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Hello Kitty: the obsession continues

Something tells me this Danger Kitty necklace would look lovely accompanying a MAC Hello Kitty haul. 🙂


Guyliner lives!

Don’t some of these celebrity dudes hella rock their mascara? Someone should tell them about MAC Blacktrack Fluidline. 🙂

About finding your Valentine on Craigslist: don’t

I thank the powers that be for sending El Hub; before I met him it wasn’t always smooth sailing in my dating life… Have I ever talked about the boyfriend I met on Craigslist? Here’s how I ended up breaking up with him.

Is Chris Brown the new Bobby Brown?

Is Chris Brown headed into the same downward spiral that plagued Bobby Brown? Say it ain’t so!

Sending love and prayers to the Aussies

My heart broke when I saw these pictures of koalas suffering from the intense heat of the deadly brush fires in Australia. My thoughts go out to everyone in Australia (man and animal alike) right now.

Science is frickin’ awesome

New technology makes it possible for people to control these prosthetic arms with their thoughts. Amazing!

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  1. tanya says:

    valentine on craigslist = best. post. evah!!!! LOVED it, I looked like a schoolgirl giggling maniacally in the corner while I was reading it, I’m sure.

    tanya´s last blog post..featuring…

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Tanya,

    Thanks. 🙂

  3. Louise Gray says:

    Hi Beautiful,
    No I did not find my man on Craig’s List but I keep checking for a new one under “Missed Encounters”! hahahaha
    I received an e-mail today from Chanel. They have a new collection called “Les Noirs”. There are three lippies and three matching nail polishes. Two of the lippies/polishes are a gorgeous garnet or merlot color. The third color is a royal purple which I would never wear. But the price is $30. I will not be paying that money but it’s worth a looky-look. If you can’t find it, shoot me an e-mail and I will forward the pictures to you. Boy it was sure windy here last night. Toto(My Cairn Terrier is really named Petey.) and I thought we were back in Kansas. Have a great day!! Louise

  4. Karen says:

    Hi Louise Gray,

    LOL! 🙂

    Thank you for the info on the Chanel collection. Are you still mad at Karl?

  5. YadiQ says:

    that craigslist post is sheeer hilarity i love it

    you are so witty

  6. Tania says:

    Yo Karen!
    I went to the MAC Store and was REALLY good. I bought Strayin’ lipstick and Nice Kitty lipglass from Hello Kitty and Brunette MSF from BrunetteBlondeRedhead. I think I want some more lippies. I have to admit that I’m jealous of you because Fresh Brew looks so good on you but looks like I put something wierd on my lips! I have a weakness for dudes who guyline because I love that whole rocker thing. Per your advice, I won’t be looking my dreamy rocker dude via craigslist. Blacktrack fluidline is da bomb!

  7. Victoria R. says:

    hahahha awesome craigslisting!!

    i once posted on craigslist and proceeded to get a response from every creepo within a 20 mile radius. its just not safe for a single gal anymore, i swear!

    luckily i used an email account not linked to anything – crazy stalkers! 😉

  8. Katherine says:

    Yay! A fellow Etsy lover! I have found some of the coolest handmade jewelry there. Also, if you want to be entertained, search for “Twilight” products – you can find some pretty creepy/obsessed Edward Cullen fangirl stuff, lol.

    Katherine´s last blog post..Review: Maybelline Colossal Mascara

  9. Glosslizard says:

    That was some brilliant dumpage! 😀

    Also, I think Tabs wants Danger Kitty for his new tag!

    I went to MAC today and grabbed On the Prowl nail polish (gray) and the Girl Groove glitter eyeliner! It’s so pretty and I think it could be layered with eyeliner or mascara to produce a lot of fun looks that aren’t totally tween! 😉 Then after some thought, I also got the Vestral White nail polish to layer under my LM Champagne Wishes! That way I won’t have to do 5 layers next time! 🙂

  10. Jess says:

    The break up on craigslist is awesomely funny. Why bother dumping someone privately when a) they don’t deserve it and b) it’s so much more hilarious this way 🙂

  11. nai says:

    alooooooooooooooha, karen!

    the craigslist thing was a brilliant piece of work. my most memorable breakoff was when i had the buttwipe ex come over to my place to pick up the last of his craptastic crap, and he kept giving me mournful looks until he drove out of my garage. as if making puppy dog eyes would make me forgive the years of cheating, verbal abuse, and physical abuse that took me years to realize i just did not deserve. that hasta a vista was certainly not anywhere near as poetic as your buh-byr post, but satisfying just the same. the following year, we ran into each other and he said to me, “i’m such a different person now. i wouldn’t be surprised if you and i got back together again.” i only smirked & drawled, “naaaaaaaaaaaw. our time has passed.”

    like you, i have since found my candyman forever. the sweets is smarter, better looking, taller, more culturally refined and all around hotter than that MFSB ever was in every single way. the unfortunate fact of life is that we often have to go through some grubs to appreciate a good apple, yeah?

    let’s get back to more pleasant things, eh? tonight, i traipsed back to the ala moana nordstrom at your suugestion to swatch the hello kitty fun & games blush and cutester lippie. i passed on cutester and mimmy once i tried N2BN bcs the sheer orange is so different from anything else i have and i was happily shocked at how good it looked on me. you were right re fun & games–twas very pretty & i think it can double as an e/s.

    (p.s.) like you, i do the big bag thing you mentioned. so funny!


  12. Karen says:

    Hi YadiQ,

    Thanks! 😉

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Tania,

    LOL, I’m glad to hear that you’ll avoid the C-list. We’ll just have to find you a Blacktrack wearing rocker dude someplace else. 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Victoria R.,

    Yeah, it’s changed a bit. When I was on it years ago it was still under the radar… now it seems like there’s a lot of um, interesting people up in there.

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Katherine,

    LOL, I haven’t thought of trying to search for Edward on Etsy but I will have to do that! I’m sure it’ll provide some awesome fodder.

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Glosslizard,

    Oh, yeah! He’d look pretty smokin’ with that necklace dangling from his red collar!

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Jess,

    Thank you!

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Nai,

    Orange is one of those surprisingly wearable colors! It looks great when paired with teal eyes. 🙂

    How’s the weather out there today? I miss Hawaii…

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