Are There Any Hairstyles You’d Absolutely Never Do?

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bob, bangs and pink hair

Flashback 2012: A bob, bangs and pink hair…

When it comes to mah hurr, I think I’m pretty adventurous, open to most styles, and I’m down to switch it up every 15 seconds or so (OK, well, like every three or four months).

And I never like to say “never,” because you can’t predict how your tastes will change, but I am comfortable saying that there are certain hairstyles that I’m relatively positive I will never even attempt to try.


Like a pixie cut.

I love it on other people! — don’t get me wrong — but I know that I couldn’t handle the growing-out process. I had super short chin-length hair once in the late ’90s, and I still shudder when I think about it creeping down the back of my neck when I was trying to grow it out. I cut it at least four times because I just couldn’t handle the growing-out part.

I don’t think I could do a mullet or a shag, either. Again, I’ve seen them on some very fashionable girls who can legit rock ’em, and they look very trendy and chic, but I don’t think I’m nearly bad-@ss enough to pull them off. Maybe if I had some tattoos…

Any sort of severe blunt cut would probably also be a bad idea. My hair requires layers in order to function, LOL! When it’s all one length, it just looks flat and heavy…and very Cousin It.

Let’s see, what else…? Oh! — I don’t think I’d ever, EVER get a reeeeallly tight perm. See: leftover childhood trauma. When my grandma went to beauty school back in the day she used my hair to practice!!

Bless her heart… She meant well, but what transpired was not at all cute.

Hmm… It looks like I’m less adventurous than I thought, LOL! 🙂

How about you, sweets? Are there are hairstyles you’d absolutely never do?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Kelly B. says:

    A mullet. I had a SUPER bad haircut experience once and a hairdresser cut my hair too close to looking like a mullet and I swear I wore my hair in a ponytail for two months 😀
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  2. Erin says:

    No mullets… and probably no pixies either.
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  3. Lauren says:

    With the course, thick, wavy texture of my hair, I can’t pull off any hair style except long and 1 length. I learned this in 1990 when I had my long hair cut super short on one side, and chin length on the opposite side. I copied off of a “cool girl,” and the bullying I received was horrible. 25 years later, I’ve never had a trendy cut!

    • Karen says:

      Oh, that’s terrible Lauren. I’m sorry that happened to you; kids can be so cruel.

      It sounds like we have similar hair — mine is quite thick and wavy, and when left to it’s own devices it goes coarse. I think that you could pull off quite a number of different trendy styles, like a lob or some layers. If you ever get the hankering to try something new and need a friend to cheer you on, send me an email. I’ll be happy to be the person who says, “GO FOR IT!” 🙂

      • Lauren says:

        Awww, thank you, Karen!! I’m ready for the “Go for it!” I need to freshen up this hair! I don’t know how to blow dry it very well, or else it would look way better! What is a lob??

  4. Jessica says:

    I’m fairly boring when it comes to my hair. I’m a long-layers kind of girl.

  5. Adrianne B says:

    I am a never say never kind of girl! I just had my hair cut into an assymetrical half bob half pixie. I am VERY CLOSE to doing the full buzz undercut on the short side the next time I see my stylist. I’ve done a shag, a rocker mullet, a few different iterations of the full pixie. My hair is very thick and naturally slightly wavy, so it is difficult for it to hold a precision cut (like blunt bangs or a sweetheart bang) but it’s never stopped me! That’s why God invented heat styling.

    I get super bored with my hair over time. I spent the last few years growing it out to the longest it had been since high school, past the middle of my back. It was everywhere, all over the floor, in the HVAC vents, clumped in our drains, even intermingled in my husband’s socks! Drove both of us crazy.

    My mantra is “IT GROWS BACK!” Don’t be afraid to experiment! And if it doesn’t grow back (cancer/damage/etc), just take a page out of Dolly Parton’s book and get yourself a fancy wig!

  6. I am an absolute bore when it comes to my hair, it has been pretty much the same color and I have been always trying to grow it longer. It is so fine and easily damaged that I fear I will have to cut it like numerous times before.
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  7. LipjunkieNL says:

    Hahaha grandma’s are the best! They try to do the right thing, but sometimes….
    Back when I was 10, I visited my grandma in Surinam. I got lice and she advised my mother to use Baygon bug repeller to kill the lice which my mom actually used on my hair… God did I nót love my grandma and her advice on that moment haha ;)!
    Another thing I wouldn’t do is cut my hair in a mullet. A few years ago I let my hairdresser cut my hair in layers up to the point I almost had a mullet. That looked so weird…never again!

  8. Vanessa says:

    I’m not completely low maintenance, but I wouldn’t do anything that would increase my current effort level.

    As such, there’s a long list of what I won’t do, like:
    – Straight hair! ! (I’ve got loose curls)
    – dying
    – bangs
    – any cut that can’t be tied back

  9. Jessica says:

    WELL CONGRATULATIONS you got me to wade through tourists and construction in Times Sq to go in the Mac store….

    And I walked out with Let’s Rule (red) and Try Me On (blue-green) because I NEEDED them.

    And then I had to walk back down Times Sq through more construction and tourists. And it is really humid.

    Thanx a lot.
    Jessica recently posted … Softness Controls Strength

    • Karen says:

      Aww, but now you have some fun glitter to play with, yay! Do you have a black gel liner? Can’t wait to hear about the looks you come up with.

      • jessica says:

        HA!! Like I haven’t been playing with the Urban Decay Moondust eyeshadows…including two of the super-new ones!

        Oh well we cant have too many glitter options. 😀

        I don’t think I have a black gel liner. I have plenty of liners….no gel…hmmmmm
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  10. Heloisa says:

    Hey, Karen! I think you’re pretty adventurous when it comes to hair! Plus, your face has a nice shape that makes everything look good. That modern, straight bob with bangs looks very fashion-forward on you. Idk, but I think it would make me look like a watermelon! I have a round, sort of child-like face, and a bit of a bony nose, so not recommended face-shape for the hair-chameleons out there. 🙂

    Of course people should always do whatever they feel like, and the pixie trend is something so amazing right now! Here in Brazil it’s still on – mullet and other more adventurous styles are restricted to the youngest, rocker or alternative types, but the pixie conquered all ages and faces. I’m seriously considering cutting my hair really short (Michelle Williams’), but I’m wearing braces (aesthetic ones, though) and will be for at least one more year. My self-confidence was always boosted by a nice smile, which I have, but the braces kind of get in the way of it. I keep postponing it, and everytime I go to the Salon I end up saying, hey, don’t cut too much! Booo!! I know, I know.
    One day I’ll get there. 🙂

  11. Majick says:

    I’ve had long hair for most of my days. I had the Rachel cut when friends was popular – although I had that cut before it was the Rachel. LOL
    I had a short bob with the back of my neck shaved and while it looked ok it was SO HOT (I felt like I was wearing a winter hat all summer, and I couldn’t pull it back).
    I’m not a fan of bangs (I’ve had them too. all types, remember I’m an old coot. LOL)
    I never say never because I’m always apt to change my mind over time but at the moment I find my long hair with long layers works best in my day to day routine. I almost never have a bad hair day because I can put it in a bun and it’s all good. LOL

  12. Kalli says:

    My hair is almost always long and wavy/curly. The last time I did a drastic cut was about six years ago and I did like an angled “lob” (long bob, the back hit the base of my neck and got a little longer towards the front). It was a cute cut, but I had to keep it trimmed regularly and then I got bored of it like 3 months later. It took FOREVER for it to grow out! So I haven’t done anything since then. I think I need to invest in some wigs!
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  13. Kwmechelle says:

    Hmmm, let’s see. I’ve had just about every hairstyle except the Jheri curl. Remember those? I’ve had a relaxer, a pixie, a bob, and now I’m natural again. I got an undercut two weeks ago & I went to the barber last week to get a design cut into it.

    I’m seriously contemplating getting a tapered cut. I also love braids, Marley twists, & Afros- all of which I do to my hair. Guess I’m kinda adventurous =)

    • Karen says:

      Well now I have to know what the design looks like!!

      • Kwmechelle says:

        It’s very similar to this. I rock my hair in a huge Afro puff on top of my head. Think Thelma from Good Times or Jill Scott =)

        • Karen says:

          Oh, that’s super cool! I love surprises like that. I hope that it’s not going to be too hard to maintain the design. If I did something like that I’d probably be in the chair every two weeks.

          • Kwmechelle says:

            In the chair every two weeks…..yep, that sounds about right. I’ve gotten it cut twice already. I’m thinking I’ll maintain it for awhile. I feel like I look like one who’s looking for a rough neck. Lol! Or like a bada$$.

            And if I were still working in corporate America, there’s NO WAY I could rock this. Or the ‘fro for that matter. But you know what? I’m totally embracing the freedom of no longer being a corporate slave. Gonna have fun with my hair (and makeup and falsies) while I can =)

  14. Rosemary says:

    Short hair of any style. My hair is long, it has layers in it, but it’s been long since I was a teenager. I’ll be one of those little old ladies with their hair in a long braid wrapped around the top of my head. 🙂

  15. Chelsea says:

    I am not adventurous at all! I’ve had long hair with no bangs pretty much since I grew out my elementary school pageboy. Once in a while I get layers or get rid of layers. Last year I temporarily cut my hair into a long Bob, which I promptly started growing out.

    My hair is naturally a nice red – I’d like it a little brighter / more vibrant sometimes, but not enough to warrant actual dye.

  16. Stephanie Smith says:

    I’m currently sporting some, not all, blue hair (and I’m 40 years old!) so I’m pretty fearless with my hair. I like pretty low maintenance hair, I’ve got fine and pretty wavy hair, so anything that requires a lot of time and styling, isn’t for me.

  17. Zovesta says:

    Damn, you’re flexible. I would never do anything else to my hair than how I keep it: past my shoulders, dyed red, no relaxers, straighteners, curling iron, etc. NOTHING. All natural. The thought of cutting it an inch too short or even touching a curling iron to it is nearly enough to make me cry, same with dying it any colour other than red.
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  18. tati breda says:

    karen I love to paint my pink hair!It is a dream I have, or even purple equal to singer dulce maria
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  19. Rachel R. says:

    There are styles that wouldn’t suit me, but I’m not knocking them on other people. I just can’t rock them.

    About 2 1/2 years ago, I went from hair down to my butt to choppy (on purpose), razored cut, super short bob. I kept it about 7 months. Now it’s grown out to the bottom of my shoulder blades and dyed magenta-red (L’oreal Hicolor in Magenta). It’s a fun change for the summer (it’s usually auburn).

    I would never have a mullet, crew cut, allover buzz cut,tight poodle perms, dreadlocks, or any kind of bangs (I detest having hair near my eyes). I would never bleach my hair platinum blonde, as it wouldn’t suit me and would have too much upkeep. I will never do black hair, as my mother has black hair, and I look enough like her as it is.

  20. Katherine M says:

    I am with you on the pixie and the mullet – not hairstyles I would be willing to try.

    I’ve had very long hair (down to my butt) and shorter hair (about just above the collar bone with lots of short layers when I donated my hair), but currently I love it about bra strap length. When I want a change, I might go up to collar bone length, but otherwise I pretty much keep it more or less the same – long with Victoria’s Secret Angel type of layers. Since I have psoriasis, a pixie is totally out for me. I can use my long hair and layers to disguise any bald spots that I get from losing my hair due to it. I don’t get the outbreaks terribly often – only about every 3 years – but I’ve learned that with shorter hair it’s hard to disguise when I may lose patches of hair.

    As I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned what works well and what doesn’t. I keep my hair color close to what my natural would be (just enhanced), and I do the haircut that works well for my lifestyle and work.

  21. I would NEVER cut my hair short. Not pixie cut short and not chin length short either. I had a semi-short bob once and I just didn’t feel like myself anymore. I couldn’t really DO anything with it either, so I felt very exposed. The shortest I’d probably be willing to go is shoulder length.
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  22. Elisabeth says:

    Super long and all one length. Think Pentacostal.

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