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acure organics lip lush

Acure Organics Lip Lush ($5.99 each) lip glosses are perfect to just keep in your desk at work, in your car, or wherever, really.  They’re lightly tinted and really moisturizing (but not sticky!), so they’re great basic lip glosses.  The four I have here — Birthday SuitShmexyDate Worthy and Daaang!  — beyond having insanely cute names, have a light fruit scent that fades after a few minutes (which is a good thing in my opinion).



I like how moisturizing they are (due to the argan oil, echinacea, beeswax and other natural ingredients). Lots of lip glosses are really shiny but can be oddly drying or irritating for me.  It’s like all that shine is just on the surface of my lips, and my actual lips aren’t getting any benefit, but that’s definitely not the case with these glosse, because they keep my lips feeling soft even after the shine wears off.

Here are some swatches on me:

acure lip lush swatches” width=


The one called Birthday Girl is a clear lip gloss. Period.  But it’s comfortable on the lips and easy to apply.  

I’ve been keeping this one in my gym bag to use after working out.  Like, my hair may look crazy, but my lip gloss is poppin’!

acure organics lip gloss

Date Worthy is exactly that.  It’s a lovely, very flattering semi-sheer coral pink color. Lots of times glosses don’t show up on my lips because my lips are pretty pigmented, but this shows up nicely.

acure lip lush

Daaang! is a gorgeous semi-sheer grape color, and it may or may not have caused a battle with my auto-correct. But I still like it (it’s probably my favorite of the bunch).

acure lip lush


Sheer hot pink Shmexy has a little color, but it’s pretty sheer.  It’s another nice choice if you’re looking for an everyday lip gloss that still has a bit of color too.

Overall, I really like these glosses.  They’re the kind of thing you grab in line at Whole Foods and sort of kick yourself for falling for the impulse buy trap, but then later you’re patting yourself on the back for picking up something so good.

And you can also find them at Target for $5.99 each.

acure makeup bag

Adia Goss

Adia is a lawyer by day and a beauty blogger by night. She believes that makeup should be fun and simple, but she also likes multi-step skincare routines (she’s complicated!). Adia loves the sight of a brand new highlighter, and she’s constantly looking for the perfect concealer. Follow her beauty adventures at Adia Adores (formerly beautyluxelife) and on Instagram.


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  1. I prefer my lip products to be opaque, but for that price I can see myself enjoying them for casual makeup days.
    LindaLibraLoca recently posted … Spring Summer Trends 2016

  2. Ack, you have the most beautiful lips! So full! <3

    I definitely like the look of these. I like subtle glossy lip colors.
    Kiss & Make-up recently posted … Travel | Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan + Kobe Oji Zoo

  3. Rachel Runyan says:

    Daaang! is really pretty.

  4. sarahc says:

    These sound nice for the price. Do they all have the same scent Adia? Would you say it’s strong and is there also a flavor? Thank you.

  5. Sally. says:

    They all look so lovely on you, I think my favourite would be Date Worthy thought I’ve never really worn many lip glosses before. Nice to hear they’re organic!

    Sally – DiagonSally

  6. Fran says:

    It’s nice to know that these are really moisturizing! I’ll have to take a look at Daaang! the next time I’m in Target (I like to disable auto-correct — it seems to want to keep me from saying what I want to say!)

  7. Erin says:

    Daaang looks right up my alley. I might get Date Worthy too. I could use some sheer coral goodness in my life!
    Erin recently posted … Granite Coast Vineyards 2014 Chardonnay

  8. Chris25 says:

    I think I’m gonna have to agree with you, Adia. All of these look nice, but Daaang! is definitely my favorite.
    Chris25 recently posted … Review: Chagrin Valley Aloe Aloe Aloe Soap

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