How To Make Your Hair Color Last Longer

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Ah, fresh roots… Love that feeling. 🙂


I’m still basking in the afterglow of my trip to the salon on Monday and reveling in my new (darker) hair color.

Getting my hair colored is one of my favorite things to do. Almost everyone in my family goes gray early (and I’m not ready for that yet), and I’m also pretty adventurous with my hair. Color for me is a fun way to change things up without having to make a permanent commitment.

Plus, I get to hang out with Alis, a fabulous stylist at A Line Salon in Corte Madera, and a buddy of mine. Alis has been cutting and coloring my hair for several years now, she always gives me good advice. In this video she gives a few tips for things you can do to keep your hair color looking fresh well after you leave the salon.

If you live in the Bay Area, I can’t recommend Alis enough. She’s well worth a trip across the Golden Gate Bridge. Not only is she super nice, but homegirl can seriously cut and color some hair! Without her, I’d have Medusa snakes on top of my head, I kid you not.

Parking at A Line’s really easy, too, and once your hurr is did, you can strut up the street with your new do and celebrate with a slice of pizza at Stefano’s.

Alis books up pretty quickly, so you’ll want to make an appointment at least three weeks in advance — sometimes a month, depending on the season (like right now she’s extra busy). You can reach her through the links below…


Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. I decided to take sort of an admin day today to catch up on a few things. You know how it is — Christmas stops for no woman, and I’m running pretty far behind on my shopping.

I’m proceeding to test the MAC Magnetic Nude collection products while I go about my day and run my errands, and I’ll be posting those reviews soon (but probably not today).

Hope you’re having a good one so far. Are you completely done with all your Christmas shopping?


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  1. hanna says:

    I love these tips.
    hanna recently posted … Decemeber $50 Visa Gift Card Giveaway

  2. Katherine M says:

    Great tips and love your videos! I would also add that if you have or can use a UV protectant this will help if you don’t want to wear a hat outside. I am not a big hat person and I prefer to spray on a good UV spray before I go outside for long periods of time. Fekkai makes a good one in his summer collection but my current favorite is by L’Oreal in the new color care line (it’s the products in the pink bottles – this particular spray is in a pink spray bottle). It’s only 5 or 6 bucks and gets the job done. It also doubles as a heat protectant if you straighten or blow dry your hair. Pantene and other brands are also starting to make their shampoos and conditioners have UV protectant in them.

  3. meredith says:

    Timely video! I had my hair darkened on Tuesday.

  4. fancie says:

    I just love your hair! It’s soo thick. You’re so pretty Karen!
    fancie recently posted … MAC Bad Girl RiRi Lipstick Review

  5. Alison M says:

    This is my favorite hair color on you! I’ve read that Argan Oil is a UV protectant. I still need to find a light enough version to use in my fine hair…especially in sunny Florida! Next post…top picks for sun hats? 😉
    Alison M recently posted … 2013 Favorites: Most Loved and Most Used Products of the Year

  6. Sylirael says:

    I haven’t had my hair coloured in *forever* – this makes me want to try it again! Although…I haven’t had it *cut* in forever either, so it’s down to my butt now…yeah, the cost of getting that dyed just gave me shivers… 😛

    Your hair looks lovely though, Karen!

    P.S. Christmas stops for no rogue either, even when she’s trying to write a thesis. My Christmas shopping…has yet to happen T__T
    Sylirael recently posted … Hand over Foot – or vice versa? The Body Shop Almond Oil Hand Rescue Treatment

  7. Lisha says:

    Thise are some fabulous tip and I’m definitely gonna keep these in mind. BTW Karen u look stunning. I love ur videos xx
    Lisha recently posted … The Body Shop Vitamin E Body Butter Review & Swatch

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