Strapping Gladiators and Sandals: The Quest for Spring Footwear Continues at DSW!

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DSW Spring Shoes

The quest for spring sandals…

When you gotta go, you gotta go.

Uh…no, I’m not referring to “dropping the kids off at school.” (Hehe! I love that phrase.)


I’m talking about shoe shopping, ma! 🙂

You know how when you get the sudden urge to drop everything and just go look at shoes? Happens to me all the time, and there’s no rhyme or reason to it at all. I could be eating a grapefruit on the couch and watching The Walking Dead, and then BAM! — I gotta go look at platforms.

I swear, if we could figure out the science behind it, we could rule the world!

Anywho, I had some boring errands to attend to today (drop something off at the UPS Store, get a loaf of bread, do some filing, pay a few bills) and a to-do list longer than my arm. I really should’ve spent the afternoon with my butt glued to my chair, but instead I looked at shoes.

Yup. Spring sandals at DSW. And from what I saw on the shelves, there are going to be a lot of weird tan lines on feet and calves this spring and summer. Strappy gladiators and sandals with intricate cutouts were all over the place!

Jessica Simpson Jersee Caged Cuff in black

Jessica Simpson Jersee Caged Cuff in black

Nine West Federica Chop Out Cuff

Nine West Federica Chop Out Cuff, $69.95

Nine West Federica Chop Out Cuff

Nine West Federica Chop Out Cuff in blue

Nine West Federica Chop Out Cuff

From the front

How do you feel about gladiators?

No, not the one with Russell Crowe (I’m so dumb!). 🙂 I mean gladiator sandals. I have mixed feelings about them…

I love ’em on other people, but on me, not so much. And it’s not because I’m afraid of getting weird zebra tan lines on my legs.

It’s because I have long, alien-like skinny toes (which I inherited from my grandma), and whenever I wear gladiators my toes look super EXTRA long, like I could could play piano with them, haha!

I’m so not kidding either…

And they look longer than almost humanly possible in gladiator shoes for some reason. All I know is that in gladiator shoes, my toes look more like fingers, so I stay far, far away from them.

Except for when I’m just admiring them like today.

I actually came close to picking up this really cute pair of platform sandals by Franco Sarto. Not only were they really comfy for heels, but the black pair I had my eye on had that tough girl edginess that I like.

Franco Sarto Meggie Sandal in black

Franco Sarto Meggie Sandal in black, $69.95

Too bad I need another pair of black high heels about as much as the world needs another Real Housewives show, so I put them back on the shelf and told myself, “Self, if you’re still lusting after them in two weeks, you can come back and give them a nice home.” 😀

Aerosoles BD Aero Plush Around Wedge

Aerosoles BD Aero Plush Around Wedge, $49.95

Oh! I also really liked these Aerosole denim wedges. I love the dainty stitching, and that buckle is the special sauce.

Aerosoles BD Aero Plush Around Wedge

So tempting!

Can you picture them with a casual white button-up shirt dress? OOH! Really cute… This pair is also on my “two weeks” list.

So, yeah, the quest for new spring/summer sandals is still on like Donkey Kong. Let me know if you find any possible footwear treasures, and I’ll do the same, OK? Shoe sisters, 4-life!

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Chelsea says:

    I’ve owned several pairs of various Aerosole wedges, so comfortable!

    I’m so looking forward to sandal season. Still snowy and cold here, grrr.

  2. Agata says:

    The Aerosols wedges are super super cute. I bet they are really comfy. I’m on the search for a perfect pair of peep toe booties for spring.

  3. Gowthami says:

    Black high heels looks just wow! Also loved the Aerosols wedges…
    Gowthami recently posted … Gel Eyeliners: 5 Best Buys

  4. Jessica says:

    I love all of these shoes! I’m definitely a shoe addict and I can’t wait to get gladiator sandals for this spring! Thanks for sharing! 🙂

  5. Erin says:

    I really like that wedge! It looks comfy!
    Erin recently posted … Petite & Plus Size: Exclusive Sweatshirts

  6. Sylirael says:

    The denim wedges are too cute 🙂 those knee-high black gladiators are something else!
    Sylirael recently posted … The Lipstick Tag… Rogue-Style!

  7. meredith says:

    Gah I love shoe shopping but don’t we all. I don’t really care for gladiator sandals. I think espadrilles are my favorite spring/summer shoe style of all time. I’m always looking out for the perfect French-inspired, rope sole espadrille wedge.

  8. Fancie says:

    I need both of those Steve Madden sandals! They’re super cute!
    Fancie recently posted … ELF Studio Daily Brush Cleaner Review

  9. Susan B says:

    I love your shoe posts! You save readers the gas to the mall and we get all the fun of shopping. I don’t get to enjoy open-toe shoe shopping much since my toenails are busted. Those Meggie sandals look great.

  10. Tatiana says:

    I wouldn’t have hesitated on the Franco Sarto platforms. I would have gotten them in both colors. Then again, I often succumb to impulse shopping. Gotta go search for those Franco Sarto’s now. Bye. Thanks for showing them!

  11. Iram says:

    I always appreciate a bit of shoe porn. Thanks Karen! 😉
    Iram recently posted … My World Is Pink & Fluffy

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