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This giveaway is closed, and the winner has been contacted (CONGRATULATIONS, MICHELLE!!!), but check back next Saturday for another giveaway.


I’m kind of on the fence about my latest TV obsession, the new Beverly Hills 90210, except that it’s not new at all, because it’s from 2008.


Netflix, ya know? I watch so many things I never would have found, but I started watching it, and I’m wondering, are any of the actors actually in their teens?? I mean, it takes place at West Beverly High School. Couldn’t they have hired an actual teenager for at least one of the parts?

But I digress…

How’s it going, my friend? What are you up to this weekend? I’m absolutely not excited about it, but I have to do some housecleaning. πŸ™ Since El Hub thinks he spotted a mouse in the kitchen the other day, I am officially freaked out. I’m also extremely disappointed in Tabs for failing in his duties as the company’s lead mouser. I’m starting to wonder if he fibbed on his resume.

Right now, though, I’m on my way to another one of those Sephora classes. This one’s called Perfectly Paired Lips and Cheeks.

These classes are great, BTW! You should totally look into them. They’re fun, and because they’re early in the morning, they help me get an early start on the day. Four stars and two thumbs up!

I hope you’re doing something fun today. Talk to you soon, and good luck in the giveaway.


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  • Enter by leaving a comment below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Something you’re always very careful about?
    • A saying that drives you crazy?
    • I know this is TMI but…
    • Something you’ve gotten very good at lately?
    • Finish the sentence, “With my makeup I never…”
    • My significant other has [ADJECTIVE] [NOUN].
  • One entry per person.
  • You must use a valid email address to win.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, September 21, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). πŸ™‚

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Bridget says:

    Oh, God, I need some fresh MAC in my life right now!

  2. Kristy says:

    It’s not necessarily a saying that drives me crazy, but it irritates me when people write “should of” or “could of” instead of should’ve or could’ve. I also get annoyed when people say “I could care less” when it’s supposed to be “I couldn’t care less” because if you could care less, that means you still care to some degree! I suppose I’m a little nutty for those things to drive me crazy.

  3. Rachel says:

    Oh! You should do a mini review or tell us about the Sephora class. I’ve always wanted to go to one, but I’ve heard mixed reviews of the one in my area. As someone with lots of make up experience, I feel like you could really discern what is valuable or not from them. Hope you enjoy it!

  4. Joan says:

    I had no idea Sephora offered classes!

  5. lola says:

    The phrase “I bend over backwards, (Fill in the blank)” It drives me crazy! I absolutely love your videos and blog! Thank you for the giveaway!

  6. Jennifer Mitchell says:

    I’ve gotten good lately at letting go of the small stuff and not stressing about it. It feels good!

  7. Chelsea says:

    With my makeup I never put dark shadow on my lids. I don’t like the way it looks!

  8. Sara says:

    Ooh so exciting! Strangely I’ve never owned any MAC products. Weird right?

  9. Jennifer Dean says:

    i love your blog! I need to get to cleaning today too!

  10. Nathalia says:

    “Something you’ve gotten very good at lately” > mastering the whole eyeliner look! Never thought it would happen, I’m so happy =)

  11. Tiffanie says:

    I wish I had classes like that locally. Have fun!

  12. Marilyn says:

    It’s my hubs birthday today! So today we’ll be doing whatever he wants to do so he enjoys his birthday!

  13. Agata says:

    Hi Karen, are these Sephora classes free? How was the concealing one last week?

    I am going out with my bf for his friend’s birthday tonight and I am supposed to work from his home tomorrow, if we can set up phone and everything and make sure it works. And then we are going to his son hockey practice!

    Have a good weekend and enjoy cleaning, if that’s possible πŸ™‚
    Agata recently posted … Beauty Influencer’s Sunday Column Vol.15: ​​How do you overcome blogger’s block?

  14. Tiffany says:

    I’ve been Netflix binging something fierce lately! Right now it’s Mad Men.

  15. JenJ says:

    I need to do housecleaning as well but I’m still in the bed watching YouTube haaaa!
    JenJ recently posted … Product Play September 2015

  16. Kelsey says:

    I can’t stand when people say “supposably” instead of supposedly! Ahhh just typing that irritated me! Haha πŸ™‚

  17. Karisa says:

    Haha your comment about if high schoolers were actually high school aged people makes me think about Grease, because they look like they’re in Grad School! Now that I’m in college, I feel like so many of those “high school” movies (Twilight and the likes) should be in college just because the actors look so old! But it’s entertaining in a way.

  18. Tracy Boyes says:

    This month i won’t buy all make up or beauty products…… 2/3 days later the hauls arrive #nowillpower

  19. Janey says:

    With my makeup, I never… wear nude lipsticks. I personally think they wash me out, regardless of how great they look in the tube. Color, please!

  20. MeaganS says:

    With my makeup I can never have too much lipstick! Thanks!

  21. Rachel H says:

    I’ve always seen the classes offered at my local Sephora but never checked them out. Hopefully I’ll make it to one soon!

  22. Nikolina says:

    A saying that drives me crazy? Apple doesn’t fall far from the tree….

  23. Hollie says:

    I love the Sephora classes!! They’re so much fun and laid back. The classes I’ve been to remind me of being a teenager and playing make overs with my friends. I have a ton of cleaning to do but I’m working 11am-3pm. I know it “seems” like I have plenty of time but I know I’ll be tired when I get home. A 20 min nap will lead to, I’ll get started in 10 min and then 10 turns into 20 and so on…. I cannot stand it when “then/than” are not used properly. Thank you for another amazing giveaway!!

  24. Sandy says:

    A saying that drives me crazy is when you see a story headline that starts with “Devastating news for (usually some celebrity). It’s so overused and usually not devastating by any means. That’s my rant! Happy Weekend Karen and thanks again for the giveaway.

  25. Chantal says:

    I loved your last Ulta haul on YT! πŸ™‚

  26. Wish I wish this one of these days Karen!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … VIDEO : Pink Chocolate Makeup Tutorial

  27. Lauren Wieland says:

    I should be doing some house work, but I have a 16 month old that is insisting on nursing all day!

  28. Nicole says:

    It’s not so much a saying as it is a word but speaking of lol “the word so” drives me crazy but only when you are on a boring phone or in a pointless face to face conversation, and the person you are talking to says “so” after every other word lol just erks meβ™‘β™‘

  29. Julia Alkaseltzer says:

    Hey Karen! I hope you’re having a great weekend so far. I got a new job so I have more of a budget for makeup (yay!). I also want to revamp my apartment to make it look more homey, so it’s time to come up with ideas and ~shopping~!!! I’m excited for this new venture!

  30. Angela says:

    I love that you post so many photos of your cat – it makes me so happy!

  31. Lyse Davitt says:

    The MA at the MAC store complimented my eye brows the other day. I was so happy, I have been practicing.

  32. Chris says:

    I’ve never been to a Sephora class but now I’ll definitely keep an eye out to check them out. Thanks! Happy Saturday!

  33. Aviva says:

    I always moisturise because I have dry skin πŸ™‚

  34. vio.j says:

    Saying that drives me crazy “no skin off my nose” ahhh, why?…

  35. Lisa says:

    Love all the videos you are posting lately!

  36. Julia says:

    Hey!!!! I LUV makeup and would LOOOOOVE to win!
    Keep being beautiful and sparkly!

  37. Lisa Brown says:

    Of all the housecleaning chores to do, I absolutely hate to dust, won’t do it, I leave it to my husband to do πŸ™‚

  38. Anne-Marie says:

    I’m very careful these days about remembering to wear foundation, because it helps cover my couperosa, and because it acts sort of as a coat to my thin, sensitive ruddy skin. Earlier I didn’t always wear foundation (let alone a primer), but I have to now. I cycle everywhere and my forehead often gets sweaty, and I need to have a good primer and a foundation that stays put. Recently I’ve been loving L’Oreal Infallible 24H-Matte and Clarins primer. They really stay put and look nice even if I sweat.

    And OMG, I need Fashion Revival in my life.

  39. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    I’ve become very good at doing my brows ! 😬

  40. Lori Newton says:

    My number one makeup goal currently is to apply the perfect red lip. This post helps a lot. Thank you!!

  41. Lynette R says:

    this month most makeup companies are coming out with their holiday gift sets. is anyone else excited about this and which ones are you eager to get. This week the Kat Von D one released, 2 different urban decay ones including the New Vice 4, new Tarte, a few different too faced ones – its a huge list. I grabbed the sephora too faced holiday set which is very very cute.

  42. Nicole says:

    Happy Caturday! =)

  43. Emily says:

    I’m always careful about driving with my kids in the car!

  44. FIONA says:

    I can’t STAND it when people say “I could care less”. If you could care less, then you actually care! It should forever and always be “I couldn’t care less”. Had a great time when Orange is the New Black covered this πŸ™‚ (Thanks for the giveaway again!)

  45. Coline T. says:

    With my makeup I never avoid the mirror ^.^

  46. Susan Parker says:

    Do you have any tips on coordinating eyeshadow and lipstick? The only one I know (I think!) is to emphasize either one or the other as in “dramatic smokey eye with nude lipstick”.

  47. Laura says:

    I don’t think people even realize they do it, but at the end of a phone conversation people say ” mmm bye” instead to just bye. It drives me crazy.

  48. susan h says:

    I’ve become very good at covering my roots πŸ™‚

  49. Laurinha says:

    Hi Karen!
    Hv a nice weekend!

  50. Courtney Janak says:

    Can you post what you learned in your Sephora class? I am never sure if I am pairing colors correctly. Happy weekend!

  51. Remi says:

    I have been knitting lots lately. Just finished a swingy boxy sweater. BRING IT ON FALL.

  52. Jessi says:

    Random confession: I am addicted to pumpkin spice everything this year. Before I didn’t like it and now I can’t get enough.. Especially in my coffee πŸ™‚

  53. Pauline says:

    I contemplating cleaning out our garage today or waiting another week!!

  54. Icequeen81 says:

    My significant other has That warm smile that brights my day.

  55. Nika says:

    I would say I’ve gotten a lot better at doing my brows throughout the years, thank goodness for that!

  56. Amy says:

    “You do you” and YOLO. I can’t stand them.

  57. Tatiana says:

    My Dear Husband has the most caring and compassionate personality. He also has the most gorgeous, blue-gray eyes with the longest eyelashes.

  58. Tricia says:

    I am very careful these days about wearing sunblock. Got some sun spots on my face for being careless πŸ™

  59. Sarah W says:

    My significant other has pretty eyes!

  60. Allison says:

    With my makeup I never put eyeliner on my lower waterline. I feel like it makes my eyes look smaller.

  61. Denise S says:

    I just finished some housecleaning too. It’s a dreary, rainy day, so it’s a good day to stay in and try to get some of the boring stuff done.

  62. Hello Karen
    With my makeup I do whatever I want, it’s my face πŸ™‚ I have no skills at all I just hope it looks good.

  63. Amanda says:

    OMG – I loved that updated 90210! Doesn’t beat the OG show, of course, but I enjoyed it when it was on πŸ™‚

  64. Poppy says:

    A saying that drives me up the wall is “boys will be boys.”
    Who even came up with that? πŸ˜‘πŸ˜‘

  65. Ivy Zheng says:

    Hmm something I’ve gotten very good at lately is triple cleansing my face at the end of the day. When I was younger people (various youtube beauty gurus, my mom, blogs-not you, Karen :)) always told me to be careful to not over clean my face. Therefore I never ended up cleaning my face enough. It was once AM, once PM and clarisonic 2x a week. College has made me more adventurous than I had ever been. For some reason I decided to start washing my face more these past few months. And omg. With the exception of a few blackheads on my nose, I can’t event remember the last time I had a breakout! Like those big red zits or whiteheads that hurt! No changes in diet or anything! I’m so happy with my skin righ now and hope other young ladies out there keep in mind that all the makeup needs to come off at the end of the day. This is getting long but I also wanted to share some favs: caudalie micellular water, boscia oil free oil cleanser, and fresh rose face mask. Definitely on the pricier side but I think anything you put on yourself is worth the splurge.

  66. Leticia says:

    I don’t understand why this person always says “I got it know” and walks way not knowing how to do what you just showed her to do.. So glad it’s the weekend time away helps to start again on Monday.. πŸ˜‰

  67. Victoria says:

    Something I’ve gotten very good at lately is being brave enough to watch American Horror Story by myself! With the lights on and in broad daylight, of course.

  68. renu says:

    I’ve become pretty good at tackling my tasks that I would procrastinate with πŸ™‚

  69. Hi Karen! Hope you’re having a good weekend so far! I’ve missed reading your blog πŸ™‚

    I know this is TMI but I secretly smell my hubby’s left armpit sometimes. Only the left one. It always smells nice. In a weird armpitty way.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Hawaii sunscreen routine with the Clinique SPF 30 Face Cream + Bioderma Hydrabio Moisturizing Anti-UV Mist SPF 30

  70. Melissa says:

    It’s 81 today, i hope summer never ends! πŸ™‚

  71. Analy Rodriguez says:

    I think some sayings are so dumb like beating a dead horse or barking up the wrong tree haha

  72. Olivia M says:

    I’ve slowly becoming good at actually studying!

  73. Michelle B. says:

    With my makeup I never wear dark eyeshadow colors on my eyes.

  74. Michaela says:

    Hi Karen! With make up I never go without filling out my eyebrows. They’re so sparse, they’re hardly there!

  75. Kim Henrichs says:

    A saying that drives me insane is “BAE” – I can’t wait until that is used up.

  76. Niki T. says:

    It’s popular these days, but I hate it when people say something is “on fleek”. It sounds so silly to me. I guess I’m getting old. lol.

  77. Charlotte says:

    I hate it when “regime” is used instead of “regimen.”

  78. latanya says:

    I am very careful about locking the doors to our house

  79. Michelle L says:

    I’m pretty careful about my Money management though it is not enough nowadays.

  80. Anastassia says:

    Hi Karen. With my make up I have no rules. I can do anything I feel like.

  81. Alix says:

    It makes me nuts when people say “can’t help but…” It’s a double negative, arrgh! They should say, “can’t help (verb)ing”. Ahh, feels good to get that off my chest…

  82. I’m always very careful about who I talk to/make friends with. Always have been.

  83. I watched the original Beverly Hills back in … Β΄95? Never got around to watching the spinoff.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Recent Reads – Mr. Penumbras 24 hours book store

  84. Lynn T. says:

    I hate it when people say “what?”, like they don’t know why. And “Shut up”, i think it’s just really harsh to say.

  85. Irene says:

    I know at least one other comment was about this… But it drives me crazy when people say “could care less” instead of “couldn’t care less” !!!!! People use it to mean that they do not care at all, but if you could care less, then you do care! If you couldn’t care less, then you do not care at all! It’s so simple. To be fair, it’s really a personal issue and it shouldn’t bother me, especially how the saying has changed in our culture to be acceptable without the ‘nt. When I was a little kid maybe 7 or 8 I made that mistake and my uncle and sister made fun of me, so for years every time I heard the saying I felt ashamed. It still makes me cringe πŸ™

  86. Trillina Palemi says:

    I had no idea Sephora offered classes

  87. Genesis says:

    I’ve gotten really good at mustering up the courage to talk to makeup artists! I’ve always been very shy about asking for help and recommendations since many of them can be a little intimidating πŸ™‚

  88. Amoure Jones says:

    Happy Saturday,

    Today is just pamper me day so I’ll be giving myself a: mani/pedi, facial and drinking some to calm my nerves. Other than that nothing much.

    Have a great weekend all.

  89. Shumaila says:

    I am careful about my house security n management such as locking doors, turn off the stoves n extra lights etc..

  90. Camille says:

    my significant other has a beautiful face. πŸ™‚

  91. Eileen says:

    I have two Sephora gift cards, and I’m looking for the perfect holiday palette to spend them on.

  92. Hilary says:

    Loved that post about fall lipsticks!

  93. Alona Y says:

    I’ve gotten pretty good at nail art lately, I do a new manicure each weekend and it’s so much fun! It’s still a mystery to me how nail bloggers have absolutely perfect lines and perfect cuticles.

  94. Debora Brezoi says:

    Something i always take care of is my teeth! I dont know why but im obssessed with clean teeth lol

  95. Chelsea Amanda says:

    With my make up I never wear a bright lip. I feel if I was better at makeup I definitely would though. Also are Sephora classes free? I’ve never gone to one. I just went In a Sephora for the first time ever few weeks ago. Also do they help you find your shade of makeup for you? I saw someone doing it in the mirror for themselves but I was wondering if they help?

  96. Melinda says:

    With my makeup I never wear mascara on my bottom lashes! I dunno why it just looks so wrong on me! I already have black undereyes and am always worried it would cast even more of a shadow. All the beauty gurus wear mascara on their bottom lashes so it makes me feel like an alien πŸ˜›

  97. Lisa says:

    I would be happy to never hear “my bad” ever again.

  98. Dawn says:

    I hate when people say irregardless.

  99. T says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  100. Cory says:

    Hey mama! Happy Caturday to you, the little lady, el Hub, & Tabs! Lovin’ that purple polish! It kinda reminds me of Essie’s Play Date.
    Something that I’m always super careful about is driving. I’ve been in a fair share of fender-benders, & one horrible accident with a tree, so I take driving very seriously now (like a job or sumthin) πŸ™‚
    With my makeup I never get bored!

  101. Shauna says:

    I don’t think that 90210 has ever used teenagers now that you mention it, Karen. I remember watching back in the day as a teen, and though I loved it Dylan, Kelly, Brenda, and co, I know that they DEFINITELY weren’t high school age. πŸ’―

  102. Jackie says:

    With my makeup I never seem to wear eyeliner. It’s a very very rare occasion when I wear eyeliner and it is almost always a wing if I am. It’s just too much work and a hassle for me on the everyday. If I’m wearing it know it took me 2 hours to do my makeup and it is some kind of special occasion.

  103. Mary W says:

    I love seeing your cat, Tabs. Every blog should have cats. Will you be adopting more cats? They are very social animals and really enjoy the company of other animals.

  104. Emily L. says:

    My significant other has an amazing laugh <3

  105. Elizabeth says:

    I hate when people say “where are you at?” Instead of “where are you?”. And as others have said it gets me so mad when people say “I could care less”. It literally makes no sense.

  106. Tonya says:

    I broke down and bought my very 1st beauty blender and i love it:) Dont know how i lived without it.

  107. Erica says:

    I don’t like hearing the word “folks” for some reason. lol

  108. Monica says:

    a saying or word that i dislike is the whole “bae” or “swag” thing haha!

  109. Anna says:

    With Makeup I never HAVE ENOUGH!

  110. Tracy Robertson says:

    I love sayings, especially old, corny ones. My favorite is “so and so is a one trick pony”. Someone I love that is no longer with us use to say that and it makes me smile every time.

  111. MarciaF says:

    I am so overdue for a MAC haul. This collection looks like the one that will break the fast.
    MarciaF recently posted … Are Kismet Liquid Lipsticks your destiny?

  112. Lizzie says:

    My significant other has super long eyelashes!! I’m soooo jealous!!!

  113. Cheryl Mayers says:

    With my makeup I never forget to use MAC’s Fix+, it keeps my makeup looking fresh all day long even in hot and humid weather. I love it!!!

  114. Louann says:

    Had no idea Sephora offered those classes! Hoping they are offered at my local store!

  115. Donna W. says:

    I am car shopping this weekend – having trouble finding the model I want with certain features in my favorite color RED! Wish me luck!

  116. April Ebo says:

    I have a terrible cold….feeling blaaaaaahhhhhh πŸ™

  117. Ms. Elise says:

    “Could care less” drives me freaking batty. Unless you actually mean to say that you care to some extent about something, think about what you’re saying and SAY WHAT YOU MEAN.

    Yeah, that drives me crazy.

  118. buckycatt says:

    K & T – The bad news of the week is that my sweet kitty niece Pattee went to the Rainbow Bridge on Thursday after a long happy life. The good news is I have new cosmetic goodies from Kevyn Aucoin & Nars coming from Barneys next week. Have a good weekend!

  119. Leah says:

    I really dislike when people refer to grown women as “girls.” Especially, in a professional setting like, “the girls in the accounting department.” Just use the word ‘women’ or ‘ladies.’

  120. crystaldw says:

    I think the thing im most careful about is keeping my kids away from anytype of aduldt partying..i grew up in that type of atmosphere,taking care of parents into the wee hours when i shoulda been sleeping for school the next day…from the 1st day i brought my 1st home there was drinking in their precence..ive eased up a bit&we have an occasional glass of wine or my SO a beer but nothing poppin of bottles here..we get an overnite sitter if there are any plans for getting our drink on..they have never seen me buzzed&i plan on keeping it that way..their jobs are to be kids&somewhat selfish…

  121. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    With my makeup, I never wear all over dark eyeshadow. I have dark inner eye circles, so I always try to avoid very dark eye shadows.

  122. Rosemary says:

    Happy Caturday, Karen and Little Girl.

    Saying that drives me crazy: you do you. UGH

  123. Ambritt says:

    I’m always very careful when I apply my mascara. Nothing worse than ruining your eye makeup with a gob of mascara.

  124. Illy Junus says:

    I love if you can vlog or blog about your experience at Sephora classes, i know that they offer, but Sephora is a little bit further away from me, so i want to know is it worth it to go there

  125. Cindy says:

    I hate when you look up an item at a department store that you want and the website tells you that the location you are going to has it and then when you show up they are sold out. Grrr! That happened to me today!

  126. Susan T. says:

    I am shocked about the mouse situation. I’m guessing that because Tabs is a senior now he’s more about relaxing and eating than hunting. I have two cats and when a mouse dared to peek its little whiskers into our house it ended up becoming a dead gift left for me on my bathmat. Lol! I felt terrible for the poor little thing and would have saved it if I could. The cats are well fed so they had no interest in eating it. I think they just played with it until it died of fright.

  127. Jamie says:

    I’m so excited for the Macnificent Me collection, I think this is gonna be a lot of money for me, I can’t resist purple lips at all!

  128. Al says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, Karen! πŸ™‚

  129. Jessie C. says:

    I’m always very careful about driving at night.

  130. Virginia says:

    I’m getting better at cat eye’s.

  131. Trinity Stevens says:

    I spent my weekend up in the Rockies enjoying some peace and quiet. Well, half of my weekend anyway.

  132. Maria T says:

    Congrats on your pregnancy this is so awesome! Just saw your video on the new Mac and the palette you showed looks β™₯β™₯β™₯

  133. I’ve gotten really good at researching homes and searching for them lately. I feel like it’s all I spend my free time doing since I want us to move soon!

  134. Aurelie Red says:

    With my makeup, I never wear nude lipsticks ; I absolutely love red lipsticks β™₯ And congrats on your pregnancy !

  135. maria says:

    I need to go and pick up some new Mac Lipsticks!

  136. Liz says:

    “I could care less” drives me crazy. That means that you DO care. It’s I COULDN’T care less, as in it’s not possible for me to care any less.

  137. Lydia says:

    I didn’t know Sephora did classes!

  138. Carol B says:

    I have to spend the weekend housecleaning too. It sucks but my cat not only doesn’t catch mice either, she doesn’t even help with the housecleaning!! I think we need to train them to earn their keep! πŸ˜‰

  139. Alix says:

    Hi Karen !
    I actually wanted to watch this TV show, thanks for reminding me πŸ˜‰
    I’ve never bought any MAC product and I’ve been thinking about it for some time, mainly beacause of your videos on them πŸ˜€
    Anyway, I feel like I’m getting better at putting on lipstick these days, which might be a good excuse to buy more of them, don’t you think ?!
    Love ya !

  140. Amy Z. says:

    I like to spend weekends quietly at home, and do all the chores and tasks I don’t have time for during the work week.

  141. deb cohen says:

    Birthday party weekend for the nephew , its outside, we need the rain bad but hoping it stays away for a few hours

  142. Sylvia says:

    I’m watching Tootsie tonight. Great movie that I haven’t seen in a long time!

  143. Rachel R. says:

    Hello! I hope you’re having a nice Saturday. We’re just taking care of house stuff today. I’m going to Washington Tuesday-Thursday, so I’m getting ready for that trip. We’re going to the State Fair Wednesday. We’re catching Nile Rodgers and Chic with Duran Duran while we’re there. I’m also hoping to hit up Espionage Cosmetics’ new B & M store while I’m in the area.

    Sorry to hear about the mice, but I’m sure Tabs doesn’t want to ruin his manicure. What if he had to shoot a big ad campaign the next day? Priorities! I’m glad we don’t have mice here (knock on wood). They’re awful cute, but not fun to live with.

  144. gina says:

    I was totally thinking of you this morning when I was out, but I now can’t remember what I was thinking about Karen. Still loving my Chanel mascara !!! I’ve been using it every single day this past week, and i LURVE it! I almost thought that I liked the MAC on better, but I’d just forgotten the formula of the Chanel Le Volume. One coat is fantastic, and two is just heaven on my already long lashes. It makes me (honest to goodness) look like I have false eyelashes on. Super cool!!!! I’ve finally learned how to tighttline and gotten gel eyeliner for the waterline and my lashes rock!!! Love to you and tabs, sorry about the mouse situation, scary!!! Gina and Gracie.

  145. breyerchic04 says:

    What a week, Karen thank you for the excellent MAC posts this week!

  146. Blanca says:

    Hi, my name is Blanca and I am a makeup junkie. What can I say? There’s a sweet contented feeling I get from lipstick and a great palette.

  147. Sarah Duehr says:

    When people say “ATM machine” it drives me crazy! So does “literally” when someone should say “figuratively.”

  148. ariel says:

    I love to learn about anything to do with cosmetic’s. Am a make- up junkie.

  149. Mayra says:

    I took a class at sephora last week and loved it!! It was about conceal. I had a coach with me who told me what to do. I ended up buying stuff haha but I’m totally obsessed with my new gadget: the smashbox primer for the eye. I don’t wear makeup in the morning, I have to get my boys teady to go to school, lunchbox etc etc. I just wear the triple eye duty repair ( which at the class they taught me how to apply it) and the primer. And I love how my undereyes look. I totally recommend these classes. And you get samples! Who doesn’t like samples?!

  150. K says:

    I’ve been practicing different braided hairdos, because I go on prac as a nursing student in a week. I’m wishing my hair was marginally longer, because I keep getting fluffies and bits that escape from the braids :S

  151. Sandy P says:

    As so many others have stated I had no idea that Sephora offered classes? Are they free? About your mouse….eek!!

  152. Meg says:

    Not really a saying, but more of a word. “BAE.” Can’t stand it. Especially the way everyone is constantly over-using it lmao.
    Meg recently posted … Help Us Save Specktra!

  153. Alix says:

    Hi Karen !
    Thanks for the giveaway ! I’m really excited for the MACnificent collection because I’ve never bought a MAC product before and I don’t think I’ll be able to resist this time πŸ˜‰
    I noticed that I’m getting better at experiencing new things with make up, which makes it much more fun !
    Love ya

  154. Hannah R says:

    I try to be very careful about not burning my food in the oven! I’d better go check on dinner! πŸ™‚ Thanks for a great week of beauty posts!

  155. Deb says:

    Something I’m always very careful about? I’m always checking twice if I have locked the door… πŸ™‚

  156. Tuğçe Γ–zdinΓ§ says:

    Hi Karen I’m so excited about this giveaway, I hope I can win the prize πŸ™‚

  157. Dorothy says:

    With my makeup I never have a dull day. There’s just something magical about the transformation of makeup.

  158. April Ebo says:

    Feeling so sick and I’m 6 months pregnant…can’t take anything…this really sucks!!

  159. Undamaris says:

    Happy Talk Like a Pirate Day!

  160. Kaitlyn says:

    Congratulations! Hopefully your daughter will be a make-up junkie! haha

  161. Joselyn Hernandez says:

    My significant other has brown eyes

  162. Shelley says:

    This week I finally realized that I like my eyeshadow looks much better when I mix warm and cool tones. For some reason I’ve always thought I should do all one or the other.

  163. JM says:

    My significant other has glorious pecs.

  164. Lori P says:

    The one saying that drives me absolute crazy is, “You know what I mean?” My mom said it ALL the time until I snapped and told her to either stop saying it or I wasn’t going anywhere with her because I hated that saying. Luckily she stopped because she knew I meant it.

  165. Kirsten says:

    Finish the sentence, β€œWith my makeup I never…” wear false eyelashes.

  166. Katrina says:

    I am so tired of everyone telling me to step out of my comfort zone!

  167. Brian says:

    I am always careful with anything glass. Just don’t want to shatter anything!

  168. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I’m always careful with my laptop.

  169. Lesia says:

    We are totally tagging each other with the Sephora classes. You are right. They are great! I am going to the “Perfectly Paired Lip and Cheek” class tomorrow!

  170. NFJ says:

    With my makeup, I NEVER rush. It’s my time (and the faster I go the more clowny it looks!). I have an amazing makeup command center where I have everything at hand. Just love making my makeup application a “my special time” activity, AND since subscribing to Karen (and Kitty) I’ve gotten better at it and I’m always entertained! Thanks so much for your amazing site Karen and Meow much love to your super sweet kitty.

  171. Emily C says:

    I hate people always saying “literally.” “It’s literally a million degrees outside.” No it’s not!

  172. wina says:

    I usually don’t go to those sephora classes for fear of having to fork out money and buy the products. I feel bad not buying those products.

  173. Brian says:

    I am also on a netflix binge, but instead of teen drama I opted for ancient Greek warrior princess drama in the form of Xena. Good times, mostly silly times, but good nonetheless.

  174. Lisa Foster says:

    A saying that drives me crazy is “she was like” or “I was like” instead of “she said” or “I said”. That makes me cringe!

  175. Rachel Soto says:

    Because nobody is responding to the “my significant other has (adjective) (noun)” question and I LOVE Mad Libs, I’ll answer it!

    My significant other has substantial nose hair.

    There. I said it. Glad to get that off my chest (which, oddly enough, is a saying I can’t stand).

  176. BooBooNinja says:

    tee hee at all the pet peeve sayings.

  177. Andrea says:

    I’ve gotten very good at coverinf up my dark circles. I have a 7month old who doesn’t sleep well! So I’ve invested in a million products lately to make me look presentable.

  178. Jen Havens says:

    I’ve been using eye cream all over my face and I have no regrets.

  179. Justine says:

    Americans tend not to know how to spell voilΓ . I’ve seen wahlah, vwala, and viola.

  180. Krystle says:

    My husband has blue eyes

  181. Wendy says:

    Something I’ve gotten good at lately… washing my makeup off at night and of course, moisturizing after!! So proud =)

  182. Tania G says:

    Something that I am really careful about is to disinfect everything especially after cooking with raw meat, eggs.

  183. Maddie says:

    I had a day of sun and fun today. Hope you’re having a nice weekend. 😺

  184. Raquel Perez says:

    I am very careful about what my 12 year watches on tv and while on the Internet. We instead do our hair and put makeup on each other over the wknds. So much fun!

  185. lizzie says:

    this may be TMI, but i always feel so much better after i shave the hair off of my big toe and the tops my feet

  186. Shawna says:

    Something that people on YouTube say that drives me bonkers is “over top”….as in I’m wearing this lip gloss OVER TOP this lipstick. UGHHHH. I don’t know why, but it drives me mad. LOL

  187. Ana says:

    I can’t stand when I overdo one side of my lips but not the other. My mouth is naturally unbalanced, but it’s just like…ahhhh. Too much.

  188. Sarah Sq. says:

    I hate when people say “walla” instead of “voila” (pronounced vwa-la).

  189. Monica says:

    I’m starting a juice cleanse tomorrow, I hope it makes me feel better!

  190. Tracy says:

    Irregardless is NOT a word! It drives me crazy! Also adding a ‘b’ to supposedly is another and the list goes on and on…
    Tracy recently posted … Burberry Pale Barley No. 102 Wet & Dry Silk Eye Shadow | BEAUTY

  191. Maren says:

    I keep seeing “_hair, don’t care” on Pinterest. Maybe this means I’m old, but it’s maddening. Does anyone even know what it means, or do people just say because other people use it? If it actually seemed clever, it wouldn’t bother me, but it just sounds stupid. Sigh…
    Maren recently posted … Depressing Shit, Part 12

  192. Crystal says:

    When people say “I could care less,” instead of “I COULDN’T care less.” Saying that you “could care less” means that you still care somewhat. The whole point is that you have no f****s left to give!

  193. Ashley H. says:

    With my makeup I never… go without black/dark eyeliner. I don’t think my seem finished without black liner. I can get away with a super dark purple or brown depending on the look.

  194. Marina says:

    Those Sephora classes sound great!! I’d love to read more about it in a blog post. Maybe you can even vlog it! I’ve been watching your YouTube videos and they’re great! I haven’t seen anything about the classes yet, and it would be cool.

  195. Kelly says:

    I absolutely HATE the phrase “It is what it is”. It’s just a fancier way of saying “yeah.”
    Kelly recently posted … Mani Monday: Khaki Green and Golden Gleam

  196. Kalli says:

    I’m house-cleaning too this weekend! I also went grocery shopping today and stopped by TJ’s. Anyway, next week is hell week for me at work so I want to make sure my place is nice and clean and I stocked up on lots of wine, healthy snacks, a little bit of chocolate and some Red Bull to get me through the week!
    Kalli recently posted … 90s Grunge Inspired

  197. jenny says:

    I don’t like when people say that’s so gay. It is very offensive and people use that word in the wring context.

  198. Jen C says:

    With makeup I never put on mascara without curling my lashes!

  199. Germaine Sikat says:

    I’m sooo excited for the “A Little Lusty” MAC Blush. <3

  200. Kristen says:

    I’m always very careful when it comes to safety.

  201. Barbara B says:

    It’s not a saying, but I am tired of hearing “Going forward.”

  202. Jennifer says:

    I’m always very careful about keeping my doors locked, and double checking to make sure I have my keys whenever I go out into my backyard to sit by the pool.

  203. Deanna says:

    Most sayings are annoying.

  204. Steph says:

    With my makeup I never…leave the house feeling worse. It’s always a big mood booster!

  205. Sara muniz says:

    A saying that drives me crazy is ” you know what I mean ” well obviously I do or obviously I don’t !!!!! 😑

  206. Krystle Montalla says:

    It’s going to be hot tomorrow!

  207. Aenea says:

    I never put on mascara. Or rarely do. They smudge all the time.

  208. Tracey E. says:

    I am giddy at buying my first (and second) Chanel beauty items and at a discount at a local department store, with funds and donations going to Goodwill. I’m loving my new blush and will be trying out your beloved Noir 88 eyeliner. I’m terrible at lining my eyes with anything but a liquid liner, so fingers crossed!

    I saw a online that Bobbi Brown will be introducing for Spring 2016 a mascara that makes the lashline look darkened at the root, so no need for eyeliner. Now THAT would make my day!

  209. Wayne says:

    Congrats on the baby news!

  210. Rhoda K says:

    Hope Tabs ups his game! ;D

  211. Nikki says:

    Never put the key to your happiness in someone else’s pocket…unless it’s my boyfriend’s & he’s toting around my new MAC patentpolish in his pocket on date night. No need for a purse! Love, true love.

  212. Sally says:

    “It is what it is.”

  213. Teresa says:

    Waiting for holiday sets to come out!!
    > O <

  214. Isabella says:

    Whit my makeup I never wear sheer bright or dark lipstick. It makes me look a lot older somehow.

  215. Sam C says:

    With my makeup I never: tightline. I cant do it on myself, i cant stand the way it feels. I’ve even had someone else do my tightline and the whole 5 seconds it was happening I could feel my eyes and my body panic and try to pull away. Its something id love to get used to because I love the way it looks.

    & would love to hear more about your experience with Sephora classes! Review!! πŸ˜€

    Take care xo Sam

  216. Farah says:

    I could not live without my Mac face and body foundation,or my Mac lipsticks, or Mac’s eye shadows,etc. I guess i could not live without Mac:D

  217. Anastasia T. says:

    I’m always very careful about what I eat.

  218. Beatrice says:

    I wish we had Sephora where I live, but then again I’d probably go broke

  219. Elizabeth Lewis says:

    I had no idea that Sephora offered classes. What a great thing! I was in there the other day picking up foundation. They used a gadget to take a picture of my skin and then color matched me perfectly!!!! The color was spot on!!

  220. Eva says:

    Hey Karen ! Thank you so much for hosting this giveaway, I just recently ( Like 5 days ago haha ) discovered your channel ( That Guo Pei collection i was looking for a review and I found yours ! )
    I would say one thing I’ve gotten really good at is ( weirdly ) School ! I would have never though school would interest me, but now that I’ve picked my subjects, I just find it so much more interesting it’s crazy for me because I’ve never been a school girl !
    And the one thing ( Makeup wise ) I couldn’t live without would be … Taupe lipstick by mac, my favorite everrrrrrr ( And spice lipliner to go with love the combo of the two !! )
    I’m 16 yrs but I have the agreement of my parents.
    Thank you so much once again, love your blog and your videos ( You should do more videos they are so entertaining to watch ! )
    See you big kisses !!! xx
    ( Sorry for my english, I’m not fluent yet haha !! )

  221. sarah says:

    Thanks for sharing these great products – I had no idea Sephora did classes!

  222. RM says:

    not quite a saying, but a grammar mistake that drives me crazy is misusing “I.”

    “It was her and I’s first visit to the city.” -should be our
    “It was a beautiful experience for Jim and I.” -should be me

  223. ElzaElza says:

    It’s definitely a silly pet peeve, but veruse of “like” makes me nuts! πŸ˜€

  224. gabis says:

    Have a great Sunday, Karen!! πŸ™‚

  225. Kellyn says:

    I know this is TMI, but I went on a first date last night and it went quite well. When we kissed he lifted me up. πŸ™‚

  226. Alicia smith says:

    I was just in my local Sephora & saw the sign for classes. I would love to take one!

  227. Renee says:

    I have been very careful lately when applying makeup prior to work. A few weeks ago, the weather became schizophrenic. I thought we might actually get some fall temperatures and so I jumped on the fall makeup trend, but mother nature changed her mind. There I was, in 92 degree heat and sun, with dark vampy oxblood nails and matching lips. Truth be told, in my profession, that was a little bold, even for the fall. So this week, its back to light pink nails and lips.

  228. Daraya says:

    I’m always careful when cooking. I cook all the time and I’m a pretty experienced cook, but I always seem to burn myself when cooking!

  229. Sarah says:

    With my makeup, I never wear anything except long-wearing or waterproof mascara on my bottom lashes, or else I end with with horrible raccoon eyes every time! I’m loving the Clinique lash power long-wearing mascara. It’s not waterproof, so it doesn’t require an army to remove, but it really does stay on all day without smudging! Great stuff!

  230. WHitney says:

    Hi Karen! I must say how excited I am for you. Babies are so much fun…and work. But a definite labor of love.

    Have a great day!

  231. em says:

    i hate it when my cousins say “guy or bro” they watched too much jersey shore and now “bro” stuck with them

  232. Karleena says:

    I’m very happy to say that I’ve gotten good at winged liner lately πŸ™‚

  233. Valerie says:

    With my makeup I never take risks! I’m too scared!

  234. Jackie says:

    I’ve finally mastered the winged eyeliner look. It’s taken a good while but I’ve got it!

  235. Jennifer says:

    I watched The Summit on Netflix this weekend-amazing documentary.

  236. Omaya says:

    I have been watching a show called Strange Empire. I finished S1. Super good! Revenge is another good one. They have the new S3 on. Makeup wise, I have been loving Nars lipgloss in Chelsea Girls & Babdoll.. Can’t get enough, along with Hourglass Ambient Lighting Bronzer in Luminous Bronze & Becca Pressed Skin Perfector in Champagne Pop/ Laura Gellar Baked Highlighter/ Laura Gellar Gellato Highllighter in Gilded Honey ( Do you see my fascination with highlighters???- I have more LOL, like Becca’s Opal, Moonstone, Mac’s Lughtscapade, etc)

  237. Mary MarΓ­a says:

    With my makeup I never take blue eyeshadows. They look awful on me :S

  238. Daisy says:

    Now that the temperatures are getting cooler, I can’t wait to bust out my Fall lippies πŸ™‚ Darker colors are going to rock my world for the next couple of months!

  239. mitxu says:

    I becoming better at arriving on time!!

  240. Melissa says:

    Wow there are so many comments! We all love MAC – can’t wait to try their new water weight foundation.

  241. Lynda says:

    this weekend is over 100 degrees again in LA!

  242. Anne says:

    I get annoyed of everyone saying “Highlight on fleek” or just “fleek” anything.

  243. Aimen says:

    With my makeup I never.. Line my under waterline ! Eww I used to do it all the time in middle school, what was I thinking it looks so weird on me so I just never do it now

  244. Randi C. says:

    A saying that drives me crazy, is “It is what it is” when I am trying to find a solution to a problem and people are too lazy to bother trying to fix it.

  245. Jennifer Pham says:

    As a social worker in training learning about oppression and diversity – I’m trying my best to be careful about not pushing my own perspectives/agenda on others, as the idea is that people are all different and need the space to exercise dignity of their autonomy. It’s hard to step back as I’ve always been rather outspoken, but I think this will only help my development as a person, and professionally.

  246. Elena says:

    Now I really want to try the new mac waterweight foundation, that would be a good way jajajja πŸ™ˆ

  247. Mia Sargeant says:

    With my make up I never leave it on at the end of the day!

  248. Connie says:

    I’ve gotten very good at frying eggs.

  249. Jennifer Fredericks says:

    So excited to be organizing my makeup this weekend with a few new acrylic organizers! FUN!

  250. Kecia S. says:

    Hey Karen! I attended the Perfectly Paired Lips & Cheeks class last year & I had a blast. There was a website glitch & the Contouring & Highlighting class scheduled for last Sunday was a mistake. It’s actually happening in a few weeks…yay!

    I attended the Nordstrom Fall Trend Show yesterday morning. The show was great & my Tom Ford makeover was even better! I wore the look for about 14 hours & it held up pretty well. Of course, the occasional dusting of MAC MSFN in Dark plus MUFE’s setting spray definitely helped!

    Today is football Sunday, so I’ll be in heaven all afternoon. I’ll probably watch the Emmys tonight; I’m a sucker for fancy dresses & awards. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  251. Erin Ortiz says:

    My mom will text me Yokes instead of yes or okay. I have no idea what it means but it drives me crazy haha!
    Erin Ortiz recently posted … Untried #1-Essie Sexy Divide

  252. Audrey says:

    Ugh. I do not like cleaning. I work all week long and on the weekends, I just wanna veg and enjoy NOT clean. πŸ™‚

  253. Bertha says:

    My significant other has a glorious beard. #teambeards

  254. Margarita says:

    My ex insisted that the phrase was, “what comes around goes around”. NOPE!

  255. Shelby says:

    I don’t know if it counts as a saying, but it drives me crazy when people ask “where’s it at?” I can handle prepositions at the ends of sentences occasionally, but completely extraneous ones get under my skin (unless it’s a joke.)

  256. Gail says:

    Always careful when opening a can of tuna – but I can’t fool my kitty – he knows

  257. Sarah says:

    A phrase that drives me crazy…

    “I could care less”

  258. Lucy Nguyen says:

    I’m always be careful about not to spend money carelessly

  259. Candi says:

    I know this is TMI but.. Since I started using the Clarisonic I’ve been suffering from zits just inside my nose…You have no idea how frustrating it is..not to mention the logistics of getting to those pesky suckers to ‘take care’ of them! I’d love to know if you’ve ever heard this from anyone. I’ve never had a zit in my nose in my life but now at 35 it’s an issue. Thanks Karen for all you do..

  260. Karenine says:

    A saying that drive me crazy.. “No offense, but..” GRRRR

  261. Maria K says:

    I just want to pop in and say congrats on being preggo!! So happy for you Karen. You are such a sweetheart and I hope you have a safe and healthy pregnancy. Sending you much love! πŸ™‚

  262. Linda says:

    Those early hours for the Sephora classes is the reason why I’ve never gone (just not a morning person). I once signed up for an afternoon one… but they cancelled it the day before =(

  263. Becca says:

    Just getting caught up and missed the whole wonderful, beautiful announcement that a little Karen will be soon joining the world!!! I don’t even know you other than by your blog but i had tears of joy!!! You are gonna be a great mommy!!! And she is gonna be gorgeous just like mom and opinionated and hopefully funny and witty just like you!! Congratuations sweetie!

  264. Kayla G says:

    I’ve gotten really good lately at filling in my brows. I’ve realized that if I fill in the most around the bottom and tail of my brows it looks much better and more natural. My eyebrows are now on fleek, you might say!

  265. LizzyLovesSatan says:

    Pick me!

  266. Amber says:

    I celebrated my sons 2nd bday this weekend! πŸ™‚

  267. Terri says:

    A saying that drives me crazy is “Sorry not sorry.”

    I wish I could loan you my kitty employers to help with the mouse situation (both of them are excellent mousers). Unfortunately, they hate traveling, and the trek from the Midwest to California would likely be a deal-breaker for them.

  268. Sienna says:

    It drives me nuts when someone says “spendy” to describe something that is expensive.

  269. marlena says:

    I’ve gotten better at waking up early/being a morning person! I usually am such a night owl.

  270. Arianaz says:

    Omg, I just came across your video on YouTube “I have some news” and congratulations on the baby girl!! So happy for you!

  271. Karen says:

    It’s not really a saying, but more of a phrase that I truly loathe….”a whole nother…..”
    Nother is not a word people! Ok, that’s out of my system. I hope your weekend has been pleasant and many congrats on your pregnancy!

  272. Liza says:

    I’m always super careful about my nail polish. My face makeup/outfit can be BEAT, but my nails are always looking good.

  273. Cindy says:

    I didn’t know that sephora offered classes. It may not be offered at my location though because it’s a smaller store,

  274. brittany says:

    i need a new perfume!

  275. Jeesica says:

    I love nudes πŸ’„πŸ’„πŸ‘„πŸ’‹

  276. cam says:

    my significant other has a very sexy butt πŸ™‚

  277. Chelle says:

    For some reason I have never taken the plunge and bought mac products, it’s a little embarrassing! I have tried many other brands at this price point but for some reason not MAC! I think it’s because I get scared away by the counters in stores! But I’ve definitely been thinking about buying some items on their website that I have heard a lot about online!
    Chelle recently posted … Announcing New Series!

  278. Susan says:

    I was just doing some apartment cleaning this weekend too, but to keep myself from getting distracted I listened to classical music.

  279. Rachel says:

    Man, I’ve got a list a mile long of crap people say that make me want to punch them in the face. My #1 is more grammar than a phrase, but “I seen” is the worst. It takes everything in me to bite my tongue and not reply “You didn’t seen anything. You SAW it.”

    Also, misuse of the word literally drives me figuratively insane. Someone once said to me “it was so hot, my head was literally on fire!” *blink blink* WHAT?!?! I did call her out on it and she got totally pissed. Worth it though – she told me she’s mentally checked her use of literally ever since!!

    1 down, 300+ million to go…

    • Kim says:

      Omg! I was trying to think of that phrase last night! I was at my in-laws and we were talking about words or phrases that we each say that drives us crazy and my husbands whole family says “I seen” and I couldn’t think of it last night and it was killing me! I totally understand the insanity caused by that phrase!

  280. April says:

    β€œSomething you’ve gotten very good at lately”

    I’ve been getting better at deciding the kind of makeup looks better suited for work and after-work. After a few months of all kinds of experiments, some failed, some successful, I now have a few looks up my sleeve!

  281. A saying that drives you crazy: Out of the Box. You are in a box just by using this overused phrase! I had a boss that used it all the time for when she wanted something “wild.” Then we’d do something out of the box and she’d steer us straight back in eventually. I guess I have box issues!

  282. Melanie says:

    With my makeup I never go without winged eyeliner. I simply don’t have any eyes without them!

  283. Angie says:

    I’ve been getting better at highlighting! I was always too scared to do it.

  284. Holly S says:

    I love MAC and am obsessed with make-up so hoping I win!

  285. bin du says:

    I know this is TMI but I’ve recently become obsessed (if thats even possible) with OB tampons. There is a definite learning curve to these but with some practice they are so so comfortable!

  286. Stephanie A. says:

    Soooo…2 things:

    1. I’m DYING to do one of the Sephora classes, but they’re never offered at my local. It’s weird, too–I’m not exactly in the sticks, so it’s kinda frustrating.

    2. I’m also DYING for some old/new MAC, specifically a classic nude (e.g. Faux, Brave, Velvet Teddy).

  287. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    The Sephora classes sound great, I’m going to have to check them out!

  288. Michelle says:

    I’m really careful about the foods I eat because I’m DEATHLY allergic to nuts. When traveling, this can be a bit crazy, because I have to be the annoying person who asks waiters “Is there nuts in this?” or because I’m carrying epinephrine, the flight has to not serve peanuts (which to me is odd, because I tell them, you can serve peanuts, just don’t give them to me). I’ve been told that nut allergies don’t exist (I was in foreign country at the time… >__<'). Anyhow..I'm careful about food because of this.

  289. Meghan says:

    A saying that bothers me is “I’m dead” or “I look dead with x makeup on”. There are so many other ways to say that!…

  290. Farah D says:

    A saying that drives me crazy: go big or go home.

  291. Kim says:

    I saw your pretty face on my new ios9 update! Under the new news sections, I could choose my interests and of course I chose makeup and you came up as the first blog to subscribe to! I wish I could attach a pic.
    What drives me crazy is tapping. I go crazy when my students tap pencils or their fingers on their desks. I go crazy when my own kids tap. Redundant, unnessary noises drive me insane! i hate feeling that way! It makes me feel mean. And old. And mean.
    Hope you had a great weekend!

  292. Kim says:

    Wait wait wait wait wait! I was reading other comments and they mentioned pregnancy!!! Congrats! How exciting!!! How far along are you?

  293. Anna says:

    Tabs is super adorable!!! I love my cat so much sometimes I just can’t handle the cuteness. She’s a calico πŸ™‚ Love your blog, I really appreciate the amazing effort your put into it πŸ™‚

  294. susan says:

    I’ve gotten pretty good at making homemade waffles.

  295. Cynthia Richardson says:

    I really hate the term “baby mama” – so crude and disrespectful.

  296. Christine says:

    Something I’m always very careful about….

    EVERYTHING, during Mercury Retrograde!!! Argh!!!

  297. Kelly B. says:

    “YOLO” drives me crazy. Just because people use it as an excuse to do stupid things, not make the most of every moment!
    Kelly B. recently posted … It’s Finally Here! What’s in my Ipsy September 2015 Bag + Extras!

  298. Sara says:

    When people say “irregardless” or “should of” or “I could care less”, I go nuts because they’re just so wrong!

  299. Kathy T says:

    With my makeup, I never line my entire waterline. There’s something odd about me and a dark inner corner!

  300. Ashley says:

    Growing up I saw a lot of the original 90210 on the one of the tv stations that showed daytime soaps a second time at night. I grew to be a pretty big fan so I had a hard time getting into the new one. I loved Kelly and I was so upset she and Brandon didn’t end up together.

  301. Mira says:

    With my makeup, I never cover my freckles. I don’t think I could even if I wanted to!

  302. Melody says:

    I’ve only ever bought two MAC products. Lipsticks: Show Orchid and Impassioned. Because, if you can believe it, even though I’m 37 I only discovered MAC and Sephora 2 years ago. Lol I just didn’t wear makeup, as I didn’t need much, and I was busy traveling in my 20’s. I just owned 1 Maybelline blush, maybe a handful of maybelline lipsticks and their face powder and concealer. I did have a lot of Rimmel eyeliner and a ton of Bath and Body lipgloss.
    So here’s to trying more MAC! ;D cheers!

  303. Cathy says:

    I can’t wait until people stop saying “BAE” I think that term is ridiculous. And I’ve never tried winged eyeliner. I just don’t like the look I think it looks fake. I’m just full of joy tonight aren’t I!? πŸ™‚

  304. I know this is TMI, but I shave the hair off my big toes in the summer time.

  305. Melissa says:

    Honestly without makeup I would not have any confidence so it would honestly be great for me to win! Peace & love πŸ’Ÿ

  306. Bits says:

    I really want people to understand when to use your and you’re. Also wanted to say congratulations on your pregnancy!!!

  307. Valerie C. says:

    My children say “whatever” constantly. lol

  308. indayluvs says:

    Now that I’m *ahem* “older”, I drive much more carefully! I still speed (LoL) just not as fast nor as much.

  309. Kathleen says:

    Currently watching the Emmys!! Love it so far!

  310. E. Jones says:

    Something you’ve gotten very good at lately?

    I have gotten very good with my time management. I am usually always running late or rushing everywhere but I made a goal to work on my time management and stop waiting at the last minute to do things or go places.

  311. Efrain says:

    I’m always careful when I’m grooming or doing my brows; I’m always afraid of messing them up.

  312. mrsshukra says:

    Always careful about the sun!

  313. Stephanie says:

    Not really a saying, but a huge pet peeve. I hate it when people mix up “their” “they’re” and “there”

    I was just asking my husband what he thinks our cats would do with an actual mouse. He thinks they would catch it, I’m not so sure. I think they might look at it and watch it, but I don’t think any are brave enough to actually do anything beyond that.

  314. Brenda disimone says:

    I reall like the sally hansen miracle gel nail polish it lasts for days and has a great shine !

    • brenda disimone says:

      Right now i am wearing sally hansen miracle gel polish in dive bar and i love this line because it lasts for days and has a great shine

  315. Marta Sousa says:

    Something you’ve gotten very good at lately? Blending my eyeshadows!!! πŸ™‚

  316. Gauri says:

    Hair styling products! I’m always very careful about what I use on my hair πŸ™‚
    Gauri recently posted … Oh So Burgundy…

  317. Kim says:

    This pretty much sums up my life:
    My neck, my back,
    My Netflix and my snacks.
    Ps- I’m getting those makeup goosebumps thinking about the D&G Sophia lipstick and Becca Afterglow.. Yay holidays!

  318. Sophie says:

    I’m so so tempted to get the Becca Afterglow Palette. I don’t have any Becca products yet. It seems like a good start. So far as I know, it’s only at Ulta right now… I hate Ulta. Worst customer service ever.

  319. jules m. says:

    saying which drives me crazy: Get er done. or whassup. Why are people still saying this…lol

  320. Ruchita says:

    Happy Monday! Hope it’s a good start to the week. πŸ™‚

  321. Maddie says:

    I would love a class like that! I’m going to start looking into those!

  322. Trude says:

    Hope the mouse situation has been resolved! My significant other has awesome knowledge. He has a Sherlockian memory, so I call him Encyclopedia Joel. πŸ˜‰
    Trude recently posted … September Desktop Background

  323. Mabel says:

    It drives me crazy when people are rude on the road, I don’t think they realize their behaviour can be dangerous to other people. Good luck everyone ! πŸ™‚

  324. Elizabeth says:

    I need these eyeshadows, they are calling my name!

  325. Yesenya says:

    Can’t wait until Mac’s holiday collection comes out!

  326. Jordan says:

    “Bae” drives me crazy. What even is that? Also, most of the things that come out of my teenage sister’s mouth. I don’t know what she’s talking about half the time. I’m getting too old, I guess.

  327. Diana DM says:

    Karen, will you review Tarte’s holiday palettes? I can’t wait for your swatches, you and I have the same skin color. πŸ˜€

  328. sally mayhew says:

    I have become a crazy cat lady. After taking in 2 homeless kittens it takes me to 6. My catfood bill is horrendous!

  329. Amara says:

    I’m always very careful with my phone. Nowadays when they cost $500+ I cannot afford to break the one I’m still paying off for a new one.

  330. Pamela Haddad says:

    Hey Karen! Hope you had lots of fun at the Sephora class! I really need to get out more. And get on that Mr Tabs for allowing a mouse in. He probably just wants to play with it. My friends cat Babe made this crazy meow in the backyard one day. They went to investigate and she was playing with a white mouse. She never hurt it. She’s snuggle it and purr. So funny! So maybe that’s what Tabs intends to do.

  331. Georgiana says:

    I’ve just discovered your blog and videos and I love them!

  332. Ruth says:

    the phrase that just doesn’t make any sense “on fleek”

  333. Makyla says:

    Hearing ‘omg’ secretly drives me crazy. Not sure why haha. Hope you have a great week, Karen! God bless!

  334. annalisa says:

    something I’m careful about: I always double and triple check that I have my keys before locking the car. locked them in the car once and have been super paranoid about it ever since!!

  335. Alyssa Lee says:

    Yut is a word that drives me crazy. Upstaters say it.

  336. Cleone says:

    I think it’s awesome that you’re giving away a MAC gift card… Cheers to the lucky winner!!!

  337. lara says:

    with my makeup… i never leave out concealer

  338. Cleone says:

    Cheers to the lucky winner!!

  339. Christine says:

    I know this is TMI, but I totally feel like I need to fart!

  340. Yasmine E. says:

    What an amazing giveaway! It’s my three year wedding anniversary tomorrow so it’d be lovely to be able to go out and spoil myself!

  341. Chelsey says:

    I’ve officially mastered the smudged eyeliner pencil look. I wear it most days to work and it makes me happy.

  342. @Pinklacedpoppy says:

    I was so happy to see your cute announcement ! I just burst with joy! Hope that girl is treating mom good with beauty I feel like my girl made me prettiest and my son made me break out in zits lol

  343. Michelle says:

    The whole “on fleek” thing drives me insane!! Why are we making up words now people?? Whyyyyy???

  344. Jana says:

    I hope you had a nice week end Karen! I certainly did, we took a little trip with the whole family which was so great!

  345. Sheila Gage says:

    I’m with the other who said things like “irregardless” and “supposably” and “I could care less” and would like to add that I’m particularly irritated by reference to a certain Life Cereal commercial from when I was a kid: “give it to ‘Mikey’, he’ll eat anything.” Um NO! The entire point of the commercial was that Mikey wouldn’t eat anything. He was SO picky. The lines were:
    Kid one: I’m not gonna try it, YOU try it!
    Kid two: I’m not gonna try it.
    Kid one: Give it to Mikey!
    Kid two: He won’t eat it, he hates everything.
    *Slides bowl to Mikey and he starts eating it.
    Kids one and two VERY SURPRISED exclaim: HE LIKES IT! HEY MIKEY!

    I’m probably the only one in the world this bothers and so now I’ve gotten if off my chest! HAHA THANK YOU!

  346. Lara deGuzman says:

    With my makeup I never put dark liner on my bottom water line!

  347. alice says:

    There’s something about “I know, right?” that drives me bonkers. I haven’t said anything to anyone because it is everywhere. But I will go out of my way to say something else and my brain does a mental “ughh!” every time I hear it.

  348. Jessica says:

    After being bored with MAC for a while, I am now back on a kick. It started with the Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof Foundation. It’s the first MAC base product that has worked for me!

  349. Maggie says:

    Want to try the new waterproof foundation too!

  350. Sherry says:

    Maybelline Matt Lipstick in the magenta shade is goooorgeous!

  351. Sherry says:

    Aaah I meant Maybelline Matte Lipstick not matt πŸ˜‰

  352. Dava says:

    With my makeup I never can decide what lipstick to wear, in the morning I swear I change it 3 or 4 times… and I always resort right back to my all time fav MAC Ruby Woo. I loveeeeeee it πŸ˜‰

  353. Hello!! I would looooove some new shadows since I’m broadening my makeup horizons.

    Also, I cried when I watched your pregnancy announcement video because I am just SO EXCITED for you!! I have a moody cat and a little girl too, so we’re basically soul sisters.

    Love you, Tabs and baby girl!!

  354. Rene S says:

    Something I’ve gotten good at is crocheting clothes. I made my daughter a monokini and everyone wanted one πŸ™‚ Next I will attempt to make her a lace dress.

  355. I love your blog because you write genuinely! I visit your blog every day to see updates about your post! πŸ™‚

    From my windows across the seas.

  356. Jordi says:

    A saying that annoys me? Well, to relate to your news, I’ve never been fond of the phrase “bun in the oven” – it seems a little weird, though my sister did buy me a cinnamon buns Philosophy lip shine when I announced that I was pregnant (long ago!) and now my boys like to put it on.

  357. JaneHPhilly says:

    My little man (3yrs old) is coming down with a virus…maybe a cold. Ugh. I could use a MAC makeup pick-me-up right about now, Karen. Congrats with baby on the way Motherhood is the greatest test of makeup, girlfriend.

  358. This might just be me but, I always make sure to never throw my makeup bag around because I’m too scared I’ll break the makeup inside! Haha

  359. Deanna says:

    Love your blog Karen! Congrats again on your little girl!! Tabs is gonna be so happy!

  360. Alicia says:

    I need more MAC lipstick in my life! πŸ’‹πŸ’„πŸ™ŒπŸ»

  361. Stephanie says:

    With my makeup I never wear pink eyeshadow. I don’t wear it well.

  362. I cannot wait to see tabs and your little girl in matching outfits!! I hope that’s in the plans hah!

  363. Sarah Kate says:

    Would love a new lippie soon:)

  364. Belinda says:

    Considering MAC has a new collection coming out online this Thursday…this giveaway is well timed!

  365. The husband’s birthday is this week and I’m completely drawing a blank. Out of desperation, thinking about begging my mother-in-law to babysit this weekend so we can see a movie and get dinner or something. Something we haven’t done in 2 years!

  366. Pat says:

    Ummm, I’ve become very good at putting on and taking off BAD cat-eye liner! I’m trying to get my 50’s groove on, (like for the WEDDING DRESS I GOT) and it’s *just* not coming together! If I have to watch ONE more YouTube vid of someone doing a cat-eye with great dexterity, I may blow my top. :/

  367. Hannah says:

    With my daily makeup I never go too heavy since I’m going to college classes. l either go with bold eyes or bold lips, but normally don’t mix the two!

  368. Karen says:

    I’m loving the new Mac collections that are coming out for the upcoming holidays. I’d love to have my own little piece of it. Thank you to my fellow beauty addict !

  369. Sara says:

    Something that frustrates me is that I live at least an hour or more from a MAC or Sephora. 😭 but I love nothing more than my small town home in small town Iowa. 😊

  370. Sunchicka says:

    I’ve gotten good at layering my eye shadow.

  371. roz says:

    With my makeup I never go to bed with it on

  372. Daria says:

    Yolo and bae definitely drive me crazy.

  373. Carina says:

    Loved to watch thenew Beverly Hills 90210 for the fashion! The girls had such cute outfits.

  374. Janet Shepherd says:

    I’m so late to the party, but I’m loving watching Orphan Black & Gotham right now! New favourite shows FTW

  375. Tammy says:

    it is 11:51 pst…I could super use a MAC giftcard. I started a new job today! Fashion Show Mall in Vegas! after being away from retail for 8 years, need to be matched for a MAC foundation…or the super awesome nude MAC lip liner you mentioned that I immediately wanted…fingers crossed! my new puppy is not used to having a working mama! my older pup is trying to help him adjust. β™‘

  376. Rose says:

    It’s not so much a saying that drives me crazy but when girls accentuate the “s” sound in their speech. To me, they sound like really girly snakes πŸπŸŽ€

  377. Taylor says:

    Lately I’ve gotten really good at procrastinating on my chemistry homework!! Oops 😬

  378. Dani says:

    I am studying for an exam that I have on friday and reading beauty blogs is my happiness πŸ˜€

  379. Marianne says:

    I really should get back to work….

  380. Sunshine G says:

    I bought fancy tea from Taylors of Harrowgate and had the BEST cup of tea this morning!

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