Which Way Do You Usually Part Your Hair?

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Because I’m curious…

Center part or side part, and do you ever switch sides?

I’ve always had a natural side part above my right eye (so the left side of the screen in pics). That’s where my hair parts naturally when it gets its way.


But then there was that six-month period in 2004 — the Dreaded Wrong Part Incident, when my part went the opposite way (above my left eye), and I hated every minute of it.

It happened one day because the gal who used to cut my hair was just totally checked out. It was her last day before a long vacation to Thailand, and I guess she really wasn’t paying attention, or was in a rush to get out the door.

She had been cutting my hair for about a year, so I assumed I was in good hands.

I started reading a magazine in the chair, and when I looked up, my hair was parted the wrong way and chopped past the point of no return.

At first I thought, “OK…change is good. I can roll with this, and I can’t really do anything about it now.”

That faux calm lasted about half a day…

For strange, cruel reasons, my layers wouldn’t sit properly, and the waves insisted on going every which way. Whenever I looked in the mirror, I felt like I was staring at a stranger.

You wouldn’t think that something as minor as a part could make such a difference, but I swear, it totally does!

How about you? Which way do you usually part your hair?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Good morning and welcome to le hump!

Today is a very exciting day. 🙂

Why’s that, you ask? Well, the contractors say that I’m supposed to have gas again by this afternoon, yay!

Wait — that came out wrong.

Anywho, woo-hoo! Believe you me, I will be celebrating by taking a shower tonight. Counting the hours, minutes and seconds until I can shave the pelt of fur on my shins, LOL!

P.P.S. Speaking of warmer days, last night I finished a book I think you might like. It’s called A Hundred Summers, by Beatriz Williams.

I started reading it last weekend and could not put it down. It’s like a cross between a mystery and a romance. A myst-romance, or romance-ery.

From amazon.com…

“Memorial Day, 1938: New York socialite Lily Dane has just returned with her family to the idyllic oceanfront community of Seaview, Rhode Island, expecting another placid summer season among the familiar traditions and friendships that sustained her after heartbreak.

“That is, until Greenwalds decide to take up residence in Seaview.

“Nick and Budgie Greenwald are an unwelcome specter from Lily’s past: her former best friend and her former fiancé, now recently married—an event that set off a wildfire of gossip among the elite of Seaview, who have summered together for generations. Budgie’s arrival to restore her family’s old house puts her once more in the center of the community’s social scene, and she insinuates herself back into Lily’s friendship with an overpowering talent for seduction…and an alluring acquaintance from their college days, Yankees pitcher Graham Pendleton. But the ties that bind Lily to Nick are too strong and intricate to ignore, and the two are drawn back into long-buried dreams, despite their uneasy secrets and many emotional obligations.

“Under the scorching summer sun, the unexpected truth of Budgie and Nick’s marriage bubbles to the surface, and as a cataclysmic hurricane barrels unseen up the Atlantic and into New England, Lily and Nick must confront an emotional cyclone of their own, which will change their worlds forever.

I was sucked in from the start, totally immersed in a world of love triangles, family secrets, friends and frenemies. The story, on a reverse scale of 1-10, with 10 being Lifetime movie-caliber predictable, I give it a two…which in this case is good! 🙂 Lots of twists and turns and memorable characters. Highly recommended!


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  1. Trisha says:

    I think I might have to read that book. I’ve followed your suggestions before (Hunger Games) and have been very happy!

    On to the topic at hand: hair parts. My part is really only bang-related. It goes in the same direction as yours. I’ve tried to part it the opposite way, but it just feels weird.
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  2. nadia says:

    Side part. Widow’s peak here. :/

  3. Georgie says:

    I part mine on my right hand side, quite far across. I keep trying to switch up le parting but it never looks good!

  4. Aimee says:

    Side part here, but sometimes I get tempted to middle part since some girls totally rock it. It looks so modern some how?

  5. On the right side. If I do it on the left it just looks strange and my hair refuses to cooperate 🙂
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Review | Sisley CellulInov Intensive Anti-Cellulite Body Care

  6. Katherine M says:

    My hair naturally parts a little over my right eye, too, but I usually wear it with no part. I do a lot of French braids and half up so I don’t have a “permanent part” as much anymore.

  7. Fancie says:

    I usually go for a center part but I’ve been opting for a side part lately
    Fancie recently posted … Too Faced Chocolate Bar Palette Swatches & First Impressions

  8. Majick says:

    Like my politics i’m a little left of center. LOL I try to switch it up but I have to agree it really feels weird. I’ll do a center part sometimes and that’s ok; and, I’ll do a far left but NEVER far right.

  9. Ruchita says:

    I have a side part and go from left to right. I think the only time I’ve done a middle part was when I was really young. Yay for getting heat back in the house! I get so grumpy when I’m cold. I really should figure out a plan for moving to Hawaii. 🙂

  10. Chic Lapin says:

    I part it to my right, and I can’t wear it any other way. Center looks terrible on me (and I’m a fringe girl forever) and can’t part it to the left cos it won’t stay that way! My hair has ideas of its own! 😛
    Chic Lapin recently posted … It’s Kawaii Wednesdaii… Miércoles Adorables

  11. Vineetha says:

    Side part! Usually from the left to right!!!
    Vineetha recently posted … Lorac Pro Palette Review, Swatches

  12. Amy says:

    Side part. My natural part is a side part but on the opposite side. I go against it since it gives volume. Every now and then I’ll try the natural side, but it literally looks flattened against my (rather large) forehead. Not super flattering. And I can’t do a middle part since I have a longer face and that makes it even longer!

  13. Jenna N. says:

    Naturally my hair parts right down the middle, but I style it to part at the left. The day I told my stylist I wanted to try a side part, I had a huge pimple on the right side of my forehead so that’s what determined what side to part it on! It’s been on the left ever since.

  14. Erin says:

    My hair naturally will part in 3 places: left, right, and center. I have mini cowlicks on either side creating the parts. I prefer the on the left or in the center. For whatever reason though my last cut left my hair more comfortable parting on the right. I just roll with it.

  15. Reesa says:

    I like to part my hair on the right side, on a diagonal from the center — just over the right eye. Does that make any sense at all – lol! but i switch sides (and do the same on the left side from side to side). The right cooperates more than the left, but if i keep my part to one side only, I tend to have some thinning….i know…complicated, but true.

    I love the center part, but I just don’t seem to pull it off well 🙁

  16. Camille says:

    Hello!!! I have tried a middle part when I was in my pre-teens, but it was always a little off, come to recall. I have a widow’s peak and it naturally parts more to my left. i’ve wanted a deep side part, but it takes a while to make the baby hairs go with it. 🙁

    I’ve tried to part it on my right (with an odd start on the left due to the widow’s peak), but I couldn’t hang with it. I only did that because I read that a consistent part might thin out that section, so I tried to change it up.

    I may never win. :/

  17. Stephanie A. says:

    Its funny–just the other day, I was ranting to a friend about hair parts. I HATE that all the magazines tell you to “change your part, girl! Its great–more volume, totally awesome new look! Woo-Hoo!” I’m sorry–that’s BS. It never works to just change your part–either it won’t stay that way, or the cut looks crooked, or it just feel too weird. Now, I can totally see how that may just be my experience, but I’m sooooo sick of reading this! Rant over…

    Oh, and my hair is parted on the right side.

  18. Sylirael says:

    Heh, my hair parts itself the way it wants to when it’s down – when it’s up in a bun or ponytail, I gather it evenly over my head so that I don’t really have a parting.

    Naturally, it seems it falls slightly on the left…
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  19. Tiffany says:

    I usually do a side part on the right, every once in a while I’ll go for a center part.
    Tiffany recently posted … Breaking Beauty News: bareMinerals

  20. Robyn says:

    I part my hair to the side because I have a narrow long face. I find when I part it down the middle, it accentuates it. As for which side I part it…it changes. Recently I have been parting it on the right side. I tried changing it up a few weeks ago and put it to the left and for some weird reason it look awful. It was the strangest thing because I never minded having it parted that way before. Odd. :S

  21. Meghan l says:

    I part my hair on the left. Ousted to do the middle part in grade school. I’m in the middle of growing out my bangs so either parted from the left or I clip and pouf them a little….yes I’m from jersey lol

  22. hanna says:

    Center part and always the same side.
    hanna recently posted … What I Want in Life

  23. Crystal says:

    I love my part above my left eye! Thanks for the book recommendation I was looking for something good to read and this one sounds like just my type of thing!
    Crystal recently posted … NOTD Featuring L’oreal’s Extraordinaire Gel System & Miss Luster-ess Nail Polish

  24. Chelsea says:

    My hair naturally parts in the center, and I usually keep it that way. I feel weird with it any other way! I’m getting my hair cut on Friday, cannot wait. Probably won’t do anything crazy, but I know it’s time for a haircut because it’s taking A LOT of effort to make my hair look good right now.

    I need to read more! I’ve been meaning to read Divergent, which I already bought, and it’s been sitting around. I also want to read the new Percy Jackson book, which I bought MONTHS ago and haven’t read.

  25. Anna says:

    I am definitely a side part girl. Usually on the right, but I’ve experimented with the left in the past. I fight a bit with it now matter which way it goes, even center. You look absolutely stunning in that picture!!!

  26. Diora says:

    My hair naturally prefers to be parted on the left and I’ve come to embrace it. I cannot for the life of me have a center part. It looks so unnatural like it’s not centered AND the right side is higher than the left. I’ve tried repeatedly to wear it on the right to no avail. A right part traditionally looks better, but when I see left parters,I’m delighted, like we’re a rare species.

  27. Sunshine says:

    What a funny coincidence; I just finished reading A Hundred Summers and had the very same thoughts that you did. It was the first book in a long time that I could not wait to finish, and had me intrigued for days. I am now reading Overseas, her first book, but am not finding it as interesting or arresting as her second book.

  28. Cindy says:

    I almost always do a deep part on the right side and flip my hair to the left. Since I have a long oval face, the deep part makes it look less long 🙂


  29. astrild says:

    I have my part over my left eye. It feels weird other way.

  30. Iris says:

    I part my hair on the right hand side, around the area just above my eye.

  31. jess says:

    Thanks for the book review! It sounds good.

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