Lids, Liner, Lashes, Lips: A Face of the Day With the New Tom Ford Holiday 2014 Collection

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Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum

The holidays are coming! — and like the Terminator, they can’t be stopped. Or bargained with. Like a festive freight train, they’re a-comin’, ready or not!


With so much to do and fewer daylight hours during the day, every minute is precious. Right now I’m in a phase where the idea of blending three different eyeshadows into my crease (normally a totally sane thing to do) seems impractical, like I’m just burning daylight.

I suppose I could top putting on makeup entirely…

Yeah, right! Haha! Had you going there for a minute, didn’t I? ๐Ÿ™‚

But seriously, I have been focussing on quicker looks lately, like this one, which I call “Lids, Liner, Lashes, Lips.”

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame

It’s pretty simple — a single shimmery cream eyeshadow on my lids, black eyeliner, mascara, a bold matte lipstick and a hint of blush and highlighter on my cheeks.

Not too involved, but I think it still makes an impact.

The two focal points are the eyes and lips.

Tom Ford Cream Color for Eyes in Platinum

Technically, with the eyes, there’s not a lot going on in terms of gradients or blending, but the shimmery shadow draws attention to the lids, while the black winged eyeliner and flirty fringe define and frame.

That pop of bright color on the lips is hard to miss, but I think the matte finish keeps my kisser from competing with my eyes.

Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame

I mostly turned to the new Tom Ford holiday collection for this, which I think is a purr-fect look for beginners (or for anyone who wants a pretty quick look that still makes an impact), but you could easily dupe the look with other things from your stash.

The full makeup breakdown (a few things here are from the Tom Ford holiday Color Collection)…







  • Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Flame

Your friendly neighborhood beauty addict,



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  1. Sunny says:

    Oh this is HOOOOT!!! I so want Platinum, but I have a hunch that it’ll be gone before I finally make up my mind. Flame is sooo gorgeous on you as well!
    Sunny recently posted … Autumn Colors from & Other Stories

  2. Chelsea says:

    Love this lip color! And the highlight on your upper lip!

    • Karen says:

      Thank you!

      How are things on the kitty sighting front? Any news to report?

      • Chelsea says:

        So coming home from work today, the Marmie BOUNDED across the street to come visit me! I also think its name is Daisy! I heard someone yell that name and she ran toward them.

        I also went to the back porch looking for a package, and I scared the bejeezus out of the white and tabby kitty hanging out back there. Poor baby ๐Ÿ™

  3. Agata says:

    That red lip is fierce! The eyes look gorgeous too!l want that eyeliner!
    Agata recently posted … What was your last makeup purchase?

  4. Flame looks phenomenal on you! I love how you rock matte lipsticks. Well, everything looks gorgeous on you, but this look is my favorite. I just might buy Flame and Platinum after seeing this. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karen says:

      Thanks, Alyssa! I think you’d love Platinum. It has a beautiful glossy finish that looks almost wet. Plus the shimmer is very fine and easy to wear!

      There is also another cream shadow in the holiday collection called Spice, which is a warm reddish brown, in case you’re interested.

  5. Divya says:

    I wish I could get my hands on this collection! Flame is very pretty on your complexion!
    Divya recently posted … Makeup For November

  6. Kim says:

    This is a terrific look and definitely something I would wear. Except the bold lip. But, you know. Baby steps. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Karen says:

      A nude lip would totally work with this too. Have you jumped on the matte lipstick bandwagon yet?! You’ll have ’90s flashbacks at first but they’ll eventually subside.

  7. Erin says:

    I love the look on you, I wish Platinum was more cool toned!
    Erin recently posted … Epicuro 2011 Aglianico Beneventano Review

  8. Kim says:

    It’s funny you ask because the only color I’ve been wearing lately is Clinque Black Honey (the sheerer “Almost Lipstick”). It’s not matte but is definitely 90s! ๐Ÿ™‚

  9. Stefi says:

    Uhhh I looooove this red lipstick, it lookes sooo good on you! I’ll have to try it out myself, you always make me fall in love with red lipsticks ๐Ÿ˜‰
    Love, Stefi

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