Have Any of Your Beauty Habits Rubbed Off on Your Significant Other?

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Wearing MAC Antonio Lopez

Things that make ya go hmm… I’m wearing loads of MAC Antonio Lopez makeup in this look, by the way. Face/Coral on my cheeks, the 6 Eyes Palettes in Violet and Bronze on my eyes and the 3 Lip Palette in Fuchsia on my lips.

In short, no. 🙂

Okay, well, occasionally El Hub will wear a spritz of Dolce & Gabbana (Light Blue for Men), but that’s only when he doesn’t have time to shower after his morning workout and doesn’t want to be “too stinky” (his words) at work.


El Hub’s kind of a guy’s guy (no, he doesn’t moisturize, although I wish he would), and as much as I’ve tried to get him to moisturize, exfoliate or wear sunscreen on a daily basis…or drag him to do beauty things with me like go to the spa for a massage or a mani/pedi (hey, there are places that offer special nail services for dudes!), it ain’t happenin’.

Like, once I tried to put lotion on a dry spot on his leg, and he freaked out, yelling “It burns! It burns!” — jokingly, of course.

I have a feeling he does, on occasion, dip into my fancy hair products, because sometimes I’ll catch a whiff on his hair. “Hmm, that’s my Kerastase conditioner.” But it’s probably ’cause he wasn’t paying attention and grabbed the closest bottle in the shower, haha!

So, what’s it like with your guy/gal? Have any of your beauty habits rubbed off on them?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. doroffee says:

    My fiancé is a guy’s guy, too. Once he jokingly asked me to apply night face cream to him, too, but that’s all :D.

  2. Maria says:

    Hi, Karen! I’m new on your site but I like it a lot!
    My hubby is annoyed a bit because of the amount of make up I’m putting on. He loves me barefaced and tells me all the time that my smell is better than all artificial stuff I’m putting on. He uses my lip balms (like Nivea) sometimes in winter..

  3. Shannon says:

    My man has started doing some things that he didn’t used to do, like *sometimes* using lotion when his skin is really dry (though it always feels “sticky and gross,” apparently) and using scrubby gloves, which he actually likes a lot. He also started using “hair gunk” (as he calls it) recently, and – SHOCK ALERT – the other day I got some Living Proof Amp² for my new shag cut, and I said to him, “hey honey, you should try this out sometime.” Instead of being immediately grossed out by a hair product, he said, “huh, okay.” Crazy!!

  4. Celine says:

    Hubby only uses my Biore pore strips, and probably more for the gross factor than anything!

  5. Amy says:

    I don’t have an SO at the moment, but my bestie (who’s a guy) will ask me to “do that hair thing” before we go out to the bar or something. It basically consists of me using hairspray and some finger-combing on him. Sort of a bed head look lol I just think it’s funny since I rarely use product myself!

  6. Sarah S. says:

    My husband is also a “guy’s guy” (man can fix and do and lift anything, and does ALL the yardwork, ladies!) but he has gotten a couple of pedicures with me XD and while I can’t get him to apply sunscreen on a daily basis, he will wear it when he’s going to mow the lawn… he also has been known to use some of my scrubs and chemical exfoliators, without my prompting. What a keeper!

  7. icequeen81MA says:

    naahh mine won’t the only product we share is shampoo ans conditioner cause we have the same wavy hair. and his did dry out his hair big time mine work just perfect for us

  8. Erin says:

    No, but he pays attention to what I already have and what I buy to make sure that I do not buy stuff that is too similar to things already in my stash. He even understands the difference between cool and warm undertones and all the different finishes that eye and lip products can have.

  9. Trina says:

    My DH is an ex-sailor and a mechanic…enough said lol. But he IS fussy about his hair and he’s as fastidious as a cat. He has this kind of rockabilly thing going on so he does use pomade and hairspray, but that’s where the line is (apparently) drawn. Every now and then he’ll use the Armani Code I bought him or he’ll ask for my plain Burt’s Bees lip balm and I’m always shocked when he does it…

  10. Aditi says:

    Hubby dearest uses moisturizer (but that’s only because he has really dry skin) and will not budge from his Old Spice aftershave (no matter how many bottles of perfume I buy him). The only thing he’s tried is my eye gel for when his eyes are “tired” (his words, not mine) because he likes the cooling effect!

  11. Laurel says:

    I’ve gotten my boyfriend to use an after shave moisturizer to help combat his acne and soften his hair a bit. I think he likes it. I’ve gotten him to wear cologne even though he doesn’t need it as his deodorant smells divine. Also, even though he has perfect eyebrows that I envy, he does get the occasional unibrow that requires plucking. I’ve been plucking for so long that I know how to do it basically painless (the trick is to pull the skin as taut as possible) I did it for him once. Now whenever he’s at my place he loves to use my magnified mirror and look to see if he needs anything plucked and will ask me to do it.

  12. Chelsea says:

    Zack’s gotten really into fragrance! He loves trying new colognes. Favorites include Jean Paul Gaultier Le Male Terrible and Diesel Only the Brave. He used to have door-to-door knockoff fragrance salespeople come to his office, and he would be like ….no.

    He also had long hair until recently, and once I got him to start using deep conditioners and hair masks, he had a lot of fun with those. He had this long hair that he never got trimmed (he HATES getting haircuts! That’s why it was long!), so I’m like, you need to at least use serums or leave-ins.

    I think I’m going to try to get him to do a sheet mask with me sometime…

  13. Angel L says:

    My husband has more hair products than I do and loves cologne. And he is snobby about his cologne. He likes Terre de Hermes and Maitre San Noble. He probably has 10-15 bottle of high end and niche smell goods.

    I am far less picky than he is. haha

  14. meredith says:

    Ugh, I wish. My man trims his nails with a pocket knife, no joke.

  15. Annabella says:

    James now uses Molton Brown moisturiser and shampoo, and he also uses my shower gels, face scrubs and face masks. When he moved in he had Lynx (Axe) deodorant and shower gel and I promptly put a stop to that. I will not have a man who smells like a teenage boy!
    Annabella recently posted … Autumn has arrived at the Haus!

  16. redshift87 says:

    My husband has very dry skin (in contrast to my oil slick of a face, ha!) and he’s always had to use moisturizer to keep it under control. After several years of buying him different exfoliators he finally adopted Lush’s Sandstone bar (for summer) and Buffy (for colder months). He likes how easy they are to use, unlike the many pots of different sugar and salt scrubs I procured for him.

    My next goal is to upgrade his moisturizer! He always buys those big bottles of generic bargain-brand lotion from the grocery store. I got him a tube of Kyoku moisturizer for men when it was 50% off… I was so excited by the deal I made the mistake of telling him about it. Even at half off the cost of it made his jaw drop and I’m pretty sure he dislikes it purely on principle now, though he did once admit that it works well. Grrr….

  17. Katherine M says:

    My hubby is a guy’s guy, too, but at home he will act really cute with me. He has used my body wash (though I do try to get body wash that isn’t too girly and that he could use, too), and my deep conditioner to “make his hair softer.” I got him unscented body lotion by St. Ives for him to use when he gets really dry skin in the winter, and sometimes he will use that but rarely.

  18. Chic Lapin says:

    Nope, and I don’t think my boyfriend will ever start using any stuff aside of deodorant. But he has no problem with me buying “for us” either so no probs 😛

  19. Fieran says:

    The husband is a software geek who is somewhat interested in looking polished and after convincing him to use a nice cleanser and oil free moisturizer, he himself noticed that his skin looks better. So it’s a lot easier to push products on him 🙂 I pick up men’s perfume from time to time for him and he really likes them. He has a small stash of his own nowadays. I didn’t think he’d jump onto self grooming so easily but I’m glad he did.

  20. Jennifer says:

    My hubs is good about using sunscreen. He’s had melanoma twice so I don’t have to nag as much about putting it on as I used to.
    I’ve been threatening to polish his toenails.

  21. camille says:

    The Man will occasionally put on a face mask with me (It’s by Neutrogena. A mild acne fighting one.) He says he doesn’t feel a difference, not even refreshed. *sigh* I’m glad he humours me, though 🙂

    He will use a Biore pore strip, once in a while. I kind of have to sweet talk him. :/ It’s pretty gnarly what comes off the strip. But he’s a guy, right?

    I’m SOOOOOO glad that he finally started using a moisturizer with SPF! I got a bottle of Olay’s sensitive skin moisturizer, from my mom. It’s unscented, so that kind of sold it to him. He’s pretty good about putting on sunscreen, but he would also put it on his face! So a moisturizer with SPF pleased me, and him.

    Oh, P.S. Kare Bear! I went to MAC today, since I was at the Fashion Show mall. I was looking for the Fever Isle Cremesheen Glass. The ladies told me it wasn’t available anymore. 🙁 I swear you JUST reviewed it, but I guess a few months is the time span for the limited edition stuff. *sigh*

    Bailey (spell?) hooked me up with a cremesheen glass that was pretty close to the colour! “Double Dare”. I’m pretty smitten right now. We’ll see how The Man feels about it later tonight. 😀

    Happy Thursday!

  22. futuralon says:

    Aw my husband does the “it burns!” thing too. While I don’t think any _habits_ have rubbed off on him, he will use my products on occasion. Such as: body lotion at night, face moisturizer most nights in winter, hand lotion when his hands are really rough (he’s a mechanic so that’s a lot), lip balm when his lips are dry/sunburned. I have to make him wear sunscreen, it’s the only thing that _should_ be a habit. But overall he’s much more moisturized than he would be otherwise. I’ve also gotten him to stop using body soap on his face, and he usually washes his hair with just conditioner – my idea for his dry scalp. He does just grab the closest things though – like my floral body soaps. No! They’re mine!

  23. hanna says:

    I don’t think anything I do rubs of on him beauty wise.
    hanna recently posted … Big Hair is away at School

  24. Ellen says:

    My boyfriend asked me to get him nose strips and face masks out of the blue last month, I was so surprised! He does style his hair more than me too – his side swoosh is pretty epic

  25. Susan S says:

    The one time I tried putting makeup on my ladylove, well, let’s just say there’s a good reason it hasn’t happened again. She’s not really a makeup person, anyway, and she doesn’t need it. Hell, if I didn’t have to wear heavy-duty sunblock, I’d go without more often, or wear less. (I can go without, or I can go full-on. Anywhere in-between, and I hit the uncanny valley like a creepy Victorian doll.)

    In short, nope, she hasn’t picked up on any of my habits, and my attempts at playing cosmetologist probably pushed her away from them for good. XD

  26. Lulle says:

    Since we met my hubby started using moisturizer than contains an SPF (he likes Clinique M Protect) and I even converted him to spa stuff. I bought him a gift card for a hot stone massage one Christmas a few years back, and he lurved it!!
    Lulle recently posted … Paul & Joe’s eye set for Fall: purple, sparkles and butterflies

  27. Elsa says:

    🙂 we can always hope 🙂 well I am always explaining the benefits of …wait for it …moisturizer…cray cray right? 🙂 And recently I got him a CC Cream (because his skin can get really red (he is very pale and blond) which I though would make things so much easier. Because it makes for me. Well…sure he used it twice in a month . I guess it is better than nothing. 🙂 he does have very dry skin and likes hand cream so I got him one of my Caudalie’s hand cream and he does put that on. I also got him a natural deodorant and nice scented shaving products from Art of Shaving which he likes 🙂 They are works in prpgress ladies. Don’t give up 🙂

  28. shannon says:

    There’s not SO right now, but my brother and I do “girly nights.” He’s started wearing sun block every time we’re out together now, and once a week he’ll sit down to do a face mask with me! But he’s still stubborn about not using conditioner!

  29. Sunny says:

    Just bought a large size Dior Homme for my beloved. We like that fragrance on him. He uses moisturizer as his skin gets flaky if he doesn’t. He started using biore strips bcs it became a necessity. Occasionally he does a peeling, using my products. That’s all really.

  30. jacque says:

    My husband only uses 3 “beauty” products-a comb, toothbrush, and soap. I absolutely insist on trimming his eyebrows though otherwise he gets bushy “old man” brows. It must be a sad sight to see a 5’2 woman wrestle a 6’3 grown man to the ground with a pair of eyebrow scissors!

  31. marlene says:

    I have been following a youtube beauty guru for a few years now. Shes wonderful. She concentrates mostly on skincare. She had made a video about how to do an at home facial. My husband has fallen in love with it. If he knows i am giving myself a facial he immediately says “I’m next!” LOL. He loves it. It has really changed his skin. I don’t mind doing it. Its fun.

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