Vera Farmiga: Her Best Hair?

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I am not a morning person. I usually take about two hours to “power up” after waking, and until I’m sufficiently charged, my linguistic capabilities are limited to a couple of halfhearted grunts, and perhaps a “hrmph!” or two.


But there are two things that do accelerate the power-up process: TV and coffee/tea. If I can spend about 10 minutes in the morning with a cup of tea while watching how other humans communicate, I’m usually good.

This morning I watched a few minutes of a movie called Joshua on SyFy (it’s been years since they changed the spelling from “SciFi,” but I still always want to say “See Fee” whenever I see the little logo in the corner of the screen), starring Sam Rockwell and the lovely Vera Farmiga.

It’s about a couple, their newborn baby girl, and their young son Joshua, who becomes jealous of the new addition to the family. Creepy things start to happen around the house, and by the time the couple realizes that their son Joshua is to blame, it’s too late for the family.

Jackpot! Can’t go wrong with zombie and vampire flicks, possession movies and films about precocious children who hatch evil plans. Instant win.

Watching the movie I realized that I didn’t know much about Vera Farmiga, its leading lady, although I have enjoyed many of her recent movies, like Source Code, The Departed and Up in the Air (for which she received a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination).

New Jersey’s own Vera Ann Farmiga, born August 6, 1973 and raised in a strict Ukrainian Catholic household, originally wanted to be an optometrist when she grew up, but she changed her mind and decided instead to study acting at the Syracuse University School of Visual and Performing Arts.

She made her Broadway debut in 1996 as an understudy in the play Taking Sides, and after several stage roles, started getting cast in movies.

Now, when she isn’t lighting up the screen, she’s raising her two kids and pet angora goats. 🙂

I like how she’s willing to take chances with her hair, especially the color. She’s spent time as a blonde, a brunette and a redhead, too.

Which of Vera's hairstyles do you like best?

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  1. Nina says:

    omg @ pet angora goats. love it!

    i thought she was really good in that clooney movie “up in the air” …

    • Karen says:

      Goats kinda scare me (their eyes = SO CREEPY!), but I think it’s cool that she has them for pets.

      I enjoyed that movie too. Apparently they had to use a body double for her scenes because she was pregnant with her second child when they filmed it!

      • Nina says:

        i never knew that! i cried at the end of that movie … :-/

        • Karen says:

          That movie was way depressing, but not as depressing as Blue Valentine. Have you seen that one? Don’t watch it if you want to be inspired by love.

          • Nina says:

            i was waiting for that to come out on DVD. i think i was too lazy to go to the movies when that was out!

            but yes – up in the air was sad and depressing. it made me feel like their lives (other than anna kendrick’s) were all a farce. :-/

          • Karen says:

            I liked it for Ryan Gosling… that’s about it. If there was an award for most depressing movie it would probably win, LOL.

            So, TOTALLY off topic, but I gotta say — every time I watch the pastry chefs doing their thing on Top Chef: Just Desserts I think of you!

          • Nina says:

            awww thank you! <3

            im still getting my stuff together for that … i said that id take at least a couple of classes, and soon!

  2. Sonya says:

    WOW she look so different in each photo! Tough to choose a favorite… Maybe 8 or 4?
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  3. Natasia says:

    8 is the best hairstyle, by far. It enhances her beautiful face instead of distracting from her features.

    She was great in Up in the Air!

  4. mango the mango says:

    I always pronounce it “Siffy” because it’s fun to say. I love 8, it makes her look so fresh!

  5. I like 8 and 9. They are the most natural, fresh, and youthful of the bunch. 🙂

  6. 4 and 7! love curls.
    Antonia at Swedish Love Affair recently posted … September favorites

  7. Margeaux says:

    She was great in running scared with paul walker too

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