Marion Cotillard: Her Best Hair?

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Rising French starlet Marion Cotillard’s been making a splash lately! Did you happen to catch her in Inception?


Born September 30, 1975 to two acting teachers, Marion’s been on stage and in front of cameras since childhood, appearing first in one of her father’s plays.

In 2007 she became the first person to win an Academy Award for a French language performance for the film, La Vie en Rose.

I still have some of her movies to watch (which ones have you seen?); I love how adventurous she is with her hair!

Which of Marion's hairstyles do you like best?

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  1. Kelly says:

    Hey Karen!

    Even though I don’t really like subtitles, I watched La Vie en Rose and was completely transfixed! She was so amazing, I absolutely loved it. Also saw Inception. She’s just gorgeous.
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  2. Kim says:

    I wasn’t thrilled with her character in Inception (I didn’t think we had a chance to know her/care about her/care about her relationship with Leo), but I think she did an excellent job in the little screen time she had. I have yet to see La Vie En Rose, but it’s on my list. Just a YouTube clip of her singing Je Ne Regrette Rien made me misty.

    • Karen says:

      I don’t think she was there for us to like her… but girlfriend sure looked great!

      • Kim says:

        I totally agree on both counts! Also, for the record, I picked #8 too (though it would never look so simple yet elegant on me).

        • Karen says:

          In another life I’m rockin’ that do hard. In this one I’d be guaranteed some serious mushroom head if I went that short!

          How are things on your end today? It’s hotter than hades up here in Northern California!

          • Kim says:

            I seriously just let out a bark of a laugh when I read “mushroom head”. That was awesome!

            I think you and I have had a weather role reversal this week. It’s been in the 70s here, which has been a nice change. We also have a few leaves changing colors and my boys started soccer this week (another year of coaching for me!). All these things point to Fall, my favorite season! 🙂

  3. Ru says:

    Even though in 5 she looks really elegant, I think 8 suits her for an everyday look.

    Inception was amazing! Hubby and I gotta give it a second watch…

    • Karen says:

      I picked that one too! It’s the hairstyle I *wish* I could pull off.

      Are you a Christopher Nolan fan? There are rumors about him possibly casting Marion as the new Catwoman in his next Batman film.

      • Ru says:

        Really? No way! Yea, I am totally a Chris Nolan fan. I watched Dark Knight about 10 times (and I rarely re-watch movies, it’s up there with The Devil Wears Prada), and Momento is one of my fav movies!

  4. i’m going with 5 because marion is TOTALLY old hollywood to me and this hairstyle really supports that image.

    i absolutely LOVE marion, i think she’s superbly talented. i’ve only seen her in la vie en rose and inception but i can’t wait to see her in more films!
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    • Karen says:

      I agree — she does have a elegance, glamour and a “it” factor that some stars lack.

      If you find any other good movies with her in let me know! I’ll do the same. 🙂

  5. Resha says:

    wow, she looks like Katy Perry in some of these pics
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  6. Astrid says:

    Hey Girls,

    i am from Germany and i think, if you take this question in france or germany was the reason of vote more for 6, 4, 1, 8 and 7.
    Well, i THINK this. But its funny and cool to see as different are the countries.
    Or what you think?

    • Karen says:

      Hi Astrid,

      That’s interesting. Do you know of any particular reason why those styles might be more popular in other countries?

      • Astrid says:

        Hmm… well i think, that girls in the USA and in the pacific countries love more welldone hair or beach-weavy, longer hair. In Germany we often hear, that the New Yorker Girls always have fresh washed and blow-dry chic hair, but i don´t know, if this right. And we think of the other landscape, especially calfifornia, that there love the girls sea-washed, sandy, blonde hair. So like Jennifer Aniston?! In France love girls more shorter hair. Oh yeah, often really short hair like No. 9 of Marions Choice.
        And more darker. I think there love the girls more elegance. They wear Pumps or ballerinas, like chanel and dior in fashion and not juicy couture or ed hardy. But its even perhaps boring, not so relaxed and cool.
        But in Germany its very …unsteady… many girls like the sea-blonde-look and often you can see a very hard style like a punk. Blond streaks are loving for ourselves. But a brunette girl has more seriousness. And the girls wear often cool, without frills clothing.
        …hmm…well…its fantastic, all countries are so different and exciting. Thanks for your comment and P.S. i love sooo much your blog. I have a RSS-Feed and read your articles every day. But my written english is sooo bad. I´m so sorry. Bye and have a nice day, Astrid

  7. Nina says:

    During the start of Inception – she scurrd me! So creepy! She is really a great actress. Hawt too!

  8. shontay says:

    I love Marion! I’ve seen her in Inception (one of the best movies I’ve seen in my life), Public Enemies (she was the best thing about that), but I saw her first in La Vie En Rose. I fell in love with her there. My favorite look is #5 when she won the Oscar. She looked amazing.

    • Karen says:

      Oh yeah! I totally forgot she was in that movie with Johnny Deep! They had really great chemistry.

      Speaking of Johnny D., here’s a random fun fact: he’s currently filming the new Pirates movie in my in-law’s town in Hawaii. The ship where they’re doing the filming is quite literally parked down the street from them in Kaneohe Bay!

      • Indoor Kitty says:

        Dude!!! My husband got to hang out with Johnny back in the 21-Jump-Street days. Apparently they were filming at his best friend’s house and my Mr. went to go see what the fuss was about. He still tells me to this day that Johhny isn’t as gorgeous up close as we think he is, but I refuse to believe him.

      • Karen says:

        My mum-in-law says the locals love him because he’s supposedly very cool and just an all-around nice guy.

        Hmm… maybe your hub met Johnny before he started taking care of his skin? It’s amazing what magic a little bit of exfoliator and some moisturizer works!

  9. Indoor Kitty says:

    I love Maid Marion!!! Do you remember her Oscar’s gown? I would have looked like a messed up mermaid in that business but she was so ethereally gorgeous. Love her! Her makeup is always simple yet gorgeous too. Girl knows her strengths.

  10. Lucie says:

    I adore #9 on her! Why so little pixie love?? I do believe women with oval and heart-shaped faces almost -always- look better with short hair. A beautiful face like Marion Cotillard shouldn’t cover it up with long hair! But perhaps I’m just obsessed with Agyness Deyn-esque style. 😉

  11. Patti says:

    I voted for 1 & 3….two of the least popular. What does that say about me?

    • Karen says:

      I think it says you love edgy, stylish looks! 🙂

      I would totally rock #3 if I had the patience and the extra hold hairspray around, LOL! Totally reminds me of the hair of my teen years.

  12. Elaine says:

    i picked number 5, although i think she looks best with short hair (like number 6, but without so much poof at the front! hee hee)

  13. Liz! says:

    I love herrrrrrr! She always looks amazing, and I admire most French women I’ve come across in the media or real life or wherever 🙂

  14. noemii says:

    I love this actress so much. She is so beautiful and super talented. I loved “Love Me If You Dare”. It was super cute and a bit dark in the end …and I think i’m going to watch it right now.
    I also loved her in “A Very Long Engagement” ..That was a Very long movie and even though Audrey Tatou (another actress i adore) was the main character i liked hers as well. Haven’t seen inception yet (don’t really care to) but i bet she was good in it :] There’s also the other ones like “Big Fish” <3 (such a great movie and book) and "La Vie En Rose". She was so amazing in that movie. Edith Piaf was an interesting person and she did an extraordinary job in the movie. And then there is "Nine" ..which i'm not even gonna get into. Snoooooooooooze fest.

    • Ruth says:

      I loved her in ‘Love me if you dare’ also 🙂 but ‘A Very Long Engagement’ starred Audrey Tautou (aka Amelie)… x

  15. Nina says:

    I could swear you somehow read my mind Karen because I’m thinking about Marion since I’ve seen Inception yesterday o.O And let me tell you, before Inception, I hated her, she looked so cold and arrogant but when watching the movie I kept thinking about how she looked so elegant with her usual coldness. I guess her magic shows itself while she’s acting and I don’t find her that beautiful off-screen. But I really wish I could be that elegant 🙂

  16. Sonja says:

    No. 5!! I love Marion, I remember the first time I saw her in french Taxi 2 (funny&best of the series) and said ”This woman will make it big”. So glad she did! I loved her in ‘A very long engagement’ although she had a small role (the main actress is Audrey Tautou), and it’s such a lovely movie.

  17. Kylie says:

    Marion Cottilard is my latest girl crush. She has replaced Nicole Kidman and Jennifer Connelly for me. I am fascinated by her! I picked number 4, but I tend to always pick updos. I’ve seen her in Inception, La Vie En Rose, Nine, Public Enemies, and probably a few others that I’m not remembering. Next I would like to see Big Fish. I don’t know why I haven’t seen it already!

    • Kylie says:

      Oops, I forgot the Lady Dior short featurettes. I think I liked “The Lady Noire Affair” the best but the “Lady Rouge” one was good too. I think “Lady Blue Shanghai” was my least favorite, because it seemed to have the least production value. These are on YouTube, you should watch them! I found them because I was looking up the Chanel videos 🙂

  18. Lily says:

    my god, she’s gorgeous in everything.
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  19. K says:

    Yay! My choice was the popular one! I love the long, luscious locks. Ooh la la! Now to grow mine out…
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  20. Zenaida says:

    So A Good Year is my absolutly favorite movie and I’ve been in love with Marion ever since!!! I’m so glad more people are noticing her and taking note. Loooooooooove heeeeeerrrrr!!!!

  21. Arianne says:

    Wow I wish I could be that adventurous with my hair. I went through “the big chop” (about 6 inches) a couple of times but that’s about it.

    I think she pulls most of them off, but I picked #5. 🙂

  22. Michelle says:

    In number 4, she totally looks like Emily Blundt! She has gorgeous skin and hair — a true French beauty!!

  23. Liz says:

    #5. I will always adore her Academy Awards hairdo. It was beautiful, near flawless!
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