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I’m so exci-ted,
I’m so exci-ted,
I’m going hi-king,
I’m going hi-king.


Yeah, I’m so excited! I’m going hiking with a girlfriend up at Muir Woods over in Mill Valley this morning, so I’m having a quick cup of coffee, a couple pancakes, and then I have to bolt.

I gotta tell ya…this whole blogging thing? Lots of indoor time. I’m really looking forward to just walking around outside.

It’s not going to be intense. We’re doing a loop around this one popular hike, but it’s sunny today, and the area is heavily forested redwood trees, so it should be fun. Maybe I’ll even see a Sasquatch or a porcupine or something interesting like that. ๐Ÿ™‚

I hope you’re doing something other than chores and errands today. I know all of that stuff has to get done, and you’re probably the person who has to do it a lot of the time, but dang it! — screw that. Do something fun today instead.

Good luck in this weekend’s giveaway, babe. Onward and upward! Talk to you soon (maybe from the redwoods).

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    • What’s the coolest hike you’ve ever done?
    • Do you believe in the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, stuff like that?
    • What’s the best time you’ve ever had dancing?
    • Where’s your favorite makeup counter?
    • Who’s your best makeup shopping buddy?
    • What’s your favorite matte lipstick?
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  1. Kiara says:

    My favorite makeup counter is the Sephora in Stonestown mall in San Francisco! All the employees are so nice and talented!

  2. Tiffanie says:

    Hiking is one of my favorite activities. Have fun!

  3. Noon says:

    Favorite matte has to be Ruby Woo, it’s the best!!

  4. Rebecca says:

    I used to go hiking all the time with my sister! But she moved and I’ve fallen off lately. It would be good to spend more time outside though, it’s good for my mood:)

  5. Lydia says:

    The coolest hike I have ever done was Iguassu Falls in Brazil and Argentina ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Melissa says:

    My sister is my shopping buddy!

  7. Cait says:

    LOVE this blog!

  8. Cait says:

    I LOVE this blog! Great reviews on products

  9. Roxette says:

    I went on an 8 mile hike on this trail on Long Island. It was in October so the fall trees and leaves made it an absolutely beautiful experience. After my friends and I had lunch by a river in this small park we found. I was ahrest experience!

  10. Camille says:

    Hi, Karen!

    I think I have found my new foundation! I haven’t looked up in your archives if you reviewed it, but I’ve read/heard about it a LOT. MUFE HD foundation. So far, so good. Hoping it doesn’t irritate my skin, otherwise it’s back to Bobbi.

    Have a lovely weekend!!!!

  11. Agata says:

    I’m jealous of your hiking! Have fun! I am struggling terribly at work over here, tough tough day! Hopefully running will help release the stress.
    Agata recently posted … Basics On The Urban Decay Naked 2 Basics Palette

  12. Sara says:

    My favorite counter is Mac !!!!

  13. Erin says:

    My cellphone is my shopping buddy! Ha!

  14. Winnie Lee says:

    The coolest hike I’ve been on has been all of them whilst in Costa Rica since you’re hiking through rain forest. It’s all amazing!

    Matte lipsticks I enjoy include the lip creams and lipsticks from NYX. Great product for the price.

  15. Bertha says:

    I don’t wear matte lipsticks often because my lips are the dryest dry that ever dried but I’ve had good luck so far with the new Maybelline Color Sensational matte lipsticks and the Bite Beauty matte lip crayons!

  16. Kate P. says:

    Hiking in Yellowstone on the backcountry trails was a game changer for my hikes! Adrenaline junky here!

    Also Karen, I love how positive your posts always are – they brighten my day!

  17. Jennifer Pham says:

    I’m so so so so excited for Avatar: The Legend of Korra Book 4! This show is a cartoon that debuted on Nickelodeon, but has garnered a large adult following. The world’s mythology, people, the characters, humor, epic plot and music, beautiful realistic choreography as they “bend” the elements, politics – it’s just so so amazing! I recommend it to everyone ๐Ÿ˜€

  18. Illy junus says:

    I love to walk to the park with my son. I know those days will be number since I have condition that will be prevent me for doing so in the future. So now i am taking it day by day. So love my walk now. Thank you for the giveaway

  19. Ellen says:

    Happy Saturday!

  20. Laure says:

    My best make-up shopping buddy is my Chummy: Ellenore.

    We have such different skintones that we always have a blast swatching because colours look so different on our skintones when we compare them.
    We have about the same shopping budget (next to nothing) so we both gravitate to the same brands. We both dream of high end make-up, but we’re able to bring each other down to earth. (Of course, we also occasionally enable each other ;D)
    But we have different interests (she’s really into skin care and I’m more of an eyeshadow girl), so it’s always cool be able to give the other advice on the beauty area we’re more versed in.

  21. becca m says:

    My parents’ house is basically backed up to a hilly wooded area, and hiking the trails around their house in northern MN is stunning. This time of year is particularly lovely with the leaves changing. Last time I was there we saw a fox and some creepy turkey vultures. My Dad got a big black bear on his trail cam the other night.

  22. ElzaElza says:

    Favorite counter had to a Burberry counter in London!

  23. WOULD LOVE TO WIN <3 !! Congrats on a great website!

  24. Melanie says:

    My most favorite hike was seven years ago. I hiked Camelback Mtn in Phoenix AZ early in the am. I almost hurt my ankle, but I had a good time.

  25. Lisa Brown says:

    I do not believe in the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, stuff like that.

  26. Susie says:

    Favorite mattes are the Revlon Colorburst Mattes in Sultry and Elusive!

  27. Maria T says:

    I don’t believe in yeti and stuff but I do believe in Aliens!!

  28. I’ve loved the formula on the new Maybelline Creamy Matte lipsticks, rather surprising! The deep shades stain really nicely and fade evenly too, good stuff!

  29. Michelle says:

    A hike that I did was Diamond Head in Honolulu, Hawaii. I’m not a hiker by any means, but it’s a cool view, and you can say you hiked a volcano.

  30. Joni says:

    Hi karen, hope you are having a great weekend. Yesterday my daughter turned 3 months old. My favorite matte lipstick is probably nyx nude, it’s pinker than a nude and kinda comes out peach but it’s really pretty.

  31. WOW!!! What an awesome giveaway!!! Thank you ever so much for a chance to win!!! I would totally buy a Naked Palette because Ive wanted one for so long!!!

  32. Zahra says:

    I think while makeup shopping I’m usually a lone stag haha – I usually know exactly what I’m looking for so quick errands are my favorite. But for perfume shopping definitely my mom! ๐Ÿ™‚ speaking of perfume I think my favorite makeup counter is a toss up between the Nars, Jo Malone, or Givenchy.
    I have always loved so many things in those brands and they always have things I go back to. I think the Nars matte lip pencil in Train Bleu is something that has become a fast favorite. If super rich and dark matte plums are your thing, check it out!!

  33. Nicole says:

    Enjoy the hike!

  34. Miki says:

    My favorite range of matte lippies is NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams.
    Miki recently posted … Liebster Award

  35. Sherry says:

    My favorite makeup counter is urban decay. ๐Ÿ™‚

  36. Myan says:

    My fave makeup counter is the Powell Street Sephora in San Francisco. Huge store!

  37. Jessie C. says:

    My sister is my best makeup shopping buddy.

  38. Monica L. says:

    The coolest hike I’ve done is the Rae Lakes Loop in the Sierras. It’s ridiculously beautiful.

  39. Susan T. says:

    I live in prime Big Foot country. Even though I’ve hiked and camped a whole lot I’ve never seen any sign of them and neither has anyone else I know. ๐Ÿ™ I like to think that they exist though. That would be pretty cool!

  40. Sherry says:

    My favorite makeup counter hands down, is the MAC counter at Macy’s in Springfield, PA. It’s the best and the people that work there are awesome and helpful!!

  41. Casey says:

    my favorite makeup counter at my local mall is either mac or bobbi brown. chanel and dior are the most exciting but there’s NEVER anyone working those brands. slackers.

  42. Lynn says:

    Oh so lucky, i’ve always wanted to go to Muir Woods, but i don’t have hiking type friends:(

  43. The new NARS Audacious lipsticks are my newest matte lip obsession! They are amazing and come in so many colors!

  44. Emily C says:

    England has amazing hiking.

  45. janeh says:

    fave lip of the moment: Maybelline Color Sensational in Blissful Berry
    it’s not a matte lipstick exactly, but it feels matte to me. Much less intense, and thus, wearable, than MAC’s Rebel.

  46. Paula C. says:

    My daughters are my shopping buddies, have a great weekend!

  47. Suzie M says:

    I certainly believe in the Loch Ness Monster—the rest not so much I’m part Scottish of course

  48. Jules says:

    Love the blog.

  49. Andrea Darst says:

    I remember going out with my friends almost every night (work the next day was rough!) and dancing anywhere and everywhere we could – the dance floor, the bar, the parking lot…so much fun!!

  50. One of my fave matte lipsticks is Revlon’s Matte Balm in Standout.

  51. Carolyn Flanagan says:

    my boyfriend and I took ballroom dance classes. We had so much fun taking the classes together.

  52. Andrea Amy says:

    i’m not sure if I believe in bigfoot etc but I think that some of these i do not believe in big foot per say, but i think the rumours and sightings might be based on something that is out there. not sure but i like to keep an open mind to things.

  53. Linh says:

    I wish more brands sold mini sizes! Good way to sample something; the little jars don’t have enough product to really test out something.

  54. Dianna Thomas says:

    I have two favorite places to hike–Mica Peak in Spokane, and Mt Pomarell in s. Idaho–ph ya the Sawtooth mountains too. Ya I think there really is a Big Foot, In a small town in Oliver Canada-they have the Ogapogo– its like the Loch Ness– Its possible since they don’t know the bottom of these waters

  55. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I’ve never been on a hike before!

  56. Denay Haist says:

    My favorite makeup counter is the drugstore counter when there is a sale and I have coupons!

  57. Kim says:

    Ooh I haven’t been to Muir Woods in years! I did Mission Peak last winter though.

  58. Vanessa F says:

    The best hike I ever did was the West Fork trail between Flagstaff and Sedona Arizona. Miles of red rock canyon!

  59. Jennifer Ha says:

    My favorite hike would be when i was younger when i went to Vancouver, Canada at the Capilano suspension bridge nothing to it when walking on it but when we left to go downhill my aunt started walking fast too fast and dragged my mom and they both fell down the hill got hurt not that bad but they were laughing when they got up.

  60. Sarah W says:

    Revlon Smoked Peach!

  61. Anastasiya says:

    My favorite makeup counter is Mac <3

  62. Stephanie says:

    I’m trying out Cover FX’s cream foundation this week for my dryyyyy skin. It’s pretty! I might like it and use it daily! Me and daily foundation! WHOA! I’m excited. ๐Ÿ˜‰ Working on finding a makeup shopping buddy again too – got someone to go with me last weekend when I was looking for foundations and she was SO excited about how I looked wearing this. Having a makeup shopping buddy is SUCH a good thing.

  63. Yollinen says:

    My fav lipstick is Lolita by Kat Von D or Wicked/Salem by Lime Crime….

  64. Cindy A. says:

    One of my favorite hikes was several years ago when I went ginseng hunting in the Appalachian mountains.

  65. Justine says:

    Fall is a beautiful time to hike!

  66. Sienna says:

    I’m crazy about the wet n wild matte lipsticks!

  67. dawn says:

    I would like Yeti, Loch Ness Monster and all their ilk to be real but I don’t really think they do.

  68. So today my 7 yr old son came out with me to do DEA Drug Take Back, and he becomes friends with errrone and their mommas. The cops that were out there with us decided to take him on a courtesy ride since my son said he wanted to become a police officer. He had a blast turning on the police lights and siren. It was a great day for him.
    FilipinaMacBarbie recently posted … Motivation Monday

  69. Icequeen81 says:

    Hi Karen ,

    wet and wild sugar plum best matte plum

  70. Katie M says:

    My favorite makeup counter…hard to pick! I honestly prefer to shop at Sephora for makeup because I sometimes just want to be left alone to swatch, test, peruse etc. But I am drawn to the Chanel counter like a moth to a flame. So beautiful!

  71. crystal says:

    I think at the moment I have two fav matte lipsticks..suprizingly enuf I have fallin hard for wet&wilds mega last lipstick in Red Velvet(I haven’t owned a w&w product aside from thier discontinued blush sticks since high school).& I love love revlons matte balm in sultry.i don’t normally buy backups but for these I will buy 3.

  72. Jennifer Himes says:

    Hi Karen,
    Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend! The best time I had dancing took place in a small tavern in Santorini. I was visiting Greece with my mom and aunt. I remember entering the dark, somewhat rustic little tavern that smelled of cigars and filled with primarily older male patrons. Let’s just say we did not blend! Needless to say, within minutes we were warmly welcomed and drinks arrived at our table before we did. It was a magical night. We danced for hours and ended-up learning a move or two from those feisty fellows. Unfortunately it was the last trip of its kind, as my mother fell ill shortly there after. The memories of that night (and the entire 3 week trip) will forever occupy a very special place in my heart.

  73. Una says:

    I like Tarte matte lipstick..

  74. Kelsey says:

    Is it too sappy if I say the best time I ever had dancing was the first dance at my wedding?

  75. Nisha says:

    I have waay too many favorite matte lipsticks lol but one of them is both the NYX lip creams and lipstick

  76. Monal says:

    I’ve never been hiking, crazy I know! My favorite counter is the Mac counter. I love Russian Red and the Nars velvet matte lipsticks.

  77. Tracy says:

    diamond head in hawaii

  78. Monal says:

    Are you going to do a review on the Mac Matte collection?

  79. Solangel says:

    Maybe this time I’ll be lucky

  80. Laura says:

    I don’t think I have a favorite matte lipstick. So hard to pick!

  81. Bianca says:

    I love The Body Shop’s makeup counter. I can call it a makeup counter right?! I especially adore their lipsticks and eyeshadows.

  82. Maren says:

    Back c. 1999-2000, I used to get a Maybelline Budgeproof lipstick in Stone Age. Wish they still made those– no budging!
    Maren recently posted … The Unfinished Snack, Or Unlimited Shack, Or Alvin Or Bust (National Sketch Writing Month)

  83. Symone says:

    I’m not a huge hiker, but I did really enjoy hiking in John Muir woods – so pretty!

  84. Laura says:

    All time favorite lipstick: MACยดs Lady Danger!

  85. Merry says:

    I love Sephora

  86. Alix says:

    I love hiking at Acadia State Park in Maine.

  87. Nicole says:

    Happy Caturday! ๐Ÿ™‚

  88. Jessica says:

    I love hiking at the Golden Gate Park in San Francisco. I did my one and only ultra marathon around there and it was a great experience ๐Ÿ™‚

  89. Lyndsey B. says:

    The best hike was up Mt. Princeton in Buena Vista CO!

  90. Tara R says:

    It’s storming where I live today! Very cool.

  91. Elizabeth M. says:

    Sephora is my favorite beauty counter! The employees are always helpful and I like being able to try stuff before buying. And of course the rewards ๐Ÿ™‚

  92. Lisa J says:

    Today it’s pretty darn cold so I’m cuddling with a blanket inside but last weekend we drove to Jasper in the Rocky Mountains and hiked around there for a few hours.

  93. Meahlyn says:

    The coolest hike I’ve ever done was in San Diego, at Sunset Cliffs!

  94. Lori P says:

    Favorite makeup counter is the whole Sephora store in my city. ๐Ÿ™‚

  95. rosyr says:

    Dont have a makeup shopping buddy yet. My sisters live in another state and my daughter who is sixteen is barely getting into makeup. Just mascara and a little bit of blush but I’m sure she will become my sidekick in a few years.

  96. nat ogu says:

    i dont believe in loch ness monster and stuff but ever since i was a child and saw little mermaid i believe mermaids are real lol

  97. shaunie says:

    I love the fall weather, it is a great time for festive activities

  98. stirfryedshana says:

    My favorite makeup counter is………probably like 50 million miles away, because there aren’t any around here! It sucks ๐Ÿ™

  99. Stephanie G says:

    I’ve never hiked. I’m not outdoors-y at all!

  100. Berry says:

    I love the Estee Lauder counter, pretty much in any department store. EL was the first makeup I used in high school, and it was the brand that made me love cosmetics, so it always feels a little magical to me.

  101. Lisa Foster says:

    Coolest hike I have ever done is through White Sands Monument in New Mexico, where the sand is pure white and looks like snow.

  102. Erica M says:

    i like to hike outdoor malls!

  103. nina says:

    I am loving the Nyx matte lipstick right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  104. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    Hey Karen, it’s that time again!!! I do not believe in Big Foot, Yeti, etc. and I hope it stays that way. Actually the only Yeti I know is my Yeti cooler. I’m thinking it’s about my week to win this gift card ok? Thanks so much for the opportunity.

  105. Ms. Elise says:

    I love zumba, and I’d have to say the best time I had dancing was the last class before Christmas the first semester I took zumba, because we went until everyone nearly fainted because there wasn’t a class after us.

  106. Krista says:

    My best makeup shopping buddy is my friend Allie. It’s a little odd shopping with her though, because our budgets are so different. I’ll come in with a billion coupons and leave with one or two items, but she’ll shell out for bags upon bags of stuff.

  107. Natasha says:

    My favorite matte lipstick is Relentlessly Red by MAC!

  108. Ellie P. says:

    Favorite matte lipstick? It has to be NARS Velvet Matte Lip Pencil in Dragon Girl. It’s one of my favorite lipsticks!

  109. Laurinha says:

    I love go shopping w my daughter!

  110. Rachel Runyan says:

    My favorite makeup counter is just the whole of Sephora. It’s too fun to go in there and swatch everything. My local Sephora has super-nice employees, too, who really know their stuff.

  111. BLANCA says:

    My favourite makeup counter has to be the Mac one at El Corte Inglรฉs in Murcia, Spain, where I live! ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. amy pugmire says:

    The coolest Hike i did was with my dad when he had stage 4lung cancer. We hiked Mt. Timpanogos and it was on his bucket list. Its an 8 hour hike and ended up being more like 12 but it was worth every minute. The scenery was beautiful but I mostly grateful for the great memories I can cherish forever now!

  113. Elen says:

    My favorite make up shopping buddy has to be my sister. Who else would know me better!

  114. Amber says:

    I’m a sucker for the retro matte finish of Ruby Woo!

  115. Remi says:

    Best time out dancing? Went swing dancing when I was in college. Ended up out in the middle of the dance floor with a decent lead.. and after about 30 seconds we both realized the other was a raver kid at a swing party. It turned into the kind of swing dance that cleared the floor so people could watch. Amazing times.

  116. Amy says:

    I’m really looking forward to the new holiday sets that are coming out!

  117. Esther says:

    don’t really wear matte lipsticks at all, i prefer more hydrating ones like sonia kashuk’s ๐Ÿ™‚

  118. Katherine says:

    The best hike I’ve ever done is the South Rim hike in Big Bend National Park. It’s about 14 miles, so it can be an intense one-day hike or a good one night backpacking trip. The views from the South Rim are amazing.

  119. Tania G says:

    Today was such a perfect day for apple picking. Nothing better than an apple picked straight from the tree. They are so delicious.

  120. susan says:

    I love the MAC Matte Kinda Sexy.

  121. Jennifer X says:

    The best hike I’ve been on was on the Island of Kahoolawe. Just being out in nature, sights that one doesn’t get to see everyday, and being with a great group of people who looked out for each other.

  122. Jessica says:

    My fave lippie is Heroine by MAC!! I just can’t get enough of it and with my olive complexion I can get away with wearing it all the time =D

  123. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    I hiked Stone Mountain in Atlanta, GA this summer (very spur of the moment) – loved it!

  124. lizzie says:

    I enjoy hiking in lake Tahoe! So beautiful there!

  125. nlm8 says:

    Bite BEauty has amazing lipstick! As well as Em Cosmetics

  126. nichole says:

    Trying to find he right shade of red lipstick for my wedding. I’m of caramel complexion. Any suggestions?

  127. Kathleen says:

    My favorite matte lipstick right now is Coven by Kat Von D!

  128. Melissa says:

    I love hiking, but hardly ever get the chance to go.

  129. Jessica Pinkard says:

    I totally believe in the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, etc.

  130. Danielle says:

    Favorite matte lipstick is MAC Kinda Sexy. It’s perfect!

  131. Terri says:

    I like the Trish McEvoy counter at Nordstrom and the Sephora counter (it has so many options!).

  132. jen c says:

    The coolest hike I’ve done was to the top of Half Done in Yosemite. I was in 8th grade and amazingly made it in a pair of Converse Jack Purcell’s!

  133. Kristine Ewald says:

    I love hiking terrace moutanin

  134. Miznah says:

    I’m miznah from saudi arabia
    My favourite matte lipstick is Velvet Teddy from MAC

  135. Ray says:

    Just got the Maybelline color sensational matte lipsticks and are loving those. Also love the bite beauty matte lip crayons and NYX matte lip sticks.

  136. klynn says:

    I absolutely loved hiking on Kauai. Anywhere there – but especially in the Kokee mountains.

  137. Tosha H says:

    Nope, can’t say I’m a believer in the Loch Ness monster and whatnot~

  138. Lynda says:

    the coolest hike i’ve done was in hawaii

  139. Guillermina says:

    My best shopping buddy is my cousin!

  140. Jessica says:

    “Whatโ€™s your favorite matte lipstick?” Mac Candy Yum Yum

  141. Catherine says:

    My fav makeup counter is probably Bobbi Brown. She just has so many amazing products that I love to love!

  142. Kim Dang says:

    My favorite matte lipsticks are the Wet n Wild ones! They’re cheap, pigmented, and so pretty!

  143. Vickie says:

    My mom is my favorite makeup shopping buddy!

  144. PrincessSerenity81 says:

    I just discovered ColourPop Cosmetics. Their eye shadows are AMAZING! I also LOVE your cat in the picture, so cute. ๐Ÿ™‚

  145. Mardi says:

    My favourite matte lipstick is the one I wore for my first wedding. I think it was called Plum and was from, er Mary Kay I think. Now I got married the first time in 1994 so when I say matte, it was MATTE! Strangely, looking back, I got married in December so it was summer here so why did I choose a deep berry shade? I guess I just liked it.

  146. Barbara B says:

    My makeup shopping buddy is my 16 year old daughter. Except I always have to pay for hers too lol!

  147. Jennifer says:

    My favorite makeup shopping buddy is my sister.

  148. Lucy Nguyen says:

    My makeup shopping buddy is my mom. We always hang out together for shopping.

  149. Danielle says:

    My favorite person to shop with is my mom <3 My favorite makeup counter is anything in Sephora or Camera Ready Cosmetics, it's like makeup heaven.

  150. MelodyJ says:

    My favorite time dancing was in elementary school. we had to to learn to waltz for the Cinderella play. My grandmother even made me a long dress for it.

  151. Maritess Lee says:

    The best time I ever had dancing was during the first dance at my wedding. My husband and I slow danced to More Than Words and we sang it loudly together while we danced. I really forgot about everyone else in the room! Best night of my life!

  152. Linda says:

    Have fun! I’ve been thinking of going hiking too. It’s finally warming up over here (Australia), and a hike on a balmy day sounds like heaven.

  153. Cynthia says:

    My Favorite Counter is MAC in downtown Sacramento.

  154. Daria says:

    I love hiking:) the coolest hike I have ever done was in Austra, amazing views!

  155. Carolyn N. says:

    I was just at Sephora the other day! So many goodies! ๐Ÿ™‚

  156. BooBooNinja says:

    One of my favourite hikes was doing the Half Dome in Yosemite.

  157. Y. says:

    Lochness monster totally!!!!

  158. Bhevarri says:

    Don’t have a favorite matte lipstick yet :[

  159. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    my favorite matte lipstick is Rebel by MAC !

  160. Bonnie says:

    I’m rather a skeptic when it comes to things like the Loch Ness Monster and creatures of that nature.

  161. Monica says:

    I’d have to say MAC is my favorite makeup counter!

  162. Nina says:

    Going to the U.S. the day after tomorrow! Yay!

  163. Jackie Jenkins says:

    Enjoy your hike Tabs!

  164. Andrea Juliet says:

    My favorite shopping buddy is my niece, even if we aren’t together we will text or talk on the phone just before going shopping for makeup and make sure we are geared up to make amazing makeup purchases.

  165. Kiki says:

    I had sore throat this weekend. Bummer!

  166. sarah thompson says:

    My fav makeup is LORAC. Thx for giveaway!

  167. Well I thought I’d be a bit different and say I love in a ski resort which is a bit unusual. We have no drug stores or department stores so I am starved for makeup and would love to shop on Sephora!

  168. Lucia says:

    Favorite matte lipstick is Ruby Woo. I’m unoriginal!

  169. aimen says:

    THE MAC COUNTER of course! ๐Ÿ˜€

  170. Michelle Lani says:

    My favorite makeup buddy/fellow addict is my friend Pam!

  171. Jaclyn says:

    Hi! Thank you for such a fabulous opportunity! My favorite cosmetics counter would have to be the Crystal Cove Sephora at South Coast Plaza. There are actually TWO Sephora’s there, but my favorite is always less crowded, the people are sooo much friendlier, it is larger with better selection, and just overall more relaxed.
    Happy Blogging!
    Jaclyn recently posted … Product Review: Adovia Moisturizing Day Cream

  172. Dollie says:

    While you’re looking forward to bright sunny days, we in Bombay, India, await the arrival of winter to escape the terrible tropical heat and humidity. Though of course, the winter we have in Mumbai can hardly be called winter :p

  173. Kelly Commerford says:

    I am fascinated by Crytozoology, and I absolutely believe these creatures exist! Especially the Loch Ness Monster…my hunch is that it’s a Plesiosaurus that somehow survived when the rest of its kind died off. ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey, ya never know!

  174. The coolest hike I ever did was this August, to the Matterhorn! A) because the Matterhorn is a bad ass mountain, and B) because I got proposed to there!
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … NOTD | Holding on to summer with a sunny orange glitter manicure

  175. Karin Shaim says:

    my favorite makeup counter is Mac!!

  176. CKG says:

    Aw, have fun on your hike.
    I can’t wait to go on another one, but not like my last one.

  177. ni says:

    My Mama is my shopping buddy!

  178. Ruta says:

    The coolest hike I’ve ever done was my recent trip through Samaria Gorge in Crete. Very intense hiking/scrambling through mountains but the views are definitely worth it!

  179. Meg says:

    Favorite matte lipstick has to be Kat Von D’s Agatha!
    Meg recently posted … Overtone Hair Care

  180. Kit Novak says:

    I love shopping the Chanel counter at Nordies with my favorite shoppign buddy my sister. So many pretties!
    Kit Novak recently posted … J.F. Lazartigue: Ultra-Shine Orchid Scented Shampoo

  181. Liz says:

    The coolest hikes I’ve ever done are the two times I’ve done the 3 Day 60 Mile Breast Cancer Walk.

  182. Jessica says:

    I love Mac’s matte lipsticks, I wear them all the time ๐Ÿ™‚

  183. Isabella says:

    My favorite matte lipstick is Lady Danger by MAC, a classic

  184. What’s the coolest hike you’ve ever done? Mount Fuji in Japan! It was tough and terrifying but so amazing!
    Ankita@corallista recently posted … Egyptian Inspired Graphic Eye Liner

  185. lori b says:

    my favorite counter has got to be Dior

  186. My favorite hiking has to be in Glacier National Park! ๐Ÿ™‚

  187. Bรกrbara Rios says:

    Hi Karen,

    My favourite matte lipstick is Guerlain Rouge G Lโ€™Extrait. ๐Ÿ™‚

  188. Monica says:

    I like to shop for makeup alone, I can spend hours at the drugstore just perusing the makeup and skincare aisles. No one I know has the patience to shop with me!

  189. Jackie says:

    I do not believe in monsters…..hahahahaha

  190. karen says:

    I just wanted to say how much I always enjoy your post. You are an awesome writer! Have a fabulous Sunday!

  191. Laura says:

    My favorite matte lipstick is Kat Von D’s studded kiss lipstick in Lovecraft.

  192. Clara says:

    I think the coolest hike was in Cinque Terre, Italy last year. So beautiful!

  193. staci says:

    I decided to go back to school in my thirties. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right choice.

  194. Amoure says:

    My best make-up shopping buddy is hands down – Myself! That’s right good ol’ me. Most of my friends and family members are clueless when it comes to make-up, so that leaves me as the resident go to for what’s new. Other than that I’d have to say a make-up group I’m in is always available when I go into a store and have no idea what to purchase. I just log onto Facebook and one of those lovely ladies is right at my dispose as my own personal shopping buddy.

  195. Lulubelle says:

    I’ve been using a matte pencil from MAKE that turns any lipstick into a matte finish – very cool!

  196. Stephanie says:

    I had the best time country line dancing a few years ago. country music’s not really my thing so my expectations were very, very low. I think that’s why it was so much fun.

  197. Liz says:

    It’s actually a matte chubby crayon but I’ve been loving Shameless by Revlon. It’s not perfect but the color I get out of it is worth the extra effort to apply it well. It also fades into a gorgeous purply cranberry on me.

  198. JC says:

    I love lipstick!

  199. Sydney says:

    I find cryptozoology very interesting but I do not actually believe in creatures like the yeti, bigfoot, or the Loch Ness monster.

  200. Emily says:

    Hiking up Mount Rainier was simply beautiful!

  201. gmarie says:

    The best time I’ve had dancing was actually this past summer, at the Stones Throw Picnic/concert Downtown Los Angeles. I thought the crowd might be a bit too hipstery and pretentious for my tastes, but it was honestly a highlight of my summer! The DJ played everything from James Brown, to a Tribe called Quest, to Pharcyde to the Jackson 5. People of literally ALL ages (toddlers and up) and backgrounds were dancing and having the time of their lives. Everyone was very chill and down to earth. I would have stayed longer but I was wearing a giant purse that restricted my movement. I’ll be going back next summer!

  202. AmyBS says:

    I went to Scotland on my honeymoon and we went to Loch Ness looking for Nessie – sadly, we did not find her

  203. Bailey Dexter says:

    I love to shop either with my daughter or my friend of years, they always give me a honest opinion and sometimes not the one I want.

  204. Angela says:

    My favorite matte lipsticks have to be the ones that maybelline put out. They are not only beautiful but they are also comfortable, shockingly hydrating, and smell like summer.

  205. Jennifer says:

    My favorite makeup counter is Bobbi Brown. The saleswoman that helped me was so much fun. I didn’t feel pressured by her and she gave me a ton of free samples.

  206. Lisa C says:

    I loved seeing all the Redwoods, so pretty and right up beside the road.

  207. Kelly Kimmell says:

    My favorite hike is at the Red River Gorge here in Ky.

  208. Kait says:

    Thought I would share my current wishlist (beauty, obvs)
    -chanel holiday blush and peach lippy
    -mac matte lipstick in pander me
    -nars audacious lipsticks – can’t decide on a colour yet!

  209. Candice says:

    Hey, Karen!

    I went to the countryside in China this summer. We climbed the stairs up Mt. Heng to see the temples. I somehow ended up climbing to the peak! The Chinese tourists would tell us the hike was about fifteen minutes. That was not true…
    I was so exhausted, but so proud of myself!

  210. Joy says:

    My favorite matte lipstick is NYX matte lip sticks in Athens.

  211. Stacey says:

    My best makeup shopping buddy is a girlfriend I reconnected with this year. We have similar tastes and similar patience and understanding that sometimes decisions take some time and many swatches!

  212. Laura b. says:

    Enjoy the hike!

  213. Malin says:

    My best makeup shopping buddy is definitely my sister! When I shop with her I never waste my money on things I’ll never use or end up regretting.

  214. Ishii says:

    I freaking Love you !! You have quite the same skintone as i do so i look forward to all ur swatch before buying anything !! I live in a place where we can get no highnend makeup whatsoever !! I have to like order online so i look up for ur swatches a lott !! Thank youuu :*

  215. Christina P says:

    My favorite hike was in the morning on a high bluff. The sun was just coming up and fog was in the plain.

  216. Sara says:

    I believed in the Loch Ness Monster when I was a kid and was fairly obsessed.

  217. Nan says:

    I believe in Santa, the Toothfairy, lepruchans, bigfoot, yeti, sasqwatch, ghosts, lochness monster, UFO’s, aliens, (fill in the blank)… ๐Ÿ™‚ I think all of it is vastly interesting!

  218. Dimana Dyakova says:

    Fav matte lippie – NYX “Audrie” my first matte ever, still loving it ๐Ÿ˜‰

  219. Miranda says:

    I’m from SF, but I was just on vacay in Hawaii, and I went on the most incredible hike on the big island–you hike along a tropical rainforest path uphill until you come to an opening in the foliage, and all of a sudden you’re looking out onto the ocean, black sand beach, and pastures of cows grazing. Then you continue the hike down to the beach–the whole hike takes only an hour, but you get to see so much! Tip: go when it’s not foggy or “voggy” if possible!

  220. INCI says:

    Yeti? No. Bigfoot? Maybe. Loch Ness Monster? Yes. ๐Ÿ˜›

  221. Jen says:

    I like to hike! Too hot in the summer here in Arizona, but it’s finally cooling off & I’m excited to get back out.

  222. Len Christenberry says:

    The best time I ever had was at my best friend’s wedding. We all ending the dance in a giant group hug.

  223. Sara Makin says:

    I love Muir Woods I went there this sumer with my family whilst we where on holiday and that was one of the best hikes I had been on. I must admit I thought it would be boring just full of trees but the i loved it the beauty of it all, and just being one with nature was amazing and having time to reflect.

    My favourite matte lipstick is a mac classic Ruby Woo. I love the redness of it and the pigmentation is amazing it looks like a dream I feel like I am in the 60s wearing it, perfect red lip.

  224. Emily Smith says:

    My husband and I went on a hike in Maui several years back and it was spectacular!

  225. Judy H says:

    I don’t think I’ve ever tried a matte lippy…..but I’m intrigued to see if it would work on me!

    • Krystal says:

      I can’t wait for “true” fall to be upon us. Sweaters, boots and cozy blankets! Also, less mosquitos with the cold weather! Woot, woot.

  226. Katie J says:

    My favorite matte lipstick right now is Dodgy Girl by MAC!

  227. Julie says:

    My best shopping buddy is my daughter. I love to go shopping with her! Julie smartsavvymama@gmail.com

  228. anissa says:

    never actually been hiking before. not much of an outdoor girl, really. i love the beauty of nature, just not the creepy crawlies and other unpleasant things that go along with it.

  229. Lisa says:

    I’ve always had good luck at the Bobbi Brown counters. I’m trying to talk the kids into a hike this weekend.

  230. Georgia Lee says:

    My favorite makeup counter is Urban Decay. I’m a long time and hardcore fan who has to have everything from every collection they release. I guess I’m a UD addict.

  231. Trillina Palemi says:

    favorite matte lipstick mac!!

  232. Donna says:

    would love to win the Sephora Gift Card, would get the new Urban Vice 3 with it!

  233. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    My favorite time dancing was on a girls trip to Cancun.

  234. Michaela says:

    My best make-up shopping buddy is my toddler daughter. She always compliments me that I’ll look good in any color!

  235. Melody says:

    My fav matte lipstick is MAC’s Ruby Woo but I would love to try Kat Von D’s liquid lipstick in Lolita

  236. Diane says:

    So jealous…favorite hike was in the redwoods. Not in Muir Woods, but on one of the trails off the Avenue of the Giants. ๐Ÿ™‚

  237. hello dear! My favorite Sephora is in Times Square, NY. Kisses!!

  238. Korin says:

    My favorite hike Ive been on is Lake 22 in Marysville, WA. It’s a challenging hike but it’s fun and you can jump into the lake once youre at the top ๐Ÿ™‚

  239. Jordi says:

    My best makeup shopping buddy is someone I met in a book group. We are a good pair because we’ll enable each other sometimes, but are also able to talk each other down from ridiculous purchases – a good balance!

  240. Beauty Bee says:

    My favourite matte lippy has to be… MACs Glam lipstick or MACs Lady Danger – I can’t be choose! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beauty Bee recently posted … Review: Lipstick Queenโ€™s Liptropolis Lipstick Library

  241. I really enjoyed the MAC pro store in Dallas, they were all SO nice and helpful!! Way better than the one I go to locally ๐Ÿ˜› Sometimes they couldnt care less about helping me pick out a perfect shade of lipstick!

  242. Amanda G says:

    I like cheese!

  243. Angela says:

    I am rediscovering makeup at the ripe age of 39. I recall being much younger in high school and college and having so much more courage to try new colors and shades. Then came the kiddos and with little ones around, my beauty routine became so abbreviated that it consisted mainly of Blistex and eyeliner. It’s so fun to read this blog to learn new tips and find new products. Finally, I feel like I’m regaining all the girly fun I had back then!

  244. Natasha says:

    Well, it wasn’t a true hiker’s “hike” (didn’t climb up any mountains or anything to get there), but I had a chance to “hike” to the Vance Creek Bridge/Viaduct earlier this summer.. It was pretty flippin’ amazing (and terrifying, if you’ve ever seen it). I think the same week that we went it was finally shut down for good, so I’m really happy I got a chance to see it at least once before that happened.
    Natasha recently posted … Summertime โ€“ the Essentials

  245. mrsshukra says:

    Not a hiker!

  246. em says:

    never been on a hike before, I’m afraid I might bump into big foot and won’t know what to do or say or act lol

  247. BB says:

    I have a couple of matte lipsticks but I really don’t like wearing that finish. They look terrible on me!

  248. Celia says:

    Mexican weddings, man- at my best friend’s wedding in Mexico city, dinner was at 10 pm, at which time the band started playing and we danced till 6 am, when breakfast was served. Best time dancing ever.

  249. Sarah says:

    My favourite makeup shopping buddy is myself. I have to keep it a secret because the amount I spend is ridiculously frivolous haha!

  250. Robin says:

    My best makeup shopping buddy is my friend Lama! She is gorgeous and has mad makeup skillz and she has been helping me to better my own techniques. She is awesome! ๐Ÿ™‚

  251. Claudia says:

    I call my hub Sasquatch because he is fuzzy.

  252. Maria says:

    My favorite makeup buddy is my friend Jessica. She is always honest about what looks good on me and she doesn’t mind spending hours browsing around the store but she just moved away for school do I’m not sure what I’m going to do without her

  253. Nicole Millheim says:

    I use to love going at dancing with my friends..We had a great time letting lose and getting down to the music

  254. Wayne Chow says:

    10 cats! Usually 7 or 8 in the room at once.

  255. Lorraine says:

    Fave makeup counter is Macy’s Stonestown mall, San Francisco- Chanel. The counter manager and all the associates are more down to earth than any Chanel counter you will ever visit! Check them out next time you visit.

  256. Fran says:

    The coolest hike I ever did was cross-country skiing on the Blue Ridge Parkway during a rare blizzard in Virginia, but that was more than 35 years ago! The coolest thing about hiking for me now is that I live a block from the Crum Woods Trails in southeastern Pennsylvania and can actually use them to hike to work ๐Ÿ™‚

  257. sharee says:

    I have the goal of hiking all 46 of the high peaks in the Adirondacks. This weekend, we tackled #24. More than halfway done!

  258. Steph says:

    I’m not much of a hiker but hiking Breckenridge in the summer was beautiful!

  259. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    the best time i had dancing was a friends wedding

  260. Bee says:

    First Pitt gets married and now Clooney! RyGos went ahead and got a kidโ€ฆ grrrr!
    Whats up with men!

  261. Ruchita says:

    Not a hike, but I went horseback riding in Haleakala Crater in Maui, which was pretty awesome!

  262. Doreena says:

    OK I believe this is the 6th time I am posting this~ Since it seems NO one reads them But How do you get a profile pic on here?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Doreena,

      Couple things. I’m sure that many people read these comments (I do), but some are probably unable or disinclined to reply to every inquiry. I did reply to you last week though.

      Thing is, you may have to check back later to see if someone has replied. Admittedly, I don’t often have time to respond to every question, but I do my best.

      At any rate, if you do leave a comment, check that little box down in the comment field to “be notified of followup comments via e-mail.” That way you’ll get an email when/if someone (it may be another commenter, so not always me) replies to you.

      Here was my reply to you last week about those little profile pics:

      “Hi Doreena,

      Thereโ€™s a free service called gravatar (gravatar.com). If you sign up using the same email addy you used here, your profile pic will appear on ALL websites where you use that email addy.”

      Have a great week, Doreena. Thank you for visiting the blog.

  263. Rachel P. says:

    I’m a little bored this morning, so I’m treating the giveaway comment like a pre-Monday-poll ๐Ÿ˜› So exciting about hiking the Muir Woods! (Plus… pancakes… nomm).

    Whatโ€™s the coolest hike youโ€™ve ever done? – For a mountain, Pike’s Peak in Colorado!
    Do you believe in the Yeti, Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot, stuff like that? – Not really, although I’d like to, as long as they aren’t dangerous ๐Ÿ™‚
    Whatโ€™s the best time youโ€™ve ever had dancing? – Every time! ๐Ÿ˜€
    Whereโ€™s your favorite makeup counter? – The MAC counter in Grand Rapids.
    Whoโ€™s your best makeup shopping buddy? – So far, I prefer to fly solo.
    Whatโ€™s your favorite matte lipstick? – No distinct overarching brand or collection favorite.

    • Karen says:

      Haha! Hi, Rachel. That’s efficient. ๐Ÿ™‚

      Muir Woods was so much fun! It was a nice day over there and lots of other people out hiking too.

      Have you ever been to Muir Woods? It’s super close to San Francisco if you ever have the time out here.

  264. Majick says:

    My favorite makeup counter is at Ulta in HOlmdel, NJ and my favorite makeup buddies are the fantastic women who work there. KUDOS to store #125!

  265. Liz says:

    My favorite memory of dancing was learning the two step in the all hands club on base in Bahrain during a port visit in the early 90’s.

  266. Rhoda K says:

    As a kid I was sure eI’d seen the Loch Ness Monster!

  267. Krista says:

    I want to see Bigfoot!

  268. Kim says:

    I hope you had a blast and you had your camera ready for any Squatch sightings! ๐Ÿ™‚ We hiked our third 46er this weekend. It was quite demanding but also a really good time.

  269. Ashley says:

    My friend Jen is my makeup shopping buddy! She helped me feel more comfortable trying different things with my makeup and seeing how much fun it is just to play with makeup! She also got me to look for other resources like blogs and Youtube to learn how to apply makeup. She’s completely converted me into a makeup junkie. I blame her for this addiction! ๐Ÿ˜‰

  270. Chelsee says:

    Estee Lauder counters are actually my favorite! They seem to have the nicest employees!
    Chelsee recently posted … My New Favorite Lip product!

  271. Jen says:

    My favorite matte lipstick at the moment is the Rimmel London Lasting Finish Matte by Kate Moss in #104.

  272. Krystle Thomas says:

    My hikes in Hawaii have been the best — can’t beat a hike that ends with a waterfall!

  273. Swati says:

    Love your blog!

  274. Christine says:

    I need to do more hikes! My new hiking boots haven’t been used yet!

  275. Krupa Patel says:

    Karen, who wins these things every monday?

  276. Lalaith says:

    I think my favorite matte Lipstick is the Chanel Rouge Allure Velvet La Fascinante.
    Although that is a hard question, I really really like the retro mattes by MAC, but they don’t allways work for me and that is such a pity, because they Look so amazing.

  277. Emily says:

    I hope you had a great hike this weekend! I’m not a hardcore hiker but it’s enjoyable occasionally

  278. Alex says:

    My favorite makeup counter is the Nars one in Selfridges Oxford Street in London, sweetest people ever! x

  279. Gloria says:

    I haven’t found any matte lipsticks that I truly love ๐Ÿ™

  280. Donna Marie says:

    I spent the weekend entering the magic mike xxl extra contest and now I’m on pins and needles waiting for the winners to be announced.

  281. sara says:

    The sephora in friendship heights, chevy chase DC is the best! They helped me with my wedding makeup and have amazing customer service

  282. Ariel says:

    My favorite matte lipstick is every matte from Bite Beauty. I can’t choose one.

  283. Cindy says:

    Favorite matte lipsticks are MAC Ruby Woo and Kat Von D Underage Red (the ORIGINAL Underage Red). Best makeup shopping buddy is my Mom!

  284. Maria J. says:

    My favorite makeup counter would have to be Too Faced because they have beautiful packaging and they also have all around great products!

  285. Christina says:

    Love this blog!

  286. Megan says:

    One of my favorite hikes I’ve ever taken was in Muir Woods. It was a guided tour and the guide was amazing! He was even “friends” with a couple of ravens who knew after our group finished lunch they would get the leftovers. While we ate they sat in a tree and watched us patiently waiting for their turn.

  287. Mary says:

    My favorite matte lipstick has to be MAC Ruby Woo!

  288. sylvia says:

    I have just recently purchased my first matte lipstick. I’m not sure how I feel about it yet.

  289. emeris says:

    My favorite matte lipstick right now is thebbite beauty matte lip crayon in glace. Such a pretty every day color !!

  290. Daraya says:

    One of the coolest hikes I’ve ever been on was a hike through a Redwood forest in California! ๐Ÿ™‚

  291. Clemence says:

    Excited for the fall weather!

  292. LiAn says:

    My fav hiking experience was with my mom in Hong Kong. You wouldn’t believe the view up there looking down at the whole city!

  293. Janira says:

    My favorite recent hike was one that I took last year while I was at Puerto Rico called “La Cueva del Indio”. It was a little risky but there was a beautiful view waiting for us. I highly recommend it to anyone who visits, just be aware that it may not show up on your GPS… yea, it’s one of those.

  294. lindsey says:

    I want the new ysl foundation

  295. Efraรญn says:

    I really want to win this time because the money would be awesome to get more products for my adventure as a makeup artist.

  296. Paulomi says:

    My coolest and most favorite hike has been on the uninhabited Channel islands in CA, all by myself…it was truly an unforgettable and beautiful experience! My most favorite matte lipstick will probably be Ruby Woo or Flat Out Fabulous, both by MAC…can’t beat MAC when it comes to matte lippies!

  297. Jamie C. says:

    My favorite matte lipsticks is Just Peachy and Sweet Cream by Wet N Wild.

  298. Julie Simpson says:

    Milani bronze it’s not shiny or glossy which I hate it’s more nude for my lips.

  299. Margarita says:

    The coolest hike I’ve ever done was the Mt. Woodson trail leading to Potato Chip Rock in Poway, CA.

  300. keisha says:

    I have to say that I am really drawn to shimmery makeup. I love highlighters and shimmery shadows and glowing skin, I love how shimmer (if done just right) can make you look ethereal and angelic..and I just recently acquired Tom Ford’s Enchanted palette from Fall 2012 and right now it is my favorite shimmery eyeshadow palette. It’s so pretty!

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