9 Things: I Am…

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I was panning for gold (aka wasting time) on Vimeo last weekend when my mouse and I came across I Am, a short documentary in which a series of different people finish a sentence that starts, “I am…” Their answers are so revealing — sometimes cheeky, other times deeply moving — that I thought it would make a great topic for a 9 Things list. πŸ™‚


I am

  1. I am a daughter, sister, wife, friend and crazy cat mom.
  2. I am afraid that if I have a child I might not be a good mother. I mean, I know I won’t be a monster or anything like that mom in Precious, but sometimes I think I’m too moody and not nearly maternal enough. Friends with babies tell me not to worry. They say, “You’ll be fine, Karen. Your instincts will kick in.” I don’t know… I’d like to believe they’re right.
  3. I am still trying to lose the same 15 pounds I gained 10 years ago. Apparently, something ain’t working, but I will NEVER GIVE UP THE FIGHT!
  4. I am currently obsessed with goat cheese.
  5. I am worried that my life is passing me by.
  6. I am eternally grateful to my parents. We’ve hit a few bumps along the way (who hasn’t?), but as a kid I always felt protected, loved and safe.
  7. I am funny? — and creative, spontaneous, inquisitive, musical, stubborn and outgoing.
  8. I am perpetually five minutes late. I started wearing a watch 24/7, but truth be told it hasn’t helped at all.
  9. I am not getting enough sleep. Concealer is my BFF, fo’ reals.

Would you like to give this a try (please do)? It can be very illuminating! Complete the sentence, “I am…” and share as much (or as little) as you’d like.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Happy hump day!


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  1. Nina says:

    hey there! i hope you and tabs are well…

    9 things I am …

    1. a woman. that took a while to get used to: i was the youngest child and my siblings were so much older than me that i believe it took me a while to grow into my womanhood. it was a struggle, but i am so glad to embrace who and what i am.

    2. a wife to the hubs and a mom to our furkids. i was also a mom-of-sorts to my 2 nephews and a niece as well as a much younger cousin. i learned to take care and nurture others from them and im very happy that they gave me that lesson.

    3. ocd. not extremely so but enough to think im weird sometimes: i have a thing for pairs: things i own or buy must be in twos. i also have a thing for arranging: by color for my shirts, by genre then alphabetical for my books and cds. i know if i get this “thing” out of control it can control my life, so im glad the hubs taught me how to chillax just a little bit.

    4. a frustrated chef. pastry chef to be exact. i learned to cook at a young age from my mom (awesomest cook ever). i learned to bake in grade school. i should have gone to culinary school but the pragmatic side of me wanted a “useful” degree.

    5. a good friend. a good sister. a good daughter. ive had instances in my younger days when my so-called friends told me that “i didnt deserve to be their friend”. it left a mark, but ive moved on. i have the bestie to thank for that: she constantly affirms how much she values my friendship.

    7. addicted to sweets. chocolate, ice cream. cake. lately its this dulce de leche spread i stumbled upon in my local grocery store.

    8. a softie: stray animals, kids, sad or sappy movies. i cry over them. and more.

    9. a writer at heart. ive always expressed myslef better using the written word. i like stringing words together. i like words. and thoughts. and words + thoughts. i should write more.

    thanks for this therapeutic exercise. smile. its almost the weekend. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      I’ve always wondered where you got your gift for desserts! A few summers ago I would bake a cake every weekend, and I ended up getting pretty good. I stopped when I realized the old pants were getting a bit snug, LOL!

      Hmm, didn’t you mention a long time ago that you had a blog? Maybe fire that baby up again (how about a baking blog?)!!

      • Nina says:

        I do … its much neglected. I should make that my summer to do – revamp it and give it some more purpose…

        Thanks for the idea, Karen!

    • Amber says:

      Oh girl. Harwin and cake: WE CAN HAS!
      .-= Amber’s last blog post… Citrus honey rosemary ice cream =-.

  2. YadiQ says:

    hmm this should be interesting …

    1. I am a person that works way too hard and doesnt take time to smell the flowers
    2. i am really lucky to have had a family however strict they were to have my back !
    3. i am not a risk taker
    4. i am an artist – though i never take the time to just create on my own – the demands of creating for work make me tired!
    5. i am constantly tired – no matter how much i sleep – i am still tired
    6. I am a tough cookie but still a really sensitive mushy girl inside
    7. i am battling my weight since i got out of college – gained 50 pounds since then but i am blessed to have latina curves to hide them – i work out hard but i guess real women have curves lol
    8. i am a step mother to my fiances 2 children, a cat mom, a sister, a daughter and a very loyal friend
    9. i am lucky to have people that understand me and people i can offer understanding to – i am usually overwhelmed with work and life but i still reach out to people – its like a motherly instinct

  3. Amber says:

    This is intimidating. How do I pick nine things?

    1. I am fiercely loyal to my family, both chosen and chance. Hurt them intentionally and you are dead to me unless you work your butt off to make them happy again. Recently someone in my family has been hurt very badly and cruelly by someone close to them, and I am beyond angry.

    2. I am off-the-charts introverted. It mostly works just fine for me, even if people who don’t know me well seem to want to ‘fix’ me. I would like to overcome my social anxiety and be better at making friends, though.

    3. I am an animal lover without a pet! I loudly make a fuss over all the neighborhood feral cats so my husband can’t forget that I was promised a new kitty this summer. πŸ˜‰

    4. I am an engineer who is dreaming of being an artist and having a small farm, but I kinda like being able to pay the bills.

    5. I am a gymrat. I was very skinny until my early 20s, when I stopped rowing. I’ve made peace with the idea that I will enjoy food, do physical activity that I enjoy, and be whatever comes of balancing those things. I still don’t enjoy swimsuits, though!

    6. I am a terrible procrastinator. I once went two years without a haircut. Procrastination wasn’t the only reason, but it was one of them!

    7. I am wondering when I will feel like a grown-up. I’m 30. I like to try to remember how old that sounded when I was 20, and then laugh about how clueless I still feel about the world and my place in it.

    8. I am intensely private about a lot of things. I’ve been called ‘an enigma’ more than once at school, at work, in general. I’m not trying to be mysterious, I just don’t think everybody needs to know all my biz. Especially my coworkers. As far as they are concerned, I have no opinion on politics, religion, or diets. But I know almost ALL of theirs and wish I didn’t!

    9. I am happy to be me. I have a good life.
    .-= Amber’s last blog post… Citrus honey rosemary ice cream =-.

  4. Diana S. says:

    1. I am a mom with 2 amazing kids that make my life wonderful every day.
    2. I am a wife. Married for 15 years this summer to my high school sweetheart!
    3.I am sometimes very obsessive and can’t let things go until a new obsession begins (currently obsessed with collecting all of MAC paint pots and organizing my accesories into different containers and bins). Jusr got over a cooking obsession that lasted about 3 months. My husband is sad that obsession is over. lol
    4. I am a Claims adjuster and probably one of the very few people I know who absolutely loves their job.
    5. I am the youngest of 3 sisters. No brothers.
    6. I am constantly worried about gaining the weight back that I lost 4 years ago. (lost almost 30 lbs when I went through a “dieting” obsession and haven’t gained it back). I sometimes feel I am going to just lose it and eat a whole cake. Its very difficult to keep off.
    7. I am taking training to become a Den leader at my sons Cub scout group we just joined.
    8. I am having a hard time getting used to the ugly uniform I have to wear as a Den leader (what? no cute skirts or dressed with 5 inch heels??)lol
    9. I am trying to have more religious faith in my life because, well, I think we could all use that when times are rough.

    p.s. Now I can’t stop thining about that cake I mentioned in #6!

    Thanks Karen, your blog is just always so informative, funny, interesting, and in this case, therapeutic!

  5. Gen says:

    Alright, this could be fun…

    I am…

    1-an only child to a wonderful mother and a bride-to-be to my almost perfect man.

    2-a librarian who really loves her job. I have to be around books, movies and music all day and discovering so much stuff!

    3- a horror movies buff and proud to be addicted to it. I loves international horror specially spanish horror movies. I take part of the Fantasia Festival here in Montreal for years now.

    4-currently saving my money for a trip to Australia to go diving with Great White Sharks.

    5-not sleeping very well those past nights because of the excitement of moving into my first home this week-end. Thank god for YSL Touche d’éclat!

    6-a devoted Depeche Mode fan. Seen them 11 times.

    7-proud of myself. For everything πŸ™‚

    8-afraid of squirrel. I do believe there are evil little furry ball and they scare the pants out of me.

    9- hungry. Its almost lunch time!

    • Karen says:

      Gen! Once upon a time I owned a DM shirt from the Violator tour. It was black w/a rose and it was AWESOME. Somewhere between high school and college I lost it (I think some lame ex stole it from me and never gave it back, grr). I’m still grumpy about losing it!

  6. Molly says:

    1. I am.. a dreamer. I have a hard time concentrating on anything that doesn’t interest my imagination. A few doctors have tried to give me ADD medication, but all it does is make me jumpy. No one wants a bored, twitchy, dreaming girl in their class.
    2. I am… an epicurean. I love to make incredibly delicious and usually bad for you food, any my skinny, loveable BF does nothing to stop me. My bookmarks bar is PACKED with recipes, my kitchen overflowing with trinkets and bizarre ingredients. I love it; my thighs, on the other hand, hate me.
    3. I am… a nerd. I love MST3K. I play Solitare, and not only on my computer. I can quote 90% of Blackadder (YEAH ROWAN ATKINSON!) I have a girl boner for Nathan Fillion, and I know all of the words to MC Chris’ Nrrd Grrl. And I knew who he was before I heard “Fett’s Vette” in Zack and Miri Make a Porno. (Oh yes, I did know that.)
    4. I am… clearly of UK descent. Pink-ass skin that burns like a Mofo, off blond hair, and I can make a MEAN pan of Corned Beef Hash. Plus, you ever hear of the Glasgow Bible? Yeah, I can read that, and tell you what it says. I swear it’s not gibberish.
    5. I am… an older sister. In everything I do. My sister (5 yrs younger) used to call me her “3rd parent,” which is a bit weird. I was a CIT and then counselor at a day camp, now I do private childcare.I always look out for people, I carry bandaids, gum, Advil, scissors, nail file and a whole friggin kit of trinkets with me everywhere, just in case.
    6. I am… a hater of the standard educational system. I love learning by doing, hate reading textbooks, and get super stressed in situations where I am nothing but a number. I went to a public HS for 3 years, and had a breakdown- the TINY HS I graduated from was amazing, and my grad class was 8 people. No joke. University is crazy, but I’m taking it slow.
    7. I am… rarely seen without eyeliner. I have loved Pat Benetar style eyeliner since I was a kid, and the INSTANT I got my first black liner, in like 6th grade, it became my BFF. My eyes are greyblue and pretty big, but my lashes blend into my skin color, so my eyes kind of fade into the background without anything on them. Even if I don’t do the whole raccoon look I used to (now I know how to apply it, thankfully.) it’s pretty rare to see me without at least a black line on my top lid and mascara.
    8. I am… not a normal shopper. I don’t think I’ve set foot in a mall in years, except for the one with a Sephora in it! I go to weird little boutiques and thrift stores, and get my basics as far apart as I can- I love stuff from places like Lululemon (I’m a sucker for yoga pants) and H&M, but the stores intimidate me. I actually asked my sister to go to Lululemon and get me yoga pants for Xmas, so I wouldn’t have to go in there. I gave her a hand- inked top that a got at a thrift store, and then used fabric pens to customize it with song lyrics and a pair of gorgeous eyes on the back.
    9. I am… a girly girl with a shot of frat boy mixed in. If I had my way, I would wear a silk gown and a tiara, drink Corona all day and play beer pong with my BF. There are three things above my dresser mirror; a Halloween picture of my and my bestie from years ago, a totally covered earring screen, and a taped-together fold out of Miss January 2005. She’s hot. I have watched every season of Top Gear, at least five times, and can tell the difference between a Porsche Carrera and a Carrera GT. At the end of the day, I take my sparkly eye makeup off, brush my hair and grab some boxers and a T shirt to sleep in. I like it that way.

    This was fun! Thanks Karen!!!

  7. lexi says:

    1. I am…a mother, wife, sister, friend… I feel truly blessed by those in my life!
    2. I am obsessed with makeup…and I don’t care what others think.
    3. I am a film snob…French films rate highest on my list but I have a weakness of Will Farrell movies.
    4. I am still trying to overcome my vanities and accept the size I am now. I’ll never be a size 6 again and I’m trying to accept that.
    5. I am obsessed with sweet/salty flavor combos: salted caramels, bacon chocolate – probably the reason why I’ll never be a 6 ever again!
    6. I am trying to avoid watching the new SATC2 at all costs. My girls want to see it but I really don’t and I loved the first movie and the series.
    7. I am trying to forgo buying any makeup so I can make my first big girl purchase: an LV Speedy bag
    8. I am recognizing my spending habits will keep me in financial hell!
    9. I am having a blast at work doing this list and not my work related tasks!!

    • Karen says:

      I watched it over the weekend. Do you want me to tell you about it?

      • lexi says:

        How did you like it? I keep hearing nothing but BAD about it. My co-worker literally left during the movie and she LOVED the first movie and series!

        • Karen says:

          I loved the original series and the first movie two.


          But this one was awful in so many ways. The dialogue was forced and story line completely ridiculous. I felt like there was no love put into the film — like somebody was thrown a lot of money to write the script and wrote it solely for the purpose of getting it tone.

  8. happybadfish says:

    I am

    1) truly madly deeply in love with my husband, even though he is allergic to cats

    2) always missing my sister since I moved across the country in 2006

    3) not going to have children, love being an auntie, but that’s it. It’s not for me.

    4) afraid of skin cancer


    6) a good friend

    7) a morning person

    8) going to the estee lauder (mac, bobbi brown, clinique) F&F sale on Saturday and am way over the moon abou it

    9) happy when I am in the kitchen cooking dinner.

    • Karen says:

      Want to come over and cook dinner, happybadfish!? LOL!

      I’ve been lazy about cooking and now my skills have fallen by the wayside. If you have any quick and easy dinner recipes I’d love to hear them (I pretty much eat everything).

  9. chibu74 says:

    I am LAZY …………

    and won’t be able to type any further….lol

  10. Kim says:

    1. I am young and yet lacking the energy of a 20-something year old.
    2. I am stubborn.
    3. I am truly thankful that I have a job right now, even though I know I won’t be here forever and that I don’t want to do this forever.
    4. I am totally addicted to any cranberry + other fruit juices — cranapple, cranberry raspberry, cranberry and white grape… etc.
    5. I am trying to get motivated to cook more often. I love cooking but not when I’m stressed… and when I only have to cook for myself.
    6. I am USELESS without coffee in my system first thing in the morning.
    7. I am glad I lopped off several inches to my hair this morning. Short bobs ftw!:)
    8. I am convinced there’s “something out there.”
    9. I am not afraid of sharing all I did.

  11. Kat says:

    1. I am a mother, a daughter, a wife and a cat lover
    2. I am young woman with a disability
    3. I am not a morning person, and I doubt I ever will be!
    4. I am ridiculously empathic, I pick up on other peoples emotions to the point that it can be rather inconvenient!
    5. I am a writer
    6. I am very moody, luckily my husband balances me out some!
    7. I am a roller coaster enthusiast
    8. I am slightly addicted to lip gloss
    9. I am an avid reader of this blog! Hehe

    • Karen says:

      GURRRL, I wasn’t a morning person either until this year. I’ve sort of trained myself to be one. It took a while but I got there! I only do it because I seem to write better in the morning, but if didn’t have to then I’d surely be sleeping in. πŸ™‚

  12. Sarah says:

    I’ll give it a go… I am…

    1. A daughter and sister. Sometimes not terribly good at either, but oh well!

    2. Utterly convinced and yet terrified that I will never get married or

    3. Get divorced. I know its not the end of the world if I do, but I am convinced that I am horrible at long term relationships and that no one will be able to handle all of my annoying habits for very long, let alone a lifetime. Also, with fight or flight? I’ve totally changed from fight to RUN AWAY, which could be awkward…

    4 Obsessed with wearing high heels at all times, someone told me my height (5’3.5″) meant I shouldn’t ever wear flats and that heels are necessary. So far I havent been able to (limited collection) but am slowly trying to buy more.

    5 Sensitive. It only takes one person teasing me about my height to make me change the entire way I dress.

    6 Utterly miserable at my job. Unfortunately, it doesnt make sense at the current time for me to be anywhere else. So… woohoo…

    7 In a bad mood today. Can you tell? A coworker is just getting to me.

    8 Not fond of antagonistic friendships. I like teasing to a certain extent but if everytime I see you, you say something, or I feel the need to say something before you do, I just feel drained.

    9 In a very pity party type mood, and hopefully going to visit a friend and her baby after work will help… Also, hoping the cats when I get home will cheer me up! How can you be mad when they rub up against you? Annoyed when you also happen to be balancing things or walking, but mad? Nah…

    • Karen says:

      I’m sorry to hear that you’re unhappy at your job. I have been there many, many times. Hopefully soon you’ll be able to make the jump to something that you really like.

      Would you stay in the line of work you’re doing now, or would you make a jump to something else?

      • Sarah says:

        Yeah, as someone pointed out – I should just be glad I have a job.

        I’m applying for another job in the fall (and applied already earlier this year), but to make the jump to another career path, I need to hold on to this job. But my current job has nothing to do with my interest, or anything else – it was simply a fall back plan. Its kind of like I currently work in the family business, except it’s a federal agency…

        Its not so bad all the time, I’m just having a worse time since the friend I went to visit is also a coworker on maternity leave, and I miss her especially since we live in opposite directions from work!

  13. Kelly says:

    1. I am a very loyal friend to the very few people I call my “true” friends
    2. I am not happy that I spent my entire 20’s working jobs I hated and getting nowhere
    3. I am a wife, step-mother (to human and fur-animals), daughter and sister
    4. I am figuring out only now in my 30’s who I really am
    5. I am not someone who likes exercising in any way shape or form but I am trying to do it anyway
    6. I am really good at finding spelling errors EVERYWHERE!
    7. I am terrified of getting old and feeble
    8. I am hopeful that one day I will be able to quit my job and actually do something I like for a living
    9. I am not someone who will tolerate being walked all over

    Thanks Karen, I love these kinds of posts! πŸ™‚
    .-= Kelly’s last blog post… Cheeky Monkey Cosmetics Nail Polish Summer 2010 Swatches & Review =-.

  14. lo says:

    I am…

    1. A recent Florida Gator grad! I love Gator football (and yes, Tim Tebow) and my campus… you could probably say I bleed orange and blue πŸ™‚
    2. A Christian. I am going into missions for the next year, but I never want to misrepresent my faith as something pushy and and judgmental and legalistic. I just want to be loving and gracious to everyone I encounter and allow them to see where I find significance in my life.
    3. A daughter, granddaughter, big sister, great-neice… I come from a long line of beautiful, strong, unique women.
    4. An outgoing introvert (a brainy friend of mine calls it “ambiversion” haha). I love to be social and make friends, but I value my alone time and solitary pursuits the most.
    5. A dog lover. As cute as Tabs is, he would make me a sneezy mess! But I love my sweet pup more than anything.
    6. A nail polish fiend… I don’t exactly have a big beauty budget, but I never seem to leave the store without a new color (or 3) to try! I’ve recently discovered the allure of CG and OPI discount vendors online, so I really have to curb the desire to go totally crazy! I think I have about 90 bottles in my current rotation (not counting ones that dried up or I hate that I just haven’t thrown away yet).
    7. A burgeoning cook! I love to bake, and I’ve always liked to cook, but recently, I’ve become obsessed. I love new recipes and my latest favorite read is Food Network Magazine.
    8. A bit of an old lady. I only turn 22 in a couple months, but I love to knit and drink tea and my head hurts when there’s a storm front. And I love doing the crossword puzzle over a hot cup of coffee when my favorite (and quite handsome) barista friend has his break.
    9. Hungry. I wanted to think of a really good last one, but I can hear my stomach rumbling! I think it’s time for lunch πŸ™‚

  15. Michelle M says:

    1. I am beautiful. This took me 26 years to learn, and baby, it was a hard lesson
    2. I am a crier. I tried to deny it for many years, but girl, I cry. alot. At commericals even πŸ™‚
    3. I am strong. I am stronger than I would have believed possible
    4. I am a mother bear. I mother my friends and relatives…to their delight, I am sure πŸ™‚
    5. I am witty. You want a clever remark at the right time at a dinner party? I wont wear a dress but I am your girl! lol
    6. I am a woman. Capable of being the backbone of a household and having a job.
    7. I am a terrible liar.
    8. I am terrified to love people.
    9. I am still ashamed of my past, but I am working on it.

  16. Lowelli says:

    1. I am short.
    2. I am animated.
    3. I am extreeeemmeely awkward.
    4. I am private.
    5. I am snuggly.
    6. I am in love with cake.
    7. I am excited to go back to school.
    8. I am always looking for new songs to learn on the guitar.
    9. I am going to Coldstone Creamery tonight πŸ™‚

  17. Molly says:

    1. I am considering majoring in Linguistics, even though I have no idea what career I can get with that. Oh well?

    2. I am watching the Wendy Williams show..tasteless, but entertaining.

    3. I am craving chocolate! But when am i not..

    4. I am in the most complicated, almost relationship ever.

    5. I am wishing I could be laying in the sun right now, but today is overcast.

    6. I am considering getting six inches cut off; my first real haircut, not trim, in years.

    7. I am trying to change for the better, to who I was a year ago.

    8. I am happy that I’m having a good skin day; I don’t cringe when I look in the mirror, yay.

    9. I am wishing I had a job. Being a teenager isn’t as easy as it used to be.

  18. M. says:

    1. i am slacking at work
    2. i am anonymous
    3. i am a makeup junkie who’s horrible at applying makeup
    4. i am underappreciated
    5. i am a san franciscan
    6. i am a list maker
    7. i am usually not this concise
    8. i am a big fan of this blog
    9. i am a closet extrovert

  19. Aniela says:

    Yes! another one of ur fabulous lists..how i love these lol..here goes! oh and p.s. Karen, i think ud make an amazing mom, i mean just look at how much u gush over Tabs, thats gotta tell u something:)

    1. I am turning 24 in a week and realized I haven’t accomplished very much πŸ™
    2. I am currently cranky, hungry,and very tired.
    3. I am a shopaholic..there I said it!
    4. I am a loving girlfriend who will always stick by her amazing man.
    5. I am very sensitive.
    6. I am obsessed with always having the latest fashions and makeup..i know its sad but im working on it!
    7. I am not a very strong or ambitious person but I make up for it by being very loyal, loving, and positive.
    8. I am thinking about moving to San Diego this year.
    9. I am loving this blog πŸ™‚
    .-= Aniela’s last blog post… Heat-Resistant Hairstyles =-.

  20. Deirdre says:

    I am:

    1. A 17 year old daughter,sister, friend, niece, cousin

    2. Far to obsessed with Victorian and Georgian England (hello Mr. Darcy!)

    3. Trying to lose weight, I’ve already lost 7 pounds! Not to shabby πŸ™‚

    4. A very good listener when people need to talk but don’t need any sympathy, because I’m also very awkward!

    5. hopelessly in love with too many musicians because of the lyrics they write!

    6. to addicted to make up! even though I can’t afford to buy all the make up I buy

    7. Super excited to start university next year and to move away from home!

    8. Broken out in blackheads at the moment even though I’ve been eating really healthily!

    9. Obsessed with listening to the Beatles, especially in German (its helps my verbs!hhehe)

  21. Courtney says:

    1. I am a mother to an amazing son
    2. I am 31 but folks think im younger
    3. I am proud to be an america
    4. I am loyal
    5. I am addicted to kettle chips and nutella.. gotta stop this
    6. I am afraid that my life current life will not meet my destined life
    7. I am a hair freak.. i love me some extentions.. just not the ones you posted earlier YIKES!
    8. I am shoe freak
    9. I am also a shoe blogger but havent been inspired to write lately (www.solesister.blogspot.com) not because I havent found any shoes but I dont feel like I have a voice and feel people wont read it =(
    .-= Courtney’s last blog post… I cant breathe… =-.

  22. Kayann says:

    1) I am an extremely indecisive person.
    2) I am a young mother who’s still growing up with her daughter. My couisin said it’s like the Gilmore Girls!
    3) I am someone who hates the house being dirty but doesn’t want to clean. (lazy!)
    4) I am a court clerk deputy who loves her job. It’s different everyday!
    5) I am a happy baker…It brings back good memories and music!
    6) I am a mother to a wonderful 4 year old girl who loves to steal my makeup and put it on at 7 am!
    7) I am a “mother” to 1 dog, 1 cat (siamese looking) and her 3 kittens! Love them!
    8) I am a stubborn person with a temper. According to my mom, its the Filipino in me!
    9) I am finally agreeing with my hub and my friend that, in fact, I am the clumiest person ever. I walked into a trash can this morning wtih a huge bruise on my shin!

    • Karen says:

      That’s cool that you work in the court system. How long have you been at your job? What do you like most about it?

      • Kayann says:

        I’ve been working there since November last year! I love that it’s not the same exact thing everyday. Plus, you know who the crazy people are in town!

  23. Sonja says:

    1. I am myself. Sounds odd to start with something so plain-but it’s one of the things I value the most-freedom to be myself,in all my faults and grace.
    2. I am afraid that this yearning for more will condemn me to solitude forever. I have a plan and I go for it-and 90%of the time it works (for ex.am now sitting in an apartment in freaking Amsterdam all alone because I planed to go there if I get my masters degree earlier 2 months)
    3. I am a daughter to two extra ordinary people- and when i say extra ordinary i mean that my friends can’t wait to be around my folks.
    4. I am scared that thr day will come when someone is going to realize that the only real power I have is only the power of words, and that’s just air. …
    5. I am a sister to a woman to which I am not bound by blood-she, by being best friend became a part of my closest circle.
    6. I am always doing it my way. Don’t tell me I can’t do it, look at me waving bye bye to you as I am doing it.
    7. I am an forever will be from a country that has survived war, and will forever be of the generation that was there to see it. But it gives me strenght to go only my way and no where else.
    8. I am kind. Maybe not always polite, maybe not always nice, but always kind.
    9. I am addicted to music, good books and mint tea.

    Sorry for the typos, no laptop here, just iphone…

  24. Genesis C says:

    Hi Karen! Love this post!

    I AM ….
    1. A sister. My sister and I did NOT have the best relationship when we were younger (we’re 4 years apart). But now that we are a bit older she is the only person that truly understands me and who I can tell anything to. I love her with all my heart!

    2. Intelligent. I love books, knowledge, learning about new things, old things, anything. I’d like to think of myself as a smart gal πŸ˜‰

    3. An over-thinker. I have always over-analyzed EVERYTHING. Conversations, messages, peoplel, myself. I really don’t like this about myself, but sometimes it comes in handy.

    4. A daughter. Despite the differences my mother and I have, she is the person I love the most on this Earth and I am here because of her!

    5. Caring. I love to help people. I have been working at the main library on campus since my Freshman year, and it really has opened my eyes to how small acts can really make a difference in peoples lives! πŸ™‚

    6. Sassy. I usually seem like the “nice, sweet girl” but once you really get to know me you will see that I have a completely different side of me. I like to sass! lol

    7. Ambitious. Ever since I was little, my mother always told me: Your future depends on you. I can just hear her saying it now! I have always been driven to do what I want to do and be able to get to where I need to be. I am happy to say that anything that I truly try to accomplish, I do!

    8. Funny? – At least I like to think so! I am usually the story-teller of my group, and am dead-on with impersonating people. I like to crack jokes, and have a very sarcastic humor.

    And last but definitely not least-
    9. Trying to loose 125 lbs. I have been overweight my whole life, and I have finally said ENOUGH! I am graduating college this fall and I hope to have shed at least 50 lbs by graduation, and eventually all 125 before graduate school next year (that’s even if I don’t end up getting in-ha!)

    PHEW! This took longer than expected. But it felt good to write about 9 (positive) things that I am. I loved to read yours and everyone else’s entries as well πŸ™‚

  25. jenny says:

    KAREN! just wanted to know beautyticket.com has your beloved timebalm concealer for $9! http://beautyticket.com/thebalmtimebalmconcealerassorted.aspx

    • Karen says:

      Thanks Jenny! I don’t need any right now (I’m always packin’, LOL!), but this is great for the ladies who are thinking about trying it!

  26. Jen says:

    1. I am a recent (unemployed) college graduate. Haven’t started looking for a job yet because I’m enjoying not having to do anything at the moment.

    2. I am terrible at time management. I’m always running late and I never seem to do everything I want/need to do because time just slips away from me.

    3. I am a night owl. I went to sleep at 1 am, and that was early for me.

    4. I am slightly addicted to the internet and I’m trying desperately to change it.

    5. I am also afraid that I won’t be a good mother, and therefore I really don’t want kids. My friends give me a hard time about it, but I just ignore them.

    6. I am still trying to figure out who I am, and what I want to do with my life.

    7. I am a lazy beast.

    8. I am messy and disorganized and scatterbrained.

    9. I am very compassionate and a terrific listener.

  27. Haley says:

    1. I am a scientist
    2. I am extremely close to my mother
    3. I am a new yorker
    4. I am loved unconditionally by my dear friends and family
    5. I am privileged in many things, but not in romantic love
    6. I am a huge dog lover
    7. I am alone more than I’d like to be
    8. I am feminine
    9. I am thankful

  28. Yumi says:

    you should listen to Christina Aguilera’s new song called I Am on her new CD…it totally fits with the theme of this post!!


  29. Stef says:

    1. I am a stay at home Mom and it is the hardest and best thing I will ever do in my life. (PS. Karen, don’t worry about the maternal thing, it just happens. And you don’t stop being Karen, you’ll just be Karen with a kid.)
    2. I am a FEMINIST!!! Girls rule, boys drool, and I love men, but women are better!
    3. I am practically blind without glasses or contacts, and too chicken for LASIK, but I’m cute in glasses so it’s okay.
    4. I am a terrifically loyal friend. I’ve had the same friends since Kindergarten, once we’re friends we’re friends for life.
    5. I am a fan of pop music! Love it, have always loved it, will always love it!
    6. I am a one hour long drama junkie!
    7. I am a chocoholic!
    8. I am a twin, and a gemini, born on the 11th. Craaaaaaaazy!
    9. I am crazy in love with the husband of almost 14 years, sweet!

  30. Toni says:

    I am:

    1. A fan of Tiffany & Co. I received a pretty silver key necklace for Christmas and an inital disc pendant for Mother’s Day. I wear one of them everyday, along with the Return to Tiffany heart bracelet I got a few years ago.

    2. A mom to a special needs child – my son has autism, but he is such a sweet kid. He does have his moments when he has meltdowns, but he has taught us so much about appreciating the little things in life. We’re always learning something new so that we can help him with his autism, sensory issues, and OCD.

    3. the mother of a teenage girl who loves acting. She is so passionate about this and really wants to make this her career. We love that she has found something that she loves to do.

    4. A stay-at-home mom. I decided to leave my career as a speech pathologist to stay at home when our daughter was 2 years old. I have never regretted this decision and I have no plans to work outside of the home anytime in the near future.

    5. A huge fan of reading. My idea of the perfect house would be one with a huge library. I love Jane Austen books, inspirational fiction, and romantic novels (which my husband and daughter love to kid me about).

    6. A wife to a fabulous husband who supports me in everything I do. There is nothing he won’t do for me (except buy the Louis Vuitton purse I want! LOL!)

    7. A Christian. Our faith is very important to my family. It is what sustains us no matter what we’re going through. We’re so blessed to be a member of a church where they have a special needs ministry and they are so willing to work with us to help our son on Sunday mornings.

    8. A huge fan of college football! I cheer for the University of Alabama and Clemson University. There’s nothing better than a fall Saturday and spending the entire day watching college football, eating chicken wings, and cheering on our teams!

    9. Trying to learn about photography. I am not naturally talented in the creative/artistic department, so I have some books I am reading about techniques and practicing with my Canon Powershot. My goal is to get a nice Canon or Nikon dSLR sometime in the future and take pics for my daughter’s acting portfolio.

  31. K says:

    Mmmm. Right there with you about the goat cheese!
    .-= K’s last blog post… A "Friend"-ly Guy =-.

  32. April says:

    1. I am a strong and beautiful pinay and proud of it.

    2. I am a statistic in that I have no health insurance and been having issues with my hip that I haven’t been able to get taken care of. So I feel like I’ve been missing out on life because the simple things like walking, driving, sitting, and standing are a real pain.

    3. I am very much in love with my partner (boyfriend) of almost 2 years. Funny because we’ve been living together for almost the whole duration of our relationship & haven’t killed each other or gone insane (yet).

    4) I am an only child but my best friend might as well be my sister.

    5) I am named April and was actually born in the month of April. I get asked that a lot.

    6) I am a sucker for root beer floats.

    7) I am anxious for football season because of fantasy football. it’s a mix of fun & friendly competition among my female friends & my boyfriend’s family for bragging rights. It’s also a great conversation starter with strangers.

    8) I’m a psychology nerd. I love watching shows like MTV’s True Life and The OCD Project. I even saw a CA license plate that included the 3 letters “GAD” on it and read it as “generalized anxiety disorder.”

    9) I’m in the middle of watching the complete series of MTV’s Daria on DVD. I’m appreciating the sarcasm a lot more now as an adult.

  33. MOH says:

    Oooh, love these posts!
    9 Things I Am:

    1.) Trying to grow healthy nails…after years of being a nail biter, it’s so hard to stop. And when they grow out, they’re as weak and flimsy as SAC2 (sadly).

    2.) A paper-pusher, at work and home. My files are IN ORDER. LOL.

    3.) Going through a major shopping phase right now, and can’t stop….

    4.) …..researching beauty products I want to buy to get the best price. I endlessly research before purchasing ANYTHING, which makes me…..

    5.) …..wish I was more impulsive. In everything I do.

    6.) Trying to convince my knucklehead husband that Kevin Costner is a way better Robin Hood than Russell Crowe!! Tell me I’m not the only one who thinks so!!

    7.) A laugher. It’s easy to get me going, and when I laugh, it’s full-on.

    8.) Feeling a little stressed out about work tomorrow because I have to take minutes at an important meeting with the Ivory Tower peeps, and I’ve never done it before.

    9.) Wanting to start running…I think. Karen, I know you’re a runner. How did you start? How do you learn how to run??
    .-= MOH’s last blog post… Countdown: 60 Days =-.

  34. ShanaT says:

    Hi Karen!

    1) I am… a preschool teacher who loves her students to death. I’m gonna bawl when they move on next semester.

    2) I am ….. married to my best friend. He’s Taiwanese and I love him and his family so much it hurts sometimes.

    3 ) I am ….. fluent in Mandarin, speaking , reading , and I’m getting better at speaking Taiwanese.

    4 ) I am ….. proud of my interracial marriage and the fact that everyone in my family loves my hubby as much as I do.

    5 ) I am….. obsessed with make-up, cooking, So You Think You Can Dance,any exercise that makes me sweat, kayaking and reading. And when I’m sick I like to have a big box of old school Crayola crayons and a coloring book by my side. It’s so darn soothing to color!!!

    6 ) I am ….. afraid to skip a day at the gym because both my Grandmas have osteoporosis and if I don’t work out I won’t have muscle which equals weak bones ,which equals broken hips, which equals time in HOSPITALS!!! I worry about things like this….. and I like to sweat…..

    7 ) I am …… a great older sister!

    8 ) I am…… deathly afraid of RATS! and HOSPITALS!!!!!

    9 ) I am…….addicted to reading cookbooks in bed at night. It’s a weird habit I know but it helps me relax and sleep better!

    This was so much fun, thanks Karen!

  35. I am
    1) a dreamer. but I truly believe if you dream hard enough it will come true.
    2) not a neat freak
    3)obsessed with my hair
    4) 8 months pregnant
    5) a family nut. meaning I love my family to tears and will do anything for them
    6) a good friend. will do anything for a friend
    7) prone to only wearing one contact lense. Yes if i Lose one, I have no problems just wearing one for a few weeks.
    8) a procrastinator. I leave everything for the last minute.
    9) 8 months pregnant, counting down the days.

  36. oops wrote 8 months pregnant twice.
    heres my #9 im a self help book nut, meaning i loved books all about making yourself better
    .-= beautylogicblog’s last blog post… Mario Badescu Drying Lotion Kicks Pimples to the Curb! =-.

  37. astrid says:

    I am..
    1. a writer
    2. very happy with my life right now
    3. married to the most wonderful man
    4. an only child, and I love my parents
    5. very conscious of my weight, but I’ve been keeping it steady for the past 10 years
    6. still not convinced of having kids, is spite of the pressure from my parents and in laws
    7. an optimist
    8. finally having an end of my blemish problems (being 30, that should happen sooner!)
    9. paving my way to make my dreams come true
    .-= astrid’s last blog post… 9 Things: Times You Took A Chance =-.

  38. Karen4 says:

    Hey there Karen–wasn’t sure about responding, but here goes!

    I am:
    1. a wife (who waited until age 39 to get married!), daughter (who recently lost her dad), and a sister.
    2. optimistic about life in general and always try to look at the bright side. That which cuts you down makes you stronger!
    3. an animal lover without any pets. Travel too much to be able to keep a pet :0(
    4. a bit ADD–always have so many balls up in the air!
    5. still trying to lose the 10 pounds I gained since I got married. Does love make you fat? LOL!
    6. creative. I love to design, write, take photos.
    7. an amateur chef. Almost went to culinary school, but Dad insisted on a different path. It worked out for the best.
    8. involved in an international gastronomic society where I get to meet lots of great chefs, eat awesome food and drink fabulous wines.
    9. a gym rat at heart. Shoulder issues have sidetracked me lately, but I hope to get back to it soon!
    10. empathetic and compassionate

  39. Kim says:

    9 Things I Am:

    1. A mother, wife, daughter and sister (and owner of 2 cats). πŸ™‚
    2. Blessed to have the BEST friends in the world (BFFs since grade school) who I can’t even imagine life without.
    3. A sports freak… love to play and love to watch.
    4. A Pisces-Aries Cusp child, which makes me creative but also very competitive.
    5. A movie, music and book lover (former English major) who is quick to laugh and cry in response to the lyrics/characters.
    6. Someone who is incredibly passionate about (sometimes fixated on) things… until something new sparks my interest!
    7. An energetic, happy and lucky person who takes total responsibility for my actions. I know I have a great life and I’m unashamedly grateful for it. And, I’m not one to blame others or God or fate for things that “happen” to me.
    8. Impulsive and not good at doing things in moderation (which explains those extra pounds that are hanging on despite running 5 miles per day!).
    9. Someone who loves history, old buildings and space (planets, stars, mysteries of the universe kind of thing). I love to travel to feel the history of the place rather than see the modern sites/learn about the modern culture. I don’t mean that in a negative way. Just that I’m drawn to history and learning about the past.

    And Karen, about the mom thing. My friends said the same thing to me (I had the exact fears/concerns that you had) and they were right. I remember being pregnant and still very worried when people said that I’d love my kids more than anything in the world. My reply was “are you sure? I don’t really feel that yet. I love my CAT”. Trust me… you’ll always love Tabs, but it won’t be anything compared to how you love your kids. And if you know in your heart that El Hubs will be a good Dad, that helps too, because you’ll know that even when you fail – and everyone does once in a while – he’ll be there to pick up the slack. πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Kim,

      Thank you for these words. Sometimes I worry that I’m a bit of a weirdo when I feel these things. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. πŸ™‚

  40. Mollie says:

    Hi Karen,

    Lots to do today and not much time, so my 9 things will be kinda short. However, the main reason I wanted to post today was to tell you that I got my first kitten ever a few days ago. And I AM IN LOVE!! It’s all because of you and Tabs. Y’all are both too cool for school! Lol! Thanks for writing such an awesome blog. I check in at least once a day and it always makes me smile.

    I am…
    1. a lover
    2. a giver
    3. a fighter
    4. a sister
    5. a puppy (and now kitty!!) mother
    6. a daughter
    7. a make-up addict
    8. a Barbie collector
    9. a pediatrician

  41. Mariya says:

    1. I am a daughter, a wife, and an owner of a cat
    2. I am Ukrainian
    3. I am a runner
    4. I am addicted to books about healthy eating and fitness
    5. I am addicted to Dior eyeshadows, Chanel lipsticks and YSL peach blush
    6. I am afraid of water (cannot swim)
    7. I am a person who is trying everything from zero in a new country
    8. I am patient and moody. Have no idea how these two go together…
    9. I am a big fan of animated classic Disney movies

  42. Trisha says:

    I saw that documentary! It was so beautiful. Here’s my list:

    1. I am constantly trying to improve myself.
    2. I am obsessed with goal-setting.
    3. I am afraid of falling.
    4. I am atheist.
    5. I am in support of gay marriage.
    6. I am a huge fan of both romantic comedies and horror movies, equally.
    7. I am a video gamer to the CORE.
    8. I am addicted to fruit snacks.
    9. I am on week 1, day 2 of the Couch 2 5k (C25K) challenge and doing well.
    .-= Trisha’s last blog post… How to Look Cute While Jogging =-.

  43. marisol says:

    Thanks for sharing with us and goat cheese is amazing. Here is mine:

    1. I have read more books in the past year than probably my whole life.
    2. I am a true Gemini. I definitely have two different sides to me which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. I think.
    3. I am at a loss as to what happened to this year. When I turned 30, I had many plans and none have come to fruition. That is a bad thing.
    4. I am so happy that both True Blood and Eclipse are coming back on my birthday month. Vamp love! >:[
    5. I am becoming a morning person (dislike) but I am still a night owl. Good thing for TheBalm Time concealer.
    6. I am someone who watches cooking shows and finds them fascinating. Yet I don’t cook & don’t have the desire to learn.
    7. I am spiritual and not religious. Although I was baptized and even had my first communion, I have issues with the Catholic church. And you should’ve seen my first communion dress — talk about ruffles in the late 80’s.
    8. I am a people pleaser & have a hard time saying no.
    9. I am unsure of what I am looking for.
    .-= marisol’s last blog post… Abandonment issues =-.

  44. Shelby says:

    I am a woman, who is self righteous, confident (some of the time) and afraid of more things than people believe.
    I am still learning how to pray.
    I am scared of loving or caring for anyone too much, my anticipation of sure disappointment is staggering.
    I am a great listener and do well at helping others. I, however, still can’t speak to others without becoming so emotional that I can’t continue.
    I am a procastinator.
    I am thinking of going back to school, but secretly does not have the will power or drive to do so. Still unsure of what I want to do with my life.
    I am in love with my family. To death even, as I would do any and everything to make them happy.
    I am afraid of being a wife or mother. I don’t think I would ever venture there.
    I am a dreamer.

  45. Alice says:

    I AM…

    1. I am Italian – I’m so proud of it. And I live in Rome. Which makes me even prouder.
    2. I am rarely tired, but when I am – I’m exhausted!
    3. I am colorful in every aspect of my life
    4. I am a traveller at heart. Exploring new places is a physical need.
    5. I am happy, and I work hard to be happier.
    6. I am a non smoker since September 09. It’s tough but worth it.
    7. I am a cat mom and a cat lover
    8. I am a photographer
    9. I am in love.

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