7 Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora! (Ends Monday)

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A Makeup and Beauty Blog giveaway
A Makeup and Beauty Blog Giveaway!

Morning time!


Good morning, glory. ๐Ÿ™‚ I hope you got good sleeps.

I slept pretty well. Got a tabby up in here, and he’s been extracting extra lurvies from me since I got up. I think he’s a little disheveled from the siding repair over the past few days. His fur isn’t looking as silky as usual, and he’s a little twitchy. The contractors aren’t working this weekend, so it’s blessedly quiet around here, but the racket last week got on his last nerve.

Poor guy…

Yeah, you and me both, tabby, LOL! I’m pretty frazzled, too.

In other news, it’s friggin’ freezing, Mr. Bigglesworth! I didn’t even want to get out of bed, but I left my walkie-talkie downstairs…

Walkie-talkie. El Hub and I use walkie-talkie radios to communicate with each other when one of us is upstairs and the other’s downstairs. Seriously, I’ll radio him things like, “Babe, could you please bring me a cup of coffee. Over.” And he’ll be all, “OK, roger that. I’ll bring it up.”

Haha! For reals…

I don’t know what we’re doing today. Hopefully nothing, but I do have to pick up some things for the Super Bowl tomorrow. We’re barbecuing at my parents’ house, and since I’ll be the only veggie-tarian, I better plan ahead and make sure I have something to eat.

Oh, Tabs picked up some last-minute Super Bowl week kitty modeling work, so that’s pretty cool. Look for his ads here on the blog tomorrow before the game. ๐Ÿ™‚

Alright, I’ve been rambling. Enough of that. It’s giveaway time.

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Can you touch type (type without looking at the keys)?
    • What’s the longest lasting nail polish?
    • Your pick to win the Super Bowl?
    • What would you get if you won this $50 gift card?
    • Who’s the most fashionable person you know?
    • What’s your current favorite YouTube channel and why?
  • You can enter in up to seven ways to boost your chances of winning.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, February 3, 2014 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time).
  • Full terms and conditions are available in the widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,




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  1. Amy says:

    I’d like to see Peyton win. I’m not even a Peyton fan (or Manning-in-general fan) but it’s towards the end of his career and he deserves it. Just wish it was Brady instead ๐Ÿ™

    • Ashley H. says:


      Well if I were to win the Sephora card I’d grab some skincare products. I have been struggling with acne and hate the dark marks left. If anyone has any suggestions for products that are gentle, natural and fade spots let me know. Has anyone tried Ole Henriksen or Boscia?

  2. Tina Marie says:

    my favorite youtuber right now would have to be tanya burr! She’s so sweet and i love her style ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Camille says:

    The longest lasting nail polish I have is Cult Nails, my all-time favorite polish.

  4. Katrina says:

    Since I’ve been so good and haven’t bought any makeup since the first of the year I’d totally splurge and try some new to me brands – NARS, Hourglass, and those Urban Decay lipglosses are calling my name.

  5. Kimryan8 says:

    This would be a PURRfect excuse to get a 2nd Hourglass blush – I’m digging Ethereal Glow. I got Mood Exposure and I’m loving it!

  6. Alix says:

    Why do they keep raising the price of YSL Glossy Stains? I need #5 now, I looooove it!

  7. Fatma says:

    Thanks for the generous giveaway!

  8. Agata says:

    If I won that gift card I’d get the Hourglass Ambient blush once they are restocked or those Hourglass glosses or YSL new glosses, they look s pretty!

  9. I can’t touch type, nope. And my boyfriend always laughs at the way I type ๐Ÿ™‚ I only use two fingers on each hand, BUT I do use them incredibly fast. But he says it looks ridiculous ๐Ÿ™‚
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Two make-up looks with the new Dr. Hauschka Chorus spring & summer collection

  10. Bonnie says:

    I had wanted the 49ers to win, but they lost the game right before the Superbowl. Now I don’t care who wins, I’ll just be hanging out with friends while watching.

  11. inaya says:

    loved the hourglass interview ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. Joni says:

    Hi karen, hope you are having a great weekend so far. The weather today is in the 50’s after having a week of single digit weather. so nice to see the sun and warmth. We have a birthday party planned tomorrow, tuesday I go for a follow up after my same day surgery procedure last monday, and wednesday I take my son in to his eye appointment! Thanks for the giveaway!

  13. Donna N says:

    Warmer weather here today—considering it’s been in the single digits and NEGATIVE wind chills lately, but more SNOW and COLD on the horizon for the coming week—–I’m really looking forward to warmer weather–SOONER THAN LATER!!!!

  14. JoJo says:

    If I won this gift card I would get an Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder or the Tarte Be MATTEnificent Amazonian Colored Clay Matte Eye & Cheek Palette.

  15. Grettel says:

    So in love with your Hourglass collection! I need to start one of my own!!!….

  16. Jen says:

    Wow! That Hourglass family picture is gorgeous!

  17. Aileen says:

    I can touch type, but sometimes I do have to look down to see the letters.

  18. Mimi says:

    I’m picking the Broncos to win the Super Bowl.

  19. Petra says:

    Did you find a good veggie-burger recipe? Please share if you found one ๐Ÿ™‚ Have been going mostly veggie these Days and need all the tips I can get. Happy Saturday from a frosty Sweden.

  20. Elise T. says:

    ^_^ I simply adore cats~

  21. Laurinha says:

    I love Hourglass! If I could, I’ll wear it ‘from head to toe’! hahaha…

  22. Jackie Cummings says:

    Love you blog posts every day!

  23. Katia Audrey says:

    $50? At last I’ll get me some make up brushes, concealer, highlighter and lip and eye pencils, yeah! Loved the walkie talkie thing, really ๐Ÿ˜‰

  24. Jenna says:

    I want the Seahawks to win!

  25. Berry says:

    I can touch type in general, but not with numbers. I always have to look to make sure I’m on the right keys.

  26. Tiffanie says:

    I can touch type but I mess up so much if someone is watching me!

  27. Sakura says:

    I would get Dior Addict lip glosses and the new ambient blush from hourglass. ๐Ÿ˜€

  28. Amy says:

    Hoping Denver wins tomorrow! Go Broncos ๐Ÿ™‚

  29. annie kathryn says:

    I just found your blog last night while looking up reviews for tarte lipsurgence matte lip stains, and I’m in love your posts! (And your post inspired me to go ahead and order lipsurgence in hope). If I win I’m either going to get myself the naked3 urban decay palette or stock up on some bareminerals ๐Ÿ™‚

  30. CLG says:

    If I got the $50 I would definitely buy the OCC lip-tar set…its been on my wish-list forever now haha. Also I love your walkie talkie thing with el hub. I hope I will be that awesome someday haha.

  31. Deborah says:

    So cute that you use walkie-talkies!

  32. Ana says:

    I can touch type! I will make little mistakes but if I type something too fast though. I’m even getting to the point where I don’t need to look on my iPhone when I am texting.

  33. Grace says:

    Essie nail polish lasts the longest on me.

  34. HK says:

    I’m dying to get the clarisonic Mia.. This would definitely help if I win!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  35. m says:

    Loving the new Hourglass blushes

  36. Rachel says:

    I’ve been eyeing the Fresh Sugar Face Polish for aaaaages!

  37. Heather USA (Rafflecopter Rosie Areola) says:

    My pick is the Seahawks. Yes I can touch type and I would get Too Faced’s Chocolate Bar palette ๐Ÿ˜€

  38. Keiko says:

    Yes, I can type without looking at the keys, although I use the number pad for numbers.

    I’m a Niners fan, so I’m not really into this year’s Super Bowl. I’m kinda rooting for the Seahawks solely because Derrick Coleman seems like such a nice guy.

  39. April says:

    What would you get if you won this $50 gift card? I would use the money towards purchasing some more make-up.

  40. Judy says:

    Cannot believe it’s February already!! Just spent a good chunk of my Saturday morning reading Coco Chanel’s wiki page with my morning tea and madeleines haha what a scandalous life!

  41. Caring about Seahawks only because now the first deaf NFL player is going to the Superbowl.
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … BEAUTY BLENDER DEMO & REVIEW | closed captioned

  42. Amanda says:

    I would get the new Hourglass blushes!

  43. Dorothy says:

    If I won this I would get an eye cream! Thank you for hosting yet another giveaway Karen (:

  44. Shebnem says:

    NARS The NARSissist Eyeshadow Palette is waiting on my Sephora basket now :))

  45. Tennyoceres says:

    I still freak out over new videos of NikkieTutorials and gossmakeupartist. If the world makes you sad watch bobaepapa.
    Tennyoceres recently posted … Team Sanders

  46. Wenz says:

    If I won this gift card the NARS Narsissist palette would be mine!

  47. Vanessa says:

    Can you touch type (type without looking at the keys)? YEP! But not correctly… like, my fingers just go all over and I don’t have proper technique… I learned from online chatting at a young age hahahaha and not from the Mavis Beacon typing game my dad got us!

    Whatโ€™s the longest lasting nail polish? oPI but I generally chip all polish because I try to clean a lot!

    Your pick to win the Super Bowl? BRONCOS! PEYTON MANNNINGGGGG

    What would you get if you won this $50 gift card? AMBIENT LIGHTING BLUSH when it comes back in stock!!! I WANT THEM ALLLLLLLLLLLL

    Whoโ€™s the most fashionable person you know? That I know in REAL life…. myself! LOL

    Whatโ€™s your current favorite YouTube channel and why? SOO many! Love MakeupbyTiffanyD, MissGlamorazzi, Amarixe or AllisonAnderson, LollyDolly128, JaclynHill, NicoleGuerriero (sp?) all for different reasons but I feel like they are the most genuine, dont try too hard!

  48. Margarita says:

    I want to try out one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting powders!

  49. Azzy says:

    I’d grab one of those hourglass blushes!

  50. Debbie says:

    Happy Saturday!

  51. Jennifer says:

    If I won I’d get another Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush, probably Luminous Flush. I have Mood Exposure, Diffused Heat, and Dim Infusion. Love them all!
    Yesterday I had a mishap with my eyelash curler and ripped out a bunch of lashes on my right eye. OWWWW!!

  52. Amber says:

    I would love a few Bite Beauty Matte Pencils for my birthday thats coming up! Also, we’re having a snow storm but I totally just had a bowl of s’mores ice cream! Ice cream has no weather.

  53. Cassie says:

    I would probably get a new foundation. I have been eyeing the Guerlain one for awhile and it would be a nice treat! Thank you for the opportunity!

  54. Jennifer says:

    If I won this giveaway I want to try the hourglass powder.

  55. Melissa says:

    I’d like to get new eyeliners in bright colors!

  56. susan says:

    There are so many goodies I would love to try . . . Tarte to start with. I think I’d get a blush from them. Read wonderful things.

  57. Sarah says:

    I’ve been able to touch type since the mid-late 90s.

  58. kristina says:

    I want to try the Dior BB creme but it’s super expensive

  59. patricia says:

    If I won I would totally scoop up the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette!

  60. Samantha M says:

    I think one of the most fashionable people is Olivia Palermo. I usually love everything she wears. Thanks for the chance to win! xx

  61. Megan says:

    I would use this gift card to buy this great mascara I got at Sephora a couple years back, called Blinc, I think. And then maybe lip glosses like Stila’s.

  62. ald says:

    I can touch type, but I’ve seen others touch type on a cell, and that I cannot do!

  63. Susan T. says:

    If I won this I would buy my favorite Smashbox blush rush (in flush) because I’ve just hit the pan! ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

  64. cassandra Eastman says:

    Essie seems to be the longest lasting nail polish to me, unless you get the gel manicure with blacklight.

  65. Celena Clause says:

    I can touch type! I took classes specifically to work on my typing skills. I used to be so slow though, and would stare at the keyboard intently!

  66. Erika C. says:

    I really into pink and nude lipstick, can’t get enough of them!

  67. Erika V. says:

    The Niners lost the playoff game to the Seahawks so by default I want the Broncos to win.

  68. Marisa Kramer says:

    No polish lasts very long on these nails… ๐Ÿ™‚ But I kept a Zoya Pixie Dust polish on for a few days last week, that was pretty long for me! If I win the gift card I’m getting as many Sephora Formula X polishes as possible, I need them so badly.

  69. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    I would buy myself a new concealer, i have my eyes on Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer for a while !

  70. Hi says:

    If i won, id buy some much needed foundation. I’m running out at rapid pace and my little spatula can only dig out so much! It snowed her earlier this week and today it’s 74! My skin needs some tlc

  71. Mandy says:

    I would use it to get one of UD Naked Palette’s.

  72. Maegan Morin says:

    My fave nail polish lately has been OPI Alcatraz Rocks and its textured nail polish. You put two coats on with no top coat and it will last a week! I LOVE the color and I love how long it lasts!

  73. Erin Davis says:

    I love Killer Colours and Lisa Eldridge’s YouTube videos!

  74. Jennifer says:

    I am really loving Lily Pebbles on YouTube right now. Her coloring and mine are similar, so when she tries makeup on I can see how it would look with my skin tone and hair color.

  75. Maureen says:

    I pick Denver.

  76. INCI says:

    If I win gift card, the NARSissist will be mine. ^^

  77. Sienna says:

    OPI always last longest on me!

  78. Katie says:

    I can type without looking and I’m trying to teach my 65 year old mom how to type using more than one finger at a time! I was successful in teaching her how to text, before my help she didn’t know how to space out sentences so I would receive something along the lines of “loveyouhaveagoodday”.

  79. christina p says:

    I would love to get some new makeup!

  80. Angel W says:

    Good afternoon! If I won I’d buy the UD 3 palette. I can touch type except for some reason during all those typing classes, on a typewriter in my day, I didn’t learn to touch type numbers. ;P Go Seahawks! ๐Ÿ™‚

  81. Bhevarri says:

    I can touch type usually, but only in English ๐Ÿ˜› For some reason German is harder!!

  82. Elizabeth Robinson says:

    If I won I would pick up the new 2014 colored clay collection from tarte.

  83. Deanna says:

    I am so envious of all your Hourglass makeup! If I win the $50 gift card, I will either get the Hourglass eye shadow duo in Prism that you’ve said great things about, or the Naked 3 palette. Or, you know what? I would probably end up buying both, because I would probably convince myself that it was okay since I used the gift card for part of the bill LOL.

  84. Aida says:

    I can’t believe January is already over… I’m not into sports and I’m so happy that Andrew isn’t either :)). I never have to deal with football (or any other sport) season he he he.

  85. JoAnne says:

    Go Denver! ๐Ÿ™‚

  86. Ashley says:

    Love your tabby! I wish my kitty was patient enough to pose for SuperBowl photos!

  87. Maren says:

    I hope EVERYONE wins the Super Bowl. Even people who don’t play. The human universe and cats.

  88. Andrea Amy says:

    My current favourite youtube channel is jacksfilms because he’s hilarious! I can’t get enough of your grammar sucks!

  89. Catherine Shaw says:

    I learned to type on a manual — that’s how antique I am! So, sure, I’m a touch typist, 100+ wpm!

  90. koushi says:

    If I won, I would get Koh Gen Do Aqua Foundation in 143!

  91. Bunny says:

    I would use the gift to buy a new brow powder!

  92. tiffany! says:

    Of course I can touch type! My generation thinks it’s akin to handwriting (only neater and faster)!!!

    Honestly don’t care who wins the football game…unfortunately the game bores me to tears!

  93. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Currently crushing on Zoya Nail Polishes – they just seem to last longer on me than any others I’ve tried (other than gel of course).
    Rooting for the Broncos to win the Super Bowl, simply because of Peyton Manning. Indy still loves him!

  94. Liz says:

    I would buy foundation if I won

  95. Abby says:

    Yes, I can touch type! I’m not much of a football person, but I am rooting for the Seahawks, considering I live in Seattle!lol If I won, I would love to get the new Hourglass ambient blushes. Soo pretty!!

  96. Ritsa says:

    I can’t touch type….but I hope I win this giveaway to feel better!!!

  97. donna marie says:

    Got my monthly box of Julep nail polishes. I need to figure out which one to use first. They are all so pretty. If only glitter nail polish didn’t take so long to take off… I would do a new color every night.

  98. Lisa Brown says:

    i cannot type worth beans; i hate typing

  99. step says:

    No matter which teams are playing, I think puppies will always win the super bowl.

  100. Amy says:

    I CAN touch type!! Best thing I learned in high school!

  101. Justine says:

    I recommend Pentatonix’s YouTube channel: PTXofficial. Only five voices singing a cappella but they have a big full sound.

  102. natalie says:


  103. Jennifer says:

    I’ve been touch typing since at least the 3rd grade! It’s kind of mind boggling how much time I spend on the internet.

  104. Alicia Mae says:

    I would get a new moisturizer for sure with that gift card. This Pacific NW weather is drying my skin out horribly!

  105. Marie says:

    I can touch type.

  106. gina says:

    i don’t know who to root for! probably seahawks since i was in seattle during the nfc championship game!

  107. sharee says:

    I can’t touch type but I am pretty quick. My boyfriend can because he is a computer engineer, jealous lol.

  108. Ambritt G says:

    If I won $50 to Sephora I would buy a Illamasqua blush! I just saw some swatches recently and they look so pigmented! Oh and Hourglasses new ambient lighting blushes look so pretty!!! The shade ethereal glow is a must have!

  109. Amber G says:

    I can type without looking at the keys for the most part, but I do have the occasional spelling error lol

  110. Whitney L. says:

    Go broncos!

  111. Ivana Jankovic says:

    I can touch type very easily ๐Ÿ™‚

  112. Valentina says:

    My fav youtube channel is Big Cat Rescue! it’s about a center in Florida for big felines and their activities, so funny and interesting! ๐Ÿ˜€
    I love Simon’s Cat too, you should check it out if you haven’t yet!

  113. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    I love your blog more and more each and every day. You have certainly found your calling. Not only are you informative but also an entertainer. I can’t imagine any given situation where you would be at a loss for words. You are certainly inspirational and I continually look forward to each and everyone of your post.

  114. Hollie H says:

    What would you get if you won this $50 gift card? – Hourglass Blushes!!!! I am dying to get my hands on some…ok, all. ๐Ÿ™‚

  115. crystaldawn says:

    If i won i think id get a new finishing powder or lip volor..

  116. Amoure Jones says:

    If I won the $50 (after seeing your swatches) I’d definitely get one of the blushes. The color pay off is amazing.

  117. Natalie B. says:

    A few of my jobs over my lifetime have been as a typist. One was for a lawyer, another was for the “Trader” magazines you see at convenience stores, and the longest was as a graphic designer for a well known coupon company that shows up in the mailbox once a month. Consequently, I can type almost 100 words per minute. It’s one of my “secret” skills. lol

  118. Cindy says:

    Yes, I can touch type, because of my high school typing class, haha!

  119. Katherine says:

    In terms of long lasting nail polishes, I have the best luck with the OPI gel ones. In particular, I find that the glittery/sparkly colors stay on longer than the matte/solid colors!

  120. Piroska says:

    If I won, I’d buy some books and toys for my grand-daughter.

  121. Kristyn says:

    My favorite youtuber right now is Kandee Johnson. I absolutely love her positive attitude!

  122. I would use the gift card towards some much needed Bare Minerals Foundations!!! Thanks for the fabulous giveaway!
    melissa cushing recently posted … The Red Cup Living Giveaway ~ Ends 2/15~ Enter Today

  123. latanya says:

    I pick the seahawks

  124. heather says:

    “What would you get if you won this $50 gift card?”

    A buncha OCC Lip Tars, woohoo!

  125. Amber says:

    The BRONCOS, obviously!
    Amber recently posted … Teaser Tuesdays โ€” Beautiful Ruins

  126. Niki T. says:

    OPI polish lasts the longest on me. =)

  127. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I would get the Naked 3 palette.

  128. Beth says:

    I’ve been wanting to try them for awhile now. Thanks for chance ๐Ÿ™‚

  129. Sarah W says:

    I am still coveting the Nars and God Created the Woman! Or Hourglass Dune.

  130. Katie Boyle says:

    Rooting for Denver since the 49ers aren’t in it

  131. Stacey Rosenthal says:

    If I win this giftcard, I plan to buy Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Foundation and Tarte Maracuja Creaseless concealer

  132. Loris Ayoub says:

    You are too funny…I love that you use walkie talkie! how cool…. and I would love to win this and get some needed make up

  133. Katie says:

    Yayy giveaway! I can touch type but wish touch typing existed on smartphones, lol. I suck at swype… Been eyeing some of the new tarte foundation products but not sure how they would work on my dry skin.

  134. Michelle says:

    Go Seahawks! I would buy a Dior BB cream. I am getting back in to makeup while I’m in med school. Most of the students are a lot younger, have to keep up with the young pups!

  135. Adelle says:

    I have way to many blushes but if I win the giveaway, I’m pretty sure I’m going to buy more blushes. LOL. I’m loving the Hourglass Luminous blushes right now

  136. Samantha L. says:

    I drove home from work today with the windows down because it was “warm” out @ 36*F… I think I’m ready for Spring.

  137. Jill says:

    Seattle to win.

    Thanks for writing this blog! I look forward to your reviews and swatches.

  138. tiffani says:

    Denver!!!! That’s all I have to say!

  139. Michelle c says:

    Have fun tomorrow. I don’t have a preference on SB 2014. Zzzz

  140. tzeni says:

    i want a crayon pencil from nars,a creme blush from laura mercier,ysl foundatin and touche eclat etc,etc….

  141. Sally says:

    If I won I would give this to my daughter, she would love that!

  142. Meg says:

    I think, for me anyway, the longest lasting polish I have are the ones by Nails, Inc.
    Meg recently posted … Rediscovered Products!

  143. Julie says:

    I am proud of my touch typing skills! My dad made me play Mavis Beacon, the instructional touch typing ‘game’ as a child! Does anyone remember that? Shout out to early 90s technology!
    Julie recently posted … YSL Gloss Voluptรฉs

  144. Jessica Rafalski says:

    Oh man… I need those new Hourglass blushes… Gorgeous!

  145. Vanessa says:

    I am so happy that I can touch type!

  146. Dawn Peacher says:

    I’m a huge Ravens fan and since we aren’t in it this year, I’m picking Denver because Payton and his family waited around for an hour to speak to Ray Lewis when he retired, it showed me that he is a class act, he didn’t have to do that. So go Denver !

  147. Lynn says:

    GO Broncos! Love Peyton and how well the whole team plays, plus it’s the year of the horse so good luck to them

  148. Lyndsey B. says:

    Seattle for the win!

  149. marw says:

    loooove your blog!!!!!!

  150. Meahlyn says:

    Hi Karen, hope you’re having a great Super Bowl weekend! I love that the pictures you post are raw and not retouched like crazy ^-^

  151. ashley cabell says:

    Thank you for such an awesome giveaway! Today I’m wearing fire engine red lipstick and I feel like a lady! lol I’d love to get some much needed goodies from Sephora!

  152. Casey says:

    I type on my computer without looking at the keys, but if I tried doing that with my phone it would be a COMPLETE disaster! ๐Ÿ™‚

    Longest lasting nail polish on me are textured polishes, especially those by OPI and Zoya!

  153. Nikki says:

    Definitely cheering for the Broncos – I love the Manning bros!

  154. Chris says:

    I’m a super fast typer.

  155. Kathy Hanley says:

    Yes I can type without looking! I learned to type in high school on a manual typewriter!

  156. I’ve been loving Essie Button’s youtube channel lately.
    Lisa @ Lisa Living Well recently posted … Europe Trip Recap: Gimmelwald to Freiburg, Germany

  157. Wendy Lange says:

    I can touch type! Still looking for the longest lasting nail polish ๐Ÿ™‚ I would probably buy lipstick or mascara.

  158. Aimey says:

    I can usually touch type without looking decently. My phone has gotten used to my typing long enough to be able to adequately correctly spell-check my words. Technology these days! smh

  159. Stephanie P. says:

    Yes, I can type without looking at the keyboard. If I win the $50 I’ll get one of the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes or put it toward the NARSissist eye palette.

  160. smashedpowder says:

    i can touch type..mom made me take typing and stenography in high school. (that dates me doesn’t it?)

  161. Nika says:

    I would get some Bite Beauty products!)

  162. Katie says:

    Go Hawks!!

  163. Rebecca Russell says:

    I am NOT a sports fan and we don’t have cable so I will be sitting in front of the tv watching Netflix tomorrow. ๐Ÿ™‚

  164. irini says:

    I can touch type!

  165. mariam says:

    ohhh~ thanks so much! would love to use it on a certain new hourglass product *wink, wink*

  166. hanna says:

    I’d love to win.

  167. Stephanie Kiggins says:

    Go Seahawks ๐Ÿ™‚

  168. Georgia says:

    Can you touch type (type without looking at the keys)? Yup, have had this skill almost forever. Thanks, Mom!

  169. Raluca T says:

    I cannot touch type ๐Ÿ™ sadness…

  170. Maddy says:

    I love your blog! Your photos are so beautiful (what camera do you use) and your cat’s “advertisements” are hilarious! huge fan! xo

  171. camille says:

    Karen! If I won the $50 eGift card, I’d have to splurge on some Hourglass! It’s birthday month, so Sephora is a must!

    Hope you have a good, lazy Caturday. I, too, am watching the game tomorrow. I’m not a big football fan, but I’m down to grub!

  172. Nicole says:

    I got the new Nars eye palette today =)

  173. Stef says:


  174. Joanna says:

    I ca touch type but I am not really a pro at it.

  175. auroragyps says:

    If I won, I think I would treat myself to a high end lipstick in a great shade of medium pink that I could wear all the time. Also, nail polish, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  176. auroragyps says:

    If I won, I think I would treat myself to a high end lipstick in a great shade of medium pink that I could wear all the time. Also, nail polish, of course. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  177. Aina Yao says:

    I hope you received my email about receiving the Neutrogena lippies. Thank you A BUNCH! xo

  178. Kylie says:

    I am a great typist. If I won this gift card, I’d definitely get Too Faced Better than Sex mascara…and put the the rest toward Too Faced Something About Berry Sweethearts Perfect Flush Blush. Or maybe MUFE HD primer…Or Stila liquid eyeliner. Too many things!

  179. Carolyn N. says:

    Studying instead of watching super bowl!

  180. Rene Groyer says:

    Would buy some Mac products if i Won

  181. nat ogu says:

    im glad football will soon be over so i can actually have certain shows airing on my hulu again when i get home from class

  182. Amy M says:

    If I won I would get the Naked 3 Palette. I already have the original but I think Naked 3 would suit my coloring more!

  183. Yolanda C. says:

    I touch type! I would but the new Dip Brow by Anastasia Beverly Hills!

  184. Allie K says:

    Go Denver! I’ll always cheer for a Manning brother!

  185. Jessie C. says:

    I would get foundation and blush

  186. Franseca M. says:

    I’m picking Denver to win the SuperBowl (Go Peyton!) and if I won this prize, I would purchase a Sephora makeup brush or NARS products.

  187. Amy says:

    I like apple pies, been having a craving for them for a few days now

  188. Yuliya says:

    I love essiebutton on youtube:) she is so funny, beautiful and just nice to watch:)

  189. Charmaine D. says:

    I am loving AnnaLeeandJesse because they are rad.

  190. I’m rooting for Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos because I think the Indy Colts did him dirty.

  191. Kristen Hartert says:

    I would definitely buy the hourglass blush in diffused heat if I were to win it looks so pretty!

  192. Elie Anne says:

    Hi Karen,
    If i won this $50 gift card, I will be the most happier person in the word and I will get a new foundation (probably the Giorgio Armani Silk Luminous Foundation)
    I love your blog!

  193. Natasha P. says:

    I learned how to touch type on the computer in a high school class and I’m glad they taught us that, otherwise I would’ve had to learn it on my own (and I’m not sure I would’ve had the tolerance for that!).

  194. Thanks for the giveaway! If I won, I think I’d spend it on perfume.
    Wendy@BlushandBarbells recently posted … Facial Friday โ€“ Non-Surgical Anti-Aging

  195. Carolsue says:

    I don’t care at all who wins the Super Bowl, but I’m guessing the team with the highest score will win!
    I love Sephora — I would get some Philosophy products!
    Digicats {at} Sbcglobal {dot} Net

  196. sylvia says:

    i want way too many things at sephora right now …

  197. sweeks1980 says:

    If I won the contest, I would either get the Naked 3 palette or a super moisturizer to help my parched skin (the cold weather has been doing a number on it).

  198. Erin says:

    If I win I think I will treat myself to a belated birthday gift and pick up the stila illuminating foundation. I hear Emily on pretty little liars wears it and I think she’s and her makeup is stunning

  199. Joanne says:

    I’d get a skincare product with glycolic acid. Begone acne scars!

  200. Camille says:

    If I won the giftcard, I would buy one of Hourglass’ new Ambient Lighting Blushes. Karen, you made them sound dreamy! Can’t wait to give ’em a try.

  201. Anna says:

    I barely know the Superbowl is sometime soon, let alone who is playing… ๐Ÿ™‚ I believe a nude eyeshadow palette might be in order from Sephora… I am perfectly happy with my blushes but those new Hourglass ones sure are being sirens… I might be won over by some Nars velvet matte or satin lip pencils, as well.

  202. Glorya says:

    It is great to see a beautiful brown skin women blogging about beauty products. Honestly, after a while it drives me crazy to see an absence of women of color. I will also say that I love your skin color. I am so light skin that come winter, I start looking ghostly. Now what is on my mind is what I would do with $50 BUCKs to spend at Sephora….this is a great shopping trip. I would try Hourglass lipstick as i read it was heavenly. There are other good ideas posted above. I would love Armani foundation and/or Urban Decay’s latest make up palette. It would be great to win this opportunity as I don’t usually win any thing. This would put an extra step in my walk. Luv ya, La Glorya de Nueva Yori

  203. Amber says:

    If i won the $50 gift card i would treat myself to goodies from Sephora by purchasing products that arent available to buy in my country. X

    Thank you darling for the giveaway hope to win one can hope x

  204. Michelle says:

    First off, I’m obsessed with Sephora. I actually found this website from the Advice forum in Sephora. I type 107wpm but I type even faster on a stenograph machine as I’m in school to be an official court reporter (Got to type 225wpm to pass the national test!) In the meantime, I still want to look great even if I’ll have to look conservative in the court room ๐Ÿ™‚

  205. Niki Caron says:

    I pick the Broncos to win the SuperBowl! Thanks for the giveaway! xo
    Niki Caron recently posted … Link Love: 01.31.14

  206. Icequeen81 says:

    Can you touch type (type without looking at the keys)?
    No, I cant, I have to see them, I type actually kind of finger by finger.

    Whatโ€™s the longest lasting nail polish?
    you wont believe it but is La girl Nail lacquer Cherries Jubilees it last one week, doing also shore at home

    What would you get if you won this $50 gift card?
    I think it would make up at store with indie and cruelty free products,

  207. Bethany J says:

    Seahawks! I hope so anyways ๐Ÿ™‚

  208. Melissa says:

    Can’t wait for the Super Bowl tomorrow! I’m really hoping that Payton Manning and the Bronco’s can come away with the win!

  209. Andrea Rodriguez says:

    If I won this Sephora gift card, I would purchase either the Tarte Maracuja oil or some shadow and blush for my upcoming wedding!

  210. Ahyoung Lee says:


  211. Anna says:

    My favourite nail polish is after blue boy blazer by Essie. A coat and in a few minutes i’m ready to leave the house!!

  212. Gina says:

    If I won this gift card, I would spend some time to explore the Hourglass collection at Sephora- your latest posts have all been so alluring!

  213. Stephanie Hartman says:

    I love MsGoldGirl on You Tube, she is so entertaining and real.

  214. Lynda says:

    yes i can touch type except for the letters and symbols

  215. Jen says:

    My pick to win the superbowl is the Seattle Seahawks because I currently live in Seattle. ๐Ÿ™‚

  216. Brooke says:

    If I won, I would get some of those necessary things (more concealer, foundation, brushes, etc) that I never have money for bc I spend it all on eye shadow lol

  217. Diana says:

    My favorite nail polish is Teeny Bikini by Essie. I wore it for a holiday at a beach to match my swimsuit.

  218. Laura says:

    I’m rooting for the Seahawks to win the Superbowl!

  219. Kelley says:

    If I won the gift card, I’d get one of the new Bite crayons and some of the new OCC pencils!

  220. Megan says:

    If I win this sephora gift card I’m going to buy some new Nars products. ๐Ÿ™‚

  221. Salma S says:

    Yes, I can type without looking LOL

  222. Tania G says:

    I learned to touch type in high school….on a type writer ๐Ÿ™‚ yep, it’s been that long ago ๐Ÿ™‚
    I am lusting after those new Hourglass blushes. My birthday is coming really soon, so that would be such a nice present!

  223. Kelsey says:

    My pick to win the superbowl is the Broncos! Might end up in grad school in Colorado and that’s literally the only reason why, haha ๐Ÿ™‚ bringing out the orange and blue eyeshadow tomorrow!

  224. Mallory B says:

    I’d get another Hourglass ambient light blush. I have it in mood exposure and I think I’d pick it up in diffused poppy or dim infusion. I also want to pick up the Bite Beauty agave lip mask because my lips have been so dry/painful/cracked this winter. All this wind and negative temperatures are taking a toll on my skin!

  225. Stephanie G says:

    I’d get some MUFE and Illamasqua lipsticks!

  226. Julianne says:

    I would have to buy one of the new hourglass blushes but I can’t promise that because whenever I want into Sephora, I want everything!

  227. Sajeda says:

    HOURGLASS will have its name written all over that gift card, should I win!

  228. Pua says:

    I’m not as excited about the SuperBowl Game as I am the halftime performance. Excited that a Hawaiสปi boy is performing!

  229. Sarah says:

    Hi Karen! I live in Australia and it is pretty hot out here! My current favourite channel is probably shamelessfripperies. I really love Karima and her beauty videos. If I win I would probably get some phyto 9 hair moisturizer, hourglass muse lipstick and the clinique all about beige eye shadow palette.

  230. Samantha says:

    If I won the gift card, I would buy some first aid beauty products for my very dry skin!

  231. Kelsey says:

    Go Seahawks!!!

  232. Vanessa F says:

    I can totally touch type-all thanks to typing class in 7th grade!

  233. Carmen says:

    When I was in elementary school, we had to go to “computer class” to learn how to type. They even put a paper over your hands so that you had to practice not looking down. To this day, I rarely have to look down and can type super fast. They started me early!

  234. Taylor says:

    I would love to buy some new mascara!

  235. Jknitty says:

    I always have to look at the keyboard when I type. It is annoying.

  236. Alisha says:

    Just found your blog and love it!

  237. Vicki says:

    I’m rooting for Denver. Offensive teams are always more exciting and they’ve been fun to watch this year.
    As for Youtube channels, I’ve been watching Sharon Farrell for her makeup tutorials and Tati (Glam life guru) for hauls and reviews.

  238. Jordi says:

    I can touch type pretty accurately and correctly except when it comes to numbers. I always have to look at the keyboard then!

  239. Joanna says:

    I would get me a nude stylo from hourglass and a bobbi brown gel liner. My fave!

  240. Rachael Trupp says:

    My longest lasting nail polish is The Red Carpet Nail Gel System. If you do the coats thin enough, it lasts for two weeks and once you are done, they are completely dry!! No wait time!!

  241. Daraya says:

    If I won, I would definitely buy some mineral powder – I just noticed that I’m almost out!

  242. Chanelle (C.M.) says:

    I’m sad.

  243. Heather says:

    I love the puppy bowl!

  244. mary-Gaรซlle says:

    -I can’t type without looking at the keys, but I type without looking at the screen.
    -The longest lasting nailpolish I own is propably a coastal scents one I had for a long time (I think you can’t even buy it anymore) and it’s in the shade cosmic.
    -I hope the Seahawks are going to win tomorrow.
    -If I won the gift card I would probably buy tarte’s blush in Exposed.
    -The most fashionable person I know is my sister.
    -and my favourite youtbe channel right now is FleurdeForce, I’ve been watching her videos a lot lately and I really like it.

  245. Denise F says:

    Im not a football fan, but I have a lot of friends and family in Seattle so I’m rooting for the Seahawks!

  246. Julie P. says:

    Yes, I can touch type!
    Julie P. recently posted … Giveaway Round-Up: Updated February 1, 2014

  247. Claire says:

    I really love YSL polishes for longevity (particularly the green jade color!).

  248. If I won I have my eye on the Naked 3 palette.

  249. Kerry B. says:

    I’d much prefer if the 49ers were an option.. but I’ll choose Denver.

  250. Jen says:

    What would you get if you won this $50 gift card? Hmmm… one of the items currently in my Sephora basket:
    GIVENCHY Noir Couture 4 in 1 Mascara
    ITEM # 1533892
    COLOR 1 Black Satin

    NARS The NARSissist Cheek Kit
    ITEM # 1577501

    DIOR Capture Totale One Essential
    ITEM # 1246933
    SIZE 1 oz

    LAURA MERCIER Caviar Stick Eye Colour
    ITEM # 1476654
    COLOR Sand Glow

    ORIGINS Clear Improvementโ„ข Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores

  251. Betsy says:

    GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  252. Em says:

    I can’t wait to see Bruno Mars perform tomorrow!

  253. Ashley Sequeira says:

    If I won this Sephora gift card, I’d buy the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette!

  254. tlalsworth@gmail.com says:

    I recently purchased Hourglass Ambient Lighting Powder in Dim Light but would like to add Luminous Light. I’m also kind of obsessed with the Bite Beauty High Pigment Pencil in Rhubarb so I’d probably add a few more to the collection.

  255. Lori P says:

    If I win, I see myself getting some serious skin from Ole Henrikssen

  256. Lauren K. says:

    Hi! I recently added your blog to my reading list. You have really great swatches of products and a wide variety of things that I am curious about. But the main reason that I want to keep up with you is that you have a similar skin tone to my own. It’s nice to have someone with a warm, tan complexion because a lot of my other favorite beauty bloggers are very fair skinned and cool. Definitely will be using your posts to help me figure out what will work best for me. Thanks for the giveaway opportunity!

  257. Denise says:

    Thank you, Karen, for the opportunity to enter the contest! Hope you’re having a nice weekend.

  258. Tiffany says:

    I bought a new kate spade necklace and wallet today. Why do they make the cutest stuff?!?!

  259. CL says:

    I can touch type.

  260. Bearsmama says:

    Yes, I can type without looking!
    And my husband is the most stylish person I know! ๐Ÿ™‚

  261. Deanna says:

    I can type without looking on my iPhone and am a very speedy keyboard typer.
    My favorite youtubers are Jaclyn Hill and Nicole Guerriero and you of course!!!!

  262. Birdiebee says:

    If I won the $50 gift card, I would purchase my daughter’s favorite makeup for her for her upcoming birthday. Thank you for the nice giveaway!

  263. Nicole says:

    That picture really wants me to try the Hourglass Ambient Lighting blushes and powders!

  264. Christiana Mercier says:

    Super Bowl commercials… already had to get a tissue after seeing the Budweiser one!

  265. Tara says:

    Thanks for the giveaway, lovin’ your site!

  266. Vanessa Caraball. says:

    I’ve been dying to get my hands on some of the hourglass ambient blushes. I am a VIB but took too long to buy before they sold out. Ugh the agony!

  267. elizabeth natividad says:

    For the super bowl I go for seatle…I like there team uniforms. ..haha

  268. Tracey says:

    Any nail polish when I top it with Mavala’s top coat lasts a million times longer! That stuff is magic.

  269. Lisa says:

    I really want to try the new Hourglass blushes too! I might get some skincare stuff instead though, since the harsh winter has been really bad for my skin.

  270. I wish spring would come early I am tired of all the snow. Great giveaway as always ๐Ÿ™‚
    Beauty and the Scientist recently posted … GlossyBox โ€“ January 2014

  271. Natalie says:

    I love Shaaanxo’s Youtube channel! She has the best makeup tutorials and is so down to earth! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks Karen! xo

  272. Jessica Ringle says:

    I would definitely pick up a few of the Hourglass Ambient blushes with the gift card!

  273. Miso says:

    I am starting up a new diet I need the change!

  274. Julie says:

    I am rooting for the Broncos! If I won the Sephora giftcard, I would try a new foundation or purchase a new eye palette.

  275. Maria J. says:

    I would like the Seahawks to win because I love the Neon colors and I like when the underdog wins.

  276. MM says:

    Broncos BB!!!

  277. Petunia says:

    I think I need something new and different from Sephora. Maybe Givenchy or Marc Jacobs? Or a new brand of skincare.

  278. Katie says:

    I’d probably buy some of those new OCC pencils!

  279. Monica says:

    Deborah Lippmann nail polishes definitely last the longest for me. So, that makes it worth the price, right? ๐Ÿ˜‰

  280. Melissa says:

    Thanks for the generous giveaway! I can touch type quite easily, thank you – parents forced the class on me in high school LOL. I would use this to get a foundation as I have never, ever been able to get a good match for my skin – though that’s partly because my skin was in such poor shape. Now, finally at 43, my skin is more balanced, and I am desperate to get something for my extremely-pale-skin-made-difficult-by-massive-underlying-ruddiness problem. I love that the Sephora peeps will keep trying until they find a match, and I can’t wait to be able to buy something that won’t be wasted. Based on research I’m hoping either MUFE HD or Illamasqua will have the match for me!

  281. Elaine says:

    I’m from Seattle so I’m rooting for the Hawks!

  282. Kensey says:

    If I won I would take my little sister shopping!

  283. Gabby says:

    I swear by the Revlon Colortstay nail polishes. They last up to 8 days on me!

  284. BooBooNinja says:

    I can touch type. ๐Ÿ™‚

  285. Clemence says:

    I can’t touch-type very well haha

  286. meghan says:

    i’m in new jersey and the superbowl is actually HERE and NOT in new york! unfortunately no one realizes that! both the jets and giants play here in nj! ๐Ÿ™‚

  287. Mardi says:

    I don’t even know what sport the Super Bowl is, let alone who’s playing in it!

    The longest lasting nail polish I’ve used lately is Bourjois 1 second.

    I can touch type VERY fast.

    I can’t remember what else you suggested for comments ๐Ÿ™‚

  288. MelodyJ says:

    My favorite You Tube channel at the moment is Fitness Blender. They have the best mix of workouts I’ve come across.

  289. Sue says:

    Jin Soon and Colors by Llarowe last the longest on me.

  290. Denise D. says:

    I love Nicole Guerriero’s Youtube Channel! I’ve learned a lot from her and she is so cute and down to earth! I would pick up the new Urban Decay Naked Lipgloss with the Gift Card! Thank you, Karen, for the Chance to win a Gift Card! XOXO

  291. Molly says:

    Loreal 7 in 1 Saviour is the BEST base coat EVER! It makes your nails sooo smooth and the polish lasts for ages!

  292. Cheryl F. says:

    I started touch typing in high school at 90+ wpm.

  293. Nina Ding says:

    I can touch type quite fast, I used to have a computer program where you practiced it and it told you how many words you could do a minuteโ€ฆ.which probably led to my childhood dreams of being a secretary ๐Ÿ˜€

  294. Celie says:

    Thanks for this giveaway ๐Ÿ™‚ Have a good Sunday !

  295. Emy says:

    My favorite youtube channel is GlamLifeGuru. Tati gives in depth explanations and shares her honest opinions and she uploads 5 times a week. What more could you want?

  296. artemis says:

    I can touch-type but I make some typos hehe ๐Ÿ˜€ The love the cosmetics in the picture <3 I think I'd buy a foundation…

  297. Swati says:

    Rooting for the Seahawks!

  298. nlm8 says:

    The Minnie Mouse OPI collection is a beautiful assortment of reds- both shimmery and sparkly. I get a solid 6-7 days wear out of them without any chipping.

  299. Jessica says:

    I’ve been NEEDING the Algenist Pore Refining Primer! Go Broncos!

  300. Liz says:

    Yes, I can touch type.

  301. Lucy Nguyen says:

    I need new makeup brushes

  302. Rita Morgan says:

    I would get an Hourglass finish powder.

  303. sarah r says:

    I am a touch type pro.. thank you middle school typing class

  304. Ralitza says:

    I would pick up a good foundation, since they are very pricy.

  305. David Vessey says:

    Denver to edge the Superbowl I reckon.

  306. Emma says:

    The most stylish person I know is my mother!

  307. Christiane says:

    Hi Karen,

    love your blog! Greetings from Germany! I’m planning to go to New York in September and then I will make it a huge make up shopping trip! It’s just soo much cheaper with you than here in Germany ๐Ÿ™

    Keep going!

    Christiane <3

  308. RM says:

    I love Sephora! I’m in my early 20’s and just started wearing makeup. I never wore it before because of my horrendous acne, but after six months on accutane I’m finally proud enough of my skin to wear makeup! I’m at sephora almost every week now ๐Ÿ™‚ also, I can touch type!

  309. Cynthia F. says:

    I can touch type letters and numbers! ๐Ÿ™‚

  310. Jennifer Pham says:

    With this gift card, I’d like to try some bare minerals products!

  311. Brittany says:

    Coming from Colorado I’m definitely rooting for the Broncos!!!

  312. Victoria says:

    Haha yes I can touch type ๐Ÿ˜€

  313. Noga says:

    Heck ya I can touch type! I’m doing it right now ๐Ÿ™‚ When you have too many siblings making you type their book reports, you pick it up real fast…

  314. M says:

    I learned to touch type when I was 11. My school didn’t have anything for us to do in computer class except sit in front of a Mavis Beacon program for 40 minutes. I made it my mission to conquer that thing, haha.

    The most fashionable person I know is my brother’s girlfriend. She has the best taste in clothes! I really need to go shopping with her.

  315. karen says:

    with this giftcard, I’d like to try nars radiant creamy concealer. This semester is gonna really kick my butt, so I need something to make me look semi-alive :p

  316. Ashley Celikay says:

    If I won I would like to get a new eyeshadow palette ๐Ÿ™‚

  317. Leeann says:


  318. Andrea says:

    If I won, I’d get some long-lasting makeup (foundation especially) for my upcoming wedding! And GO BRONCOS!

  319. Kim says:

    I hope I win. I never win anything.

  320. Claudia says:

    I would totally get some of the Diorshow fusion mono cream shadows– one from the spring collection- Mirage, and Chimere.

    Hope your Broncos win!

  321. Jakki Bradshaw says:

    I have 4 cats and don’t know what they’d do if I had construction work done here! Love the walkie talkie idea!

  322. Melissa says:

    Hubs loves the Seahawks since hes from Seattle, so I hope they win.

    I just brought out my Hourglass duo eyeshadow out the other day, and I’m back in LOVE!

  323. Jessica Powell says:

    I can touch type, but it still takes a while to get accustomed to every new keyboard. ๐Ÿ™‚

  324. QL says:

    I love Sephora and hourglass!! Thanks for the give away!

  325. Dollie says:

    I really, really REALLY wish I get to win this gift card coz I’m seriously lusting after the Too Faced Chocolate palette, especially after reading your post on it. And the wonderful photos of you trying to take a bite out of it :p

  326. Stephanie says:

    I’m cheering for Denver, because I’m from Louisiana and want to cheer for our local QB.

  327. Robin says:

    Go Hawks!!! ๐Ÿ™‚ Thanks for the giveaway. My wish list at Sephora just keeps growing. At the top right now are Urban Decay Naked gloss and a Nars Satin Lip Pencil. I’m also really looking forward to checking out the new Hourglass blushses.

  328. Jessica Wilde says:

    I can touch type, and the nail varnish doesn’t come off when I do it, if I’ve used OPI or RedCarpet Gel manicure… x

  329. jessi jefferson says:

    I love “Asian Beauty Secrets” youtube channel. GREAT skincare advice!

  330. Amanda says:

    Go Hawks! I love my Russell Wilson! I found this site on Pinterest looking for drugstore dupes and I can’t wait to try the products you suggest. While recently at sephora I fell in love with buxom lip cream in mudslide and too face chocolate bronzer.

  331. Karen Ang says:

    Yes I can touch-type!

  332. Rie says:

    Nail polishes just never seem to last more than a couple days on me!

  333. Marina says:

    I’ve been lemming over the new Hourglass Ambient blushes! There are so many beautiful goodies this spring ๐Ÿ™‚

  334. Miki says:

    I would get the Narsissist eye palette!!

  335. Jenifer says:

    I would love to use this $50 to get an Hourglass ambient blush, if they ever get it back in stock!

  336. Siobhanne says:

    Well, I like Manning, so I’ll be cheering for the Broncos. I’m happy New England is not in it.

  337. Barbara says:

    If I won the Sephora gift card I would get Naked 3 !!!

  338. Jessica says:

    If I won this gift card, I’ll be getting Ole Henriksen’s Nurture Me cream. I’m out and this dry weather has my skin begging for it!

  339. Nika says:

    If I would win, I would get the diffused ambient powder ๐Ÿ˜€ yay for hourglass!

  340. Rania Papadhmhtrioy says:

    If I won this gift card I would get naked 3!!

  341. Ann says:

    My bet is on Seattle.

  342. Julie B. says:

    Touch typing is one of the few skills I was really good at! In high school I took typing and ended up being a 75 wpm typist.

  343. Corinne says:

    Touch typing as I write!

  344. Andrea A. says:

    I can touch type.

  345. mrsshukra says:

    Just visited Sephora this weekend and picked up good stuff!

  346. Anna says:

    I’d buy one of those new ambient blushes from hourglass, they look sooooooooooooo pretty!

  347. Nicola Lynch says:

    If I was lucky enough to win I’d go for an Urban Decay Naked Palette

  348. Sarah says:

    I’d buy the Urban Decay Naked2 palette if I won!

  349. Emily Georgiou says:

    New Sephora brushes!!!!

  350. Monica says:

    porefessional primer!

  351. Laura Corrall says:

    I don’t think I’m that great at touch typing. My husband always says I’m very good at hammering the keys. I type like I have an aggrievance with the keyboard ๐Ÿ˜› I would absolutely love to try the hourglass blushes.

  352. Caitlin Wallis says:

    I’ve always found that China Glaze polishes last longer on my nails; shame they’re so hard to get a hold of here in the UK!

  353. Jessie says:

    Woohoo! I love the weekend giveaway! If I won $50 I would love to have the Hourglass Immaculate Liquid Powder Foundation!

  354. Ebru M says:

    I just tried CND Vinylux nail polish and it lasted a good weak with minimal chip!

  355. Michelle says:

    If i won, I would definitely get the ambient lighting powder! I’ve been dying to get my hands on it.

  356. GB says:

    Indy girl here, so I’m rooting for Peyton. Go Denver!

  357. Marisa says:

    What’s the longest lasting nail polish? The longest lasting polish, I’ve tried is the The CoverGirl Outlast nail polish. Takes a while to dry… but it sure does last a very, very long time.
    Marisa recently posted … Review of Buzz-Worthy Viral Content Buzz

  358. Lulubelle says:

    I am so getting one of the Hourglass Ambient Blushes if I win!

  359. Keshia Esgate says:

    if i win i will be spending on french chic decor for my new bedroom ๐Ÿ™‚

  360. Madelin says:

    If I win I will buy the Hourglass Oxygen Mineral Powder so I can pair it with my NARS tinter moisturizer as you suggested!

  361. TrippyPixie says:

    I absolutely hate football, so I honestly don’t care who wins the Super Bowl. I’m watching the Puppy Bowl!

  362. Trudi Flint says:

    I love French Manicures

  363. Fran says:

    I can only touch type if I use the Dvorak keyboard layout instead of QWERTY. How strange is that?

    When I visit Sephora this week, I want to get samples of the Hourglass No.28 primer and the CoverFx anti-aging primer to compare the two… my skin is so dry in the winter, I usually love the Hourglass Veil mineral primer, but right now it’s a little too mattifying for me… I also want to look at the Narcissist palette in person, see if some of the shades are stiffer in the palette than in the singles and quads like some people say, see if there are just too many dark browns to make it really useful for me — if no on those two things, I think it would be a wonderful way to try more Nars eyeshadows, I only have one.

  364. Lena says:

    I’d love to get one or two of the new Clinique blushes!

  365. tina says:

    Those new hourglass blushes look amazing!!

  366. Lisa says:

    Karen, the way you compose those photos for your giveaways is AMAZING. A designer’s touch ๐Ÿ™‚

  367. Erika says:

    Denver all the way!

  368. Charlene Abarca says:

    Hi Karen! Yes, I can type without looking at the keyboard, thanks to 1 semester of typing in high school ๐Ÿ™‚ I only took it because there was a cute boy in that class that I was crushing on at the time! LOL. Anyways..here I am 20 years later still typing away!! If I were to win 50 Sephora bucks, I would love to try out the highlight powders from Hourglass. I recently purchased the immaculate foundation and it does wonders for my oily skin. Thanks again for all the work you do! I enjoy your blogs and your you-tube videos!!

  369. Anonymous says:

    I can’t wait to try one of the new Hourglass blushes!

  370. Jemma says:

    My current favourite YouTube channel is http://www.youtube.com/user/tommcflytwitter . If you’re not already aware he is the lead singer of british band McFly and his super cute wedding speech/song went viral. His wife is about to have their first baby so he vlogs about that and they also made an adorable announcement video last Halloween by carving pumpkins and singing a lullaby they wrote. Genuinely lovely funny guy.

  371. MK says:

    I can’t wait to try one of the new Hourglass blushes!

  372. Mezzokimberley says:

    I can touch type very well!

  373. T. Cobb says:

    I practically live in Sephora. A $50 gift card would be very amazing!!! I just purchased the Naked 3 palate today. I would love to use this gift card to purchase the Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue fragrance and the lancรดme artliner precision point eyeliner to complete my look. Thanks in advance!! <3

  374. NATALIE H says:

    Although I’m not sure what $50 equates to in ยฃ’s it will all be spent on make up! I’m loving MAC at the minute so it will be a new lip gloss and I’ll probably ask them to do my make up for me whilst I’m at the counter too.

  375. Lisa E says:

    If I were lucky enough to win this gift card, I’d probably get a Nars blush and a Smashbox lip pencil. Note: Today, several hours ago, I visited Sephora and got the UD Cannonball mascara (based on one of your blog posts).

    I think I should win because I’m a true Sephoraholic. ๐Ÿ™‚ The place is like a casino–and yeah, I’m addicted. I go in, shop and think I’m done and then, I go home and find an e-mail with a coupon or some freebies. It gets me back in every time!

    Anyway, I touch type and more importantly, love your blog. Keep up the great work! ๐Ÿ™‚
    Lisa E recently posted … Patois Lesson on a Porch…in Rural #Jamaica (Random #Travel Moment 12) #ttot #tbex

  376. Linda says:

    I’d probably invest in some new Too Faced or Dior goodies!

  377. Laura says:

    I think the Seahawks will win 24-21.
    And I would get the nars duo in habanera, and a bite beauty lipstick in fig.

  378. Danielle S says:

    Go SEAHAWKS!!!(:

  379. Liz says:

    My favorite Youtube channel is Aeri’s Kitchen. She makes Korean food that tastes really good when you make it at yourself. Awesomesauce!

  380. Valerie C. says:

    I’d get an Hourglass blush, probably in Magenta. They look so beautiful!

  381. Sylvia says:

    I’m debating the Narsissit palette, but think I have to see it in person to take the plunge.

  382. Melinda L. says:

    No I can’t touch type without looking first… sort of…

  383. marg1127 says:

    sweet of you to do another giveaway! well i’m trying to learn touch-typing back in high school long time ago I took a class “keyboarding” as it was known. sadly I still haven’t mastered the skill!!!

  384. kirsten says:

    I just purchased Bobbi Brown Apricot as per your recommendation ๐Ÿ™‚

  385. Ellen says:

    My dad forced me to learn touch typing, and I’ve always (if sometimes begrudgingly) thanked him for it ๐Ÿ™‚

  386. Nisha says:

    I can touch type. I learned in middle school but it became easier in high school and now in college I dont look much at the keys

  387. Emily says:

    I can touch type ๐Ÿ™‚

  388. Courtney says:

    I love your blog!

  389. Roo says:

    Am kinda bummed and kinda excited to be shopping for all new skincare and make up. Post baby (3 months now) skin has changed a lot. For the better but still. I no longer need mattifying products. But instead I’ll need moisturizing products. Yay!

  390. STEPHIE says:

    I can touch type, we learned it in school when I was younger. ๐Ÿ™‚

  391. Chelsea H. says:

    I can type without looking at the keys! Neither one of my parents can do that, so I often end up typing things for them because I can type very quickly. Even my boyfriend who is much more computer-savvy than me is impressed by how quickly I can type without looking at the keyboard.

  392. Lulle says:

    Hubby being a big 9ers fan he was still livid about their defeat against the seahawks so he was kind of supporting the broncos. I was more for Seattle. I guess I won :p
    Lulle recently posted … Clinique All About Shadow duo in Beach Plum

  393. Melissa says:

    Winning this would be so amazing – I’d gladly use my winnings to buy the new Naked 3 palette!

  394. Melissa Tan says:

    I’m on a beauty spending ban. I would so need the $50 to get me one subsidised hourglass ambient lighting powder.

  395. Erica P. says:

    I would love to buy the Naked 2 palette if I won this giveaway! I have the other 2. Thank you!

  396. hh says:

    I’m awesome at touch typing ๐Ÿ™‚

  397. Claudia Davis says:

    I wanted the Broncos to win but alas, not even close.

  398. La says:

    My favorite youtuber right now is Jenna Marbles. I think she has a great sense of humor.

  399. Angela says:

    I cannot for the life of me get glitter polishes to stay for more than a day and a half.

  400. Sunaina Singh says:

    Zoya is my favorite long lasting nail polish!
    I will buy some skincare for my ever erupting skin to treat and heal.

  401. Tee says:

    I find revlon nail polish to last forever. I love it!

  402. Emily says:

    If I won the $50 gift card I would buy some OCC lip tars, I’ve been wanting to try their products for a while now since I first notice Sephora selling them.

  403. Ariel R says:

    I would probably get some foundation. My skin keeps changing shades on me haha

  404. Bernice says:

    I can touch type ๐Ÿ™‚

  405. Maple says:

    I’d get some Bumble & Bumble thickening hair products!

  406. Lorie says:

    Why oh why did I not buy Tom Ford Pink Haze cream shadow when I had the chance?? It’s so nice and I hesitated. Poof it was gone. Also, I hesitated again on the Guerlain limited edition Pressed Meteorites when it was Christmas time. Sold out. Booooo.

  407. Lorie says:

    Why oh why did I not buy Tom Ford Pink Haze cream shadow when I had the chance?? It’s so nice and I hesitated. Poof it was gone. Also, I hesitated again on the Guerlain limited edition Pressed Meteorites when it was Christmas time. Sold out. Booooo.

  408. Jennifer M-K says:

    Can you touch type (type without looking at the keys)? – I wish!

    What’s the longest lasting nail polish? – I think it might be Essie but its tough to say. I can usually get close to a good week out of most of my polishes (essie, Zoya, Cult Nails, Spoiled, etc)with the exception of Ciate polishes. Ciate seems to wear very quick on me though so while I love it’s formula and how quick it dries I can’t say I’m a fan of it’s wear time.

    Your pick to win the Super Bowl? – I didn’t really have a favorite but if I had to pick I would’ve said Broncos…they got absolutely destroyed today though.

    What would you get if you won this $50 gift card? – I’ve been on a liquid liner kick so maybe I’d try some new colors or a new skincare mask/product like the new glamglow hydrating mask. I’m open to suggestions though ๐Ÿ™‚

  409. Wayne says:

    Surprisingly interesting Super Bowl for such a blow out. Guess Twitter had a lot to do with it.

  410. Arra Morta says:

    If I win, I would love to buy a MAC Shygirl lipstick and a NARS Orgasm Blush:)

  411. anissa says:

    yes, i can “touch” type – i am a medical transcriptionist, so i type for a living. but, i’ve always been a good typist, which is one of the reasons i looked at this career choice to begin with. ๐Ÿ™‚

    and …. i don’t wanna talk about the super bowl. ๐Ÿ™

  412. christine says:

    I would love, love, love to purchase an Houglass ambient powder!

  413. christine says:

    I would love, love, love to purchase an Hourglass ambient powder!

  414. Kathy says:

    I would put this giftcard toward the NARS Narsissist palette! I love NARS but don’t have any of their shadows, and I am seriously swooning over this palette haha

  415. Ionelia says:

    Yes, I can touch type. I’m doing it right now ๐Ÿ™‚

  416. Jane says:

    I really like Sephora – wish we had themin the UK.

  417. Jimena Diaz says:

    I love duo exhibition eyeshadow!!!
    I love Hourglass

  418. sarahrene says:

    Would LOVE to win this! So many things Id like to purchase from Sephora! Thx!

  419. chiara says:

    if I win I’ll get some nars lip pencil….I’m craving Cruella and Red Square!

  420. sarah palmer says:

    if I won If I could I would try to make myself more feminine as living in a house with hubs and our 4 boys boys I have forgotten what being a girl is like lol

  421. Gauri says:

    I can touch type only if I’ve been typing for a long time.
    Gauri recently posted … The Body Shop HONEYMANIA ISSUE

  422. Danielle says:

    I can touch type…some of the time…

  423. Alexandra says:

    If I were the lucky lady to win, I would explore a new range of lipstick colours to remake my whole look. The thought so excites me it leaves me giddy!

  424. Kim says:

    Good Morning! How did the veggie burgers turn out? I know how the game turned out. Boy, that was ugly… and very depressing! ๐Ÿ™

  425. kayleigh dudley says:

    i would love to spend the gift card on highlighting and bronzing products

  426. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I would get the Naked 3 palette!

  427. Ruchita says:

    If I won, I would get the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette!

  428. Sarah says:

    I do touch type – watching my dad hunt and peck his way through his work is so difficult for me to watch! ๐Ÿ™‚

  429. Denise says:

    My favorite channel to watch right now is Tanya Burr’s. She’s so incredibly sweet, genuine, down to earth, knows her stuff, always smiling making her videos a joy to watch. Her and Jim make one of the cutest couple, too.

    I’m also enjoying essiebutton/Estรฉe’s channel, that girl is funny!

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  430. Ruth says:

    If I won I would either get the Naked 3 or the Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette…

  431. George Worboys Wright says:

    I used to be able to touch type but I’m out of practice!

  432. Lucia says:

    I just had some soy sausage in my spinach-egg scramble this morning and it was GROSS!

  433. Casey says:

    Oh man, that picture of hourglass products is GORGEOUS!

  434. Kayvid says:

    Superbowl 2014 sucked! No competition or excitement…

  435. Regina Reed says:

    Hola Karen! If I won this I would use it towards the Perricone Blue Plasma I keep hearing everyone rave over. XOXO!

  436. Lora says:

    I just gotta say that I am LOVING this Cover Girl nail polish I bought in Tickled Pink.

  437. Ashleigh says:

    I was hoping the Broncos would win….obviously I was quite disappointed yesterday

  438. Myriam says:

    If I won the 50$ gift card I’d use it to rebuild my makeup collection, i had an allergic reaction to a cosmetic product,not knowing which one and itr being really bad, I had to throw everything out! I cheered for the broncos unfortunatly they lost! But Bruno mars was really good!

  439. Nathalie says:

    I’m pining after the new Hourglass blushes — would get one (or two) of them!

  440. Stephanie R says:

    So far, the longest lasting nail polish is my Chanel in Taboo. Zoya’s looking good though. No chipping so far.

    And wow…the Seahawks schooled the Broncos last night! Go Hawks!

  441. Magda says:

    If I win, I would probably buy a perfume or some skincare.
    Longest lasting nail polish? If a nail polish lasts more than 2 days on me, it is a miracle. Nails Inc. base and top coat helps a little. I am planning to try gel nails, since at work I use gloves, which destroy any attempt at pretty nails.
    Have a nice day ๐Ÿ™‚

  442. Amy says:

    If I won I would get some new foundation and new blushes ๐Ÿ™‚

  443. Kristin says:

    *Waves* A $50 GC would help me on my quest to find the perfect foundation!

  444. amanda says:

    Yes, I can touch type- thanks to the typing class my parents made me take during the summer after 6th grade. So cool…

  445. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    Yes, I can touch type. Julep & Deborah Lippmann are the longest lasting polishes I have tried so far! ๐Ÿ™‚

  446. Ioana P.B. says:

    Snow Day at Sarah Lawrence College– and NO CLASSES! Whoohoo!
    Am loving my this new polish (new for me, not new in stores)
    Revlon’s pink lingerie from the Top Speed line. Have Milani’s Diamond Dazzle on top. Makes me dream of cupcakes when I look at my nails!

  447. Liberty Thompson says:

    I would love to use the giftcard for new perfume from Sephora!

  448. Anu says:

    I would get an hourglass lipgloss, love them!

  449. Trude says:

    I feel like I’ve spent half my life at the computer, so it’s good my mom invested in typing classes for my brother and I way back when. ๐Ÿ™‚

  450. Tweakweasel says:

    On the touch typing front, it’s weird; you go through numerous computer classes in school that have you doing ye olde Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing and still never quite get the hang of it…and then one gets into instant messaging and suddenly it’s an absolute flurry of keystrokes. Oh, and IF I were to get the gift card, well, I definitely want to pick up some OCC Lip Tars in Hoochie and two of the latest in Mannequin and Roller Girl. …’course, since I only ever experiment with perfumes when Sephora includes samples in my purchases, I might also be tempted to pick up some Bulgari Man Extreme. A very nice fragrance and at least somewhat cheaper than my ultimate dream fragrance: Atelier Cologne Orange Sanguine, which, incidentally, is extremely fun to say when you use a full French accent.

  451. Chloe N says:

    I would love a new perfume!

  452. AmyD says:

    I think I need to give the Hourglass eyeshadow duos another look…

  453. Danielle says:

    I didn’t really love any of the Superbowl commercials last night.

  454. Madeline Richmond says:

    If I won this gift card (please please please), I would buy the Naked Basics palette. I don’t have any matte shadows and I love “Crave.” I would also buy an Urban Decay eyeliner pencil. I have my eye on “Freak.”

  455. Kara says:

    Any glitter polish lasts a long time. That’s why I love them. I love the OPI Liquid Sand polishes.

  456. reggi says:

    longest lasting nail polish? deborah lippmann’s across the universe! probably because it’s a glitter polish..but it also has a very gel-like consistency. absolutely LOVE IT!!!

  457. J Holmes says:

    If I won I would get the new NARS Kauai Eyeshadow duo. Its absolutely amazing! and the pewter/gold lame color is gorgeous

  458. Reg says:

    for makeup, my favorite youtube channel is emilynoel83. I didn’t start wearing makeup at all until I started watching her. She offers great reviews, tutorials, and tips in very concise and detail ways that I really enjoy watching.

  459. Sondra (Soni) Christensen says:

    Actually yes, I can totally touch type. (I think there is a connection because I am also a pianist) I work at a CPA firm & my boss was standing at my desk one day & I think I shocked him with my 10 key skills/speed. (I’m NOT especially good with numbers) But his eyes got big & I happened to glance at him and noticed. I shrugged & said, “I play piano”.

  460. Mariade says:

    Hi!!! Thanks for the generous giveaway.

  461. Angel L says:

    I would love to buy an Hourglass Ambient lighting powder. And I didn’t have a team in the Superbowl. I was rooting for the Broncos though.

  462. Michele says:

    My longest lasting polish is Sally Hansen. It’s still one of my faves!

  463. Pegg says:

    Love watching beauty blogger reviews on products! Been learning so much!!

  464. serina says:

    hello! i was wondering if you could do reviews of sleek makeup (their eye and cheek palettes)!!

  465. Kalli says:

    I knew Bruno Mars was performing but somehow I totally missed the memo that the Red Hot Chili Peppers were going to perform too. That was awesome!
    Kalli recently posted … New Yearโ€™s Eve Double Feature Smokey Eyes!

  466. Mysty says:

    I rarely ever look at the keys when I’m typing. But I do the whole home row thing (place my pointer fingers on the keys with the dot), and I type about 80 wpm. I’ve tried this on my smart phone and it’s much more difficult and interesting haha.

  467. Linda says:

    I really wish I was good at painting my nails. I started collecting Emily de Molly and Enchanted polishes yet my nails look like a 4th grader’s.

  468. Jamie says:

    OPI last so good on me…but I can’t afford them. womp.
    Jamie recently posted … Makeup Blog Sale

  469. Stephanie says:

    My fav youtube channel is xsparkage’s makeup channel! I’ve been watching her video’s since I started high school in 2007, now I’m 20 and in college and still watch her videos

  470. Andrea Darst says:

    I type 65 words per minute…I’ve been working in offices since I was 17. ๐Ÿ™‚

  471. Maggie says:

    If I won the Sephora gift card I would invest in Luminizer! I want to try mixing it with my BB Creams so bad! I would also try to snag some Erase Paste. I’ve been a good girl and stayed away from cosmetic counters for a few months because I pay for my own school, but homegirl is losing it over here!

  472. Michelle says:

    i can touch type. in fact i’m doing it right now. haha.

  473. Lisa K. says:

    Brrrrr!!! It’s cold!

  474. MIchelle says:

    If I won the card, I would buy repalcement brushes for my clarisonic!

  475. Ashley Trai says:

    I was hoping that the SeaHawks won, that’s my man’s team …..and since it already happened I was right!!! I can’t add you on twitter @trailmix84 add me …..I can’t follow anymore ppl I don’t know why

  476. Melanie says:

    If I won the giveaway, I would buy a lipstick, lipgloss and primer potion.

  477. Alisa Moore says:

    would love to win

  478. Aimen says:

    I’ve had some things in my loves and my cart that I’ve been eyeing for the longest TIME! I’d be so happy to get them if I won the giftcarddd!!! :DDD

  479. E Morum says:

    I would get an Hourglass Ambient Lighting powder! I’ve been lusting after them.

  480. Aimen says:

    Haha I would definitely attempt touch typing on my iPhone, but I have to say… mistakes are common!!

  481. Lynn says:

    If I won Hourglass Veil Primer would be mine!

  482. Kim Dang says:

    If I won the 50$ gift card I would definitely try out the new products in the market right now such as, the Dior BB Cream, Hourglass lip colors, or the new Urban Decay lipsticks!

  483. Rachel says:

    Yes, I can touch-type!

  484. Brittney says:

    There’s so many things from sephora I’d love to try, probably some new mascara because that’s my go to beauty product!

  485. Estefania says:

    I can touch type and I think it’s the single most useful skill I ever learned in school. It’s saved me so much time in college!

  486. Bethany Ward says:

    My holy grail hair products are by Wen. Desert island must for sure!!

  487. Thomas Murphy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  488. Rebecca says:

    What I should buy if I win the gift card: more foundation (almost out!)
    Realistically though, I always seem to walk out with lip products like Bite’s new matte lip pencil

  489. Jamie C. says:

    I loved that the SeaHawks Won the Superbowl, I am so happy for the first time winners.

  490. Vanessa P. says:

    If I win I will have to buy some Hourglass cosmetics! I haven’t tried any of their products!

  491. Rozae says:

    There are a lot of utube channels however I’m glad you started doing videos I really like them.

  492. Candace S says:

    I’d pick up Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow if I won – super into contouring right now, since I feel like I’m finally beginning to understand placement etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  493. Candace S says:

    I’d pick up Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Hollow if I won – super into contouring right now, since I feel like I’m finally beginning to understand placement etc ๐Ÿ™‚

  494. Marissa says:

    scooby doo will always be the best cartoon!!!

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