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This giveaway is closed, and the winner has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, ELIZABETH!!!), but check back next Saturday for another giveaway.

MAC Cosmo Lipstick ($17), a pink coco with an Amplified finish

MAC Cosmo Lipstick ($17), a pink coco with an Amplified finish

You’re gonna have to be rising and shining for the both of us today, my makeup-loving friend, because this here lipstick lover has a cold.

Yub, by doze id dodally sdubbed ub. 🙁


But Tabs has been a wonderful nurse. He’s been making me soup and keeping me company on the couch (I ended up not going to the symphony, poo). Yesterday I watched so much TV it’s ridiculous. I even watched Dirty Dancing for the one thousandth time, and by the way, nobody puts baby in the corner. I’m serious — nobody. You do NOT even want to try it, haha.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Tabs and I will be over here living vicariously through you.


  • One (1) MAC eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).



  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    • I can’t stop thinking about __________.
    • Have you ever been to a NASCAR race?
    • When was the last time you did your nails?
    • What’s the hardest thing about your job (or school)?
    • What’s your favorite exercise or piece of equipment at the gym?
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, September 28, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). 🙂

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Julie says:

    I am so proud of all the Registered Nurses who gathered together to educate the panel of “The View” and the public on the work of professional nurses. Also, painted my nails “Blaze” by Zoya this week to usher in Autumn. Love the little sparklies in the polish!

    • Lala Reed says:

      I would say the hardest thing about my job is being a mother and running my company. Sometimes it’s just hard to balance. Simply Stylash La-la

  2. Joselyn Hernandez says:

    I like running so I would say my favorite equipment at the gym is the treadmill, but I prefer to run outside.

  3. Dawn says:

    I love the urban decay revolution lipsticks. The pigmentation is awesome. They don’t drag when you apply them but they aren’t so creamy that they move all over the place.

    I have to admit, I really want MAC Cosmo now. It looks beautiful on you, Karen!

  4. Agata says:

    Oh Karen, please feel better! hugs!

    I do my nails every Sunday, so tomorrow is time for that again!
    Agata recently posted … How to wear red eyeshadow?

  5. Tiffanie says:

    I hope you feel better soon!

  6. Sienna says:

    feel better soon!!!

  7. Meghan says:

    I just got a promotion and I’ve started a Master’s program so lots of learning ahead! Definitely two challenging things about my job and school! Haha 😜

  8. Rekia Edu says:

    Last night I went on adventure in Sephora (typical Friday night) I tried YSL’s Black Opium fragrance (amongst other things) and fell in love but couldn’t afford it. So I got a sample. Hehe

  9. Alicia says:

    I religiously get my nails done every 2 weeks. I have to do gel because I’m crazy anal about chips but I work with my hands. So it’s the only thing that works for me. I can only wear shades of pinks or reds for work, so it takes some creativity.

  10. Anu Liza Thomas says:

    I have started my first teaching job and I am kind of struggling to keep my cool. I have been working on my patience since 2 months and I am proud to say that I have come a long way 😊

  11. Allie says:

    I love lip creams! I cannot explain why. Just got the new Nyx Suede. Also love the Milani Lip Cream’s that just out. Possibly the way they look shiny when they get applied then it turns matte and stays on. So neat. Possibly the soft/velvet applicator. Hmmmm…

  12. Sayaka says:

    My friend recently gave me a lipstick because she realized that she didnt like the color on her. When I tried it, she loved it on me and so she decided to just give it. Have you ever tried a lipstick color that you liked at first but then realized it wasnt your color or type? Do you give it away too? If yes, who are your favorite recipients?

  13. Susannah says:

    I bought a tube of MAC’s Paramount lipstick on whim 10 years ago, and I have not worn another color since. 10 years of dedicated love.* It is the perfect red… and Karen, I do hope you feel better soon!

    *A notable exception is when I purchased Peggy Carter’s lipstick from Besame. All women want to be like Peggy.

  14. jessica says:

    What’s the hardest thing about your job (or school)?

    getting out of bed.

  15. Farah D says:

    The hardest thing about work is never finding a place/time to sit so my legs swell up!

  16. Alix says:

    My fave is YSL’s Glossy Stains!

  17. Nicole says:

    My favorite lipsticks of all time would have to be the kat von d everlasting lasting liquid lipsticks. ..I’m obsessed with them have a good weekend (:

  18. Megan says:

    I am dying to add a few plum/violet lipsticks to my routine this fall1

  19. Maria says:

    I love Dirty Dancing! I must have seen it a hundred times and it never gets old

  20. Christina says:

    I can’t wait to get my nails done next weekend. Nails here I come!

  21. Coleen says:

    I love the color of that lipstick, pink cocoa.

  22. susan says:

    Love work but the hardest thing about it is the dysfunctional adults!

  23. I can’t stop thinking about our wedding and honeymoon! It’s been a few weeks now since we got back, but both the wedding and Hawaii are still on my mind all the time, I just feel so happy 🙂
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Make-up look | Coral red lips, winged eyeliner and fluttery lashes with Max Factor

  24. Amy says:

    The hardest thing about my job is that my clients are either crazy or on drugs.

  25. Silvia Johanidesova says:

    I’m working in spedition&logistic branch and it’s really stressfull job,you have to be multitasking when you pick up the phone while you’re writing and email and your colleague sitting next to you ask you some stupidities…so minimum are 3 things to do at the same time,sometimes it’s really hard…
    Kisses Silvia

  26. buckycatt says:

    K & T – Seeing your MAC post earlier this week made me go dig out my Brave Red. Such a lovely color. Would the Roses cremesheen glass be complementary? Be well Hotstuff & Lil Mama!!

  27. Colleen Boudreau says:

    The last time I did my nails was about 3 weeks ago.

  28. Cindy says:

    I think my favorite lipstick formula of all time was the original Kat Von D lipstick in Underage Red. I haven’t tried the new one yet but the old one DOES. NOT. MOVE. once it’s on! My favorite lip primer of all time was the Paula Dorf Perfect Illusion for lips – it made ANY lipstick stay on for AT LEAST 12 hours!! My life was shattered when it was discontinued. I tried MAC’s Prep + Prime lip but I was just settling. The CLOSEST one to the original Paula Dorf formula is Urban Decay’s Ultimate Ozone. I can’t take the trauma if that one gets discontinued, LOL.

  29. Kimberly says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Pumpkin Spice Lattes and boots and oversized sweaters now that Fall has arrived.

  30. rosalyn says:

    Feel better !! =)

  31. Leena says:

    I don’t think that matte is my favorite texture of lipstick, but I do tend to gravitate to colors that happen to be matte

  32. Laura says:

    My favorite at the gym is the arc trainer.

  33. Michelle says:

    I can’t wait until I receive my vintage 3-tier cake stand from Etsy!

  34. Lizzie says:

    My favorite excercise is Zumba!!!

  35. Kelly says:

    My favorite lipstick formula of all time is MAC lipsticks, they’re always really smooth on my lips and last. Other lipsticks are always fading away which is annoying to have to reapply.

  36. Gina says:

    Awe…so sorry to hear you have a cold. That sucks. I just did my nails today – a dark purple gel by Revlon. Feel BETTER SOON!!!

  37. Melissa says:

    I can’t stop thinking about halloween and my costume!

  38. Nicole says:

    Happy Caturday!

  39. Maria Cook says:

    I am a MAC lipstick junky. I love it.

  40. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    Just finished doing my nails !

  41. Debora Brezoi says:

    My favourite lipstick tinish is Satin finish from MAC. I love it. Its very pigmented, not too shiny but not too dry, and a secret: you can obtain a matte finish if you dab MAC matte on top of the lipstick! Love it.

  42. Cherry Ann Villagomez says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the Road to Ultra Concert!

  43. Shannon Mackey says:

    I cannot stop thinking about Fall and sweaters and warm drinks. My favorite time of the year!!

  44. Andrea Darst says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the Garth Brooks concert we’re going to tonight!! Hope you feel better!!

  45. Lauren says:

    I’m a huge liquid lipstick fan, and I think my favorite formula is KVD’s. For more traditional lipsticks, I’d probably have to go for Mac satin finishes, but I don’t really have too much to compare with them.

  46. Anastassia says:

    I use lip balm and then lipstick. Always. I did my nails two weeks ago.

  47. Susan T. says:

    Get better soon Karen! Luckily Tabs is there for you! I had a totally miserable, sleepless night last night. I’m battling Lyme disease which irritates the nervous system and I woke up last night feeling like I had mosquito bites on every inch of my skin! I wanted to scratch my skin right off but scratching doesn’t help because it’s not a real itch. 🙁 My kitty Peter knew something was wrong and cuddled me all night. When I gave in and tried to scratch he put his paw on my hands to stop me! Cats totally know when you need them and truly do care about us. I hope this gave you a smile this morning. Petey’s getting his favorite tuna rice ball from the sushi place today! Lol!

  48. Rhoda K says:

    I did my nails last night 😀 – rockin Friday night!

  49. Elizabeth M. says:

    I’m battling a cold too 🙁 hope you feel better!

  50. Chasity Mckinzie says:

    I can’t stop thinking about this vitamin i was taking and how it caused so much trouble in my face. I took biotin and had the worse break out of my life. I have finally got it out of my system and my face is finally healing. It was so stressful and depressing. I have a new found respect for people dealing with acne on a regular basis.

  51. Ragy R. says:

    I love the fall and all the comfort food I can dig into.

  52. Deretta says:

    I have been to a NASCAR race. Sigh. I bought my husband tickets one Valentine’s Day and thought he would take a friend. He took me. Sigh.

  53. Denise S says:

    The hardest part of my job is getting up early. Six a.m. seems to come awfully fast every day.

  54. Nan S. says:

    I can’t stop thinking about cool, crisp fall days and warm, spicy chili by the fire! 🙂

  55. Trillina Palemi says:

    I’ve never been in a race NASCAR

  56. Lisa Brown says:

    i can’t start thinking about food.

  57. Makyla says:

    I hope you feel better real soon, Karen! Take extra care this weekend!

  58. Amoure Jones says:

    Happy Saturday Karen,

    I’m sorry to hear you’re not feeling well, but it’s good to know Tabs is there to take care of you.

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?

    Retro Matte

    I can’t stop thinking about __________.

    my boyfriend

    Have you ever been to a NASCAR race?

    Never, but it does seem like so much fun.

    When was the last time you did your nails?

    I actually just took my acrylics off so I plan on doing my nails this week.

  59. Kalli says:

    I have a few favorite lipstick formulas! I really like Urban Decay’s Revolution Lipstick, lots of pigment and it feels nice on. I also really like Maybelline’s matte formula, very velvety and not drying. I only have one but the L’Oreal Reds are awesome! And some of Revlon’s creme lipsticks are really nice, like Fire & Ice and Cherries in the Snow. Lastly, I also love MAC’s Creamsheen.
    Kalli recently posted … 90s Grunge Inspired

  60. Analy Rodriguez says:

    My favorite lipstick formula is the one from the Soft Matte lip creams from NYX, they dry super fast and leave a good matte finish that lasts for a while.

  61. aradhana says:

    hope you feel better soon, karen!

    my favourite lipstick formulas are usually satins or mattes…i don’t have one all time favourite brand though.

  62. roz says:

    My fave lipstick is surprisingly Wet n Wild Megalast. Mostly cause it is the only lipstick that doesn’t make me break out on my lips.

  63. Brian says:

    I can’t stop thinking about what happened on How To Get Away with Murder and Scandal!

  64. Amy says:

    The hardest part of my job is having to wait for others to make decisions that affect what I do.

  65. Angela says:

    I love wearing MAC’s Snob with UD’s midnight cowboy gloss layered over it. Immaculate!

  66. Isabella says:

    I can’t stop thinking about creme brûlée.. better make some soon 😉

  67. Maria says:

    Yes, I have been to many NASCAR races. I start with the first race in Daytona Beach and end with the championship race in Homestead, FL. It’s a lot of fun, and hubby and I enjoy going to the tracks and cheering on our favorite drivers (#s 48 & 88). Hope you feel better soon!

  68. Cory says:

    Oh man, I’m so feelin’ for you, Karen. I literally just got over a cold that lasted like 8-9days? The incubation period was sooo long. I was like, “am I getting sick?”, “is it going away?”—for the 1st three days, & then got hammered with a head cold which then led to my chest.
    I’m on the total opposite side of the country tho! Good ‘ol Northeast PA (I’m almost at the same latitude as Eugene, OR—where I used to live, & will always miss horribly)!
    But yeah, immune system for two 🙂
    Try, & have a good weekend in spite of that darn cold. Binge watch movies or something..? El Hub will wait on you & Baby Girl. & of course take care of King/Queen Tabs lol

  69. Jocelyn says:

    I last did my nails probably a month ago, and I’ve just had clear polish on since everything got too chipped. I need to make time to give myself a mani/pedi this weekend.

  70. Krystle says:

    By Terry hyaluronic sheer nude lippies are my HG!

  71. Liz says:

    I am doing my nails today. I do manis weekly and pedis about every two weeks.

  72. Anne says:

    I love really pigmented lip glosses. Buxom Brandi and MAC lipglass in Desire are my favorites. My kiddos and I just got over a Back to school cold. Bleh. Hope you feel better soon!

  73. Kater says:

    -Guerlain Rouge G/Bite Luminous Creme. For a long time I ONLY bought Rouge G lipsticks, but thanks to Sephora’s 250 point Bite lipstick giveaway, I may be a convert.

  74. Aeris says:

    I really love the MAC frost lipstick and the Chanel Rouge Coco shine!

  75. Aurelie Red says:

    I did my nails four days ago (a beautiful burgundy ♥) and I think I will did them again tommorow !

  76. Niki T. says:

    I last did my nails about 4 days ago. I’ve since split my thumb nail pretty deep and it hurts to even wash my hands, so I’m having to let it grow some before I can attempt to put nail polish remover on it. So, I’ll be living with chipped nails til then. 🙁

  77. Jennifer says:

    I love NASCAR and have been to quite a few races. I live in New Hampshire and that’s where they’re racing this weekend. It’s always a lot of fun. Being at a race involves every one of your senses. Many of the drivers are very kind to their young fans. My son has met most of them.

  78. Lynn T. says:

    I can’t stop thinking about wanting a new job with better pay it’s getting harder to get by.

  79. Sandy says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick Karen, that’s a bummer. My favorite formula of lipstick hands down is MAC’s lustre formula. I don’t need too much pigmentation but I do need moisture and this lipstick is the perfect balance of both and they have many color options. Take Care of yourself.

  80. Marissa L says:

    MAC Lustres have to be my absolute favorite lipstick formula! And the hardest thing about college has to be managing homework and being on a sports team as well

  81. Brwnfruit says:

    The hardest thing about school is multitasking, it’s the weekend, I’m completely spent but have chores, homework and kids heads to do.

  82. Shabeen says:

    Get well soon Karen 🙂
    Oh I cant stop dreaming about randon things. You know that feeling when u sleep so light that you cant differentiate whether it was a dream or reality!! But lately i have been having funny dreams!! Like my freind had a pet dog who could talk.. Guess my brain like playing with its imagination!!
    By the way love ur blog.. Say hi to tabs.. ohh wish my dog could make soup too <3

  83. Trudy Erickson says:

    I have been stuck in all summer post surgery Karen. I sympathize greatly… Arizona is still 100 and I’m going nuts! I’d like to start a blog…Take care, you’re in a beautiful area so you’ll be out soon 😎

  84. latanya says:

    I can’t stop thinking about ice cream

  85. Ashley says:

    My favorite formula would have to be the YSL glossy stain! It’s not drying at all and I like how the color is suspended in a layer of moisture. It also feels really luxurious.

  86. Sylvia says:

    I ruined my nails in June with a horrible acrylic job and they are still recovering. Never again! I hope to be able to start doing them at home in a few weeks when the last of the damage has grown out.

  87. Georgina says:

    Hope you’re feelings better soon, Karen! I think I did my nails two weeks ago, so its about time for a new layer of nailpolish haha

  88. Anne-Marie says:

    I can’t stop thinking about my bronchitis. Boo.

  89. Shabeen says:

    Get well soon Karen😊
    Oh I cant stop dreaming about randon things. You know that feeling when u sleep so light that you cant differentiate whether it was a dream or reality!! But lately i have been having funny dreams!! Like my freind had a pet dog who could talk.. Guess my brain like playing with its imagination!!
    By the way love ur blog.. Say hi to tabs.. ohh wish my dog could make soup too ❤

  90. Kathy T says:

    I can’t stop thinking about thai food. Yum!

  91. christine says:

    I am in my surgery rotation of medical school and I can’t do my nails at the moment because if they chip, they can contaminate patients or just not be a clean situation.

  92. Virginia says:

    I’ve never been to a NASCAR race, but they look like quite the experience.

  93. Eileen says:

    Feel better soon 🙂

    Also, MAC Cosmo looks gorgeous! I want to try it now 🙂

  94. Nisha says:

    I painted my nails today with color club in we’ll never be royals

  95. Icequeen81 says:

    Get well soon, I know the feeling I have nose allergy right now and I don’t like it

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    Always matte

    Have you ever been to an NASCAR race?
    No, but we do go to drift and drag race frequently tonight we are going to watch the drag race
    When was the last time you did your nails?
    I am thinking now, But I think I will pass Allergies symptoms are on, and I seriously hate how my nose is stuffy right now
    What’s the hardest thing about your job (or school)?
    Keep them happy, students can be lazy sometimes, everything about school is boring for them. I pray to the holy spirit to guide me cause sometimes you don’t know what else to do.

  96. Lori Newton says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the Guerlain Holiday release. The compact is on my Christmas list. 🙂

  97. Nancy Whitton says:

    Love the new clinique color pop lipsticks.

  98. Rachel says:

    I can’t stop thinking about food. NOM!

    Feel better soon Karen!! <3

  99. Laurinha says:

    I did my nails yesterday… w Revlon grey suede

  100. Stata says:

    I did my nails last night but I am one of the few people who can’t manage to keep their nails without chipping or destroying them for a day. I used Bobbi Brown’s “Port” with the MAC “Highlighter” topcoat, which gives a deer red and shiny blue pearl finish.

  101. Emily C says:

    I love the formula of Covergirl’s Lip Perfection lipsticks (RIP). They were so creamy, pigmented and long lasting.

  102. Lynette says:

    I really love matte lipsticks. I am into the whole liquid lipstick trend right now, but honestly I just love regular Revlon matte lipsticks, MAC pro longwear, and I’m eyeing the new Urban Decay matte lipsticks too. Waiting for the friends and family sale at Sephora with baited breath! 🙂

  103. Heather G says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Pope Francis.

  104. Shabeen says:

    Get well soon Karen
    Oh I cant stop dreaming about randon things. You know that feeling when u sleep so light that you cant differentiate whether it was a dream or reality!! But lately i have been having funny dreams!! Like my freind had a pet dog who could talk.. Guess my brain like playing with its imagination!!
    By the way love ur blog.. Say hi to tabs.. ohh wish my dog could make soup too

  105. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Being as that I live in the ‘Racing Capital of the World’ – it’s mandatory that everyone in Indianapolis attend a NASCAR, Indy Car, Formula 1, or MotoGP race. I’ve been to each!

  106. Winnie says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Christmas! I know there’s still a while left, but there’s something about fall and this time of the year that just puts me in that mindset, I can’t wait to get a tree, and wrap presents and drink hot chocolate while watching Christmas movies and listening Christmas songs on the radio!

  107. Jessie C. says:

    I have never been to a NASCAR race.

  108. Nika says:

    I actually just did my nails yesterday! I transitioned to a fall color by OPI.

  109. Alona Y says:

    I’m pretty obsessed with nail art and nail polish so I just did my nails last night and might do them again in a few days!

  110. Frosty says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    NARS Audacious, MAC Amplified or Cremesheen

    I can’t stop thinking about the Holiday sets coming out! I’m relieved because so far none have gotten me really excited, but I know there are more to roll out and I am really excited to see what some of the higher end brands might be doing!

    When was the last time you did your nails?
    1 week ago – they are due!

    What’s the hardest thing about your job (or school)?
    Customer service can be a giant soul suck sometimes.

  111. Sarah R says:

    Hello !
    My favorite kind of lipstick are matte liquid. The ones from fora are amazing ! 🙂

  112. Melissa says:

    Roses are red. Violets are blue. I think I will comment here. Really, because that’s cool.

  113. em says:

    i last got my nails done 2 weeks ago for a wedding

  114. Erica C says:

    awwww….having a cold while pregnant is THE WORST! I came down with a cold in my last tri-mester and it was awful. Lots of hot tea and honey and rest for you. Hugs!

    I am totally lemming the MAC Studio Waterweight foundation and a new fluidline brow cream (my HG brow product).

    I can stop thinking about fall comfort foods as fall sneaks up closer and closer to us in the northern midwest (I’m in Wisconsin).

  115. Farah says:

    My favorite lipsticks are the matte ones from Mac😍, love them so much. Get well soon,Karen!

  116. Kathy S says:

    I’m getting my first gel manicure this week- I’m hopeful that my manicure will last more than 13 minutes!

  117. I love love love that color. I can’t believe I still have not try any Mac products. I have to go now after seeing that color yassss!

  118. Al says:

    Hope you feel better soon 🙂 and thank you for the giveaway.

  119. Lisa Foster says:

    The last time I painted my nails was yesterday (Revlon Gel Envy Up the Ante). I like to paint them every couple days because I get bored wearing the same color too many days in a row.

  120. Wayne says:

    I’ll eat pumpkin pie once every few years to remind me how overrated everything pumpkin is! 😛

  121. Susan Parker says:

    I hope you and Baby Girl feel better soon. Ice-cream helps!

    Meanwhile, I can’t stop thinking about make-up!

  122. Elvan says:

    I did my nails just a few days ago, and they’re still going strong 🙂

  123. Kalli Melia says:

    I did my nails yesterday, a light pink holo. I love how it makes me happy when I see it sparkle in the light.

  124. Abby says:

    I can’t stop thinking about thanksgiving and christmas!!

  125. mandala says:

    My favorite form of exercise is Zumba. Thanks!

  126. Jenn says:

    I can’t stop thinking about THIS GUY I like!! Ahhh I’m a teenager all over again.

  127. Justine says:

    I’ve never been to a NASCAR race. Get well soon!

  128. Poppy says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the holidays!! 😍

  129. Charlotte says:

    Ever since I gave myself an accidental buzz cut, I can’t stop thinking about how fast or slowly my hair is growing! >_<

  130. Beth says:

    I’m sorry you have a cold again. They can be miserable. I remember with your last one you discovered that Nuxe Reve de Miel lip balm works wonders on a raw nose. Perhaps Tabs will bring some to you to use. That’s when you first put me on to Nuxe lip balm. I’ve used nothing else since &I have my mother using it also. Get well soon!

  131. Sarah Sq. says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Halloween!

  132. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t stop thinking about my Mom who passed away this last January. My birthday is tomorrow (Sept. 27th) and it will be a very difficult day. She would bake a homemade German Chocolate Cake every year and one year, she baked 3 because she didn’t like the way they turned out! LOL – I miss her every day. If I won the egift card for MAC, I would buy a pretty lipstick because she never was without her lipstick!

  133. colleen long says:

    I read your suggestions on what to comment, but I decided to go rogue. I just wanted to let anyone who reads this to know that you are loved, you are beautiful, and you only have one life to live so please make the best of it! –

  134. Janet Shepherd says:

    I recently got a free sample of Nars Luminous Moisture cream, and it was so lovely, smoothing & calming my dry skin. I’d love to indulge in a jar of this, but it costs about aud$96! Yikes! Why do shops tempt me with awesome stuff? Lol 😀

  135. Lisa C says:

    I hope you feel better soon, it stinks to be sick! My fav lipstick formula of ALL time is Dior Rouge Dior. Best formula ever! IMO 🙂

  136. Yelena says:

    Sometimes i regret being a music major with the violin. Foundation rubs off on the chin rest every freaking time i wear it.

  137. Emily says:

    My favorite lipstick formula is definitely the MAC amplified. it’s so creamy and lasts so long!!!

  138. MonicaP says:

    If you’re on a Swayze binge .. don’t forget to watch RoadHouse.

    “I want you to be nice, until it’s time to not be nice” .. my fav line.

    MonicaP recently posted … Stitch Fix No 6

  139. Tracy Robertson says:

    MAC Cosmo Lipstick looks great on you Karen! I would love to try this shade myself. Sorry you have a cold. I hope you get lots of rest this weekend and feel better ASAP!

  140. Rachel R. says:

    Sorry to hear that you’re sick. Get well soon!

    I get my nails done about every two weeks. It’s been a bout a week and half. They’re dark blue with a dark blue and holographic glitter top coat.

  141. Cherie says:

    My favorite piece of gym equipment are my boxing gloves. Always a challenging and fun workout. Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Cheers! Cherie

  142. Sandy P says:

    Just did my nails this afternoon. Now that I am retired I don’t like to spend the money getting a shellac manicure

  143. Kim says:

    Sorry you are sick! Hope you feel better!
    The hardest thing about my job is not having enough time (isn’t that everyone’s problem?lol). I teach middle school science and only have 36 min a day w my students. I wish I had a little more time to tie up loose ends and make sure they understand everything and get a chance to help everyone that needs it.
    My hardest thing about my second (wife and mom of 3) is dealing with the chaos and noise. I hear noise all day long at work then come home and I’m so over stimulated I get anxious when there is more noise. I feel bad but if I hear one more hand playing drums on any surface… I freak! My husband had reconstructive shoulder surgery this week so I am sleep deprived and have zero help and am just overwhelmed. Got them all napping right now and I probably should be cleaning but I don’t wanna!!!! Stalking my latest makeup purchase (or dream or purchasing) sounds so much more fun to me!
    What about you? What’s the hardest thing about your job? I hope you feel better soon! Have a great weekend!

  144. BJW says:

    I have never been to a NASCAR race. I can’t say I’m planning on going to one any time soon.

  145. Mahreen says:

    I hope u feel better soon. I think the last time i got my nails done was before i had my 3 kids. Hubby bought me a gift card for mani and pedi end of may this year and I still havent been able ro make time to go. Hopefully I can go next weekend.

  146. Lori P says:

    I just got a manicure last Thursday and I’m wearing Ignite from the Sephora Formula X line.

    The hardest thing about my job is my manager won’t let me DO it because she sends me stuff to do that any body else can do it while my stuff is me exclusive (nobody else can do it) because it “saves her ass”. I’m just about ready to walk out the door and tell her to kiss my ass.

  147. Dominique Randall says:

    I’m 44 years young 😀 and have never worn lipstick. I do wear UD’s glosses.
    Congratulations on your pregnancy, I’m so excited for you and El Hubs oh and Tabs too.
    Hope you’re feeling better by now.
    Happy weekend.

  148. Andrea says:

    I’m an Assistant Professor and the hardest thing about my job is worrying about grant funding, balancing work w family (new baby), and managing the people in my lab (we aren’t trained in people skills lol).

  149. Tania G says:

    I hope you feel better soon! And that lipstick looks beautiful.

  150. Brunette says:

    I got a manicure this past week and I Essie’s Bikini So Teeny- I got a summer shade because I don’t want summer to be over!
    Brunette recently posted … My Favorite Iphone Apps

  151. Katherine says:

    My fave lipstick formula is Shu Uemura. Although it’s not as consistently pigmented as a lipstick should be, it’s the most moisturizing lipstick ever!

  152. Michaela says:

    So sorry you’re not feeling well. Hope you get better soon!
    The last time I had a pedicure was yesterday. I just happened
    to be in the local strip mall, and popped in the nail salon, thinking it would be busy on a Friday afternoon because every girl wants to have pretty toenails for the weekend, right? But I was pleasantly surprised that it wasn’t that busy it all, and I was able to get service right away.

  153. Katrina says:

    I cannot remember the last time I did my nails – was it a week ago? So it’s on my agenda for tonight!

  154. mrsshukra says:

    Never had my nails done!

  155. Mary W says:

    I love Too Faced Melted lipstick. All the colors are glorious. It’s my all time favorite to date. Besame lipstick and cosmetics is a very close second. Deep rich color and beautiful look. Did my nails tonight – red of course.

  156. Maren says:

    My fave lipstick ever is one Maybelline used to make called Budgeproof. It really was! Also, the Sephora brand used to have all kinds of crazy colors of their own line of lipsticks.
    Maren recently posted … Depressing Shit, Part 12

  157. Jennifer Dodds says:

    inlove NASCAR! Nothing better than fast cars and hot guys!

  158. Carol Leatherman says:

    Cannot stop thinking about the beach!!
    Aloha from Maui –

  159. Hollie Oilar says:

    How awesome would it be to win this! I have never tried, used or owned MAC so I think I would just be in Heaven. I think I would have to get a lipstick but so many colors I wouldn’t know which one, but candy yum yum is always on my wish list and maybe some fix +

  160. Lyse Davitt says:

    My job is mom and the hardest thing about it is worry. I often find myself worrying about my kids friends.

  161. Diego says:

    I love going on long walks around San Francisco, it’s such a beautiful city. That way, I make sure that I always beat my friends on Fitbit.

  162. Ms. Elise says:

    I think I last did my nails over six months ago. I’m just not that patient, and I’m super hard on my nails.

  163. Kristen says:

    I did my nails last night!

  164. Amy Z. says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  165. Rena winick says:

    I never wore lipstick b4, but the i got the sephora bday gift MAC lipsticks, and i might just be in love! !!!!!

  166. Ashleigh says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    Too Faced La Creme <333
    When was the last time you did your nails?
    Forever ago! I moved across the country, and they took a beating 🙂 Settling down now though, so they'll get done soon.

  167. angie says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    I am loving Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick! They’re creamy, opaque, and stay on my lips even after meal. I have 4 (Liar, Streak, Rapture, and Naked).Most importantly they didn’t make my lips dry.
    So in love that it makes me want to buy their sheer version (maybe i’ll try sheer Beso)

  168. BlackAsphodel says:

    I can’t stop thinking about shoes.

  169. Junomacguff says:

    Bless your heart, get well soon! I have 2 kitties, too. They’re Bengals named Macey and Kimiko and. They’re CRAY jungle cats! (We also have 3 Pugs, it’s a zoo over here!)

  170. I can’t stop thinking about Thanksgiving since it will be here before we know it!

  171. Amber says:

    I think Milani has a pretty great lipstick formula!!

  172. Chelsea says:

    My favorite exercise is aerial! Although I’m having to take some time off because I either broke or badly sprained my ankle today.

  173. Jennifer Fredericks says:

    The hardest thing about my job is keeping up with the supply orders. It haunts my dreams at night!

  174. Maren says:

    My favorite peice of equipment at the gym is the rowing machine! I’ve been working on toning my arms and the difference I’ve seen is due to this machine! Also, I painted my nails a baby blue color that sadly will have to be removed due to policies at work 😭.

  175. Michelle L says:

    I can’t stop thinking about taking breaks. I need a vacation!.

  176. The hardest thing about being a dentist is dealing with the patient’s fear of the dentist. Other than that I love my job/profession. Sadly some people only come to see when they are in pain and in a very bad mood. Oh, and I can’t resist MAC lipsticks! Thanks.

  177. Andee Hernandez says:

    The hardest thing about my job is showing up!!! And my favorite exercise currently is piyo= pilates+yoga. Get well, Cosmo looks amazing on you!

  178. April Ebo says:

    I can’t stop thinking about meeting my baby girl….so excited! Still have 4 months to go…January 14th due date!!

  179. Kay says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the road trip I will be taking in a couple weeks! It will be my first vacation in about three years.

  180. Jen C says:

    I hope you feel better soon, Karen!

  181. JESSICA C says:

    I love to make jewelry for my friends and family. I try to make there favorite color or birthstone. This year I’m making sterling silver bracelets for everyone.

  182. Whitney says:

    Hope you feel better! My favorite lipstick is tom ford. I am so in love with it.

  183. India says:

    I polished my nails yesterday, using a newly purchased ORLY in Flicker from TJ Maxx. It’s a beautiful, rusty orange! My all time favorite lip formula is KVD’s Everlasting Liquid Lipstick. I’ve collected all but 5 shades!! And, congratulations on your upcoming new arrival!

  184. Becca M says:

    Feel better soon!

  185. Divy says:

    Hi, I really love to read your blog!!
    I have MAC twig, I really like it, satin I guess.
    I can’t stop thinking about anything photography( I’m learning)
    Never been to NASCAR
    Can you believe I never visited any nail salon, sometime I put myself
    I’m a stay at home mom..its sometimes challenging with kids
    I like running, and cross trainer is my favorite equipment
    Thanks and get well soon

  186. Andrew says:

    First of all, I hope you feel better soon! Your skin always looks amazing, but lately it’s been positively glowing; one of the benefits of pregnancy I guess :).

    Right now I’m juggling both work and school and neither are letting up at all. Embarrassing confession: yesterday I had my first calculus exam and I was so anxious and stressed out that afterward, as I was on my way to work, I had a sudden onset of gastric distress and, ummm, well . . . I messed myself. I’ve always had bad anxiety but going back to school has turned it into overdrive. Multiply that by the fact that I work at a funeral home and my stress level is always teetering on the edge between “I’m about to lose it” and “Sweet God I’m going to crawl into the fetal position and cry.”

    All the anxiety and stress aside, though, I couldn’t be happier. I love my family, I love my friends, and for the first time in almost a decade I can actually say that I’m putting myself first and focusing on what I want in life. At the end of the day it’s all worth it; even sharting myself in my brand new jeans.

  187. Tatiana says:

    I hope Tabs is taking very good care of you. Feel better soon. Sending get well vibes your way.

  188. Tiffany says:

    I finally used a salon gift certificate to have my nails done. The GC was four and a half years old! I chose a sassy, metallic shimmery fuchsia purple.

  189. Rita says:

    Looooove the Nars Audacious lipsticks! I like the original lipsticks too, but I love the Audacious formula for being both long-lasting (generally only need a touchup after lunch) but not dreadfully drying.

  190. Jen says:

    feel better soon!!!!!
    And I love to lift weights….heavy!;)

  191. Barbara B says:

    I have never had my nails done professionally.Did them three days ago with Zoya Natty. I’m obsessed with blue!

  192. Stephanie says:

    I hope you feel better!

  193. renu says:

    It’s been about 4-5 months since I painted my nails.
    They were feeling quite brittle and I just wanted them to be left alone for a while, not that I paint my nails much anyway.

  194. jessm says:

    I usually cant have my nails panted for work. Yesterday I started a 3 week vacation and immediately got my nails painted.

  195. FIONA says:

    I can’t stop thinking about ipsy because I’m in love with the system. It’s not too expensive, but every month there’s a day when you get home from school dragging your feet and there’s a bright pink package to lift your mood! It always makes my day. (Thanks for the giveaway!)

  196. NFJ says:

    Did my nails in “The thrill of Brazil” by OPI last night.
    Classic Red is always a winner!

  197. Christiana M says:

    Feel better soon! I can’t stop thinking about moving to a new neighborhood in San Diego next weekend!! SOOOO excited!

  198. Olivia M says:

    I loove almost all lipsticks I’ve tried. I’m going to have to say my least favorite formula is Rimmel’s lip velvets!

  199. Stacey says:

    I’m pretty in love with the colourpop lippiestix but MAC lipsticks have my heart forever.

  200. Kirsten says:

    What’s your favorite exercise or piece of equipment at the gym?

    Lap pool! Give me a pool with no one else around!

  201. Sejal says:

    Aw girl get lots of rest and joy the down time before baby girl arrives. Take this as a sign to get pampered by ur tabby nurse and el hub and watch all the tv you wan? 🙂

  202. I hope you feel better soon.

    The last time I did my nails was two days ago, with my first ever Chanel polish. I am on holiday in France, so I can have my nails painted every day. While at work they have to be polish free.

  203. Vincent says:

    My favorite lipstick texture of all time is just a good old fashion matte lipstick, but I also love a good tinted lipbalm just for the convenience. I’m sorry you’re sick, and I really hope you do feel better very soon!

  204. Stella martis says:

    Hurray! I hope I win!

  205. Jasmine0922 says:

    I haven’t been able to find a lipstick that compliments my light medium yellow undertone complexion!

  206. Donna W. says:

    I have never been to a Nascar race which is very unusual as I grew up in Kentucky where it is very popular.

  207. Anastasia T. says:

    I can’t stop thinking about my holiday in Greece 🙂

  208. Julie Murphy says:

    I can’t stop thinking about me losing my job.

  209. Birgit L. says:

    Now that you mention it … I haven’t done my nails in ages. This summer has been so hot and humid that it seemed too much of an effort, but now I should really break out my fall-color-collection. Maybe I’ll kick off the season with Essie’s “Vested Interest” one of my all time favorites!

  210. Byanka johnson says:

    I really love the UD revolution lipstick formula. Rapture to be extact!!

  211. Annie McCormack says:

    Feel better Karen! After seeing your post on MAC Cosmo I stopped into MAC yesterday to try and I can see myself going back very soon to buy! I’m not allowed to have my nails done in work but I’m going on a date in a couple of weeks and will get a manicure for that. In red, it has to be red!

  212. Lena says:

    Last time I did my nails was three days ago

  213. Lisa says:

    I hope you feel better soon! I had a pedicure last week for my birthday.

  214. Denay says:

    What’s the hardest thing about your job? The unnecessary overtesting of the students. I miss the old way when teaching was so much fun and creative, we have to sneak the fun in. Sending you healing thoughts!

  215. Tonya says:

    I do my nails every two weeks using the kiss kit.. Hope you feel better soon<3<3

  216. Shabeen Sam says:

    Hey Karen.. Get well soon Hun..
    I cant stop dreaming about land full of chocolate n makeup!! What a dreamland would that be.. And love Tabs for being a such a great nurse..
    Love- Shabeen

  217. Illy Junus says:

    Hi, Karen, i hope you’re better now, my favorite lipstick formula right now it’s actually UD Sheer Revolution Lipstick,sheer liar

  218. Michelle Washburn says:

    I can’t stop thinking about my new fall sweaters and boots

  219. Marina says:

    Karen I hope you are feeling better

    I cannot stop thinking about this kid in the kindergarten I used to work at … I miss him soooooo much it’s driving me crazy. He is such an obedient kid, sweet to his friends, adorable with his momma … He was just amazing … God bless him

  220. Karin S says:

    I did my nails three days ago and I already need to redo them,I really need to buy a higher quality nail polish

  221. Love Mac lipsticks. The small of them is amazing! Is that weird that I like a lipstick so much because of the smell? I also recently tried the Tarte lipsticks and LOVE them! So moisturizing – but no delicious smell! Thanks for offering this giveaway!

  222. I hope you are feeling better!

  223. Bertha says:

    I can’t stop thinking about when my new iPhone will get here! :p

  224. Donna says:

    I can’t stop thinking about and enjoying this most beautiful sunny month of September, how fortunate I feel 😊

  225. Erin Van Zante says:

    I am late! (Well, just made it on time) You are prob feeling better by now, I have been looking into a deceased father that I never met, and just learned about an hour ago that I have a sister! I can’t think of anything else to say right now, my mind is blown away!!!!!!

  226. Andrea says:

    I hope you feel better!

  227. Michele says:

    Feel better soon! My nails haven’t been done in forever, I’m a nurse so constantly washing them.

  228. Shelley says:

    Feel better soon Karen! I may head to Mac today and check out Cosmo for myself. . .

  229. Hollie says:

    I’m a CT technoloGIST. I hate when we are called technicians. I went to school for 2 years, earned an associates in science, took 2 national boards, 1 for radiography and the other for CT and I hold a license in 2 states. The hardest part if my job is knowing when a pt. has something serious going on and they look directly into my eyes and ask if the scan came out ok. We are not allowed to reveal any information concerning their scans to them. I usually tell them that they take nice pics ( to try to lighten the moment) and we don’t read the scan, that’s why the Drs.make the big $$ ,but the radiologist will read them and put a report into the computer for the ordering Dr. to look at. On a lighter note, I did my nails about 2 weeks ago and put the Essie gel top coat over the polish. My nails are just now starting to look a little sloppy!! That stuff really works good. I am constantly washing them whether it’s using Purell or soap and water. I’m totally impressed. I just hope it’s not too hard to take off.

  230. Sarah Duehr says:

    I painted my nails the day before yesterday — gold! And I got these cool temporary tattoos for $1 a sheet, and put on a gold spiral to match!

  231. Rosemary says:

    Fav lipstick: any of the Chanel formulas, but especially the Rouge Coco Shine.

    I did my nails on Thursday night and just touched up one nail that had tip wear. It’s Tom Ford’s Bordeaux Lust, first fall-ish nail polish of the year.

    It’s the Blood Moon/Super Moon today. Can you see it? It’s raining here so we can’t.

    Hope you get well quickly, Karen.

  232. monica says:

    I spend a lot of time on the treadmill at the gym, way more than any other piece of equipment in that torture chamber. I wouldn’t say it’s a favorite, but I can stay on it much longer than the bike (super boring!) or the elliptical (painful!). I can just play my tunes, zone out, and push myself to hit a number on the screen like 45minutes or 6kilometers. I like that there are a lot of things being measured like heartrate, speed, etc.

  233. Emily says:

    Feel better!
    I’m going to do my nails today.

  234. Audrey says:

    Hi Karen, hope you fweel bwedder swoon😉 my fav lip formula would be specifically the fresh sugar lip balms- I love so many of the color choices and wear them practically every day!

  235. Emily says:

    I love a good creamy matte lipstick!

  236. Sara says:

    I did my nails 2 days ago. I paint them way too often haha.

  237. Deanna says:

    I did my nails last week.

  238. Thuyly Abecassis says:

    I am totally looking for a lipstick red that would stay, really stay and would look chic to go to work

  239. Charisma says:

    my favorite type of lipstick is matte!!! I did my nails 2 days ago!

  240. Jana says:

    I did my nails yesterday afternoon, just before my boyfriend’s graduation! I used this gorgeous, shiny pinky nude colour from KIKO, I love it!

  241. Jennifer says:

    MAC has to be my favorite lipstick of all time. Every time I try a more expensive brand the lipstick always breaks. That never happens with my MAC ones.

  242. Cassidy says:

    Nars Audacious!

  243. Alexandra says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    Dior Serum de Rouge (I have the shade Rosewood). It’s super creamy and pigmented and it lasts all day. I think it’s not available anymore, which is a shame because this lipstick is pure magic.

  244. Rayshawn says:

    The hardest part of my job is having to get up very early on mornings.

  245. Jana says:

    The last time I did my nails was last Thursday! I love to get my nails done with gel polish!

  246. maria says:

    I need some new lipsticks from Mac!

  247. Jennifer says:

    Ethics reading is the death of me

  248. Efrain says:

    Have you ever been to a NASCAR race?
    No, and II don’t really know if I would like to go and see one, even though I love cars, races for me are a little boring.

    Get well soon Karen.

  249. Lily Perez says:

    I love Mac Products so much! I would say those were the first things I used when I started wearing makeup!

  250. Tamara Mullen says:

    I love the lipstick you are showing. It has a great color

  251. James Robb says:

    I love this blog. So many cool beauty products

  252. Hilary says:

    I got a mani/pedi on Friday which was a rare treat. I always wonder why I don’t do it more often… until I have to pay!

  253. Melinda says:

    I got a mani on Friday and I’m wearing it’s my year by opi which is a pretty purple with gold glitter that feels like a glass of wine on my nails. Makes me all warm and fuzzy Inside 😛

  254. Timi says:

    My fave lipstick formula of all time is matte, especially retro matte.

  255. Maddie says:

    I’m obsessed with Angel by MAC. I bought it for prom this past year, and have used it at least once a week since. It’s the perfect everyday color for me!

  256. Lynda says:

    i can’t get manis per work policy

  257. Elisabetta says:

    I love doing my nails at least once a week. I love bright reds and pinks, my favourite brand at the moment is Estee Lauder. I put pure red 4 days ago too bad I forgot to put my top coat on…At the moment I’m totally loving red matte lipsticks with an hint of orange…I’m not feeling well right now, I’m afraid I’m getting sick! :(. Get well soon dear Karen and drink hot milk with honey. Kisses!

  258. Alex Reynolds says:

    I seem to find myself aimlessly drifting across the web..!

  259. richelle bowers says:

    my favorite exercise at the gym is squats and hip thrusts

  260. Izzy says:

    I’m currently starting the process of getting more fit before moving overseas to start a new job position, and I’ve been really loving the elliptical! It is easy on the knees, but allows me to challenge myself with different inclines and resistance, so I still get a good workout in. Thank you so much for this giveaway, and I hope you get better soon!

  261. Donna Young says:

    Pander lipstick by Mac is my absolutely favorite lipstck of all times. The hue of this lipstick is just perfect. Unfortunately it was a limited edition. I have searched counters everywhere to see if they have any left. I finally contacted Customer Service and was connected to lost but not forgotten. They found 3 and I ordered all of them. I am now in lipstick Mac heaven again!

  262. Deb says:

    The last time I did my nails was… well… two weeks ago? I really should do it more often… 🙂

  263. Sherry says:

    My favorite formula lipstick has to be MAC Cremesheen. I just can’t get enough!! Hope your cold goes away really soon…take care!!

  264. michelle says:

    My favorite lipstick line is the amplified line from MAC.

  265. Kate Lucas says:

    I haven’t been to a nascar race but it’s on my bucket list for 2016!

  266. Kim Henrichs says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Fargo returning to my tv!

  267. Yvette Smith says:

    the hardest part of my job is making sure the elderly patients are comfortable and feel safe in my car!

  268. Regina M says:

    hmmm, I think my favorite lipstick formula is a matte finish, a lot of companies do this really well and some don’t. I love MAC lipsticks and I love some of their mattes but others are just a pain, like Ruby Woo, great color but a pain maybe its just the retro matte finish. Anyway I hope you feel better!!

  269. Chelsea Amanda says:

    I hope you feel better. I just got over allergies last week. I have been to a nascar race before, not my cup of tea.

  270. Anna says:

    I did my nails on Monday. I’m in love with Smith & Cult’s polish, my current fav is Doe my Dear. It’s like the perfect nude/grey for fair skinned ladies!

  271. Donna says:

    My daughter, who is an automotive engineer, once went to the Nascar Technical Institute in N. Carolina. She now works for Chysler and she wears makeup but is not into it as I am. Get well soon!

  272. Liz Beltran says:

    I love the Kate matte lipsticks from Revlon. I also love the Revlon butter ones. I don’t even know if that’s what they’re called lol but u get what I’m saying.

  273. Monika says:

    I really cannot stop thinking about a new mac blush brush that I so badly want…..nice and round and fluffy:)

  274. Brianna C says:

    Hope you feel better soon! 😊

  275. Shumaila says:

    I do my nails every Friday.

  276. amy says:

    I can’t stop thinking about how lucky I’d be if I won! Having to leave my long time career due to health issues is really really tough! I know the chances are slim, but I’m still trying

  277. Maddie says:

    I just painted my nails with Essie Bell Bottom Blues, a lovely metallic teal.

  278. Kecia S. says:

    Hi, Karen:

    I’m sorry you’re sick & I hope you feel better soon.

    I love the finish of the Maybelline Creamy Matte Lipsticks & I can’t stop thinking about the Italian vacation I’m planning for next year!

  279. alice says:

    last time I did my nails was a few weeks ago. I had on essie’s denim jeans. It was so pretty. I wish I had it on now. But I was starting to break my nails–which very rarely happens to me–so I’m taking a nail polish break. =(

  280. Meg says:

    I haven’t painted my nails in about a week, they’re a mess!
    Meg recently posted … Play! by Sephora Monthly Subscription – Worth It?

  281. Naila says:

    Dealing with a baaad cold tooo😕

  282. Ellen Oliver says:

    Mac is my favorite lipstick brand and fleshpot is one of my favorite colors on its own or layered on top of another color!

  283. Courtney Janak says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the Leftovers… Have you watched? My hubby and I recently started season 1, and we are now addicted. Love love!!

  284. Crystal Sell says:

    I love MAC lipsticks. They always have colors that I love and I love how they feel!

  285. Tricia Hope says:

    My favorite mascara and face powder are both Mac products.I just had a new grand baby debut this week!

  286. Rachel says:

    I can’t stop thinking about my Mom’s visit! She’s coming during Fall Break (she teaches 1st grade). I haven’t seen her in over a year and it will be the first time she’s visited me in my current state- Massachusetts!

  287. Natalie says:

    My favorite piece of equipment at the gym is the elliptical machine. I like to run outside when it is nice out.

  288. Remi says:

    I have been listening to the Seven Nation Army cover by Postmodern Jukebox for days.. daaaaaays.

  289. Justine says:

    I absolutely love Nix Butter Lipstick in Punk. Terrible name but great lipstick

  290. Rachel says:

    My favorite lipstick is the Clinique Lip-pop Lipstick in Melon Pop. Best peachy pink ever!

  291. Dhavi says:

    I last did my nails 2 weeks ago before my trip to Bermuda.

  292. Michelle says:

    Hope you feel better soon!

    I’m a pastry chef and the hardest part of my job is trying not to want to eat dessert all the time. The part that would seem difficult , standing for 10+ hours everyday is easy now.

  293. Sami says:

    Love Dirty Dancing!’

  294. Tara Woods says:

    I have never been to a NASCAR race even though I live about 15 minutes away from the Talladega Speedway.

  295. Judy says:

    Still holding on to summer by wearing skirts and dresses…

  296. Sam C says:

    Hi Karen 🙂
    The hardest part of my job is being on my feet all day (especially in heels) for 8+ hours on shift, on top of 1.5 hours each way on public transit.
    All the best xo

  297. Princess says:

    I can’t stop thinking about cider and donuts and pumpkin spice treats! Fall is finally here!

  298. breyerchic04 says:

    As of right now my favorite lipstick formula of all times is Urban Decay Revolution, but there are many others I love (mac amplifieds are also a fallback)

  299. Elizabeth says:

    I can’t stop thinking about coffee!!! I just got a Keurig and I love it!!!

  300. Cathy says:

    I love MAC lipsticks. I have a ton of them. I even like the way they smell! I keep meaning to do my nails but I can’t get around to it so it’s been over a month. Feel better!

  301. meredith says:

    there was a lunar eclipse tonight but i missed it

  302. Shelby says:

    I hope you feel better quickly!
    This weekend, I talked my mother into going on a sojourn to one of my favorite Mexican restaurants near work (which she loved,) started looking for new living room furniture, and went to a couple of farms for Alpaca Days. So if you have to live vicariously through me, this is a good weekend to do it!
    Take care and stay hydrated!

  303. Pauline says:

    I am glad that Tabs is keeping you company. Hope you and baby feel better soon.

  304. indayluvs says:

    I can’t stop thinking about the new Sugar Pill Edward Scissorhands palette!! Can’t wait to get it!

  305. Kiki says:

    Get well soon karen!

  306. brenda disimone says:

    I love nails inc hyde park place gel effect nail polish it goes on so shiny and lasts a while

  307. Kellyn says:

    My favorite piece of exercise equipment at the gym is the elliptical!

  308. Emilie says:

    Obsessed with smashbox brown eyelines, but onnly ever used nail polish once. #gofigure

  309. Jessica says:

    When was the last time you did your nails?
    Doing them right now!

  310. First of all I hope you get better doll! 2nd of all ooh weee love you will have me looking 4 snaps snaps of fierceness with this giftcard if I won because I am a MAC VIRGIN! Yup you heard right I am a MAC Virgin this would be a romantic cherry popping time picking out some amazing things I have always wanted to try out from MAC. If i did won what are your top 3 suggestions for a newbie? Well my favorite pass time in the Fall is watching Blue Bloods, Scorpion, Law and Order SVU. Fav fashions is long kimono like sweaters with a v neck and a infinity scarf tied in with glowing skin using loads of highlighting and less contouring and a grey beige lipstick or cranberry lips.
    Cynthia Del Rio recently posted … Bioderma Sensibio H20

  311. Sathiya says:

    Favorite exercise equipment

    I like to mix things up. So it is treadmill mixed with jump rope

  312. Devis says:

    My favorite lipsticks are they maybelline creamy mattes!

  313. Julia Kastner says:

    I’m super into crafting – specifically card making – and I’ve realized there are no really cool makeup related stamp sets. I LOVE makeup and I LOVE crafting and I would love to make a card for someone that is makeup related. It would be so cool to color a lipstick bullet or a cute compact. That said I totally saw your post about the MAC lispstick Cosmo and picked it up today at Nordstrom. I’m a shade darker than you but the color looked amazing on you so I hope it looks good on me too! I’ll know tomorrow when I wear it to work!!

  314. Ivy Zheng says:

    Can’t stop thinking about my crush lol. I’m about to graduate college and have never dated. Not in a rush to date but I don’t think I’ve had this big of a liking for anyone in my life before. I can’t tell if he sees me as a really close friend or more than that. Slightly geared towards the feelings he likes me too but we’re both shy at times. :/ *sigh what to do…
    My favorite lipsticks are from Tarte. Their amazonian lipsticks are amazing! Just right with the amount of moisturization and great for the price–better than any drugstore and out of all the high ends! I like thes eover my YSL lipstick. Did not like NRs audacious at all. About to try Bobbi Brown moisturizing lip sticks soon!

  315. Lauren Wieland says:

    I’ve never been to a Nascar race, but my husband loves to drag race!

  316. Aenea says:

    The last time I did my nails was last week. I should do it again soon.

  317. Sharon M says:

    Hope you feel better soon, Karen!
    I haven’t done my nails in months although there’s enough nail polish in my collection to fill three shoe boxes (and lots of appropriate fall shades in there, too).
    In the spring I discovered Bite Beauty’s lipsticks and fell in L-O-V-E! I just wish they weren’t so expensive.

  318. BooBooNinja says:

    I think I did my nails 2 weeks ago. I’ve gotten out of the habit.

  319. Evangeline says:

    I must say I’m happy that you have an IG and an NC42 like me! I always read your reviews FIRST before purchasing any makeup!

  320. GC says:

    Wow what a great prize!

  321. Cindy says:

    I love Hello Kitty =)

  322. Kathy says:

    Hope you are feeling better. Something I cant stop thinking about is how I need a makeup room and storage solutions. My collection has grown and is in disarray. Budget and space primarily space are my issues, whats a girl to do? Hubby has a garage workshop so I feel its fair. People think it is ridiculous and superficial not here though}

  323. Toan says:

    I usually do my nails every Sunday but none of my nails are chipped so will wait till they do.

  324. Nikolina says:

    I can’t stop thinking about melted ice-cream….. 🙂

  325. Sara muniz says:

    I can’t stop thinking about him

  326. Erick Rono says:

    The Hardest time is when your trusted friend decide to betray you, cause he/she know your secrets and plans.

  327. Lisa says:

    Love the Bite lipsticks!

  328. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    pick me!

  329. Zuzana K.R.Z says:

    I can’t stop thinking about how happy I could make my mom if I won this and bought her some wonderful gift. SHe’s had a hard year and I’ve been trying really hard to help her. Fingers crossed.

  330. NinaH says:

    Hope you get well soon!
    I want to share with You a thing since i was a little girl. My Uncle had a paintstore, where they also sold makeup. When we visited them he always followed me there, then he let me choose a lipstick. And he helped me with the color. What an Uncle huh?! Also, I got with me lipstick, eyeshadow and nailpolish that become damaged during shipment to the store. It was heaven for a little girl like me! My mom always blamed my Uncle, because I always where so crazy about makeup. And i agree with her – and I thank him! 🙂

  331. Dario says:

    no, I have never been to a NASCAR race!

  332. Julie says:

    I think the Givenchy Le Rouge line is my all-time favorite, but what a hard question!
    Julie recently posted … One YEAR of Empties

  333. Hardest thing so far about being stay at home mom with a toddler is maintaining consistency and patience through crazy tantrums and that you never get a day off. The longest I’ve been away from Colin is 3 hours and that was mostly while he was asleep. Though I suppose that’ll change when the new baby is born since he’s going to have to stay home with someone else while I’m in the hospital, ha!

  334. Chelsea says:

    I can’t stop thinking about fall! My shows are coming back, the weather’s cooler, the boots are coming out, and apple cider season!

  335. Bridget says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)?
    MAC Cremesheen or Clinique Almost Lipstick
    I can’t stop thinking about my upcoming vacation to Thailand! (One week to go!)

    When was the last time you did your nails?
    About five minutes ago — Color club in dark n stormy (to match this monday weather!)

    What’s the hardest thing about your job (or school)?
    Coming up with fresh story ideas in the summer doldrum months

  336. jules m. says:

    my favorite excercise is zumba. it is so fun you dont even realize you are working out. 🙂

  337. Kiyanna says:

    Hey Karen, Happy Monday!!!

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)? Mac Matte(hands down)
    I can’t stop thinking about __________. That R.Kelly concert this weekend here in DC @ the Verizon Center!
    When was the last time you did your nails? Saturday, Before the concert.
    What’s your favorite exercise or piece of equipment at the gym? Arc Cyber Machine.

  338. Alexandra J. says:

    Hey Karen, I hope your feeling well 🙂
    I’m not sure if I have found my favorite lipstick formula yet, but I am obsessed with the Fresh Sugar lip treatments, which technically aren’t lipsticks but lip balms, but I started collecting them like crazy. I def. consider myself a lip balm addict^^

    I also like the Clarins Rouge Eclat lipsticks, because they are pretty hydrating. And let’s not forget about MAC. You can’t go wrong with MAC lipsticks. I still got Mehr on my wishlist. And I’ve been dying to check out Charlotte Tilbury’s Matte Revolution lipsticks.


  339. Rachel says:

    I love forwarding your site to my best friend back home in Virginia because you have a very similar skin tone to her. I’m trying to get her into make up and beautiful colors. Thanks for keeping it up! 😀

  340. Jordan says:

    The two blush tips you recently shared are serious game changers for me. My blush looks flawless now.

  341. Ruchita says:

    Happy Monday! Hope you are feeling better!

  342. Melissa West says:

    That Mac color is beautiful, have never gotten to try Mac makeup. Favorite go to color is Natural #7 by Ben Nye. Thanks for the chance and hope you feel better soon.

  343. Trude says:

    I can’t stop thinking about our upcoming move to Reno in November. That’s right girl – we’ll be closer to you! 🙂 We finally had to accept that it’s just too damn expensive to have a family and a home in Orange County, so we’re taking a big leap and moving out of state. We’ll be close to his dad and stepmom, which is great, but it’ll be tough leaving my family. At least it’s a short flight!

  344. Terri says:

    It has been way too long since I last did my nails (it was probably 3 – 4 weeks ago).

  345. Alyssa Lee says:

    I can’t stop thinking about how nice it would be to win the lotto. Pay off some bills and be able to buy a house.

  346. Astrild says:

    I can’t stop thinking about a beautiful beach, palm trees and piña colada. I need a take a vacation.

  347. Marta Sousa says:

    Hey Karen! My favorite lipstick formula of all time is the Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet lipsticks!! They are matte but not dry and last forever 🙂

  348. Angela P. says:

    I can’t stop thinking about when Season 2 of Outlander is going to air, who they are going to cast for Brianna, and if they will be faithful to the books. I’m obsessed with this series. I’m a geek. 🙂

  349. Pamela Haddad says:

    Sorry you are sick!! And that you missed the symphony. Hope you are feeling better now. Glad that Tabs kept you company. Thanks for the chance to win!

  350. Catherine R. says:

    I can’t stop thinking about Halloween. Costumes to make and special effects make up to try. This year is going to be fantastic!

  351. Gaya says:

    Just painted my nails with Butter London’s Toff, which is a dusty rose shade that I think is perfect for fall!

  352. Amara says:

    I love the Too Faced La Crème formulas

  353. Rana says:

    I’m wearing silver nail polish today 🙂

  354. Amy says:

    I hope you feel better soon!
    I just bought MAC’s lipstick in Rare Breed and then came home and found out I had two drugstore dupes for it (and about three others that were also very similar). That was discouraging. I would love to go back and get a color that I NEVER pick out/wear just to try something different and be assured it’s my only one! And my nail polish today is a really pretty fall color by Zoya–a pink and gold coppery duo chrome.

  355. I got gel nails done few weeks back and I love it! Absolutely maintenance free!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Estee Lauder Pure Color Envy Matte Sculpting Matte Lipstick : Extrovert

  356. Lily Kelley says:

    Hi Karen,

    My favorite lipstick formula is amplified by Mac
    Last time I went to a nascar race 2013 in Las

    Have a great week.

  357. Stephnaie says:

    Commenting to win! My pup and I are cleaning house today, but I want to mention I used Mac’s Plum Dandy this weekend for a bride and her bridesmaid. It turned out flawless.

  358. Gail says:

    Can’t stop thinking about the new Chanel powder with the double CC’s – don’t need it but will probably get it

  359. Saloni says:

    I can’t stop thinking about all the new fall makeup I want:) Fall is my favorite time of year-new makeup, new weather, new coffee flavors!

  360. Tara says:

    I can’t stop thinking about my Boldly Bare lip pencil that I can’t find. I had it in my purse Saturday but it was gone Sunday. I can’t find it anywhere. Smh! I guess I’ll just have to replace it.

  361. Katrina says:

    I love all the mac amplified finish lipsticks! I love how opaque they are and they are so easy to apply! x

  362. Josie says:

    I did my nails last night with a really pretty lavender

  363. Bee says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)? These days I’m using this MAC matte called D for Danger… OMG, Ive never been so much in love with a lipstick! It’s like facial in a tube for me!

    I’ve been worried because I’m looking for a new job and for some reason the interviews are scaring me. Get well soon K-Dawg!

  364. Megan says:

    Oddly enough I’ve been to a lot of Nascar races…Atlanta was first and I’ve been there probably 4 or 5 times, Richmond at least 3 times, Martinsville, Dover a couple times, and Talladega. I’m not a huge fan, but the boyfriend grew up in the Atlanta suburbs and went to his first race as a boy scout and he fell in love – so typically he’s one of the 30 or fewer black fans at the race when we go. Nascar races are an experience though – lots of really drunk people in my experience.

  365. Paulina Rios says:

    Today I did my nails ! I love to design them, inventing new designs and also when I have time, I make my cousins ​​nails !

  366. Katie says:

    My favorite lipstick finish by far is a satin finish. I use MAC’s Mehr like it is going out of style. Great fall color for that Kylie Jenner lip look. 🙂

  367. Tammy says:

    I would get the Cosmo lipstick you reviewed and the nude liner you mentioned a week or so ago! ♡

  368. Gina says:

    I got my nails done last week and was so excited to get a purple fall color! The hardest thing about my job right now is the fact that I’m moving away this week to another state and the transition is stressful and sort of emotional

  369. Genesis says:

    I can’t stop thinking about what lipstick I should buy for fall!

  370. i did my nails two weeks ago

  371. Jade Goncalves says:

    When was the last time you did your nails?
    The last time was Saturday . 💅

  372. Andréa Maria says:

    I can’t stop thinking about make up . 🙂

  373. Jamiel says:

    My new favorite tv show: Heartland. I think I’m meant to live on a ranch with horses and a goat that I will name Curry. But I promise I wont forsake makeup. My eyebrows will continue to receive much needed attention (thanks to an over zealous threader who left me with some bald patches)

  374. ls says:

    My favorite lipstick formula from the drugstore is rimmel london kate lipstick collection. My favorite high-end lipstick formula is Mac.

  375. Jennifer M-K says:

    What’s your favorite lipstick formula of all time (among all brands)? Ohh…tough but right now I’d say matte because of its staying power…but I do have this one MAC creamsheen that I love that has ridiculous staying power too without being super drying…so I guess it depends on my mood.

  376. Jessica Cyr says:

    Great contest ! When was the last time you did your nails? I last painted my nails last night , a purlish pink colour ! 🙂

  377. Mayra says:

    I can’t stop thinking about makeup in general! I would love to get a mac lipstick. I have their concealer, paint pot and more things face related but I ve never tried their lipstick ;(

  378. Claudia H. says:

    Hope you’re feeling better soon! My favorite lippie is Mac’s Ruby Woo 🙂

  379. Kristina says:

    Awesome contest, count me in 🙂

  380. Michelle says:

    My favorite piece of equipment is the treadmill because it’s the only thing I can use anymore 🙁 I have a back injury so my Tae Bo days are over.

  381. Mary says:

    Hope you are feeling better soon, Karen!

  382. lisa ranieri says:

    Symphony? I absolutely love the symphony, opera, and theatre productions!

    Feel better!

  383. Sarah Walden says:

    MAC MAC MAC. Oh wait did I say MAC. There is nothing in my collection that out does my MAC lipstick!!

  384. annalisa says:

    I can’t stop thinking about…painting my nails since the last time I painted them was 5 days ago! (I’m a NPA – nail posh addict – I usually paint them daily and post to IG) I have a super full schedule now with school and work and I don’t have time to do them much! =( #thestruggleisreal lmao

  385. Rebekah says:

    Looking for a good orange lipstick shade for fall! My complexion is similar to Halle Berry. Ideas??

  386. Cristen Vaughan says:

    I love the YSL Volupte Sheer Candy balms! I tend to favor sheer, glossy finishes and these feel great and smell amazing.

  387. Erin says:

    Feel better!!!!

  388. Ashley H. says:

    Hhmm… my favorite lipstick formula is Amplified Creme from MAC. I like the pigmentation, seen and the fact that they are not drying on my lips.

  389. Ashley H. says:

    I meant I like the sheen not seen, LOL!

  390. Sandra says:

    I don’t leave my house without lipstick I have a lipstick addiction but I ❤️It!!!

  391. Melly says:

    Never been to a NASCAR race, and have no desire to do so.

  392. Tracey says:

    I just did my nails last week — I should have done them tonight, but we’ll rock some clear coat for another day… 🙂

  393. Kim says:

    Time for some beauty sleep 🙂

  394. Kelly says:

    Sooo, I totally enjoy reading your blog. Especially when my 11 month old twins decide to gang up on me and think it’s cool to want to play at 1am! It’s all good though, I get to comment on posts like this in hopes of winning something cool! So from all the mom’s out here, thank you for providing necessary distractions! Lol

  395. Tosha H says:

    Nope, never been to a Nascar race, or any race for that matter.

  396. Christine says:

    Hardest thing about my job is staying awake. I work at night.

  397. Emily W. says:

    Um. I kind of do my nails all.the.time. Oops!!! :). I got the at home gel set from Sephora so I can do gel at any time and I’m OBSESSED with fall colors!!!

  398. Carla says:

    Hey Karen! I just wanted to tell you that I really love your blog and your personality!
    I’m Belgian (far from the US I know!)
    I currently can’t stop thinking about my mac order I did yesterday! Hope it will arrive soon! I bought some of the Macnificent me products, and your video about it have been really useful to chose what I was going to take! 🙂
    I hope my english is not too bad! Have a nice day!

  399. Karen says:

    I’m loving the ceramic slip cleanser from Sunday Riley! Definitely recommend Karen MBB 🙂

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