7 Ways to Win a $50 eGift Card From Sephora! (Ends Monday)

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Win a $50 Sephora e-gift card from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Win a $50 Sephora e-gift card from Makeup and Beauty Blog

Black Mirror. OK, damn… I don’t even… Holy! That show… To put it mildly, I am freaked out.

Every. Episode. So far. And I’ve only seen five of the seven so far! — but I can’t stop thinking about them.


My goodness, how cynical and/or twisted does a person have to be to come up with stories like those? Haha! That second episode, with the bicycling and the talent show (Hot Shot!), what a sad, sad world…and yet I can see something like that existing. Brilliant sci-fi in the vein of Twilight Zone and The Outer Limits, only VASTLY, incomparably more jaw-dropping and twisted (I’m warning you!) than anything I ever saw on either of those shows. If you’re interested, it’s up on Netflix now.

In other news, happy caturday, my friend! πŸ™‚ The sun is actually shining here in Novato, and that is so damned awesome! I’m getting outside today, no matter what. I think sun like this calls for a trip to the mall.

Whatever you’re up to, I hope you’re doing great. Good luck in the giveaway, and I’ll talk to you soon.

Win a $50 gift card from Sephora

  • One (1) Sephora eGift card containing $50 sent to the winner by email (international readers, you may opt to receive $50 sent by PayPal instead).

  • Enter using the Rafflecopter widget below.
  • Open to U.S. and international readers.
  • You must be 18 or older to enter (or otherwise an adult based on your local laws).
  • Your comment can be about anything at all, but here are some ideas if you’re stuck:
    • Which of these two mundane makeup powers would you rather have? 1) Perfect makeup recall, where you can remember every single tool and shade name, finish, formula, detail and application technique you’ve ever seen; or 2) the amazing ability to use your index finger as an airbrush that can shoot pigments (all colors) without ever running out?
    • If you were a character in a video game, what would the game be about?
    • What’s the most annoying piece of makeup in your collection that you wish you could figure out how to use better?
    • Have you downloaded any cool new apps?
    • Best thing you’ve seen on YouTube this year (yeah, it’s only the first month of the new year so far, but still)?
    • If you had carte blanche total control (all expenses paid) over your day tomorrow and could do anything you want, what would you do?
  • You can enter in up to seven ways to boost your chances of winning.
  • The giveaway ends on Monday, January 12, 2015 at 11:59 PM (Pacific Time). πŸ™‚
  • Full terms and conditions are available in the widget.

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Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Agata says:

    Hi Karen,

    I am so jealous that you got these Hourglass palettes, cannot wait to see them in action!

    I will try to get out of the house today too although it’s snowy and freezing! Enjoy your weekend!
    Agata recently posted … How to fake radiant skin in the winter with Becca Shimmering Skin Perfector

  2. Sicily says:

    I’ve finally found a good few holy grail foundations. Makes me super happy c:

  3. margarita says:

    I miss my little sister a lot… so I’d fly to California to visit her, drive us up to Disneyland, and go on all the rides!

  4. Maribel D. says:

    I would love to be able to have a the perfect makeup recall ability that would mean I could work in the makeup industry and who knows maybe be an awesome makeup artist!

  5. Arlene says:

    I’m really pining for the tartlette palette but I’m on a no buy until further notice

  6. Ozelle says:

    The weather in my town is frickin beautiful! I only wished in lasted for more than a day (I live in Florida) blah! Lol.

  7. Aida says:

    Have a happy caturday!

  8. Laurinha says:

    I’ll spent all on a jewelry, from ear rings to neckless to rings to whatches……. oh dream, sweet dream!!!! hahaha……

  9. Aviva says:

    I would LOVE to have magical makeup powers!

  10. Deborah says:

    thank you

  11. Ayesha says:

    Gel liner is always a struggle for me lol

  12. Jana says:

    If I had carte blanche I’d totally go to London (which is only 1h away by Eurostar) and go shopping! You said “all expenses paid” right ;-)?

  13. Alice says:

    Oh gosh… I find powder eyeshadow so difficult to use. Between having “Phoenix” eyes and an unhealthy addiction to cream and liquid eyeshadow… I just never quite figured out how to use powder eyeshadow.

  14. Stephanie says:

    Cat winged eyeliner is impossible for me. My eyes are shaped slightly differently, so I end up with one pretty decent looking eye and one hot mess. I need to practice, but I just don’t have the patience.

  15. traci says:

    This would be a great gift to celebrate my birthday on January 12th!

  16. Emily C says:

    My video game would be all about eating!

  17. Debbie says:

    best you tube video this year was clip from Jimmy Fallon show with Nicole Kidman where she tells him the story of him blowing a potential date

  18. Miki says:

    I love the idea of perfect makeup recall! I’m working on it, lol!
    Miki recently posted … Dior Cuir Cannage: Swatches & Review

  19. Sandy says:

    I’ve never been able to do a winged eyeliner.

  20. Anna says:

    Hmm…all expenses paid, I think I’d jet off tomorrow to some warm beachy island, soak up the sun, sip on some slushy tropical cocktails, and eat as much lobster, crab, and calamari as I could.

  21. Jennifer Pham says:

    I love video games as much as I love makeup (I have upwards of 600 games!). When it comes to a game world to be in, I would love to be in the semi-modern yet fantasy-ish worlds a la Final Fantasy!

  22. Tiffanie says:

    I’m looking forward to your review of those Hourglass palettes!

  23. Colleen Boudreau says:

    2) the amazing ability to use your index finger as an airbrush!

  24. Icequeen81 says:

    If I had a carte blanche . I would Paid my study loans, give some food to the animal shelters, some medicine. Give my parents and hub a great dinner. and some toys for my pups.

  25. Jessica says:

    Just added Black Mirror to my watch list.

  26. Kelly D says:

    I would take my family to Italy tomorrow if all expenses were paid.

  27. Estefania says:

    If I had all expenses paid for tomorrow, I’d fly myself and the bf to NYC and go to dinner and a show. We’re both head over heels for the city, and it would just be perfect. Even if just for a day. Of course, I’d have to take advantage of the carte blanche + 5th Avenue situation.

  28. ElzaElza says:

    Inglot gel eyeliner….amazing but soooo messy!

  29. Amoure says:

    If you had carte blanche total control (all expenses paid) over your day tomorrow and could do anything you want, what would you do?

    I’d travel the world and shadow famous makeup artists at work. This would give me insight on various techniques, and products they use to get the perfect faces for all occasions.

  30. Remi says:

    Anything tomorrow? I would book a month long cruise with the SO, and pre-order every single excursion.

  31. Holly says:

    Carte blanche? I’d go stock up at Sephora & Ulta; get a massage & pedicure; pick up a bunch of delicous foods from Pike Place Market; have dinner with a bunch of my friends & family at my favorite bistro; and I’d get a tattoo to celebrate my nieces & nephews.

  32. Kelly Chambers says:

    I’d want super power #2

  33. If I could do anything tomorrow, it would be to get on a plane to Hawaii! It’s been below zero here for too many days, and I could use some sun and sand!

    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  34. Leah Sorensen says:

    If I could do anything tomorrow, I would fly to Europe to climb Mont Blanc!

  35. Alix says:

    I’d go to London for tea at Claridge’s!

  36. Nicole says:

    The best YouTube vid this year has to be the Scottish fold cat getting caught taking stuff out of a drawer. I’ve watched this so many times and I can’t stop laughing. Happy Caturday gorgeous!

  37. Hi Karen! Hope you’re having a good weekend so far! I’m adjusting to my new contacts, ugh. I feel like I’ve been running around tipsy all day :-S Maybe some make-up shopping would help to see straight again πŸ˜‰
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … New in | Daniel Wellington Classic St. Andrews Lady Watch

  38. Samantha M says:

    I just downloaded the new ‘Scannable’ app by Evernote and i’ve been loving it! xx

  39. Susan T. says:

    Happy Caturday! I’m just going to start watching Black Mirror and I am super excited. If there was a video game about me I would be running around in my sweatpants collecting all the stray cats. Bonus points for collecting treats and catnip mice!

  40. basak says:

    all expenses paid!!! so going on vacation! mediterranean beaches in Turkey πŸ™

  41. Albertina says:

    Oh,these Hourglass palettes look awesome! They remind me of sand dunes or sea waves. Oh imagine, looking like a total goddess with these palettes on a small deserted island, with the sea whispering and the warm sand on your feet. Ah, it almost makes me forget about winter.

  42. Melissa says:

    I think it would be fun to have a video game based on me, all about style, fashion, and makeup!

  43. Lisa Brown says:

    I have trouble making my hooded eyes look good with eyeshadow.

  44. CK says:

    Happy caturday! Just got back from vacation and am happy to be reunited with my kitty

  45. Jessie C. says:

    I’m loving spotify and EVERNOTE FOOD apps.

  46. Brittany says:

    Liquid eyeliner is the worst. One eye always looks good while the other is just a mess!

  47. Natalie says:

    I wish I had a better handle on making my undereye area look brighter/not crease.

  48. Meegan says:

    Airbrush fingers for sure. That would be amazing!

  49. Darias says:

    I wish I could blend my eyeshadows nicely

  50. Kathleen says:

    Would love to win the lottery !!!

  51. Princess says:

    I’d rather use my index finger as an airbrush that can shoot pigments (all colors) without ever running out!!!

  52. ericca says:

    i have three main goals for my life this year. Gaining more independence, education and money. Oh and i am doing a no buy for an entire year

  53. Kim Pincombe Cole says:

    Carte Blanche for tomorrow? Private jet from Indy to Denver with suite tickets to the Colts vs Broncos football playoff game! Followed by a night in a 4 star Denver hotel of course. Go Colts!

  54. Maren says:

    I wouldn’t mind having the airbrush finger power. Best thing I’ve seen on Youtube this year: a video from Soul Train, using “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” for an in-depth danceoff. (Better than it sounds.)
    Maren recently posted … Depressing Stuff #11– Depressing Shit *Lite*

  55. Suzanne G says:

    I wish my daughter lived closer as I would have her do my makeup everyday. She always likes to try out new looks and she does my makeup so perfectly.

  56. Emily says:

    The Jimmy Fallon and Brian Williams skit was pretty awesome!

  57. Zula D says:

    If I had a carte blanche I would wantt my full college tuition and expenses to be paid for next fall πŸ™‚

  58. Coline T. says:

    If I was a character in a video game: definitely Lara Croft! I like her little short, so sexy ahah πŸ˜‰
    Thanks for this lovely giveaway β™₯

  59. kwmechelle says:

    Right now, I REALLY want to play in the new soon to be released Hourglass Modernist eyeshadow palette! With so many options to choose from, I’m torn about which one to choose.

  60. Rachel H says:

    The coolest video I’ve seen on Youtube so far this year is a street artist using spray paint and a metal sheet to draw the New York City skyline in just a couple of seconds… So cool!

  61. sylvia says:

    Still trying to figure out what to do with all my eyeshadow!

  62. Marisa says:

    I super struggle with liquid eyeliners. I haven’t used them long and argghh they always get so messed up πŸ™ Working on it, though!!

  63. Anna says:

    Making concealer under my eye not crease! I’m still playing with products. :/

  64. Lyndsey B. says:

    I have a hard time with eyeliners. I can never get close enough to my lash line.

  65. Illy Junus says:

    If I have anything tomorrow, i wish to fly to Paris and have a cup of coffee with my friends

  66. Erin says:

    I have finally found the face lotions/serums that I will use for the rest of my life! I did my research and read about this brand and went through a lot of the reviews, as I always do before purchasing a new product. Almost every single review I read on EVERY product was 99.9 good. I guess I wouldn’t even say good, they were great! The brand I’m talking about is Boots No7. I have been using the Protect and Perfect Advanced Serum for about a month now and my skin looks amazing! My pores have shrunk around my nose and cheeks, my skin tone looks more even, and the dark puffy circles under my eyes have went down tremendously. And the best part? Their prices are insanely cheap for such a wonderful product! I paid about $23 for the bottle of serum. This product has worked better than ANYTHING I ever tried before. Yes, even the top of the line products that I’ve paid over $50 for. Girls, if you haven’t tried Boots No7, you must!

  67. Kim Henrichs says:

    If I could do anything I want tomorrow, I would have lunch at a very expensive restaurant that i LOVE but is reserved for special occasions. Then go shopping and not look at one price tag.

  68. Sarah W says:

    I would go on a trip somewhere WARM with my fiance!

  69. Ashley Celikay says:

    I would LOVE to have an index finger that shoots out pigments OMG! Where can I buy one of those? LOL

  70. Michelle says:

    I think the most annoying piece of makeup that I have is my Fresh lipsticks. I live in Hawaii, and they all melted in my house πŸ™

  71. Sherry says:

    If I had carte blanche, I would go to some place warm and tropical and get out of this cold weather!

  72. Megan says:

    Probably the Achievement Hunters doing silly things is the best thing I’ve seen so far this year on YouTube.

  73. Aurelie Red says:

    I bought last year a beautiful purple gel liner but it’s really hard to use ! But I love the color…!

  74. emaskina says:

    Thank you for giveaway!

  75. Anna says:

    I think my benefit They’re Real Eyeliner is super hard to use. I know it’s supposed to be easy, but it’s not!

  76. Jennifer says:

    I’d be on my way to the airport to catch my flight to Hawaii. If my flight was late enough in the day I’d also go shopping at Sephora and Nordstrom.

  77. Ashleigh says:

    If you had carte blanche total control (all expenses paid) over your day tomorrow and could do anything you want, what would you do?

    I would fly out to California and spend the day with my aunt, we would go shopping and have a nice dinner at one of the hotels on the ocean down in Laguna and then watch the sunset with peppermint mochas in hand. ^_^

  78. Rachel R. says:

    I was going to check out Black Mirror. I’m a huge fan of the original Twilight Zone. Now that you say it’s incredibly twisted, I must see it. πŸ™‚

  79. Amber says:

    Makeup superpower #2!, Um airbrush finger? Yes please! Flawless skin like bam!

  80. I’m enjoying all of the 2014 yearly favorites videos on YT lately.

  81. bhevarri says:

    Woo! The weather’s nice today. Cloudy and cool!

  82. Rachel A. says:

    The most annoying makeup item…liquid liner! I have yet to get the perfect cat eye.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  83. Idk what to say, so I’m just going to wish everyone a healthy, happy and safe 2015! πŸ˜€
    Ashley (PiqueintheBox) recently posted … Moxie Box – January Review + Promo Code!

  84. Kristin says:

    I think i would wish for makeup superpower #2, for sure.

  85. Meg says:

    It would be pretty cool to shoot makeup from my fingers!!
    Meg recently posted … Soap & Glory Endless Glove 2-in-1 Moisture Mask & Hand Cream

  86. Rae says:

    Makeup recall! Then maybe I’d be able to use this liquid liner and be happy with it. What pallet is that in your picture? It looks so pretty

  87. Stephanie says:

    Control over my day? Hmm. If I didn’t have to fulfill responsibilities and a society-created role in society… After I’d rested enough (because my health hasn’t been great lately) and snuggled with my cat, I’d like to get working on my blog, coding skills, and maybe even decide if I’ll ever be a writer (as in write for a while). Plus some spiritual projects I’d like to work on.

  88. Paige says:

    I had to take a break after watching Fifteen Million Merits and National Anthem in Black Mirror because it was rather disturbing and I actually felt quite angry after the second episode! But I must say, the story lines are really original and I have to hand it to the writer for coming up with plots like these.

  89. Kris Pope says:

    During my holiday break I binged watched the entire Breaking Bad series . Can’t wait for the spin off Better Call Saul in Feb!

  90. anissa says:

    all expenses paid for one day – i’m torn between either an in-state shopping spree, OR a chartered jet trip to florida and a day at a luxury beach resort!

  91. Tiffany says:

    Sounds like an interesting show! Currently, I’m binge watching L&O SVU since my mom is a huge fan and got me hooked. Oh the joys of Netflix-ing on the weekend.

  92. alice says:

    I maaaaayyyyy have watched this video (and part 2) a few times since I found it. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MG8dxVzFcSk
    Can’t go wrong with a baby doing the chubby bunny.

  93. Anne says:

    Hi there, i prefer to be the Dutch Hello Kitty if I would be a charaxtwr. Haha I bet my dad would be scared to death if he had to wake up his ‘daughter/cat’ tomorrow morning!

  94. steve weber says:

    I would probably travel somewhere much warmer than Wisconsin if I had endless money tomorrow.

  95. Amy says:

    I just got the Note 4, so I’m having fun playing with apps that work really well with the S-Pen.

  96. Sandy says:

    I would have a spa day!

  97. Megan says:

    Oh Karen – that carte blanche- what a dream. I’d be in London shopping like a madwoman for overseas beauty product goodness along with some accessories and getting some good tea and scones. Plus I’d go back to favorite museums – like going to visit old friends just they’re silent, non-moving, non-living friends.

  98. INCI says:

    Eyeliner!! I can use gel liners but can’t do winged liner.

  99. Kelly Kimmell says:

    I just bought a new felt tip eyeliner that works great.

  100. Stephanie A. says:

    Best thing I’ve seen on YouTube this year? “This cat is a thug”, it is HI-larious! It’s old, and I’ve seen it before this year, but I watch it every time I’m having a bad day, and it ALWAYS helps!

  101. Deb says:

    I’m pretty good at doing my makeup, but what really annoys me is false eyelashes.

    They are beautiful, but soooooo difficult to put on!!!

    I need more practice. lol!

  102. raychelle says:

    I’m still trying to get the hang of gel liner. Still working on getting it to look smooth and precise. I love how it looks on other people.

  103. Lisa Foster says:

    I would like to become better at putting on eyeshadow. I see all these great looks online, but I usually end up swiping one color on my lids. I need to watch some tutorials to learn how to apply shadow better.

  104. Melanie Britton says:

    I would love to have perfect makeup recall… I am a youtube junkie and I am alays watching reviews and demos of products. I get in my head the products I want and when I get to Sephora or Ulta I am TOTALLY distracted by all the amazing things and can’t remember what I wanted or why I wanted it! I find myself getting my phone out searching for videos or blog posts trying to find out which shade I wanted or remember what the beauty guru said about why that product was better than others. It’s really not a problem but I would love to be able to remember every detail I learn about products! πŸ™‚

  105. Jenn Erin says:

    I am loving the CLinique Moisture surge moisturizer!

  106. Lorena Keech says:

    So, I’m just excited about the NFL playoff games and totally bummed at the same time that both college and pro f’ball is almost over for the season.

  107. jules m. says:

    my favorite thing on youtube is anything on the Bad Lip Reading page- we are obsessed with their songs LOL

  108. nicole dziedzic says:

    Sephora is my favorite place to get my makeup palettes from.

  109. alicia szemon says:

    I love sephora! I do not shop there too often because it is expensive but i still love it! lol.(:

  110. April T says:

    Of course let’s talk video games! I would be the protagonist who would fight with a bow & arrow, and would have an animal friend. We’d be fighting to protect something we love (our town, the animals, etc), and hopefully we’d (YES both of us) would fall in love on our journey πŸ˜‰
    And omg those hourglass eyeshadow palettes… DROOOOL!
    April T recently posted … GRWM #2- Oldies and New Goodies

  111. Julie S-G says:

    I have a lot of cream shadow sticks, but just never seem to use them.

  112. Kim says:

    I SO wish I could learn how to apply cover up the imperfections on my face without making my make up look cakey!! Also, I would totally love to learn to apply my fake lashes a bit better.

  113. Susie says:

    If I had unlimited funds for a day, I’d buy everyone Oreos.

  114. Jessica says:

    If I had a makeup super power I would be able up do incredible eyeliner and shoot pigments out of my index finger πŸ™‚

  115. Sandy Pincombe says:

    Airbrush! Airbrush! Airbrush! + A magic eyeliner!!

  116. Michaela says:

    go patriots!!

  117. Rosa says:

    All expenses paid? I’d go to Hermes. πŸ™‚

  118. Tania G says:

    I am dreaming of warmer sunnier spring weather. It’s been in the 20’s here, windy, snowy, miserable.

  119. Jan says:

    It’s so cold here I feel like my toes are going to fall off! I’d love to learn a better way to cover up a pimple. Not just the redness but what about when it’s big- or when you “accidentally” pop it. Those little scabs never look right with makeup on them!

  120. Ellen says:

    I have a guerlain kohl eyeliner that just gets everywhere when i use it!

  121. Bertha says:

    If I had carte blanche control over my day tomorrow:
    -husband & daughter GONE
    -sleep late
    -take myself out to breakfast
    -go to the mall for clothes, shoes, a new bag, and makeup
    -take myself out for lunch
    -go home and revel in my complete aloneness while watching Parks & Rec and eating cheese & crackers the rest of the day

  122. AmyBS says:

    Those palettes are too pretty to use!
    Omg I love Black Mirror!

  123. Lana says:

    I wish I could better figure out how to use my mascara. Some days it clumps and other days it’s perfect, or I’m leaving the house with spider legs on my eye and beautifully fanned lashes on the other. Frustrating!

  124. Laura says:

    The most annoying thing I own that I wish I knew how to use better is concealer. It always look really gross under my eyes and trying to conceal any breakouts doesn’t work out. =/

  125. CatG says:

    I’d love to have that first super makeup power! With the second option, I’d miss using makeup brushes and selecting out products, opening them up, etc. It’s part of the therapeutic process!

  126. georgina says:

    Hello Karen,
    This is my first post and what come to mind is my latest beauty purchase. The Becca perfecting brush. The first time I used it I wasn’t sure about it, it shed a little too much but after a few weeks of using it I have to say that I LOVE IT! It doesn’t shed anymore and it blends everything like a dream. Thumbs up!

  127. Chelsea says:

    Still trying to master liquid eyeliner! I feel like it always looks weird with my lash line.

  128. susan says:

    I would love to have powers in my fingers! That would application a breeze.

  129. Lucia says:

    I’m still trying to figure out how to use cream blushes – with fingers, I lose control of the product a bit, and I don’t know which brush might work to stipple it on. I wish I were a master of ALL THINGS MAKEUP although I do love always having something new to learn.

  130. Caitlyn says:

    So I am a beauty/fashion blogger but I am trying to get better and better.
    I am so busy with work and my two kids that the blog ends up coming in last, which stinks.

    one fun fact about my- I am addicted to the game ‘my singing monsters’ for the ipad/ipad mini. I saw my hubby play it and I was like ‘wow that looks stupid” and then I gave it a try and I have been hooked ever since!
    Caitlyn recently posted … New~ Product Review~ Kiss Instawave~ I’m in Love~!

  131. Amy says:

    It’s so freezing cold over here.

  132. L says:

    I am L-E-M-M-I-N-G after those Hourlass palettes.

  133. latanya says:

    I would be Lugi

  134. Mardi says:

    Cream eyeshadows, particularly pencil ones. People say they use them for quick makeup looks but I just can’t get them right and usually end up cleaning them off and going with standard powder eyeshadow.

  135. nlm8 says:

    Tmrw I woudld do a hydrating facial, delicious steak, and a behind the scenes tour of Disneyworld!

  136. nancy says:

    the most annoying makeup I own is eyeshadow – I can never apply it just right and get the look I’m trying for

  137. Maria J. says:

    Most annoying piece of makeup I own is liquid lipsticks, they don’t tend to last on me and bleed on me for some reason, but more specifically red colors.

  138. Laura says:

    If all expenses were paid, I would be in Disney tomorrow πŸ™‚

  139. Berry says:

    The most annoying thing in my makeup collection isn’t actually makeup but an eyelash curler. I can’t tell you how many times I pinch my eyelid trying to use it. I’ve tried a few of them so it’s not the shape or size of it, it’s just me. I’d really rather just have straight lashes than use a curler most days.

  140. Lizzie says:

    I would be at Disney world! It’s my dream

  141. Terri says:

    The most annoying thing in my makeup collection is a gel blush by Estee Lauder. It always ends up being too bright or too subtle when I put it on, and it doesn’t blend well.

  142. Libby says:

    If I could do anything tomorrow and it was all expenses paid…I would probably order in a ton of food and sleep in! Haha, I’ve been so tired from work and it’s so cold lately so I wouldn’t go out xD

  143. Chelsea B says:

    I haven’t tried any new apps lately. No time! πŸ™

  144. Stephanie says:

    I WANT a couple of those new Hourglass palettes. So pretty!

  145. Leigh Anne Borders says:

    I would so want a video game where I can go anywhere I want anytime I want and do good for others! Plus I would be looking good while doing it! Shop til I drop game or something!

  146. Dana says:

    I’d rather be able to recall every piece of makeup πŸ™‚ it’d be very handy!

  147. Rose says:

    I wish I had a better handle on creating the perfect cat eye… there are definitely days when it just doesn’t work!

  148. amy pugmire says:

    I love my contour kit.

  149. Courtney says:

    I wish I could get some better use of some eyeshadow palettes that I have. Pretty to look at, but never as good as my plain old nude shadow on the lid. One of these days…*shrug*

  150. Meghan Price says:

    I wanted to say I love your blog!!! Tabs is so adorbz! If I could have a mundane makeup power it would be total recall of every product/tool I’ve ever used! Am in love with your attitude Karen, way to go gurrrl!

  151. Rebecca Maley says:

    If I could do anything at all tomorrow, I would fly to London with my mom. She and I have always wanted to go!

  152. Athena says:

    I’ll fly to California so I can be with my mom and we’d just go crazy on shopping!

  153. lexi scholes says:

    Really want to try some of their stuff!

  154. Doreena says:

    Hope everyone is having a great weekend! Crazy cold here on Long Island!

  155. Daraya says:

    The best thing I’ve seen on YouTube so far this year is this video (it is called “Slap Her” and shows young boys’ reactions to being told to slap a girl}: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=b2OcKQ_mbiQ

  156. Wowza! Those Hourglass palettes are beautiful!!

    I’ve been addicted to the app Trivia Crack. I totally understand why they named it the way they did. So addicted!!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  157. cgr says:

    I wish I could get the Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate to work for me. I hate that I spent that kind of money for something that is just meh for me.

  158. Alexis says:

    If I could do anything tomorrow all expenses paid, I’d go to Ireland w/ my boyfriend and discover our families’ roots. Really get to see and experience where our families came from.

  159. Jennifer D. says:

    How do we know if we win? I always look for updates on who won and can never find any.

  160. Nicole says:

    Happy Caturday!!! =)

  161. MK says:

    I’m 30 years old and still can’t get a handle on on liquid eyeliner haha

  162. Ms. Elise says:

    I’m frustrated with the UD All Nighter pencil eyeliner my fiance got me for Christmas – I was having trouble twisting it up until it suddenly twisted up like a centimeter, then wouldn’t twist back down, and then it broke. I loved the eyeliner for the two times I got to use it, though, so I may end up buying another one.

  163. Lynda says:

    i would rather have good skin than the perfect makeup look

  164. Rebecca Ray says:

    It would have to be my eyebrows! I have no idea with them, just UGH!! Thanks for the contest, love Sephora!

  165. Michelle Castagne says:

    I would love to wake up and have all my makeup done.

  166. mrsshukra says:

    Just downloaded Line!

  167. KellyPC says:

    I couldn’t contour to save my life! I always end up looking like I have stripes on my face! lol

  168. Kiki says:

    I should stop eating spicy food. My stomach cant handle it any longer lol

  169. Anna says:

    If I could do anything I would definitely choose to visit a warm beach! It’s getting so cold here

  170. stacey says:

    My most difficult beauty product is the Benefit They’re Real Liner. It is a total fail and is always at odds with whatever eye shadow I try to apply it over.

  171. Ledz says:

    Ooooh if I get an all-expense-anything I would just buy all the designer make-up I want!

  172. Nika says:

    Really interested in the new Smashbox Primer Water! Hoping to see a review from you πŸ˜‰

  173. jessica says:

    happy weekend! πŸ™‚

  174. Lisa says:

    I love Spotify!

  175. Melissa says:

    I love when it rains on the weekends!

  176. Lesley says:

    If I could do ANYTHING…fly to Antarctica (so I didn’t have to cross the Drake Passage by ship) and kayak there.

  177. Carolyn N. says:

    Playing TriviaCrack (app)! I suck, but it’s the latest craze in my class.

  178. MelodyJ says:

    If I were a character from a video game the game would be a spy adventure.

    The best You Tube video I’ve seen so far is the Jimmy Fallon/Nicole Kidman blown date video. It’s sweet, cute and funny.

    If I could do anything I would book a shopping trip to all the world’s major cities.

  179. Isabella says:

    Oh, I would make that card last longer! I’d buy stock and vacation homes around the world, cause you get to keep what you buy right? πŸ˜‰

  180. Rhoda K says:

    I’d go for Superpower 1)

  181. em says:

    I downloaded Zomato. It’s a foodie app. Read reviews and enter your own reviews. I love it!

  182. astou says:

    I want my hyperpigmentation to go away !!! πŸ™
    But thanks to makeup i can hide it quite well πŸ™‚

  183. Priscilla S. says:

    I would love to be able to perfectly apply liquid liner.

  184. Julie says:

    I wish I was better at applying false lashes!
    Julie recently posted … Jo Malone Wood Sage & Sea Salt

  185. monica says:

    I’ve never heard of Black Mirror! Will watch ASAP. If I could do anything tomorrow, I’d fly to the US and go shopping at Sephora!

  186. I am working on to get my Contouring skills right .. πŸ˜›
    Poo@beautyandmakeupmatters recently posted … 9 Drugstore Eye Shadow Palettes

  187. Gvenda says:

    The most annoying piece in my kit is by far Too Face’d “Primed and Poreless Pure”. I’ve spent this much money on it b/c I expected that it actually works while it just makes things worse.

  188. Fran says:

    I wish I could get Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tars to last on my lips through eating a meal. I love to mix the different colors together to come up with my own shades, but it comes off when I eat, necessitating good light, a mirror and a space to work in, something that’s not always available to me at work. Beta, a vibrant orange, came in my Beautylish lucky bag, and I made a gorgeous coral with it, but it came right off when I ate, in spite of using the OCC primer. Most lip colors suffer when I eat but can be quickly re-applied with a bullet or wand. I had hopes that the OCC tars would stain enough to get me through a meal, and I know they do for a lot of people, but I haven’t been able to get it to work that way for me yet!

  189. Claudia Motz says:

    Karen I just love your blog and thank you for the opportunity to win a sephora giftcard.

    We don’t have sephora stores here in germany, I wanted to shop online on the american site for so long but the shipping costs are hindering me… With the 50$ I wouldn’t hesitate any longer!

    And by the way: I would love my index finger being an airbrush gun!!!

  190. Melissa says:

    I wish I could get the new hourglass eye palettes. They look sooooo amazing!!!!!

  191. Ralitza82 says:

    Well…Let me tell you this – I would love to have the make up magic power of doing the perfect winged eyeliner. I can never in a million years do one. πŸ™

  192. Lois says:

    I wish i could find a great bronzer for my complexion. I’ve bought a few but i never use them because when i get home they tend to change colour on my face..

    Best thing i’ve seen on youtube recently was ‘hardcore pugg’
    those dogs are the cutest.

  193. Noe says:

    Thanks you. I wish more money to buy makeup πŸ˜€

  194. I would totally take the airbrush index finger!
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Growing up and getting faster – the nail polish issue

  195. Liz says:

    I am ready for spring!

  196. Jordi says:

    The perfect recall thing would be pretty neat. Sometimes I’d like to describe something to someone and I can picture it almost but not name it – so I can’t exactly get them to what they want.

  197. Elinor says:

    I like Sephora and hope I win! I like the YouTube with the little boy telling his sister she needs a nap!

  198. Elinor says:

    The YouTube with the little boy telling his sister she needs a nap

  199. Wendi S says:

    Tomorrow I would love for a limo to pick me up and take me to a private jet that will whisk me away to NYC. Where I will magically have found ten grand in my clutch. (Even though I don’t own a clutch.) So I may shop all day. Have lunch at Tavern on the Green. Have the make up lady help me try all of the make up, creams and perfume’s I would like to try. Buy a real clutch, fabulous shoes and have a quick updo. The Limo will take me back to the Jet where I will be served a wonderful petite Filet Mignon Dish and Red Wine. My flight would come to the end and the limo would take me back home. After I got out of the Limo the Driver would tell me he already ordered pizza for the family and homework tutors and all I had to do is hangout with my hubby looking and feeling fabulous.

  200. Natacha says:

    If I had carte blanche I could , I would go and buy the cape from Zara I really want or even a more expensive one. I would buy a crazy quality camera and buy and new computer. Then I would go and buy any beautiful appartment near university and I would finish the day by going three or four hours at Aquaheaven (private sauna + pool + hammam + jacuzzi) and I would there some great cheese croquets with a bottle of champagne.
    Natacha recently posted … MAKEUP // Foggy look with Sisley Phyto-Ombres.

  201. irini says:

    I would buy my own place if I had carte blanche!

  202. Amberley/Amberlamb_ says:

    I started off having a bad day but my friend sent me this link to a YouTube video which definitely put a smile on my face! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tw7luJ4D1MU&list=PL-DfNcB3lim-D5ZIaWJoxRi653w3j0nsC&index=10

  203. Jennifer says:

    Most annoying makeup product I wish I could use better is my liquid eyeliner-can’t do a straight line for anything!

  204. Barbara B says:

    Carte blanche – perfume shopping in Paris!!

  205. Lindsey says:

    I would want perfect makeup recall! πŸ™‚

  206. andrea Arevalo says:

    I would love to win im From Guatemala and we donΒ΄t have sephora here! πŸ™

  207. Alix says:

    All expenses paid – I think I would go on a shopping spree. New year, new me means new clothes!

  208. Georgia Lee says:

    I recently downloaded the Target Cartwheel app and I can’t believe that I didn’t download it sooner. A lot of the stuff I regularly purchase are on it. The discounts may not be much such as getting a extra 5 percent off certain items but I guess it is better than nothing.

  209. Cindy says:

    All expenses paid? LAS VEGAS!!

  210. Naomi Element says:

    I saw this amazing tutorial on youtube on how to do aztec nails!

  211. Naomi Richard says:

    I downloaded the app Waterlougue and it is so cool it makes all of your pictures look like they are watercolor paintings its so cool.

  212. trillina palemi says:

    I have not downloaded the new cool apps

  213. Lisa says:

    I would love to fly my daughter first class to Virginia to house hunt!

  214. Erica Cho says:

    I’ve been cracking up at the Twitter account @randomthuglife.

  215. RM says:

    i need to find a richer moisture and serum regime for my dry skin!

  216. Anh says:

    I’m currently looking for the perfect foundation for my oily combination skin. At the moment I’m testing out the Dior Star foundation. It blends super awesomely and the finish is a nice glowy satin BUT there is a slight problem. I don’t if it is because it’s the wrong shade or the nature of the foundation but I found that it turns pink on me as soon as I apply it. However after an hour or so the foundation began to blend into my skin, providing a very nice coverage.

  217. Lorraine says:

    I would fly to NYC for a day of shows and shopping with my preteen daughter. Sounds so fun!

  218. monica says:

    I just recently purchased a clarisonic mia, and i’m really looking forward to using it!

  219. Jessica Harrison says:

    If I had had unlimited funds and control over my day tomorrow, I would fly to Paris and get busy shopping!

  220. Lynn says:

    I think my benefits push up eye liner is annoying. I was so excited when i bought it, on to realize it’s such a hassle. it doesn’t glide like i thought it would and it breaks off if there’s even a bit too much liner because it’s like kohl/gel(it’s seems softer then a pencil). Then it’s drys on so fast that my mistakes has to be washed off. I think i’m going back to liquid liners, it seems more control able for the thinly lined look.

  221. Alicia says:

    I find it hard to use lipstick – it always fades or dries out my lips!

  222. Bianca Rogoveanu says:

    I find it almost impossible to use eyeliner !

  223. Anna U. says:

    Currently I am sitting in a hotel in Martinique and unfortunately it’s one of those that gets amazing reviews and has good reviews on trip adviser but it quite horrendous looking in real life. The room has the same color palette as McDonald’s :’)
    I shall never trust trip advisor again!!!!!!

  224. Kalli Melia says:

    I find it hard to use lipliner, mostly because I feel it should not be seen, so I end up really blending it out to the point where it just does not exist anymore….

  225. Cui says:

    I am currently playing Soda Crush game on my ipad.

  226. Maria says:

    If I had a character in a video game, the game would definitely be a World of Warcraft/Final Fantasy/Guild Wars mash up.

  227. Mel C says:

    I want the magic paintbrush in my fingers, that sounds like fun!

  228. Stephanie says:

    If I could do anything I wanted tomorrow, I’d fly to Florence and spend the day shopping and eating awesome Italian food. What a dream!

  229. shelly peterson says:

    I would like to have the make up power of the ability to use my index finger as an airbrush that can shoot pigments (all colors) without ever running out.

  230. Tiffany says:

    I want the new hourglass e/s palettes! The purple one looks gorgeous!

  231. Sylvia says:

    It’s a rainy Sunday here. I’ve spent the day doing laundry, knitting, and watching a Criminal Minds marathon on Netflix.

  232. Natalie Brown says:

    Hi! The funniest thing I’ve seen on YouTube so far this year was a crazy French bulldog enjoying a ball pit. He’s at a puppy daycare, there’s two ball pits just his size, and he’s running back and forth between them, jumping in and squiggling all around. Hahaha! It was so cute. I’m hoping you enjoyed your sunny day!

  233. Kirsten says:

    I’m not sure a single day, even carte blanche, would be enough for me to take a trip somewhere. I don’t think I’d be able to see and do everything in a day. I’d love, love, love to just spend a day on a Greek beach somewhere though.

  234. Soraya Lacerda says:

    The mundane makeup power I would rather have is the amazing ability to use your index finger as an airbrush that can shoot pigments (all colors) without ever running out! That’s for sure!!

    If I was a character in a video game, the game be about taichichuan!

    Oh… the bronzer is definitely the most annoying piece of makeup in my collection that I wish I could figure out how to use better.

    If I had carte blanche total control (all expenses paid) over my tomorrow I would fly to Denver do squeeze my GodDaughter! <3 <3

  235. Rash says:

    Bronzer, I wish I can figure out how to use perfectly.

  236. donna marie says:

    I’ve switched from an iphone to a galaxy note and someone just told me about Synctunes so I can get itunes songs on the note. yeah.

  237. nat ogu says:

    upgrading my samsung galaxy soon

  238. BooBooNinja says:

    I’d buy a house in the city.

  239. Blanca says:

    I’ve beenenjoying watching 2014 favorites videos πŸ™‚

  240. Ana Cecilia says:

    -Concealer, because its always is hard to blend and not all the times matches my skintone.
    -The best thing in youtube for me is “Stephen Colbert Interviewed Smaug The Dragon”

    -Buy more makeup

  241. Sierra says:

    I wish I could use my fake lashes more often. Im horrible at applying them but they add so much glamour to a look.

  242. Swati says:

    I downloaded the app that helps me find cheap parking in LA!

  243. Wayne says:

    Golden Globes! Love Tina and Amy!

  244. Jessie says:

    I would like to go somewhere warm tomorrow, instead of work!

  245. Krystle Thomas says:

    I think I would just stay home and lounge around (boring, I know!)

  246. Liz says:

    I really really really wish my concealer-fu was stronger. It’s not terrible, but it isn’t enough to rein in my horrifying dark circles.

  247. BlackAsphodel says:

    If I was a video game character, I’d be a vampire in a role playing game like Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines.

  248. Kristie says:

    If I could have all expenses paid tomorrow I would fly out to Barcelona in a heart beat!

  249. Maria R says:

    I bought a MAC pressed pigment and it’s not as great as the loose pigment. I’m probably not using it correctly but it’s such a pretty navy blue color and I wish I could make it work.

  250. Katherine T. says:

    Hope I win! Just ordered the MUFE Fifty Shades Makeup Set, can’t wait for it to come!

  251. Camille says:

    if tomorrow was an all paid for-do what you want, i’d want to go to italy and visit all the sites! especially the PietΓ , which is my FAVOURITE sculpture. πŸ™‚

  252. Sharee says:

    I love the Mercari app. I can buy used or new high end makeup at a fraction of retail price! Plus I can sell my items and get paid without giving a commission!

  253. ceebee_eebee says:

    Whatever I want tomorrow? A perfume tour of Paris. πŸ™‚

  254. Sara Muniz says:

    I wish I had a beauty blender ( the original ) ;(

  255. nelle says:

    I would take an all expenses paid trip to Aruba!

  256. christina p says:

    I would love an all expenses paid trip to Hawaii.

  257. Johnna Quick Owens says:

    I am on a mission this year to find the best, absolutely best, foundation for my skin. I would love any suggestions that other makeup obsessed people have, although in the end, I probably will have to spend several days playing with samples at Sephora and Ulta and department store counters. Oh, the pain! πŸ™‚

  258. Carlie says:

    I love learning new make up tricks.

  259. Annalee says:

    I can’t wait for the new Physicians Formula Spring products to be available at Target!

  260. Riti says:

    Its going to sound super makeup junkie like πŸ˜› But I saw Mr. Goss’s review on the hourglass eyeshadow palette today and I am madly in love. I need and absolutely must have the infinity palette by them!! That I have to say is the best thing I have seen so far on youtube for the year. It was absolutely mesmerizing.

  261. CL says:

    Winged eyeliner is difficult for me.

  262. Megan says:

    Not make up, but skincare regimen wise – since I hit my 30s my skin is soooooo dry…but also prone to the occasional break out. Lucky me. I’ve tried new cleansers and moisturizers, with a little success, but not much. I wish I could find something that works on dry mid-30s skin, without contributing to any bumps.

  263. Jenn says:

    Gah, I haven’t been too excited about eyeshadow palettes in awhile but the Hourglass Modernist palette on the left is calling me.

  264. Kimberly says:

    I’d love to have the makeup power of 1) Perfect makeup recall, where you can remember every single tool and shade name, finish, formula, detail and application technique you’ve ever seen.

  265. Michal Raviv says:

    Did you notice how after New Year’s Eve, all the clothes stores start pushing workout clothes? I guess they know what’s the #1 resulution for all of us…

  266. Mary says:

    My most challenging makeup item is liquid eyeliner, I can never get it to work quite right.

  267. Joni says:

    Hi karen, hope you are having a great year so far! haha! Very cheesy but I love playing the Covet Fashion app on iPhone. (or ipad if you have one) So much fun. You can do the daily outfit look and get $500 (in game money) and then after that you can do challenges with a certain piece of clothing and get $100-200 for those challenges!

  268. Tosha H says:

    I’d like to learn to use mascara better since I’m crap at applying it, but my eyes have been stinging and watering every little bit so I can’t really use any eye makeup anymore… rosacea sucks!

  269. Cathy says:

    If all expenses were paid I would take my family to the new Harry Potter world at Universal!

  270. Katie F says:

    If I were in a video game, it would be about getting a job! I’m on the academic job market right now, and it feels about as random and frustrating as a badly-designed video game…

  271. Julie says:

    If I had a super makeup power it would be the total memory recall one. That would be cool.

  272. piper says:

    I would choose the magic airbrush finger. Or just the ability to do cat eye liner with it always being perfectly matched. Heh

  273. Sam B says:

    I’d go with the airbrush index finger!

  274. Angelica says:

    Anything can be said so, I am officially a junior in college. Throughout my years in college I found out that make up was one of my passions. My family would always tease me saying “why do you need to wear makeup you’re already beautiful Yadda yadda” well I finally know the response to that, “it’s not that I need makeup, I’m not the prettiest girl in the world, I have flaws too, but makeup just excites me, it’s cool to learn how to create different looks on your body and face. For instance when I use makeup brushes I feel like the artist I’ve always wanted to be. I’ve done several drawings on paper, but using makeup on my self is something else, it is truly something exciting and it entices me on switching thIngs up using makeup. So I guess what I’m trying to ask is,

    Why do you wear makeup of you’re al ready beautiful with out it? πŸ™‚

  275. Tori says:

    If I had carte blanche tomorrow I’d treat myself and the man to a little shopping trip, with a lunch dinner at a sushi restaurant, a night out on the town finished off by staying in the Langham hotel!

  276. Petra V. says:

    One great video, that I’ve seen on Youtube is about Opera’s new visual bookmarks. Since I bookmark and save loads of sites/articles/links, I downloaded the browser and started to use its bookmark-organizer and I love it, it is absolutely great! Also, there was a video about a theoretical 3-dimensional fax sending – very interesting! πŸ™‚ Great giveaway, thank you for hosting.

  277. Destiny says:

    Hmm, I’m going to check out Black Mirror soon.

  278. Leslie says:

    I’d have the superpower to get my cat eye liner perfect the first time, every time.

  279. Paulina Rios says:

    I find it almost impossible to use eyeliner hahha i need a makeup class

  280. Cheryl Lanner says:

    You are so very pretty and I love your blog! Also, you give great beauty advise!

  281. Caitlyn says:

    I wish I was more skilled at using the darker and colorful shades in my eyeshadow pallets. I always gravitate towards a brown smokey eye with a light lid since I have deep set eyes.

  282. Amanda Sakovitz says:

    I wish I knew how to use my eye makeup brushes better. I swear I’m using the wrong ones.

  283. I have a palette from Sephora that I love. It made the top 10 items in my beauty case.
    Angie Bailey (Eigna Yeliab) recently posted … Reese’s Spreads Review

  284. Kim says:

    Black Mirror is getting a lot of buzz but I’ve yet to watch. I’ll have to add it to the list. I just finished Salamander (Belgian but subtitled). It was pretty good but the location was the scene stealer for me. I’ve never been to Brussels but it’s on my list now. Gorgeous, old stone buildings and cobblestone streets. Right up my alley. πŸ™‚

  285. diane says:

    Wow these look amazing. I hope they perform amazingly as well. πŸ™‚

  286. Ruchita says:

    Happy Monday!

  287. Jamie C. says:

    I wish I was more skilled at creating cut creases or contouring my face with cream products because I’ve tried everything on both parties and none have seemed to work.

  288. Jessica Marshall says:

    If I had a makeup superpower, I’d give myself the ability to airbrush flaws instantly!

  289. Rebecca says:

    if I had unlimited funds for tomorrow there would be a whooooole lot of online shopping going down! or maybe I should buy a house. like an adult would. but then fill it with makeup.

  290. Trude E. says:

    I’m terrible with liquid liner and even though I love how it looks on other women, I always feel like it’s just too harsh on me. Maybe it just takes some getting used to?

  291. Brittany says:

    Those new Hourglass eyeshadows look AMAZING. I ordered two last night in the Sephora pre-sale. Can’t wait to play around with them.

  292. Sienna says:

    Most annoying part of my makeup collection- I really want to make coral lipstick work, and I just can’t seem to do it!

  293. TrippyPixie says:

    I just started playing Trivia Crack. I do pretty well until I have to answer a sports question.

  294. Jordan says:

    I’d go to Paris.

  295. Julie says:

    Hi Karen! I just stumbled upon your youtube videos and blog…love what you’ve done. Your fun personality shines through. Loving your makeup tips/reviews. Keep it up!

  296. Paol Trenny says:

    I would have to pick this one —- Perfect makeup recall, where Ican remember every single tool and shade name, finish, formula, detail and application technique I’ve ever seen

  297. Shannon says:

    Today is Monday. I just ordered Smashbox Primer. My first time trying it I cannot wait

  298. Natasha says:

    Oo, Oo, the most annoying piece of makeup I have is Anastasia’s Brow Wiz. I was so excited when it first came out because all of the hype, went out and purchased it, and I can’t make it work without making myself look like Groucho Marx. I don’t understand it. Maybe it’s because my eyebrows are already thick, but even when I do it ever so lightly, I just can’t get them to look right! I just feel like it was a waste of $

  299. Sarah says:

    I love Chanel Tisse Venetien, but I can’t seem to make it look good on my eyes.

  300. Rina says:

    I’ll take the finger airbrush please, although it would defeat the point of shopping.

  301. Erika S. says:

    Liquid eyeliner and a good cat eye are beyond me. My hands are too shaky.

  302. Bee says:

    I want to get something from hourglass pretty soon πŸ˜€
    at least one piece!

  303. Aimen says:

    Glittery fall out kind of eyeshadows/ highlighter

  304. Cathy says:

    I’m saving up for the Hourglass Ambient blushes =.= and Becca highlighter. Al m o s t.. there… lol

  305. Christy Peeples DuBois says:

    Hey Karen, I’d rather have the ability for my index finger to be an air brush applicator of the exact colors for my skin and never run out. Now that would be beyond awesome.

  306. Abby says:

    All expenses paid…I would go to either Europe or Asia and eat all the yummy food possible and shop till I drop!!

  307. Laura Mendoza says:

    I have this pearl highlight in “hush” from Mac that is so beautiful but my skin is oily and it makes me look kinda wierd, I think.

  308. Hayley says:

    I can’t wait to see your swatches of the Hourglass Modernist palettes! I am loving the look of the rose one, but am having a hard time deciding if I really need it.

  309. kitty says:

    I love your blog! Your review helped me to decide to get the hourglass ambient lighting palette, my fave makeup purchase of 2014!

  310. Amada says:

    The most annoying piece of makeup I have is Make up Forever ink eyeliner matte…for some reason when trying to apply on it seems dry even though I just bought it so I know there’s plenty of liquid in the tube.

  311. Andrea Darst says:

    I’m super excited because I get to pick up my anniversary band Friday – my gift for our 10 year wedding anniversary – it was being sized!

  312. ashley aimi says:

    i love my beauty blender

  313. y. says:

    Mac springsheen is my fav blush

  314. Tara Huff says:

    I would love to travel to Australia!

  315. Yanisa Allison says:

    Having the ability to remember the formulation, every shade, finish, etc. Would be totally awesome! So I can know what I want to buy when I go to Sephora. I swear, I have the intention to just run in and out of Sephora but I end up staying there for 2-3 hours! πŸ˜€

  316. Annie says:

    If I were a character in a video game….she would definitely be a well spoken badass. She wouldn’t have to flaunt all her…’ass’ets and I think she’d be a Female Assassin. Yup. That. LOL

  317. Cynthia says:

    I would die and look fierce with 50.00 to Sephora perfect 30th birthday gift card for January 23!

  318. Diane says:

    Option #1, please!

  319. Sarah says:

    I’d probably go with superpower 2 because then application an reapplication would be so easy… and any color imaginable? ugh, please!

  320. Christina says:

    Oh gosh… This Hourglass khaki palette might just have to be my birthday gift to myself. It’s sort of just too pretty NOT to own, y’know? lol

  321. Karen says:

    I cannot for the life of me get the hang of the They’re Real Push-up liner. Gel eyeliner’s always been a struggle so I thought this would be easier, but I’m still having a hard time.

  322. Breanne says:

    Just ordered my hourglass modernist palette, I can’t wait to see it in person!

  323. Irene says:

    Oh my gosh. Those Hourglass palettes look amazing! O_O

  324. Sara says:

    My ideal beauty tool would be something that I could put on my face to give me perfect skin. I’m good at eye makeup and lip stuff, but I just can’t get my skin under control. :/

  325. Farah D says:

    The game would star my friends and I battling through a zombie apocalypse πŸ˜€

  326. Shars says:

    I’d have the perfect makeup recall power even though I’m sure I’d annoy my friends with it. It’d be the perfect power for hard core beauty blogging though haha.

  327. Lianne says:

    Happy new year!!

  328. Bernice says:

    I would fly to Asia – Hong Kong, Seoul, Tokyo etc!

  329. Vanessa says:

    I’d travel around with my boyfriend and get some good eats.

  330. Shannel says:

    I’d like to give that index finger airbrush a go.
    I feel it could save me a lot of money.

  331. Rozae says:

    Tight lining bottom lashes & applying falsies !

  332. Alex says:

    Love your blog! I would go for the airbrushing makeup finger. Would definitely make packing for trips way easier!

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