Baths: With or Without Foamy Bubbles?

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Oh, my gosh. Gimme those foamy bubbles every time! They make bath time so much better.


Buuut, I won’t say no to bath salts if there are no bubbly options available. I mostly just like sitting in the tub…although I haven’t taken a real bath since I got pregnant with Baby Girl. I’m just a little nervous about slipping or not being able to get out, because my balance has been off.

I mean, a shower gets the job done, but a bath gets it done so much better. I miss ’em!

The other ish is the whole cleaning the bath/shower thing. My tub is about 30 years old. It has seen better days, if you know what I mean, and the only time I like to take a bath in it is during the few days after I thoroughly clean it.

How about you? Baths with or without foamy bubbles? Inquiring minds want to know. 🙂

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  1. jessica says:

    I practically live in my bathtub for half the year. And I took my baths when I was pg, too!

    I do require fluffy bubbles. There is no reason not to use bath salts WITH the bubbles. Oils, however, prevent the bubbles from being bubbly.

    My bathtub is also really old and has seen better days. But that doesn’t mean it isn’t clean- i give it a quick pre-fill rinse and that does the job nicely. How dirty does a bathtub get?
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  2. jessica says:

    Actually my biggest bath-challenge is privacy. From cats. I have a small bathroom and all three of them insist on being in there.
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  3. Janet Shepherd says:

    We just had our bathroom renovated, and my new tub is so comfy! I’ve been having a lot more baths lately. And I’m all about the foamy bubbles. Gotta have some bubbles in my bath – Lush bubble bars are the best for tons of bubbles & lovely fragrances.

  4. Tatiana says:

    No baths, foamy or not. Showers all the way for me.
    I always thought sitting in hot water for too long was not good for babies. Maybe medical opinion has changed since I was pregnant eons ago.
    Do be careful when showering, too. I did slip and fall after showering when I was pregnant. It was rather awkward with the DH trying to help me up while being afraid to hurt the baby and me afraid of him hurting himself.

  5. Lauren says:

    Good question! 10 years ago it was with, until my honeymoon overseas when I overflowed the tub, thought I had the floor cleaned of all bubbles so my hubs wouldn’t slip when it was his time to shower. Wellll, he slipped and broke his hand and arm in Italy! He spent a week w it broken before getting care. Also, I feel that I get 1′ of water, and 300″ of bubbles!

  6. With bubbles, a cold drink (diet coke, don’t judge) and a magazine!
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  7. HeraKitty says:

    Epsom salt and lavender bath all the way! – no bubbles. 😊😊😊

  8. India says:

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  9. Chelsea says:

    I love baths, with or without bubbles!

  10. Rachel R. says:

    I prefer showers, but if I take a bath, I want tons of yummy-smelling bubbles.

  11. Linda says:

    Love baths, with or without bubbles as long as water is nice and steamy and decadent smelling! Just came back from a trip to the Lush store – baths are in my future!

  12. MonicaP says:

    Love them bubbles too .. I usually mix the two (bubble bath and bath salts). Haven’t taken a bath in forever though .. shower is just quick and easy.

    Have you ever tried those aromatherapy shower tablets by AuraCacia? You can find them at Walgreens or online at or

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  13. Agata says:

    I haven’t taken a bath since I moved in into my new place. But it does sound good. Somehow I am always in a rush and feel like taking a bath is a waste of time. But I’d definitely go with bubbles!
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  14. Katie says:

    I’ve tried to like baths for so long, but I’m a shower gal all the way! Baths are just so boring for me, and I don’t feel like I really get clean in them. Plus, I like my water very hot and if I sit down in it I get really lightheaded.

  15. Raeanne says:

    Epsom salts all the way! It’s not particularly healthy to sit in a tub full of bubbles for ladies – it can lead to urinary tract infections. And yes, I am a professional stick in the mud. <3

    • denise S says:

      I love Lush bath products for the bath. But recently my Gyn told not to use soap on my vaginal area, just water. So now I hesitate to use soapy bubbles and bath additives in my tub. I’ve been using Epsom salts, they come in a variety of scents, soothe sore muscles and don’t irritate.

  16. With is always more fun!!! But I do like a good bath oil too.
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  17. Astrild says:

    I usually take showers because I’m concerned about the waste of water. In the past, we suffered severe droughts and we’ve learned water is a resource we have to take care of. The few times I take a bath is always with lots of bubbles, of course.

  18. Amanda says:

    Well, here’s some #realtalk: Bubble baths are bad news for those who are prone to UTIs. Which is a darn shame because I love the experience of a foamy, great-smelling bath. I’ve resigned to using bath salts.

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