On Your Mark, Get Set, Go! Sprint Into Summer With the Form-Fitting Actra Kendra Running Compression Capri

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Actra Kendra Capri

It’s true, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. Working out in cute clothes makes the act of sweating that much more bearable.


This is somewhat of a recent discovery for me, by the way. I used to run in tattered shirts with holes in them and whatever shorts I had on hand (wait, it gets worse, because I’d also have a scrunchie in my hair, haha!), but that changed when I found the Zella Live-In Capris.

Now, I kind of enjoy getting suited up for a workout, and the cuter and more color coordinated the outfit, the better.

I also enjoy shopping for workout clothes… 🙂

Actra Kendra Capri

When I spied these cute Actra Kendra Running Compression Capris ($35.99) at Lady Footlocker (diggin’ the purple ombre stripes on the side), I decided to step out of my Zella comfort zone and give ’em a whirl.

Actra Kendra Capri ombre stripe

I love the attention to detail here, like the reflective strip at the bottom and the key pocket, which is zippered to keep your key from falling out.

Actra Kendra Capri zippered pocket

Zippered back pocket on the waistband

The Kendra Capri is a compression garment, a type of form-fitting workout pant designed to prevent muscle strain and fatigue, thereby increasing athletic performance, by keeping your muscles warm. They’re also supposed to minimize chafing and rashes by wicking perspiration away from your body.

The deets…

  • Mid-rise with a 20″ inseam (side note: these sit a little lower on the waist than the Zella Live-Ins)
  • A zippered back pocket
  • Non-chafing seams
  • Tight compression fit from hip to knee
  • EVAPOR® technology wicks sweat away from the skin
  • Made from 75% nylon/25% spandex
  • Sizes XS, S, M, L and XL
  • Available in black with black stripes, black with teal ombre and black with purple ombre
  • Machine wash cold, tumble dry low

And since they’re snug, they help keep your drawers in place!

For me, this is a top priority. 🙂 I can’t stand workout pants that make my underwear shift like tectonic plates. I need to keep those suckers on lockdown! — something the Kendra Capris totally do.

Actra Kendra Capri logo

I’ve been wearing these off and on since early June, and I like ’em. I like ’em a lot. I haven’t really noticed a difference in my running performance from the compression (then again, I’m the farthest thing from an elite athlete), but I have noticed that these wick well and really keep me cool.

Perfect for when it’s 90 degrees, and I want to go for a run outside.

The material isn’t as opaque as the material used in my Zellas, though, so I like to wear them with a shirt that covers up my bum. By no means are they see-through — no butt cheeks peek through, I checked! — but I feel a little better when my backside is covered, since these are so snug.

Actra Kendra Capri


To cover my bum, I pair it with this matching Tie-Dye T-Shirt from Actra ($21.99; available in four shades), a loose-fitting T with a hem shorter in the front and longer in the back.

Oh, and it wicks!

Actra Kendra Capri k goofing off

Goofin’ off

You can find both the Kendra Capri and matching Tie-Dye T-Shirt now at Lady Footlocker stores and ladyfootlocker.com.

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Jen says:

    I love this outfit! I never thought to look at LFL for anything but shoes. I will now!

  2. camille says:

    thanks for another recommendation!

    must…..resist…..buying…for now. 🙂 i, too, dislike my booty showing when i work out. but, i’d rather have it show than have loose clothing. for some reason, i get really irritated when clothes flop around when i’m jogging….and my hair, and my earphones. i have seriously thought: can i just run in a sports bra and booty shorts, shave my head, and get some wireless earphones?!?!

    i will have to try on a pair! i bought the zellas, but i think i should have ordered a size down, even though they would pinch. oh well. they’re comfortable 🙂

  3. Lauren says:

    I know what you mean about covering the tush area. So many workout clothes have that material that just… clings. To everything. Ugh.
    Lauren recently posted … Review: ELF Golden Bronzer

  4. Katherine M says:

    Those are cute compression tights! I would love them for cool/warm running days (like the 60 degree weather we have tonight). In the heat, I am a minimalist, because I do a lot of distance and speed workouts. I just go straight for a cute sports bra and running shorts (but never booty shorts, I’m a little too self conscious to go all the way bare minimalist), and make sure my hair is either up in a braid or bun to keep it from getting in the way. I never thought to look in Lady Foot Locker for anything other than shoes, really. You look great in your new running outfit! There is something about wearing new clothes or cute workout clothes that makes exercising better….

  5. sarahc says:

    Haha your goofball pic. 🙂

    These are way cheaper than Zella pants and we have a lady footlocker by our house. The best thing about compression pants is that they keep everything from popping out!

  6. Janira says:

    I really like these & the top as well!

  7. Kim says:

    Very cute outfit! Whatever makes you feel more excited about working out is a good thing, so you should shop away! 🙂
    PS Your hair is super cute in these pics.

  8. Kirsten says:

    Hi! I don’t normally comment but I wanted to say thank you so much for writing about the Zella Live in Capri Leggings. I picked up a pair during the sale and now am wishing I got more! I would have passed over them as overpriced and overhyped before but you pushed me to give them a shot, and as you said I love putting these on to work out now. 🙂

  9. Kirsten says:

    I just got black, but am eyeing the purple 😉

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