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This giveaway is closed, and the winner has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, LIZZIE!!!), but check back next Saturday for another giveaway.

Win a $50 MAC eGIFT CARD

Win a $50 MAC eGIFT CARD from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Rise and shine, pal o’ mine! Are you feeling Furiosa?

OK, so Mad Max: Fury Road was a riotously good action movie, and Charlize Theron’s Furiosa kicks so much butt, but now that I sit and think about the movie…a lot of it is blurring together. It’s such a visual spectacle of high-octane nonstop action, and everything’s so dusty and dirty and hot, but it’s almost more like listening to heavy metal music while looking at a beautiful painting of the desert than watching a regular movie….if that makes any sense.


In other news, I’m still making progress on Project Get My Sh*t Together, but I haven’t fully gotten it together yet. I did pick up three of these gray ombre milk crates from Target to use in the pink storage shelves in my office, but I haven’t filled them yet. So maybe I’ll work on that this weekend.

Other than that, I don’t know what’s on my agenda yet. Maybe a bicycle ride this afternoon in the Novato hills with El Hub if it warms up a little. It’s not exactly cold, but it has been very windy here. It gets Tabs fired up, I guess because he sees everything moving.

You know how cats are.

How was your week? What was the most surprising or interesting thing that happened?


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  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being grandmaster champion, how good are you at puzzle games?
    • What’s one of your favorite non-musical sounds?
    • Who has the most beautiful eyes of anyone you know?
    • Best name for a city or town?
    • How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, May 18, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). ๐Ÿ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Good morning, Karen!

    The bicycle ride sounds really good! I am going to try and go to the gym after work today.

    How do I feel about purple? Well, you know it’s my favorite color- so yes, purple eyeshadows, cheeks, lips not so much, purple clothes and accessories! Yes, yes, yes!
    Agata recently posted … Inspired By- Dior Tie Dye Summer Collection Makeup Look

  2. Jenny says:

    Hi Karen! Happy Caturday. ๐Ÿ™‚
    My favorite non-musical sound is hearing my dogs smack their lips in their sleep. It makes my heart melt.

    I want to see Mad Max! That might be what we do today, since it’s going to rain all day!
    Jenny recently posted … Pretty in my Pocket

  3. Stephanie says:

    I’m good at certain puzzle games and suck at others. I’m really good at word searches, so so at Words With Friends. I have a puzzle app on my iPad, it’s kind of cool because it looks just like a real jigsaw puzzle. You can specify how many pieces you want it to be, I find that relaxing because I focus on the pieces and stop stressing.

    I like a pop of purple, but I’m not so sure about all purple. I can’t wear all purple, I’m blonde blue eyed PALE. So it looks like I’m bruised but I can get away with purple eyeliner on a nude eye. I think if someone has the right coloring it could look amazing, just not on me.

    On a side note, we’re celebrating our anniversary this weekend by going to Hummingbird for breakfast and then a movie later. We were going to see the Book of Mormon but the time got away from both of us. LOL. (I thought HE was getting the tickets and he though I was getting the tickets..oops!) Have you ever been to the Rotunda restaurant in Neiman Marcus in Union Square? We did that for my birthday last year (I’m a Christmas baby) totally recommend it. The crab & shrimp louie salad is amazing. It’s pricey but it’s such a fun treat, especially at Christmas when the tree is up. I’m rambling, but that’s what I we were going to do for our anniversary.

    Have a great Caturday!

  4. Laure says:

    Karen! Heeeelp, my laptop has crashed right as I’m finishing my bachelor short film! ;( And I hadn’t made a back-up of my computer in about 2 years. I’m hoping my brother-in-law can fix it… Bet you feel real organised now!
    Laure recently posted … The Balm | Nude โ€˜Tude

  5. Kathy says:

    wearing purple anywhere but the nails wouldn’t work on me for those that can pull it off, it looks great

  6. Anne says:

    I love everything purple – blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, you name it. It’s my favourite colour ever. That’s why I like Urban Decay so much – they do killer purples.

    A second ago I stumbled across a movie trailer on YouTube. The movie is called “A World Beyond” and I got a tiny glimpse of my favourite actor Mr Hugh Laurie, so I’m going to name him when it comes to the most beautiful eyes. Fangirl moment! In real life I would always choose my boyfriend’s baby blues, of course XD.

  7. Gina says:

    Purple is one of my least favorite colors but I’d possibly consider it on my toes. I’m not sure why but most shades of purple just don’t appeal to me.

  8. Honi says:

    Purple is my life so Id say PURPLE EVERYTHING! Ive been wearing a Nyx Macaron lipstick a lot lately that is a nice purple and Mac’s Gunner has gotten a lot of use aswell. Been looking at investing in some nice purple eyeliners aswell and bought one from the Nyx Slide on range that I cant wait for to arrive!

  9. Vanessa says:

    I feel very positive about purple anything.
    Haha about Tabs ^_^

  10. Emily C says:

    I love purple! Eyes, lips, nails… love it all!

  11. marta says:

    I love of purple. Its one of my favorite color!

  12. Georgina says:

    Hi Karen,

    I LOVE wearing purple on the eyes. My eyes are hazel and every time I smoke out a purple liner or wear some purple in the crease, my eyes look green!

  13. Judy B says:

    My favorite sound is my sun giggling. It’s delicious!

  14. Lisa says:

    I love purple nailpolish!

  15. Kim says:

    Hi Karen! I visited San Francisco a week ago from Australia and had to check out the MAC pro store and picked up a chromagraphic pencil in nc35 and it has changed my life. I use it under my brows and as an inner corner highlight. I’m an nc42 too and you are my makeup twin. I think half my stash is a “Karen made me buy it”.. It’s so strange that I know the inner contents of your makeup bag and you don’t know the profound effect you have had on mine. Thanks for doing what you do! Hugs from Australia!!

  16. Ditte K. says:

    I have a craze with purple nail polishes at the moment, simply can’t get enough of them ๐Ÿ™‚ As for purple eyeshadow, it rarely happens, but looks fierce whenever I feel like applying it ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Sylvia says:


    I absolutely love purple products. I used to be intimidated by purples but I especially enjoy any shade of purple lipstick (preferably mattes) I also like purple shadows, I think it makes my brown eyes pop!

  18. Paulina says:

    Hi Kare!!
    I love purple! I have a coat and nail polish.. in makeup I have one Mac purple eyeshadow and looks beautiful at night look. I want to see Mad Max!!!!!

  19. Ashleigh says:

    Best name for a city or town? Boring, Oregon!
    How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)? Love purple, although purple lips sadly look terrible on me. But I will gladly wear it anywhere else ๐Ÿ™‚

  20. renu says:

    I like purple, especially burgundy and mauveish leaning shades.

  21. Tiffany says:

    Hi Karen! I’ve been curious about this movie…not sure yet if I will see it!

    As far as purple makeup goes…with my green eyes, I LOVE it!

  22. Aeris says:

    Purple? Who’s talking about purple?

    I’m in love with purple! From pale lilac to dark plum!

    I often wear purple clothes and, of course, make up! For example today I went with a Electra + Brazenly combo with the Evil Twin liner (all from MAC)!

  23. susan says:

    Love purple!

  24. Maria J. says:

    I LOVE wearing Purple anything! I already have like 4 purple lipsticks/lip glosses but I’d really love to venture in a purple blush because that I don’t have.

  25. IRockFaces says:

    I would have to say a 5 on puzzle games. I honestly never play them much but I’m sure I will more as I get older. lol And I adore purple so I would easily wear it anywhere as an eye shadow, lipstick color, blush, or whatever else struck my fancy. I’ve even thought about getting some purple highlights at some point. It’s just a great color.

  26. Sarah says:

    I love purple on the eyes!

  27. Liz says:

    Purple anything is really growing on me. I used to just be a purple nail polish kind of person, but my collection on purple lipsticks, eyeshadows, and blushes is growing.

  28. Julie says:

    My all-time favourite sound in the world is the sound of a cork popping on a bottle of champagne/cava/prosecco. Bliss.
    Julie recently posted … Why I Went Cruelty Free

  29. Kelly Lechner says:

    I think my 4 year old daughter has the most beautiful eyes ever. They’re the most magnificent hazel color and she’s got lashes grown women would envy. I might be just a bit biased but…oh well.

  30. Taiba Khan says:

    Theres many non musical sounds that i absolutely love but one of my most fav sound is….
    The sound of wood burning in a fireplace. Those snaps just make me feel so cozy especially in winter when i use to go out with my family somewhere in the woods or in a cottage…Ahhh family life was the best but everything’s different now, i loved someone and told my parents about it. They didnt agree so we both ran away from our homes and got married. Even though we both love each soo much but still family love will always be missing. Just hope both our parents accept us so at least i can get some of my lost happiness back..

    And good luck to everyone whose taken part…may the best person win ๐Ÿ™‚

  31. I just decided against watching Mad Max t the movies, because I loved the original trilogy, so I know I will be disappointed by this one. Maybe weยดll go and watch Avengers 2 instead, as we are currently at my parents who offered to babysit Little Bean.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Inspired By … Dior Tie Dye Summer 2015

  32. Roda says:

    Most beautiful eyes goes to my son — especially them baby brown eyes (call me biased…call me his mother!).

  33. gabis says:

    Actually purple is one of my favorite colors so I see no problem wearing anything of that shade whether it’s eyeshadow or clothes or accessories. I died my hair purple when I was a teen lol xD

  34. Lorraine says:

    Favorite non Musical sounds: water(anything but a drip sounds lovely to me) Laughter(esp frommy kids- it is hard to make them laugh now they are teens), the engines of American muscle cars and old chevrolets(my dad and son are car guys. nuff said) wind through the chimney, my sister’s voice, pencil against paper, computer keyboards and typewriters, old fashioned machinery(think gears watches and clocks)the sound of the door opening and closing when my son finally comes home for the night=relief!, wine glass sounds- pouring, clinking, setting on a table, cat purrs, coffee maker brewing when it exhales the last puff and you know it’s ready to pour, dishwasher sounds

  35. buckycatt says:

    Karen & Tabs – Why doesn’t Nars have a lip primer? Fanny is coming from Sephora on Monday but I would like a good primer to go w her. Happy Weekend!!

  36. JackieC says:

    Hi Karen!

    I absolutely love wearing purple products. Eyeshadows are where I feel most comfortable, but lately I’ve been getting more into nail polish and lip sticks like Mac’s Up the Amp and Herorine. I can’t wait to get the most use out of them this summer!

  37. Rachel R. says:

    Hi, Karen. I love purple anything, but especially eyeshadows, eyeliners and mascaras. Purple really makes the green in my eye pop.

  38. whome? says:

    Have been sick for several weeks now, finally getting back on my feet… on the bright side, it really reassured me that my skin care routine works, because without it my skin started going INSANE.

  39. Justine says:

    I didn’t use to like purple but I’ve learned to appreciate it more.

  40. dawn says:

    Purple is a no no for me. It somehow manages to make me look bruised.

  41. Lizzie says:

    I have always loved the sound of the ocean! And I love purple eye makeup on brown eyes

  42. Michelle says:

    I’ve always been iffy about wearing purples, but I received a sample the other day from my Ipsy box for Urban Decay and fell in love with the purple lipstick!

  43. Katrina says:

    I’m back from vacation in Florida and not loving it. I’m so ready to go back!

  44. Tiffany Tagarelli says:

    Love purple on my nails and eyes! (brown eyed girl w/ olive skin)

  45. Jocelyn says:

    Favorite sounds are either birds chirping in the AM or the sound of rain.

  46. Erica says:

    I’m into purple for pretty much anything…although purple lips are kind of intimidating to try!

  47. Nicole says:

    I love wearing purple products! It’s my favorite color and it makes my green eyes really pop.

  48. Marisa says:

    I have always loved purple eyeshadow, and within the past year have become completely besotted with purple or lavender tinted lips and cheeks.

    One of my favorite sounds is that of a skate blade on ice, especially the deep satisfying rasp of a good backwards cut. I love teaching someone to skate backwards if only for the excuse to do those slow, methodical, scooping cuts ๐Ÿ™‚

  49. Mary Marรญa says:

    I love the sound of the sea… Waves, guls, wind ๐Ÿ™‚

  50. Lisa Brown says:

    i really enjoy wearing purple makeup, one of my favorite colors to wear.

  51. Elaina Garrison says:

    I like purple makeup when it’s subtle. I’m really wanting Urban Decays new eyeshadow in Tonic. It’s a beautiful pale duochrome purple. I swatch it every time I’m in Ulta lol

  52. Brian says:

    I love purple but I usually end up wearing it either in a deep, eggplant-like shade or on the lighter lavender side. Lavender lip products are definitely a weakness for me.

  53. LisaR says:

    I love purple, I’m wearing it on my toes right now (based on your recommendation for an Essie nail polish!)

  54. Andrea Amy says:

    I like purple but its not really a good colour for me makeup wise. I’m not young anymore so stick to neutrals but I used to be able to rock the blues when I was younger.

  55. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    I really want to see Mad Max after hearing some great reviews (was kind of ambivalent about it before). My husband would love it – I’ve been dragging him to too many chick flicks lately!
    My absolute favorite sound is the ocean waves crashing on the beach!!!

  56. lola says:

    Purple lipstick is the stuff! I love it!

  57. Kayla Han says:

    I have not tried purple makeup before like for the lips. I have tried eye shadow and that doesn’t look weird at all. For puzzle games, I love playing them! it is a great to play by yourself and with others! ๐Ÿ™‚

  58. Jessie C. says:

    I like purple scarves.

  59. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I love purple but I probably wouldn’t use it on my eyes.

  60. Maria says:

    I’m wearing the most amazing purple/blue jinsoon nail polish. I’m Maria and I feel “pretty”! (A little promo for my favorite movie, “West Side Story”)

  61. Sarah Sq. says:

    Purple everything!!

  62. Lauren says:

    I love the name of your “Operation!” Too funny!

    Favorite non musical sound is running water! Or waves from the ocean or lake. Best is a waterfall. So soothing and peaceful!

    Have a fun bike ride!!

  63. Zovesta says:

    Hah, I love your description of the movie.

    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being grandmaster champion, how good are you at puzzle games? Around a 6 or 7? I love em!

    Best name for a city or town? Bill. =P That’s near where my friend lives.

    How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)? I like purple pretty well! I’d wear all of it, except for purple blush, or too dark purple of eyeshadow. Lilacs are the best, in my opinion, and I can wear lilac eyeshadow without looking like I’ve been punched.
    Zovesta recently posted … No Makeup Makeup: the Eyes

  64. Elizabeth says:

    I consider purple to be one of my power colours. Wearing it makes me feel confident and royal!

  65. Miki says:

    I love purple and would wear it anywhere!

  66. Laura says:

    I love purple everything! It’s my favorite color!

  67. Jasmine says:


    Q: whatโ€™s one of your favorite non-musical sounds?
    A: I LOVE the sound of someone thumping water with their finger! Fa-loop! It makes me smile even thinking about it. It must’ve been something I liked as an infant because I love it for no reason. Haha!
    Have a great weekend ladies!

  68. Jenn says:

    Ooh neat questions. My favorite non-musical sound is probably rainfall!

  69. Kelvene says:

    Love purple. all shades of purple! light to dark ๐Ÿ™‚

  70. judyo says:

    the sound of rain…nothing beats that.
    thanks for this opp.

  71. Ana says:

    Purple in the eyes, yes please! when you got hazel eyes it makes your eyes pop!. I am ok with using it in clothes and nails.

  72. Michaela says:

    Hi Karen! My favorite non- musical sound is the sound of rain, something that we don’t hear enough of in Southern California.

  73. sarah thompson says:

    My girlfriend has the most beautiful big blue eyes I’ve ever seen. They are quite unique with a darker blue ring around the outside and then they get lighter toward the middle. I think I could recognize her just by seeing her eyes! She also has lots of long natural fluttery lashes to top it off, gorgeous!

  74. Susan T. says:

    I have green eyes and I think purple eye make-up really makes them look brighter. I also like lavender blush and lips!

  75. Denay says:

    On a scale of 1-10, I am a 10 at puzzle games, mostly due to being a loner as a child, who loved puzzles, and being a math teacher now helps you solve puzzles.

  76. Sara says:

    I love the sound of the wind. It’s just so calming and it feels amazing.

  77. jenn says:

    I’m not a fan of purple lips in general but I do love my UD Venom Rev lipstick.

  78. Sarah W says:

    I love purple, I have fav purple dress and purple eyeliner is generally my fallback! I think it works well with my coloring

  79. Ambritt says:

    So funny that you mention purple! I was just telling my friend yesterday about how much I never wear purple. I don’t dislike the color its just not my favorite so I never reach for it. But we went out shopping and I decided I’d pull out some of my palettes and reach for some purple shades. The look came out pretty good actually and dramatic. Anyhoo I need to reach for my purple shadows more!

  80. Rox says:

    How timely: I need to stock up on foundation and concealer!

  81. Jenna D says:

    My cat has the prettiest blue eyes I’ve ever seen! I think everyone should be rocking purple everything ’cause it’s my favorite color.

  82. Jenna Wood says:

    My daughter has the prettiest blue eyes out of anyone I know, she’s 6 months old so still hoping they stay!!!

  83. Berry says:

    I love purple eye makeup and nail polish. Unfortunately the place I work is very conservative about color cosmetics. So all my pretty purples are sitting in my vanity drawer and only get taken out on weekends.

  84. Nivedita says:

    I never exercised regularly because I yoga bored me and gymn felt too pent up. Now at 27, I have joined a swimming class and and I am loving it!
    Nivedita recently posted … Oriflame the ONE Illuskin Concealer in Fair Light and Nude Beige needs fair attention.

  85. Janine says:

    I think this is fate. I’ve been dying to try velvet teddy snd do a mini Mac haul! I’m also lounging in Jammie’s all day today!!!!!!!
    Janine recently posted … The Sun Kissed Makeup Look (but not quite bronzed)

  86. Heather G says:

    I don’t mind wearing purple makeup but for some reason I’ve alwaysss detested purple clothing on me, I always feel “witchy” :/

  87. Sandy says:

    Hi, Karen! I love purple everywhere but my lips. I just don’t feel like that’s a good color for me for real life.

  88. Al says:

    I love purple! It always catches my eye when I see it in makeup, whether its eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, or nail polish. I’ll happily wear it!

  89. lalena says:

    I love MAC, they’ve always got the prettiest colors. However, they’re not always so easy on the wallet. On the bright side, they’ve got free shipping!

  90. Marquita McGlaun says:

    Love purple but don’t wear it much. Love dark purple shades on eyes and light or bright purple nails. My mom has always loved me in lavender.

    Favorite sound is my families laughter. It makes my heart happy. I also like the sound of a cameras shutter, is that weird? Lol

  91. Aviva says:

    I love lavender purple nails!

  92. Maren says:

    I’m in favor of the purple! Town names: Peanut, Climax, & Truth or Consequences.
    Maren recently posted … Our new book on energy & success: Napoleon Never Slept

  93. Jessica says:

    I LOVE purple, but I’m afraid to wear it makeup-wise. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks!

  94. Aurelie Red says:

    The most beautiful eyes are my mom’s !
    They’re grey with a touch of light blue โ™ฅ
    And I love purple, this is one of my favorite colours (eyeliner, clothing…).
    It’s an unusual colour so I like it (here, french people like blue, black, white, brown, beige…so sad !).

  95. Elizabeth natividad says:

    I love puzzle games…unfortunately I can’t call myself a grandmaster champion. I would probably say I’m more like a 7. Those things can be tricky sometimes.

  96. Celia says:

    Hi Karen!

    Ooooo, have never actually tried mac before. Somehow I get intimidated when people won’t let me browse without trying to help me. I’m just weird like that.

    Prettiest eyes ever… I used to scribe in a hospital before grad school and this one doc had the most amazing blue eyes I’ve ever seen in person. Not digitally enhanced movie theater blue, but, like, “my mom had an affair with a norse god” blue. I had to actively remind myself not to stare. And he was a nice enough guy, but this had nothing to do with his personality- it was the EYES. Ugh, even now…. I don’t remember what he looks like, but I remember those eyes.

    And purple is the shiz- I’m wearing both purples from the urban decay vice palette today. Love it.

    Happy Weekend!

  97. Lulle says:

    Best name for a city or town? There’s a village in France called Y. Yeah, that’s it. How cool is that?
    Lulle recently posted … French Friday: Dior 5 Couleurs Cuir Cannage Eyeshadow Palette

  98. Ana says:

    Whatโ€™s one of your favorite non-musical sounds?
    The Sound of the Tardis! (I’m a huge Whovian!)

  99. Anastassia says:

    Happy Saturday. My week was hell. My daughter sick again. Too much work at work. Hope things get better soon.

  100. Amoure Jones says:

    Hey Karen,

    I’ve been debating on taking a gander at the Mad Max movie because I was such a Beyond Thunderdome fan (way back in the day…I’m aging myself lol). When it comes to remakes and “sequels” often times I feel like they tried too hard to make it better it still just doesn’t work. But there have been some spectacular numero twos so I’m thinking it’s a go.
    This week was pretty exciting because I had 2 job interviews neither of which I got hired for but I’m praying something comes along (GW) very soon. Other than that just getting everything set into motion for a family reunion this coming September.
    Other than that nothing too spectacular going on so I’m going to watch a few Netflix movies, and try to finish Wayward Pines (smh). Also, I’ve got some exercise to catch up on and it’s a gorgeous day for a walk.

    Whatโ€™s one of your favorite non-musical sounds? One of my favorite sounds is of the ocean. I’ve actually have relaxation melodies that help me sleep and I’m always setting it to ‘ocean waves’. It’s one of the most beautiful instruments God has ever made.

    Happy Saturday ๐Ÿ˜‰

  101. Deborah says:

    I love purple eyeshadow!

  102. Kelly Kimmell says:

    Thanks for hosting another great giveaway. To answer one of the questions; I think Ian Somerhalder has the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen.

  103. Jenny says:

    I’ve always thought Kelly Slater had the best looking eyes.

  104. Natalie M. says:

    Purple is my favorite color, so I’ll wear purple anything. I’ve especially been loving the various purple-toned blushes that have come out recently!

  105. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I’m about a 7 at puzzle games

  106. chelsea says:

    Love the sound of rain. Royal purple is an amazing color not sure if I could pull it off for makeup though.

  107. Candice Croix says:

    Lavender polish is my favorite, particularly Lilacism by Essie. I also have a lavender lip crayon by Bite beauty that’s pretty wonderful, but I have to be in a pretty sassy mood to wear it.

  108. Jessica says:

    Karen, I’m also on Project Get My Shizz Together!
    Trying to weed out makeup, old papers, burn candles I never use, wanting to transition from an old job to a new one, travel plans, you name it! It’s exhausting but there has to be a light at the end if the tunnel, right?

  109. Liz says:

    I love purple!

  110. astou says:

    I just got an Estee Lauder nail laquer in Bete Noire, a dark purple shade… love it!

  111. Lily says:

    Was going to go see Mad Max but went to see Pitch Perfect 2 instead.

    My favorite non musical sound in my 2 labs barking when they play and pleasure sound they make when I rub their bellies.

    Love your blog.

    Have a great weekend.

  112. nat ogu says:

    best name for a city is natchitoches , hearing people try to pronounce it is hilarious and it has a great history

  113. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    I wear purple ALL the time!! My hair is purple, I usually do my eyebrows purple, I have lots of purple eyeshadow, everything purple!

  114. Michelle L says:

    There are many ppl who have beautiful eyes but there’s this model who comes to mind….

  115. Keyana says:

    I love purple in makeup. I own purple eyeshadows, purple-ish blushes, and several purple lipsticks and nail polishes. Also, I love the sound of the ocean or an oscillating fan.

  116. Valerie says:

    My favorite non-music sound is thunderstorms! I love listening to them, they’re so soothing.

  117. Natacha says:

    Purple is definitely not my favorite color but I don’t feel bad about people wearing it, mostly. If it does not fit them though or they do not chose the right pieces, I find it pretty hard to watch. Purple eyeshadow is banned though !
    Natacha recently posted … RECIPE // nappa cabbage and duck breast marinated in herbes de Provences.

  118. Amie says:

    I adore purple. I can’t pull off purple lipstick though.

  119. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    I love the sound of waves !

  120. Emily says:

    Hey Karen!
    Currently sitting at my college commencement ceremony! Yaaasss!

  121. Sylvia says:

    I love the sound of rain or wind,and my dog when she snores.

  122. Laurinha says:

    I love to wear purple makeup, nail polish, and tshirts… but do not hv any purple skirts or pants or shorts….

  123. Suzanne G says:

    I love the colour purple and the one thing I would not wear in purple is lipstick. Eyeshadow, clothing, hair colour and nail polish I will wear in the colour purple.

  124. Frances says:

    The most surprising thing that happened this week? My date for Friday night cancelled got the second week in a row (different men).

  125. Lyse Davitt says:

    Whatโ€™s one of your favorite non-musical sounds?


  126. Mary W says:

    A great name for a town is one I am currently visiting; Kissimmee. It is NOT pronouned Kiss ih Mee. It is pronounced kiss SIM me. If you heard it said you would get it.

  127. Kailey G says:

    I love wearing purple on my nails and eyeshadow. I have brown eyes so purples and plums really make them pop.

  128. Lin says:

    I’m all about purple eye products BC I have brown eyes. I can do purple clothing but not lips or nails for some reason <3

  129. Brwnfruit says:

    I love the sound of mourning doves, my favorite color is red-orange, my favorite makeup color is green. I’ve been looking for a warm blue eyeshadow for the longest, most blues that I find are too cool, I’ll probably have to make my own.

  130. Claudia Davis says:

    I just spent 5 days in Maine traveling around the state eating lobster rolls. I even went to Northern NH after someone recommended an amazing lobster place. One of the best weeks of my life! YUMMY.

  131. Liz says:

    The new summer collection is stunning!!

  132. Anne-G. says:

    Hey Karen! Thank you for the great giveaway!! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I have no problem wearing purple on my eyes, or lavender-ish blusher/highlighter, but purple lipstick is not my thing (unless there’s a lot of red mixed with the purple and it’s merlot purple, haha).
    A nice week-end to everyone! ๐Ÿ™‚

  133. BooBooNinja says:

    Instead of best name of a city/town, the best name of a park is:
    “Dude Chilling Park”. It exists.

  134. Lisa Foster says:

    One of my favorite non-music sounds is the sound of water in nature, such as rain or a running stream.

  135. Olivia says:

    I love love love purple lipstick but can’t pull off a purple eye look to save my life!

  136. Lisa says:

    Not that I’m biased, but my daughter has beautiful blue eyes.

  137. Jessica says:

    Purple is my fav color! I love to wear it in eyeshadow (especially great w brown eyes), lipgloss and I my fav handbag is lilac. I even have a pair of purple jeans. It’s just such a pretty color ๐Ÿ™‚

  138. Jessie says:

    I think you might agree that a cat’s purr is one of the best sounds ๐Ÿ™‚

  139. Amie F says:

    I love purple and wear it regularly.

  140. NIK says:

    I have the most beautiful eyes of my entourage (they say it all the time, even strangers ๐Ÿ™‚ ) and their magnificient green color is the perfect match for…Purple makeup!

  141. Caroline says:

    happy caturday

    I’m plopped down on the best trying to rest my belly after indulging in too much lunch.

    Let’s see…

    Yes to purples! But I’ll have to be more on the plum side. I don’t think I can rock the deep purple lipsticks.

    Best sound…love rain when I’m sleeping. Also the sound of snow falling….which is no sound … And love the sound of a coke can opening. And champaign pop!

    Best eyes…my sisters cat. She has enormous eyes and are green …so pretty

    Best town name …hmmm…dunno

  142. Lilia says:

    Let me see…. I can list the two words that I cannot stand to hear. Moist and caca (Spanish slang for poop). I just realized writing it is just as bad. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  143. Ana Paula Mathias says:

    I love purple make up!! Especially because I have brown eyes. But I just realized that I don’t have any purple outfit lol.

  144. Fransheska Linner says:

    -On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being grandmaster champion, how good are you at puzzle games?
    Have you ever seen Sailor Moon? I’m as good at solving puzzles as Ami Mizuno -Sailor Mercury-, I’ve always been the analytical type of person that freaks at nonsense, so finding patterns in anything is a must in order to solve anything in general.
    -Whatโ€™s one of your favorite non-musical sounds?
    I love the sound of water flowing.
    -Who has the most beautiful eyes of anyone you know?
    My mum, she has heterochromia and her eyes are green with some blue undertone and yellow flecks around the iris.
    -Best name for a city or town?
    Mianus. hahahaha, once in an episode of Jackass they visited this place and it was hilarious.
    -How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)?
    I don’t like it, really, won’t feel comfortable.

  145. athena rutherford says:

    i’m all about purple nails, but that’s about it. i tend to keep my makeup and accessories fairly neutral

  146. Lesley F says:

    I like to hear my granddaughter make her baby talking noises. It is too cute

  147. Coline T. says:

    Bikini Bottom is the best name for a city ahah ^.^
    thanks for this giveaway

  148. Leah says:

    I live in Ferndale, Michigan which is friendly and pleasant-sounding (it’s actually a pretty friendly and pleasant place to live!), but my favorite city name is Hell, Michigan. You go there and get married in Hell, send a letter from Hell and see Hell frozen over in the wintertime!

  149. melissa says:

    Hey there!! My favorite non musical sound is my son’s laughter. I love purple makeup!! Especially eyeliner!!

  150. Rachel says:

    My favorite non-musical sound is the sound of my kitty’s voice! <3 Meeeooooo! And YESSS MAC giveaway one week before my 44th birthday — wish me luck, y'all!! ๐Ÿ˜€

  151. Kristy says:

    I love wearing purple nails! :3

  152. Sarah says:

    I have green eyes so purple shadow definitely makes them pop!

  153. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    My wife has the most beautiful eyes, I am eternally jealous. I am a typical brown-eyed girl, too dark to even be able to use colored contacts, but my wife has these gorgeous blue eyes that change shades all the time. Sometimes they are light and frosty, sometimes almost cobalt in their depths, but always provoking envy. I have always wanted to be able to wear colored contacts so that I could switch shades to work with my makeup, from emerald green to cobalt blue, even vivid violet. But alas, I am without options!!

  154. Ms. Elise says:

    Purple is one my favorite colors, and I love wearing it! Having trouble wearing it in makeup other than eyeliner, but I have a few new eye shadows coming in that may help with that hurdle.

  155. Monica says:

    I love purple! Nail polish and accessories especially

  156. Julia Alkaseltzer says:

    Happy Weekend Karen!

    Right now I really love purple blush. I want to get into the lip color but I just love a shade of purple on my cheeks! I love the color in general!

  157. Lisa M. says:

    My daughter has the most beautiful eyes of anyone I know. They are a beautiful shade of green.

  158. BlackAsphodel says:

    How do you feel about wearing purple products?

    I have no problem with it, as long as it’s a matte shade.

  159. Nini says:

    Good ole Bette Davis

  160. Kwmechelle says:

    Hiya, dude. I’m cool with purple. I think it compliments me well. In fact, I’m currently waiting for Sephora to restock their lip stain in Polished Purple & a MUFE purple blush in 928, I believe? Anywho, the niece & nephew are here so you know there’s fun being had by all ๐Ÿ™‚

  161. Tracy Robertson says:

    I love purple eye shadow and it’s the color I choose most days. I have hazel eyes and the contrast of them against the purple makes them look more green. Some days when I’m too lazy to put on eye shadow, I just line my top lids with a dark purple eyeliner. I love that too!

  162. Elvan says:

    Purple is my favorite color of all time. I am currently LOVING purple for nails and lips. I have yet to try it on my eyes though!!

  163. Meg says:

    I love purple errrrrthing…except lips and cheeks. On some people it looks fantastic, but I have a purple blush that just makes me look like I got punched in the face and am covered in bruises:( I wish I could pull it off! Now a shimmery purple eyeshadow with a dark plum liner? Yes.

  164. Susan says:

    Hi Karen–hope you’re having a good weekend!
    Hmm, I do like me some purple–as a brown-eyed girl, I think it’s one of the colours I can pull off without looking too OTT. I’ll use a purple liner (Chanel Cassis is a fave) with an otherwise very neutral eye makeup. Or, a little lavender on the mobile lid (no prune-y wings here) with a little amber brown. Burgundy, violet, plum, lavender–purple is my cat-nip! ๐Ÿ™‚

  165. Lori P says:

    I’ve been a lover of all things purple since I was little. I wear purple in clothing, on my nails, lips and eyes. Having blue-green eyes, wearing purple eye shadow and liner makes them pop.

    On a side note, I’m leaving this Friday for a 7 day Alaskan cruise and I’m planning on what to take out of my makeup stash more than deciding on what clothes to pack! LOL!!!

  166. Jennifer says:

    I have green eyes so I love wearing purple eye shadows and liner. I have several purple blushes from my favorite indie makeup company, Aromaleigh. Purple on my lips doesn’t really work for me, though.

  167. Amy says:

    One of my favorite non-musical sounds is parakeet noises. They have a soothing sound they make most of the day and it is a great background noise.

  168. Grace says:

    Hello Karen! I love a good purple smoky eyeshadow look! Also love a basic eye with bold purple/magenta lips. Hope ur having a good weekend! xoxo

  169. Amy Z. says:

    I think Elizabeth Taylor had the most mesmerizing eyes I have ever seen.

  170. Sanam says:

    My puzzle skills are probably a 5. I wish I was better at them.

  171. Summer says:

    I periodically think myself to be a 10, and buy a ridiculously complex puzzle, which quickly reinforces the fact that I’m a 2. But the effect only lasts for a few month then I’m back to a 10, lol!

  172. Dana Truitt says:

    I want to win because I really need the prize due to the fact that I have worked very hard the past 6 months and lost 40lbs. I stopped drinking soda and eating fatty foods, making better choices actually on what I eat. Also I am walking 2 miles every morning and doing 30 mins of cardio every afternoon. I’m adopting this way of life to stay thin and healthy!! Now the side effects of this weight loss is wonderful!! The #1 being all the awesome self confidence..I am so proud of myself for accomplishing such a monumental goal. I can’t wait to go to the family reunion in a month, and look fabulous in a new update outfit, hair and make up which is where I’ll definitely wear this makeup!! This reveal of my new thin and confident self will blow my family away for sure I’m so excited!!
    I will be crossin’ my finger for sure!!

  173. Emily L. says:

    Happy Caturday!

  174. Paulomi Majumder says:

    I actually love purple and do sport it quite a bit, be it lipsticks such as Heroine or eyeshadows, clothes, nail color etc. One of my favorite non-musical sound is one that I can hear right now outside my window…the wonderful soothing sound of rain!

  175. Icequeen81 says:

    Well purple has always been my favorite color ๐Ÿ™‚

    I do have purple nail polish, and have MAC rebel wich has purple on it, I dont like purple eyeshadow on me. As a matter of fact today I was wearing a purple with black Batman shirt ( Yes I am that kind of girl) Purple swimming shorts, and purple earrings , today we went on family trip to the beach ๐Ÿ™‚

  176. Pam says:

    Love the Mac eye-shadows. Follow your blog to see what’s new. Love your blog

  177. Elena says:

    My dog has the most beautiful eyes of anyone I know! Seriously. They have such depth and they are so pretty. They remind me of the stone Tiger’s eye the way his eyes change in the light. I’m envious of his eyes haha. (Although I get compliments on my eyes…so maybe dogs do look like their owners?) Lol

  178. I went to a casino this week and did something than feed coins into a slot machine. I turned $20 into $80 at the blackjack table. It was my first time playing. I felt like a big baller with my stacks of $5 chips and tipping the drink waitress with $1 coins. lol.

  179. Lynn T. says:

    Purple is one of my fav colors, I use purple eyeshadow the most since i consider it a neutral for me. But I haven’t tried purple lipcolors or blushes because I don’t want to look pale. I don’t have the right skin tone to pull it off.

  180. Erika V. says:

    Karen, what is your favorite LE collection MAC has released recently?

  181. Leslie cruz says:

    Brown eyedddd girllll Purple everything!! Well..if only I was that daring lol. I love a purple water line or liquid liner.

  182. Bertha says:

    Thunder is my favorite non-musical sound!

  183. Hannah says:

    Purple products don’t scare me! Heck lately a purple lip has been my favorite, and yesterday I got my friend a purple lipstick because she had never experianced it lol as for all other accesories, I’ll wear those too…just maybe not all at once

  184. Kecia S. says:

    Hey Karen! For the past two weeks a coworker & I have broken out into spontaneous song & dance at while on the job. Last week, it was to Ginuwine’s “Pony” (she couldn’t think of the title to save her life); this week it was to “C’mon, Ride the Train”. Our third coworker was in tears. Oh, the fun we have in the basement…LOL! Happy Saturday to you & enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  185. Amber says:

    I’d say I’m a solid 8 when it comes to puzzle games. Sometimes I get frustrated and give up, but most of the time I’m aces. ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway!!

  186. Joelly says:

    I have started following your blog and I love it! You are such an enabler though! I love purple makeup products!

  187. mrsshukra says:

    my favorite colir: purple!

  188. Tracy says:

    I’m always torn on remakes. Red Dawn was a definite no because who could ever replace that cast! Mad Max is a maybe. And I was around to see both of the originals not too long after they were made.
    I love the sound of thunderstorms. It’s very relaxing.
    Hope you had a great weekend!
    Tracy recently posted … Review: Contour Kits (Marc Jacobs, NARS, Sephora) The Contour Club – Proud Member since 1990

  189. Stefanie Gladden says:

    I think Ian Somerhalder has the most beautiful eyes!

  190. Jessica says:

    Oooh Mac this time! They’re coming out with those glitter shadows soon!
    “How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)?”
    YES TO PURPLE! I feel like everyone can pull off purple because it can come in so many variations. Blue- purple, red-violet, to a true purple… deep eggplant to lilac. There’s a purple for everyone! I’ll totally wear it on my eyes, nails, clothing. etc.

  191. amy pugmire says:

    A girl I went to high school with had the prettiest eyes. her name was liz. They were a light green and they just would glow!

  192. Farah D says:

    My favorite color is purple and I love purple eyeliner and accessories. However, I prefer neutral over anything!

  193. michaela says:

    i love these purple jegging/pants i have!

  194. Chelsea E. says:

    Purple is my all time favorite color! So much so that I painted one of the walls in my room purple ๐Ÿ˜€ I love wearing a pop of purple eyeliner on my eyes, but I don’t think I could ever pull of purple lipstick. I’m super jealous of the people who can!

  195. Reka Young says:

    My son has the most beautiful eyes ever. They are tight and deep. And I love how they crinkle up when he smiles. <3 <3 <3

  196. Rachel H says:

    Love the sound of ocean waves and thunderstorm… Combination of both is my fav!

  197. Monica B says:

    On a scale of 1 – 10, I am an 8 or 9 at puzzle solving. I love solving puzzles so I do them frequently but, sometimes, it takes me a while to finish them, especially if I have my head in the clouds that day. As for purple, I lurve the color so I am all about the purple nails (50 shades of purple nail polish up in my house, yo). I am also a fan of the dark purple lip look; I think it works very well on me.

  198. Kristen says:

    I love wearing purple products on my eyes they bring out my eyes more than any other color!!

  199. Cyndi says:

    Purple is my favourite color…. Purple eye make I love!! Clothes can be hit or miss, and usually not a fan. Purple nail polish… Well I currently am wearing a shade of lilac on my toes, so I’m a fan!! and purple accessories can be so fun!!!

  200. Julie Simpson says:

    My best friends mom wore purple everything and when she passed away, my best friend was already too far gone. I thought when she got married she may incorporate a small trinket but she wore a purple wedding dress. God bless her she looked great because its her spirit and kindness and just being her. We all had to wear something purple and it was great! Kimi-Kali is one of a kind. On a side note, the prettiest eyes are on my on/off again lover of 18 years. They are a golden with specks of green and the non musical sound I love is hearing him gently breathing/talking into my ear.

  201. Jamie Bustamante says:

    I just saw Avengers Age of Ultron and will be seeing Mad Max tomorrow. For some reason, I thought it was the live action movie version of Fantastic Max (space baby). Haha.

    Love purple eyeliner & purple eyeshadow. #purplepeopleeater

  202. Courtney says:

    I looovve wearing purple! For nails I know no bounds, but for lips and eyes I usually keep it pastel or super dark hues

  203. Nupur says:


    I always am the first one to open this mail and site and comment as soon as I see the mail (received today only)….now hope to win this time, fingers crossed โœŒ

    Puzzle..yeah gr8 at it 8

    Sound..of rain drops and ocean waves with wind blowing slowly

    Beautiful eye..absolutely non other than Aishwarya rai


    Purple..would luv to wear of my favourites โ˜บ


  204. Brittany says:

    My favorite non-musical sound was definitely my dog’s snoring. His snoring was so loud and animated yet so adorable. He unfortunately passed in November, but I swear sometimes I can still hear his snoring, it was just that unique (or quite possibly I’m losing my marbles)!

    I have a love/hate relationship with purple eye makeup. I have green eyes so I’m always having purple shades thrown my way. I’m not a fan of straight up purple shades since I feel they look a little too cartoony on me, so I usually go for shades in the bronze and burgundy categories. The amount of makeup I have in all of those shades is ridiculous, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

  205. Chelsea says:

    I love purple products, especially lately with the new UD blushes and glosses, the shade Bittersweet in both is goooorgeous
    Chelsea recently posted … 16% Cashback at Sephora & ULTA!!

  206. trisha says:

    I love me some purple! Purple nails…YES! I wish I could rock me some purple shadow but with blue eyes I can’t always pull it off ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope I win a shopping spree at MAC!

  207. Cindy says:

    I’ll go for purple anything. Right now I’m sporting KB Shimmer’s “Too Pop To Handle” for my mani and China Glaze’s “Violet Vibes” for my pedi. My handbag right now is purple too, LOL. Can wear lighter lavender-based lipsticks (think MAC Dodgy Girl or BareMinerals Pretty Amazing lip color in Fearless). I can also do MAC Goddess of the Sea. Haven’t found a darker purple that I can wear because I’m VERY fair and the dark purples haven’t hit it right on my VERY fair pinkish complexion . . .

  208. samantha turnbull says:

    i absolutely loooove purple. i just cant seem to say no to purple ! i do have a few eyeshadows but i dont use them that often.

  209. Ashlee says:

    Hello Karen!

    Have you looked into the game app Neko Atsume yet? I feel like it would be something you might appreciate.

  210. Tina says:

    My favorite non-musical sound is the sound of the ocean. I love it when small waves lap up on the sand!

  211. vio.j says:

    I love purple eyeshadow but have the hardest time finding the right shades! Oh and my cousin had the most beautiful green hazel eyes I have ever seen she is so beautiful and tan she looks like an amazonian goddess!!!

  212. Tiffany says:

    I love purple eyeliner and purple eyeshadow! Unfortunately I have yet to find one that stays true to pan or pencil =(
    Purple eyeliners/shadows end up looking grayish on me

  213. Alka says:

    I think anyone can look great in different shades of purple. I love wearing lighter shades of purple like lilac for lipstick and eye shadow. I love the sound of rain. Aishwarya Rai the Bollywood Actress has the most beautiful eyes.City would be Venice.

  214. lee says:

    Favourite non-musical sound? my kitty’s purr of course!

  215. Lorely says:

    Purple lipstick, yes please!

  216. NYx says:

    i love the sound of nature ๐Ÿ™‚

  217. Becca M says:

    I love the sound of the bathtub filling up; it’s so relaxing!

  218. Isabella says:

    How about Tenderville? Thats the nam of my town if you translate it to English. Googled it and could only find it used in a movie but not in any maps.

  219. rena devora says:

    Purple eye makeup is a classic must do for me…. lips not so much ๐Ÿ˜›

  220. Chelsea Amanda says:

    The most interesting and fun thing that happened was on Tuesday, I went out to eat for my birthday which was last Sunday! And my boyfriend made me a yummy cake! I am now 22! ๐Ÿ˜€

  221. Purple eyes and lips? Yes please! (though maybe not together) Still not sure on the purple blush, but I’d try it once! ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Jenn, recently posted … What I Read in April & Semi-Charmed Summer Challenge

  222. Rhoda K says:

    I love the sound of rain on the window, when you’re nice and snug inside!

  223. Miss Hale says:

    I’d have to say I am a puzzle GAWD! Numbers, words, shapes, images, riddles… I just have a knack for it all thanks to my grandpa, who started letting me do the daily crossword puzzle with him when I was 6 LOL

  224. Mateusz Waล‚owski says:

    Hi Karen!
    I don’t use any purple makeup, but my favourite musician, Blue Stahli, got purple hair and in my opinion they look just awesome!

  225. Happy says:

    purple color flatters me

  226. Hi Karen! I hope you and Sir Tabsalot are having a nice weekend so far! I personally love a good puzzle game, though I wouldn’t say I’m a pro exactly. But A for effort, right??
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Beauty meets fashion | Golden floral head band & silver loop head band from Born Pretty

  227. debbie says:

    Kia ora from New Zealand (hello) ๐Ÿ™‚

    my fav non musical sound is laughter

    If its a word puzzle? about a 9 a maths puzzle? About a 5

    Who has the most beautiful eyes of anyone you know?

    My husband twinkling blue with mischief

    Best name for a city or town?

    Iwashere lol

    How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)?

    I love purple to me it is eye candy and a beautiful colour

  228. Steffi says:

    The weather is poop today!!! ๐Ÿ™

  229. Daniela says:

    One of my favorite sounds is a blackbird singing, I have this as a wake-up sound on my iPhone as well.
    Karen, I love the name for your project “Get my sh*t together”, I will use this for my life makeover/renovating efforts as well.
    Happy weekend everyone!

  230. How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)? I love dark purple nail polish. It makes the skin look whiter and cleaner.

  231. angie says:

    i love purple as an accent of my look (eg : bag, cardigan, shoes) ..but i think i am not ready to wear purple as my makeup..

  232. Aenea says:

    Yes to all things purple but not everything in purple all at once.

  233. Michelle Washburn says:

    I love wearing red, it gives me a spicy attitude, and makes me feel sexy.

  234. Lindsay says:

    I love purple! I’ve got green eyes, so anything lavender is my favorite! I also find myself wearing purple tops to work and matching my eye color.

  235. Ann says:

    I didn’t know her, but c’mon, there’s a SONG about Bette Davis Eyes.

  236. Margaret says:


    You’ve got me thinking about my lack of purple! Purples are the only untouched group in any of my palettes….ever. I’ve never worn it. I don’t even have an excuse, I have nothing against the color; I’m not purple averse. Now I’m actually wondering why I’ve never worn it and even if I could pull it off. Hmm. I’m pretty conservative when it comes to makeup but I guess if the eyes were done correctly it might look okay. I’ve seen it and liked it on other people.

    Puzzles – I’d rate myself a 8 or 9. I love word puzzles, word searches, crosswords. I also love sudoko.

    Favorite town name that I’ve heard: Flippin, Arkansas. Cracks me up.

    Favorite sound – laughter. I love to hear anyone laugh, it’s a beautiful sound that instantly makes me smile….even if I’m not privy to why they are laughing and they are a stranger a few feet away.

    Most beautiful eyes – This is too hard for me to name one. Eyes are the first thing I notice about a person. I really believe they are windows to the soul. If you pay close enough attention eyes tell you everything about the person you are communicating with.

    I’ve heard a lot about Mac products, but I don’t own any. The highest end product I own at the moment is from Bare Minerals. I am in need of new products I’ve hit the pan on and Tuesday is my birthday. Maybe I need to expand my horizons on more than just color!

  237. Cathy says:

    My favorite non-musical sounds are my my cats purr, the sound of the ocean and a thunderstorm.

  238. Roslyn Lutaaya says:

    My husband and my two sons have the most beautiful eyes : dark brown with impossibly long curled lashes. I’m yet to find a mascara to mimic them!

  239. Emiliya Petkova says:

    I like the sounds of the waves.I love wearing purple lipsticks and polishes.

    On a scale of 1-10, with 10 being grandmaster champion, how good are you at puzzle games? – Maybe 5

  240. monica says:

    I love the sound of rain. I grew up in a small town near a mountain and we had a huge garden. I always loved hearing rain hitting the leaves of plants outside my window. Somehow rain in the city sounds different from rain in my hometown.

  241. Lou says:

    Hi Karen !

    Well, the first non-musical sound that comes to my mind is… the comforting sound of boiling water in the kettle. In the morning, in the afternoon, whenever ! I just love it, because I know it means I am about to drink a nice cup of tea ๐Ÿ™‚

    And I love purple, especially on lips (maybe in a deep-red-purple shade), on my nails (wearing it right now) and for accessories (scarf, shoes…)

    Thanks for the weekly giveaways and have a nice sunday !

  242. Lucy Nguyen says:

    I love listening the sound of rain. It feels refresh and calm.

  243. Vili says:

    Hi Karen,
    And yes purple everything from makeup to furniture. It fits lovely with my Gothic influenced outfits and gives the impression of maturity.
    My favorite non- musical sounds would be the sound of raindrops on the window combined with the majestic cracking of burning wood in a fireplace. Combines with the aroma of hot chocolate and a good book to read I can completely forget that the rest of the universe exists.

  244. Margarita says:

    I love the sound of the ocean. I could listen to it all day!

  245. Trillina Palemi says:

    I love purple! Eyes, lips, nailsโ€ฆ love it all!

  246. Sevasti Ritta says:

    Purple i can only wear a lip product from Too faced (Melted-Fig) and tha i am scary many times to wear that…! And dark purple mascara love that!

  247. Kiyanna says:

    Hey Karen!!
    How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)? I love purple, I own purple lipsticks, nail polish & eye shadows. I also have purple pants & some shirts!

  248. Sara says:

    I love the sound of rain!

  249. Kim says:

    Hi Karen,

    Commenting from miles away.
    I love puzzles but puzzles don’t love me back. I am around a 6 ๐Ÿ™‚

  250. Maddie says:

    I bought the Tarte Poppy Picnic Amazonian Clay Eye & Cheek Palette and MAC Huggable Lipstick in Play It Soft yesterday, so I’m getting ready for spring.

  251. Michelle says:

    Best non-musical sound for me is the sound of horses galloping. For some reason, I always love this sound! Have a great weekend, Karen!

  252. Cathy French says:

    My boyfriend has the most beautiful blue eyes I have ever seen. I also love to wear purple.

  253. Annie says:

    I love the color purple but i’m too afraid to use it on my eyes ๐Ÿ™‚

  254. Jessica says:

    I love wearing purple eye shadow! It can’t be electric purple though.

  255. susan h says:

    I’ve been obsessed with purple lately! Purchased the shiseido eyeshadow cream in Cardinal. It is absolutely stunning.

  256. Christiana Mercier says:

    I love to use a bright color on my lids —I tone it down by using saddle in the crease and minimal liner.

  257. y. says:

    ocean waves

  258. Maritess Lee says:

    I am very comfortable with purple makeup and just wearing purple in general. My birthstone is amethyst so I think naturally I am drawn to this color!

  259. Candice says:

    I have colouring pretty close to yours and I really want to try a good purple blush. Anyone have suggestions?

  260. Jennifer says:

    For some reason I have a hard time with the color purple. I just painted my nails a shade of purple and am willing my self to leave it on!

  261. Jennifer says:

    Hi Karen! Happy Weekend! Sunday is my chopping, marinating, cooking day, as well as squeezing in a workout. I’ve completed about half of these and am taking a break and maybe a little snooze….

    My favorite nonmusical sound would be the sound water makes in nature: the ocean, rivers, streams, waterfalls, rain, fountains. Beautiful and soothing!

    Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  262. jac says:

    Oooh I have never owned any MAC products before!

  263. Crystal says:

    My favorite sound other than non-musical sound is hearing my son’s laughter.

  264. Teddie says:

    Love purple anything ~ shoes, clothes, nails, eyes but NOT lips. Oh dear ~ tried it once and looked like death warmed over…

  265. Emily says:

    Generally, I’m not into purple, but I will wear a some deep purple eye shadow from time to time!

  266. agnese says:

    I love wear purple, and I love you!

  267. em says:

    i like wearing purple eyeshadow. I wish purple lipstick looked just as good on me

  268. Rose says:

    Who has the most beautiful eyes of anyone you know?

    David Bowie. Because David Bowie. (Although I don’t really know him….)

    How do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)?

    I have an Express tee, now unavailable, that says “Yesterday I wore black/Today I am wearing black/Tomorrow I will wear black” (in all caps). However, this is misleading, as sometimes I also wear purple (and that’s all). Should I ever win a MAC gift card, I would get the 9-shade purple eyeshadow palette. I’m considering getting a lavender Z-palette (so much pricier than DIY, though) and cobbling together my own purple palette from all my cheapy singles and other palettes’ purple bits and bobs. So yeah ^ ^

    Thank you!

  269. Chelsea says:

    Best name for a city or town? Probably Nice!

  270. Rozae says:

    Purple isn’t my favorite colors but I totally rock, purple eye shadow and polish!

  271. Natalie says:

    I think the best name for a city is Hakuna Matata.

  272. Jess says:

    I love purple! I haven’t used purple eyeshadow in a while, but I love to use purple eyeliner and I’m on the hunt for a purple mascara. (Any recs??)

    I don’t know if I could do a purple lip, though … would probably look as if I have frostbite…

  273. Ana Mattoso says:

    Purple is my favorite color! I wear it everywhere but I think it is a little bit hard to wear purple eyeshadow sometimes.

  274. Larissa says:

    I love anything purple (or pink), especially on nails! Essie has a cute purple called Sexy Divide which I am obsessed with! And for eyes Wet n’ Wild’s Petal Pusher palette is so cute ๐Ÿ™‚

  275. Christine says:

    I like the sound of leaves on trees rustling in the wind!

  276. Holly S. says:

    Best name for a town that made me giggle was Medina. I started singing, “Funky cold Medina…” They pronounce it Med-eye-na. Nope! LOLforever.

  277. Lancelot Ottley says:

    My gf will definitely love this. She is a big fan of purple.

  278. Kalli Melia says:

    I love my blue-based purples, especially for eyeliners and nails. I really love them now for the summer months, when I want really bright colors.

  279. Melly says:

    I can’t wear purple with my skin tone, but its a gorgeous color and I am jealous of anyone who can pull it off.

  280. Pansy says:

    Puzzle genius = negative for me

  281. Clemence says:

    Love purple eye makeup!

  282. Amber says:

    I’m all about purple makeup! Love it in nail polish and eyeshadow. I just bought a lilac shade from maybelline that I like but a, still warming myself up to for lips.

  283. Diane says:

    Purple is actually one of my favorite colors for a lipstick!

  284. Mary says:

    I love cats but as fate has it, my husband is extremely allergic to them. That doesn’t stop us from rescuing strays! Now that I’ve randomly commented on a topic not related to this post or any of the questions posed above, I find that purple makeup and clothes is a hit or miss for me.

  285. INCI says:

    Not a big fan of purple but I wear on my nails sometime. ๐Ÿ™‚

  286. Heather T says:

    I love purple shadows that are wearable at work!

  287. LaTanya says:

    I would score myself a 7 for puzzle games

  288. Tricia Hope says:

    I am REALLY good at word puzzles.My spatial part of my brain is unfortunately under developed

  289. Georgia Lee says:

    I love wearing purple makeup because it really makes my brown eyes stand out. I love wearing purple eyeliner such as Urban Decay’s Vice and Psychedelic sister.

  290. Meghan says:

    Purple is the best colour! I love to wear it all the time. I’m even wearing a purple shirt right now. It’s my fave eye liner colour to add a bit of a pop. My mom also recently put purple streaks in her white hair and I’m so jelly! It’s also my birthstone & it’s quite possibly the most flattering colour for anyone! There’s a shade out there for everybody!

  291. Chelsea says:

    I’m pretty good at puzzle games. I used to be a Tetris master!

  292. indayluvs says:

    There’s only one thing that can take my mind off makeup and it’s sports!! The Warriors are in the Western Conference Finals for the first time in 39!!! years! *WCBC*

  293. Yanisa Allison says:

    I wish I was grandma-champion at puzzle games! I would totally put that on my resume, haha.

    About purple… It GAVE ME LIFE 2-3 years ago. Now black is the new purple for me!

  294. Deanna says:

    Purple looks terrible on me. ๐Ÿ™

  295. Nisha says:

    I love wearing purple nail polish. It looks so pretty and I tend to pick them out all the time I like wearing purple lipsticks and eye shadows too especially the darker colors but Im comfortable with all shades except lavender. Im still trying to make those work for me lol

  296. Lily says:

    I like a pop of purple on my eyes by using eyeliner. For lips I like orchid colours and pink toned purple. On the nails, I like everything except vampy purple.

  297. Blanca says:

    My husband has the most beautiful green eyes! ๐Ÿ™‚

  298. daniella says:

    I saw Mad Max last night and it BLEW MY MIND, omg

  299. Katie says:

    My son Hayes has the most beautiful blue eyes!! He turns one on the 28th, and me and hub have gone a little crazy spending way too much money on his football themed birthday party!

  300. Cintia says:

    This weekend I watch The Avengers, and it was really good. Then my hubby and I went to grab some lunch at ‘& Pizza’. Super delicious build-yourself-pizza-place.

  301. CL says:

    Purple’s okay so long as it’s not too intense in facial makeup. Intense purple on fingernails is fine.

  302. Rika says:

    I love your blog, Karen. Greetings from Indonesia!

  303. shelly peterson says:

    I love the color purple! I think Paul Walker has the most beautiful eyes ever and then my grandson, they are a rare color.

  304. Rachel says:

    I love purple! I do purple nails, purple clothes, purple eye shadow and liner, and am currently on the hunt for a purple lipstick!

  305. Ashley says:

    Hi Karen! I just found your blog as I’ve been reading up about hormonal acne on my chin. It’s been horrible! The person who has the most beautiful eyes I’ve seen is my husband Desmond who is currently deployed and whom I miss like crazy! His eyes are tawny and doe-like and framed by these thick curly eyelashes! I always tell him that if I had his eyelashes I would be like a million times more attractive, haha! I am also really good at puzzle games, particularly word puzzles. My brain just works that way ๐Ÿ™‚

  306. Angela Stevens says:

    I am hoping to win this to give to my sister she is amazing!!!

  307. Amy says:

    On a scale of 1-10, I’m probably a 4 at puzzles. I want to get better tho, especially since it helps with focus and a whole bunch of other things lol

  308. Laura B. says:

    Happy Sunday! Another purple fan over here!

  309. Dia says:

    I love purple for everything. It’s my favorite color.

  310. Sara Weatherman says:

    I check my email for your blog.

    Usually a night owl but my gosh I’m sleep today.

    P.s. thank you for the fun.

  311. Michelle says:

    I definitely think purple is my color and I own more purple eyeshadows than any other color, and I love purple clothing…don’t think I could pull off purple lips, though.

  312. BJ says:

    Ahh need need!! Fingers crossed woo

  313. Kirsten says:

    I love purple. And Jared Padalecki has the most gorgeous eyes I’ve ever seen.

  314. f says:

    What a boring night.. I’m gonna put on the purplest lipstick and go see mad max. That or stay in my pj’s reading this blog.

  315. Sophie Li says:

    I’m honestly too scared to wear any color as bold as purple ๐Ÿ˜›
    I’m more comfortable with beige, black, white, etc.

  316. Liz R says:

    Weh Im not that good on puzzle I’d say around 4 (on scale to 10)LOL. ooh I love purple from light to dark purple (majority on eye makeup and nails) I only have couple of purple lipstick.

  317. Sejal says:

    One of my favorite non-musical sounds is the crunching of leaves when you step on them in the fall!

  318. Rachel says:

    I don’t know him personally, but Benedict Cumberbatch has the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen! <3

  319. Deanna says:

    I want to see Mad Max so bad! I finally saw the new Avengers movie today, so Mad Max is next on my list!

  320. Sen says:

    I have been trying to find the perfect purple shadow, something metallic-y to place on my lower lash line.

  321. Erin Ortiz says:

    My mom has the most beautiful eyes, they are green with a blue ring around them but they can also switch to blue as well as grey.

  322. Casey says:

    I think Cillian Murphy has gorgeous eyes! It’s always distracting in his scenes ๐Ÿ™‚

  323. Bernice says:

    Oh, I’m terrible. I’m a 1 when it comes to puzzle games.

  324. Raquel says:

    Hi Karen!!! Paris is the Best Name for a City! I named my 15 year old son Paris! I’m also in Love with Heroine by Mac!

  325. Valerie C. says:

    My grandmother had turquoise eyes….I mean bright turquoise! People always commented. She was also the sweetest lady you could ever meet <3

  326. Rachael says:

    Right now I have my windows open and I love the sound of the crickets and the wind rustling the leaves on the trees. I love that combination of outside sounds! It makes me so excited for summer!

  327. genesis says:

    Right now I am wearing the shade elephantastic on my nails by OPI

  328. Aimen says:

    I like to wear purple on my eyes time to time because they can make brown eyes pop. And if I’m drinking some purple kool aid and wipe it off there’s not much I can do ๐Ÿ˜‰

  329. Lorraine E.R says:

    Purple is so my color, I’ve even had my hair dyed purple ( in my younger crazier days!)

  330. Jana says:

    I hope you had a nice weekend Karen! I do love purple products although I don’t really wear them often.

  331. Ashley S says:

    When it comes to purple I love purple anything but eyeshadow and lipstick are soooooo pretty to me!!!

  332. roseann archer says:

    happy weekend to all and purple is cool

  333. Grace Bennett says:

    I love purple but that is just recent. You see my mom loved anything purple. She wore it, decorated with us, chose flowers and gifts to give away in purple, and then passed away nearly two years ago with ALS and couldn’t even tell us in the last months of her life which purple outfit she wanted to wear that day. After that I almost hated the color.

    Till recently … I chose some purple eyeshadow, then a blazer that had purple in the tweed so I found a purple camy to wear under it, and slowly both my twin and I have begun to wear her favorite color. Not because it is so much better a color, but more that we feel in a small way we are honoring her memory, and it makes her feel closer.

  334. Toan says:

    I love wearing purple eyeshadows and would wear it at least three times a week.

    I also like all shades for purple nail polishes. Especially bright purple.

  335. Gina Bullard says:

    Hello Karen – MAC card again! Yeah. Maybe it’s just me but I think anyone can pull off a midrange brown smoky eye. It looks good on blue, green, hazel, and brown. As for the purple, I’m not such a fan. I wear it, from time to time – but nothing garnish. I’ll wear it on my nails, even dark purple and my eyes but not the darks. I’ve even done a smokey purple eye — but it’s certainly not something that I’d do much – but for the younger gals — I see it. My grandmother loved purple, wore it all the time. I thought she was a bit odd. LOL.

  336. Fion says:

    Purple sky rain sounds good ๐Ÿ˜€

  337. Jackie Sakalauskas says:

    Still the most beautiful eyes ever IMHO belonged to Liz Taylor….oh and purple? Go figure – load me up girl! Purple eyes, eye shadow oh yeah, purple bed for my cat!

  338. Nathalia says:

    Purple: HELL. F’YING. YES.
    (that pretty much sums up my philosophy on life: if it has purple on it, I want it. Yes, you can call me Marie Schrader)

  339. Julie Murphy says:

    I am about a 7 with puzzles.

  340. Sarina Wakefield says:

    I love purple shades in general. My bedroom decor is a combination of deep and pale purple hues and it’s (in my humble opinion of course) an oasis of loveliness.

    My love of purple spans many things handmade diaries, clothes, and make up. I really want a purple sparkly cat collar for my gorgeous white rescue angora but as yet haven’t found one. One day I shall!

    I have two favourite purple eye shadow palettes that I get so much use from. My ultimate is the Marc Jacobs, The Tease, I cannot tell you how much I love the colours and texture of these beauties…and the packaging, just darned gorgeous! My favourite in the palette is the bright magenta shade (No.6) that i like to put in the middle of my lid for a pop of colour and warmth. The second is the purple palette from the Mac Toldeo and Ruben collection, Violetwink. Stars’n’rockets is my absolutley favourite of the shades, the fact that this is in the permanent collection makes me VERY happy. Again amazing packaging and a perfectly balanced range of six shades. I like that for the day you can combine the lighter colours of either of these palettes for a really understated look and then you can change it up with the gorgeous colour pops.

    I also adore the spring 2015 Essie Flowerista polish which is amazing. It goes with so may different colours and really suits my pale skin. I also have a limited editiong Chanel polish in Paradoxal that I bought a few years ago when I was living in Bahrain. It’s like a grey purple that is completely unusual and totally striking.

    What other suggestions do you have for purple make up?

  341. ElzaElza says:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE purple!

  342. Astrild says:

    I looove wearing all shades of purple in clothing, eyes, jewels… Lips are other world. I like warm purples but for me, cooler shades are difficult to pull it off.

  343. Renata says:

    Dear Karen,

    thanks for this lovely giveaway again! ๐Ÿ™‚
    I’m a purple person, so I do wear it a lot – sometimes combined with turquoise, to make it even more colorful – what do you think, are they matching?

  344. Danielle D says:

    Hi Karen! I don’t know about the best names for a city, but I used to live in Delaware, Oh. And I have a friend that grew up there and then went to school in Indiana, PA. I always thought that was funny!

  345. Shelby says:

    Even as an adult I smile when I see a city named Shelbyville.

  346. Amy says:

    I love wearing purple, usually mixing it with a green too. I also really want to see the new Mad Max movie. Thanks for the quick review!

  347. Nikki says:

    One of my favorite non music sounds has got to be the sound of the waves breaking at the beach. It’s sooooo relaxing. It’s almost musical.

  348. Alyssa Lee says:

    Purple looks good with my eyes. I’ll wear an eyeliner or eye-shadow but thats about it.

  349. Tiffany B says:

    I could rock purple from head to toe! It’s my favorite color! Friday I’m going to get peacock blue ad purple in my hair. Super excited!

  350. Lisa M. says:

    Puzzle games? Could we play a hidden object game instead, cause I’m a 2 or 3 at puzzle games, but can find that lipstick hidden in a pile of (virtual) clutter like nobody’s business!

  351. Kim says:

    I’ve been wondering about Mad Max – from everything that’s been in EW, I felt like it might have that vibe but I’m glad to hear that it was in a positive way. Charlize is always good. ๐Ÿ™‚

    We had fab weather this weekend and it was sunny and 80 yesterday. Sadly, I had promised myself that, no matter what, I’d be scrubbing the bathrooms from top to bottom and getting the walls washed. It was not a good day for that (would have been better for playing hooky outside) but I’m glad I got it done.

  352. Krista says:

    I’m mostly a purple lover. I love purple lips and I think there are some purple blushes that are pretty cool, you have to be the right skin tone to pull them off though.

  353. Sienna says:

    I’m oddly living all things purple now, was never a fave before. Now, I can’t wear enough purple nail polish.

  354. LAuren says:

    I’m only into deep dark purples, very jewelish feelings. I don’t like soft or pinky purples. I think I like lilac nails but then I have them and want to remove them immediately

  355. aradhana says:

    purple….love it! eyes, lips, nails…all of the above!

  356. Terri says:

    I really like purple for nail polish and eye shadow.

  357. Analy Rodriguez says:

    I absolutely love the color purple! Mainly in accessories, nail polishes and clothing ๐Ÿ™‚

  358. Remi says:

    Purple all the things.

  359. Trude says:

    I love the sound of a rainstorm so much, I have a whole Soundcloud playlist full of different rain/storm tracks. It’s the perfect tune-out music…until you have to pee. ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Trude recently posted … May Desktop Background

  360. Alison says:

    Hi Karen!

    I love purple! I have fair skin, blonde hair, and green eyes, and I feel like purple really makes my eyes pop! Thanks for the giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚


  361. Ooh, my husband is going to see Mad Max tomorrow. We just watched the Mel Gibson version over the weekend.

    I seem to keep buying everything in purple, without meaning to really. I like it, but I am trying to stay away from it because I own so much already.
    Lisa @ Lisa Living Well recently posted … Throwback Thursday: 2004

  362. meka says:

    I love purple, its actually my favorite color….especially lipstick!!

  363. Megan says:

    I love wearing purple! Well, except in eyeshadow form. I have green eyes and people always tell me I should wear purple eyeshadow, but it never looks quite right. Maybe I just haven’t found the right shades yet.

  364. Audrey B says:

    I love purple, I’d wear it on my eyes, nails, jewelry, etc.

  365. Julie Florence says:

    My friend has the most beautiful blue eyes with brown hair! No joke, a guy at costco actually told us he was speechless because he couldn’t get over them! So jealous!

  366. Paol Trenny says:

    I am probably a seven. I am good enough to figure the puzzle out but it takes a bit longer than I would like.

    I love the color purple. Actually it is one of my college alma mater colors (purple and gold). Greaux Tigers! We (friends, family, and I) wear purple and gold to every LSU games, sporting events, and functions. That includes makeup, clothing, accessories, and the whole nine yards.

  367. pegg says:

    I love plums for eyes and lipsticks. Seems like the perfect color for spring/summer. Reminds me I have to dig out my Bite Beauty lipstick in Lavender.. So pretty!

  368. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I like wearing all shades of purple products. It’s one of my favorite colors and I wear it in eye makeup, nails, clothing and accessories. But not my lips – it makes me look like the undead.

  369. Andrea Darst says:

    My niece has the most gorgeous blue-green eyes and red hair – she’s the spitting image of my sister at that age (except my sister has brown eyes)!

  370. jen c says:

    I’m pro-purple. This reminds me of when I visited a Houston shopping mall the summer after 4the grade (’92) I saw a store called I [heart] Purple. Stocked with every purple knick-knack you can imagine!

  371. Ke says:

    My favorite non musical sound is the sound of the river flowing. I find it very soothing and relaxing.

  372. Courtney says:

    I love the sound of my son’s giggle

  373. YELENA says:

    โ€ขOn a scale of 1-10, with 10 being grandmaster champion, how good are you at puzzle games?
    UMMM 7 ๐Ÿ™‚
    โ€ขWhatโ€™s one of your favorite non-musical sounds?
    โ€ขWho has the most beautiful eyes of anyone you know?
    โ€ขBest name for a city or town?
    โ€ขHow do you feel about wearing purple products (eye makeup, lips, nails, clothing, accessories)?

  374. glenn s says:

    I like all kinds of popcorn, but especially cinammon

  375. Barbara B says:

    One of the ER nurses at the hospital where I work has such beautiful blue eyes I do a double take sometimes when I see her because she is so pretty!

  376. Janice Montbriand says:

    I love purple products! I love purple nails, and accessories! Not sure I would be brave enough for the lip products..

  377. Edmond says:

    OMG, I luv purple. I wear clothes with that color. Divine.Wow, prize paypal gc is fab. & splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. ๐Ÿ™‚ Pick me, pick me! Dear Santa: Iโ€™ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest. Starving artist here desperately needs the Amazon gc to shop and eat. A life changing exp.

  378. roz says:

    I love purple but keep it minimal when wearing as makeup. Either lips or eyes not both

  379. Erika says:

    Love purple for eyes!

  380. Princess says:

    I’m totally in love with purple lips. MAC’s Lipsticks in Heroine and Up The Amp and Mally Beauty’s High Shine Liquid Lipstick Pen in Orchid are some of my faves!

  381. Wayne says:

    Spent Canadian long weekend at PetSmart for an adoption weekend. Rescue record-tying 19 adoptions. ๐Ÿ™‚

  382. Maria K says:

    My cousin has the most amazing eyes! Kind of a cool grey-blue, which really pops against his dark hair. I’ve always thought my brown eyes were a bit boring haha ๐Ÿ˜‰

  383. brittany says:

    we just bought a condo!!

  384. annalisa says:

    there are two towns in NJ named Brick and Wall =)

  385. Susan C. says:

    Most interesting town name I’ve come across is Intercourse, located smack dab in the middle of Pennsylvania Dutch Country.

    One of my favorite eyeshadow looks is a warm lavender with a touch of plum in the outer v. I’m 50, so it may be a no-no, but darned if the contrast doesn’t make my blue eyes pop! Sassy!

  386. Tracey says:

    I love purple! It’s almost as beautiful as Bora Bora, my favorite city name.

  387. Natalya says:

    My favorite non-musical sound is rain and the ocean waves against the beach.
    Purple color is must have in any makeup collection! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Green eyes are beautiful. I remember when I was in high school we had a substitute teacher. He had the most beautiful emerald eyes and jet black hair ๐Ÿ˜› it was hard not to stare! ๐Ÿ˜€

  388. Kayla W says:

    I am all about purple when it comes to clothes and make up! I’ve been especially obsessed with purple lips lately- Mac Up the Amp and Heroine and Too Faced Melted Fig have been in my rotation quite a bit!

  389. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    Hey Karen, I hope you are sleeping well. I’m about to call it a day myself. I hope you have a great sun shiney day tomorrow also. Thanks for this opportunity.

  390. Tosha H says:

    I definitely dig purple in pretty much everything, especially nail polishes~

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