7 Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora! (Ends Monday)

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A Makeup and Beauty Blog giveaway

A Makeup and Beauty Blog Giveaway

A Makeup and Beauty Blog Sephora giveaway!



Late mornin’. πŸ™‚

Guess who slept in today…

No, not Tab. He actually got up with El Hub around 6:30, but I stayed in bed till about 9. Now I’m sipping coffee, catching up on Top Chef and trying to figure out what I want to wear on my nails…

I know — exciting stuff, isn’t it? Yup, that’s me. Mrs. Excitement.

No idea what I’m doing today. I’ll probably mostly take it easy. Go for a run on the treadmill when my tummy settles, also a walk around the neighborhood later today. I do need to do some grocery shopping at some point, but that’s about it for me.

It’s weird coming down from the hectic holidays, isn’t it? Things are actually slow again.

I hope you’ve got something fun lined up. If you do, let me know in your giveaway entry comment. That way I can live vicariously through you!

Speaking of giveaways…let’s get to it already! We’re off to a late start. As far as entry rules, you know how it works. Details down below in the widget. Talk to you soon.

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • What’s a good movie to rent?
    • Have you ever been to New York?
    • Do you ever mix foundation colors to create a custom shade?
    • Describe your warmest jacket or sweater.
    • What’s the weather like out there today?
    • Current favorite perfume?
  • You can enter in up to seven ways to boost your chances of winning.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, January 13, 2013 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time).
  • Full terms and conditions are available in the widget.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. The weather today is filled with rain and cold.
    Rikki Poynter recently posted … REVIEW: Rimmel Show Off Lip Lacquer – Aurora

  2. Heather USA (Rafflecopter Rosie Areola) says:

    I live in NY. My current favorite perfumes are Thierry Mugler’s Alien and Lady Million.

  3. Julie says:

    It is a torrential downpour outside today! I had to really motivate myself to leave my apartment to go to the gym and not just hibernate indoors. It was a struggle! πŸ™‚
    Julie recently posted … Love It or Toss It? #1

  4. Olivia K says:

    Rainy, nasty, and tornado watch, so not fun!

  5. hanna says:

    I want new lip products.
    hanna recently posted … VoxBox: Venus Embrace Razor + Review

  6. Alix says:

    Rainy, windy and mild.

  7. Fatma says:

    Really appreciate your generosity

  8. Annette Martinez says:

    Hope you and Tabs are having a great day!

  9. Lisa Brown says:

    the weather is dark, going to rain

  10. sweeks1980 says:

    I’ve been to New York a handful of times, and I’ve always had a great time when I visited. My sister is thinking about applying for several NYC-area grad schools, and I (selfishly) hopes she goes to one of them so I have an excuse to visit :).

  11. Agata says:

    Happy weekend Karen! I have been to NY a few times. When I was a student I used to come to the US on a Work&Travel program and I worked in a hotel in a lovely little town of Lake George, NY. That’s how I fell in love with the US! I also spent a few hours in NYC but it was too short and I hope to go back for longer one day.

  12. Avery says:

    Glad to be home after traveling!

  13. Nlm8 says:

    Good movies to rent- Fargo, Goodfellas, Cinderella Man

  14. Danielle says:

    The weather is really wet and rainy w/ fog. It’s not that cold anymore which is great but unfortunately there is a lot of precipitation w/ the rain which I don’t care for at all.

  15. Kiara says:

    Today it is partly cloudy and with very light rain but sunny at the same time. Weird day.
    Kiara recently posted … MAC Tempting Eyeshadow | Review and Swatch

  16. Laurinha says:

    Where I live is summer time…. and it’s been HOT, terrible HOT…..wearing nothing, neither nail polish… hahaha

  17. Anna says:

    Right now I am in love with Jo Malone’s Pomegranate Noir. LOVE it for cold wet winter days.

  18. Kristen Hartert says:

    It’s cold outside but it’s sunny and pretty

  19. Alice says:

    Hello! Thank you so much for the giveaway! During the winter where I’m from, I’ll freeze without my down coat from Zara!

  20. Defne says:

    I’ve never been to New York πŸ™

  21. Joni says:

    Hi karen, our weather is in the 50’s today! My current favorite perfume is VS Lovespell πŸ™‚

  22. Mandy says:

    My current fav perfume is Serge Lutens A La Nuit. The jasmine scent sends me away!

  23. Julie B. says:

    Our weather today is really windy, but not too cold. I am always thankful that the power stays on when it’s blustery like this.

  24. Erin says:

    Although I love to try other perfumes, I always come back to my signature scent, Burberry Brit πŸ™‚

  25. Debbie says:

    It’s rainy here today, so just hanging out at home until a party later tonight!

  26. Bhevarri says:

    The weather here today is… warm outside, cold as hell in the house for some reason :\ That’s OK though. Cold is better than blistering heat!

  27. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    She Wood by Dsquared! Smells so feminine!

  28. Anna says:

    Currently my favourite perfume is clinque’s happy

  29. tomatefarcie says:

    not helping my “no buy”

  30. Esther says:

    The weather is rainy, misty, and foggy outside. However, it is much warmer than the polar vortex we had a few days go!

  31. Reg says:

    As it happens, I’m FROM new york XD, and the weather is absolutely not fun right now, raining and dreary :(.

  32. Casey says:

    The weather outside is warm and rainy! Much better than the frigid cold from a few days ago!

  33. Gloria Chavez says:

    My favorite perfume at the moment is Pink Friday by Nicki Minaj. Its so flirty and fruity I absolutely adore it β™₯

  34. Nicole says:

    I feel as though D&G Light Blue will forever be my favorite perfume.

  35. Melaney R says:

    the weather today is rainy and disgusting =( i wanted to go for a run but it’s looking like hot chocolate and blogging is all ill be able to manage today!

  36. fcknartist says:

    My fav perfume at the moment is ONE shock by CK

  37. Mich says:

    The past few days have been super cold and rainy. Boooo!!!

  38. Megan says:

    I’ve been to New York several times now.

  39. Nadya says:

    The day began with rain and ended with cold and snow)

  40. Erika C. says:

    My favorite perfume right now that I’m loving so much is Gwen Stefani’s L.A.M.B.!

  41. Maria Therese says:

    Oooo My warmest jacket I bought today it’s corduroy on the outside lined with a faux woolf like fur on the inside β™₯β™₯

  42. Marta says:

    Juicy Couture !

  43. I never been to New York and I want it so bad! Kisses!

  44. Colleen Boudreau says:

    I’ve never been to New York but I’d love to go.

  45. Grace says:

    I bought the totally wrong shade of tinted moisturizer and it’s orange. And now I’m stuck with it! πŸ˜› If I ever want to go as an oompa loompa for haloween, I’m set though!

  46. Veronica says:

    The weather here in DE is rainy and very foggy! My current favorite perfume is Tauer Phi – une rose de Kandahar:)

  47. Ralitza says:

    My favorite perfume at the moment is Guerlain Samsara – oldie, but goodie… πŸ™‚

  48. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Sounds like our weather here in Indy is like everyone else’s ~ wet! The 18+” of snow from last weekend is melting quickly in the rain and we’re now under flood warnings πŸ™
    I’ll take it though, after that nasty polar vortex earlier in the week. My warm Coach legacy puffer coat was a lifesaver in the neg 40 degree wind chills!

  49. Jade C says:

    I’ve never been to New York, but I would love to live there for a year after I complete graduate school. Everyone I’ve talked to who’s been says that it’s really dirty and expensive.

  50. Erin M says:

    My go to would be Dior hypnotic poison. The scent is amazing and puts a smile on my face!

  51. Sonya Morris says:

    The weather here stinks! It is rainy, windy and cold!

  52. Noelle says:

    A good movie to rent is Rat Race πŸ™‚

  53. Deirdre says:

    Raining here, boo!

  54. Ambritt G says:

    I currently am in love with the perfume Alien by Thierry Mugler…it smells so good like no other perfume I have ever tried!!

  55. Andrea Amy says:

    I have never been to New York (in fact, I’ve never been outside of Canada before). Anything with Ryan Gosling is a good movie to rent of course (wish we still had movie rental stores in Canada, but they have all closed down). I can’t wear perfume as I am severely allergic to all scents/fragrances. Makes it difficult, because I can’t be around others who wear it either, so mostly I stay home.

  56. Tiffanie says:

    Sometimes the slow, uneventful days are the best ones though, don’t you think?

  57. Ellie says:

    My current favorite perfume has to be Light Blue by D&G

  58. A good movie to rent… well, if you love a good horror movie, you should rent The Descent! I’ve never been SO scared in my life! And I loved it, lol.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Make-up tutorial | Get the perfect black smokey eyes in 5 easy steps

  59. Erin says:

    I live in BC, Canada and its about 50 degrees Fahrenheit here today! Its gorgeous!

  60. The weather is stinky… cold and rainy =( ty for the giveaway!
    Brooke @ Blushing Noir recently posted … Crown Brush HD Brush Set w/ Mirror and Tweezers Photos & Review #CrownBrush

  61. Amanda R says:

    I love Sephora gift cards!

  62. Kayte CookWatts says:

    Yes, I have been to NY. Honestly, I think I expected every street corner some beautiful person singing a Broadway show tune. Instead, I was like “Huh. This is it?!” I want to go back now that I am not expecting it to be anything other than a great city. I think I will judge it more fairly haha!

  63. Autum says:

    A good movie to rent is Dangerous Beauty, it’s a great girly movie to watch. Love it!

  64. Teran says:

    A good movie to rent is the new Great Gatsby. I am super excited to show this movie to my senior English class in a few months after we read the novel. It’s my all time favorite novel!!

  65. Sandy says:

    My current perfume is Fresh’s Brown Sugar, it’s lovely. It’s been raining so hard here that we have a leak, time for a new roof! Looking forward to seeing American Hustle for date night tonight!

  66. Melody says:

    My parents took me to New York when I was a baby, so obviously I don’t remember the trip but I would love to go back now. Especially at Christmas!

  67. Samantha M says:

    I spent NYE in New York and had a fabulous time, despite dealing with the absurdly cold weather!! Thanks for the chance to win xx

  68. RM says:

    1 today is NFL playoff gameday!
    2 i’m planning a spring mini cruise with an equally-makeup-obsessed friend
    3 i am wearing new MAC Accentuate powder, bc of your post about it

  69. Celena Clause says:

    Going off of the good movie to rent question, a TV show I’ve recently become addicted to is Once Upon A Time. Lovin it so far!

  70. Cheryl F. says:

    I’ve been to New York City several times.
    Cheryl F. recently posted … There is Always Something to be Thankful For

  71. Varika says:

    Yep I’ve been to NYC, but unfortunately, I didn’t get to see the Statue of Liberty! It was actually a few days before NYE.

  72. I just went to NYC recently for my honeymoon at the beginning of December! We went for the first week of December for the tree lighting and the Christmas shopping, plus I’ve always wanted to be in NYC around Christmas time. Really enjoyed the experience and would love to go back with some friends for the next visit, maybe for the fall so I can see central park with the leaves changing colors!

  73. Veronica says:

    Just got our first snow here, so it’s cold but also pretty (I love the snow)

  74. Picco says:

    It’s reaaally cold today πŸ™

  75. Miki says:

    There was a tornado warning here today!

  76. Leslie says:

    Would soo head to Sephora if I won this ecard and get the new OCC pencils!!

  77. Melisa D says:

    My favorite perfume is Euphoria by Calvin Klein.

  78. Ivy says:

    I’ve been to NY but never been to NYC which is where I’d like to visit. Rainy day! Nope never mixed foundations before.

  79. Sarah says:

    i would love to go out and get some groceries but it is raining SO HARD out there. gahhhhh!!! πŸ™

  80. Brooke says:

    The weather here today is 51, with a high of 65. Not too bad, especially in comparison to the rest of the country.

  81. Dani says:

    My favorite perfume is Chanel chance

  82. Marie says:

    My current favorite perfume is Beyonce Midnight Heat.

  83. Alexandra says:

    DKNY Be Delicious has become my signature scent – sweet and bubbly, but when when I’m feeling more dare devilish and seeking attention I wear Dior Addict 2.

  84. Ariel R says:

    I got a sampler of Tocca perfumes for Christmas so I’ve just been on a Tocca bender lately.

  85. Bunny says:

    It’s above freezing and very foggy today, I could barely see across the street earlier!

  86. tiffani says:

    After last week’s polar vortex, it is finally warm (well, for winter), sunny, and the snow is melting.

  87. Raluca T says:

    I’m planning some “small” shopping – ULTA F&F sale starting tomorrow πŸ™‚ The weather in the Pacific NW is very stormy (high winds, more rain than usual). My favorite perfume now is Bottega Veneta, but I’m waiting for Balenciaga Paris L’Essesnce to arrive in the mail soon πŸ™‚

  88. Janea says:

    The rain here can’t make up it’s mind if it wants to fall heavily or not, it’s interfering with laundry day.

  89. Kelsea Eaton says:

    I love Sephora! Ty for the chance! I would love to buy some foundation if I won!

  90. Lulubelle says:

    My current favorite perfume is El Dias de los Reyes from Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab. Spicy chocolate, yum!

  91. Anna says:

    Lovely weather! Finally the snow came! It’s all white and glistening out there, very beautiful. Too bad christmas is already over, this would have been perfect!

  92. Maegan says:

    I love the Lady GaGa perfume

  93. Nicole says:

    I haven’t had to mix foundations – I’ve had good luck finding matches.

  94. Katherine says:

    My favorite perfume is “Maybe Baby” by Benefit!

  95. PS says:

    I’ve been to New York and would love to go again!

  96. Best Perfume- Gucci Guilty

  97. Paula says:

    A good movie to rent is Jane Austen Book Club. Can’t decide my fave perfume, but I love Prada Amber pour Homme Intense!

  98. Jennifer says:

    I grew up in NY and NJ so I’ve been to NYC many times. I still miss seeing the WTC.

  99. Kim says:

    I have been to New York once, years ago. I’m actually thinking about going again at the end of March!

  100. Nicole says:

    Doing a run to Target for groceries and odds and ends like placemats as well as stop at library so I can sign up for lending eBooks. Turns out I can burn through 600 pages in less than a week when I can read on my phone while feeding my little boy! Exciting stuff. πŸ™‚
    Nicole recently posted … Beauty Favorites from 2013 and as a New Mom, Swatches and a Few Extras!

  101. Love your blog and Yes I have been to NY several times… I actually live on Long Island… so I am neighbor!!! Thanks for a fabulous giveaway!!!

  102. Amy Simon says:

    The Way Way Back with Sam Rockwell and Steve Carell- awesome rental flick! Today I’m wearing Journey by Harvey Prince because it came in my Birchbox and I had to try it out.

  103. Melissa says:

    Going to LA and am so excited!

  104. Krystina says:

    The weather is humid and disgusting. Yay Florida!

  105. Paula says:

    Hope this comment isn’t a duplicate, but I don’t think my original comment posted. A good movie to rent is the Jane Austen Book Club. Can’t decide on my current fave perfume, but I love Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense on my guy!

  106. Shelley says:

    I’m trying to figure out how to thicken up my extremely thin, fine hair. I would really like to find some sort of product that would allow it to grow out naturally thick, but so far, no success, so I’ll have to turn to volumizers πŸ™

  107. Nisha says:

    Its rainy on the east coast but its warm today which is weird since its been extremely cold for the past few weeks

  108. Aida says:

    Ah… Ryan πŸ™‚

  109. Natalie B. says:

    My current favorite perfume is Victoria by Victoria Secret. I’ve never really thought of VS for perfume but received a nice sized sample with a purchase &, wow, it smells lovely!

  110. Cindy says:

    I live in NY, and it’s a MONSOON today!

  111. Kate McAtee says:

    Thank you for hosting this amazing giveaway! Sephora is definitely a magical place! I do mix foundation colors, from the drugstore, to create a custom shade. Right now I’m using Almay’s TLC Truly Lasting Color in the shade Ivory 120 with a splash of L’Oreal’s True Match Lumi in N1-2, Soft Ivory/Classic Ivory. The L’Oreal foundation is a touch too dark for me and the other is a touch too light. Thanks so much again for hosting! I, like most, am addicted to Sephora. If only my wallet could catch up to my specific taste/style, haha!

    Have a great weekend!

    Kate :o)

  112. Brittany says:

    The weather is awful today. It’s been pouring since 8 or so. I guess it beats snow or negative temperatures.

  113. Icequeen81 says:

    A good movie to rent ” Nou you see me” we liked it very much

    Weather it looks like its gonna rain, it smells like rain but there is sun but is not really warm ( live on a island is hard to describe)

    Current XS paco rabbane for her my only perfume at the moment also.

  114. Deborah says:

    The weather is cold and it looks bleak outside! Can’t wait for some nice sunshine.

  115. Maddie says:

    The weather is rainy and dreary out today.

  116. Monica says:

    I have never been to New York but I would love to some day!

  117. Arooj says:

    My all time favourite gucci:-)

  118. GB says:

    I can wear only perfume oils — everything else gives me a headache. For winter, I’m going back and forth between Firebird’s Brown Sugar and Alchemic Muse’s Marzipan (both on Etsy).

  119. Susan S says:

    Eh, I’m pretty much planning to chat with my gf and maybe start on some beadwork. Though I should probably try cleaning up the million other beadwork projects I’ve got sitting around. Thank Elvis for vacuum cleaners and pantyhose, that’s all I’m sayin’.

  120. doroffee says:

    My current fave perfume is Darling Deep from H&M. Such a great deep, sensual scent with a slight citrus undertone, I love it!

  121. heather says:

    I have not been to NYC yet but I have been upsate a few times.

  122. anisha says:

    I have been to New York twice, and I will visit this awesome city again in several months!

  123. Daraya says:

    I’ve been to New York during the summer, and I really didn’t like it! I think I might try to go again in the future during the fall though.

  124. Susan T. says:

    My warmest jacket is a hot pink Columbia down parka with fur trimmed hood.(faux of course)I need it today since we just got 20 cm of new snow here in the Canadian Rockies! Thankfully, it is almost cracking the freezing mark here so pretty balmy for us!

  125. Justine says:

    I’ve been to NYC.

  126. Andrina Goetz says:

    It is cold here. I really need a new foundation.

  127. Meg says:

    Current fave perfume is Minajesty!
    Meg recently posted … Ulta Friends & Family 20% Off Sale!

  128. Kathy T says:

    The weather isn’t too bad today

  129. cathy (hiiyooitscat) says:

    I want spaghetti!

  130. Sarah W says:

    Th weather’s in the 70s here!

  131. Kate W says:

    The weather is horrible today. I can’t believe this but I’m actually wishing it was colder out. The snow had become so wet and heavy. I got a good cardio/ strength workout shovelling.

  132. Maegan Morin says:

    Today its a beautiful -4 degrees celsius! No im not being sarcastic. We have had a really cold winter so far, sometimes getting as low as -35 so today is a BEAUTIFUL day!

  133. Shari says:

    Yup, been to NYC several times & love it!

    The weather here? Ahhh… it was 12 earlier this week. 70 this weekend & we just finished being under a Tornado Warning. Under Tornado Watch until 8p. Currently under Severe T-Storm Warning as well.

    Gotta love January! πŸ˜›

  134. LisaR says:

    Fave perfume right now- lavanilla grapefruit!

  135. Anne says:

    I need to do my homework.

  136. Brooke says:

    The weather is FINALLY warming up!! I think the high today is supposed to be 65Β° or something! =D which is awesome, I hate the cold lol

  137. auroragyps says:

    My warmest coat is easily my L.L. Bean one with Thinsulate. I got it 18 years ago the second Winter I lived in Buffalo, NY and it was a lifesaver there. Almost 20 years later and it’s still in great shape even after me wearing it to death 10 Winters in a row and machine washing it tons of times.

  138. Ana O says:

    NFL almost on, and we ran out of popcorn. That does not sound right. I guess I’ll go mix some foundation and see if that works! πŸ˜€

  139. Erica Cho says:

    I LIVE in NYC and love it! I’m going to recommend a RED lipstick. Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick. The red didn’t come off for more than 6 hours. http://ill-have-another.blogspot.com/2013/05/review-stila-stay-all-day-liquid.html

  140. My current favorite perfume is PINK by Victoria Secret. Light and a nice scent!

  141. Sarah PAuline says:

    I have never been to New York but would love to go!!

  142. Daniella says:

    Today I’m going to make a decadent pasta dinner for my friend and then going out to see the new Cohen movie πŸ™‚

  143. Melli Vi says:

    I have been loving YSL’s Le Teint Touche Eclat Illuminating Foundation lately. Have you ever tried it?

  144. Joanna says:

    I always mix two foundation to create my custom shade.

  145. Christina says:

    My favorite perfume right now is Burberry Brit!

  146. Rene Groyer says:

    Feeling really sorry for you guys in the USA with the nasty weather.You got to come to South Africa and see Cape Town !Most days the sun is shining as well.

  147. dawn says:

    Loving kiehls fresh rose and patchouli atm!

  148. Kelley says:

    Today it’s sunny and 70 degrees in Austin!

  149. Sabrina says:

    My current favorite perfume is Miss Dior Eau Fresh

  150. Evangalia Kanaraki says:

    My favorite perfume right now is Burberry weekend!

  151. zhe says:

    I have never mixed foundation before.

  152. kirsten says:

    I’m currently wearing Butter London Scoundrel on my nails!

  153. Jennifer says:

    My first time I went to New York was last year my parents moved from Cali to New jersey. It was really fun. I love all the stores, the only thing I hate about it is stinks lol. I cant wait to go back there this year hopefully!

  154. Kaoyee says:

    It’s “warm” today, in the 30s!! I just bought my first pair of winter boots today though. Best time of the year to buy, they’re all on sale or clearance!

  155. Jessie C. says:

    Beautiful day today here, 30 degrees.

  156. Still looking for the perfect blush for me. Pinks look too dark, peaches which are normally recommended just look wrong.

  157. Lyndsey B. says:

    It is sunny and 72 here in Austin!!

  158. Judy says:

    *sigh* saturday is coming to an end already… πŸ™

  159. Mardi says:

    The weather today is hot and sunny. The forecast is 34C, which is somewhere in the 90sF I think. Where I live the heat is hot and baking – if you go outside it’s like an oven. It’s cool right now with an early morning breeze but the sun coming in on the courtyard side is HOT!

  160. Really rainy here today in PA
    Krystle(Baking Beauty) recently posted … Grilled Corn Quesadillas Recipe

  161. Marisa says:

    Have you ever been to New York? Nope I live on West Coast, but I’m planning on going soon, really soon. πŸ˜‰

    Current favorite perfume? Curve By Liz Claiborne
    Marisa recently posted … Review of Curve by Liz Claiborne

  162. Ellen says:

    I almost always mix foundations or mix foundation with primer, etc., because I have yet to find a shade that’s spot-on perfect for my fair, neutral/cool skin!

  163. Suzanne says:

    Does Ryan Reynolds come with the gift card?

  164. mrsshukra says:

    Yes, have been to NYC!

  165. I’d love to go to New York but it’s a little far from here… Maybe for my honeymoon if I marry…

  166. Diana Giselle SanForc says:

    A movie I recommend for this cold lately that haunts us is: Marley & Me – The Puppy Years! It’s so cute! Recommended by 100%! <3

  167. Kelsey says:

    I have been New York! It was only for a couple days when I was doing my round of college visits but I’d love to go back for a proper trip!

  168. Katrina says:

    I was just thinking about new york this morning.. I plan to find a job and move there!
    Katrina recently posted … International Make-up Shopping (Nordstrom & Borderlinx)

  169. Yumi says:

    It cold, rainy, and gross outside

  170. christina p says:

    The weather was a lot nicer today than it was this week. Sunshine and highs in the 40s.

  171. Maren says:

    70 and sunny here today, but I’ve got a coat that looks like a polar bear.

  172. Cristiana H. says:

    My all-time favorite perfume (and current fav) is Hanae Mori.

  173. Sandie says:

    I am mixing nw15 and nw30 in mac prolongwear concealer to get a good match.

  174. Alicia says:

    Today is a super gloomy gray day

  175. Joanne says:

    It’s a beautiful 82 and sunny here today!

  176. Jennifer Peters says:

    I cant wait to try some new nail colors, hoping to buy some new ones soon, i love to do nail art too

  177. Jenny says:

    I go to New York as much as I can to see musicals!

  178. Ritsa Zafeiraki says:

    My favourite parfume at the moment is thierry mugler innocent!

  179. Lea says:

    New York–LOVE! First discovered Bobbi Brown there in ’93 @ Berg. Good., right after she launched. We love going~Great place to visit/live!
    Weather–58, cloudy, and I’m FREEZING! Thankful to be in mild CA and not in the middle of the country for now.
    Perfume–Current fave is my Jo Malone combo of Blackberry and Bay mixed with Nectarine and Honey. Delish!
    Movie–Despicable Me 2. With or without kids. Love.
    Thanks for a giveaway!! πŸ™‚
    Happy New Year!

  180. Rebecca Russell says:

    Hubby started a new job and is working today so I have my first Saturday to myself in I don’t remember how long and it’s stormy and rainy outside. And my birthday is Monday so I made the rounds of Ulta, Sephora and Kohl’s this morning and got my free stuff!

  181. Deanna says:

    It’s rainy here today, but at least it’s 50 degrees instead of 2 degrees, like it has been since January began. I’m SO ready for Spring!

  182. latanya says:

    One of my fave perfumes is Britney Spears is Curious.

  183. Claire says:

    Tom Ford tobacco vanille–it’s the only vanilla perfume that doesn’t smell like death on me!

  184. Jennifer Trimble says:

    I went to New York about 5 years ago and loved it. I got to see Hairspray, Metropolitan Museum of Art, and thew amazing view from the Empire State building.

  185. Salma S says:

    “The Heat” is a very good movie to rent. One of the most absolutely hilarious films I’ve ever seen.

  186. Maria J. says:

    I would love to visit New York because one of my Best Friends lives there and plus it would be a nice city to visit.

  187. Krystle says:

    the weather is so weird, 30 degrees and dry one day, then 55 and rainy the next. what’s going on in the world?!

  188. Sania ferguson says:

    This rain in Columbia, SC has me all bummed out. I’m sick and I want to do a makeup tutorial but not feeling and looking like this. I hope I’m better soon

  189. Erin says:

    Have you seen Despicable Me yet? I thought it was just a kid’s movie, but I happened to catch the start of it on TV, ended up watching the whole thing and loving it! It’s hilarious and the voice Steve Carell does is hysterical.
    On a make-up related note, I can not wait for the new NARS eye shadow palette to come out! Want it now!
    Erin recently posted … Nicole by OPI New Colors for 2014 Preview

  190. Debbie says:

    Sephora is my version of Disney. Greatest Place on Earth

  191. Margarita says:

    It’s raining in Honolulu! Cozy cuddling weather πŸ™‚

  192. Lisa K. says:

    Great afternoon! Watching an LMN movie and drinking a glass of wine.

  193. katie says:

    I am moving to downtown San Diego next weekend and I am supposed to pack everything up over the next 2 days… instead I went to Sephora and accidentally bought some stuff.


  194. Anneta says:

    SEPHORA – Women’s paradise! πŸ™‚

  195. Berry says:

    Today is rainy and fairly warm. 4 days ago we were in the middle of a blizzard. It’s crazy how quickly the weather changes sometimes. I much prefer the warmth.

  196. Danna says:

    UUUgggghhhh!!! The weather here in the DMV has been yucky. It’s been raining all day. I’m sick of the rain. GO AWAY already.

  197. marlena says:

    Rent Gone With The Wind. Fabulous movie but it’s so long – perfect for watching at home.

  198. hajin says:

    I love the formula of Estee lauder double wear (bone) but the renewed colors are too dark for me. They look too yellow on my Asian skin. I’ve been mixing with revlon color stay ivory color which has pink undertones so it’s perfect for me and they have similar formula.

  199. Joanne says:

    Weather is beautiful in the City of Angels!

  200. Melissa says:

    My favorite current perfume is Chanel Chance. Yesterday I was waiting around for my in-store pickup at Nordstrom’s that went missing so they sent me down to the Chanel counter to grab another one and the counter manager gave me a gift box with some samples of the stuff and the hand lotion and I’m just hooked! I can’t stop smelling it. Mmm. Haha. πŸ˜› I’ve worn Ed Hardy for years now but this stuff… I’m thinking I’m about to switch signature scents now. I am definitely going to pick some up next time I have a chance. (Haha!)

  201. Lynn says:

    I have mixed foundations, but I usually don’t because I’m lazy. Really should tho because foundations don’t seem to ever match my color. I tried the Sephora IQ thing…but It only gave my one foundation that matches closes to me. that was disappointing.

  202. Lorelai says:

    Yei! Great Giveaway! Thank u girl!
    Jean paul gaultier squared, all time favourite!

  203. Brandi says:

    Rent “The Heat” it is hilarious

  204. Silka says:

    Beautiful day, sunny and warm!

  205. mary-GaΓ«lle says:

    My favourite perfume at the oment is burberry brit, I also want to try one of the benefit ones (I saw them at my shoppersdrugmart yesterday and they looked so pretty n the packaging, but I didn’t have time to smelle any of them).

  206. Krista says:

    the weather has been cold and snowy can’t wait for summer already πŸ™‚

  207. ali says:

    looking forward to the makeup looks by the golden globes

  208. Lori P says:

    Weather is actually gorgeous…much better than the bitter cold we have been havinf

  209. Michelle says:

    Getting over a bad cold and studying for class on Monday.

  210. Caitie says:

    I’ve never been to New York, but I am studying abroad in South Africa in a week or two. (:

  211. fatima says:

    i’ve been searching for a perfume i like forever, i thought elie saab was ok the first time i tried it, but then i went off it. but this friday it was reduced to Β£37 for 60ml, so i bought it. might try a tester again before i open it thought. i know the perfume i love – j’adore but it too expensive for me, paypal would sure come in handy and i would so cherish it πŸ™‚

  212. Stephanie G says:

    I’ve never been to New York, but I’d like to go someday!

  213. Alyza Rae says:

    Thankfully it made it into the low 40s in Ohio today! And there wasn’t even any rain. So nice to be able to see the ground again without snow on it.

  214. Sienna says:

    i just watched “drinking buddies” on netflix streaming yesterday. a slow, quiet little movie, but i liked it.

  215. Shelley says:

    my favorite perfume is Twist by Kate Spade!

  216. Melissa says:

    Looking forward to the Golden Globes Sunday!

  217. Liz Healt says:

    I grew up in New York, my favorite city in the world!!! Living in So Cal now but we are moving back within the year, so excited!

  218. Chris25 says:

    I think I will make cream cheese pound cake tomorrow. Anyone wanna come visit me? πŸ˜€
    Chris25 recently posted … Chit Chat: Do You Collect Makeup/Perfume for Nostalgic Reasons?

  219. Jessica says:

    The last movie I rented was Prisoners! It was so good! Another recent favorite was Despicable Me 2.

  220. Natasha P. says:

    I have been to NY a few times and I love it! Hope to take a trip back sometime soon, now that I’m not on the east coast anymore πŸ™ Phooey.

  221. Elizabeth S says:

    I love mixing foundation! Pale skin here, and sometimes I have to mix white in there to get it right!

  222. Jessica says:

    Relaxing on a rainy evening. Doing a coconut oil hair mask watching tv with my hubby. Rainy days are perfect for at home spa days πŸ™‚

  223. Mary says:

    Currently loving Gucci Flora.

  224. Bev says:

    I just watched Gravity and it is awesome! I would recommend you watching it.

  225. Claudia Davis says:

    I live in NYC and love it.

  226. Niki T. says:

    My favorite perfume is Chanel No. 5. It’s been my favorite for like 15 years now lol. Thank you for the giveaway!

  227. Amy says:

    I’ve never tried Nars eyeshadow before

  228. C R Williams says:

    Went out and spread the good news yesterday!

  229. bridget says:

    my makeup today = completely for the #seahawks was super amazin and easy

  230. Whitney says:

    I did the polar plunge today!

  231. Joy Landas says:

    My favorite winter coat is a basic wool pea coat. It’s versatile, warm, and classic.

  232. Jisu Kim says:

    I live in new york haha

  233. Natalie says:

    Definitely rent Silver Linings Playbook! I really liked the story line and the acting was amazing! πŸ™‚ x

  234. Lynda says:

    yes i like NYC. i want to go again!

  235. Robin says:

    I have never been to New York– it is on my bucket list for sure though!

  236. Emily Rose says:

    It’s been a dounpour here, a waterfall creating a lake out of the city.

  237. Colleen says:

    I am yearning to rent The Holiday. Such a cute movie and the Santa Ana winds we are having in SoCal reminds me of it. Have a lovely weekend!

  238. Jelena S. says:

    My favorite perfume is Dior Addict….

  239. Alicia says:

    Nope, I have never been to New York, although I would love to go one day. I hear that the thrift shopping is really good, so I am down for that…and the food! πŸ™‚

  240. Tania G says:

    Today we had rain all day but at least it’s warm around 58 degrees. Much better than 7 degrees and colder we had earlier in the week.

  241. Sherry says:

    Hi Karen, it is raining cats and dogs here in Pennsylvania. It’s pretty warm though…a balmy 60 degrees. My current favorite perfume is Jo Malone French Lime Blossom. Believe it or not, I braved the bad weather today, and took a trip out to my favorite mall. I had to go to Sephora, because I needed to get a new mascara. My current one is about 4 months old, and was getting cakey. Thanks for another giveaway!!

  242. Molly says:

    Have you seen Family Weekend on Netflix? It’s so good! Think Little Miss Sunshine with more warm fuzzies.

  243. Chanelle (C.M.) says:

    I’ve never been to NYC. I wish I had.

  244. Suzanne G says:

    I am from Saskatchewan and the weather here has warmed up somewhat here from the -45 windchill we had a few days ago and is just above freezing but very windy out.

  245. Mari says:

    In Austin Texas it was a pleasant 75 degrees my husband and our two boys hung out in the garden with me as i pruned my antique roses!

  246. Katie says:

    I have never been to New York but would love to go!

  247. Elizabeth V says:

    I live in Ontario Canada. Have been to New York City years ago. Loved it. And now that I have more free time I plan to visit and take in some great shows and restaurants too. And a wee bit of retail therapy….

  248. Sylvia says:

    I’m watching Insidious 2 and while I think it’s not the best choice to watch by myself, it’s also somewhat absurd.

  249. Elizabeth F says:

    The weather here is pretty warm compared to the past few days

  250. Barbara L says:

    Today’s been my rest day. Just started my new job last month and it has been quite stressful and challenging. But other than that it’s been good. I’ve been looking on YouTube videos on contouring, which I love. And interested in the Nars’ Ita brush. But realize that it’s sold out everywhere. Hope I’ll find one soon!!

  251. Adrianne B says:

    My current favorite perfume is L de Lolita Lempicka. It’s discontinued and hard as hell to find, but it smells just like Nag Champa. Love it.

  252. Azzy says:

    I’ve never been to New York but I’d love to visit. Planning on moving to LA next year so I will probably visit then!

  253. Jillian says:

    LOVE Flowerbomb!!!!!!!

  254. camille says:

    happy CATurday! brrrr, it’s frickin cold outside! stupid desert weather can’t make up it’s mind! cheers to warming up, whereever you are! πŸ™‚

  255. Lei says:

    I’m struggling to get a regular workout routine back but all this cloudy cold weather in the Bay makes me unmotivated 😐

  256. leanna says:

    My favorite perfume is Chanel chance

  257. jess says:

    The weather was amazing today!! Over 30!!! It was -25 on Monday! crazzzyyy!

  258. Nadia says:

    My favorite perfume is LAVANILA vanilla grapefruit. It dries down to a warm vanilla, but the citrus burst is cheerful. Especially here, Seattle is rainy and foggy today.

  259. Aimey says:

    LOLOL I’m trying to imagine Ryan Gosling actually saying he loves Sephora like that haha

  260. Jessica says:

    Hello Karen (and Tabs!),

    Haha this is my first time entering any sort of giveaway. But regardless of the outcome, it is nice reading all the other comments! My favourite perfume is the Madagascan Vanilla Flower by The Body Shop. I used to wear Beyond Paradise by Estee Lauder but I found that the scent faded too quickly, and vanilla suits my personality a little bit more.

    And btw, I enjoy reading all your emails ^^ I like fat cats too! and Tabs definitely has curve appeal. And my favourite ‘advert’ was the Bobbi Brown fur foundation. I don’t befriend cats in real life because my mom is always warning me about fleas and cat bites, but I’m glad you gave Tabs a home. And a name πŸ™‚

    Sigh my wi-fi isn’t working properly. If this is a double comment just delete it!

  261. Estefania says:

    My sister gave me a coat for Christmas and it is the softest, thick material on the outside and has a silk-like quilting on the inside, and has a detachable hood. It is SO comfy and warm! If you are freezing outside, it warms you up in an instant. It’s sooooo comfy πŸ™‚

  262. May says:

    The weather is surprisingly warm outside today!

  263. Let says:

    We had thunderstorm earlier today in Seattle πŸ™

  264. JAPHIA says:

    I have never been to NY but I sure would like to live there someday !

  265. Megs says:

    I mix my foundation when I want a super contour look. I take a shade lighter than I am in the center of my face and blend out to my match shade. Then I blend to a shade one darker than my match on the outside rim of my face.

  266. Jordi says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

    I have been to NYC dozens of times… the most recent trip was last August. Saw a show, shopped at several Sephoras, walked the High Line and Brooklyn Bridge, had good bagels!

  267. ssuresh says:

    Went to watch Wolf of Wall Street imagining it to be something else(too bad I did not read the reiew before)…turned out to be semi-porn πŸ™

  268. Felis says:

    …did that unicorn just explode?

    My current favorite perfume is Tom Ford Tobacco Vanille. YUM FOREVER.

  269. Risa says:

    I’ve never been to New York.

  270. Sandy says:

    My favorite & warmest jacket is my VS Love Pink fleece jacket that I got in Las Vegas a few years ago.

  271. Sonya says:

    Current favorite perfume, Jimmy Choo!

  272. Tamara says:

    Today, I was almost side swiped and I literally let out a gasp. I swore that we had hit but he went on his road rage way, while I was left thanking my lucky stars, I was paying attention and had the still small voice telling me to slow down and let him pass. Moments like these make me realize that life is so unexpected and anything can happen on any given second of any day. I would’ve wrote about my favorite perfume, but this experience really made me grateful for my life. πŸ™‚

  273. Anita says:

    I was looking everywhere for the Nar Holiday collection’s Day dream blush. I have went to several Sephoras and online. They all seemed to be sold out… until today! I went to the mall with my cousin to check out somethings and we stubble into Bloomingdale’s. I generally don’t go in there because it’s so expensive! Guess what? The sweet NARS lady has daydream blush and everything in the collection! Of course I brought the blush despite the fact it’s after the Holidays. πŸ™‚ It’s gonna join it’s sisters, Coeur Battant and Orgasm, in my stash. What a happy day!

  274. Barbara says:

    Just got home from work and am trying a sample I have of Modern Muse. It’s OK but I don’t want to buy it.

  275. Erin says:

    Current fav perfume. Dolce Light Blue

  276. em says:

    I love NY! I try to go every year. I still have lots to see

  277. ellen casper says:

    I grew up in NYC!

  278. Liz says:

    I know it’s old school, and the name sounds like a euphemism for something you would find in or on your lady parts, but lately I’ve been really digging Estee Lauder Youth Dew.

  279. Aina Yao says:

    Yes I’ve been to NYC. In fact I live here. πŸ™‚

  280. susan says:

    I’ve been to New York and I can’t till I get a chance to visit again!

  281. Lilian says:

    The weather here in Melbourne, Australia is actually perfect today :). Nice and sunny but not too hot. But that’s about to change! The forecast for Tue is 41C (106F)! and then over 38C (100F)for the three days after! Too HOT!!

  282. Deanna says:

    MJ Honey is my new favorite smell. I seriously cannot get enough of it! I do mix foundation colors occasionally. I was last in New York City a few weeks ago and I can’t wait to go back soon!

  283. Christiana Mercier says:

    D & G light blue is my fave perfume. And I live in San Diego. The weather is amazingly mild and gorgeous! Hung the Xmas lights in a Tshirt with short sleeves. Sorry people trapped by snow. ._.

  284. JoJo says:

    I’ve been to New York almost 2 years ago with my best friends. I would love to go again. Today the weather where I live wasn’t very good. It was raining and icy. It was the perfect day for staying inside, baking and watching movies.

  285. Della Barker says:

    It’s cold and cloudy outside. I’ve never been to NYC, but would love to visit one day.

  286. Stacy Z says:

    It was super rainy today in NY, but at least it’s a reprieve from all the snow.

  287. Madison says:

    I went to NYC last year during my spring break and it was so cold and windy. It was very pretty though. πŸ™‚

  288. Clara says:

    I try to avoid mixing foundation color because it’s a pain, but I’ve done it.

  289. Vanessa says:

    60 and humid πŸ™‚

  290. Tennyoceres says:

    I’m being all indecisive about what to gift myself for my birthday. Usually I can make up my mind before MLK day. Aquarians woop woop!
    Tennyoceres recently posted … Dallas Cowboys

  291. Stephanie says:

    I’ve been to New York several times and I love it! So much energy and things to do!

  292. Alexis says:

    I like to mix Origins CC cream and Urban Decay Naked foundation together. i have pale skin and it gives great coverage!

  293. Camila says:

    Thank you for the giveaway! πŸ™‚ I haven’t been to NY but I would love to one day!

  294. cheridene boucher says:

    I would love to visit New York

  295. heather says:

    Have you ever been to New York? –I’ve lived in a NJ suburb of the city for my entire life. It was 65 degrees on Saturday in North Jersey/the city; I LOVED it! πŸ™‚

    I love this give away; good luck to all <3

  296. MelodyJ says:

    It was in the 40’s and 50’s and rainy.

  297. Justine says:

    The weather was nice and sunny today.

  298. Justine says:

    I’ve been to NYC many times.

  299. Altaf says:

    The weather today is cloudy

  300. Martha says:

    Rent/Movies to watch True Stories or Paris, Texas

  301. Donna W. says:

    I love shopping at Sephora and could buy some great things there is I win.

  302. Jamie Huntington says:

    My two current favorite perfumes are Midnight Rose by Lancome and Fancy by Jessica Simpson. Both are so lovely πŸ™‚

  303. maria says:

    Weather here in FL is crazy! was raining yesterday , horribly btw and now is sunny! Ive been in NY once, in January, not a good idea lol.

  304. liz says:

    i’ve been to new york but not recently enough! i think it’s about time i went back~

  305. Priyanka Bhandari says:

    yes i do mix foundation colors to get the perfect match to my skin πŸ™‚

  306. Stella says:

    Never been to NY. I’m from the south but here in Ky IT’S FREEZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :'(

  307. Nika says:

    I still didn’t find my fav perfume πŸ™

  308. Anastasia says:

    unfortunately, i’ve never been to new york,but i’m going to visit it next christmas.

  309. Deretta says:

    Way warm here today, but did my 2 mile walk at the mall to window shop!

  310. Mai says:

    my current fav perfumes are Si Armani and D&G in pink πŸ™‚

  311. Toria Mason says:

    Our weather here is incredibly dull. It’s been cold and rainy. There was about 76% chance of snow and it ended up raining. Boo!
    Toria Mason recently posted … Festive Fashion

  312. Liz says:

    Yes, I have mixed foundations before.

  313. Liz says:

    It’s cold and rainy. I think I’m going to head over to my parents’ and leave him with the dogs and football.

  314. Maria Trujillo says:

    My favorite perfume nowadays is DOT by Marc Jacobs. Do you like it?

  315. Tiffany says:

    Today it’ll be a nice 71Β° in SD. As much as I appreciate our warm weather, I really need for it to cool down in the mountains so I can go snowboarding! I refuse to go on ice.

  316. Rie says:

    It is pretty warm outside today!

  317. Stephanie says:

    It’s so rainy and cold here…I’m seriously debating whether or not to go to my Zumba class this morning or snuggle on the couch and stream a movie from Netflix.

  318. Pamela "MINNPAM" Hines says:

    I love mixing fragances together also. I have come up with some very nice smell goods…

  319. Jennifer Pham says:

    Weather’s actually pretty sunny/cool in AZ!

  320. irini says:

    It’s sunny, but cold!

  321. FreshEyre says:

    Hmmm – New York City ? Yep, just got back from there, in fact. Luv luv luv the city and even managed to hit the Sephora on 34th so the trip was an MBB dream. My “home” Sephora is a tiny shop, so getting to the big Makeup Mecca was like hitting the jackpot for me… !

  322. Angela says:

    I just rented/watched This is 40 last night. It was pretty good! I love Paul Rudd in movies.

  323. Leya says:

    Though I’ve never mixed foundation shades together I do mix my foundation with a little moisturizer to save time and also lighten the foundation a tad πŸ™‚

  324. I’ve never been to New York. I live in Dubai (UAE) and that’s the first(and probably will be the only)country I’ve been to.
    Sometimes when I’m feeling extra creative πŸ˜€ I mix foundations or mix BB cream with foundation. Rest of the not-so-creative days I only wear BB cream.
    It awesome weather in Dubai. Clouds, winds and occasional rain. Its perfect time to pull out the leather jacket my dad bought for me ages back. Alas! I don’t have it now. So I just wrap myself in a sweater and sprinkle the heavenly Nabeel perfume’s Al Nijud oil perfume all over me and put on Iron Man (I can watch Iron Man anytime):D
    P.S. Thanks for this giveaway πŸ˜€

  325. Janice Cooper says:

    My current favorite perfume is Coach poppy

  326. tzeni says:

    i really need to feel lucky at the moment!!

  327. Lisa says:

    It’s above freezing today, and given the recent -10 F weather, I’m pretty excited about sunny and 30s.

  328. Stephanie Hartman says:

    I use my Kat Von D Lock-it Foundation during the week and I hate to use it when I am not going anywhere so on the weekends I use Revlon Colorstay and Mary Kay foundation to get the perfect coverage.

  329. Swat says:

    Prada Candy!

  330. Betty N says:

    The weather today is Sunny and cool!

  331. Colleen says:

    Yay, great prize! My sephora wish list is pretty massively long.

    I don’t have a favourite perfume, but my favourite scents are citruses like grapefruit and rich deep notes. And when I use coffee based exfoliants I can’t get enough of the smell.

  332. Heather says:

    A good movie to rent? How about the princess bride?!

  333. April says:

    Current favorite perfume?
    My favourite perfum right now is a tie between Gwen Stefani L.A.M.B and Coach Poppy.

  334. Jennie H says:

    Love the new Nars collection!

  335. meghan says:

    My current favorite perfume is a tie between Tokyomilk Dark’s Tainted Love and Katy Perry’s Killer Queen. TL is sweet and warm, but not cloying at all, and KQ is surprisingly balanced and really lovely to wear. Thanks for the giveaway!
    meghan recently posted … Oh My Glob, a Lumpy Space Princess Tutorial!

  336. Christin says:

    What’s a good movie to rent? Margin Call, Side Effects, Despicable Me 2.

    Have you ever been to New York? Yep a looooooooong time ago. It was great, plan to go back.

    Describe your warmest jacket or sweater. It’s a Lands End black down coat that is mid calf length.

    Current favorite perfume? L’Occitane Verbena Eau de Toilette.

  337. Ann says:

    The sun is finally out in Michigan!

  338. Heather says:

    I’ve visited New York 5 years ago with my 3 girlfriends. Had a blast shopping, going to a Yankees game, and site-seeing!

  339. Amber says:

    I used to live in New York! Brooklyn (Park Slope, baby!) and I still miss it. I moved a few years ago for work, and pretty soon I’ll be moving to California, so I’m super excited about that! πŸ™‚

  340. Lucy Nguyen says:

    I have never been to New Year

  341. Gayle M says:

    My favorite perfume right now is “modern muse”. My daughter and I got samples at the TO women’s show in Nov. Fun! Thanks, Karen.

  342. Emily says:

    I have been to New York and love it!

  343. Martha says:

    I can’t stop watching Gossip Girl!

  344. Cassie says:

    Today the sky is a bright blue, but chilly so I am snuggling in with my kitty to watch tv/movies with a cup of tea. I hope you have a wonderful week! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity! My kitty says hi to yours!

  345. Sarah H says:

    The weather in South Dakota is actually quite nice considering that last weekend was terribly cold. I have never been to New York City, but would love to go.

  346. Loris Ayoub says:

    My mom is sick at hospital, had a heart problem, I am miles away and haven’t seeing her in 7 years….so now I am just trying to keep my mind out of it, because I don’t want to cry in front of my kids….

  347. Katrina says:

    I’m looking forward to a long weekend next weekend and no, I don’t have any plans. I really should just stay at home, catch up on sleep and clean my house. Perhaps it’s time to take down my Christmas tree too!

  348. Bri says:

    I just got a new perfume for Christmas, philosophy living grace, its great!!! does anyonehave it?

  349. dani says:

    My favorite perfume is Miracle by Lancome, only because my exboyfriend’s AMAZING cologne, Aqua Nova for men, has been discontinued.

  350. Amoure says:

    What’s the weather like out there today?

    I live in Arizona so it’s currently 63 degrees and sunny.

  351. Carson says:

    I just discovered your blog and am crazy in LOVE!!! I can’t get off the computer! I’ve never had money to buy nice makeup and really want to try some since none of my friends will let me try theirs. Oh and a good movie to rent was Get Away with Selena Gomez, without her in the movie it would be too guyish but there was just the right amount of Selena(:

  352. Yolanda C. says:

    I’ve been to NYC twice. The first time was actually 2 weeks before 9/11 and I didn’t get to see the twin towers because I was tired from walking all day. Biggest regret so far.

  353. Joy says:

    I’ve been to NYC and to other areas of NY state. My sister is back in NYC after a few years in London UK so I’ll probably head there again this year after not being there since 2009.

  354. Tina says:

    i have been to new york yes! and i loved it.

  355. Ashley H. says:

    First time commenting on the site, but I visit mostly everyday. It really cool an nice for you to have this contest πŸ™‚
    Right now I am still enjoying my fall/winter makeup but I am looking forward to upcoming spring/summer looks. Where I live there will snow until April, so I have a while to stick with these looks.

  356. Alice says:

    My warmest jacket is not that warm because man Bay Area weather always tricks me and is never as cold as I think it is. Layers….that is the rule.

  357. MARAL says:

    Such a lazy Sunday! Going to wash my face and put on a mud mask!

  358. Kristyn says:

    Today it is 52 degrees where I live close to Los Angeles. Next week it is supposed to be in the mid 80s!

  359. Aileen says:

    A good movie to rent is Stranger than Fiction.

  360. anissa says:

    our weather today is typical colorado – earlier was sunny, mild and quite lovely. and now, cooler with dark clouds, blustery winds and basically YUCK! πŸ˜›

  361. Kira says:

    My favorite perfume right now is Dot by Marc Jacobs, plus the bottle is so cute! And my warmest jacket is actually my boyfriends, its blue and white plaid and almost as long on me as most of my dresses.

  362. sarah says:

    I love visiting NY, i do it about once a month

  363. Jen says:

    I’d love to try the new Meteorites!

  364. Kylie says:

    I live in NY, about an hour north of the city! I worked there for awhile right out of college.
    My current favorite perfume is Laila, a Norwegian scent. Very clean and fresh!

  365. Teri B says:

    Wow. Came home from SFB area to the Eastern US last week. I left 65Β° weather & came home to 6Β° (below 0Β° with the windchill) & no electric. Went back to work where I had to train a new employee while catching up my work from vacation. Tomorrow, I have another new person to train. It takes a good 6 months to fully train someone & I have 2 at once. I could really use some Sephora bucks to make me feel special. Love your website. I really like the pic of you at the top, very nice.

  366. Jillybean says:

    Why oh why do the weekends go by so quickly? πŸ™

  367. Heather M. says:

    Jo Malone Blackberry & Bay

  368. INCI says:

    The weather is so good. It was sunny in the morning and now there is no cloud and lots of stars and it’s january! πŸ™‚

  369. Michelle says:

    I’ve never been to New York, but I’ve always wanted to!

  370. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    I have never been to New York, but I would love to go! πŸ™‚

  371. Rachel P. says:

    Do you ever mix foundation colors to create a custom shade? – I do, yes! Currently I’m mixing L’Oreal True Match Lumi in W3 Nude Beige with Revlon Colorstay for Oily/Combo in 200 Nude. The Lumi is a bit warm so Colorstay evens it out a bit πŸ™‚

  372. Elaine says:

    The weather is rainy and gross, but perfect for a lazy Sunday!

  373. Chelsea says:

    I’m loving Dot by Marc Jacobs. I use it almost everyday, which is rare for me to do with a perfume. I usually switch it up but I’m loving this one too much to change!

  374. Klara says:

    Well yes Karen, I visited New York just last summer, and it was the best time I ever had. I visited my boyfriend who’s doing a music tour there and surprised him! Hopefully I’ll visit it once more this summer, and ofc visit Sephora my favorite beauty supplier and addiction of mine. I can never get enough lol, especially after I get the mail with the stuff that I order. Happy 2014 dear, hope you have a wonderful year xx Klarisa

  375. Curvy CEO says:

    I have no business even entering this giveaway (I need NO MORE MAKEUP) – but it’s a $50 Sephora giftcard…can’t pass that up, right?

    Love your blog!

  376. Rachel says:

    The weather in SoCal is a little overcast but still warm.

  377. Lisa C says:

    You can still rent movies? Haha
    Thanks for the giveaway, Karen!

  378. kayla says:

    Hi Karen! Since you recently been uploading youtube videos on your channel, it’d be a cool idea to have that as an entry to your giveaway (anyone who is subscribed to your channel of course can enter their youtube or gmail name). Because I don’t think a lot of subscribers to your blog are subscribed to your channel or check it out! Just a thought πŸ˜‰

  379. Teresa Moore says:

    I have never lived or been to New York. My dream is to one day to attend the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day parade.

  380. Madeline Richmond says:

    My favorite perfume at the moment is Marc Jacobs Dot. I love the bottle and I have gotten almost daily compliments about how good I smell since I’ve been wearing it. It is fresh and fruity and energetic-like springtime in a bottle.

  381. Laura says:

    The Heat with Melissa McCarthy and Sandra Bullock!

  382. ling says:

    i have xams in 2 weeks. its cram time πŸ™

  383. Monica says:

    This isn’t really fun, but it’s important! Anyone who is thinking about having children should be carrier tested! You know, Tay Sachs, Cystic Fibosis, SMA…it could save a life! Counsyl testing is very affordable, as well.

    In make up news, I’ve been obsessed with Nars lately. Cruising is my favorite lipstick and Mounia is my favorite blush!

  384. Tiffany says:

    The revlon lip butters are on sale and so I ended up buying 10! So much for a no buy.

  385. I’ve been to New York city once, but I’d love to go back someday!

  386. Dianne says:

    Sill suck on my lady gaga perfume! Lol

  387. Melinda L. says:

    Current favourite perfume is DOT by Marc Jacobs.

  388. Danielle says:

    It was warm earlier today – now it’s winter chilly.

  389. Solangel says:

    My current perfume fave is Lady Gaga’s Fame πŸ™‚

  390. Andie says:

    I recently started using the Nars Creamy Concealer and it has been AMAZING. I’ve tried other concealers before which have been horrible with cakeyness, so the way it glides on and doesn’t look like I’ve got a mini mask on has been great.

  391. Mallory B says:

    My bridesmaids took me to NYC for a weekend for my bachelorette party! We went to an 80s prom party (omg, so fun) and went to see a guy we graduated high school with play with his jazz band in the zebra room. Along with a lot of shopping, of course. Actually, that was the first time I ever went into a Sephora (thus starting a lifelong obsession)!

  392. Gina says:

    I lived in New York City for 4 years for college, it was a LOT of fun, and the people are actually super super nice despite the stereotype. I think that was my greatest surprise; one of my greatest memories was when my mom visited to help me move out for summer, and it happened to be Mother’s Day weekend and random people wished her Happy Mother’s Day, a flower vendor even gave her a bouquet!!! I miss it!

  393. Petunia says:

    I love going to NYC! Taking the train into the city, going to the museums, the theater, wandering around the streets, SHOPPING, love it all!

  394. Amanda says:

    I love to watch It’s Complicated!

  395. McKenna Reasor says:

    I really love nude lipsticks for every day use but bright lipsticks are my fav for when I cheer. πŸ™‚

  396. HapaMama says:

    Lately, I’ve been loving Tea Rose perfume… reminds me of the 80s!

  397. Emily says:

    A good movie to rent? If you’re up for a chick-flick (and come on, who isn’t?!) I’d say, Crazy Stupid Love! Plus, you get to see Mr. Ryan Gosling without a shirt on! πŸ˜‰

  398. McKenna Reasor says:

    Hey so when I was entering my twitter name in the rafflecopter I hit send before I realized my phone had autocorrected it to something else. And I actually am following @karenmbb with my account @kennabrea. Hope you read this!

  399. Lindsey says:

    I have never been to NY but would love to!!

  400. Lena says:

    The weather was beautiful here in San Diego!

  401. kaylee says:

    its snowing outside! πŸ˜€

  402. Carolyn N. says:

    It was super windy today!

  403. BB says:

    I took advantage of my warmest coat this week when it felt below 20 in NY!

  404. Monica P says:

    New York is on my places to visit; however, we always end up in Hawaii πŸ™‚

    Monica P recently posted … Rebel without a cause

  405. Jennifer says:

    It was pretty warm today, but I hear it’s getting colder tomorrow. Sadness. I’ve been to New York twice–once with my family and once with my high school’s music department, which was such a fun trip.

  406. Your weekend sounds a lot like mine but instead of Top Chef we are watching Sofia the First (over, and over, and over…lol)
    Kristina Vieweg recently posted … Friday Favorites: Nail Polish! (Jan.10)

  407. Sarah Liz says:

    It’s so hot here! It’s 35C outside and my best friend is at the tennis, poor girl! Tomorrow (Tuesday) is supposed to be 44C too… I’ll be turning up the A/C.

  408. Michelle says:

    I was born & raised in NY. Although I no longer live there, I go back to visit family every few years. Hope you had a nice weekend Karen!

  409. Anna says:

    womp womp.

  410. Nicole Stanford says:

    What is your absolute most favorite eye shadow palette that you would be lost without?

  411. Jennifer says:

    I always mix foundation shades to get my perfect shade because I can’t find a foundation that matches me perfectly. I mix Annabelle BB Cream in Light/Medium with Revlon Nearly Naked in Medium Beige.

  412. Vanessa F says:

    It was pretty windy today but still in the 60s-70s. I am loving SoCal winters right now!

  413. Cezka says:

    My warmest as well as favorite jacket/sweater would be this long Old Navy pea-coat that’s actually in a dark blue navy color, & it just always makes me look sleek & kinda Sherlock Holmes-y (the BBC one with Benedict Cumberbabe :D). & I’d really love to go to New York someday!!! πŸ™‚

  414. Shyla says:

    Braved the cold today to get a sample of the MAC Mineralize liquid foundation as recommended in your blog. We have the same skintone, undertone, overtone lol and I love how you work out the neutral, nude lippy in your look. I have stopped looking for the perfect nude, neutral lippy because I always look like I am sick or something. Anyway, the make-up goddess in me has awoken again *whimper*. Thanks for your posts. I love the “Unsung Heroes” post, very helpful. =)

  415. Pansy says:

    Just saw Silver Linings Playbook and it was really good!

  416. Angela says:

    Surprisingly warm considering the polar vortex issues earlier this week

  417. Clemence says:

    I don’t usually mix foundation colors, but maybe I should to get a perfect match!

  418. preetha says:

    Loved the weather today.

  419. Ashleigh says:

    Uh oh, I can tell I have hefty competition for this sephora gift card. πŸ˜‰
    What’s a good movie to rent? I like movies both the man and myself will enjoy, that make you think and give good discussion during and after the film. Like memento, inception, pulp fiction come to mind.
    Current favorite perfume? Tocca- Stella. I want more but currently wearing Stella 24/7 because I splurged on it recently and it smells divine.

  420. Jen Lynch says:

    We’ve got nothing but wind and rain here in the greater Seattle area…

  421. Rebecca says:

    Aloha and Happy New Year

  422. Katie F says:

    I went to New York for the first time a few years ago. It was a lot of fun, but I think I’d rather go back to California after grad school. It’s just in my blood. πŸ™‚

    Dunno if I have one favorite, but I really like Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab! They have soooo many different scents, and I like the really unusual ones. Also, they’re oils and not sprays, so they don’t bug my asthma and it’s easier to control how much you put on.

  423. Cica says:

    My current favorite perfume is Gucci Rush

  424. Caroline says:

    soup really hits the spot during the winter πŸ™‚

  425. Valentina says:

    My current favorite perfume is La Petite Robe Noire by Guerlain

  426. Leelee says:

    Well we are in the middle of a scorching summer here in Australia – about to hit record temperatures over the next few days, perfect time to stay indoors watching YouTube and reading my fave blogs :0)

  427. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I love Theirry Muigler Angel. I’ve been wearing it for years.

  428. stacey says:

    my favorite is Chloe! i buy the biggest bottle because i can never be out of it.

  429. Krista J. says:

    Rent The Conjuring…it’s super scary!

  430. Andrea says:

    I’ve never been to New York, but I’d love to go to NYC soon! I love reading your blog, you always brighten my day!

  431. Bcteagirl says:

    I have never been too new york, but that sounds like fun. I have yet to mix foundations, but I may do so in the future. My warmest jacket is an extremely long extermely heavy leather jacket with fake fur on the inside and a hood.

  432. Andrea says:

    Justin Timberlake has been frequenting my sleep dreams for the past week… JT, you are now my dream date.

  433. Caitie says:

    I’ve been to New York, but not for years. I’d love to go again!

  434. Cinthia says:

    New to your blog, hope I win! My favorite product right now is my origins moisturizer.

  435. Katie R says:

    Bahahaha! The RyanGos Sephora gif made me lol so hard!!!!! It’s sunny here in Philadelphia today!!!

  436. Kimberley says:

    My favorite perfume right now is Euphoria by Calvin Klein. It smells wonderful.

  437. Supriya says:

    I haven’t been to NYC in 9 years, I’m dying to go back!!!

  438. Ruchita says:

    I’ve been to New York, but it’s been around 15 years since I’ve been there!

  439. Kim says:

    I’m highly recommending watching old Magnum P.I. eps on Netflix. They are so silly and fun and they’re set in beautiful Hawaii so what’s not to love? πŸ™‚ The boys picked Percy Jackson 2 to rent on Demand this weekend and I can’t even explain how awful it was. Nathan Fillion plays Hermes and it was STILL barely a 1 star. Did you catch True Detective on HBO last night? I liked it.

  440. Kat says:

    My fiance is from New York, so I have been there quite a few times now. I absolutely love it! We always try to catch a Broadway show when we visit πŸ™‚

  441. Amy says:

    I’m sick of the cold, bring on the Spring. Xo to Tabs!

  442. Valarie says:

    My current favorite perfume is Pink Sugar

  443. Chelsea says:

    This week in sunny Arizona, haha, it’s supposed to be upwards of 74 degrees. What I’m most looking forward to though is IMATS LA!!!!!!! I’ve never been and I’m taking off on Friday and driving there with my girlfriends. We are super excited!

  444. Amanda says:

    My current fave perfume is TokyoMilk Dark Bulletproof – it’s so great!

  445. Trude says:

    We’ve got the Santa Ana winds again here in SoCal, so it’s supposed to be warm, dry and in the 70s. What a rough life. πŸ™‚
    Trude recently posted … January Desktop Background

  446. Megan says:

    I’ve been to New York twice. I loved visiting but I don’t think I would like living there!

  447. Stefanee says:

    I’ve been reading your blog ever since I came in here to see your review on Nars tinted moisturizer. Nars tinted moisturizer is my go to morning make up for taking the kids to school. Thanks to you I found the right shade without having to haul 4 kids to the mall.

  448. Casey says:

    We are spoiled weather-wise- it’s about 70 degrees outside πŸ™‚

  449. Lydia says:

    its not’ a movie, but the last thing I watch on Netflix was a mini series called “Top of the Lake.” The actress in it won a Golden Globe last night. It’s absolutely wonderful. I watched the whole thing in 2 days because it sucked me in.

  450. Fran says:

    I’ve had my MAC Masterclass brushes for over a week now, and I think they are *awesome*! Honestly, they can do things other brushes don’t even *think* about doing. The skinny one fills in my eyebrows in about 2 seconds flat — even if I just swiped on some brow gel on my way out the door in the morning, I can go back hours later and fill them in in seconds with this little tool. Ever look at your makeup a few hours after application and wonder how it’s ever going to make it through the evening? Near-empty patches in some spots and pools collecting in fine lines? Somehow one cheek ended up with too much blush? Just pull out the small oval for under the eyes and tiny creases, the larger oval for cheeks, chin, forehead, and with a few gentle swipes — presto! Magic! Evenness has returned! And they wipe clean lickety-split. Honestly, the only thing that would improve them is if they came with little carrying cases for tossing them into your bag.

  451. Natalie F says:

    I’ve been to New York but it has been at least 10 years!

  452. Abby says:

    Never been to New York, but would love to someday!!!

  453. Donna says:

    Marc Jacobs’s Lola

  454. Amber G says:

    The perfume that I’m lusting over right now is Aqua Di’ Gio I really need to pick it up!

  455. Tamine says:

    I would love to visit NY someday!!!

  456. AmyD says:

    I’m finally embracing my bright-colored eyeshadows!

  457. Alenka says:

    I loved NY πŸ™‚

  458. I currently live in NYC! But I love warm weather!
    Noire Tropical Beauty recently posted … Merry Christmas to all!!

  459. agustina says:

    i went to NY and loved it!! my visit to sephora was a higlight of the trip πŸ˜‰

  460. Andrea Darst says:

    It’s almost 40 degrees today! Snow tomorrow, but nice out today!

  461. Sondra (Soni) Christensen says:

    I ALWAYS mix 2 foundation shades pretty much every day. (and usually 2 different foundations to boot) My skin is so weird in color that I find it’s much better to mix my own.

  462. Lorraine says:

    I visited NY once when I was 13. I will never forget it!

  463. Genny says:

    A good movie to rent is BlackFish!

  464. Majick says:

    I could have worn my leather jacket, it’s around 50 in NJ today. Give us a minute… wha? frostbite? uh huh. We just came out of a deep freeze – crazy @$$ weather.

    I have about 4 or 5 different cc/bb/foundations going at the same time. I mix the colors between seasons and sometimes I need one with more moisture or a different finish.

  465. Kaprice says:

    Happy Monday! It’s muggy and hot where I am today! I guess it could be worse right!

  466. Monica says:

    I was born, raised, and still live in New York. Wouldn’t want to be anywhere else in the world!

  467. Denise F says:

    Its a beautiful day here in hawaii. The weather has been so up and down with the rain.

  468. Elaine says:

    It is in the 50’s and glorious.

  469. Julia says:

    DKNY Gold!

  470. Sunaina Singh says:

    I don’t mix foundation shades ever! The weather has been great this winter in California! My favorite perfume right now is Tommy Hilfiger Tommy Girl! Love it!

  471. Stephie says:

    I actually never been to New York. πŸ™ Maybe 2014 will be the year!

  472. Courtney says:

    I’m interested in trying some NARS products. I just found this blog and I love it!

  473. Daisy D Alary says:

    my sis-in-law lives in upstate new york, so we’ve seen some beautiful changing of the leaves and countryside. very nice place. πŸ™‚

  474. Lauren says:

    My daily perfume is Coach. I wandered into sephora to look at the nail polishes with my boyfriend reluctantly following. We stood in front of the wall of perfumes and I grumbled something about too many choices and how picky I am that I’ll never find the perfect scent. He grabbed this one and for me it was love at first sniff. I love the bright floral scent.

  475. Jasmine P says:

    Today it got a little warmer out, which means all the snow is turning into slush! YUCK!

  476. Thomas Murphy says:

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  477. brittany says:

    i love sephora!

  478. kristina chang says:

    game of thrones!

  479. Elise T. says:

    ^_^ An everlasting fondness I have for ‘oddly-colored’ lip products; blue lipstick is a favorite of mine!

  480. Jamie C. says:

    I hope you enjoyed the Gloden Globe red carpet fashion and make up because I totally enjoyed it.

  481. Feng Yuling says:

    Have you ever been to New York?
    No. I’ll be going to Houston then Yellowstone National Park on 27 Jan.

    Do you ever mix foundation colors to create a custom shade?
    No. I find it quite a hassel, and so far I’ve been able to find a shade that match my skin tone.

    What’s the weather like out there today?
    As usual, hot, sunny & humid tropical weather πŸ™‚

    Current favorite perfume?
    Annick Goutal Le Chèvrefeuille

  482. Jennifer M-K says:

    Pure Poison by Dior has been my go-to perfume since college but I have been experimenting lately to see what else is out there. As for NY…I’ve lived here my whole life an hour North of the city. It’s close enough to visit but far enough from the traffic jams. I’d rather take public transportation to, from, and around the city than try to drive and find parking in Manhattan. I went to college in Queens so it was easier to go into the city whenever I wanted than it is to commute from where I am now but its still doable as long as I give myself enough time. It’s only an hour on paper..maybe less…but that’s with no traffic and driving myself. I give myself at least 2 hours if I’m going anywhere near rush hour and maybe more if I’m taking the bus in but its doable if I plan ahead πŸ™‚

  483. Rozae says:

    Never been to New York, would love to go, just wish it wasn’t so expensive.

  484. Tiffany says:

    I’ve never been to NY but I would LOVE to! It is certainly on my bucket list and something I hope to do in the next year or two! Hello shopping, walking, and live shows!

  485. Anabel says:

    My favorite fragrance is definitely Marc Jacobs Daisy eau so fresh sunshine. It makes me sad that they don’t sell it anymore πŸ™

  486. Mia says:

    I am in love with Modemoiselle perfume from Chanel. I have small 10ml sample and I just love it. <3

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