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My Halloween Costume (I wish)

  • I saw this haunting skull-and-rose print dress in a store window this week. It’s by Bay Area independent designer Catherine Jane. At $335, it’s not in my costume budget, but maybe they’ll mark it down on the day after Halloween… Stuffed crow sold separately!

Zombies 101

  • Speaking of Halloween, I found this helpful book the other day, the Ultimate Zombie Survival Guide. Did you know that zombies can’t climb stairs? Good to know, right? If you don’t have time to read the guide, there’s also Zombies in Plain English, a three-minute video guide. Don’t wait; be prepared, and survive the next large-scale zombie attack.

What Lies Within Us Bracelet

  • Ralph Waldo Emerson wrote, “What lies behind us and what lies before us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.” Wear those words of wisdom with this thoughtful engraved sterling silver bracelet from Target, $70.

Goodbye, Grumpy-saurus

  • You know those morning folks who wake up running on all cylinders the minute they get out of bed? Yeah, I am *so not* one of them. I was royally grumpy all morning long until I heard Love at First Sight by Kylie Minogue.

Late Night Drunk Dialing E-mailing: Step Away From the Keyboard!

  • These days, after a night of partying, don’t drunk dial your ex. No, try drunk e-mailing him/her instead, but be smart. Use Mail Goggles, Google’s new “sobriety checkpoint” feature in Gmail, to prevent you from making a complete ass of yourself the next time you’ve overloaded on pina coladas. Once you’ve enabled the feature, you’re prompted to perform five simple math problems within a 60-second window before you’re able to send e-mails between the hours of 10 pm and 4 am on weekends, ha! No kidding. Think of all the potential mortification this could thwart. I *so* wish I’d thought of this. Still loving you, Larry and Sergey!

Budget Back Massage

  • You don’t have to spend $100/hour to get a decent massage. Work out those kinks with a little help from Babyassface. All you need is a tennis ball. Now, help me think of some way to get Andy Roddick involved…

How Well Do You Know Your Mullet?

Welcome to the Neighborhood

  • Marin County photographer Mindy Pines has an interesting way of framing casual moments and turning them into art. Her photo blog,, features everyday people, scenes and landmarks out here in my neck of the woods.

Evolution of Style

  • I still have way too many Banana Republic tops from 2005, so I devoted mucho time this week to surfing the web for cute clothes. My favorites were these 40s-style dresses by Stop Staring, an indy clothing line out of Los Angeles. The Ashley, Raileen, Vogue Rosalyn and Vogue Glamour Blush dresses totally spoke to me. I added them to my shopping cart but didn’t pull the trigger (maybe next time).

Hope you’re having a lovely day so far! I’m off to grab some lunch. 🙂


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


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  1. sammie says:

    Hey Karen,

    maybe you could just buy the fabric for the dress you showed, and get a tailor to make it? Instead on shelling out big bucks (credit crunch, and all…)

    The fabric is by Alexander Henry, and is called “The rose tattoo”

    I know you can buy it from here:

    That is, if you are still interested!

    Happy Halloween (I know it’s early, but get in the sprit and that…)


  2. Karen B says:

    Great dresses!
    Btw, did you know that those dresses are modelled by Ashley Greene who plays Alice Cullen in the Twilight movie? Cool eh? Now you now that, your life must be perfect 😉 Lol (don’t ask me how I know random trivia, I absorb it somehow…)

    Karen B´s last blog post..Top 200 my ass

  3. Louise Gray says:

    Hi Beautiful,
    O-o-o-h that Mail Goggles!!!! There have been many a night after a glass of wine or two when I have taken to sitting in front of the keyboard (not the musical one, LOL) and sending an e-mail or two while Dear Hubby watches the Boob Tube. The next day, I am wondering to myself (too afraid to look at the contents of the sent mail) did I let out too much in my letter to whomever. Hahahahah. It comforts me to know that I am not the only one who may have loose lips (or fingers) after they have had a little wine. It is very chilly and the leaves are colorful here in this part of the world that calls for a nice glass of shiraz tonight. However, I will remember to stay away from the computer. Hope your weekend was great!!!!

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Sammie,

    That’s a great idea! Good eye on the fabric. 🙂 How did you find it?!?

    I also love the Regent Skulls pattern, too.

    Dang, I wish I could sew!

  5. Karen says:

    Hi Karen B.,

    🙂 I didn’t! LOL, and I love random trivia… you never know when it will come in handy.

    Are you going to see the film when it comes out?

  6. Karen says:

    Hi Louise Gray,

    You gotta get on those mail goggles, ASAP! One of these days you’ll have to check that sent folder, girlfriend… 😉 Stay outta trouble!

  7. sammie says:

    Ha, ha…I have no idea how I remembered the name. It sounds like Alexander McQueen, maybe?

    I was looking out for some cool fabric for cushions and stuff(we moved house) and remembered the name. I have also seen dresses and bags and like that in Camden Market, and was lusting after them…

    I wish I could sew too- the money I could save =D

  8. sammie says:

    Hey Karen B,

    That’s a great knack for remembering you have there! I wish I could remember stuff like that, (honest) a goldfish has better memory than me =)

    life is perfect after that bit of trivia, but would be even MORE perfect with a certain Robert Patterson hanging off my arm too. Hee hee, whatever…in some alternate universe, maybe.

    I can’t wait to watch the film, though…

  9. Karen B says:

    I know. I love pointless trivia. I was top scorer at our choir’s quiz, they had LOADS of pointless trivia questions :):)

    I probably will with some girlfriends.

    Karen B´s last blog post..Top 200 my ass

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