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This giveaway is closed, and the winner has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, SARAH!!!), but check back next Saturday for another giveaway.


Just when you think things can’t get any more complciated, they throw something new at you on Jane the Virgin! Is anyone else watching that show?? I just started marathoning season 1 on Netflix, and sometimes the melodrama is just TOO MUCH. It’s very addictive…


In other news, happy Caturday! πŸ™‚ How’s it going, my friend? What are you up to? I’m on my way to another one of those Sephora classes this morning, the one called Contour & Highlight, so hopefully I pick up a trick or two. I’ll let you know.

Other than that, I’m just hanging out. I hope you have something fun planned. Good luck in the giveaway. I’ll talk to you soon.


  • One (1) MAC eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).



  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Worst packaging for a product you purchased this year?
    • Who is one of the most talented or gifted people in your field?
    • Have you ever lost a cellphone?
    • Have you ever had a couples massage?
    • Do you floss?
    • When was the last time you treated yourself to something special?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, October 19, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Karleena says:

    The worst packaging is anything from colourpop besides lip products! Way way too bulky!

  2. Stephanie says:

    I just purchased Tatcha cleansing oil. I got a deluxe sample awhile back and while I loved it, I just couldn’t stomach $48 for 5 oz of cleanser. But, I just “treated” myself… cleanser. I have a feeling I will be treating myself to more items during the Sephora sale next month.

  3. Alix says:

    Gotta floss every day!

  4. Kristen says:

    The last time I treated myself to something special was yesterday; ) However, I’m a compulsive shopper, so I’m always treating myself…which is a bad thing.

  5. Gabby says:

    The worst packaging is the MAC pro long wear concealer. It fell out of my medicine cabinet and shattered on my vanity. Why do they have to make it out of glass. It is the second time it happens to me:(

    • Kaitlyn says:

      Totally agree about the glass! Also that damn pump wastes so much product and gets so messy! Should be in a wand style packaging.

  6. Laura says:

    I never had a couples massage. I really don’t like when stranger touch me.

  7. Sara says:

    Floss — always, floss!

  8. Esmee says:

    A Sephora class sounds nice Karen! This is the most amazing giveaway I’ve ever seen. Mac is a nice brand, but expensive as well unfortunately. On my wish list I’ve thousands of Mac products so this gifdcard is more than welcome. The last time I treated myself was when I bought Black Opium of YSL. Maybe it’s a strange way to treat yourself, but I’m in love with the flavor!
    XOXO esmee

  9. Lorraine says:

    treated myself to Chanel Rose Fusion nail polish! all hail the mulitichrome

  10. Melissa says:

    I splurged and bought myself a Marc Jacobs purse for my birthday!

  11. Ashleigh says:

    I think I’ve finally had it with the packaging on most night creams. Dipping my fingers into a jar and getting it under my nails really bothers me, haha. When I ran out of my last Olay jar I switched to Paula’s Choice which comes with a pump.

  12. Amelia says:

    Worst packaging: Rimmel Stay Matte pressed powder. I love the product but wish it was in a hinged compact. At least it is super affordable!

  13. Jamie says:

    I’ve actually never had a cell phone, so I’ve never lost one…is that weird?

  14. Lauren Krauss says:

    I just bought Mac Fix for the first time (travel size) to use for a wet eyeshadow look. Can’t wait to try it.

  15. ann b says:

    Loved your video on the Mac water weight foundation. Gonna go buy it today (after I floss.)

  16. Gigi says:

    The weather in Dallas is finally turning cooler!! Yay! Bad side: falling leaves & raking such leaves!

  17. Poppy says:

    I just bought Nars Sheer Glow foundation two days ago, that’s very special 😊❀️❀️❀️

  18. NinaH says:

    My Mother was an lipstick addict. I became the same… I saw her standing in front of the mirror, with a pink lipstick, several times a day. The difference between us is the choise of color. She had allways the same – I change it all the time.
    (Sorry about the language. Swedish πŸ™‚

  19. Julie says:

    The packaging on the Becca Tint Lip Shimmer SoufflΓ©s is terrible! It looks and feels very cheap, and the products dries out in the dispenser (meaning that you waste a ton of product each time you try to use it). Major bummer as I normally adore Becca.
    Julie recently posted … TheBalm Balm Desert Bronzer/Blush

  20. Kathy says:

    Not crazy about the packaging on Lush Ro Argan conditioning lotion

  21. Gina says:

    I’ve been constantly treating myself to all sorts of cosmetic items for last 6 months or so. This is because I am pregnant with my third one and don’t see any point in buying new clothes or shoes or even bags (I already look so bulky with my ready-to-pop belly, why add more). So naturally only thing remaining in the pampering category is makeup. Well…I have less than 10 days to go till the due date! I hope your pregnancy is as enjoyable as mine! (I am blessed with no problem whatsoever with any of my last 3, not even morning sickness!)

  22. Molly says:

    I had a couples massage once. My masseuse was amazing and I was turned into a relaxed pool of jelly in her hands. My boyfriend, however, had a rather more aggressive masseuse who essentially beat the crap out of him for an hour.

  23. Dawn says:

    I floss every day!

  24. Sarah W says:

    I love my Tarte Pinup Girl palette but I hate hate hate the packaging…need to repot it or something, it drives me nuts

  25. Agata says:

    Hi Karen, I need to check out that show! I hope you do learn something in the highlighting and contouring class, let us now! One day my schedule will work with the Sephora classes so I can sign up!
    Agata recently posted … The shades of fall at your fingertips

  26. Jackie says:

    I love Jane The Virgin. I’m not following the 2nd season yet but watched all of the 1st season and the original Venezuelan soap opera Juana La Virgen in the early 2000s (it’s on youtube, for curious Spanish speakers!)
    One of my favorite writers, Daniel JosΓ© Older, wrote a great article about Jane The Virgin on The Guardian when it started. I don’t know if it’s ok to post links so I’m just mentioning it, since it’s easy to find on google.

  27. Rachel R. says:

    Hi, Karen! I hope you and Baby Girl are doing well today.

    I adore e.l.f., but a lot of their packaging sucks. It seems they’re trying to improve it, though.

  28. Jackie says:

    I love Jane The Virgin. I’m not following the 2nd season yet but watched all of the 1st season and the original Venezuelan soap opera Juana La Virgen in the early 2000s (it’s on youtube, for curious Spanish speakers!) It was very interesting to watch both and see the things that changed because of cultural differences and because of the time that passed between them. One of my favorite things in the new show is the texting, it’s soooo zeitgeist-y!
    One of my favorite writers, Daniel JosΓ© Older, wrote a great article about Jane The Virgin on The Guardian when it started. I don’t know if it’s ok to post links so I’m just mentioning it, since it’s easy to find on google.

  29. Lauren Wieland says:

    I’ve never had a couples massage before, but it sounds lovely! My husband and I are going on a cruise in February so I’m definitely going to add it to our to do list!!

  30. Trillina Palemi says:

    yes I have lost a cellophane :(((

  31. Michelle says:

    I’ve never had a couple’s massage before, but I try to get a massage every few months πŸ™‚

  32. Joselyn Hernandez says:

    I floss every night πŸ˜€

  33. Nicole says:

    Happy Caturday!!! =)

  34. nicolthepickle says:

    Once I lost my cell phone for 2 months. It was in an easy chair in my room.

  35. Rebecca says:

    I had a couples massage… With my momma πŸ˜‰

  36. jules m. says:

    we are going to be decorating the house for Halloween this weekend!

  37. Debora Brezoi says:

    Yeeees I do floss! I didnt lost a cellphone but someone did stole one from me πŸ™ i think i was 19

  38. Anna says:

    Have you ever lost a cellphone?
    All the time, so many times that i become paranoid. every time i don’t see i,t i think that i lost it. πŸ™

  39. The most talented person in my profession, librarianship, is Nancy Pearl ( πŸ™‚

  40. Anastassia says:

    I had couples massage done. It was wonderful. It was a birthday gift from another couple friends.

  41. Ellie says:

    I treated myself to some spicy fried chicken today because I hadn’t had any in months and I was craving hardcore. Less expensive than a Batman suit lol!

  42. Lisa Brown says:

    my husband has lost two cell phones πŸ™

  43. Kim Henrichs says:

    A couple of weeks ago I bought some Tieks! That was a real treat to myself.

  44. Tiffany says:

    I had a couples massage once. It was very relaxing! I hope you have a relaxing weekend!

  45. judyo says:

    of course i floss every day: my bff is a dentist’s wife. thanks for this chance

  46. Jill goldstein says:

    I just tried the marc jacobs twinkle pop eye liners..they were so dry! Will return

  47. y. says:

    Def need to floss more consistently!!!

  48. Lynn T. says:

    Oh I do floss when i can, i know i know it’s a must and i should do it every time after eating. but it’s so gross to do it at work, and kind of hard to reach the back teeth

  49. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Never lost a cellphone, i rarely loose something !

  50. Joanna says:

    Of course I floss. Makes me feel so clean!

  51. Sarah Duehr says:

    I don’t know about the worst packaging, but the best packaging I’ve seen recently was Laughing Cow spreadable cheese. The package was SO easy to open and it was obvious a lot of thought went into it’s design.

  52. Laurinha says:

    Floss?!? Sure, every day!!

  53. Sandy says:

    Worst packaging I think has to be my NYX Eye Brow Mascara, it rolled off the counter and when it hit the lino it broke. I’m still trying to use it because I really like it but very inconvenient. I just ordered some of the new Makeup Geek matte shadows and one Girlactik lip paint to try so that has to be my last treat to myself! Happy Saturday.

  54. lynette r says:

    Oh i love MAC what a great giveaway offer. Has anyone gotten the new Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca Remix palette – its amazing. Bright and pigmented but with a full set of neutrals. You can do a kazillion looks with it. Its probably my fave so far this holiday palette season

  55. Audra Jennings says:

    Enough MAC lipsticks? Who can ever have enough, I just added the Huggable formula in Rich Maaron to my collection. Huggables….my favorite….best formula ever!

  56. Jojo says:

    Is it bad I’m waiting for something to happen to my cell phone just so I have an excuse to upgrade? Other than working at a snail’s pace, my vintage iPhone 5 is still alive and kicking.

  57. lost my cellphone in highschool on the bus.

  58. Finally got my hands on one of the quads from MAC’s Haute Dogs LE collection… I am not digging them as much as I thought….
    I am really looking forward to the skinifinishes from the Holiday Collections!!

  59. Cheryene says:

    I lost my cellphone at Guitar Center 10 years ago. I was trying out guitars with my foot up on a bench. I had my phone clipped on my jeans pocket and it fell off, but I didn’t notice. I drove the 30 miles back home and my mom told me someone from Guitar Center had called and told her that one of her “children” had lost their cell phone. I was 41 at the time. We had a good laugh over that one!

  60. Icequeen81 says:

    Worst packaging for a product you purchased this year
    I had one blush the package was so bulky I had to depot it
    Who is one of the most talented or gifted people in your field?
    One my colleagues knows that caring for the students doesn’t make us weak

    Have you ever had a couples massage?
    wich means? exactly your partner giving you massage?
    Do you floss?
    of course
    When was the last time you treated yourself to something special?
    ummm Sunday but hub put too much lemon on it without asking me so bleh

  61. Lauren says:

    My husband and I got a couple’s massage on a beach in progreso!! It was our first massage both of us had ever had!!

  62. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Please share what you learn in the Contour & Highlight class – that’s the one that I want to take but is always full!
    I had a couples massage a few years back in Puerto Aventuras, Mexico – in a palapa overlooking the ocean. Heaven. It was so good, we booked another one 2 days later!!!

  63. Gledimel says:

    I’m a “flossingslave”. And have fixed retainers! Love to save a day in a month do do watever I pleased without been worry of timeπŸŒ„

  64. Emily C says:

    I floss every day. It’s a must!

  65. Yulia says:

    My phone was stolen in uni…. i left it on the desk for a min to turn around to my friend
    Never seen my phone again, they immediately switched it off and icloud didn’t help πŸ™

  66. BlackAsphodel says:

    Have you ever lost a cellphone? Nope.

  67. Laura says:

    I have my alarm set for the Mac holiday line going on their site for the 18th. Very excited!

  68. Makyla says:

    I do floss! So important! Hope you have a beautiful weekend, Karen! God Bless!

  69. Naaila Clements says:

    I got hooked when I tuned in to Jane the Virgin at stupid o’clock in the morning here in the UK when I couldn’t sleep. Just turned on the TV and it was on so I left it. It’s so addictive!! Love the drama!

  70. Mary W says:

    I have never forever lost my cell phone. I misplace it but not for long. I feel lost and naked without my phone.

  71. Suzanne C says:

    I haven’t done a couples massage, but Mom and I did do a Mother-Daughter massage/mani/pedi day a while back.

  72. FIONA says:

    Oh, my flossing routine is shambolic. It’ll come and go in patches, for instance I’ll do it three times a day for two weeks and then ignore the floss for weeks after it. Always gotta start flossing a couple days before the dentist! (And thank you for the giveaway, once again).

  73. Twyla says:

    I’m kinda over jars for packaging, so I bought some airless pumps on amazon. Great for travel!

    I also made a “refill” of my bb cusion using moisturizer, sun screen, and liquid foundation. Just clean sponge and compact of old product (I used a cleansing oil), fill compact about half way with mixture, and soak sponge! Easy for travel too! They also sell make your own cushion kits, if you don’t have one already.

  74. polina says:

    Hi Karen!
    I’ve never had a couples massage but I think it’s a good idea for St. Valentine’s Day!

  75. Jill says:

    I just depotted naked original. It was a bit traumatic but I am so glad I finally did it! Way more portable!

  76. Nicole says:

    Worst packaging I have ever received was when I ordered TheBalmm’s Betty Loumanizer from Amazon. It was shipped just in a padded envelope and no wrap, not once but twice! Both times it came broken! Yes, this tops Ulta. I finally just returned for a refund and ordered form TheBalm directy.

  77. Nikki B. says:

    I’m a MAC addict. I read your blog religiously like a bible. My MAC lipstick comes off on my coffee cup as I’m sipping & reading, but my Mineralized blush keeps my cheeks cobstantly glowing!

  78. Isabella says:

    I have never lost my cell phone but once ended up in the pool with it.

  79. Rachel says:

    I had my cell phone stolen about 10 years ago. Not quite losing it but similar. In other news I don’t floss nearly enough.

  80. Analy Rodriguez says:

    Yes I have lost a cellphone back when I traveled in Italy on a train, I left it on my seat when I switched wagons πŸ™

  81. Susan Parker says:

    My silly sweet-natured fur baby is named Leah (short for the legendary Princess Leah). Leah is a Miniature Pinscher (dog). Her father is also a very elegant and dignified Min Pin. His name is Mister and he belongs to my son. And then there’s Dexter. My daughter’s craaaazy hyper Min Pin. We LOVE them all and they love us tenfold. Min Pin’s rock!!!

  82. BJW says:

    I haven’t personally lost a cellphone, but my wife did (yes, I enter this giveaway for my wife). She put her iPhone on top of our car and left it there. I drove the car to do an errand, and only later did we realize the phone was missing. Long story short, I was able to retrace my steps and found the phone, which had slid off the roof of the car when I turned in to a business. I may never have found the phone but I was calling it from my own phone, and a man happened to see it on the ground.

  83. Alice says:

    I always floss.
    I’ve done it almost every night since I was a kid. Now, if I don’t do it, my mouth feels gross and I just lie in bed thinking about all the chunks of food still in my mouth. πŸ™

  84. Melissa says:

    I floss everyday! πŸ˜€

  85. Liz says:

    Yes, I floss. My dental hygienist has an analogy about brushing your teeth being the equivalent of showering, but flossing is more along the lines of changing your underwear. You wouldn’t shower two or three times a day but only change your underwear every six months (right before your dental appointment), would you?

  86. Aurelie Red says:

    No I’ve never had a couple massage : I think I would be embarassed ^^

  87. Tarte’s Amazonian Clay Foundation gets my vote for worst packaging, the top split all around the squeeze tube after a couple of uses.

  88. Naila says:

    Having snow in october

  89. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    me me me!

  90. Ally says:

    Happy Caturday!

    Worst packaging for a product you purchased this year?
    M.A.C. ProLongwear Concealer. Phenomenal product. Terrible packaging. That pump = wayyyyy to much product.

    Who is one of the most talented or gifted people in your field?
    I have the good fortune of working with a lot of great people. It’s impossible to choose! My husband works in my field so maybe I should say him πŸ˜‰

    Have you ever lost a cellphone?
    Yep….after my final statistics exam in grad school, which also coincided with the beginning of holidays, I was really excited and dropped it down an elevator shaft!

    Have you ever had a couples massage?
    No but sometimes our cats kneed us at the same time, which is kind of the same, right?

    Do you floss?
    I’m going through Invisalign treatment so I have to floss at least once or twice a day.

    When was the last time you treated yourself to something special?
    Hmmm, I recently purchased a new sofa which was a big splurge but worth it. It’s a big comfy light grey sofa with an attached chaise. Now if I can just keep the kitties from scratching it to shreds!

  91. Susan Christy says:

    I have never lost my cell phone or anything else, but I had a close call last week when I dropped my credit card in a restaurant parking lot. I don’t even know how that happened!

  92. buckycatt says:

    K & T – As the year winds down I thought you might like an update on my Nars Audacious lipstick collection: I just ordered the last of the Barneys New York only shades Kelly & Carmen from I have learned Barneys ships MUCH faster than Nars does. Also, who knew Neiman Marcus uses Paypal?!!! My fav shade for the new season is Liv. Gorgeous dark berry-wine color. Have a great week!

  93. Lynda says:

    i have not lost a cell phone (yet knock on wood) but i have lost a pager for work!

  94. Edis Zukić says:

    Oh I floss, for the matter of fact I floss so hard and often that I change my dental filling every month and bleed so bad that I am anemic . God I have to learn to go easy.

  95. latanya says:

    no, I have not had a couples massage, but I would love to.

  96. I would love to finally create my own MAC eyeshadow palette!
    Carol in a Page recently posted … A Wearable Halloween Look Feat. KIKO Gossamer Emotion Creamy Lipstick in 130 Black

  97. Emmaw73 says:

    Concealer collecting in under eye wrinkles, my personal nightmare!

  98. Al says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Karen! πŸ™‚ Hope you’re having a lovely weekend!

  99. I floss every single day. It definitely has helped me avoid many cavities.
    Lisa @ Lisa Living Well recently posted … We’re moving!

  100. Nicole B says:

    I am a huge MAC addict. I read your blog religiously like a bible. My lipstick does imprint my mug while I sip my coffee & read but my MAC mineralized blush keeps my cheeks glowing all day long.

  101. Sylvia says:

    Treated myself a bunch today!

  102. Ece says:

    Yes had a couple massage and it was lovely but massage is anyway not something where you chat with each other. So i dont really see the point of it, plus 4 people are just too much for a massage room πŸ™‚

    And my latest treat was a facial in Ibiza:)

  103. Cindy says:

    Flossing = YES!

  104. Jocelyn says:

    I recently treated myself to my first Mac lipliner in Spice, it’s a brilliant colour.

  105. Keeks says:

    Hey Karen!

    The worst packaging I have received this year, would have to be for a dress I purchased for my birthday. The wrapping was terrible, however, the product was great. While I’m not in the field of pediatrics yet, this is where I see myself in a few years. I believe Dr. Ifeoma Iwelumo is talented.

    Sadly, yes, in my last year of high school at a water park. I had recently got the white blackberry pearl, I felt ashamed of myself. I have never had a couples massage, hopefully someday I will.

    I floss but not as much as I should. It sad, but I’ll do better lol! I recently came back from Chicago and I made a big purchase (Prada sunnies) I’m very guilty but I couldn’t leave it in the store πŸ™‚

  106. Amy says:

    I finally got myself the Hourglass ambient lighting palette and I love it so much!

  107. Phyllis Strickland says:

    My last treat to myself was a trip to the MAC store, which is 1 hour away, for a foundation and eye shadow update. I splurged just a little, but had to leave a number of items behind until next year. Now that I’m home, not satisfied with the shadows she picked (Haux, Satin Taupe and Soft Brown – too similar) and I feel like I need a Yogurt, Mylar or some other colors to mix in. So this certificate would fix that for me. Don’t have time to make that drive back to the store right now.
    Thanks for the giveaway and hope you are having a fabulous weekend.

  108. saima says:

    floss floss floss always

  109. Maren says:

    Back in the day, my first cellphone left me by jumping into a toilet. My tragic little Nokia!
    Maren recently posted … Depressing Shit, Part 12

  110. Jennifer says:

    Hi i absolutely love your e-blog i live in london and i read it everyday on the train to work πŸ™‚ Okay so my comment is halloween ideas. My bestie is doing a halloween party and i am stuck for ideas. Her thing is the scarier the better so what would you recommend for scary halloween ideas. oh and do you not think its kind of a coincidence that nasa just happened to find water on mars around the same time they were promoting the film Martian. or is it just me . Although the film looks amazing judging by the previews.

  111. Jessie C. says:

    I floss multiple time daily.

  112. Jennifer M-K says:

    Have you ever had a couples massage? Yes and it wasn’t as relaxing as it should’ve been and by no fault of the masseuse mind you. My husband has sleep apnea and uses a cpap machine when he sleeps at night. Before he was diagnosed…and when he forgets to put his mask on…his snores could/can level buildings and wake the dead. Well he was so relaxed by the massage he fell asleep and harassed my nervous system with his snoring the entire hour. Needless to say that was the first and last massage we got together.

  113. yoana says:

    You got me intoxicated..

  114. Cindi says:

    Hello! I floss on a daily basis; or at least
    try to! I bought a special new lipstick color, that I have been wanting…
    Many thanks, Cindi

  115. Nathalia says:

    Last time I treated myself to something special was yesterday, when I bought a brand new MAC lipstick (All Fired Up)!

  116. Megan Denholm says:

    I lost my cellphone for the first time ever on my first trip to Vegas with my boyfriend. Lost it the last night that we were there :'( RIP phone you are missed.

  117. Aarti says:

    The last time I treated myself was just last week when I decided it was time for some new updates to my fall wardrobe. A couple of things from LOFT and Nordstrom and my closet feels full of options again! I would also love to treat myself to a makeup update…I’m yearning for a matte blush and maybe a couple shadows!

  118. Amanda Love says:

    Id love to win this I havent had money for makeup in a long time πŸ™

  119. Wendy says:

    Came to say congratulations on your pregnancy. I’m a nurse and makeup lover-it’s always a great morning watching your videos, hearing makeup reviews and some baby updates!

    I had a couples massage with my fiancΓ© then boyfriend in Sedona, Arizona on vacation last year. Highly recommended spot for a relaxing vacation πŸ™‚

  120. Beautyddeluxe says:

    Fingers crossed

  121. Krystle says:

    Yes! We had a couples massage in Hawaii! It was delightful.

  122. Goode says:

    Is it just me or does anyone else thinking lying next to someone during a massage is weird? No thanks for couple’s massage.

  123. Amoure Jones says:

    Happy Saturday (aka Caturday) Karen and Tabs,

    It’s been one of those unusually usual days for me. I’ve pretty much tried to keep as busy as possible doing some online browsing and very minimal shopping. Also, catching up on some of the YouTube vlogs I watch on a regular.
    While I was Netflixing last night I actually ran into the Jane the Virgin description page. It did seem quite interesting , but I didn’t bother to start it. I’ll have to give it a gander now that you’ve said it’s not bad.
    I’ll let you know what I think after about 3 shows in.

    Do you floss?

    Yes every day and more than once a day.

    When was the last time you treated yourself to something special?

    I purchased the dark grape Bedford Drawstring from Henri Bendel. It’s the one color they don’t have online , but I saw it on their Facebook page and called them about it. They had to order it from New York so I’m excited to get it.

  124. Brian says:

    I am not a fan of the Benefit Air Patrol packaging. It is cute but I would rather it be in a squeeze tube.

  125. Shannon M says:

    I do floss! I couple of times a day usually. My bottom teeth are really close together so I’d be a mess if I didn’t and also my sister is a dental hygienist and gives me dental care reminders all the time. πŸ™‚

  126. nat ogu says:

    the worst packaging this year that i had to open was the packaging for a headset , it was so many different textures and some were stapled shut some were peforated some were cardboard or plastic. i ended up cutting some of it to get through it all and wasnst careful taking it out of the box and almost cut my finger.

    as for the last time i treated myself was MACs first sale they had being a brown skin girl with no mac around in a hot climate i wasnt able to swatch certain things and wanted to exchange it , they said theyd refund my money but at the price I purchased it and I’d have to pay difference of regular price to repurchase what i needed. I didnt like that too much and havent purchased anything from them since but now im out of my prime and prep peach lustre and fix it + and its making me pretty sad

  127. Karen says:

    I had a foot surgery recently so I have been expendΓ­ng my time on Netflix watching my favorite comedy of all times: The Nanny! I think I should have a Miss Fine costume for Halloween hahahaha

  128. Susan T. says:

    I’ve had my eye on a certain MAC lipstick forever but told myself that I already have a billion lipsticks and didn’t need another. MAC sent me an offer for free express shipping and I cracked and bought it. Creme Cup is now lives in my purse! πŸ™‚

  129. Denise S says:

    I’ve never lost a cell phone but I’ve dropped and broken more than one. πŸ™

  130. Julie says:

    I watch Jane the Virgin, and I love it! It’s so crazy, and I love all the characters!

  131. Princessks says:

    Have you ever lost a cellphone?

    Nope and if i did my world would end :S

  132. Chris25 says:

    I’m heading out right now to see Loreena Mckennitt in concert! I’m so excited!
    Chris25 recently posted … Rael Wear Jewelry Haul

  133. Erica Handy says:

    The last time I treated myself to something special was a few weeks ago. I bought myself a Coach Celeste Hobo bag. I receive so many compliments on it. I love it!

  134. Olivia M says:

    I don’t floss but I should really start

  135. Hannah says:

    I floss (mostly) everyday! On days I skip, I totally can tell the difference. Thus, I try to make myself floss every night for that happy clean feeling πŸ™‚

  136. Kim says:

    Hello! How are you feeling? We just found out we are having a new little bundle of joy too! #4! So I’m going to have a 13 year old, an 11 year old, a 4 year old and a newborn. Ahhhh!
    What are you going to be for Halloween? So excited! I think im going to do the sugar skull for tonight and be a deer for the actually day so I don’t scare my daughter.
    I have lost a cell phone once. Actually it was stolen out of my pocket and when I realized it was gone, $200 in charges had already been racked up on it. Luckily, t-mobile didn’t make me pay. Have a great Caterday!

  137. Michelle L says:

    Yes. I lost a brand new cell phone not even 1 month old. I also like pampering myself by treating myself to the odd facial.. Have a nice weekend Karen.

  138. Sienna says:

    I treat myself by painting my nails a new color!

  139. Rachel says:

    Mmmm….The last time I treated myself was today. I’m usually pretty good about my spending but I managed to get a code for the Sephora Friends and Family sale. So I made a “small” purchase. Things add up so fast there! But I got a bottle of the Living Proof Dry Shampoo off your recommendation and can’t wait to try it. I’m hoping it changes my dry shampoo game too. So glad you’re still posting so much with baby on the way. You look absolutely glowing! So happy for you.

  140. Bertha says:

    I floss whenever I remember to which is probably 3-4 times a month? Oops.

  141. Chelsea says:

    I don’t floss nearly as often as I ought to!

  142. Maria says:

    I am a MAC lipstick junkie.

  143. mrsshukra says:

    Obsessed with flossing!

  144. Kay says:

    Never lost a cellphone but I’ve dropped one in a pool once:(

  145. Marisela Bennett says:

    I’m a really good girl I floss everyday in a way it’s because I wear braces so is a must!! πŸ™‚

  146. We met some of my husband’s friends and their kids at a park across town this morning, funny how my social anxiety has been helped by having a kiddo so much! That normally would freak me out, but there’s another mom I can talk with kid stuff about so I wasn’t even a little anxious. Amazing! Colin, of course, had very minimal interest in the playground and thankfully my husband did the job of chasing him around to keep him away from the streets. At 32 weeks it’s getting really hard to carry a 35lb resisting toddler! And the flossing, was just telling the husband that I got scared into doing it religiously after a coworker when I was in my early 20s had to get her gums scaled and the thought of needing that totally freaked me out, haha!

  147. Emily says:

    Worst packaging was laundry detergent j ordered… it came spilled all over everything. Huge mess!!

  148. Lizzie says:

    Worst packaging is the maybeline FitMe powders! They are so huge and square and bulky! I would like a more simple packaging on something like face powder that I carry with me to touch up throughout the day

  149. Hilary says:

    Just treated myself to some new home decor!

  150. Cinthya says:

    I just went to the outlet and i got a mac lipgloss from The Simpsons πŸ’„πŸ’„β€οΈπŸ˜€

  151. Kecia S. says:

    My Motorola StarTAC (remember those?) was stolen when someone broke into my car, but I’ve never personally lost a cellphone.

  152. Lori P says:

    I don’t floss but need to. Only if my teeth wasn’t so close together, flossing makes my gum bleed or the floss gets stuck between my teeth!

  153. Tania G says:

    Yes, I’ve treated myself recently. Persimmons are back in stock at Costco and I bought 4 boxes since I love them so much!

  154. Amy Z. says:

    I never lost a cellphone, thank goodness.

  155. Ana Mattoso says:

    the last time I treated myself to somenthing special was today!yay!
    I got a pack of fake nail by first kiss (I don’t know if you have those in america).
    I never wore fake nails because I always thought they looked…well, fake. But these got really good reviews and I just put them on and love it! It looks natural and since I’ve been kind of too lazy to paint my fingers I thought it was a very easy way to make my nails look good πŸ™‚

  156. Kiki Mac says:

    Will these help me resemble Rihanna more?

  157. Garin Patrick says:

    This is very unhygienic on the large scale, but I only floss my teeth when I have something lodged inbetween them and I can’t suss it out with my tounge. 😑

  158. Undamaris says:

    I just ordered Guerlain Kiss Kiss Roselip Balm

  159. Terri says:

    I’ve been lucky and haven’t lost a cell phone yet.

  160. Sharon says:

    I lost my cellphone 3 years ago….it felt in the toilet bowl in a funeral home πŸ™

  161. Jo says:

    The Becca makeup containers are the worst packaging! It is very tacky and I have had to scrape it off with detergent and a scouring pad.I know they have rectified this but a bit late for me.

  162. indayluvs says:

    I try to floss but I’m not very good at remembering, plus it’s just uncomfortable for me. Luckily, I’ve never had any dental problems! I’m so good at brushing and mouthwash, my hygienist is always trying to find ways to get me to floss more, hahaha

  163. Lisa Foster says:

    Worst product packaging I can think of lately (and it pains me to say this about a product that otherwise is wonderful) Mally Voluminous Mascara. The mascara is one of my favorites, but I have had several of them now and the wands get cracks in them and fall apart.

  164. jenny says:

    I would say I treated myself to a huge colour pop haul a few weeks ago!!!

  165. Tracy Robertson says:

    I floss. It is a necessary evil. I treated myself to 4 pieces of See’s Candies yesterday. Not a big splurge, but I nice Friday treat.

  166. Gina says:

    Well I treated myself to a lipstick just yesterday…. nothing fancie, just NYX but it’s a great winter color!!! I so want that MAC card!!! There is a lipstick and some other things I’d just love to have!!! One of these days I’m going to win!!!! I claim it!!!!

  167. Tiffanie says:

    I’m excited to hear about your class!

  168. Chelsea Amanda says:

    I ordered a beard oil for my fb and it came in an envelope with bubble wrap & it came a week later completely crush due to handling. So we got a new one for free luckily!!

  169. Caroline M says:

    I FINALLY broke down and bought a Guerlain palette. I’ve had my eye on their Ecrin 4 Couleurs for awhile, and I ended up getting it in Les Aciers, which is a gray toned palette with a silver accent color.

  170. Eileen says:

    I wish Hoola bronzer came in a flat compact instead of the box. It takes up so much unnecessary space.

  171. BooBooNinja says:

    I’m a flosser!

  172. diane says:

    Worst packaging experience was purchasing headphones in an airport just before a trans-pacific flight — only to find out, on the plane, that it was IMPOSSIBLE to remove the plastic packaging without a very, very sharp pair of scissors. Yeah. I spent some time trying to tear the package open with my bare hands anyway. Periodically throughout the flight. Like a crazy person.

  173. Karen says:

    I love a Swedish massage, but my husband would never get one….so couples massage is out.

  174. Jennifer says:

    I’m a daily flosser. Okay, maybe once every 3 months I’ll skip it.

  175. Lorena says:

    I really like the revlon moisture stains, but the wand is useless. The opening of the tube also gets covered in gloss, And gloss gets stuck under the cap. It makes a mess. If they made the opening of the tube a little smaller then it would be fine. That’s actually a huge peeve of mine with makeup products that have wands.

  176. Angela says:

    I got myself a nice new leather bag and a wallet the other day~

  177. Sandy P says:

    Was in Ulta today and had to laugh as I walked by the Clinique area. They have had the same green packaging for years!

  178. Lisa says:

    The last time I treat myself to something special was a few weeks ago with a relaxing bath plus a bath bomb I bought from Lush while watching The Vampire Diaries !

    Speckle of Lisa

  179. Effie says:

    The most talented person in my field is Pat McGrath. My makeup idol!!!

  180. Lesley says:

    I really want to treat myself to the 2015 Chanel Tisse D’Automne Quad, but it is just too expensive β€” especially with our weak Canadian dollar. And so, for about the same cost as the eyeshadow, I treated myself to some (real) gold earrings that were on sale for 70% off.

  181. Janet Shepherd says:

    Phew I’m stuffed! My hubs and I have been to a nearby town’s Main Street Festival – a whole street full of stalls, nearly all food stalls! The whole street was heaving with people, and I’m not great in busy crowds, but it was totally worth it. I got a delicious felafel wrap, full of salad and tzatziki sauce. Then I saw a stall selling homemade turkish delight – they had free samples to taste, and it was the yummiest turkish delight I’ve tried in a long time! So I bought some rose flavour, and some vanilla flavour. Then later we got a coffee. So yep, I’m stuffed full of delicious food! πŸ˜€

  182. Kay says:

    Yes! Floss every night. But will try this waterpick soon. They said it’s better than flossing. And can I just add I love your blog. Im from the Philippines and yoir review is really helpful. i check your sige before I buy anything. 😊

  183. Anne Salas says:

    The NYX matte lipstick packaging is so atrocious! Because it’s clear in the middle, smudges get all over it (how they get there, I’m still trying to figure out), and what’s worse is that you can’t clean it without breaking the lipstick. If anyone sees me retouching my lips, they’ll probably think that I’m a slob. #petpeeve

  184. Devis says:

    I don’t floss and I need to πŸ™

  185. Hope says:

    I’ve never lost cell phone, but I broke one for the first time yesterday when I tripped while getting off a bus. The phone was crushed, but I was (mostly) fine. I’ll take a screen replacement over an emergency room visit any day.

  186. Michelle Castagne says:

    I lost a cell phone somewhere and never found it.

  187. Barbara B says:

    My teeth are so tight I can’t use regular floss or it will break off and get stuck. I use Glide flosspicks every day!

  188. Aman says:

    I’ve never technically lost a cellphone but my dog tends to sit on it a lot so it does disappear sometimes lol

  189. Deanna says:

    I always floss.

  190. CS says:

    My hubby and I treated ourselves to a new puppy a week ago. Her name is Maggie and she’s a shih-poo. Only 1 pound 14 ounces at her 8 week vet visit.

  191. Denise says:

    I use a Waterpik flosser my sister-in-law gave me. I’m liking it so far!

  192. Jeanette says:

    Can’t wait to stock up on some goodies Arthur Sephora ale next month. I’m thinking a Dior foundation and lip gloss and maybe a Laneige product of some sort. What are you ladies eyeing up?

  193. Terri K says:

    I’ve never lost a phone, but just this passed April, my phone had fallen & was run over and crunched pretty badly!

  194. Courtney Janak says:

    I can’t wait for MAC’s holiday line to come out this week!!!!

  195. Ms. Elise says:

    I always floss – otherwise my teeth/gums feel gross.

  196. Aenea says:

    I floss everyday.

  197. Sharon M says:

    I think the last time I treated myself was a few months ago, to Milani’s Bella Rosa blush. It’s really pretty, but very pigmented so best applied with a fan brush and blended well.

    Hope you had a great time at Sephora class! Contouring and highlighting are mysteries to me so I’m looking forward to reading about what you learned!

    Thank you for the giveaway, Karen, and have a great rest of the weekend!

  198. Kimberly says:

    I did lose my cell phone that I left on the back of my car bumper. I never did find it.

  199. Kathy T says:

    I floss everyday! πŸ˜€

  200. Lena says:

    I lost my phone in a bus a few years ago

  201. Angie says:

    I treat myself all the time! If I don’t do it, no one else will!!πŸ˜€

  202. Daria says:

    I floss all the time πŸ™‚

  203. Alona Y says:

    I had a cell phone stolen from my work, that was almost the worst thing that’s been stolen from me!

  204. sara says:

    I treated myself to sushi today that was pretty special

  205. The last time I treated myself was yesterday πŸ™‚ it’s always nice to treat yourself after a long, hard working week. Makes you feel so much better! Xx

  206. Farah says:

    Hey Karen! I floss every night before sleep,it is a very important step! Kisses

  207. Renae says:

    Can’t say i’ve ever lost a mobile phone, but i know someone who is known for doing this. He puts it down on shop counters, etc. He did it in bali once and went back to find it had “disappeared”. I gave him a lanyard for christmas that year, lol.

  208. Wayne says:

    It snowed here today! Too soon!

  209. Teresa says:

    I’ve never had a couples massage, probably because i don’t have a significant other yet!

  210. Jennifer says:

    College is definitely rough

  211. Fatima Kamal says:

    So I went shopping yesterday and I bought four stitched outfits. Problem is I don’t trust any one to stitch them properly. But they were so cute that I just had to buy them. So now I’m taking them to my friend’s tailor who she thinks is pretty good. I have a few styles in mind. But any suggestions on how I should get them done?

  212. Noirojos says:

    I saw Hotel Transylvania 2 today, such a cute movie!!!

  213. Rini Joseph says:

    Karen, informative blog as always….Take care..

  214. Kiki says:

    Never watch Jane the virgin. I should started to see that show

  215. Coline T. says:

    Lost my cellphone in a squat toilet lol… horrible!

  216. Toni says:

    I can’t remember the last time I did something special for myself. I’m always working or taking care of someone else. I think it was a massage. I must do better…

  217. Anastasia T. says:

    I have never lost my cellphone

  218. Rhoda K says:

    I *try* to floss!

  219. Hi Karen! I hope you’re having a nice weekend so far! Yes, I floss, always! Well, almost always, unless I am A) extremely tired or B) drunk πŸ˜‰
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Video | Beauty haul with MAC, NYX, Essence, La Roche Posay, L’Occitane & Eucerin

  220. Narie Phim says:

    I haven’t spoiled myself in a while but I will take myself out for a shopping day sometime soon

  221. Miss says:

    The worst packaging to open is….trident gum! I know not typical beauty product BUT a purse necessity and the new flavored include teeth whitening agents so…. Anyways that my comment today😁
    Miss recently posted … Fashion Night Out ’12

  222. Serena says:

    Hi Karen! I’m new to your blog and really loving your style and how much fun you seem to be having – your passion really shines through πŸ™‚ I’m a proud lover of makeup, even though it took me forever to start wearing it, but I always wanted to or would experiment at home. My mom used to buy me makeup kits when I was little and she would always remove the mascara so I didn’t hurt myself haha. I always used to watch her put on her mascara and bright pink frosty lipstick. And my grandma always flawlessly applied her red lipstick without a mirror – I could never get over it! Amazing how memories of makeup can really bring you back.

  223. Allison says:

    Lipsticks are my thing right noe, hot pink was the look this summer and I am looking for the perfect berry.

  224. em says:

    i’ve always wanted to go for couples massage. we always end up getting a massage at the same time… that counts right? lol

  225. Monica says:

    I’ve lost two phones in my lifetime. The first one was stolen from my bag when I was in college (back in the Nokia days). And the other one I lost during a party at my house. There were a few crashers who were friends of friends of friends and I’m positive one of them had sticky fingers!

  226. Jordi says:

    I didn’t truly lose my cellphone, but it dropped from my purse right in front of our house once, years ago and I didn’t notice that it was gone for many hours. It was conveniently hung up on my doorknob by a neighbor. I blamed the losing track of it on hormones – I was pregnant at the time.

  227. nina says:

    The worst packaging I have found this year was actually from the Ulta brand brushes. They shed immediately and the top broke off.

  228. Gaby says:

    I only floss when I remember.. which is barely… LOL it doesn’t bother me so much actually as long as i brush my teeth and gargle with mouth wash

  229. Leticia says:

    I love my little girls so much! Future Mac lipstick collectors 😳

  230. Erica says:

    I’m in the acting field. And I love Viola Davis. Well deserved Emmy. I’ve been addicted to How to Get Away with Murder these days!!

  231. Jessica says:

    The packaging for Tarte’s concealer is terrible. The concealer is so thick that the tube can end up splitting when you squeeze it!

  232. Melida says:

    We love couples massages! Except for when the hubs snore through them! LOL

  233. Alyssa lee says:

    Couples message, yes. Need to go for another soon.

  234. Melody says:

    When was the last time you treated yourself to something special?

    Hopefully today!! If MAC ever decides to drop Magic of the Night… LOL

  235. Amelie says:

    I just discovered your blog via a friend of mine! And the first article I see contain a giveway !
    Never tried MAC beauty products so I take my chance in this giveway !

    Bye =)

  236. Mihai says:

    Yes, I floss daily.

  237. Sylvia says:

    Stuck in between going super short and get rid of my hair or keep it long…. What to do, what to do?!! PS we need belly pictures momma πŸ˜€

  238. Alicja says:

    I’ve just realised, that I bought my last MAC product in June, that was soooo long ago.

  239. Rayshawn says:

    I like to floss everyday.

  240. Kalli Melia says:

    Today is cleaning day, so I am now having a well earned rest on my pc and will make a cup of tea to watch some tv later on.

  241. Efrain says:

    I’ve lost two cellphones, one in a taxi and another in the bus.

  242. Lorraine Squires says:

    I don’t wear makeup, but my daughter does. She LOVES MAC products.

  243. Remi says:

    I have had a couples massage. And it was awesome.

  244. Clemence says:

    Thankfully I’ve never lost a cellphone before!

  245. Sarah Sq. says:

    Both my dad and brother are dentists so I floss every day lol

  246. Cherie says:

    ohhhhh……I treat myself to pretty things way more than I should! πŸ™‚


    yes i lost my cellphone in scholl when was winter

  248. Carm says:

    Glass jars/bottles are the worst, no question. Give me plastic squeeze tubes/bottles. I don’t generally use sponges with powder so I find that extra compartment bulky.
    I always floss before brushing. I just started using the 2 step Crest PRO Health toothpaste and love it.

  249. Leah says:

    I had a couples massage on my honeymoon. It was very nice, but it wasn’t like my husband and I had a long, important and in-depth conversation so I don’t know if it was necessary. Just my experience.

  250. tina says:

    would love to win this!

  251. Lydia says:

    I just buy “Heaux” from MAC and a chromatographic pencil.I can wait to receive my order!

  252. Anne says:

    I have never had a couples massage, but I live in LA where Thai massage parlors litter every corner, so I’m tempted

  253. Natasha says:

    I treated myself with Chanel mini flap πŸ˜‰ that was my push present from me lol love it. Feel so special when I wear it

  254. Blanaid McNally says:

    Just bought tart’s new holiday blush palette, very excited!

  255. Belen says:

    I know nobody will ever read this, but sometimes I wish I was a noodle

  256. Lydia says:

    I have lost my cellphone before. Ahh!

  257. Lynda Thomas says:

    I’m always super paranoid that I’m going to lose my cellphone because I have so many pics and videos of my kids on it! I really need to be better about uploading them to my computer so I wouldn’t completely lose those if my phone got lost! This would be amazing to win, I’ve never been able to try any MAC makeup because of the expense, it would be really fun to treat myself. πŸ™‚

  258. Gabrielle Dinet says:

    My least favorite type of packaging is the milani blushes. They are just way too bulky and hard to store. Thanks for the great giveaway!

  259. Jennifer says:

    I try to floss every day!

  260. Denay says:

    I can’t imagine not flossing!! I actually love to do it!!

  261. brenda disimone says:

    Right now i am wearing boobie babe polish in hella hiney and love the dark turquoise color !

  262. Farah D says:

    I floss every night and after I eat!

  263. Liza says:

    Urban Decay is probably one of my favorite brands of all time, but the caps on the eye liner pencils will not stay on in my makeup bad and it drived me NUTS!!

  264. Illy Junus says:

    I wish that I can have couple massage…I am jotted down this…I am going to try this. I did couple massage with my girlfriend before not with my hubby

  265. Nikki says:

    I absolutely have to have my MAC. I read your blog religiously. My MAC lipstick imprints on my coffee mug while I sip & read. And I use white strips to whiten my teeth from all the coffee I drink.

  266. Bev Johnson says:


  267. Bev Johnson says:

    please my daughter would love it

  268. Hayley says:

    Have you ever lost a cellphone?

    Kinda. I recently opened my handbag to discover my iced coffee milk had lost its lid and in my handbag my phone had been submerged. RIP phone.

  269. Angie says:

    Def a flossed although I wish I did it more I always get on a kick then stop being consistent…darn! And yes I have lost a cell phone on a drunken night don’t ask lol

  270. Angie says:

    Flosser* lol

  271. Erin says:

    worst packaging is on my physicans formula bronzer or any product that has room for like a sponge under it! it makes it so bulky!!

  272. arijana birston says:

    i love mac so i would buy paletts

  273. Alexandru Rusu says:

    No , i don’t lost a cellphone , i have carefully for don’t lose it.

  274. Sarah says:

    This is random, but don’t you just hate it when you buy something, anything, and then you get home, and you’re like: “…ohhhhhhhhh. Crap.” For whatever reason, it’s not what I wanted, not the right size, color, oh craaaap!

  275. Markia says:

    I just got into Jane the Virgin! I have been binge watching it for the last week. And watched the first episode of Season 2 πŸ™‚ I agree sometimes the melodrama is a bit much but at the same time I really enjoy it!

  276. Melinda says:

    I’ve never had a couples massage but I know whenever I do it will be extra special and meaningful because I’ve always wanted one!

  277. Chris says:

    Never lost a cell phone. Never had a couples massage. Yes, I floss daily…at least once!

  278. Denise says:

    I have never lost a cell phone, but I did drop a couple on the toilet! So sad!

  279. auby cat says:

    Korean /asian beauty products are becoming a hit nowadays .. packaging’s really cute and all but how about quality? It was difficult for me to buy and try ’em out mainly because I couldn’t find a lot of reviews. Prices are very affordable, that’s a fact. I wish beauty gurus or testers would post more reviews on trending asian beauty products. So far, I have tried nail polish from different brands. awesome. πŸ™‚ and a toner from the face shop in which I will repurchase again. πŸ™‚

  280. Candace says:

    Worst packaging on a product I purchased this year was easily the Milani Baked Blush I got. I LOVE the actual blush but I can never deal with those compacts that have two compartments, and the latch on this one is especially finicky. I always struggle with it for a sec!

  281. Yelena says:

    I have a waterpik from costco to do my flossing for me.

  282. Christine says:

    Husband randomly carries floss in his pocket, doesn’t know how it gets there. O_o

  283. Monica says:

    I’ve never gone for a couple massage but I definitely hope to sometime soon!

  284. Cathy says:

    I floss every night. And my husband and I did a couple’s massage a few years ago in Cabo- only because it was free. It was kinda weird.

  285. Jen says:

    My husband dropped his cell phone onto the train tracks in the NYC subway. We thought it would most likely be crushed by a passing train but an MTA worker found it and was able to call my phone. That was awesome.

  286. Amber says:

    The worst packaging I have seen lately are the newer Hard Candy eyebrow powder and highlighter duos! It’s not cute or functional.

  287. Piroska says:

    I can’t even remember when the last time I treated myself to something special–it’s been *that* long!

  288. Fransheska says:

    Have you ever lost a cellphone?

    -Up to the date I’ve lost 6 cellphones, including my favourite one which was a purple Sony Ericsson W380i (obviously it was ages ago, but I loved that phone because it was the same my boyfriend of the time had, just his was black), I certainly can’t tell you where I lost it otherwise I wouldn’t have labeled as lost, hahaha.

  289. Valerie says:

    I have had a couples massage! My husband and I did that on our honeymoon. It was so relaxing, but also hysterical since we both kept laughing the whole time.

  290. Melody says:

    I once left my phone in the fridge accidentally. It took me hours of frantic looking before I found it. Because, who would look for a lost phone in the fridge?! Haha

  291. Sara says:

    I love Jane the Virgin! There’s so much drama and it’s hilarious.

  292. roz says:

    I actually floss several times a day. I hate food between my teeth

  293. alice says:

    I was told to floss the teeth you want to keep, so I *try* to floss every night. But the reality is that I floss maybe 5 of 7 day.

    I live in fear of losing my phone. It is my life. I can get a new drivers license, I can get replacement credit cards. But my phone would be a pain in the ass to replace, not to mention $$$$!

  294. Krystle says:

    My fantasy football team isn’t doing great.

  295. Michaela says:

    Last time I treated myself to something special was a full meal at Panera (I’m so bad I already had lunch, but I was really hungry)! I forgot what it was but I ordered You get 2 – you order like half a sandwich with a side salad or cup of soup. So good. I got a sandwich and their mac and cheese. Awesome.

  296. Kathy Velenosi says:

    Mac make-up is a great prize.

  297. Tashia T says:

    I have had two couples massages with my husband. As much as I enjoy them they can be a little weird sometimes it’s easier to relax with only myself in the room.

  298. Kalli says:

    I recently ordered (and am patiently waiting for) the Morphe 35O eyeshadow palette! It’s all warm orangey, brown neutrals and I got it for like $20 odd bucks.
    Kalli recently posted … 90s Grunge Inspired

  299. Kirsten says:

    You know, I haven’t had any problems (well, I haven’t used it yet) but I see a lot of people complaining about the Kat von D Mi Vida Loca remix palette. For myself, I had the “latch” on one of my compacts break, so that’s pretty annoying.

    I’ve never lost a cellphone.

    I am not a flosser. It hurts and makes my gums bleed, when it doesn’t get stuck between my teeth and unravel.

    And I treated myself to some Mac Guo Pei items recently, although not everything I wanted, since they’re quite a bit out of my budget.

  300. Donna W. says:

    I have never lost my cellphone but I did have it stolen. What a nightmare!

  301. Holly says:

    I have never had a couples massage, nor ANY massage at all! I am definitely due for one, and would love to treat my honey and I to one very soon. πŸ™‚

  302. Bonnie Clyne says:

    I’d love to find people that would come to my house and do a couples massage for my husband and me. So far, none in my area. Boo.

  303. Rachel says:

    I dyed my hair nearly black today (from a medium golden brown) and I LOVE IT!!! Now I just need to talk someone into giving me a hair cut! πŸ˜€

  304. grace says:

    as opposed to most who hates bulky packaging etc., i am more of a person who buys for packaging. and im also more of a collector, i am guilty of not using them as frequently! but huge but pretty cosmetics packaging did took up a lot of my storage space though~ πŸ™‚

  305. Emily says:

    I try to floss a few times a week

  306. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    I haven’t actually LOST a cellphone, but once I destroyed one. Well, not me, the dog. We were at the lake, and somehow my chihuahua managed to kick my cellphone into the water. End of that phone!

  307. Rachel Soto says:

    I had a couples massage once. I was on my honeymoon. I chatted away with my masueusse the entire time, pretty much non-stop. My husband said I missed the point. πŸ™‚

  308. Nikolina says:

    Yes, I have lost a cellphone once, thank God only once! πŸ™‚

  309. Connie Lee says:

    Yes, please enter me! thanks!

  310. Suzanne says:

    Worst packaging has to be a Burt’s Bees lemon cuticle cream. It’s a tin that is a bear to open because it slides down too far then you can’t get it open again. I’ve had to use a butter knife to open it.

  311. Karen petrychko says:

    My two daughters have Mac Makeup I would so love to try it as well! Great prize!

  312. Chloe says:

    The last time I treat myself was early this month when I had a full body massage on my birthday πŸŽ‚πŸ’†πŸ»

  313. Astrild says:

    I’ve never lost a cellphone but I forget it at home quite frequently. Last time I forgot it… today.

  314. Rose says:

    I recently went to a couples massage with my boyfriend who has never had a massage. When we got in the room, I got undressed down to my underwear and he just kind of sat on the table still dressed even after I told him to undress. Even more awkward when the masseuse came in and was confused to see him just sitting there like it was the docs office!

  315. Justine says:

    I’ve never lost my cell phone, but my DH once lost his in the snow!

  316. leya says:

    Nope, I’ve never lost a cellphone, but I may as well have. I’m constantly dropping my phone that I go through phones like anything.. Its so sad πŸ™ Is there anyone clumsier than me?

  317. Shelley says:

    Worst packaging: NARS compacts. Rubberization + powder = guaranteed mess.

  318. Becky says:

    I’m starting a new job next week and am dreaming of going on a MAC haul for a new pro look!

  319. Rosemary says:

    Last time I treated myself (and it was a BIG treat) was two weeks ago when I bought the Guerlain Christmas Meterorites. Love them!

  320. Kelsea says:

    I hate my LancΓ΄me nude miracle foundation packaging. It is a glass bottle and is a pipette style, not my favorite!

  321. Ruchita says:

    Luckily, I’ve only lost my cell phone once and I ended up finding it under the seat of my car. Oops! πŸ™‚

  322. Alexa says:

    Thank you for the inside scoop on all the 2015 Holiday sets! I feel like a grinch doing all this shopping for ME with the holidays around the corner! Oops. hehe

  323. annalisa says:

    Last time I treated myself to something special was last week. I placed a Colourpop order for some new lippies and eyeshadows! it should be here today!

  324. Vidya says:

    My sisters love Jane the Virgin and have been trying to get me to watch it. It’s on my list of shows to watch, but I feel like I already have too many shows to watch and not enough time haha.

  325. Yesenya says:

    Almost lost my cellphone once – left it at a store, half way home I realized it was missing I ran back and it was still there. Whew

  326. Trude says:

    Totally treated myself to (another) Sephora order this weekend using a birthday gift card. So many good promos and offers going on right now! I grabbed another Clinique color pop lipstick because the formula is SO good and Korres’ Wild Rose Vitamin C peel because after trying a sample I was super impressed and I’ve been wanting to order it for months! πŸ™‚

  327. Tatiana says:

    Have you ever had a couples massage? Yes, at Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur. It has now become outrageously expensive to stay there. (It was $400/night the last time we went and it’s now about triple that) But if you can ever afford a big splurge weekend, it’s well worth it. It was the most relaxing weekend we’ve had as a couple.
    Do you floss? Every night. I hear gingivitis can lead to heart problems later in life.
    When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? I’m going to do that this week, because my birthday is coming up soon and I always get myself or something special for myself for my birthday. Treat yo’ self!!

  328. Majick says:

    happy happy joy joy

  329. Jill says:

    I recently splurged on the Wayne Goss Anniversary Set!

  330. Pamela Haddad says:

    A Contour & Highlight class? Sounds like fun!! Hope you enjoyed it! On average, how long are the classes, anyway?

  331. Kuz says: is having a sale, so perhaps I’ll treat myself to some new skincare this afternoon!

    Also, Karen, have you seen the trailer for that new Suffragette movie? It looks so good!

  332. Taylor says:

    I do not floss all the time… :\

  333. Dahlia D. says:

    I’ve lost my phone, yes, and during Fashion Week, no less! To this day, I’m not sure if it was stolen or I dropped it somewhere. I’m still mad when I think about it! πŸ™‚

  334. Nikki says:

    I think the worst packaging I have come across recently is the Too faced Holiday Packaging. I just think if your over 14 that packaging is ridiculous. I can’t do it.

  335. Angela Fisher says:

    The cell phone suggestion grabbed at me.
    I have NEVER lost, damaged or broken a cell phone in more than 20yes of owning plenty. I loaned my most recent one to my brother to make a call as he is getting ready for an engagment not knowing that he needed to take a shower on a call. The phone came through the shower fine . . . it was as he was drying off the he dropped it in the toilet!

  336. Teresa M. De La Cruz says:

    I knew MAC wasn’t going to release early on Sunday, I just had a feeling. As I was watching pretty little liars on Netflix every couple of minutes I would switch back to the mac page and bam in one of those it said add to bag. After missing WOG I couldn’t handle another loss LOL

  337. Chantale says:

    I just treated myself to get sns (signature nail system manicure)! No chip nails for 3 weeks.

  338. Cyndi says:

    No I’ve never had a couples massage but I’d love to have one sometime!! And when asked, the hubby wouldn’t mind one either!! πŸ˜€

  339. Anika says:

    Worst packaging for a product you purchased this year? I once bought a shampoo online and when I opened the packaging it all leaked. So awful!

    Who is one of the most talented or gifted people in your field?

    Have you ever lost a cellphone? A lot of times! I must have lost atleast 6 πŸ˜€

    Have you ever had a couples massage? No. But sounds fun.

    Do you floss? Yes not everyday though.

    When was the last time you treated yourself to something special? Yes on my birthday a month ago I was on a shopping spree. I got a new iphone, lots of clothes, shoes, a jacket, Kate Spade handbag, some cosmetics from MAC and Sephora. To add to this me and my hubby went on a date night for a nice romantic dinner.

  340. Crystal S says:

    I have never even had a massage for one, but I’d love to!

  341. Jessica says:

    Couples massage?! Hell, no. I like massages to be one (me!) at a time. But as for flossing: hell, yes! I floss every single night and also carry a little box of floss in my bag (and have another one in my desk drawer at work). If I can feel something stuck in my teeth it makes me nuts and I can’t concentrate on anything until I’ve got it out.

  342. Jordan says:

    My husband and I had a couples massage on our honeymoon.

  343. Yolanda C. says:

    I have to floss every night! When I don’t, my teeth feel sooooo dirty!

  344. Andrea Darst says:

    This has nothing to do with makeup, but as you’re about to be a parent, fair warning: so many toys made for kids have the worst/hardest to open packaging ever! They might as well cement the toys/pieces into the package! I will never understand why they do that, because usually when a child receives a gift, he/she wants immediately to open and play with it, and I’ve spent hours over the course of my life trying just to open the package to get the toy/pieces to assemble out!

  345. Princess says:

    I floss every night before going to bed!

  346. Maddie says:

    I’ve been playing with my sister’s newly adopted four-month-old kitten. He’s gray and white and a bundle of furry fun.

  347. Ashley H. says:

    No, I’ve never actually lost my cell phone. But I have had mini panic attacks when I thought I lost it. I usually find it at the bottom of my purse, LOL. I carry way too much stuff.

  348. Kelly says:

    I don’t understand why companies are still packaging cream in a jar!

  349. Catherine R. says:

    I’ve never lost my cell phone, but I did fall into a river with it in my pocket. Thankfully, it survived to call and text another day.

  350. Erika says:

    Never had a couples massage nor lost my cell phone…unless you count not being able to find it in the bottomless pit that is my purse.

  351. jade says:

    J’adore MAAAAC

  352. Claudia says:

    Thanks for the contest, Karen!! Congratulations on your good news!
    The other day I treated myself to an unlimited yoga membership package for the next few months. πŸ™‚

  353. Lisa says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy!

  354. Kim Dawdy says:

    Love the MAC painterly pit!

  355. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I’m ashamed to say that I don’t floss

  356. Anne-Marie says:

    I’ve lost my phone(s) several times. I’ve had to buy a new one like 3 times.

  357. Mika R says:

    I have this close friend who’s clearly addicted lipsticks, liquid lipsticks in particular, and she’s literally buying like tons of them every single day. I was like, woah isn’t that too much? Like could you slow down with that (I thought it wasn’t wise to spend too much on lipsticks). But when I tried liquid lipsticks for the first time, it was like one of the turning points of my life. I finally understood how she (my friend) felt whenever she gets new lippies. And so, my addiction with lipsticks began and it continues to this very point. πŸ˜€

  358. Katie F says:

    Never lost my phone, although I did come close once. I left it in a hotel in Wyoming while I was on a research trip (I live in California). I didn’t realize until I was at the airport in Denver, so I had to dial my dad (only number I have memorized) from a payphone and have *him* call the hotel to find my phone and mail it back to me. >_<

  359. Ali Celestno says:

    Floss every single day

  360. Kaya says:

    Worst packaging is any kind of face lotion product that doesn’t come with a pump or squeeze tube. Yuck!

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