Prada Shows Their Softer Side with New Infusion d’Iris Eau de Toilette

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prada infusion d'iris eau de toilette

Well, I guess you really do learn something new every day. I always assumed that when I was sniffing an iris flower, I was smelling the very same scent so often used in perfumes, but apparently that version, according to Prada, is actually an extract derived from the plant’s roots.


It’s also the main note in Prada’s pricey new Infusion d’Iris Eau de Toilette ($85 for a 100ml bottle), a fresher, lighter, just-stepped-out-of-the-shower take on their famously floral d’Iris Eau de Parfum, which launched back in 2007.

Keeping this iris company are also notes of neroli, lily of the valley, violet, heliotrope, ceder and galbanum (spicy, woody and reminiscent of pine).


prada infusion d'iris eau de toilette

prada infusion d'iris eau de toilette

More fragrance fun facts!

  • Neroli: A distillation derived from bitter orange tree flowers
  • Lily of the valley: The white blossoms symbolize happiness, humility and purity
  • Heliotrope: These plants follow the sun, turning from east to west over the course of the day

Because it’s so light — almost too light — I get barely three hours from it before it fades, but the bottle’s just so lovely, and the scent so vintage and feminine, that I don’t mind having to reapply it at all. 🙂

If you love other florals like Philosophy Amazing Grace, Clean Fresh Laundry, Tocca Florence, the original Prada Infusion d’Iris or Benefit’s Laugh With Me Lee Lee, you might want to give this latest d’Iris a try.

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  1. marisol says:

    I aodre my augh With Me Lee Lee perfume. Dang I may have to check this one out.
    marisol recently posted … Cruisin

    • Karen says:

      I think you’ll like it… it’s very soft and subtle.

      Got any exciting plans for the weekend?

      • marisol says:

        Family is still in town so Saturday we are wine tasting in the Calistoga & Youtville area. Sunday we have lunch plans in Cha Cha Cha & gonna walk around the Haight area. Monday they go to Vegas for a few days so I will relax & do some errands. You?

  2. Rae says:

    Oh god, that is an *amazing* bottle. I love the simplicity, elegance, and softness — it really embodies Infusion d’Iris!

    The original is one of my faves, so I’ll definitely be giving this one a sniff sometime :o)

  3. mmm I love scents with Lily of he Valley, I like the clean, frosted glass bottle as well

  4. gio says:

    I love the bottle, it’s simple and pretty.
    gio recently posted … Blogs We Love- Chic Profile

  5. Twetriz says:

    I usually like fresh fragrances but I got curious about this one.
    Twetriz recently posted … Concealers

  6. Nina says:

    I think this is calling my name – im a HUGE fan of CLEAN and this will def work for me. <3

  7. Beauty Addict says:

    it sounds great! Love the bottle… I’ll see if I can fing it over here to try the scent!

    Confessions of a Beautyholic

  8. Ari says:

    Ooooh. Covet the bottle, but the lasting power doesn’t surprise me. It was already so light in the eau de parfum form! Have you tried the original, Karen?
    Ari recently posted … Michael Kors Michael

  9. Diana Foxall says:

    I just bought the Prada Infusion de Tubereuse last week and I’m in love. The bottles are so gorgeous and the scent itself is perfect for me! I bet the Infusion d’Iris is lovely as well – I tried the previous version and it was one of my favourites!
    Diana Foxall recently posted … Simple Pleasures

  10. Tracy says:

    Anything with Lily of the Valley scent reminds me of when I was a little girl. We had them growing by the side of the house and I would always pick a little bunch of them and put them in a little glass of water. I will have to check this one out!
    Tracy recently posted … Caudalie Beauty Elixir- My 1 Repurchased Beauty Product

  11. amy says:

    I really like Neroli in perfumes, I will have to give this one a try when I see it.
    amy recently posted … An Earthly Delightful NOTD MAC Nail Trend F-W 2010 in Earthly Harmony

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