12 Days of Giveaways, Day 5: 7 Ways to Win a Neutrogena Naturals Prize Pack (Ends Tuesday)

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12 Days of Giveaways on Makeup and Beauty Blog

12 Days of Giveaways on Makeup and Beauty Blog

A different Makeup and Beauty Blog giveaway every day for 12 days, sponsored by Neutrogena

The power of plants compels you… The power of plants compels you!


Did I ever tell you that I came *this close* to being a botany major? I always had a hard time putting the pieces together in my head when it came to chem and bio, but botany was the one thing that made total sense to me.

I think it was because plants are just everywhere, so I was always thinking about them. I’d pass a garden on the way to the library at school and think “Oooh… The Calvin Cycle!” or be eating pineapple slices at lunch and have the words “crassulacean acid metabolism” pop into my brain.

LOL! What a nerd…

I still think plants are super cool, and they’re the driving force behind today’s giveaway, which features products from the Neutrogena Naturals line.

Neutrogena Naturals is a line of cleansers, moisturizers and treatments made without chemical sulfates, parabens, petrolatum, dyes and phthalates. Powdered by the plants, products in the line are made from 94% plant-derived ingredients.

“We leveraged natural plant derived ingredients where possible and the average of our line is 94% natural. The remaining ingredients were thoughtfully chosen from a comprehensive array of safe and pure ingredients to ensure safety and accessibility. For example, we made the choice to use synthetic fragrances over natural fragrances because synthetic fragrances offer more hypoallergenic options which ensures that the final product will be safe and gentle. But we’re working everyday to improve our technologies to find even more natural ingredients we can use.”


Prepare to get your plant love on in three, two, one…

A different Makeup and Beauty Blog giveaway every day for 12 days


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  1. Sandy says:

    I don’t like the cold weather, my skin gets so dry! Love this giveaway Karen!

  2. hanna says:

    I love the snow.
    hanna recently posted … Big Hair Family Christmas

  3. Casey says:

    I’m not wearing socks! Brr, my toes are cold!

  4. Jennifer Dysart says:

    Today I cheated and ate an extra day’s chocolate from my advent calendar…I am ashamed T_T

  5. Rebecca Cash says:

    I have a black thumb…..nothing survives!! I could kill crabgrass by accident.

  6. athena says:

    I love Neutrogena products and I hope to win!

  7. Ann says:

    When the weather is warm in December, it really bugs me. I miss white winters. πŸ™

  8. Elsa says:

    I love winter!

  9. Mandy says:

    Great Giveaway! My fav flower is the tuberose.

  10. sienna says:

    i love the spring flowers- tulips and daffodils.

  11. Rachel P. says:

    Do you have a green thumb? – I do, somewhat! I worked at a greenhouse/garden center for 2 summers as a teenager and really enjoyed it. And about the cold weather- I like it to an extent for the fun things you can do, like skiing, sledding, ice skating, dressing so cute in winter clothes, and fresh snow looks so pretty and picturesque. HOWEVER. I hate actually BEING cold. I’d rather be sweating out of every pore in my body and baking in humidity than shivering in the cold. So it’s positive that I own enough gloves, ski hats, winter coats, and big leather boots to last me 3 lifetimes πŸ˜›

  12. Brenna says:

    I am making my grandmother’s cheesy mashed potatoes for Christmas!

  13. Ntsaiab Vangkue says:

    I love the cold! But it’s still quite warm here ATM.

  14. Ivana Jankovic says:

    I can’t wait my Christmas party πŸ™‚ I’m happy when my family is together!

  15. Natalie B. says:

    My favorite flower is the Peony. My grandmother grew them when I was young & I fell in love with this big pretty pink or white flower. Wow, they smell really good too! As a nod to her, I used them in my wedding for bouquets & centerpieces. They are very expensive so I found inexpensive ways to recreate them. An online silk flower company made my GORGEOUS bouquets with look-a-like silks. For the centerpieces, I made 100 tissue paper flowers out of white, light pink, and medium pink colored paper. Everything was beautiful. πŸ™‚

  16. Christiana Mercier says:

    ha my ringtone is the intro theme music from Game of Thrones (I’m sure missing it–can’t wait for next season!!)

  17. Lexi Rose says:

    I have boring white socks on today

  18. Swetha says:

    I like to look at the snow but not cleaning it off my car! Thanks for the giveaway!

  19. kia jarmon says:

    Its very cold where i am so i have to choose warmth over style sometimes…i also love white roses and pastel colors make me happy in the winter.

  20. Ceja says:

    fav flower:
    Orchids! I LOVE ORCHIDS!! I tend to lean more towards the bluey purple orchids but the pink and white ones are lovely to..I love all orchids either way it goes hahaah

  21. Amy C. says:

    I absolutely love these products. i have super sensitive skin, and they work great.

  22. Heather USA (Rafflecopter: Rosie Areola) says:

    My favorite flowers are Calla Lillies

  23. Becca says:

    My green thumb varies. I’m pretty good at growing herbs and a couple different veggies like peppers. One time I tried it go cauliflower though and it was disastrous.

  24. Carrie says:

    Would love to win this!!!

  25. Melissa says:

    I’m wearing red and green socks! πŸ™‚

  26. Maegan Morin says:

    Im wearing a pair of old pink socks that used to be super fuzzy and super warm πŸ™ I need new socks…

  27. Colleen Boudreau says:

    My favorite flower is the Gerbera Daisy.

  28. Kelsey says:

    Would love to win this giveaway! My favorite flowers are tulips πŸ™‚

  29. Marisa says:

    What’s your favorite flower? Dandelions, although I’m not sure that there technically a flower but I still like them. A close second would be orchids, I love the way they smell.

    Do you have a green thumb? I really don’t know, I’ve never really every grown anything before.

    What socks are you wearing today? None! I’m not wearing socks.

    What ringtone do you have on your phone? One that sounds like a bird call.

    Do you like cold weather? No! I do not. I prefer warm weather.

    Are you cooking or baking anything special for Christmas this year? Well I’ve actually already baked something special this year,I baked gingerbread cookies,

  30. Andrea says:

    I love Hydrangeas!

  31. Aimey says:

    I’m most excited about the pore scrub!

  32. Miki says:

    I love sunflowers, hibiscus, and snap dragons!

  33. Leigh Cole says:

    Roses are my favorite flowers . . . . the fragrance, the barely-opened bud, and the colors all combine for a sensory pleasure.

    Thanks for the chance to win these great products!

  34. Cindy A. says:

    My favorite flowers are red poppies.

  35. Vanessa says:

    I had a green thumb… until I got a plant with pests on it.

  36. Danielle says:

    I’m wearing warm fuzzy socks.

  37. Emily says:

    I don’t like the cold weather.

  38. jenna d says:

    I’m wearing warm wool socks because it’s cold and snowing

  39. Lynda says:

    i like cold weather but only when there is still heater available.

  40. Joanne says:

    I like English roses and orchids.

  41. Ilona says:

    Every Christmas I bake gingerbread, which adorns the chocolate.Winter holidays is always the tradition and magic of home comfort.

  42. stephanie says:

    my fave flower is rose

  43. Christy DuBois says:

    I am having a hard time getting the entire rafflecoptor to show up while using my iPhone. I can get the other days to show up in their entirety but not today’s. This is my comment.

  44. Justine says:

    I baked double oatmeal cookies for a holiday party last night.

  45. Samantha L. says:

    I have a million socks, but I love being barefoot.

  46. Gina says:

    Love love love the cold! Not that I need an excuse to enjoy my favorite drink hot chocolate, but it is most appropriate around this time πŸ™‚

  47. Jessie C. says:

    I dislike cold weather

  48. Amanda Casto says:

    I am wearing neon pink socks today! I do not like cold weather one bit unless I see snow!

  49. Vanessa F says:

    I hate cold weather! I much prefer the heat. Give me 90 degrees any day.

  50. Jill says:

    Fav flower is a hibiscus!

  51. Marta says:

    I dont have a green thumb !

  52. Kim says:

    I use the makeup removing cleanser everyday, and have been curious about the night cream.

  53. BETSY says:

    Wow…yesterday we hit 73 degrees in Virginia!

  54. Sarah Hall says:

    I don’t like cold weather as I am getting older and it hurts my joints. I do like to make peanut butter balls for the holidays.

  55. Elisabeth says:

    My favorite flowers are peonies!

  56. Leslie Kiley says:

    I love to cook and bake! This year I made seven kinds of cookies and each one I make six dozen to give as gifts!

  57. Samantha V. says:

    Sometimes I feel like I have a green thumb and love gardening however I never get to reap what I sow, those squirrels beat me to it all the time. Happy Holidays.

  58. FreshEyre says:

    I’m going to try my hand at making organic dog treats because I just adopted a new rescue doggie ! It probably won’t work and the oven will end up on fire (again) and then I’ll just give him Milkbones and call it a day. He deserves a great Christmas !

    Happy Holidays to Everyone !

  59. Rachel says:

    I live in SoCal, so of course I love cold weather!

  60. MARY MOUGEOT says:


  61. Nicole says:

    I don’t do much cooking or baking for Christmas as my mother makes so much of so many things but one day I expect to take over!

  62. Isabel V says:

    Oh man! I absolutely love that Neutrogena collection! The makeup removing cleanser is my all-time favorite! As far as plants in general go, I like sketching them! I love flowers in general, but I’m a big fan of hydrangeas growing in basic soil (they turn the most gorgeous shade of blue), irises, and lupins! I’m also a serious indie music nerd, so I made my own ringtone with an editing program. It’s the first 30 seconds of a song called “Black Cab” by an adorable little Swede named Jens Lekman. I’ve had it for years! My text notification is also a little snippet of the ditty from the end of Sixteen Candles (“If You Were Here” by the Thompson Twins)!

  63. Veronica says:

    I’m baking a pumpkin pie for my Christmas celebration this year! Keeping warm with a busy oven. : )

  64. Jennifer says:

    My ringtone is Hark the Herald Angels Sing by Mannheim Steamroller. My phone’s always in a holiday mood.

  65. Maria says:

    So glad more companies are going the “natural” route – I’ve been slowly trying to limit the amount of nonsense in my products, which can be a bit harder than it looks in the beauty world.

  66. Shari says:

    No socks, since it was nearly EIGHTY DEGREES here today!! πŸ˜€

  67. Kathy says:

    I’m trying really hard to have a green thumb LOL! I killed my first plant (a goldfish plant) but all of the plants I grew after that are doing a-ok! I now have mint, bamboo, and a few others in my apt.

  68. Megan says:

    Fave flower is daffodil.

  69. Katie B. says:

    I have 2 ringtones on my phone, the generic iPhone ring and Sweet Child O’ Mine, which is for my husband. I have had that ringtone for my husband since my first Nokia phone 10+ years ago.

  70. Grace Gonzales says:

    I absolutely love gardenias

  71. Emma says:

    I love the cold weather, but I don’t like the dry skin that comes along with it.

  72. Tonya says:

    My ringtone is Run the world(girls) by Beyonce =)

  73. Tania G says:

    I don’t have a green thumb, I love lilacs and tulips and I only love cold wintery weather up until the holidays and then I am ready for spring!!! Unfortunately, where I live, cold weather can last up until April and May, as it did last year.

  74. Carrie says:

    I absolutely hate cold weather.

  75. Madelynn says:

    I couldn’t live without a night cream in my rotation!

  76. Sarah W says:

    I have the opposite of a green thumb!

  77. Rebecca says:

    Totally getting homesick now that its closer to the holidays, missing my home in GA with my family there!

  78. Aina Yao says:

    My ringtone is California King Bed by Rihanna. πŸ™‚

  79. I made the same sugar cookies I do every year. I have yet to take them somewhere and not have people love them. πŸ™‚

  80. Rae says:

    I just finished baking 60 dozen cookies, now I have 4 cakes left and I’ll be able to call it a holiday.

  81. amy f says:

    I am wearing white socks

  82. michaela says:

    i just put lights up outside my home today!

  83. camille says:

    Ooooh, plants! I think it’s also a Filipino thing to love to take care of plants. πŸ™‚ My favourite flower is the orchid.

  84. Andrea Darst says:

    I finished my shopping today…in a snowstorm…except for one present!

  85. Joanna says:

    I don’t like cold weather, but I prefer it over hot weather!

  86. mrsshukra says:

    Watching Hawaii 5-0 Christmas episode now!

  87. JR says:

    Love this time of year!

  88. Lulubelle says:

    Irises are my favorite flower, although sadly the climate I live in is not real conducive to them.

  89. Jennifer Pham says:

    I don’t really like cold weather, but cool weather’s okay!

  90. erin d says:

    my favorite flower is an orchid

  91. Cathy says:

    No green thumb unfortunately

  92. Tania says:

    Am I cooking anything for Christmas. Ha! I’m the family baker so that’s a yes! I’m making two pies (one pumpkin, one cherry), 3 batches of chocolate chip cookies, homemade rolls, and a caramel cake.

  93. Monali says:

    I love argyle socks!

  94. Bridget Heiple Reich says:

    My favorite flower is gerber daisies! πŸ™‚

  95. Sarah says:

    Not only do I not have a green thumb, I also have no real motivation to keep plants alive. I don’t hate them, but it’s like I can’t be bothered. I’m the worst.

  96. Ann says:

    My favorite flowers are mums.

  97. Lorraine says:

    Fave flower is carnation

  98. Erin says:

    My ringtone is the professional pirate song from muppet treasure island.

  99. sarahrene says:

    Love this brand, all their products are great! Thx!

  100. Cynthia F. says:

    I love lilacs!

  101. Deanna says:

    I definitely do not have a green thumb. All of my plants die! I really like planting flowers, but I forget to water them. Whoops.

  102. Swati says:

    Yellow stargazer lilies are my favorite!

  103. Barbara says:

    Right now just wearing plain old black socks because I’m wearing black pants. Tonight it will be cute fuzzy socks with my pjs!

  104. Tanya Holland says:

    My favorite flower is a tiger lily.

  105. Peggy Wan says:

    I am excited to start my Christmas baking. Do you bake anything special for Christmas?

  106. varsha says:

    Happy Xmas to all 3 of you πŸ™‚

  107. Maureen says:

    The rose if my favorite flower.

  108. Belladatura says:

    Peonies! I love them.

  109. Valentina says:

    Peonies, tulips, orchids, roses, lily of the valley.. can’t decide πŸ˜‰

  110. Rachel says:

    I just made chocolate cupcakes with cream cheese peppermint frosting. Yum!

  111. Cheryl L. says:

    Grat giveaway and great blog also! HAPPY HOLIDAYS!!! πŸ˜€

  112. Trude says:

    I always make Pioneer Woman’s Whiskey Glazed Carrots recipe. Yummm! πŸ™‚ Merry Christmas!
    Trude recently posted … December Desktop Background

  113. Caitlyn S. says:

    I have a beauty blog as well. Mine is called Budget Beauty, I could’ve sworn I left a comment the other day but I don’t see it, have a great holiday and new year!
    Caitlyn S. recently posted … Julep’s January Box is Live

  114. Nicky says:

    I really want to get new skincare products in my routine.. specifically the Face Shop Rice Water Cleansing Foam and the Hada Labo Gokujun Hyaluronic Acid Toner for Oily/Combination skin or the Neutrogena Extra Gentle Cleanser >_< also the Banana Boat Faces SPF 50+ sunscreen. Except I bought 2 facial cleansing foams and the Cetaphil Cleanser which is okay but I'd prefer something better. I might get a facial exfoliator if I feel like it but I have a peel off mask and a Black Sugar Scrub from Tony Moly lol sigh so much to use up lol. Only thing I don't like about the Cetaphil Cleanser is that I need to exfoliate if I do use it regularly because I still get build up on my skin and I'm lazy lol

  115. KAREN says:

    No green thumb here … plants dont last for longer than 2 weeks!

  116. Liz says:

    A green thumb runs in the family on my mother’s side. Legend has it that this is because a great-great-great etc grandfather was the result of a liaison between the lord’s son and the chief gardener’s daughter. No clue if it’s true, but the women on that side of the family all have a knack for plants, including me.

  117. Cristi says:

    I love this line. With money being tight right now, it’d be great to win this. πŸ™‚

  118. Renee says:

    My favorite house socks are colorful, warm fuzzy socks! I’m wearing them now and have a different pair for just about every set of pajamas!

  119. Monica L. says:

    Most of my houseplants live a decent amount of time but they don’t seem to get that much bigger.

  120. Ruchita says:

    I am baking a pie, some cupcakes and maybe chocolate truffles!

  121. Susan B says:

    I am not baking anything for Christmas (other family members are taking care of that) but I am definitely baking for New Year’s Eve!

  122. Reg says:

    I really don’t like cold weather because I can never seem to get warm and have to wear twice as many layers as everyone else ;_;

  123. amy rouse says:

    I should be in Florida. Why am I not in Florida? What is this madness?

  124. Nikki says:

    My favorite flower is an iris.

  125. onegreatsmile says:

    I made a snippet of The Waitresses “Christmas Wrapping” with a cool program on my pc called MpTrim – and every time my phone rings, I smile. But only for one more day!

  126. heather says:

    I don’t really like cold weather at all. I like the snow for maybe a few days and then I want it gone.

  127. Dee says:

    I love the cold weather because I like wearing my awesome coat! πŸ™‚

  128. Ivy says:

    anything natural or organic appeals to me!

  129. Betty says:

    My skin would love the organic line.

  130. Elaine says:

    Tuberose is my favorite.

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