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MAC’s Hello Kitty wasn’t the first time a fantastic feline stole my heart on the blog.


Here’s a quick blast from the past featuring a few of my all-time favorite cats!


Lip Look: Chanel Rouge Hydrabase Leopard Lipstick

“This leopard deserves her big jungle cat name. She’s an awesome, semi-matte golden coral, and she makes me look and feel ready to pounce! Even though I’m looking pretty tow up right now in my stretchy pants (had to have ice cream after dinner) and oversized UC DAVIS ALUMNI t-shirt, with Leopard on my lips I still feel hot enough to stalk unsuspecting man prey.”

A Kryolan Makeover, aka Adventures in Theater Makeup

“I didn’t know what to expect, but I got a little suspicious when he glued a prosthetic cat nose to my face. That’s when it dawned on me: homie was probably not going to do a simple smokey eye.”

With Pop Beauty Cat Eyes Liners It’s Good to Be Catty

“OBSESSION ALERT! Pop Beauty Cat Eyes Liners ($16) make applying eyeliner easy and, well, kinda fun. Slanted like the tips of calligraphy pens, these three three highly pigmented pencil liners are built to hit the right angles for slick cat eyes (think Amy Winehouse pre-hot mess).”

Beauty Blog Mascot or Fussy Tabby: Who Is Tabs the Cat?

“International fashion icon and beauty diva Tabs (short for tabby cat) moonlights as my pet — or, more accurately, he allows me to moonlight as his person. Each Sunday afternoon Tabs shares photos from his portfolio. Here are 10 of the beauty and fashion modeling jobs that helped turn Tabs into the feline superstar that he is today.”

Happy Friday, ladies! Are ya’ll ready for the weekend?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Fie says:

    Aww. The Pop Beauty Cat Eyes Liner isn’t available on Sephora anymore. Not that I can purchase it from here (BOO!! Bring Sephora back to the UK!) but I was going to ask someone to CP it for me. OH well.

    Fie´s last blog post..The snow is melting, everything is back to normal

  2. Kate says:

    I love the last image on the slide show. Zena likes to curl up into a little donut by my mom or me. Tabs sounds like he has a cute disposition. We are definitely Zena’s possessions not the other way around. She’s got us wound around her little paws.

    The Chanel lipstick is divine.

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