Cast Your Vote for Best Skin Care Product of the Year

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Cast your vote for the best skin care product of 2010

Skin care products continued to flood the market, counters and store shelves in 2010 because, well, great skin is always in. A few rose to holy grail status, but most quickly faded into the vast nadir of beauty product oblivion.


Two of my top skin-tastic products of the year — Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector (reduces dark spots to even skin tone on the face, hands and chest) and Korres Quercetin & Oak Eye Cream (I apply a layer of this rich, hydrating superstar beneath my eye makeup) — are now fixtures in my daily skin care routine.

Which one is my favorite? Hmm…that’s a toughie, but I have to go with my little angel from Korres.

Now it’s your turn! Which new skin care product rocked your skin and your world this year? Drugstore or department — doesn’t matter, just as long as it debuted in 2010. Cast your vote in the comments. 🙂

Make sure I don’t miss your vote by including it at the top of your comment like so: VOTE: Skin Care Product. That’ll make it easier for me to tally the entries and share the results. After you’ve made your nomination, let me know why it got your vote.

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  1. yiota says:


    Helped my skin like no other! I need to use it everyday or else I don’t feel clean!

  2. Heidi says:

    VOTE: Lumene Bright Skin Radiance Nectar.

    An awesome vitamin C serum that my skin just adores. It makes me glow!

  3. YJ says:

    I LOVE Neutrogena’s Deep Clean Long-Last Shine Control Cleanser/Mask! I have oily skin, and it becomes uncontrollable! But my friend recommended this to me, and I love it! Another plus, it’s less than $10!

  4. Dorie says:

    Shu Uemura Cleansing Oil in blue (the brighting formula?) Finally found something for my ultra dry/ but still acne prone skin.

  5. Mary says:

    VOTE: boots makeup wipes for sensitive skin.

    I love taking these on camping trips! Also great to keep by your bed for those lazy nights.

  6. vonnie says:

    Korres Thyme Honey face moisturizer!!! knocks my socks off daily
    vonnie recently posted … Fall Foliage Makeup Look and the Quest for the Perfect Brushes

    • lissa says:

      that’s not new but it hasn’t always been available on sephora, it smells so amazing though (the thyme honey handcreme is amazing too)

      I can’t pick a fav korres moisturizer: thyme honey, yogurt, rose all wonderful and the yogurt set is amazing because it’s a steal– full size moisturizer & mask and it’s one of the best masks out there for sensitive skin. love korres.

      • vonnie says:

        I really want to try that yogurt mask!! I dunno why I stopped myself from buying it; may purchase my next trip to sephora 🙂
        vonnie recently posted … Hump Day Hotties – EyeCandy Wednesdays Top Hotties of 2010

        • lissa says:

          it’s a great mask, you can also leave it on overnight as a nightcream. the mask alone is $29, cream is $32, kit has both full size plus a travel eye cream and cleanser for $45. if you buy it direct from korres though you can use code muse for 25% off (anything) and a free rose lip butter (good through 12/31) and the usual 3 samples.

          If I order by noonish, it usually arrives on my doorstep by the next day, they’re very quick about processing orders.

          there’s also an awesome eyeliner set (10 fs liners for 32 minus 25% if you use the code), several lip sets, the cherry oil glosses, lip butters, body butters and shower gels are awesome. 🙂

  7. jlovelyn says:

    VOTE: The Body Shop’s Seaweed Deep Cleansing Facial Wash

    The entire line is designed for combination to oily skin. I really saw the difference in just a few days. I’ve been religiously using the facial wash, toner, mattifying moisturize lotion with spf and night serum for about a year now and my skin looks and feels better than ever! 🙂 Another thing I love about the facial wash is that a little goes a LONG way. definitely a must try!

  8. Rae says:

    I don’t think I’ve anything to vote FOR! The only new-for-2010 product in my arsenal that I reach for all the time is Marcelle’s 3-in-1 Cleansing Water, but it’s Canada-only. (One heck of a product, though!) All of my other staples are “old news,” I suppose you could say.

    P.S. * whispers* Your Korres link goes to the Clinique site 😉

  9. Tracy says:

    VOTE: Clinique Repairwear Laser Focus Wrinkle and UV Damage Corrector

    This stuff is amazing. I’m almost wrinkle free and I’m 43. People think that my daughter is my sister lol.
    The Even Better Spot Corrector comes in second for me-it lightened a few spots for me really well.
    Tracy recently posted … My Daughter Loves The Kat Von D Tattoo Chronicles Palette

  10. badmakeupgirl says:

    VOTE: Redness Solutions Instant Relief Mineral Powder (Clinique)

    I’m not sure if it was released this year, but I’m in love with it! I have some redness due to my rosacea and it really helps my skin look normal coloured. It also helps sop up the extra oil I get when I wear sunscreen. Because of it I’m finally making good on the promise I made to myself to wear sunscreen every day.

    100% le super awesome!

  11. Maria says:

    VOTE: Clinique Even Better Clinical Dark Spot Corrector
    this stuff really works!! it has lightend my spots

  12. DiBonD says:

    Best body lotion: Vaseline sheer Infusions trio. Making my skin soft, and the smell doesn’t hurt my nose. Good for everyday use.

  13. Silje says:

    For me, the best discovery in 2010 is REN Guerance Salt Body Scrub. It is fabulous and gives the most smooth soft and buttered in skin you can imagine. Who knows of a body scrub that leaves your skin without the need to moisturize after using it? It’s REN baby 😉

    (I must say that I don’t know if it was released in 2010, but it caught my eye in august and I will recommend it to everyone!)

  14. DonnaN says:

    VOTE: Yes To Cucumbers Natural Glow Facial Towelettes

    They do as good of a job as the MAC makeup wipes, but have a pleasing cucumber scent…..and the price ain’t half bad either. I enjoy the fact that there is Aloe and Dead Sea minerals, as I can see a visible improovement to the tone of my skin and my nightime moisterizer seems to penetrate my skin better after I use these cleansing cloths. AAA+++

  15. lissa says:

    VOTE: korres milk wipes

  16. Tiffany says:

    VOTE: Super by Perricone Hyper Hydrator with Coconut Water

  17. Leah says:

    MAC Tartans! Love them all!

  18. Victoria says:

    I’m not sure when these products were released, but my HG skin care regimen is as follows:

    -Shiseido Cleansing Brush
    -Philosophy Purity Made Simple Foaming Cleanser
    -Boots Organic Face Smoothing Polish
    -NARS Hydrating Freshening Lotion
    -Korres Wild Rose Moisturizer (Honey & Thyme at night)

    I cam across all of these products in 2010 and my skin has never looked better. I am constantly getting complemented on my skin complexion!

  19. My vote goes to Korres Quercetin & Oak Age Reversing Face Primer & DERMADoctor KP Duty scrub (not sure if it made it’s debut in 2010 though)
    Cindy (Prime Beauty) recently posted … Prep Microdermabrasion by YBF Skincare

  20. Milka says:

    Vote: Korres Quercetin and Oak line and Ole Henriksen Truth Serum.

    The whole Korres skin care line is absolutely amazing I have several but my fav are the Quercetin and Oak they leave my skin feeling supple and plumped. The OH serum I decided to try it just because I wanted something a little bit more affordable than the $75 dr. Brandt and I have to say I was blown away with the results much better than dr. Brandt and way more affordable too at $48.

  21. addie says:

    VOTE: clinique acne solutions line

  22. Nina says:

    Vote: Yes to Carrots/Yes to Cucumbers makeup remover wipes!

  23. joanne says:

    I love philosophy’s miracle worker retinol pads. In fact, I love all the miracle worker stuff and can’t wait to use the eye cream!

  24. Susan G says:

    Vote: Kiehl’s Facial Fuel Eye De-Puffer

  25. Deb says:

    VOTE: Clarins Multi-Active Night Cream

    • Deb says:

      Oups, I didn’t see that it was for new 2010 products… Sorry!
      Although Clarins Multi-Active is not a new product, it has a new formula since 2009, I think.

  26. Natalie says:

    Vote: Dior Capture Totale One Essential Serum

  27. Aida says:

    Vote: Clarins lotion energisante Eclat-du-jour (the whole eclat-du-jour line in fact)

  28. Amber says:

    VOTE: Cetaphill moisturizer

  29. stéphaniefrance says:

    VOTE: LIZ EARLE hot cleanse and polish

  30. quimerula says:

    VOTE: Skin Care Product.
    Lush Saving Face serum.

  31. jules says:

    VOTE: Skin Care Product
    Alpha-H Liquid Gold Intensive Night Repair Serum / Treatment

    Alpha-H is an Australian brand and probably unfamiliar to most USAns. The packaging is very minimalist but Oh Good Heavens. ALL the products are awesome, there’s something for every skin type and routine. A-H falls into the “beauty chemist” category and as I’m very into science especially viz a viz what I put on my face and pay for, these babies deliver [they aren’t even *that* exxy esp. compared to Clarins/Chanel/et al]. I am happy to share, to tell you more and to find out how international folks can lay their hands on this skin care gold [no I have no formal business or PR links with the Alpha-H business in any way . . except as a major purchaser!].

    Here’s a hint how good Alpha-H products are: I am nearly 42, have been using A-H products for 4+ years, I have no wrinkles, and my skin is baby smooth and sooo soft and strokable, never looked better. My dermatologist says I have the skin of a 25 year old. Any takers?

    PS to Tabs: my two ginormous fluffy Maine Coon kitties [silver tabby and white female, v sexy; champagne tabby male, a littlle bit gay] say a big hello and Happy New Year; you are their beauty icon and they watch out for your column every week. I have about 25 boxes of MAC Feline kohl eye liner because they use it every day and I would be so much gravy if I didn’t keep it in stock. What is Tabs’ fave beauty product?

    PPS. Apols for the long post! I’m not usually this verbose but its NYE and I’ve had several glasses Aussie Sparkling Pinot Noir Chardonnay! Here’s to a beautiful 2011 everybody!!!!!

  32. Allie says:

    VOTE: Genifique

  33. anythingreen says:

    Neutrogena Anti Stress Acne Cream wash!! I’m surprised no one has voted for it. It’s single-handedly gotten rid of my nasty acne, and never dries me out. Plus it tingles on the skin and smells fabulous.

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