Alexander Skarsgard: His Best Hair?

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I almost didn’t become a True Blood fan, but 6’4″ Alexander Skarsgard, aka Vampire Eric, put the glamour on me with his eyes!


How do you feel about the show? The next season premieres this Sunday, and I know a few gals who wouldn’t mind taking their own bite out of Eric (me first!).

Born Alexander Johan Hjalmar SkarsgÃ¥rd in Stockholm, Sweden, on August 25, 1976, Alex was a big star back home long before Bon Temps ever entered the picture, having starred in several Swedish TV series and movies. He’d even served as a member of the Swedish Marines, which might be where he learned his fancy fighting moves!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    OMG, I cannot wait until Sunday! I wish some of any friends liked the show so I could have a little viewing party. I literally just signed up for HBO the other day, solely for this show 🙂

  2. Coral says:

    Alexander Skarsgard has to be the hunkiest man on the television or movie screen since….well, a really long time! Everything that I read about him just makes him that much more sexy. I think if by some miracle I were to ever meet him I’d drool all over myself because he’s just that delicious!

  3. Tara says:

    My sister and I are completely nuts for True Blood. Unfortunately we live in different states. I think we’ll watch it while we’re on the phone with each other so we can comment immediately on the happenings!

  4. Vanessa H says:

    Oh. My. Gosh.

    I L-O-V-E him! I didn’t think anything of him until he cut his hair…and now, I swoon!

    You made my morning! Happy Friday!
    .-= Vanessa H’s last blog post… True Blood Teaser =-.

  5. Sarah says:

    Ummmm……….Hello!! Usually when you do these posts, there are one or two unattractive pics but there’s not a “bad” one in this bunch! He’s very attractive 🙂

  6. CK says:

    dude – he could be bald for all I care. !$&*%$#!!!!!!!!

    So. Excited. About. SUNDAY!!

  7. Sanya says:

    Damn, I forgot how good looking this guy is; I may have to start watching True Blood again. <3

  8. Yao says:

    True Blood may have made him famous (in the U.S.), but my favorite role of his has and always will be as Brad Colbert in Generation Kill (#3). *sigh*

  9. Nina says:

    Well hello there Eric…. 😉

    He is so hawt, even more so than the dude who plays Bill. 😀

  10. gio says:

    I need to start watching True Blood. Everyone’s been raving about it and this guy is so gorgeous!
    .-= gio’s last blog post… Product Review: Neutrogena Norwegian Formula Fragrance Free Hand Cream =-.

  11. Trinidad says:

    8!!!! I can’t wait for it start up. He is so yummy.
    .-= Trinidad’s last blog post… What’s on (Sample) Sale! =-.

  12. Katrina says:

    I’m super excited! I love True Blood. And Alexander is one of the most gorgeous men I’ve ever seen! Below my husband and Gackt, lol

  13. Jean says:

    I love the show and so excited to look forward to Sunday nights again! It would be fun to go to a viewing party though.

  14. vnssa906 says:

    oh Karen, I’m counting down until sunday! soooooookie! i need you back in my life 🙂 cant wait to see eric back in the glory of my living room tv… sorry hubby 🙂

  15. Rae says:

    ♥♥♥Skarsgard. He’s the only reason I stick with True Blood, too! 😛 Have you seen Generation Kill? (Saw it; loved it. An absolutely amazing miniseries.)
    .-= Rae’s last blog post… Seven bronzers — just in time for summer! =-.

  16. Sara S says:

    He also had a small part in Zoolander – he was one of the model room mates that got killed in a fire/modelling accident.

  17. Rita says:

    I’ve been watching True Blood, but I have to say I don’t warm up to Alex. Hunk or not, these blond guys are just not my cup of tea. Could be the fact that he literally is a guy next door. I have seen my share of Swedish films, but I have never heard of him before.

  18. Marisol says:

    OOh…Eem…Eff…Gee! I think I have the vapors… hee hee

    I take it you are no longer Team Vampire Bill? I freaking love this show. I am so addicted & cannot wait for Sunday night.

  19. Kelsey says:

    I’m loving 3 and 5
    .-= Kelsey’s last blog post… Better Late Than Never =-.

  20. juju says:

    Noramally I hate very short hair on men, but nr. 3 is fiiiiine 🙂

    Can’t wait for sunday!

  21. Jessie says:

    He is smoking hot. Heck who is Robert Pattison? LOL

  22. Ninni says:

    He is very popular here in Sweden and he comes from a whole family of actors. Me and my family are going to be appearing as extras in a movie with one of his brothers soon. Very exiting!
    .-= Ninni’s last blog post… Shoppingtips! =-.

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