Added to the List of Weirdly Interesting Inventions for Women: The GoGirl

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Back in my early-20s I dated a guy who was, like, Mr. Uber Survivalist Camping Nature Dude. He could make fire from sticks, build shelters from leaves and knew which berries were edible and which ones weren’t.


Our relationship was doomed from the start… My idea of “camping” involves air-conditioned cabins, running water, a real bed and Internet access, but he did manage to drag me out to the woods a few times. I learned some valuable life lessons, too, like, um, how hard it is to find a loo out in the middle of nowhere. Probably TMI, but I got pretty darn good at “the squat,” and don’t even front like you don’t know what I’m talking about. 🙂

For years I forgot about those camping trips, but then yesterday, while researching go-go girls for my Dior Pink Design face of the day, I wandered onto a site that sells something unsurprisingly called the GoGirl.

It’s a FUD, short for Female Urination Device — a compact, flexible funnel that lets you pee standing up.

Stay with me.

To use a FUD, you pull down your drawers, attach the device to your lady parts and — you know — handle your business.

The reusable funnels cost $10 apiece or come in a three-pack for $27 (can you say bargain?). The company calls the GoGirl a discreet and hygienic alternative to crouching in the woods or stopping at sketchy public toilets.


Would you ever use the GoGirl?

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  1. AHAHAH!

    oh my word…

    ok, um… i suppose one can never be too prepared and i can understand how one might need a “FUD” (rest area’s anyone?).

    however, how do you clean it? how do you store it? and do i really want to be asked what i’m holding when i’m washing it out?

    i’m not sure all that hassle is worth it since, like you, i’ve pretty much mastered “the squat.”
    dani@callitbeauty recently posted … Urban Decay Primer Potion Project!

  2. Andree says:

    (Note: MY idea of camping involves Howard Johnson’s.)

    That Go Girl device is the most disgusting thing I’ve ever heard. I’ve been doing yoga for most of my adult life so I can squat a good long while. I’ll take my chances with public toilets and bears, thank you very much.

    Now, I’m trying to figure it out, anatomically speaking: your drawers are down (on the ground? around your ankles?) and you have the fud wedged where it should be. You’re standing. And…oh-hum…This is a funnel?!
    Andree recently posted … Edit Time Waits for No1

  3. Sarah says:

    Oh gosh I heard about this a few years back but totally forgot about it! It is different for sure and I’d be interested to see how it *ahem* works lol.
    Sarah recently posted … Extend the Life of Your Shampoo With a Dry Wash

  4. Nina says:

    Not for me. Id feel totally uncomfortable w/o TP when I take a tinkle. Plus the thought of the stuff sloshing about in the cup… not for me.

  5. You know what, I would get that. My husband and I take a lot of road trips and the bathrooms aren’t always the cleanest. If they came in a “child” size, I’ d buy one for my daughters. They’re three and five years old and always have to use the bathroom when we’re in public. They’re too short and/or unbalanced for the squat so I often end up holding them over the toilet to go. (Yes, as perilous as it sounds.) If not that, I have to line the toilet with a thousand layers of tissue before they pee themselves.
    BrooklynShoeBabe recently posted … Libraries are cool

  6. Meg says:

    I would definitely use this at music festivals and stuff like that. There’s nothing worse than disgusting festival toilets :/ I’m pretty sure that I’ve seen other brands selling disposable cardboard versions of these which would be even better because you wouldn’t have to worry about washing it or anything!

  7. Katrina says:

    Oh my….I think I have to have one

  8. Maguire says:

    why did 38% answer yes?? this concerns me.

  9. Karen says:

    lmao !! Thats funny =D But props to whoever thought & invented them.

  10. Gisele says:

    Not for me; I’d rather squat and did while camping wayyy out in the Tahoe Natl. Forest.. Honestly, what do you do with the thing after it has “handled your business?”

  11. phuongk says:

    karen, you crack me up with this post! i can’t believe you put this!

  12. Kayann says:

    I’ve seen that one some other website! I think it’s hiliarous!

  13. Elle says:

    I don’t think it’s disgusting–when you gotta go you gotta go, and it’s cool to see that women finally have some sort of advantage that men have–peeing standing up. 🙂 I’ve seen far more things that count as “disgusting” in my book and this isn’t one of ’em. It’s not like it’s a funnel for, ahen, the “other” side of business.

  14. lily says:

    PAHAHA I heard of the GoGirl before but the idea is totally hilarious although, you never know when it just might come in handy.

    I’d use it….probably only for jokes and for fun. just to see what it’s like LOLOL
    lily recently posted … BBi-Ri-Bop-A

  15. Marian says:

    I absolutely would use this! I read the instructions and it said that you could use it without pulling down your pants! Ingenious! Great to carry in your glove box for long car trips with daughters.

  16. Briana says:

    haha, I’ve heard of these before. We do a lot of random backwoods camping where there is no access to a toilet. I’d never bother buying one, but I have heard they are great for really cold weather trips, such as climbing mountains, when its really not safe to pull your pants down and pop a squat while its blizzarding and -35 degrees.
    I don’t think it would be as disgusting to use as some people think.

  17. amy says:

    Squatting is fine and dandy with me and I will do it if I have to, especially when I am too lazy to go to a Port-a-Potty at the middle of the night on camp grounds. Also Potty-a-Potties get pretty disgusting at public festivals and events. I will try this out for the novelty factor. I remember I saw this on the Tyra Banks’ show a few years back and I have always found peeing standing up very liberating. LOL
    amy recently posted … Summer Neons NOTD LA Colours Intense Nail Colours High Voltage 4 Pack Purple &amp Green NOTD

  18. Agnes says:

    hahaha omg the stuff you find is amazing karen! lol
    anyways, first off.. i totally freaked out at the idea. but then after reading your last paragraph about the whole crouching and ghetto bathrooms.. i then remembered the many situations ive been in where this wouldve been a GREAT ASSET! now im re-thinking and i think my final answer is yes i would try it! although i wouldnt use it all the time, itd be great to have around just for those… not-so-clean momments 🙂 thanks for sharing!
    Agnes recently posted … Wet n Wild Lippie Swatches – Part 2

  19. Fieran says:

    It’s kind of funny but then I also remember Addison in Grey’s Anatomy getting poison ivy from peeing in the woods. This could help prevent that kind of “situations” 🙂
    Fieran recently posted … The Perfect Butter Cake

  20. Iram says:

    The thought of using that makes me shiver :\ oh dear.

  21. Hedy says:

    I’ve definitely debated getting it for travel, although I’d probably chuck it after using it.
    Hedy recently posted … Staples Penny and Quarter Items for the Week of July 25-July 27- 2010

  22. Resham says:

    I am all for it…
    When you gotta gotta go….amd this sure will help during campings…I would throw after use for sure, coz it would be difficult to tag along….
    I always wondered what do other ladies do, when they get stuck in endless TRAFFIC JAM and need to ‘pee’??? is there any product for such situations…..???
    Resham recently posted … Makeup Forever – HD Microfinish Powder

  23. Storm says:

    I don;t see anything wrong with it! I’ve been to so many festivals (mostly music) that the port-o-potties got *really* gross, *really* fast. By the end of the first night, we were squatting BEHIND them to pee! I finally found where you could *pay* to have lights and water ($5 a day) and believe me, I did! This is a really smart little tool for someone who camps a lot or does a lot of travel!

  24. A J says:

    Hi Karen and gals

    This thing really works. I have one. It’s a lot better then squatting in grass or over a really dirty toilet. Y’all don’t be scared. Try it out. If anything for a good laugh.

  25. sooz says:

    I can’t believe people are so grossed out by rinsing out something they pee’d in. I can’t imagine what you all have to say about the reusable menstrual cups!

  26. Liz says:

    There was a similar product sold in the late 1980’s called Le Funelle, aimed at frequent travelers who didn’t want to deal with disgusting public toilets. The difference is that Le Funelle was disposable, eliminating the disgusting “what do I do with this pee-covered thing” issue. I don’t think they sell them any more, more’s the pity.

  27. julia says:

    I own both a go girl and a freshette. The go girl is silicon, and can be packed (folded) into its carrier tube. The freshette is hard plastic (kind of like a flattened funnel), and comes with a little pouch to carry it around in.
    My experience is:
    If you are somewhere where lowering pants and undies is an option, the go girl works really well. I do not take mine camping, but if I’m going somewhere with portapotties, into the purse it goes.
    But if you are out on the trail, and don’t want to be be exposing your hind end to all and sundry, the freshette is the best bet- the hard plastic makes a better seal with minimal manouvering, which means fewer leaks. The freshette is slightly more expensive than a go girl, but totally worth it.

    But either way, if you ever have to pee anywhere without a toilet, a FUD is the GREATEST THING EVER. You will never pee on your shoes again, or moon the forest creatures, or have to content with a nasty porta-potty seat again. AND you can write your name in the snow. If you’re into that sort of thing. And your name is not too long.

  28. Kim says:

    I don’t mind the squat too much – and it’s great for keeping those quads toned. However, I think this would be great for long car trips in places with limited rest areas – especially for those of us with tiny bladders! I’d definitely take it over some of the other alternatives I’ve considered in those situations (like, pull over on the highway… I don’t care if there’s no tree cover OR I wonder if it would be possible to go in this empty soda bottle without stopping the car….). And for the gals who are grossed out by the clean-up, if you decide to have kids, you’ll get very accustomed to that kind of thing and won’t blink an eye. Promise.

  29. Vita says:

    Actually last year the go girl was featured at the MInnesota State fair and was being talked about everywhere. Anyway, a friend of mine picked several up and gave me one since I do camp quite often. I used it, and I have to say it really was quite handy on long hikes since I dislike squatting

  30. Nika says:

    Yeah it’s a bit gross, but if you’ve peed in a cup for a health exam, then why not this right?

  31. Shannon says:

    I would definitely try this out – I rock climb and I’ve heard these things are great on multi-day routes when it’s impossible to squat and you can’t necessarily just drop your pants. I’ve also spent a lot of time on the road and there are some seriously nasty bathrooms out there- I’ve actually squatted on top of the toilet a couple times (feet on the rim) because I really didn’t even want to chance touching the toilet or causing splashing. This would be perfect for situations like that.

    You do realize that technically you can drink your own urine (sorry, I know that actually is gross), so touching it to wash it out is seriously not a big deal.

  32. femaleveteran says:

    I tried to use something similar while I was deployed to Iraq for the first time in 2004.

    DOES NOT WORK IF YOU DO NOT HAVE A FREE HAND TO HOLD IT IN PLACE!! (I was driving a 5-ton truck through Baghdad at the time. Needless to say if you don’t have a way to hold it in place, pee goes everywhere. Wasn’t fun).

    Keep that in mind, ladies.

    Learn from my suffering.

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