A Saturday in San Francisco, Jan. 10, 2009

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Some opportunities don’t come along very often, like sunny days in the dead of winter. To take advantage of this meteorological gift, El Hub and I hopped in the car and crossed the Golden Gate Bridge into San Francisco.


I was surprised that there weren’t many people out — well, as many people as usual for Fisherman’s Wharf.

Here’s a 3.5-minute video of today’s excursion

A Saturday in San Francisco

Here’s a shot of San Francisco from a lookout just north of the city and the bridge in an area called the Marin Headlands.

No fog today…

I wandered into an outdoor shopping area called Ghirardelli Square. Yup, same Ghirardelli that makes the yummy chocolate.

I found a cool local boutique called elizabethW that carries body care, perfumes and home fragrances. I’d never heard of them before, but they’ve been around for 15 years.

Isn’t the packaging cute? It’s clean and girly and very my style. They had a bunch of unusual scents like sweet tea and asparagus (weird!), but they also carry classics like lilac and tuberose.

The shopkeeper told me about their website and how they sell the same items found in the store. They even ship internationally. 🙂

Women and girls (and one miscellaneous dude) were having tea service here at Crown & Crumpet tea salon. How fun! Unfortunately, El Hub wasn’t in the mood for finger sandwiches and fine china. 🙂

I love afternoon tea. Doesn’t Crown & Crumpet look like something out of Alice in Wonderland? I kept looking for the Cheshire Cat, LOL!

Those hills in the distance are my neck of the woods. If you look closely, you can just barely see the spires of the Golden Gate Bridge.

You just never know when the weather’s gonna cooperate, especially in San Francisco.

I hope you’re getting some sun in your neck of the woods.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Bethany says:

    Great pics of a beautiful day. Kudos to you for getting out and taking advantage of the gorgeous weather!

  2. Karen says:

    Hi Bethany,

    It was nice to get some vitamin D. 🙂

    How was your day?

  3. Wasn’t it gorgeous today? I was in Berkeley getting my hair done and it was like 68 degrees! Ok I too love the packaging of that elizabethW stuff. Crown & Crumpet looks SO cool I am totally going there next time I’m over the bridge. Thanks for the cool pix.

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..Confessions You Won’t Hear on Other Blogs

  4. ines says:

    we’ve even been getting sun in montreal, which is really dreary around this time of the year (although it is 0 farenheit or so on average, every single day!).

    this weekend was great for us montrealaise too, freezing cold but sunny enough to walk around and do some shopping… didn’t score any makeup but did get my paws on a pair of ugg adirondack II boots!

  5. Daya says:

    It was short-sleeves weather here in the South..can’t beat 70 in January! Thanks for the mini-tour…San Francisco is on my travel list one day. Looking at the Golden Gate reminded me of Full House LOL 🙂

  6. Erica says:

    Heh, I’ve been reading you for awhile and never registered you lived in the SFBay area. We’re in Omaha, but we landed in SF today – visiting for a week. Serendipitous!

    Erica´s last blog post..A Place in the World

  7. Miss QQ says:

    Hi Karen. It looks like lots of fun at SF. I have lots of sun these few days too. It is sunny and windy here. BTW, I use my finger for the Chanel liquid e/s.

  8. Stephie says:

    Aw. What a beautiful day in SF! I’ve always wanted to visit but unfortunately I’m one of those wierd filipinos w/ no family up North. :/

    Btw, I read a Seche Vite review of yours recently and wanted to let you know Sally’s has a buy 2 get one free China Glaze promotion. Hopefully one in your area has that deal. If you have a Sally’s Card [totally worth the $5], I believe a seche vite top coat is about $4.95.

  9. Kat says:

    Hi, I’ve been following your blog for a while and I love your pictures! Mind to share what camera you’re using? Thanks! 🙂

  10. Jacki says:

    That was very nice, thank you! It was a year ago this week that the husband and I were in SF for vacation. Wonderful place, your video brought back sweet memories.

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Vampy Varnish,

    Nice! What did you do to your hair? I desperately need a hair cut so I’ll have to vicariously live through you, LOL.

  12. Karen says:

    Hi Ines,

    Yes! A sunny day and some new shoes? You can’t go wrong with that combo.

  13. Karen says:

    Hi Daya,

    LOL, yeah… that shot from the Marin Headlands side is famous. It’s in a ton of movies (and Full House, ha!).

    Speaking of San Francisco-based TV shows, did you ever watch Party of Five? It always amazed me how it was never foggy in SF on that show. 🙂

  14. Karen says:

    Hi Erica,

    How fun! Welcome. 🙂 Are you here for vacation or for work?

    I’ll keep my fingers crossed and hope the weather stays nice for you.

  15. Karen says:

    Hi Miss QQ,

    Nice… gotta love the sunshine!

    I use my finger with the Chanel liquid eyeshadow, too. Dang those are fun! I am really loving them as a simple wash. Do you have any other additional colors that you think I shouldn’t miss out on?

  16. Karen says:

    Hi Stephie,

    LOL, I’m one of those weird Filipinos with no family in the south! 🙂 I’m sure, though, if you went to a Pinoy party up here you’d find at least three people that you’re remotely related to (you know how it is).

    Thanks for the Seche Vite sale tip! Have you used it? Do you like it?

  17. Karen says:

    Hi Kat,

    I use several Canons. Yesterday I was using my point-and-shoot Canon Elph! It’s a really great all-purpose camera.

  18. Karen says:

    Hi Jacki,

    Aww… I’m glad to have brought a smile to your face. Did you enjoy SF? What did you guys do when you were here?

  19. katee says:

    Woo hoo! Fun!

    I am down here in SoCal, Cardiff to be exact, and we are having a nice warm streak too. It is going to be in the 70’s and sunny all week! woo hoo!

    katee´s last blog post..Zoya Twist Collection Spring 2009 Swatches

  20. Well I was going to grow it out from my last bob, but once it got to shoulder length (and I was wearing it in a ponytail every single day) I realized I wanted it shorter. So I got a kind of choppy bob that can be blown either straight and smooth or choppy and piecy and can either be tucked behind my ears or not. It’s a bit like Samantha Brown’s from the Travel Channel. I needed more versatility from my last bob and I love it! Oh I also got lots of chunky blonde highlights.

    Vampy Varnish´s last blog post..Zoya Twist Spring 2009 Collection

  21. yadiq says:

    Awesome pics k

    The pic with the kanye-esque glasses had me cracking up over Xmas my fiancée kids were begging for those glasses (they love them some kanye LOL) so my fiancé found some one in the city selling the knockoffs for 5. Bucks they were the happiest kids ever LOL we have the funniest pics of them thinking they were music artists LOL

    I am happy you had good weather we had snow in by yesterday today it’s cold but sunny

    Have a great Sunday 🙂

  22. Chris says:

    It has been beautiful (and much warmer) in the last few days. I got hubby out of house and we walked up and down Solano Ave (Berkeley/Albany) for coffee and checking out random shops.
    We are lucky to live in this area!

    Thanks for reminding me that we locals should enjoy our “tourist” spots more often too – I want to get hubby to Marin soon 🙂

  23. Glosslizard says:

    What a fun day! We had a mega-park date (side by side birthday parties!) so we got to enjoy the weather too!

    I have been missing out on the Ghirardelli goodness, I will have to explore more over there! Thanks for sharing!

  24. Brittany says:

    The weather in Eastern PA was awful and snowy here yesterday, although we only got like 4 inches of snow when they were calling for upwards of 10, so I can’t really complain. Now it’s a balmy 20 degrees with lots of sunshine! 😛 You look like you had a great time in San Fran, it’s on my list of places to visit.

  25. Jeanne says:

    Yay, San Francisco! I usually don’t go to Fisherman’s Wharf/Ghirardelli (I’m usually stomping around in other neighborhoods), but elizabethW stuff is really nice! I didn’t know they had a whole boutique… will have to let my mom (who loves the Magnolia) know.

    Jeanne´s last blog post..Favorite Things 2008

  26. Amanda says:

    mmm, now I want a cupcake and chocolate! I would love to find a tea place like that here….hm, I may have my project for this afternoon (googling tea places!). It looks super fun.

    We had sun this weekend too, but just because there is sun doesn’t mean it’s warm. We’ve only been in the 40’s, brrrr.

  27. lesley says:

    I’m glad that you had a lot of fun yesterday and got some of the good weather!! It’s even hotter today though (surprisingly enough). Ghirardelli Square shopping area is so much fun~ It’s a shame you didn’t get to go have tea at Crown & Crumpet, my mother and I love going there, but our male counterparts usually like to go elsewhere.

    Hmm… there are so few people at Fisherman’s Wharf, at least from the video, it doesn’t seem as packed as is usually is during the weekends. At least you had it all to yourself! =)

  28. Sleepy says:

    SF was beautiiiiful! I wish I lived in Norcal sometimes. Alcatraz was very interesting. Seeing the place at night just made it that much spookier–and I’m 100% sure I definitely do NOT want to be in jail. I’d be really claustrophobic! My friend and I spent some time around the Fisherman’s Wharf (Calamari, soup in a bowl, crab coacktail, etc.)(Yum!). We also decided to brave the cold and ride the bike across the bridge. Have you ever done that, Karen? It’s very interesting. The view is just absolutely beautiful. I’d highly recommend SF to anyone! We stayed at the Embarcadero to watch fireworks. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!

  29. lindsay says:

    I’ve only been to SF once in my life. My auntie and uncle live in San Jose, but it’s been years since I visited California. I remember I really loved SF. There are so many cute sidewalk shops..that’s not really something you can find in Hawaii, except in maybe Waikiki but I haven’t been to Waikiki in about half a year…

  30. natty says:

    hi karen
    love yor blog – and loved the SF trip video
    it looks really warm in your part of the world!
    here in romania it’s sunny but freezing – it was a nice getaway to see a town without snow for a change:)
    again – love your blog and i hope you expand your makeup reviews to more brands that i can find here in europe – chanel is a little bit pricey 🙂

  31. Monica says:

    great video Karen,I love SF!!! thanks for sharing

  32. Ellery says:

    Aw, what a lovely way to spend the day. Those Elizabeth W products look amazing, I love things like that!

  33. Marisol says:

    Saturday was such a wonderful day and unfortunately, I was home sick. It was too bad because we were going to go out to the Haight to celebrate my mom’s birthday. She wanted to go to Cha Cha Cha’s. I hope the weather is better next weekend.

    Marisol´s last blog post..One year ago today…

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