youuuuuu for always having such fun giveaways!!! 🙂 <3
    I recently tried the Too Faced Melted liquified long wear lipstick – Melted Fuchsia and I loooovvvve it. I love the color and the smell. It lasts for a long time. I would love to try the coral one next time.

  377. Daria says:

    Lately I’ve been loving MAC lipstick in Plumful:)

  378. annalisa says:

    my favorite lipstick at the moment is Lorac Alter Ego lipstick in the shade Godess and the lip gloss that matches too! I also recently got two more alter ego lipstick/gloss pairs that I’m excited to try!

  379. Princess says:

    When I hear the word “suave,” I think of a tall, dark and handsome man! 😉

  380. Raeanne Madison says:

    I have been loving MAC Whirl in the newly released matte line. It’s my anti-summer color! 🙂

  381. Sandi Morris says:

    I’ve recently become a member of quite a few subscription boxes. Now I’m almost finished with replenishing my makeup but I don’t have any lip pencils AND almost all of the eyeliner they sent me is black so I really need this to finish my collection.

  382. Jackie Cummings says:

    Yes, I can skip but don’t think I’ll do it much in my adult lifetime.

  383. KRN says:

    Most amazing wedding? The one I was at Saturday! I’m still feeling the after effects of the reception…

  384. Tammy Hardin says:

    Who doesn’t know how to skip….skipping is the best!

  385. Maren says:

    I can skip. I don’t have a lot of good things to say about most edgings I’ve been to, though I’ve been to 1 gay wedding, which was fun, and there were fireflies.
    Maren recently posted … Our new book on energy & success: Napoleon Never Slept

  386. Lynn T. says:

    I’m loving buxom lip gloss it plumps my lips and stays on gloss without the overly tacky feeling and it doesn’t swipe off so easily

  387. Pamela Haddad says:

    Looks like you had a fabulous time in NOLA. But how did Tabbs do without you? I was just on vacation and my boys were SO sad. Simba now has to touch me with his paw when we sit on the couch, so I can’t leave, I guess.

  388. Georgia says:

    The most amazing wedding I have been to would be my friend’s wedding in San Diego. The wedding was at a restaurant which was located on an ocean shore. The food and drinks were tasty. Also, the environment had a chill yet romantic vibe to it.

  389. Michelle says:

    best field trips: canoeing and rafting 🙂 🙂

  390. Kirsten says:

    Do you know how to skip? I do! But I have bad knees and I’m not sure if I can still do it.

    What’s a lipstick, gloss or balm you’ve been loving lately? Too Faced Melted in Chihuahua. I like that it stays a long time and doesn’t make my lips feel “cakey.”

    When was the last time you felt like you “knocked it out of the park”? I applied for a job at a place I really, really wanted to work and I ended up getting a couple of interviews. I didn’t get the job, but I realized it wasn’t quite the right job for me. I was pretty happy about the interviews though.

  391. Andrea Darst says:

    Happy Birthday! How amazing to spend it in New Orleans! Loving the pictures! And when I hear suave, I always think of Rico….Suave! 😉

  392. Tracey says:

    Happy Birthday! I love New Orleans. What a great place for a birthday celebration. 🙂 (And my favorite field trip was DC in eighth grade. It’s my other favorite city!)

  393. Paulomi Majumder says:

    Happy belated Birthday, Karen!!! Hope the trip to NOLA was awesome!! One of my new favorite lipstick is 1995 by Gerard cosmetics & Pink Pigeon by MAC 🙂

  394. Joanna D. says:

    I can’t live without Mac viva glam V!

  395. Sara Lima says:

    Probably the best wedding I went to, sounds frought with difficulties. Outdoors, in October. The heaters didn’t work. Some of us didn’t have coats. They wouldn’t let us pay for premium booze. The best man stole (okay, I shared) the last crab cake in the joint, because he was starving.

    it was the best wedding ever. 🙂 My bestie was there, we danced, we drank, I met the bride and groom for the first time and now I love them, and they have the cutest baby boy.

    Life is good 🙂

  396. Jan says:

    I’m so excited it’s summer!! I’m a teacher and I get to be creative and lazy during the summers. It feels great to do both.

    My favorite field trip is the one I get to do with my students. This year we went to a drive through safari and it was fab u lous!!!

  397. Julie Simpson says:

    I have finally found my “nude” and I’m buying 10 of them! It’s Milani chocolate Espresso no mention of red, cherry, roho nada! Ice tried countless nudes and if you have ever seen Joseline Hernandez. The lip products they use on her is so beautiful. It’s her nude, blends in so you can play up those eyes and cheeks!

  398. Domenique says:

    When I think of suave…I think of Tony my co-worker. He’s so charming and italian. lol! He could charm a grandmother or a 3 yr old. lol! He’s so good-hearted about it too… so it’s just fun.

  399. Clemence says:

    Skipping is much more fun than walking 😛

  400. Tosha H says:

    I immediately think of the shampoo when I hear the word suave, I’ve been using it forever-

  401. Amoure Jones says:

    Awesome. Thanks so much Karen, and I’ve already replied and sent my information. 🙂

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