Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme: I Would Be Totally Okay if All Men Smelled Like This

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dolce gabbana light blue pour homme


Gawd bless the *great* men in our lives, but if I gotta stand around another dude in my circle who smells like beef jerky, charcoal or stinky gym socks, I’m gonna spray each and every one of them with Dolce & Gabbana Light Blue Pour Homme ($72). In my version of Utopia, every man would walk around smelling like this fresh, citrusy scent.


Designers Domenico Dolce and Steafno Gabbana released the fragrance back in 2007, mixing light, crisp notes of bergamaot, mandarin and grapefruit with invigorating juniper, rosemary, pepper, rosewood and musk. The result? A masculine scent, sunny and relaxed, like that hot guy with the accent you met on vacation in the Mediterranean — you remember — the one with the yacht and the chiseled abs who fed you peeled grapes. Wait — what were we talking about?

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,


P.S. Good morning, m’lady. πŸ™‚ Happy Saturday to ya. How did you sleep? I’m just settling down at my computer with my first cup of morning tea. What are you doing at this very moment?


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  1. Sonja says:

    Happy Saturday Karen!
    It’s already 6 pm here, just chilling reading your blog and sipping on a cappuccino!
    I actually prefer this mens version to women’s! And talking of Mediterranean, it’s rainy&windy here right now…yea, I know, not a picture perfect vacation place!

    • Karen says:

      Hi Sonja,

      How’s your weekend been so far? A cappuccino right now sounds delicious, btw.

      • Sonja says:

        pretty great, actually!! It’s my dads birthday so we had a bit of family reunion, and then I just spent the rest of the day talking with my best friend and eating apricots (dad got like 6 kilos for his b-day!)

      • Karen says:

        Apricots = YUM! I love it when they’re ripe and super sweet.

        Happy b-day to your dad! πŸ™‚

  2. Natasha says:

    D&G Light Blue is actually on my vanity and I simply love it (the women’s version). It’s just how you described the men’s version – light, crisp, and with a slight citrus scent. Super clean.

    Same here, just getting started on Saturday work with my second cup of coffee then off to run some errands!
    .-= Natasha’s last blog post… How to Apply Bronzer =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Natasha,

      I have a soft spot for the women’s version because I wore it on my wedding day.

      Hope the errands go smoothly! Got any plans for tonight?

  3. Karen B says:

    I am totally with you on all men having to smell good πŸ™‚

    It’s been a ridiculously hot day. I’ve gone to visit the sewing team for the musical and helped out for an hour or two. They had me hemming two robes with an industrial machine (I was terrified to lose a finger or something… hahaha) and then sewing on buttons. But the costumes are going to be so gorgeous!!! I’m really excited.
    .-= Karen B’s last blog post… Vintage Flower Necklace =-.

  4. Nina says:

    Oh … I wonder if the Hubs would go for this. He is a bit picky when it comes to scents… πŸ™‚

    Gmornin Karen! Were having a lazy morning: breakfast, coffee and now im making some braised short ribs for dinner tonight. They simmer on very low heat for a while so I figured id get an early start. πŸ™‚

    Im meeting the bestie at 2pm for the great party favor hunt! Were going to a place called Arnes and its a party planners dream – a warehouse full of knickknacks and odds and ends all geared towards party planning and decor. Im excited! πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Nina,

      El Hub is super picky about scents, too, and he actually likes this one. It’s very light and not too overwhelmingly cologne-y.

      Good luck with the favor hunt today. I hope you guys find some cute things! When is the party again? It’s coming up soon, right?

      P.S. Can I come over for dinner? LOL!

      • Nina says:

        The party is July 3 – and we found this super adorable little glass thats frosted with swirls in it – im going to put some yummy Dove chocolate and tie it up with ribbons in a clear plastic sack. Im going to make some cute tags next week to go inside the sack. We also got decor and other party stuff … that place is awesome! πŸ™‚

        I think ill smell this when I go to Sephora … and get it for his upcoming birthday.

        Come on over for dinner … food’s ready! πŸ™‚

        • Karen says:

          Aww, thanks! I’ll bring over some wine (I picked up a few bottles during my Napa jaunt a few weeks ago) and cheese. πŸ™‚ Too bad you are halfway across the country, LOL!

          Glad to hear the hunt for favors was successful. They sound like they’re going to be super cute!

          • Nina says:

            I know. Darn!

            I hope they turn out cute. I need to make some little tags but my cardstock stash is at work … so ill get to that first thing tomorrow morning! πŸ™‚

          • Karen says:

            Well it sounds like everything for the party is coming along nicely. I bet it’s going to be a success!

            Do you have all the games and stuff planned, too?

  5. Advah says:

    Morning Karen!
    7pm here – I already dropped off some empty cosmetics jar at the Origins counter (free sample!!), got distracted by the Benefit ladies and bought their cream shadow in Birthday Suit (it smells like caramel!) and used my L’Occitane discount on their almond body moisturiser. Expensive weekend already.

    Next step: googling all the possible solutions to ingrown hairs. My legs look so bad I’m embarrased to wear skirts, eek!

    Have a good Saturday! πŸ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Hi Advah,

      I looove Birthday Suit! Actually, I have a soft spot for all the Benefit Creaseless Creams. Do you have Skinny Jeans? That’s another good color.

      • Advah says:

        I don’t have it (yet) but I actually tried it on with Birthday Suit, it’s soo pretty!! I only went for one eyeshadow and reckoned BSuit would be good for every day wear. I’m trying to be good with makeup this month, I splurged at the Bobbi Brown counter not that long ago (I’m so in love with their lip balm, I had to get one for my sister too hehe).

  6. Alyse says:

    Karen, I’ve been reading your blog for over a month now. Might I say it’s one of the most refreshing takes on makeup I have seen? I’m here ALL the time, clicking out of the screen when my boss walks into the office.

    I just read your post on Chanel’s Enigma quad. Are you into Chanel nail lacquers as well?
    .-= Alyse’s last blog post… Chanel Paradoxal and Swatches- =-.

    • Karen says:

      Hi Alyse,

      I’m glad to hear you like the site. πŸ™‚ Yes, I’m a big fan of Chanel polishes. I think my favorite one of all time is Jade. Do you have that color?

  7. Glosslizard says:

    I’m just hanging out with the imps in our rental flat! Hubby is watching Hamlet right now, and after dinner I’m going to see a stage version of Pride and Prejudice! I’m looking forward to it!

    BTW, I had the most fab massage yesterday! If you’re ever in Ashland, check out the Blue Giraffe Spa! πŸ™‚

  8. Kate & Zena says:

    Happy Saturday!

    I just got home from taking the Z for a walk. She’s currently napping outside on the lawn (it’s nice and warm here). If it’s nice tomorrow, I’ll have to give Zena a bath. I’m not in the mood to lift a 30+ dog to the tub! She engages in WWIII when it comes to bathing!

    • Karen says:

      That’s what brothers and dads are for! Engage one of the male members of your family to drop the lovely Z in a tub, so that your life will be made a teeny bit easier. πŸ™‚

  9. Sabrina says:

    LOL – envisions you carrying it around spritzing at random.

    Do you by chance know if this anything like the regular Light Blue? Or is it slightly different since it’s a men’s version? I need to make a note to check this out. I’m the worst at picking out fragrances though.

    My husband likes it when I bring him home new colognes, but I think he’s way better at picking out good scents. I like the packaging of that D&G you featured.
    .-= Sabrina’s last blog post… Current Loves For June =-.

  10. Steph B says:

    I like this scent as well but my fav is BVGARI Homme Aqua Marine. I have to sniff it every time I go into a store that sells it. I’m tempted to buy some just to be able to sniff whenever I want.

    • Karen says:

      I will definitely give that one a sniff next time I hit the fragrance counter (hopefully tomorrow).

      How’s your weekend going? Doing anything fun?

      • Steph B says:

        Low key weekend. Partly because it is crazy hot — 99 and we’re not talking luft balloons. And partly because I have friends coming in towards the end of the week and I need to squeeze in a bunch of errands and do some prep cooking. The pool and a book will be in my future! Hope you are having a fun weekend.

      • Karen says:

        Um, that’s CRAZY HOT. Have you ever tried to fry an egg on the sidewalk in heat like that? That’s one thing I regret not trying when I lived in Davis, which would get into the 90s and 100s in the summertime.

        Anyway, have fun chillin’ at the pool and reading. Today I’m going to attempt to make homemade ice cream for the first time… wish me luck!

  11. Amy says:

    This is my seond bottle of light blue (the lady’s version), my boyfriend got one for me and one for himself. It’s him who got me into this perfme – he wore it the day we met and this smell has always reminded me of him! I think he wears the perfume better than I do though, ha! It is kind of a unisex scent to me.

  12. Kristin says:

    this I have to smell:D
    .-= Kristin’s last blog post… NYHETER PÃ… BEAUTYBAYPAKKE I POSTEN- =-.

  13. All the light blue line have an incredible scent.

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