What Do You Think of Victoria Beckham’s New Short Hair?

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Lately, I’ve been feeling the urge to cut my hair. I like it long, but I’m itching for a change, maybe something drastic. The only thing holding me back — and I recognize how silly it sounds — is that I’ll probably want all the fur I can get to keep warm in the winter, LOL.

And I’m not the only woman hearing the siren call of the scissors. On Monday at the Marc Jacobs Spring 2009 show at NY Fashion Week, the posh Mrs. Victoria Beckam revealed a new ‘do. It’s very Halle Berry-esque, yah?


I think V. Becks has the right ‘tude to pull it off and looks great. I don’t know if I’d ever have the guts to go this short, but ya never know.

How are you wearing your hair these days? Are you happy with it, or are you feeling the urge to get a new cut?

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  1. KK says:

    I love her hair….on her. SHe is so small and skinny as a rail so it fits her!

    I have the angeled bob thing going on now…long in the front and short in teh back…and my hair is pretty light blonde.

    I can sort a put it in a pony tail. If you cut your hair as short as posh then damn,you have balls! Did you watch her reality show? I lurved it!!! I wish it was on more than 1 time!!!

  2. p. potter says:

    If I had the face for it, you bet I’d cut it all off.

    Think of the time you’d save, and the money on products!

    Like KK I’ve got a blonde, angled bob. I like it, but will probably let it grow. I’ve been rocking this style for a little over a year now.

  3. Lee says:

    I like her better with long hair.

    I’d like to keep mine short just for another year…I do need a touch up and more highlights though.

    BTW, Karen, I purchased Miami Glow because 1) I am not near a Rite Aid to sample the scent and 2) I’m too lazy to do extra research so I went ahead and bought a bottle at Target. It is such a light and pretty scent. I really like it and have been wearing it for about 4 days now. The scent isn’t too strong so I have to spray a ton but other than that, it is very pleasant. Anyway, thanks bunches for the recommend.

    Lees last blog post..Our 7th Anniversary And “The Dark Knight” Review

  4. Dao says:

    You call her V. Becks, I call her Vicky B 🙂 Potato, potahto!

    Anyways, I think it’s the same ‘do Katie Holmes rocked a while ago when baby Suri was a wee bit smaller. The hair rocks though and I think she looks good with anything thrown at her. When I go to the mall, about 1/2 of the women and their mothers have the pob, thanks to Posh Spice. Is that the same phenomenon in your place?

    Daos last blog post..Time to Organize my Makeup Stash

  5. Dao says:

    You call her V. Becks, I call her Vicky B 🙂 Potato, potahto!

    Anyways, I think it’s the same ‘do Katie Holmes rocked a while ago when baby Suri was a wee bit smaller. The hair rocks though and I think she looks good with anything thrown at her. When I go to the mall, about 1/2 of the women and their mothers have the pob, thanks to Posh Spice. Is that the same phenomenon in your place?

    And remember I told you about the stash organizing containers? I finally posted them today. Come over if you want to see 🙂

    Daos last blog post..Time to Organize my Makeup Stash

  6. parisb says:

    Only if I have the face to pull it off, which I unfortunately don’t. Otherwise she looks good with it although that can’t be said for her foundation which looks a little light, or maybe its the lighting

    parisbs last blog post..Apologies for the down time

  7. Karen says:

    Hi KK,

    I had that same angled cut a few years ago! It was long (just like it is now) and I chopped it all off after a nasty breakup. Ahhh… I remember how liberating it felt!

    I totally loved her TV show, too. Remember when she had to look for an assistant? LOL. Have you watched Paula Abdul’s reality show? Now I wish that lasted more than a hot second!

  8. Karen says:

    Hi P. Potter,

    Right? I had a friend though a few years ago who had that cut, and she said that she was in the salon every three weeks, though. Her hair grew fast and she could totally feel when it was just a touch too long.

  9. Karen says:

    Hi Lee,

    YAY! I’m glad you like it. That scent is one of my faves and it’s a really fun one for weekends (and date night).

  10. Karen says:

    Hi Dao,

    Yah, I like to give people (and cats) nicknames.

    I haven’t seen the Posh bob too much up here! I want to shop at the mall with all the Posh wanna-bes. 🙂

  11. Karen says:

    Hi Parisb,

    I think it’s the lighting. Her eyes look fierce, though!

  12. Marisol says:

    I saw this posted on bellesugar and at first, I was sort of taken back by it. But the more I looked at her, the more I liked it. I think she has the attitude to pull this sort of look. And also the right face structure. My chubby cheeks would not do well with this ‘do.

    Right now my hair (when flat ironed) is below my shoulders. This is the longest I have had it for a while and I sort of like it. I had all of my hair colored like a dark chocolate brown (like everyone else) and haven’t colored it since November so it has really grown out. I keep going back and forth as to what to do with it. I like the lenght and I am thinking of going back to dark red/burgandy highlights but red is sooo hard to keep up.

    I think you could pull the short look. A Halle Berry look-a-like in our very own Marin county. 🙂

  13. Elena says:


    I rather like this look on her, she seems to have the tiny features to pull it off well. Are you going to try for this look too, or something a little longer? This look seems to ask for years of commitment before returning to longer hair. I’ll applaud whatever you choose, though, you do have the style to pull anything off.

  14. Chic Nicola says:

    I think she looks great – she’s got the face to carry it off really well. I’m going to get my hair chopped soon but not that short (as I don’t have the face for it!)

    Chic Nicolas last blog post..Marc by Marc Jacobs Faridah

  15. Karen B says:

    It looks fab on her but would look like shit on me.
    I did change my colour. Red it is now ^^

    Karen Bs last blog post..Oh my effing Iker

  16. Alicia says:

    I don’t like Victoria’s new hair cut. I love long hair. My hair comes about an inch below my boobs in length.

  17. Joanne says:

    I like it! It’s so cute! But I prefer Katie Holmes’ new haircut. I saw this photo of Posh online on the Instyle website and I noticed how her foundation doesn’t match the rest of her body, you can tell it stops at the neck

  18. Shockingpink says:

    i think her hair looks a lot better. this hair-do really compliments her face.
    right now i want to perm my hair.my inspiration is gucci’s fall 2008 hair.:)

  19. Sexy Sadie says:

    Love it.

  20. Paula C says:

    I love it! I love drastic changes like that. I got 12 inches cut off in June. I donated the hair to Locks of Love (my 7yo daughter did the same). I am still loving my short hair, though no where near as short as a pixie cut. My inspiration was Alana De La Garza on the most recent episodes on Law and Order. It works with my wavy hair.

  21. Jen says:

    Hiya Karen!
    Funny you say that. I myself have been ITCHING to cut my hair. In fact I have an appointment with my hairstylist on the 22nd of Sept. I’ve done the angled bob before and LOVED it when Mrs. Beckham had it. I remember seeing a picture of you with short hair that looked very nice…
    It funny because I would totally chop my mid-back dark hair in a second if I had someone to share the chopping with… sometimes a willing friend is all it takes for some courage! 🙂

  22. jojoba says:

    failed audrey H. lookalike.

    makes her look more biatch than ever.

    i’d suggest BALD for her.

  23. Bisbee says:

    I think it looks good on her – she’s got a small face and features – but I agree about the foundation. I’ve seen a number of pictures of her at that event – it isn’t the lighting. She’s very tan all over, but the foundation used was WAY too light – it make’s her look a bit ill…

  24. Bisbee says:

    I think it looks good on her – she’s got a small face and features – but I agree about the foundation. I’ve seen a number of pictures of her at that event – it isn’t the lighting. She’s very tan all over, but the foundation used was WAY too light – it makes her look a bit ill…

  25. Amy says:

    I think it looks good on her. I’m not a big short hair fan though. I had been wanting to do something different with my long hair all summer and finally did it! I really liked Gweneth Paltrow’s cut (it’s about at her collar bones.) I took the plunge and I love it! It’s still has enough length to pull back or put up, but looks really up to date, sleek and stylish down. I think, if you want a change, try something in the middle before going really short.

  26. Louise Gray says:

    She does have a pixie-like/gaminesque face. So I think that the style suits her. Basically I do not care what these celebrities do with their hair. Back in the 1960’s, Mia Farrow had very long hair which she had cut very short as you may have seen in the movie Rosemary’s Baby. Well, then I did the same thing to my hair. I was only 14 at the time and I am not sure that I pulled it off. Now I have a rather short bob with the sides longish and the back shorter. Although I receive many compliments on it, Dear Hubby prefers it long. I don’t understand why guys like this long-haired thing on girls. But I’ll tell you this, I’ll do the long-haired thing if they don’t do the bald thing. hahahahah Louise

  27. Kathleena says:

    I don’t think that she has the right face for a cut this short. I think that she should have went with a short cut but had longer layers.

  28. yadiQ says:

    i think the cut looks cool on her she has nice features to work with it – i personally can’t rock that!

    i am a creature of habit when it comes to hair lol

    i have over the course of the last 2-3 years been re training my curly hair lo like me with the help of my fab stylist at bumble and bumble


    i need quick easy and low maintenance i opt for lots of layers to give me the right poof factor
    and minimize frizz- i try to keep my hair no longer that mid back length but no shorter than right past my shoulders – many people describe it as mad scientist looking – its just a shaggy cut that is curly – but hey i am in nyc anything goes!

    totally unrelated but i have to share with people who are passionate abt beauty stuff

    my eyebrows were looking like a hot mess because i am terrible with upkeep and was really botching them – i recently visited the so called “eyebrow guru” here in NYC ELIZA’s Eyes – let me preface by saying she isnt very sweet but did a bang up job – i looked like a totally new person. if anyone has an eyebrow disaster i recc. trying to find one of her salon locations where she has her trained associates – its not cheap but let me tell you – you will realize all the wrong you have been doing for a long time !!

    lol enough of my rants – i should probably do some work its almost noon here in nyc!

  29. Tammy says:

    I really like this look on her…I used to have the same haircut, but that was almost 8 years ago..I don’t think I have the guts to ever go that short again..

    My hair is just past my shoulders, and I’m dying for a major change, but I’m just too chicken..lol

    Tammys last blog post..Lust List

  30. Rowena says:

    The cut is nice, the colour is too dark! i think that kinda cut and colour u need to be an extreme beauty with delicate features, like Ms Portman. Not, as the boyfriend put it, ‘someone with a piggy nose’.

  31. I love the short on her. And I think you could totally rock it, you fly girl YOU! Do it, do it! I’ll get my hair cut with you! We can embrace change together 😀

    Mrs. Lynne, MakeupFix.nets last blog post..Application Review: Using Mixing Medium On Regular Potted Eyeshadows

  32. Glosslizard says:

    Her face is pretty enough that she can get away with just about any haircut! I don’t think this is necessarily the most flattering choice (I did like the bob on her better) but still, she looks good!

    My hair is getting too long (the layers no longer resemble an actual “style”), so I gots to get me to my stylist, stat! Probably no major (mayjah!) changes, just need to make it look tended! 🙂

  33. Brittany says:

    I didn’t Posh’s hair at first, but after awhile I realized I really liked it. It works well on her because she has the facial structure (and the attitude!) to pull it off.

    Right now, my hair is about the to middle of my back with a bunch of layers cut in the back. I have the urge to dye it right now, so that will probably happen this week. I’m thinking I want to go to a darker brown shade. Right now it’s kind of a medium chocolate brown shade.

    Oh, I have to add that this pic bugs me. The color of her face does not match her body! Her makeup artist kind of screwed up 😛

  34. Brittany says:

    *I didn’t like

    Typos. Gr.

  35. Tania says:

    I am ready for a change something fierce! I’m currently in the midst of growing my long. Right now it’s a chin length bob with bangs plus my hair is dark brown. I’m feeling like the mixed-race member of the Cruise family (it looks like Katie and Suri’s hair)! I really want pink highlighted hair but I work at a fairly conservative office and the boss will flip. So I’m trying to figure out alt colors! I can relate to the need for the mane for the winter I had short hair in the winter and all I have to say is: stocking hats are my friend!!

  36. Eru says:

    Hi Karen!!
    I love Victoria’s new look! I think it suits her face perfectly.
    And the color is great also. 😀 I would love to see you with a short hair style. I think you could pull it off!
    It’s true that guys prefer long hair, but I’m not in the mood to please all men on Earth. I love my short hair and I’ll keep it short, even if that means no more male compliments! While my boyfriend likes it and more important, I like it, everything is fine.

    Erus last blog post..YSL’s Rouge Volupté (Blond Sensuel) Review

  37. Mimi says:

    lemme just say her and Rhianna have got the short hair circuit on lock right now!!! Who knew short hair could be as sexi if not more than long hair. And she has the right attitude to pull it off!

  38. Tami says:

    I like the cut on her. Although I am no stranger to the scissors (and clippers), I have never had my hair that short. I have been tempted to, but never went for it. Right now I have my hair in braids (love the convenience factor of not thinking of something to do with my hair each morning). But I will be back at square one when I take them down next month 🙁

  39. VampyVarnish says:

    I love her hair! I am one those those girls who constantly grows out and then cuts off her hair (not to mention the 157 million different shades of blond I have been!). Been doing that for about 12 years. Currently I am growing out my former Posh bob which I sported for about 2 years.

  40. Amanda says:

    I agree that she has the features and look to pull it off. Love that she is doing something “different” even if she is not the first to do so.

    My hair right now is also a version of the popular angled bob, but a bit longer that a true bob. I cut off 10+ inches and donated it last winter so I’m back to growing it out again. The style is somewhere in between an angled bod, the super popular Jess Simpson hair do from a few years back, and Gwen P’s current style, but slightly above my shoulders.

  41. Jess says:

    What is up with boys and long hair on women? If they had their way we would all have hair down to our ankles I think. They aren’t the ones who have to wait forever for wet hair to dry!

  42. Brenda says:

    I’m not a fan of it, to be honest I hate it. I loved it when she had the bob and the long beautiful wavey locks, Victoria is suppose to be a style icon but to me this haircut just doesn’t work.

  43. Meredith says:

    I LOVE her hair! If I had the face and the body to pull it off I would get that haircut in a heartbeat. But it’s definitely an iconic change just like when Audrey Hepburn cut her hair that short.

  44. lexi says:

    it took me about 4 yrs to grow my hair long – it got really LONG and I loved it! i even got a compliment from this one girl – “i wanna get a weave style of your hair!” i think that’s a compliment. I even had bangs – I’ve had my bangs for so long that it’s now my trademark! Well after awhile I grew out my bangs and began trimming my hair my hair shorter and shorter and after the birth of my baby I contemplated what all new moms do and chop my hair. Luckily for me that bob haircuts are so hot right now. Well I had my hair done this past Tuesday by the stylist that helped me grow out my hair and maintained it for the past 7 yrs and told him I’m going short! We did it and he gave me a super cute cut that rests above my shoulders with layers and even though I tried growing my bangs out and rocking the side swept thing I brought them back! My hair reminds me of Michele Pfifer in Scarface but a little shorter and dark brown! =)

    So if you are feeling bold – cut it! It does grow back!

  45. Fie says:

    I love her with this haircut. It doesn’t make her look like a corpse. Her previous chin length bangs accentuates the hollows of her cheeks. Blah but the makeup…*shudder* Her MA should be shot a million times. Her face is like a few shades lighter than the rest of her body.

    Anyway Karen, haha I just jumped into the bandwagon of cutting hair. I’ve done something I never thought I’d do. 🙂 And it’s really working out for me. Here is a comparison photo:

    Before: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v76/Xiao-Ying/fotd%20100908/fotd4_2.jpg

    After: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v76/Xiao-Ying/Photo2.jpg

    Sometimes you just have to try something new. 😀

  46. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    WOW!!!! I love the new ‘do! How is the maintenance? Is it easier or harder than your old cut? You look really beautiful… so sassy!

  47. Fie says:


    Maintenance wise, it takes a bit more work after you wash your hair as compared to my straight hair. But the new ‘do gives my hair a little more volume and it doesn’t make my face look so round! It’s all worth it. Beauty takes time 😉

  48. Karen says:

    Hi Fie,

    Girrrrrl, I hear that. Trust me, it gets harder as you get older, too. Wait till you hit your 30s, oy…

  49. cloudburst says:

    It looks nice – especially now that it’s her natural colour, not that horrendous fake blonde. I used to have a pixi cut too, I loved it, it was so easy to style & wash! But I eventually gave it up because it is a very expensive style to upkeep – you need to get it cut every month or the shape gets terrible.

  50. Antoinette says:

    I have simply gone crazy for her short hair. It’s looking fav on her.

  51. alex says:

    Not bad at all!
    I am actually thinking of getting my hair cut like one of her older “pobs”. I am trying to find pictures (front & back) of when she had the back shorter.

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