10 Days of Giveaways: Comment to Win MAC Tricolour Lipglass and Dear Cupcake Eyeshadow

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This giveaway is closed. I’ll be contacting the winner shortly. Thanks for entering!

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Whenever I make it over to see my family in Hawaii, I try to get a shave ice, one of my favorite sweet treats.


Pronounced “shave ice”, it’s a souped up snow cone with finely shaved ice flavored with syrups like Liliko’i (a variety of passion fruit), guava, mango and tangerine. People will sometimes add a scoop of vanilla ice cream and/or sweet, chewy azuki beans to the bottom of the cone (trust me — it’s good).

My favorite place to get shave ice here on Oahu is Matsumoto Shave Ice on the North Shore. I always get the same thing: a small Liliko’i with ice cream and beans at the bottom and condensed milk on top. YUM!

Sweet Hawaii-style shave ice reminds me of MAC’s Sugarsweet collection, and today’s giveaway features two of its tasty treats!

The prize



One lucky lady will win two items from MAC’s Sugarsweet collection (a $32 value):

How to enter

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment in the comments section below. It can be about anything at all. Tell me about your pet, your job, what deodorant you’re wearing — seriously, anything at all!

I’ll pick the winner at random from among the people who enter by 11:59PM PST Monday night (tonight).

Suwertehin ka sana!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


This giveaway is closed. I’ll be contacting the winner shortly. Thanks for entering!


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  1. Sally says:

    Happy Memorial Day, all! My birthday is this week!

  2. Ash B says:

    I heart MAC!

  3. jessie says:

    I recently discovered your blog, its one of the best I’ve seen. Enjoy reading everything and one of the few blogs that includes EL makeup. New Fan!!!

  4. Michele P. says:

    Hope you had a great Memorial Day weekend! Thanks for all the beauty tips and info, I enjoy reading them!

  5. Kypris says:

    Ooh, the ‘shave ice’ sounds delicious. I do love desserts/sweets…

    It’s sunny here today and I’m in a wonderful mood πŸ™‚

  6. wendy says:

    I just had 2 bowls of cherry flavoured yoghurt, just before dinner… oops!

  7. Kara Linkowski says:

    Hey!!! Thank you so much for this beauty blog. I really appreciate how you share your honest opinion about everything from makeup to life! love ya!

  8. Carrie says:

    Love the blog. I check here before purchasing any beauty products.

  9. RedQueen says:

    I am sadly at school since today isn’t a holiday in cold Canada πŸ™

  10. Lydia says:

    My pet is a cat named Serene πŸ™‚

  11. Hayley says:

    Love this site! Hope you do more videos soon, those are great. πŸ™‚

  12. brittany says:

    I am so head over heels in loveeeeeeeeee

  13. Catherine says:

    Happy Memorial Day! SO and I are up at his parents’ house and we’re planning on going to the beach today. πŸ˜€

    Catherine´s last blog post..Skincare Routine VIDEOS

  14. Brendaq says:

    Did you know that chickens make the best wingmen? They seem to have the same tastes as human men do when it comes to women, so when placed in a room full of people will head towards the prettiest lady. Late night television (Manswers) taught me this.

  15. Natasa says:

    Its so hot in here!! πŸ™‚

  16. butternutty says:

    I’m currently ass-deep in work! I have a presentation tomorrow I am unprepared for, which is forcing me to skip a class I genuinely enjoy today. Woe! My beautification routine today is taking a huge hit because of this. πŸ™ I’ll be glad when I’ve got everything together – I’ll be pampering myself when I’m done!

  17. Leslie in France says:

    I wish I had a M.A.C store closer to me, but it’s probably better for my wallet that I don’t. πŸ˜‰

  18. anna says:

    Happy Memorial Day! I am going over to friends to have a delicious dinner πŸ™‚

  19. aliz says:

    always want to try MAC’s gloss,, looks super delicious!!

  20. La La says:

    This website is one of my favs!! The posts are just what i’m looking for in a beauty site.

  21. Sarah says:

    I am going to Ireland in September!

    Sarah´s last blog post..Polished.

  22. Zara says:

    Happy Memorial Day Everyone! πŸ™‚

  23. Cristina says:

    Since reading your blog you’ve re-newed my love of cosmetics and for that I thank you Karen! I’m going to be making my first adventure to a Sephora in Seattle, your blog has given me so many ideas of things to look for, I’m making a list(I’m afraid I’m going to be overwhelmed when I get there and end up crying in the fetal position from over-stimulation).

  24. Julia says:

    I am in love with the bath and body scent called magnolia blossom and pear blossom! it is awesome! πŸ™‚

  25. flora says:

    i lurve me some Matsumoto shave ice! always have a long line waiting for that yummy treat but i dont mind it ‘cuz i walk across the street to browse thru the stores while my hubby keeps our place in line hehehe

  26. Rachel says:

    Hmm I think that eyeshadow could make a nice blush also. Double-duty!

  27. Joyce says:

    You should give Rita’s Water Ice a try! It’s amazing.

  28. Felicia says:

    Shave ice!! Yum!!! =9 must go eat some tomorrow as it is my day off. πŸ˜‰ as for today, i’m going to get my eyebrow threaded before i go in to work this afternoon. have a good week, Karen! πŸ™‚

  29. meimei says:

    I’m bilingual in English and Filipino… so, as a native Tagalog speaker, I love how you used “Suwertehin ka sana!” as a tag line for this entry. πŸ™‚

    meimei´s last blog post..And Now, It Has Come to This….

  30. sian says:

    I think I am a makeup addict!! in fact…i KNOW it!! πŸ™‚

  31. Jenn says:

    Happy Memorial Day Karen!
    I’m swamped in work right now, but still procrastinating and looking at your blog…
    And looking through five billion asian cosmetic sites, my friend is traveling to Korea this summer and picking things up for me, I’m SO EXCITED.

  32. Rachel L says:

    Wow, Hawaii sounds awesome! Here in Singapore the weather has been really awful… it’s usually bad anyway, but it’s been particularly hot and humid these few days. Thank god for aircon!

  33. cas says:

    =D Lala.. a boring day at home. Umm.. I’m craving for something sweet. ahh.

  34. Jennifer says:

    I wonder if they taste good πŸ™‚

  35. Lou says:

    Today’s a good day! I discovered my killer black top I wore to “boost my assets” in the eyes of certain gentlemen when I was 17 still works. Well….either that or I was attracting “you look ridiculous” attention. Either or!

  36. rebecca says:

    They just opened a Crumbs bakeshop in my neighborhood, & I am totally addicted.

  37. June says:

    Im wearing strawberry secret deoderant lol
    i love it, it smells so yummy!!!!!!~

  38. Marissa says:

    I just found a bunch of cheap jeans on Kohl’s! And they actually fit.

  39. Vanessa S says:

    Let us remember all those who have sacrificed their lives for our country today, on Memorial Day.

  40. Lauren says:

    I’m excited to watch Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives tonight on the Food Network. I like to live vicariously through Guy and watch him eat incredible food.

  41. bianca says:

    sana nga swertehin ako dito! lol! well, i’m used to applying my make up at work because i’m a call center agent for technical support and i most likely memorized how to resolve issues. if i have already typed documentation even before the call ended, that leaves my hands and eyes with nothing else to do. and since i work night shift, applying make up wakes me up. right now i tried making egyptian eyes out of my chinita eyes using eyeliner and it looks really nice….

    bianca´s last blog post..Cheap But Excellent Getaway at the La Mesa Eco Park!

  42. Austrian_Babe says:

    I´m watching a reality show about models from Austria. Kinda boring but I`m fascinated with models!

  43. Nina says:

    I’m wondering if bronze lipstick suits me because I got the limited edition Khuraira “Lady Obama” lipstick. Sana nga talaga suwertehin ako! πŸ˜‰

  44. Jane says:

    I bought a MAC eyeshadow today. Patina Frost. I haven’t bought a MAC anything in almost a year.

    If you have Patina, can you tell me how you use it?


  45. Nancy says:

    Yum…shaved ice!! Happy Memorial Day Karen! I’m on vacation right now in Turks & Caicos…it’s raining πŸ™ so here I am catching up on reading my emails/blogs.

  46. CC says:

    I’ve never tried MAC cosmetics, but I’m going to have to now!

  47. Samra Shafi says:

    I love your blog soooooooooooooo much(not kissing your butt or anything)but your amazing xx

  48. Cristina says:

    Hi! my name is Cristina and me and my mom are going to make these perfect little venezuelan dessert today. It like a fried breadish kind of a thing rolled into a ball with cheese in the middle. Im so excited they are the best little things in the world! Happy Memorial Day everyone

  49. Cody says:

    I wish I was having some of that shaved ice… but I’m going to settle for making pancakes as lunch.

  50. gio says:

    I love MAC! Thanks for the giveaway!

    gio´s last blog post..What does alcohol-free mean?

  51. McKenzie says:

    I’m watching Alice in Wonderland right now, it’s wonderful. Hope everyone is having a good day.

  52. lipglossme says:

    Hope you’re having a great vacation!

  53. ritadebora says:

    I just got on the mail from the Body Bakery their Whipped Cream in Lavender Cream Puff. It smells wondeeeerrrrfuuuulllll πŸ™‚

  54. sloan says:

    It’s lunchtime!! My co-worker one cubicle over is eating microwave popcorn and it’s making me hungry πŸ™‚

  55. Ali says:

    Hope you’re having a fantastic holiday!

  56. April M. says:

    hmm anything at all! well let’s just say i’m exhausted. I let my 6 y/o sleep w/ me as well as my 2 pound chihuahua & huge pitbull. I’m going to sleep early tonight:] I hope you had a wonderful holiday!

  57. Janet says:

    I was highly tempted to pick up one of the Tricolour Lipglasses but didn’t end up doing it. Hopefully I can win this and try it out!

  58. G says:

    Happy Memorial Day

  59. Jian says:

    I love shaved iced too! Happy memorial day even though I don’t know what it is?

    Jian´s last blog post..Chanel UV Essentiel Protective UV Care Anti-Pollution SPF 50/Pa++

  60. Pinkylover says:

    I love your blog! I am a girl from Norway who finish my 4 years education in 2 weeks. It would by so fun to win make-up as a treat to myself! πŸ™‚

  61. Regina S says:

    my cat’s name is shadow and we found her starving with no toenails. She is so sweet.

  62. Halifax says:

    The prizes are so awesome. The winner would be the luckiest! Thanks.

  63. Cindi says:

    We had 2 dogs and 1 cat! We lost Kayleigh dog when she was almost 19. Then, we lost Nikki cat when she was almost 17.
    We still have our larger dog; named Beethoven, who is 17.
    We now have an adorable Beagle pup; named Daisy, who is a puppy mill rescue. We almost lost her as an 8 week old pup to distemper. We took her a few hours away to a Vet. School Hospital where they remarkably saved her life! Thanks, Cindi

  64. Daniele says:

    I have such bad hayfever today that I can’t even enjoy the nice weather. Boo!

  65. Shauna says:

    This is my first posting but I read your blogs constantly! I love MAC and unfortunatly, my daughter is getting into it also (my poor pocketbook)!

  66. Crystal says:

    I’m in serious need of retail therapy!

  67. Anisha says:

    i really like cheese
    and chocolate
    but not chocolate-cheese πŸ™‚

  68. Alice says:

    My pet is a spider named Mafalda! She lves between my plants and i even pick insects to feed her! πŸ™‚

  69. Bitts says:

    MAC is my superfave cosmetics brand and I have to drive 2+ hours to get it. Winning this giveaway would save me a tank of gas!!!!!!!

  70. kathy says:

    Just heading over to gf’s house. Planning on doing nails. Ha, she never heard of konad.

  71. lesley says:

    I’m also bilingual in English and Tagalog, so it put a smile on my face that you wrote “suwertehin ka sana!” πŸ™‚ I hope that you’re enjoying Hawaii and that your family is doing well!

  72. Kacie says:

    my dog, Shadow, is a pomeranian. She is the most annoying dog, i have ever seen haha.

    Kacie´s last blog post..Requests?

  73. Bj says:

    Crazy how this is the giveaway for the day, seeing how I am making some delicious chocolate fudgy cupcakes yum!

  74. Nicole says:

    I just woke up from a 2+ hour nap and feel guilty for not attending a single cookout or Memorial day related event.

  75. Basak says:

    Big presentation tomorrow. Lonely at the office on the Memorial day πŸ™‚

  76. Jenna says:

    I just did my first FOTD photo on MUA. It was received well. Yay!

  77. Cindy says:

    Just want to say that i love Tabs the cat, en i allways enjoy the pictures´,

  78. thea says:

    yay I love all your giveaways

  79. Veedee says:

    I think So You Think You Can Dance is the best reality show!

  80. Gail says:

    Hope you have a safe trip home – Love to win@

  81. Gracie says:

    Hey karen! i just bought studio sculpt concealer and the 195 brush yesterday and i’m loving it! happy memorial day!

  82. Maggie says:

    i’ve been lemming dear cupcake for the longest time!

    Maggie´s last blog post..FOOD.FOOD.FOOD.FOOD.

  83. AspiringAsh says:

    Love that lip gloss! So pretty.

    AspiringAsh´s last blog post..C25K!

  84. Lo says:

    i now have 7 more teaching days left of school!

  85. Valery says:

    I’m thinking of getting purple hightlights.

  86. Kate & Zena says:

    I hope you had fun in Hawaii, Karen!

  87. Missy Pratt says:

    I just frankened my first polish, and I’m *SO* in love with it. πŸ™‚

  88. Judy says:

    It’s so nice to hear about Hawaii from an “insider”. Have a great Memorial Day!

  89. amber says:

    Happy Memorial Day! I’m so glad you’re enjoying Hawaii Karen. I’m all about this new deodorant from the brand Mbeze, it comes in a cute little solid perfume form called “deodorettes” and the scents are lovely! Definitely great for the summer.

    OMG I soooo wanted both of those items from Sugar Sweet and ended up not getting them. I’d be thrilled to finally get them! Thanks!!

  90. Gina G says:

    Goonies never say die! πŸ™‚

  91. Michelle says:

    my dog’s name is ginger. πŸ™‚ she’s a beagle. <3

  92. JillyB says:

    It’s been a really rainy Memorial Day weekend and I haven’t done much of anything so it’s hard to find something to comment on. Maybe that is my comment– I’m tired of rain and ready for the sun to shine. Hopefully tomorrow!

  93. Cecille says:

    MAC Sugarsweet Collection- Sounds ONO to me!!!
    Mahalo and Mabuhay!!!!!!!!!!

  94. Alexandra says:

    You wanted random, so here goes random:

    I’m transcribing (writing the pronounciation out, using the phonetic alphabet) everything I come across, to prepare for an exam. I just transcribed: ‘a small LilikoÒ€ℒi with ice cream and beans at the bottom and condensed milk on top. YUM’ It looked weird XD

  95. Julia says:

    If you can believe it, I forgot to wear deoderant today! eek!

  96. Liz says:

    I swear by Secret deoderant. I haven’t used another one in years (I’m too afraid to), which probably isn’t fair. But Secret is the only one I trust.

  97. jane says:

    oh hawaii!
    that reminds me.. do you love hurricane popcorn then? πŸ˜€ mm. treats.

  98. Stef says:

    I am so happy that I have two healthy daughters! I really wanted daughters, mostly because of my husband’s horror stories of how bad he was as a kid, and the hormones he had when he was 14. I can deal with drama queens, I can’t deal with boys!

  99. ann says:

    wow, i’ve never tried a coral eyeshadow before!

  100. Ali says:

    im finally going to depot my first eyeshadow today!

  101. Mel says:

    I wish I had a pet…. damn allergies…

  102. Joey says:

    Hey, I just discovered your blog, it’s great, thanks!

  103. Jen says:

    Random thought. Well because you mentioned deodorant. I recently found out I was pregnant (yay!…we’ve been trying…)…does that mean that I should not use deodorant with anti-perspirant? Any thoughts ladies?

  104. Marta says:

    Today we are relaxing at home.
    It is a nice day outside and maybe we will go outside for a walk.
    Have a safe trip back.

  105. nicole says:

    mmmm that shaved ice sounds so yummy!

    nicole´s last blog post..Tiny Tokens Designs: Interview and Giveaway!!

  106. kate says:

    oooi’d love to win!! mm i love mac!

  107. Nikki says:

    one of my dogs back home in NC is blind because he was 7 months old he dug his way out of our backyard and jumped into the side of a car on a busy street(note: he jumped, he wasn’t hit) and so he had 2 surgeries and wasn’t able to walk on his right hind leg for 6 months and i helped him walk on it again

  108. erica says:

    awww it sounds like you are having an awesome vaccation!

  109. Danielle says:

    Happy Memorial Day to everyone! Let us rejoice in our freedom! I would love to win this awesome giveaway!

  110. Eliane says:

    What a fabulous giveaway! Thanks a lot. I love the colors.

  111. Beckie says:

    Thank you for all you do for your loyal readers! You and Tabs rock!

  112. Michelle says:

    aww it looks like you had soo much fun on your vaccation!

  113. Melly says:

    oh my! hope i win!! crossing my fingers!!!

  114. Wendy says:

    In Latin America we have shaved ice called raspado my favorite is the guava flavored with the condensed sweet milk, it amazing.

  115. emily says:

    having my exam in like 4 hours time!!!! πŸ™

  116. Mia says:

    Just painted my nails with China Glazes’ Watermelonrind. Love the colour πŸ™‚

  117. Janet L. says:

    Hi Karen!

    I hope you are enjoying your vacation in Hawaii (I love that place)! I always enjoy perusing your blog. Keep up the good work!

  118. toni says:

    oh when i read shaved ice i think of “halo-halo”. yummy! Sana ako ang maswerti na manalo!

  119. Ilse says:

    Hi everyone!!
    Omg! I am sooo glad I checked your blogged today. My family is from Mexico and everytime I go we get “raspados” which is shaved ice and we also flavor them with syrup and fruit! I am so excited to hear Hawaii has something so similar! My fave one is guava, condensed milk is a must. I dont think they add ice cream in Mexico, but maybe I might next time just to try it out!

  120. Kristina says:

    Have a great holiday Karen! Here in Canada it’s just a regular Monday, so today I’m just working on some schoolwork! πŸ™

  121. Angel says:

    This is so sweet of you to be throwing this give away. I absolutely love your humor πŸ™‚

  122. Nitzan says:

    Thanx for great giveaways! These 2 prizes are so cool πŸ™‚

    Nitzan´s last blog post..Chunky Monkey – Banana Chocolate Muffins

  123. Bobbie Cole says:

    Happy Memorial Day!

  124. Sheila d S says:

    I am sooo in love with the Persephone and Galatea eye kits you posted πŸ™‚

  125. Sue says:

    the mac lip gloss looks amazing!!!

  126. Kaitlin says:

    I love makeup, but I’ve never owned a MAC product. Believe it.

  127. Ginger says:

    My comment: Work should not be allowed on beautiful, sunny days!

    Ginger´s last blog post..Vespa Update

  128. Tracey says:

    thanks for this giveaway!! : )

    im sitting at my desk waiting for my mint julep face mask to dry up and im afraid someone will ring my doorbell and i will have to answer with a scary green mask on my face!!!


  129. Abigail says:

    I’d love a Latte from Starbucks!!! yummi
    Its too hot here πŸ™

  130. Tamara says:

    Ahhh I’d so love to get this mac blusher <3!

    Today I recived a really bad bad mail.. I have to pay off some massive amount of money :(.

    Tamara´s last blog post..Project 10 Pan – expanded to 20

  131. Estefania says:

    i just got back from vacations! it was really fun, we went camping with a group of 30 people, nice nice πŸ˜€

  132. CecilyT says:

    Productive weekend here: painted trim in the dining room, trim for the basement. Unattached trim is WAY easier than attached :). Also, we cleaned the windows upstairs for the spring! Hooray!

    I need that lippy; it look so cool! (crosses fingers)

    CecilyT´s last blog post..The Daily Bean: 5-23-2009

  133. Luciana Lima says:

    I have a female lhasa apso, cute like Tabs..

  134. Samina says:

    ooh I love shave ice! We call it patbingsoo in Korean~. Yummy!

  135. I’m feeling lucky today and therefore, I will win heheh πŸ™‚

    somethingpurple´s last blog post..the bride.

  136. Jelena says:

    My bank account is thankful because you can’t buy MAC in my country πŸ™‚

  137. L says:

    It looks like you’re having so much fun in Hawaii. I’ve been itching to travel just so I can check out the new MAC collection at the duty free store.

  138. jessica says:

    Cupcake is my nickname b/c I’m small and sweet. I looove to eat them too!

  139. Liliana says:

    My cat looks like your Tabs πŸ™‚ but his name is Itchy, though not cuz he has fleas, but because I’m a big Simpsons fan (Itchy & Scratchy) lol although Itchy is the mouse in the show!

  140. Crystal Stubbs says:

    Ooh wish i had some shave ice right now in pina colada flavor mixed with strawberry!

  141. Luv J says:

    “My wife is missing”

    The man approached the very beautiful woman in the large department store and asked, “You know, I’ve lost my wife somewhere in this department. Can you talk to me for a couple of minutes?”


    “Because every time I talk to a beautiful woman my wife appears out of nowhere.”


  142. diskogal says:

    Mmmm that shave ice sounds good. It’s so hot over here that I would love to jump into a pool filled with that stuff (and azuki beans at the bottom, hehe!)

  143. Lorraine says:

    Hawaii suits you πŸ˜‰ Enjoy your time in the sun but responsibly SUNSCREEN πŸ˜€

  144. saloni says:

    I love this blog and my 19 month old! Hope you are having a great time Karen!

  145. nikki says:

    The hubby and I are going to Oahu in October—we will definitely have to try some of that shaved ice!!!

  146. christina n says:

    i recently started to get into make up, but i’m learning!! i want to do make up for proms and high school kids later on in life because i think it helps them boost up their self esteem! i like helping girls know that they’re beautiful.

  147. eunice says:

    I hope I am not late yet… well…I am just gonna say Hello Karen..thanks for having the give away… =)
    greeting from the NL…

    eunice´s last blog post..Award & Tag

  148. Amanda says:

    Happy Memorial day everyone one!! Plus it’s my fathers birthday yay!!!

    Amanda´s last blog post..Skin Care Routine in action!

  149. E says:

    I love summer!!

  150. rex says:

    ooh, that eyeshadow is pretty!

  151. Nadrah says:

    reminds me of the snowcones we have here -super delicious πŸ™‚

  152. Solé says:

    I’m so bored I’m watching Coming to America on Comedy Central. I could (should?) be studying for finals, but meh.

  153. kitty says:

    every time i travel internationally, i do so much duty-free make up shopping that i have trouble getting all my purchases onto the plane! i just can’t help it ^^

  154. JK says:

    I’m watching Japanese game shows on youTube.

    Thanks for the contest!

  155. YadiQ says:

    hawaiian shave ice sounds yummy

  156. Maria says:

    Today was a good day! πŸ™‚

  157. Babybubblz says:

    Wish I can surf in Hawaii again some day! I learned but never got up on my own yet.

  158. Brittany says:

    I just got back from the outlet mall where I scored a ton of awesome deals! πŸ˜€

  159. Christina says:

    I want to learn German so I can travel abroad and vacation in Germany and Switzerland!

  160. Sophie says:

    So Karen choose me please!!!

    haha apart from that, have you ever thought of doing a blog about your favourite perfume? I’d really like to know

  161. Lily says:

    I’m hungry. lol

  162. Katie says:

    My cat, Pepper, is the cutest thing! He is laying on the back of a chair, sleeping, but he is sprawled out like he is dead!! hahaha!!

    Does Tabs do that?

  163. Deanna says:

    I have the cutest Pomeranian, her name is Shady, and she just turned 9 months old! πŸ™‚

  164. cloudburst says:

    I’m on vacation too!

  165. Anna says:

    today i went hiking =]

  166. smiley says:

    I wear Dove deodorant. haha. :]

    smiley´s last blog post..My Skincare Routine

  167. JessicaF says:

    Shave ice sounds absolutely yummy! Thanks for running the giveaways!

  168. Annie says:

    We have something similar to shave ice here in the south. Snow balls. They’re much different the snow “cones” as the ice is very finely shaved and the syrup choices are monumental. In fact, I need one right now! Thanks for reminding me … and thanks for a great giveaway opp!

    skincarequeen 9 (at) hotmail (dot) com

  169. Nadine says:

    Waaaah, stop making my mouth water! I can’t wait until I finally go to Hawaii and try everything you’ve mentioned these past few days. πŸ™‚

  170. Michelle says:

    I love shaved ice! Though there’s lots of ice cream sitting in my fridge at the moment..

  171. jessica says:

    thank goodness for this site and makeup lol , it seriously brings up my mood !
    soooo, i guess ill tell you about my day, i now REALLY hate mondays.
    i was super tired today because i stayed up late studying for a science test, only to find out i studied the wrong thing. and in last block, i find out my close friend flirts with the guy i like (did i mention she already has a boyfriend?!?!? what is she doing right????) and in art i arrived with 3 of my friends and at the end of class i was sitting in the corner by myself cause they all ditched and didnt say “bye” either.
    thanks Karen! this site like made my day!
    LOL i hope you enjoyed my rant!

  172. Robyn says:

    Right now I am watching my cat sleep. He is lying on his back, lil paws up in the air, and tongue sticking out a bit. Cute!

  173. Sofia says:

    My hair is very soft today!

  174. angela says:

    im dreading going back to school tomorrow…why cant this weekend last forever?

  175. I love frozen ices.

    BrooklynShoeBabe´s last blog post..Snikt!

  176. wehkwas says:

    the weather here is like sauna. i went for a walk to get the mail today and as a result, i am now half naked typing away at my laptop.

  177. Shawn says:

    Love your blog–so informative.
    I’m hoping I land a job at Nordstroms. Wish me luck. πŸ˜€

  178. Katelyn says:

    Mmmm! Shave Ice. Your making my mouth water.

  179. Rose says:

    I’m currently craving cupcakes, and trying to decide if walking 80 minutes to my favorite bakery is worth it!

  180. ais says:

    I love the website. Im having a great day in the sun x

  181. Christina says:

    Today was a bad day. I could NOT go to the mall *wipes tear from eyes*

  182. Mary-Frances says:

    I just mowed my lawn. I deserve to win!! Ha ha.

  183. Well, since you mentioned deodorant, here’s my latest few Twitters (no, I’m not kidding; my life really _is_ this boring), all stitched together.

    “10 minutes ago from TwitterBar: I reached up just now to adjust my hair & got a whiff of my deodorant. It’s a new tube, & a new scent I’m trying for the first time. Dove Energizing Grapefruit and Lemongrass. I really, REALLY like it. It makes me smell all clean and HAPPY! (You know what they say: Clean-ness is next to happy-ness. Or … something.)

    “6 minutes ago from TwitterBar: Maybe I should stop sniffing my armpit now. I’m starting to get a headache.”

  184. C-Diff says:

    I’m a postal worker with a pet snake (he’s orange!) and I forgot deodorant today. *shame*

  185. Anh says:

    I’m doing an optional assignment despite the fact that school ended two weeks ago. Law school blows.

    Anh´s last blog post..starting an office wardrobe

  186. Cielo says:

    trying finish up a cup of coffee while browsing thru beauty blogs before starting my work… πŸ™‚

  187. Steph says:

    I found Degree perfume the other day… how weird is that?! Lol, I have to admit, my degree deodorant? Smells ah-mazing;)

  188. Jenn says:

    thank you so much for these giveaways Karen! I love MAC!

  189. Angie says:

    Oh wow, I didn’t know you could speak Tagalog! Nakakatuwa naman! πŸ˜€

    Angie´s last blog post..Bobbie Pinacolada

  190. tabby says:

    Ugggghhh. I have to go back to work tomorrow. Winning this could ease the pain a little!

  191. Cassie says:

    I am half black and filipino and growing up we had a dessert very similiar to what your post was about. We call it ‘Halo Halo’ or ‘Mix Mix’!! We used shaved ice, we we use laof pans to freeze the water in for huge ice cubes!! Lol coconut milk and you add whatever tasty treats in it that you like. I like coconut and jackfruit.. So delish! We had this huge metal iceshaver that gave you a workout!! Reading your post makes me wan t to find that Manila Mart that is just outside of Atlanta.. Hahaha!! And maybe get some cassava cake while I’m at it!! Enjoy the rest of your day!!

  192. Kailey says:

    Lilicoi is AMAZING <3
    i tried it on Hawai’i, and am so depressed you can get it in So Cal =(

    Kailey´s last blog post..I Γ’β„’Β₯Ò€¦ MAC A Rose Romance Collection Circa Plum Pigment!

  193. Fay. H. says:

    The weather was really nice but I forgot my sunscreen. x.x

  194. catrienna says:

    i really want it, good luck to myself!

  195. Carla says:

    you’re AMAZING! thanks to you and your blog, i’ve learned so much tips a typical girly girl would love to know <3

    “sana nga swertihin din ako” YAY! πŸ™‚

  196. Marcela says:

    Mmm all this talk about sweet stuff reminds me of all the dessert my family and me had today!!! There’s no shave ice here in Arg, but there sure is dulce de leche, yum!!!

  197. Rachel says:

    I went to prom last night! It was awesome.

  198. Shiny says:

    I wear old spice deodorant! I much prefer the smell of it to baby powder scents, plus it blocks sweat more than Dove which I found did nothing at all.

  199. redhead says:

    My best friend who I have a crush on is SOOO blind… I was IMing him today and said that he and his girlfriend are now in different neighborhoods because his mom and stepdad moved again. Sigh… The course of true love never did run smooth (from A Midsummer Night’s Dream) πŸ˜‰

  200. Amber says:

    Just got home from a Memorial Day BBQ….mmm BBQ beef is the best.

  201. Jenny says:

    I’m off to Macy’s to pick up something from Lancome. They’re running a GWP for Lancome.. I always get sucked into them!! I don’t even know what I want from Lancome yet… and it ends today!

  202. shivotra says:

    studying for business anthro right now – not fun!

  203. Katherine says:

    I love pictures, looking back brings so many memory! I am a maniac when it comes to pictures, when i go on trips i take pictures of everything like lil details of anything and everything!

    happy Memorial Day!
    Be Safe!
    Hope I Win!
    Thanks for the give always!

    Katherine´s last blog post..Have A Happy Memorial Day Guys!

  204. Joanne says:

    I love MAC !! Hope I win.

  205. lauren says:

    I absolutely love your blog and I look forward to reading it everyday! Great giveaway!

  206. Tuhina Dayal says:

    It was a gorgeous day here in Boston!

  207. chau says:

    i just got pomegranate tart yogurt with blueberries topping today at red mango. can’t really taste the pomegranate in the ice cream

  208. Jane says:

    The Big Island is my favorite place. Where else can you write along the highway with rocks and have several climates at a time?

  209. Josay says:

    I would love to win Dear Cupcake !

  210. Amy says:

    I made heart shaped shortcakes today! And they are divine.

    Amy´s last blog post..Grace in Small Things, Part 23

  211. Nina says:

    I made bacon pasta today! Hubs says it was pretty awesome … so im stoked! Have a great week, Karen!

  212. Laddie says:

    Hey, you spoke Filipino there. I’m so delighted! πŸ™‚

  213. wanda says:

    My sister is getting married in July….so excited!!!

  214. Airess says:

    My sister graduated from law school in DC yesterday so I am in the car on the way back to SC reading all my favorite blogs from my phone right now! Perfectly content! πŸ™‚


  215. Brittney says:

    Since I do not have a pet I will talk about Tabs. How cute was he yesterdays post about CHANEL. Although Tabs may like Venus Glossimer, I think I will have to pass and go for the Cosmos color.

  216. Lien says:

    That tricolour lipglass looks really interesting!

  217. Heather says:

    I’m a photographer and I love makeup, it’s a shame I can’t afford that much, but I would love to shoot someone who wears amazing makeup!
    The colors, the intensity, it says so much, it even expresses you! Now if only men understood why we take so long to put it on, now that’s a different story!


  218. Brooke says:

    Happy Memorial Day! I wish I could say that I spent the holiday in a gloriously fabulous way, lounging around with a margarita, but alas, my husband and I decided to redo the landscaping in our backyard and then reorganize our den. I’m actually ready for work to start again tomorrow! lol

  219. Linda says:

    My graduation is tomorrow!! AHHH

  220. cutie_pie says:

    aww i love talking about my pets! i have 3 cats πŸ™‚ they’re all such loves and completely adorable

  221. Julia says:

    My long weekend is almost over and I’m bummed πŸ™ Your trips to Hawaii always remind me of the family I worked for way back in the 80s πŸ˜› Thanks for sharing!

  222. Linda Long says:

    Happy Memorial Day! Glad you are having a good vacation, that is so important!

  223. Nicole says:

    the tri-lipgloss reminds me of neopolitan ice cream. Yum!

  224. Emeline says:

    Happy Memorial Day, everyone! Too bad I have to go to work and I’m 3hrs late. LOL

  225. LauraJ says:

    I’m craving a Neapolitan ice cream sandwich, but there aren’t any in the fridge

  226. peach says:

    i had a fudge brownie sundae today!

  227. Juliet says:

    It’s 3.36 over here right now and I’m STILL awake! so what better to do, than check your page =)

  228. Marry says:

    The Hills is on tonight!! =) I can’t wait.

  229. Nazia says:

    Hope Memorial Day is going wonderfully!

    I just found a new love for Cookie Dough Ice Cream! πŸ˜›

  230. Bethany says:

    Benadryl makes me groggy.

  231. Marlo says:

    In two weeks I leave for a summer in the Bay Area, and I am so excited and nervous!

  232. Nicole15 says:

    I just finished a large bowl of Fruity Pebbles. I don’t think I will ever be too old to enjoy this delish cereal!

  233. karlenma says:

    sana nga swertehin ako! hehe.. i’m a political activist but my friends could not believe that i actually am because they say i’m too “kikay” for that. πŸ˜‰

  234. Deidre Weiss says:


    I took a mac make-up class last week with my daughter. LOVED it!

  235. Jennifer says:

    The Shave Ice place was on PBS Sunday!!! We wondered about the beans???

  236. Rebecca says:

    Amazing giveaway! I have a French Bulldog named Daisy Duke who turned 6 years old today! I promise to share the gift with her…

  237. MMT says:

    Reading about your favorite summer treat reminded me about “ice water” which is actually like a really really smooth snow cone, with syrup on it. It was amazingly good, and the flavors rocked, but I’ve only seen it when I was on a trip to a beach on the east coast! I seriously want some right now…

  238. Jamie says:

    I hope everybody had an awesome Memorial Day, it was a beautiful day for it!

  239. Zmama says:

    I love MAC!! Hope u had an awesome day!

  240. Brittany says:

    I’ve been having horrendous eye irration (seeing the eye doctor tomorrow) and haven’t been able to wear eye makeup for the past few days. I miss my makeup!

  241. Kay says:

    I go to one of the most expensive colleges, have the best recommendations, have good work skills and still can’t even get a job working minimum wage.

  242. Jessica N says:

    I love your site! I hope I win πŸ™‚

  243. Arshia says:

    i have a big scratch on my knee!

  244. Holly says:

    I have a little bird named Ava (the avian, of course!) who is a year old. The parrot picture you had up the other day reminded me of her, because she loves to say, “HAAAAAAAY!” πŸ™‚

  245. Alicia says:

    Between going to Ulta, Lush, Sephora, and the MAC counter, I spent waaaaaay more than I meant to this weekend. Oooops! Sometimes you just need retail therapy. πŸ™‚

  246. Aleksandra says:

    I am relaxing this Memorial Day!

  247. Kristal Hite says:

    New to the site and LOVE IT!


  248. Candace says:

    I had a serious case of the Mondays and forgot to put on deodorant this morning omg!!! So my hubby, the knight in shining armour that he is, brought some to me at work!

  249. Lina says:

    I’m having the case of hiccups now while typing this out. I’ve tried the drowning down in water and holding my breath. Its not working. Trying to google different ways to cure the hics…hics…

  250. Yay! I LOVE these colors! Thanks for sharing these great Hawaii pics! We’re having a little vacation vicariously through you! πŸ™‚

    Mrs. Schwartz´s last blog post..SALE! – Yarn Lady, Laguna Hills

  251. H. says:

    well, i got to hang out with the bff today (i loves her!!!). we also went to visit her bf and got to meet her bf’s new roommate. then we all proceeded to play mortal combat 4 and worms (very old school lol).


  252. Cece says:

    I turned 20 yesterday!

  253. t says:

    i just came back from la today!

  254. Kandice says:

    Hey Karen!

    I’m dog tired…worked all day by myself. No day off for me!:(

  255. Aleia says:

    I am so beat!

  256. Danielle says:

    Hi Karen! I hope you enjoyed your trip.

    Well, right now I’m wearing a buttery yellow sweater with a little gray dragonfly on the upper left side. Got it this weekend on sale for $10, originally $25 at Old Navy!

  257. Toni says:

    Karen! Girl, your blog has changed me – it made me realize I’ve been living under a rock. I’ve spent the past couple of months spending hundreds of dollars updating my beauty collection since following your website a couple of months ago. Can you get your ladies to blog the different excuses they tell their hubbies to justify or explain the addiction? I’m running out of excuses myself!!! Help me save my marriage!!! J/K LOL πŸ™‚

  258. Nirvana says:

    Hey Karen!!
    Hope you had a great day!!

  259. Bomi says:

    Today I went with my mother for the Memorial Day sales at the local shopping mall.
    I saw the cutest Coach bag, but found out it cost $400, and had to get out of Nordstroms before I stole it by accident.
    I stopped at the MAC store, my mom looked at me and rolled her eyes so I couldn’t even look at the products.
    I visited a couple stores, got a bath robe, PJ pants and a terricloth slipper from bath and body works….. beautiful baby pink! I LOVEEE IT!
    Oh and this is allll after a play rehersal at 10 in the morning… I was so tired but I made myself keep walking.
    Have you ever been to Zara? That store is absolutely amazing.

  260. Mishel says:

    Hey Karen,

    I am kind of wondering what good is the Hills without Lauren in the last episodes. Anyways, that dazzleglass looks awesome! hope ur trip is going great =D

  261. Sherry B. says:

    Godnight! I’m going to bed now!

  262. Diana says:

    I just bought some really cute Cole Haan patent leather flats for half price. Score! πŸ™‚

  263. Kitty says:

    My deodorant? lol! Well, it’s Dove nectarine and ginger, and it smells super-yummy.

  264. JennySue says:

    Who knew that Sam’s Club had some killer oversized handbags that I can double as my “new” cost saving diaper bag.

    JennySue´s last blog post..Weekend Fresh Face 90210 Style!

  265. Angie says:

    I just watched Rachel Getting Married… such a weird role for Anne Hathaway but so good!

  266. amanda says:

    Zzzzz… sleepy. Time for bed!

  267. jessica c says:

    I so want a late night snack
    silverhartgirl at gmail.com

    jessica c´s last blog post..Dove Go Fresh giveaway

  268. Neena says:

    I think I need to go shopping for clothes but makeup’s where the fun lies for me so I always seem to bypass the clothing for the makeup displays. Next time I have to convince myself to just buy sensible jeans and t-shirts.

  269. Kat says:

    yoyo what’s up?! happy memorial day!

  270. Laura says:

    Tough day with the kids (two of them were my nephews). Now I know why some animals eat their young, lol!

  271. Kate says:

    Oooh, good giveaway! You rock, Karen!

    We miss you – come on home soon!

  272. Kristina says:

    Happy Birthday Sally!

    Definitely have to do my jogging routine this week at least or start back again next week!

    P.S. Loving the giveaway Karen!!!

  273. Nat says:

    Deodorant’s secret =)

  274. Ashley says:

    Happy Memorial Day!

    i LOVE Ben & Jerrys Chocolate Fudge Brownie ice cream.. yummy! πŸ™‚

  275. Ivy says:

    These giveaways are a really nice idea.

  276. stickles says:

    Ooh, what to share, I gimped my ankle yesterday by crashing it into a bus, and today I’m walking with a limp. Hooray for klutziness!

  277. joanne says:

    I’ve had the shave ice at Mastsumoto’s, but my favorite comes from some place near Waikiki… ugh. What’s the name? It begins with a “W.” It’ll come to me…

  278. Rovie says:

    I hope everyone had a great Memorial Day today!

  279. I would love to win Mac Products! I love your blog.

    Caitlin Plavala´s last blog post..Under Construction

  280. Lori says:

    Becoming. Even. More. Makeup. Obsessed.
    How scary!

  281. Sarah V says:

    Today I went to Mitsuwa in San Jose and finally was able to get the Shiseido Tsubaki shampoo and conditioner I’ve been wanting for ages (they had a great ad campaign for it in Japan)! Have you tried it? I believe it’s supposed to be for dry hair.

  282. Janelle says:

    Yesterday, my boyfriend left town to go back home (to Ireland) after working in California for over a year. I already miss him. :'(

  283. Sandy says:

    I just polished off an entire large bag of Miss Vickie’s chips. I feel gross =[

  284. Mai says:

    All my favorite shows have ended so Monday night is pretty blah now.

  285. Jessica says:

    I love chocolates!!

  286. chicknamedvick says:

    I want some MAC! I feel like a DESERVE it. Last monday I was laid off AGAIN for the second time in 6 months and then on thursday as I was on my way to pick up my daughter this jerk hit my car. AND i’m almost out of foundation, lol. Pick me!

  287. Mimi S says:

    I got engaged yesterday night!!! I am going to marry the love of my life!!!

  288. Laura says:

    Happy Birthday Sally! And thanks, Karen, for being such a conscientious blogger to keep us in reading material while you’ve been on vacation. πŸ™‚

  289. Ashley says:

    i love matsumoto shave ice!

    i always get half lychee half strawberry, vanilla ice cream on the bottom and condensed milk on the top! woot woot!

    too bad i live in vegas, my mouth is watering just thinking about it! πŸ™‚

  290. Oraiba says:

    I finally found a to hide my under eye circles under concealer, and make it stay put! πŸ˜€

  291. Jaci says:

    Love this blog, love giveaways. :]

  292. Alison says:

    I think I made it in right under the wire for the giveaway!

    Despite being a makeup junkie, I’ve never tried MAC makeup but would love to!

  293. Lucy says:

    Shaved ice sounds good. I get a water ice in cherry which is my favorite. Italian water ice is the best. Fresh lemon is traditional. I also love cherry.
    Please enter me for the Mac giveaway. Thank you.

  294. Phoebe says:

    I’m on a self-improvement kick this summer. πŸ˜€

  295. Lehea says:

    Oh how I miss shave ice! I had my very first one in Maui last year. Definitely gotta have it with the ice cream and azuki beans. Likiko’i sounds scrumptious! I’ll try that when I return to the 808 in the (hopefully near) future.

  296. Klara says:

    Hi, Karen. Love your blog!

  297. Chelsea says:

    I had a great Memorial Day, despite my boyfriend yet AGAIN not having things together and procrastinating and being late. I look forward to hearing back from Sephora today about the interview I had on friday. Hopefully, I will have a job! πŸ™‚

    P.S. I LOVE MAC!

  298. geekchic says:

    thanks for the heads up on the nordstroms clinique giveaway! i <3 almost every product in there and the bag is soo dang cute.

  299. bembet says:

    whoa!so many comments my dear!am i the bottom of the pile?i can try..i’d love to win those mac goodies and i think i should be lucky because—i just learned i have kidney stones,gallstone.the reason for my recurring pain and u.t.i..i missed applying makeu when i was confined in the hospital!

  300. Citrine says:

    Ha…I used to kept a lot of turtles when I was a kid.Now I just want a dog.

  301. DARKNESS says:

    hi Karen,

    fan of your blog and your love your little kitty cat.. πŸ™‚

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